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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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"Madam president!" A mole-rat screamed as he ran down one of the schools many long and narrow tunnels. Rushing past a group of the warrior rats, he burst into the main room where their queen, Mika was sitting and chatting with the other rats, dictating out a memo to the school dean.

"Thanks to the funds raised from the charity games, we have more than enough to cover for the amount of food that was lost, making this event yet another successful one." She concluded.

She gestured and the secretary rat hopped off the typewriter, peeling the letter off and dashing out the hallway. He nodded as he dashed past the others, letter tucked underneath his arm.

"Put on some clothes before you leave!" Mika reminded him as he faded away from view. Turning back, the mole rat found that his camera crew had managed to catch up to him. Checking the tape, he was satisfied that it was undamaged. It was vital that what he was about to tell Mika was supported by evidence, no space could be left for any doubt.

"Madam president!" He said again, bowing before her.

"Oh, you're back already? I thought that you still had a couple more hours of daylight to follow Jin?" She asked curiously.

"We did have those orders and we apologize for breaking them." He began as the other rolled in the tv and player. He handed them the tape and continued. "But what we recorded was so shocking that we had to come here as soon as we could!"

The tv turned on as the tape began to play. Images of Jin and Ranka came up on the screen. Scenes of them running across campus flashed as Mika's eyes were glued to the screen.

"For the last few months, we have tracked them to make sure that their interspecies friendship would only remain that." He spoke aloud as the others gathered around the screen.

"The female, Ranka, has made many times advance on Jin and has made clear her intentions for him to be her mate." He continued as countless scenes of her jumping on Jin's face and licking him. Upon her first time seeing these images years ago, Mika had nearly passed out by all the lewd imagery that she misunderstood the gesture to mean before she found out that was how she greeted others.

Still, it was uncomfortable for her to watch an animal and a human to be so close. "Due to the male's hatred of animal's we thought it was an unlikely development." he pointed as a compilation of Jin throwing Ranka, pushing her off or other ways of getting her off played across the screen.

"But, with Hitomi's rejection-"

"We know all this," Mika said, already bored by the presentation. "We have seen all of these clips from the weekly updates. Can you get to the point already?"

The mole rat sighed and turned to the tv crew. "Skip to the news." He said, and the mole rats skipped to a scene in the bear cave. There were countless massive brown bears scattered around, all bruised or beaten.

Wolves supervised them and made sure that they didn't move until school security had arrived. Amid the grey and brown, there was a small pink wolf on the side of the screen. Bent over and clearly seen licking Jin's legs.

Mika's face blushed. "What is the meaning of this?" she squeaked. "Oh, nothing much, just trying to heal his wounds." He assured her. "But this is the good part."

The scene changed and Ranka was now on Jin's lap looking directly at him. The audio was not perfect, but Mika could quietly but clearly hear Jin say, "I guess that there is something there that one may consider a feeling of affection beyond simply friends."

"oh no. Oh, No. OH NO!" Mika mentally screamed as she watched the scene unfold. She saw MeiMei barge in and tell Ranka what his message meant and prayed that Jin would shake his head tell her that it was all a big misunderstanding.

She swore that her throat closed up as she saw Jin nod his head, affirming her worst fears. As she was about to speak, the final scene came in. Jin laying in a bed in the hospital, Ranka at his side.

The pair were looking into each other's eyes, Jin laying his hand on her hip and pulled her close to him. "And this is how humans show affection." He muttered as he leaned in for a kiss. The moment their lips touched; Mika's stomach dropped. The scene stopped, the screen froze at the couple exchanging their first real kiss and the other rats turned to face her.

"Madam president, what are-" he stopped speaking as he saw her face. Frozen in shock, her eyes seemed to be barely focused on anything. One next to her waved his arms in front of her to no effect. The other became worried, not knowing what to do. As they were about to prepare to take her to the nurse's office, she finally spoke.

After all these years of watching the pair, her worst fears were finally confirmed. When she first arrived at Seton Academy, she was determined to ensure that there were no interspecies relations of any kind.

Rabbits were meant to be friends with only rabbits, wolves only with wolves and so on, a rather simple concept. A wolf and a human? Friends? It was a ridiculous idea, one that would upset the delicate balance of the school ecosystem.

And yet, she had managed to realize that while hard, these kinds of friendships could work and even be stronger than regular ones that she had advocated for exclusively. In those years since, she had come to even encourage such types of mingling between the species, as long as they were the appropriate kind.

But an interspecies relationship? That was out of the question. It was disgustingly unnatural and completely different from a mere friendship. Besides, any human that pursued an animal would only do so for their exotic nature and be fueled by lust, not love. Especially when it came to humans since they were in heat all year round and couldn't contain themselves.

"Love is impossible between a human and a wolf." She declared, slowly rising up from her chair. Facing the group of mole rats, she knew what she had to do. "As school president, it is my job to ensure that the ecosystem of the school is maintained at a happy balance between all the different species that study here."

"This!" She yelled as she pointed at the kiss still on the tv screen. "This will upset the balance and needs to be stamped out!"

"This cannot last because a human cannot love a wolf!" she screamed as she slammed her fist on the table. "He is playing with her emotions for his own perverted desires!"

"To prove it, we will focus on recording every single moment of their lives. We will throw some tests in their lives, simple ones that any normal couple should pass. Once they break up, we will use the footage as evidence that an unnatural relationship like this is harmful to the harmony of the environment and we will outlaw them from this school!" She finished her speech to great applause from her mole rats.

"We will start tomorrow. For now, we will plan." They all gathered up on the table and started to build a strategy on what they would do. Little did they know that a pair of bright green eyes shone down the hallway, large pink ears intently listening to what the mole rats were scheming.