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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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Ferryl's interest was raised quite a bit, to say the least. When she had hidden and started to record the meeting between Kurumi and her sister's mate, she only thought that she would be getting the final proof that Jin was cheating on Ranka.

"Disappointing." She had thought as her phone was pointed into the room. She had grown a bit of what she imagined was a soft side for Jin, especially after what happened in the bear cave. A human, being so selfless that they would try to protect the ones they cared about at risk of their own lives?

After seeing that side of Jin that Ferryl had not expected, she had warmed up to the idea of Ranka choosing him as a partner. Not completely, since that would mean that she would have less time to see her sister, but enough to be tolerable if she didn't think about it too much. That is until her mind connected the dots and assumed his infidelity.

For the last few minutes, she had been sitting there, thinking of all the different ways that she would make Jin disappear from the campus. Her pack hadn't had a good chase in a while, and death from a heart attack would be a case where they can claim it as an accident.

Those thoughts dissipated and were replaced by confusion as Jin had backed off and rejected Kurumi's show of affection. She was now confused, to say the least, knowing nothing about what was going on. The only thing she could do was to sit still, watching Jin and Kurumi talk.

"Why?" Jin asked Kurumi, staring at her as she snuggled around in his bed.

"Well," she began, speaking in a soft low voice. "Imagine for a moment if a pair of different species were trying to-"

"Too long, give me the abridged version." Jin snapped impatiently. He could not stop furiously thinking about what Mika was on about and the last thing he needed was a long-winded explanation from a tsundere cat.

"By you cheating and them recording us, it will show that love between different species is not possible and should be banned from the school for the student's wellbeing." Kurumi bluntly explained; any hint of playfulness gone from her voice.

"Fine," Jin said, gaining a shocked expression from Kurumi, the mole rats, and Ferryl at the same time. "We will simply go to another school."

"Eh?" was all that they said in unison.

One of the things that they could count on Jin was that no matter what the circumstances were, that he would always put his studies as his first and foremost priority. His parents had made sure that from a young age he would go to the best schools that they could afford, all to ensure that he would be successful in life. He applied the same mindset as well, studying, volunteering and working towards getting into the best schools in the country.

And yet, here Jin was, saying he was willing in a heartbeat's notice to walk from the most prestigious school that money can buy.

Kurumi was the first to recover from the collective shock in the room, now looking at him with an interested gaze. "My my," she purred, keenly looking at Jin. "This is quite unexpected for you, Jin."

In the mirror on Jin's desk, she noticed a pink blob in the crack of the dorm room, reaching almost all the way to the top of the ceiling. A small black phone could be seen in one of her hands, pointed into the room. Immediately deducing it to Ranka's oversized sister spying, she suddenly got a brilliant idea. A recording that would, at the very least, make the debate more even-sided in terms of evidence.

"May I ask you a personal question?" Kurumi asked innocently, her legs swaying back and forth independently. Jin nodded, his mind still focused on what Mika was about to do. Sure, he could theoretically break with her until they both graduated, but his mind rejected that thought outright before it was even finished. He just couldn't bring himself to do that to her.

"Why? Is she worth giving up this school?" The answer to both was obvious, but Jin's answering wasn't for them.

Jin nodded, feeling a bit odd that she would ask this question and looked up. All that he saw was a massive pink wolf that blasted through his wall, sending plaster all over them. Kurumi screamed and leaped up, somehow attaching herself upside down to the ceiling, her fur standing up straight in terror.

"If there is one thing that wolves can't stand, it is a male that gives up easily!" Ferryl roared out, grabbing Jin by his shoulders and hoisting him up so the pair can see eye to eye. "If she is worth giving up the school for, then she is worth fighting the school. You have nothing to lose, so why not fight?"

Jin thought. As much as he didn't like Ferryl, she did have a good point. He did have nothing to lose at this point, so why not fight and see what will happen. That way, at least his side of the story will be out there. Looking straight at Ferryl's face with determination, he nodded vigorously. "The school has no right to dictate what we can do, and they won't!"

"The student council is having a meeting in 10 minutes; we can make it there if I run fast enough!" Ferryl yelled, gathering Jin under her arm like a football and sprinted out the window, leaving behind a traumatized Kurumi, still hanging on the ceiling. Landing on the snow-covered path, Ferryl began dashing towards the council building across the campus.