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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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Meanwhile, on the other side of campus, a certain mole rat was cursing the weather. As much as she hated wearing clothes, she also despised freezing to death. This left her no choice but to wear the biggest winter jacket that her colony could find and snow pants to add to her humiliation.

Trekking along the snow-covered pathway that led to her desired dorm, she hurried along, eager to strip as soon as she went inside the warm heated buildings. The doors opened as her rats went ahead and rushed to minimize their president's suffering.

Leaping inside the lobby, she stripped off all her outer clothes and rushed down the hallways, a sight that would have stopped any students in their tracks if they were out at this time at night. Mika found her destination and knocked, hoping that at least this individual was still awake.

To her delight, the door opened, revealing inside the ghost member of the cooking club. "Yesss?" Kurumi purred; her green eyes wide open in curiosity. The other rats cowered behind their president, remembering how this cat used to terrorize them at the academy.

"Are you a member of this Universities' history cooking club, the one with the human, Jin?" She wanted to ensure that there were no mistakes at all in her plan, and getting the wrong person involved would be the biggest possible blunder.

"Yes, I am! How can I help you, madam president?" Kurumi replied, her ears perking up in interest. "I have a favor that I need to ask of you, a secret mission if you will. I need to first make sure that you can keep this a secret." She leaned in and whispered, "It's for the good of the school and involves that human."

Smirking, Kurumi gave a Cheshire cat smile as she leaned back against the doorframe. "Of course, you can trust me about that! Come in and let's talk." The pair entered the room and closed the door behind them, with the other rats opting to guard the door against possible intruders.

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"Jin?" Ranka spoke softly as she glanced up at her partner. Cuddled up with him underneath the blanket, she was so comfortable that it took all her energy just to even move. But to even look at Jin, that was energy well spent. "Yes? Do you want to move up to rest on the bed?" he asked as he looked down at Ranka.

His heart fluttered as he looked into her half-closed sleepy eyes, the orange and yellow tint barely visible. "There's always something new about her," he thought to himself. "Is this what love is? Finding new things to love about her?"

"No, it's not that," Ranka replied, yawning and snuggling up closer to Jin's furnace of a body. "I was worried that your parents wouldn't like me since I'm not human. I'm glad that they like me."

"Same here," Jin affirmed, adjusting his arms to completely encircle Ranka's body. "My mom was always telling me what to look for in a girl, to get the best one possible or else it would not turn out well for me. So, I did and found you." He rested his chin on the top of her head, drawing her closer to his chest so the two looked like one massive being.

"What if they didn't like me?"

Jin paused. This was a question that he'd been racking his mind for the last week. His parent's stance on animals had been a bit more moderate than his until recently, but they were still wary of them.

It was possible that they would even reject Ranka as his partner, urging him to break up and get rid of her. If they told him that and the choice was between Ranka and his parents, all of them being people that he truly loved, what would he have chosen?

"If they didn't, I would do all I can to explain why I feel this way for you. All the books, information and literature that they have, I would give to them and never stop. I do all I can to please my parents and be the best son that I can be. But even for them," Jin pulled back and looked deep into Ranka's eyes, almost quivering and on the brink of tears.

"I would never give you up," He leaned in close, their noses almost touching. "Because I love you. Never doubt that." Closing the gap between them, Jin pressed his lips onto Ranka's in a deep embrace. Laying on the floor, the pair said nothing except the occasional gasp of breath as they briefly broke for oxygen.

The night wore on with them eventually falling asleep, and still, not a single word was uttered after the kiss. Not that either one needed to say anything else, what Jin did comfort Ranka more than words could ever express.

The only thought Jin had before falling into the void of dreams was his dad's advice. As he closed his eyes and took one last fleeting glance at Ranka, he knew that no matter what, he will never let her go. Gently squeezing her, he joined Ranka in the dream world, the pair sound asleep in each other's arms.