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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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Nom nom, nom nom.

Except for Ranka, she was gently gnawing on Jin's forearm for his attention. Turning his head, he looked over at the wolf as she stopped and beamed at him.

"I made sure to say your name every few minutes after you left the scanning thing so you could wake up sooner. It was scary, the doctor thought you could have been in a coma."

"How long was I out for?" he asked, adjusting himself into a sitting position, his back placed against the pillow. "A couple of hours. The others came and left behind some food and cards for you. They had to return to their races, which they could do all because of our teamwork!" she proclaimed that last bit pridefully, puffing up her chest. "Our work? She actually shares credit now. Like a real boss." Jin marveled.

As Ranka continued to go on about how Mika and the other teachers were thankful for their help in finding the food, Jin zoned out as he looked at Ranka speak, the enthusiastic happy girl. After all these years, he looked at her and, try as he might, he just could not see her as an animal that he despised

Not only was she loyal and stood by him, patiently waiting for him to wake up, but she even went to great lengths to go against her own instinct just for a small chance to get him. "She even tries to understand me. Not always successfully, but she tries."

With this in mind, he reached out his left hand and held it up, hovering it as it gestured at Ranka. She stopped talking and stared at Jin, not sure what he wanted. He pointed downwards towards her and reached out for her hands, indicating what he wanted.

She eagerly reacted and reached outwards to hold his hand, their fingers interlacing with one another's. As they touched, a sense of calm and tenderness spread through the pair. It was a nice feeling, a gentle warmth that neither had felt in their lives up until that very moment.

Gazing at Ranka's bright eyes, Jin took the moment to think very carefully before he uttered even a single word. "Am I sure about this?"

There was a reason why he had been so careful to block his mind from these thoughts, constantly making up excuses for why he was constantly helping her out when in the same breath he would utter that he absolutely hated animals, every single one of them. Was it a smart decision to think that maybe, he should turn a new leaf and instead embrace the idea, to give it at least a try?


Slightly squeezing her hand, he pulled on it a little, moving her towards his bed. He gave her a small smile. "How about we can start this slowly? A good boss knows to take their time with these things."

Ranka, her eyes almost ready to burst into tears of happiness, eagerly nodded. He pulled her in closer, causing her to give Jin a massive hug as she rubbed herself against his side for a moment. "Wolves do this to show affection to others, especially those they consider themselves to be close to." Jin thought, gently separating Ranka from himself as he faced her.

"And this is how humans show affection," he muttered as he brought her close to him, pressing his lips onto hers. Instead of Ranka erupting into a licking frenzy and Jin trying to pull her off, both stood there, lips locked in place and eyes closed, enjoying the moment.

The sunlight that came in through the window warmed their faces, making them feel even more affectionate towards one another. A picture-perfect moment.

A perfect moment for the rest of the group to enter the room and witness the new couple. Seeing Jin enjoy this scene, no one assumed that this was one of the usual Ranka licking sessions. They stood there for a moment, their minds processing what was going on. Ranka and Jin didn't even notice their presence, as they were too focused on one another.

It was only when MeiMei screamed like a fangirl that the kiss was broken, the pair startled at their interruption.

"I knew it!" the Panda gave a high-pitched squeal, causing Miyubi to slump on the floor, dead again. "I knew you would end up with Ranka! You pretended that you never liked her but deep down you liked her, you tsundere!"

"Umm, maybe we should give them some privacy first," Hitomi said, smiling as she and Yena held MeiMei by her shoulders and inched her back out into the hallway as she continued to rant about the new couple. Yena gave Ranka a thumbs up before closing the door.

Ranka turned to look back at Jin, giggling a little. "Can we let them in?" she asked, her tail wagging as she gave him her best wide eyes. "Sure," Jin said shrugging. "But we will pick up where left off later tonight." He said, giving her a little wink.

Ranka gasped, blushing a deep red around her cheeks. "I-if you want that I am okay," she stammered, looking down and poking her two forefingers together. "B-but you said that we should take it slow and I am not in heat right now, so-"

"No no, that's not what I meant! I was talking about starting slow and talking about what we should do!" Jin denied quickly, shaking his hands around.

"You guys are making babies already!?" MeiMei yelled as she burst in through the door again, finally released from the grasp of Hitomi and Yena. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"We are not! It was a misunderstanding." Jin quickly cleared up, his red face showing how much he wanted the panda to stop screaming this nonsense, especially with the hospital staff outside hearing the commotion.

"Oh," MeiMei said, her enthusiastic manner dampened. But only for a moment.

"But when you do, let me know! I want to be a nature documentarian and an interspecies couple would make a good topic to study."

"No! Never!" The pair yelled at Meimei as she was dragged out again by the others.