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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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"Oh Jin, that's a great idea!" Hitomi replied as Jin finished explaining his idea for what the club will make for their official first meeting. They had gotten their club approved by the administration, provided that it focused on cooking dishes from history instead of simply general cooking like the other clubs that existed on campus.

He was going to teach them how to make Linzer Torte, an Austrian cake that was over 400 years old. It was basically like a jam pie but more refined and sweeter, so of course MeiMei wanted him to make it immediately.

"Be patient, you shitty panda! We'll make it this Saturday when we get all the ingredients!" He scolded at her. Blushing hard, MeiMei still protested against waiting for the food. She was hoping for another harsh and scolding response from Jin, who wisely ignored her.

"Everyone else agrees?" Hitomi asked the rest of the group, who had all joined them at the cafeteria table while they had time off from their classes. It was difficult to manage to find a time that the whole group would be able to meet up, so it pleased Jin that they could meet up on the weekends.

While these where still animals, he did like to be with them. The energy that they brought with them, despite being annoying when their instincts acted up, had allowed him to tolerate and somewhat grow fond of them, even if he did feel like a father disciplining his children at times.

"Please please please please make the cake! I'm even saying the magic word that means you have to do what I ask!" MeiMei cried out as she clung onto his head, while her manager FonFon reminded Jin that any kind of rough touching of the panda would result in execution.

There were of course limits to his fondness, especially as he wrestled the crying panda away from his face. "That's odd," he thought as FonFon attacked his legs. "Usually Ranka would be the one on my face."

Peeking out from the small corner of his eye that MeiMei had not managed to cover, he noticed that Ranka was still sitting at the table, giving him a poor attempt at a cold look.

Being a wolf, even when she is trying to give Jin the silent treatment, her sense of loyalty still oozed from her very being. There was also the jealously that she felt from MeiMei being in contact with Jin.

Noticing that he had seen her, Ranka turned her face away and looked out the window, trying to find Lena.

After the two pandas had calmed down and stopped attacking Jin, everyone else agreed that Jin's idea was a good idea and they started to plan which ingredients they would bring.

"And Ranka, you can bring the almonds, right?" Jin asked her as he wrote down the list for each ingredient each member was responsible for.


Looking up, he saw that Ranka's pouting face had quickly turned to face out the window again, not saying a thing to him.

"Can you do it, you dumb mutt?" Jin asked, tired of his so-called pack leader acting like a child. The rest of the table felt awkward as Ranka continued to stay silent.

Still looking out the window, she felt the stare of Jin's eyes on the back of her head. She was almost ready to pounce at him, lick his face and say yes when Yena appeared in her head and reminded her that she had to stay strong.

"You are doing this to get Jin!" Mini-Yena proclaimed in Ranka's mind. "Stay strong and Jin will be yours and Hitomi will be mine!"

"Huh?" Ranka thought.

"N-Never mind that last part!" Mini-Yena said hurriedly, looking flustered. "If you turn your head, Jin will go back to his old self and never love you, you understand?"

"Don't say anything, don't say anything, don't say anything," Ranka repeated in her mind as the temptation to respond to Jin grew. Seconds passed and the temptation grew and rose until –

"Ranka-chan?" the soft voice of Hitomi spoke behind her. "Hmm?" Ranka asked and she turned quickly to face her. "Would you get the almonds?"

Ranka quickly nodded her head, flustered as she noticed the sight of her friend's faces. They looked a bit worried about her, especially since Ranka is usually the enthusiastic one and most of all, the pack leader.

Not the one to sit out and not say anything. Only Jin's face didn't emanate the same concern, only annoyance as he turned and went back to his cookbook.

Ranka sulked as she looked at Jin. She had been told that he would be eager to talk to her, even begging her to say a single word to him by Yena.

Instead, she was practically itching for any sort of attention from Jin, while he went on as if nothing had changed. She was in her heart a wolf after all. Despite the fact that they sometimes wander around on their own, they love attention and become miserable when they feel neglected.

"Koala, can you get the jam?" he asked, moving on to the others of the group.

"I have some special jam that I use for my sandwich's-"

"Strawberry, not poop!"

"It's not poop this time!" she lied as she snatched the jar of a suspicious-looking substance away from Jin.

"It is! Show it to me, you shitty koala! Never mind, keep that away from me, don't put it in my face!"

The strength of the sent that came from her container of "jam" sent both Jin and Miyubi to the nurse's office for the rest of the day.