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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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"Are you sure that you're okay Jin? You seem to be a bit nervous today." King muttered in Jin's ear. He had taken his duty as the best man of the wedding seriously, watching Jin and making sure that the day would go off without a hitch.

"I'm fine, not worried at all." Jin lied unconvincingly.

King lightly chuckled.

"Yes, you are. You look exactly like me when I was up here, waiting for Shino to appear from those doors."

"I remember that look on your face pretty clearly. You were having a panic attack, worrying that she was going to say no and run away. Is my fear really that obvious?"

King nodded. "Yes, which I would never expect from someone like you. Regardless, just wait and it will be fine."

Pointed at the large doors down the aisle, King whispered, "When you see her come through, all your worries will melt away. You will remember why you fell for her, and that you will have a full life with her to love her even more."

As Jin was about to reply, said doors opened, and the whole audience turned to look. Jin looked down the aisle and whatever he was about to say to King vanished from his mind. All he could do was stare as Ranka smiled from across the room.

Arm in arm with her father (who was clothed for the event), Ranka began to walk across the room. The rest of the room was, like Jin, enamored with who was walking towards the alter. MeiMei was filming the event, carefully making sure to capture the bride walking down with every angle she could get. The rest of the cooking club was waiting for her as the bridesmaids, with Hitomi as the maid of honor. Wearing strapless simple purple dresses, up until now they were the focus of the crowd for their beauty.

But now, even their charm was outshined by Ranka. She had gone for a more is less approach, wearing a simple white dress that reached down to her ankles. Her train and veil were attached by a flower crown that was entwined with white and purple flowers.

To Jin, it didn't matter much for him, as she would look good in anything. But this dress, and those flowers, combined with that smile?

There was nothing more his mind could think except one simple thought.

"No matter what happens, I am always going to love you."

He smiled to himself, realizing that this was exactly what he had been working for all these years, all the time and effort put into school. Looking back, it seemed that all he could remember were the times that he spent with Ranka and the cooking club. As Ranka stood by next to him on the alter, he realized that this was what was most important for him, school or work suddenly didn't seem as significant as he would imagine.

"Jin Mazama, will you take Ranka Ookami as your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness, and in health, until death will do you part?" The minister asked Jin.

"Yes, I do," Jin replied, without hesitation. If there was one person that he was going to spend the rest of his life with, she was right there, standing beside him.

"Ranka Ookami, will you take Jin Mazama as your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness, and in health, until death will do you part?" The minister asked Ranka.

She turned to Jin and gave him a toothy smile, her fangs showing more than usual. Her tail, while retrained, was still itching to move in anticipation of what was to come next. "Yes, I do!" She replied, barely holding herself back.

"I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may now-"

The pair didn't wait for the minister to finish and went for the kiss. The church erupted in applause from the crowd of animals with some humans mixed in. Ranka's big sister cried tears of happiness, finally seeing her little sister all grown up and starting her own pack. The bridesmaids swooned over the couple, finally married after all this time. Hitomi struggled to keep Miyubi in her feet, as the sloth had died again, overwhelmed from feelings of excitement and happiness.

Yena was in the crowd, collecting her winnings that she had made with some of the guests. Some had thought that one of them would be too scared to make their vows and run or say no, but Yena knew that was not going to happen and she was all too glad to profit from their mistakes.

As MeiMei raced down to get her camera in place to get the shot of the couple exiting the church, Ranka and Jin linked each other's arms and prepared to walk down the aisle. Looking at each other, they drew in closer to briefly rub their noses together. It was their little sign that everything was going to be all right, as long as they were together.