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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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Once again, I am thankful for each and every one of you that has read my story. I started it simply for the fun of it and wanted to write something creative that would also entertain others. I initially thought that only a simple epilogue would do to wrap up the story, but that proved to be wrong very quickly.

So now that the story has been completed, I will be working on figuring out my next project in the future. I am open to suggestions and ideas on what I could do once I finish school and have my work settled, which should be in the fall.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this as I had writing this story. If you also want to write fanfiction or stories for others to enjoy, go for it. The whole purpose of this is to have fun while writing and entertaining others in the fandom, not to be the best author for the New York Times list. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and this is only one of many different ways to enjoy it.

Until next time, I hope you will all stay safe and healthy, and I will see you next time when I pop back in. Bye!