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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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"W-What are you doing h-here?" Mika demanded, shivering vigorously. The fact that she came to the meeting wearing only her underwear did not help her stay warm. The other mole rats immediately covered her to protect their queen from the blast of cold wind coming in from the outside.

Jin didn't reply at first, taking his time to look around the council room. While open to the entire school while in session, most students rarely took the time to attend the meetings and witness the debates and see how their representatives would pass the school rules. For such a grand outdoor design, the inside was rather simple looking.

The main room that Jin had entered resembled more of a large classroom, with plain light brown walls that were plastered with generic school motivational posters all over. The student council members sat in school chairs behind white foldable tables that were arranged in a half-circle. The design made it so that all would be able to see the person that came up to the podium placed on the flat end of the half-circle.

It just so happened that the speaker would be facing away from the door, leaving Mika's nude back to be exposed to the harsh winter wind when Ferryl had "gently" opened the doors. Still covered by her nestmates, Mika grabbed a set of clothing from her bag and embarrassingly put on her school clothes. As much as she didn't like this, she would not be able to be a good student council president if she caught a cold.

After she dressed up, Jin finally looked straight at her, thankful that she was no longer semi-nude. "I thought that the student council was transparent and even encouraged students to come in and watch these proceedings." He pointed out, much to Mika's frustration.

He walked over to a set of chairs placed behind the council that was set out for students like him. Given that they were all empty except for a couple filled solely by naked mole, rats, he had a choice of any seat he wanted.

Ferryl closed the door behind her as she also entered, forced by the others to close the door or leave. She insisted on standing next to the door, saying she expected another to come along soon.

Jin picked a seat that made him directly in front of Mika, giving him a perfect view of the presentation on the wall. The still image on the PowerPoint raised his blood pressure. He realized it was one of him and Ranka when they were preparing their last group meal of the semester, with her laying on his back as he passed out the food.

What made it even more infuriating for Jin was that it was a very intimate moment, where Ranka was gently nibbling on his ear. He distinctly remembered that exact moment, for it was then where she had said whispered to him, "No matter how long I have to wait for when we marry, it will be worth it." It was that day when Jin realized that she had finally accepted that he will need his time to get to know her enough before marriage was on his mind.

"And from the looks of it, that picture came from a video, meaning that they heard what she said," Jin thought, his fists tightly clenched. While he knew that Mika was not exactly a shining beacon when it came to respecting student's privacy, the fact that she would go this far made Jin mad.

He metaphorically bit his tongue as Mika leaped back onto the podium and faced the student council again. Before any new rules are passed, it is customary for the council to allow students to speak their minds and perhaps give different perspectives before the vote is counted.

It took all his strength to wait his turn to speak, as Mika began by painting a portrait of Jin and Ranka. "This type of couple, while exceedingly rare in this school is something that should interest the student council and persuade them to take action to ensure that the school environment remains safe and secure for all animals here. While it looks like love and seems harmless, it can bring disruption to the school order."

"What the hell is she talking about?" Jin screamed mentally. "We are in love, and she is in no position to say otherwise. Can she read our minds and see something that even we can't see? I don't think the mole rats have any kind of ability like that."

Mika continued, briefly showing intimate images of the pair together. Nothing lewd mind you, simply moments where they were close, exchanging signs of affections, kissing in the park, Jin petting Ranka as she slept in his room. Some of the student representatives looked at Jin and gave him a thumbs-up, nodding as if to congratulate him and Ranka. Others glanced at him in disgust, barely hiding their contempt of the type of relationship he was engaged in.

"They seem like a nice happy couple even though they are different species. It is even more strange since the human was infamously not a fan of animals and would never have engaged in a relationship with them until recently." Mika went on, the slideshow continuing to show various images of Jin and Ranka. But these were earlier ones back at the academy when he would visibly reject any advances that the wolf would make.

As he saw the images of him harshly telling Ranka to get away and sometimes forcefully pushing her away from him, Jin lowered his head in shame. While Ranka had repeatedly told him that she was fine and didn't hold that against him, he still felt a strong sense of guilt whenever he would look at Ranka. "I can't do anything about what I have done, I only have control over what I do from now on."

"Strangely, he had only engaged in this supposed relationship with Ranka after the only human that he knew of rejected his advance." Mika went on, showing images of the day where Jin had confessed to Hitomi. If Jin had bitten down any harder, he was sure that he would have cracked a tooth from the anger that he felt.

"And as we all know, humans are one of the rare species that are in heat year-round, meaning that this student was fueled by lust rather than love when it came to his decision to focus his sights on Ranka. This type of behavior will be detrimental to the school and must be curtailed. That is why my proposal will ban any interspecies relationships since Jin has a habit of spreading his dangerous ideas to other species. I now leave the council to discuss the matter." Mika finally stepped down from her podium and took her seat at one of the tables as the representatives erupted in debate.

"This is ridiculous! The school has no right to regulate these kinds of things!"

"Oh please, it will save more than it harms."

"Well if the human is here, why don't we get his side of the story while we can?"

"He will lie obviously! That's why we shouldn't debate and get this bill up to a vote now."

"And we don't? That is a terrible reason to rush such a rule."

The animals all continued to "debate" as Jin simmered in a swirl of emotions. His gut had felt as if it had gotten punched, not just from how the rats had spied on him and Ranka. Not just on how they were used to push a rule that Jin hates.

What angered him the most was how Mika had stood there and dared to paint him as a liar, that he didn't actually love Ranka and was only using her. "It's all lies." He muttered quietly to himself. "I can't let this go without a fight."

He stood up and slowly walked through the idle of the council room, approaching the podium. The other animals quieted down as he closed the distance between himself and it. Other students attending the meeting was rare, having one of them go up and actually speak their objections or opinions was even less common.

"If the stupid mole rat could use the stand to lie," Jin thought as he turned to face the council. "I will use it to spread the truth. "