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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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Jin began to laugh as soon as his mind processed what Mika had just said. Everyone else in the room looked at him with worry as he continued, clutching onto the podium so that he wouldn't fall over. Ranka came over and put his arm around her shoulders as he slipped. He was barely standing upright as his laughing subsided after a while.

"What's so funny?" Mika asked, not expecting this kind of reaction from him.

"Oh, not much." He replied, still chuckling as he struggled to regain his footing. "I was expecting a really serious choice that you would give me, not an easy one like this."

"W-what do you mean?" the role rat asked, still confused by how Jin was acting.

He had finally composed himself and stood up straight, still holding into Ranka's shoulders. Jin smiled, taking one of his hands and gently started to pet her. "Obviously, I would choose to be with her over this school if that is the case."

Jin could swear that Ranka's eyes had hearts in them as she looked up at him. She grabbed him tightly by the waist and started to nuzzle up against him. The pair turned around and started to walk back towards the door, leaving behind a confused council, none more at a loss than Mika.

"But why?" Mika cried out, her mind still spinning. Why would he reject this school so quickly? He had barely taken a second to make his answer known to the council, too quick for a man to be with her and not driven by love. "Seton University is one of the most prestigious schools that you can ever hope to attend. Any job, any career that you can imagine, would be yours once you graduate. Is Ranka really worth giving up on success?"

Jin turned his head around to take a quick look at Mika, giving her a small smile. "What is the point of that kind of success if I can't be with Ranka? And if I am with the one that I love, am I not successful?" He turned back and continued on his way, arm around Ranka as Ferryl opened the door for the pair.

Mika was in a state of shock. All this time, every single step of her plan, she was always seeing Jin as a man that was driven purely by lust, to have his own interspecies harem. "But to choose her over the school?" Her mind racked itself, but there was only one reason why he would choose Ranka so quickly.

"Is that what love is?" Mika asked herself. Although never experienced it with another before, she did see it many times between other couples, with one doing whatever they could to stay with the other, even if it meant sacrificing something else that they enjoyed or cherished. "If that's the case, then Jin would give up this school only for love."

The door closed quickly, leaving the council alone with a very important decision to make. Mika looked down at her bill, now certain about what to do. The whole reason for its existence was gone, leaving her with only one real choice. "After all, a good student council president recognizes when they are wrong and does what she can to make it right."

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Jin! Ranka! Where are the babies?" MeiMei yelled as she burst into the cooking room. Being the last one to return from her winter trip, she hadn't seen anyone else from the cooking club until this very moment.

"We didn't do anything like that. So, get your mind out of the gutter you perverted panda!" Jin scolded her as he kneaded the eighth batch of cookie dough. January had made the school a complete winter wonderland with the many feet of snow that flooded the streets. Ranka had come up with the idea to welcome the others when they came back with many different sweets to celebrate.

"That's disappointing. I'd thought that you would at least do something to celebrate the president getting rid of the rule." MeiMei glared suspiciously at Jin. "Maybe you don't have the manhood to-"

Her opinion was cut short by Jin picking her up and throwing her out the window and into the pile of snow. Her figure made a panda-shaped crater in the snow, making it easier for her manager to find and rescue her. The others were worried for a second before seeing her bright red face as she panted in happiness. "Thank you, I've missed that!" She cried out as Hitomi closed the window.

"I almost missed that pervert." Yukari sighed as she turned back to her box of chocolates that she had brought from home. "Anyone want to try these? They are delicious!"

"Sure!" Hitomi replied and took one piece out of the box. As she was about to pop one in her mouth, she paused, noticing that the koala was watching her a bit too eagerly. "Is there anything 'special' in these chocolates, Yukari?" She asked, raising her eyebrow in suspicion.

Yukari grabbed a couple more and moved too close to Hitomi. "Try it, I put in lots of work into making these and you will love them!" Yukari tried to stuff the chocolates into Hitomi's mouth, causing them both to fall over to the floor.

"Hey guys! What's going on he-" Yena froze as she saw Hitomi and Yukari together on the floor. By sheer coincidence, they had fallen to the floor together in a way that their faces were only inches apart. The hyena's face was contorted with rage, seeing someone who would dare to try and steal Hitomi from her. "No wait, this is not what it looks like!" Yukari cried out before Yena launched herself at the koala.

"Hey Ranka, I think we should leave while they are distracted," Jin suggested, lightly tugging at her shirt as he carried a batch of cookies towards the door. Ranka nodded, knowing that Yena would not hurt her packmates. Hopefully.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Are you sure that you want to see her?" Jin asked as they made their way across the campus, careful not to step in a snow patch that would swallow them whole. Their destination was a little while away, making the trip a little more unpleasant for Jin. Ranka was humming as she skipped along the path, being used to spending months in feet of snow.

"Yep!" She replied enthusiastically. "Oh look, here we are!" Looking up, Jin's stomach sunk down tot eh floor as he gazed as the school student council building. Ever since that day, he hadn't been looking forward to coming back to this place. It was only because Ranka had insisted on it that he even seriously considered it.

Ranka leaped forward and knocked on the door. It creaked open and a small mole rat poked out to see the pair. He nodded and let them in, leading them to the basement of the building. Knocking on another door, the other mole rats allowed them to enter the dark room. Nothing was in here expect a tv on a stand, a table and a few chairs. In one of them, sitting in the furthest chair possible was president Mika.

"Could you please put some clothes on first when you have visitors?" Ranka asked as she covered Jin's eyes with her hands.

Slightly blushing, Mika quickly put on her clothes. "Any sense of hesitation would get me on her bad side," Mika thought as she finished dressing up.

"T-Thank you for coming over." Mika stammered as she began. She had spent the past 2 weeks thinking about what she should say to the pair, repeatedly writing letters and throwing them away, constantly self-doubting what she wanted to say was enough.

Mika bowed her head at the pair and began to speak very fast, not wanting to overthink her words. "I can't apologize enough for what I did to you two, I was only thinking about the wellbeing of the school. But I let my mind assume the worst and didn't think that what I imagined would be wrong. That was why after you left, I took the rule off the table and didn't bring it up to a vote."

She continued. "I understand if you want to cut any ties with me and part paths. That way I won't be able to cause you any trou-".

"That's okay, I forgive you!" Ranka exclaimed as she walked over to Mika. She held up her container of cookies, offering them to the school president. For a moment, Jin and Mika were both frozen in place, processing what Ranka had just said.

"But why?" They both asked. Ranka just smiled at them, her tail swishing from side to side slightly. "Because a good boss knows that we all mess up sometimes, for our own reasons. And if they know that they have messed up, it is my job to help them be better packmates!"

"B-But I'm not your packmate. Why would you do this for me, we barely know each other." Mika asked.

"It doesn't matter if you are in my pack or not, or if I know you at all!" Ranka placed the cookies on the table in front of Mika. "A boss like me helps everyone that I can, especially ones that I know I can be good friends with."

Mika had seen Ranka's extreme kindness and forgiveness only from the other side of a screen but never thought that she would ever receive it, even after all that she had done. "I don't know what I did to deserve a friend like you but thank you!" Mika blurted out as she hugged Ranka tightly, weeping into the young wolf girl's shoulder.