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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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The main story has been wrapped up and I felt satisfied with the way it ended.  However, some of you wanted more from this story, to be with the Seton Academy characters and see them again, and I happily decided to write a little bit more (to be honest, I also missed them, so this was an excellent excuse to do so and visit this world once again).  Someone suggested that they would like to see a little story involving Miyubi and Yena, and also involving swimming.  So, after a lot more time than it should have, I finally completed it!  Credit to ThePitt for coming up with the story concept.  I hope you all enjoy this, as I had plenty of fun writing this story.     



Yena sighed as she entered the gym. After the incident where she practically laid bare all her plans in a matter of moments to Jin, she felt strangely lighter, with less of a burden on her shoulders.  “Life’s much better without hiding these secrets from him.” Yena thought, swiping her card and entering the gym lobby. 


It also helped that Ranka has decided that she will no longer use plots or sneaky maneuvers to make Jin fall in love, especially after finding out that he was the little boy that saved her from the bears all those years ago. And also, because overly complex plots and schemes usually don’t work out well, but a minor detail. And yet, while Yena felt relieved, she was also a bit ……. empty.  


“While not the manly thing to do to sneak around like that, it was nice to have someone to help out,” Yena recalled as her mind went back to the hours of plotting that she and Ranka had done, all so that Jin would finally look at Lanka as the mate that he would be best with.  “And with him out of the way, Hitomi would be open, and with no one else to comfort her, I would, I would…..”


“Uh, miss, can you stop salivating on the floor? It’s disgusting.” One of the kangaroo gym assistants asked her. Yena immediately complied, being used to this regular occurrence which happened whenever she stopped to think about the human girl.  


“Argh! Gotta think of something else do to or else Hitomi will always be on my mind!” She mentally punched herself as she passed the pool section. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a swimmer splashing around in the lap lane. 


Almost as if they were drowning and struggling to get up above the water.           


“Miyubi!” Yena cried out as soon as she saw the green moss on the top of the swimmer’s head before she went under for the last time. Like dogs, hyenas love to swim and are quite capable, even witnessed diving to the bottom of a watering hole to feast on a corpse. So, when Yena dove right into the pool, she went straight for Miyubi, whose body was slowly sinking to the floor.  


Grabbing her by the waist, Yena turned and went straight back up to the surface. Gasping for breath, she focused on getting Miyubi up on the edge of the pool, laying her down on her side. She took a few seconds to catch her breath, looking up as the sloth stirred.  


“Oh…..hi…..there.” Miyubi greeted Yena as her eyes slowly opened.  “Damn it she’s adorable!”  Yena inadvertently thought as she blushed and turned her face to the side. 



“Sorry, was…..I drowning…..again?” Miyubi asked as she sat up.  


“Yeah, you were so I had to jump in and-” Yena stopped as she processed what she just heard. “Wait, what do you mean again? Do you drown every time you swim here?” The hyena asked, hoping the water in her ears made her mishear Miyubi’s words. 


“No not all ……the time. There was one time……. I swam for a bit ……and didn’t drown.”


“Ah, and out of how many times you did drown?” Yena asked suspiciously.  


“Probably….” Miyubi ran the numbers in her head. 

Despite her slow physical speed, she was able to calculate any type of number or formula as quickly as a calculator. 

“85 this quarter……86 if I count ……today.” She keeled over and died again, as thinking too much takes up a lot of energy, and when sloths use more energy than they have, they usually die!


- - - - - - - - - - - - -


Miyubi woke up again, having recovered from her death once again.  Looking around, she noticed that she was in the school hospital.  “Oh, how nice.  But how did I get here?”  Feeling a weight on her legs, she looked down and noticed that Yena was fast asleep and sprawled on top of her bed, right where her legs were.  Even if she was fit, she was still exhausted after having to run all the way from the gym to the hospital after Miyubi died.     


Miyubi gently raised her hand and patted Yena right between her pointed ears, a silent thank you for helping her out.  The ruffling of her hair caused Yena to stir. Opening her eyes slowly, Yena looked to the side and up the face of her companion. Suddenly realizing where she was, she bolted upwards and stood up, hoping that her “unmanly behavior” went unnoticed.  


“Ah, my….savior has……finally awakened!”  Miyubi cheerfully thanked Yena, causing another blush on the hyena’s face. “Yeah, I was a little bit tired, needed to rest up my muscles,” Yena said, trying to excuse her sleepiness. “You better?”


The sloth nodded slowly, “The doctor said …….I should be fine…...I can go now.” She got out of bed and slightly hobbled, balancing herself upright. “Now, about what you said earlier,” Yena asked, hoping to change the topic, “you did say that you died every time you swam, right?” 


“Usually yes,” Miyubi answered, pulling a shirt and short pants over her dried-out swimsuit.  “But I think I am getting better,” 


“But why?” Yena asked. “It must be painful dying so often, so why do you keep swimming?”  


Miyubi gave a sad sigh and her eyes gazed outside the window. “I have always loved ……… to swim ever since………. that day at the sports…… festival back at the academy,” Miyubi said wistfully, her mind nostalgically looking back at the past to her first swimming race. “I loved how everyone…… was cheering me on, …..even if I was not very good at it. I felt really motivated to…. keep going, even when I almost died.“ 


“But we still almost lost, if …….I had been faster and died less often, I would …… have given Ranka more time to race. So if I can get better……. at swimming, I will be able to…. help my teammates more.” 


Miyubi turned from the window and smiled at Yena, a single tear coming down her right eye. “That is why I was practicing……. all this time, so that when I go out……… and race tomorrow, I can…. swim without drowning, giving all of you…… a real reason to be proud of me.”    


Yena felt a pang of familiarity in her chest.  “Pushing herself so much that it hurts to make us proud. Feels like déjà vu.”  She thought to recall herself when she was younger. Yena smiled as she knew in an instant what to do.  


She went over and enveloped Miyubi in a gentle hug, catching the sloth a bit off guard. “We’re your friends. As long as you try your hardest, we will always be proud of you.” Gently patting the moss that Miyubi grew, Yena continued. 

“But that doesn’t mean you should hurt yourself to try and make us proud, especially if there are better ways to do it.”


Miyubi’s eyes shone as the pair broke the hug. 

“Wait, what do……you mean better?” 

Miyubi asked. She had tried every technique that the swimmers at the gym knew, but still had the same issue of drowning once in a while. “Well, my memory is fuzzy, but I remember that you drowned every time that you stopped, usually to wave at the crowd and look at us.”


Miyubi nodded. “Yes, but I can’t help it. I want to see everyone …...who is cheering me on and …….let them know that I heard them.” Yena shook her head. “I get it, but that’s a no-no. We don’t have much time, so I can’t train you to ignore the crowd.”


Yena flashed a toothy smile. “I have an idea that will stop this problem for now, but we will need to train you afterward, so you don’t rely on it. The gym is open 24/7, so we can try out my idea now if you are up to it!“