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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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A white blanket of snow has descended on upon Seton University. When the semester had started, it was a wide array of red bricks, grey rooftops and green trees that made up the colors of the school.

But that was back in September when snow was a long way from anyone's mind. Now, it was everywhere, covering all it could, piling up to two feet in some of the open spots. Most of the mammals were completely fine, as they had been shedding their summer coat and replaced it with their winter fur.

However, there are a couple of mammals that don't have this luxury, one of them being humans. They deal with the change of temperature by wearing clothing to keep themselves warm, like this lovely couple that is snowshoeing to the school ground, trudging along the street from the town.

The first was a middle-aged man with neatly combed long black hair, slicked back with a small amount of hair gel to keep it in place. Where it not for the age lines on his face or the grey streaks on his head, most would have mistaken this man for his son. He was wearing a long black overcoat, keeping his style in mind as well as his comfort.

On his right, he was using his arm to support his wife, who also was wearing an overcoat, but a light tan color. Her long black hair was tied up and placed inside her red winter cap, keeping her head warm and protected against the slight winter breeze that nipped at whatever skin they had exposed. Carefully taking a single step at a time as to not fall over in the deep snow, they continued the short trek from the bus stop to the dorms where their son was.

"You did make sure that Jin had his winter coats with him when he packed up, right?" Akihiro huffed, taking another step in the campus square near where the fountain lay frozen and quiet.

"Of course, I did." His wife chuckled. "He's just like you when we were young, always saying that he will be fine and that he doesn't need the coat." Her brown eyes gleaming as she recalled her husband's behavior when they first met all those years ago.

"Well I was warm, the cold hardly bothered me back then." Akihiro defended himself.

"Except for all those times that you did come back with a cold and had to be bedridden for a couple of days." Fumiko gently reminded him. "Funny, the more stubborn you were, the worse the cold would seem to be afterward."

Akihiro chuckled. "In any case, Jin didn't sound like he was sick over the phone, so maybe he actually did wear the coast without us having to remind him."

"Really?" Fumiko asked excitedly. "Maybe he has a certain someone that is telling him to wear his coats!"

Akihiro shook his head. "I don't think so; he is too focused on his studies to be wasting his time chasing girls for a fling that will last a week like the ones my friends chased back in college."

"Oh really?" Fumiko teasingly asked. "If so, then we have been married for a very long week unless my calendar is defective."

Akihiro blushed and sternly looked ahead at the path, getting closer to the dorm building that he could almost see. "Y-you were the exception to my rule of course." He quickly mumbled, picking up speed and starting to jog. "But because you were one of a kind, the only one that made me forget my assignments back then!"

Fumiko smiled and she leaped up to catch up with her husband, now both breaking into a jog. "Well if the boy has any of your luck," she gasped out, getting closer. "Perhaps he found the one for himself!"

With that, she took a massive leap and landed squarely on her husband's back, send the pair of them to crash into the snow. Fumiko giggled as she embraced her husband from behind, giving him a hug around his waist.

"Perhaps the reason why he sounded a bit nervous was that we will meet this girl today." She whispered in Akihiro's ear.

He gave a muffled response, having a face full of snow making it difficult to speak clearly. The couple got back up and brushed off the snow off their coats, looking around to find the dorm a few meters away from where they stood.

Akihiro smiled and placed his left arm on his hip. "Well then, if we are to meet this girl today, let's try to make a good impression on her."

Fumiko linked up her arm with her husbands as they trudged forward, the remaining snow falling off their bodies. "Of course, I will dear." She replied happily. "I do hope he didn't pick her out of desperation, there aren't that many human girls around here for him to choose from."

"True," Akihiro said as they approached the double doors of the dorm building and knocked. "Maybe he decided to go to one of the animal girls. They look human enough for most guys."

"Jin? Of all people, he would never do that." Fumiko whispered as they were let in by the dorm supervisors, a pair of chimpanzees that signed them in. "Do you remember how he was after I brought him from the daycare? The poor boy tossed out all his stuffed animals into the garbage and would never accept them back, even after all these years."

Akihiro smirked as they started on the flight of stairs towards the third floor. "You're right, but stranger things have happened. After all, he made friends with some of them at the academy. Why not take it a step further?"

His wife shook her head as they made their way past the second floor. "I just don't think the boy would do something like that so suddenly unless something was already there. Still, if the girl is one of them, I hope that she is at least decent."

"Well," Akihiro remarked as they found themselves on the third floor. "If she cares enough to remind him to put on his coat and keep him healthy, how bad could she be?"

Making their way across the silent hallway, they looked around for their son's room number, 329. Looking at all of the identical wooden doors that they passed by, they finally found it. Fumiko raised her hand and knocked on the door, tapping loudly four times quickly, paused and two slow knocks.

A shuffling was heard on the other side, followed by a rustling of blankets being stashed away underneath the bed. "One second!" Jin called out as he adjusted his bed cover to hide the red blanket underneath from view. Once he was satisfied that they couldn't see it, Jin turned around and reached out, opening the door to the view of his parents.

"Jin!" His mother cried out when she saw him, immediately reaching out and hugging him tightly. His father joined in and gave the pair an even bigger hug, all three smiling.

They eventually broke up and sat down on the chairs that jin had set up ahead of time and caught up with one another over a pot of tea.