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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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"She still hasn't left that chimpanzee's place," Ferryl muttered under her breath, her eyes focused on nothing but the door to Jin's dorm building. It had been difficult for her to accept that her little sister Ranka would choose this thing of all potential mates, and even more so to keep her distance.

"B-boss, can we find someplace warmer to hide in?" her second in command Kuromori suggested, his teeth chattering from the cold wind blowing against him and the others of the pack.

Even wolves have their limits on the low temperatures that they can handle, especially at night. Which made it even more miserable when the pack had stayed up all night outdoors to keep watch. "Ah, giving up easily I see?" Ferryl growled under her breath.

Not wanting to look weak in front of his massive boss, Kuromori sputtered, "No of course not! I was just worried that you would catch a cold and then you would not be able to see your little sister and risk giving her the flu."

"You're right!" Ferryl gasped, her eyes widening, completely forgetting Kuromori's whining of how freezing the outside was. "I should go inside with my sister and stay healthy! That way she won't have a good reason to kick me out again!"

"Speaking of which, there she is!" Kuromori pointing out.

Crouched behind the bushes across the street, the pack watched in silence as they saw Ranka emerge from the building wearing Jin's only puffy coat. "I'll be back in a little bit! See ya!" She yelled out behind her as Jin waved. Ranka dashed off to her dorm to collect her books and whatever else she needed to stay as long as she could at Jin's.

Overwhelmed at the sight of her little sister, Ferryl began to weep in happiness as she pointed out Ranka to the others in the pack. "There she goes, off all on her own!

And she-" The tears stopped as she sniffed, her nose picking up something. The scent of her sister was there but mixed in with something else. That jacket that she wore, it gave over another type of smell.

"That damned chimpanzee! He has defiled my little sister!" Ferryl snarled, frightening the rest of the pack with her outburst. "His scent is all over her as if he has already claimed her all for his own! What kind of a monster would do that?"

"W-well they are dating, boss." Kuromori nervously pointed out. "And besides, Ranka does look much happier than usual. Maybe somehow that human, as hard as it seems, is the perfect mate for her?"

As those words left his mouth, he instantly regretted it as Ferryl took his suggestion poorly by punching him across campus. The others kept their mouths shut and waited in fear as Ferryl breathed heavily, contemplating her underling's suggestion.

"How could Jin of all being's make my Ranka happy? He isn't even a wolf, why would she love him at all? He can't hunt, he isn't proud like a proper wolf, he doesn't even have a tail! He did at least try to protect her many times, which makes him better than the average chimp, but that alone does not explain why she would love him."

As Ferryl scratched her head and racked her mind over why Lanka would pick such a weak mate, something else caught her eye. A pink blur dashing across the snow towards the dorm door.

Happily, Ferryl looked up eagerly and tried to look for her sister. Has she returned early with her things? Why would she do so, unless she was planning something with Jin? Was it......"No, no, she's not in heat yet! She would not go out in that condition at all." Ferryl watched the creature in question and was disappointed to see that it was only a cat that was making her way across the campus street.

"Oh, it's just another one of the cooking club members." Ferryl thought, then grew interested as she saw Kurumi approach the dorm door. The cat suspiciously looked around to see if anyone was watching before she quickly snuck in and closed the door behind her.

"Odd." Ferryl thought. "Wonder what she is here for?" As she continued to think, a sudden possibility struck her. Humans sometimes have multiple partners that they keep secret from one another. In those cases, she read, they have often picked mates that looked similar to one another. Could it be....

"That stupid chimpanzee!" Ferryl screamed, blasting way the rest of her pack with her cry of frustration. "No one will break my sisters' heart and live!" With that, she stormed into the building and through the doors. As she was a bit too tall, she smashed through the walls and left an imprint where she broke the bricks.

She could just envision Ranka's face when she finds out the truth. She would have to be the one to break it to her. She imagined sitting down with her little sister, as she looked up and asked what was wrong.

