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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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Pacing back and forth across the living room, Jin was anxious. With every minute that passed, his thoughts still lingered on his wife Ranka. She had been taken to the hospital a couple of days ago since she went into labor, and he hadn't seen her since. He had called her to make sure she was okay, with Ranka assuring that it had gone well. It was just his luck that he had been on a business trip when it happened.


"Calm down Jin, you'll make a path in the carpet if you keep it up." Kurumi purred as she lay on the couch, lazily watching Jin panic.


The rest of the cooking club, Jin's parents, and Ranka's parents had kept themselves entertained while watching him slowly losing his mind in a sea of worry and anxiety about his wife giving birth. "I knew I should've stayed home." He muttered to himself, ignoring Kurumi. "I would have been here to help her when the labor started. I should have helped her!"


"Oh come now, don't blame yourself," Hitomi assured Jin, petting Kurumi all the while. "They arrived a full week earlier than expected, you couldn't have known that was going to happen." "Yeah! And besides," Meimei piped up, having arrived a couple of hours ago from the hospital. "The delivery went well. You will see any minute now when Ranka and Ferryl arrive."


"I hope so, we have been waiting to finally say hi to our grandkids for a long time," Akihiro said, smiling at Jin. "That is of course once you and Ranka name them. Have you decided what they will be called?"


As Jin was about to answer, the doorbell rang. Everyone else scrambled from their seats to try to reach the door, but Jin managed to get there before the others. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and opened the door.


He could still feel the sunlight directed at his eyes, but not enough to blind him. He wanted to make sure that when he would first see his children, it would be with a clear view.


Still closed, he smiled as he heard Ranka happily whine as she saw him. "Jin! You came back.""Of course I did, I am not going to miss my wife bringing home our kids for the first time." She said, stepping aside to let the wheelchair that Ranka was sitting in. She had insisted on trying to walk after giving birth, but after almost falling on her face, she had reluctantly accepted her sister's offer to being pushed around in the wheelchair home.


Hearing Ferryl's head brush against the doorframe, Jin closed the door behind them and turned as he finally opened his eyes. Even after the many months of pregnancy that he had watched slowly progress, he was still caught breathless as he gazed upon his wife. Sitting comfortably in the wheelchair, she was wearing a blue maternity dress that they bought for her months ago.


The rest of the group gathered around Ranka and started to melt over the sight of the babies. "Please be quiet, they need their sleep." She said, quieting down the ruckus. Jin leaned in and saw his children for the first time.


From that moment on, he knew that his life had changed for the better.


In her arms, sleeping quietly and wrapped in soft purple blankets were their two children. Their faces were still red from the crying that they had produced when they first arrived in the world. In one of her arms was a girl, already with a small mane of pink fur on her head that had some streaks of black hair that came from her father. In the other was a boy, with small pointy wolf ears and a mass of dark fur that was almost as large as his sister's that barely covered said ears.

Ranka saw the enamored look on Jin's face and giggled a bit. He had sounded so regretful when he called for missing the delivery that she had worried that the first thing Jin would do is launch into a lengthy apology for something that wasn't his fault. But looking at the life that they together had created had made him briefly cast aside all thoughts of the past. All he could think of now was just how much these little bundles meant to them.

Now, their whole lives will be dedicated to taking care and raising these precious little children, and Jin couldn't be happier.


"Jin, do you want to tell them what their names are?" Ranka asked, finally breaking Jin's focus on their children. "What? You already decided their names?" The rest of the group cried out in surprise. Ranka nodded.


"Yes, but we wanted to share the names with you when you saw them." Jin smiled and pointed to the girl, who shuffled a little bit in her mother's arms. "Everybody, this little one is Lanka."


"And this one," he continued, pointing to the boy, "is Riku." The next few minutes were spent with the rest of the group cooing and saying hi to the babies. Jin's parents congratulated the pair on finally giving them grandchildren and admiring how cute they were. "They even each have tiny fangs showing already!" Akihiro pointed out.

"They are cute, but they will make fine strong wolves someday, that will lead their own packs!" Ranka's father had declared excitedly. "Dear, they were just born yesterday, it is a bit too early to think about such things," His wife had gently pointed out to him.

As the party continued, Jin took this time to kiss Ranka on her forehead. "You did a good job," he said, gently brushing the hair on their children's head. "Sorry I wasn't there to say hi to them earlier."


Ranka looked straight up and kissed him on the edge of his chin. "Don't worry, it wasn't your fault." She looked down at their bundles and smiled. "What matters is that you arrived here to say hi to these little pups. And as long as we are here for them, they will turn out to be more than we could ever imagine. I just hope that I can be good enough for them."


"Yeah, that is true," Jin said as he gently draped himself around Ranka's neck. "And don't worry, you are going to be a great mom for them. As long as we work together, we are going to give them the best life that they need."


He kissed the side of Ranka's ear. The pair of them just sat there, watching their children snore quietly as they drifted off, playing around in the dream world.