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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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"Hey Ranka, can I talk to you for a second?" Jin asked as he approached Ranka. He had spotted her making her way across campus between classes. He had hoped to say a few things to her before they would head off to class and made a detour to say hi.

She excitedly raised up her head, her eyes shining up at him in anticipation as she coiled herself. Bracing for the worst, he accepted his fate as he expected himself to be slobbered all over by a wolf a head shorter than himself.

"At least the ground on this campus is clean, makes it easier to dust my jacket off." He thought to himself.

What he didn't expect to hear was Ranka turning around and running away from him. After hearing a small "Hmph!", he heard her feet rapidly fade away as she ran to her classroom.

Opening his eyes, he saw a small pink blur make her way across the campus, looking away from him as Ranka dashed to her class.

"Odd." Jin thought to himself as he turned back and made his way to his class. It was the first time in a while that he had seen Ranka turn down an offer to lick him.

"Well, I didn't tell her to lick me but going up and saying 'hi' was basically an invitation for that." Jin thought to himself as he sat down in his seat. "Whatever, I'll try to find out what she is on about when I see her next time."

"Damn it, I almost broke!" Ranka cursed herself as she stopped to take a breather. "I saw that you almost said something to him," Yena said as she appeared behind Ranka. "It's hard, right?"

The wolf nodded sadly. "I want to lick his face!" she suddenly wailed out loud, causing some of the students nearby to gaze at Ranka in disgust. It didn't help that tears of loneliness were pouring out her eyes, almost drowning a few mole rats that were spying on the pair.

"I want to hear his voice talk to me and say that everything is fine!"

"There, there," Yena said as she patted Ranka on the head. "I will talk to him, figure out why he hates us so and then you will be with him by Sunday. You gotta stay strong, okay?"

Ranka nodded; her eyes were wet but still hopeful. "Promise that Jin will love me?" she asked the Hyena as she looked up to her with the biggest, saddest eyes that one can imagine.

"Uhhh-s-sure! I promise!" Yena said, gulping nervously as she realized the monumental task that now she must do. She had to deliver that human to this pitiful little wolf in front of her, the one that just flew up, landed on her face and was licking it clean.

As Yena yelled out and was trying to get that pink menace off of her, both were unaware that they were being watched. The naked mole-rats had recovered and were broadcasting live, deep into an underground bunker.

This was one that the school had kindly lent to a certain former head of the student council. Mika watched as she saw Ranka get torn off of Yena by her big sister, who proceeded to threaten the hyena if curses of unimaginable pain if she so much as harmed a single fiber of fur on Ranka's head.

"I see," Mika observed. Standing up, she turned to the rest of the mole rats that had gathered around her. "Do you want us to fetch them, miss president?" One of them asked. "Please don't call me that," she replied coldly, still staring at the scene in front of her.

"I have not been elected the student council president yet, and no. From the footage that I have seen, Jin is very unlikely to even consider dating outside his species, least of all her." Pointing to the trio that had been tasked with watching Jin, she said: "Until Jin even considers the possibility, we simply watch."

Addressing everyone else, she maintained that interspecies friendships are acceptable, "But a relationship between different species is impossible and unhealthy to a society! We must stamp it out wherever we can. Understood?"

"Yes Madam!" came the reply from the rest of the group. They turned to the screen to see the hyena get thrown into the air as Ranka desperately tried to convince her sister that she was not being attacked.