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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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"University life is hard, and the stress of being a student can mean some students become unhealthy, especially if they are first years. That is why at Seton University, we have a schoolwide fitness day! Where students are paired up and compete with each other or against each other to have fun after the midterms and to have a healthy balance between training the body and the mind."

The head dean continued to excitably start off the event to the crowd of students. Of course, it was still hard to hear him over the bubbling that the coelacanth made in his aquarium water.

"Over 400 million years of living, these animals are set in their ways and have changed little, so even if we all know this, he will speak the same thing the same way," Jin grumbled as he waited for the dean to finish the speech.

"When I become the boss of this school, I will never give a boring speech like this!" Ranka declared, excitedly looking at Jin. "I thought that you wanted to be the boss of the world first." Jin pointed out.

"I have decided that I need to start small, so I might as well start with you, then the school and then the world!"

"But you're already my boss."

"Exactly! Step one complete, now I will take over the school. Now do these fishies fight to be boss? I think I can take him, Jin? Hey Jin, you aren't listening!"

"Why did I agree to get paired up with this her." He thought to himself. "Oh right, Hitomi was already taken by Yena, Miyubi would die, that shitty panda would make me carry her around, and the koala is volunteering."

"Of course," he muttered as he looked back and looked into the bushes behind them. He saw a small sea of red eyes looking at them, with a specific pair floating high above the others. "It helps when a massive wolf threatens to throw you if I made her cry by saying no."

"Oh, sister is still there?" Ranka asked coldly, looking at the same spot that Jin was. They both stared for a few seconds before their eyes panicked and floated away quickly.

"So, uh Jin?" Ranka asked, looking up at him.


"We don't race until afternoon, so can just hang out and uh rest, right?" she asked nervously. "I read that humans first get to know more by hanging out." She thought to herself "It sounds boring, but I can show Jin that I want to understand him. Plus, more licking time and food!"

"I thought you would want to run around and play fetch with the others," Jin answered.

"Hey!" She retorted. "I am a proud wolf, one that has grown by being in negative 20 degrees for my vacations to be as big as my sister. I am not a mere dog that lays down and goes on walks like a domesticated-"

"Fetch!" Jin yelled out as he pulled out a bone from his small sports backpack, winding up and throwing it as far across as he could. Ranka sniffed, faintly smelling that the bone still had some tasty meat on it and ran for it, racing on all fours across the grass to retrieve the bone.

"We have to cancel the festival!" The Yukari yelled out at the concession stand. She was standing behind a large folding table that was set up to give out food to the students that she and her teacher.

The only problem was that the food boxes were empty. "Oh, no worries!" her teacher replied calmly. "We have extras right over-wait, where did they go!" As one might deduce, the extra boxes of food were also gone.

The others scrambled around and looked around for the boxes, finding out that at least half of them were gone. Mika ordered her naked mole rats to go out and find more food.

"Don't worry, as the school council resident, I will make sure that all the students of this school will be fed, and the festival will go on!" A cheer erupted from the crowd as already a few of the mole rats were coming back with assortments of different foods.

"But who stole the food?" Ranka asked as she came back with her bone. "I have a few ideas, but it doesn't matter," Jin replied. "It's not our problem, we should let the school handle it."

"Don't say that!" Ranka barked at him. "We will find out who stole the boxes! They can't steal food from my pack and not get away with it."

"This is not another way for you to be alone with me, is it?" Jin asked, arching his eyes questioningly. "No, it's not!" Ranka lied to him.

"You two!" a small voice called next to Jin's shoe. "The president wants you to come along and meet her, she wants you to help find the boxes and return them if possible!" Another mole rat explained.

"Jin, can we please help them?" Ranka begged, looking up and slightly whining.

Looking into her orange-yellow eyes, Jin saw that she was using the puppy eyes at him. She had unsuccessfully used these many times before on him to get him into some trouble, but then Hitomi would somehow get him involved afterward.

This time was different for some reason. As Jin looked, he tried to say no, but something in his throat stopped the word from coming out.

There was, simply put, a feeling that he got when those wide eyes were looking at him, begging him to help out. "Wait, what is this?" he thought to himself. It was a feeling that felt feeing and yet somehow, he remembered feeling it once before, long ago.

He felt it when he looked into those eyes 15 years ago. At the daycare. "Oh no, not again!" Jin internally screamed at himself to find a way to break the contact.

"Okay, we will do it!" he said, sharply snapping to place his gaze upon the small pink rats in their underwear.

"Wonderful! Let's go!" Ranka cried out happily as she bounded for the president, the others following closely behind her. "I knew he couldn't resist my charms." She thought smugly to herself.

"Jin, you have an incredible knowledge of all these wonderful different types of students," Mika explained to him. "I would like you and Ranka to help us find out who stole the food, so I can make sure that as President, the students are in line and are responsible for their actions!"

"Isn't that a job for the faculty?" Jin asked, causing Mika to blush and start to babble a little bit, trying to explain how yes, but that she was still helpful. "Either way, I guess we will do it."

He went over to one of the boxes that had been opened and peered inside. He found a couple of the stacks of leaves were covered in brown fur. Plucking a clump up by two of his fingers, he brought it out and gestured Ranka over. "Here, smell this." He ordered.

Ranka sniffed, once, twice and on the third time, her face lit up. "I have a scent!" she yelled excitedly and began sniffing in the air. She darted from the table and ran towards the campus, before stopping and yelling out for Jin to follow her.

"Might as well." Jin thought as he got into a jogging pace and followed the pink wolf, still sniffing the ground as she led the way.