As Ferryl told her that Jin, the packmate that she had loved for years, had broken her trust and she had found him with another mate. Ranka would, of course, deny it, say that Jin would never do such a thing, before seeing the undeniable proof in the form of the pair together.

The poor girl's heart would be forever broken, never trusting another soul and dying a lone wolf. "All because of that damned human!" Reaching into her pocket, she took out her phone and prepared the camera, knowing that only these images would be enough to show Ranka the painful truth of the human's infidelity. "And with another member of her group no less. How dare he hurt my little sister!"

She did an unusual thing and decided to be quiet, creeping carefully up the stair onto the floor of Jin's room. Looking around, she noticed that the door to the target was slightly cracked open as Kurumi had hurriedly rushed in.

Thankful that the ground was carpet, Ferryl took one carefully placed step at a time, doing her best to make sure that the pair would have no idea what was coming. No noise was uttered as she made it and was right outside the dorm room.

The crack was only a couple inches, but more than enough for a phone to capture what was inside. Ferryl placed the phone camera in position, about to take pictures of the act, but thought against it. "Video is better, might even hear them say enough to leave no doubt!" She fumbled with her phone, not made for animals with paws as large as hers.

Finally, she managed to get the video recording and shoved the camera into the room, pointing directly into the middle of the room, where Jin and Kurumi were just standing there.

Ferryl's anger flared up as she saw that the cat was hugging Jin, nuzzling up next to his face and purring. Of course, cats do this to simply say hi, but for wolves, it is something much more intimate. As Ferryl thought of the many ways that she would discard of Jin's remains after she was done with him, she noticed that he had moved back and away from the cat.


"I know that is how you say hi," Jin stammered, eagerly getting away from Kurumi and backing up. "But I would like it if you didn't do that."

"Oh? Why is that?" Kurumi purred as she lay down on Jin's bed, tired from all the meters of exercise she did that day.

Jin simply leaned back against the window and folding his arms. "That is a bit too close for my persona taste, and besides, I prefer Ranka."

Kurumi glared at him, feeling a bit insulted by Jin.

Oh well, she had almost gotten used to it after years being around a guy who hates animals. "Anyway, why did you come here today?" Jin asked. Kurumi was a ghost member of the club and showed up infrequently.

"I have a little secret that you may want to know," Kurumi said in a sweet sing-song voice, her tail lazily flicking from side to side.

"About what?"

"The mole rats that are watching us right now, up in the corner of the bookshelf."

There was a small scurrying noise as said mole rats made their way back into the hole in the wall and escaped, leaving a confused and frustrated Jin.

"Wait, what the hell were they doing here, in my dorm room?" He yelled out at the hole. "Isn't this a violation of my privacy as a student?"

Kurumi smirked. "Well, they needed proof of your cheating."

"Wait, but that never happened! I would never cheat on Ranka. And besides, why would they be interested in that stuff?" Jin sputtered, now furious at the naked mole rats.

Kurumi chuckled as she explained. "You see, Mika wanted me to seduce you. I look very similar to Ranka and thought that with my irresistible qualities as a cat, you would easily fall for me, even for only a day. She said that as school president, she would make sure that I would have a penthouse room with all the accommodations, very similar to what MeiMei has. Living in the lap of luxury and all the napping areas that I want? It all sounded very tempting."

"I'm sorry, but I only have eyes for Ranka, and I will not go for anyone else," Jin said coldly as he stared at the cat, who had turned to lay down on her back and yawn.

"I know," Kurumi said sleepily. "especially since you hate most of us. Even for Ranka, it took years for her to finally get you."

"And," she lowered her voice quietly in a dramatic fashion. "I know why she wanted me to do it?"

"Wait, Mika? The perverted mole rat?" Jin said. He knew that when it came to interspecies relations, she was almost as restrictive as him, to be limited to only what she deemed to be healthy for the ecosystem of the school.

He never knew the exact details of what would be unhealthy, but he was dead certain that if anything, having a romantic relationship between a human and a cat-girl would not be healthy from her standpoint. So why order Kurumi to try this?