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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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After the first day of school ended with Miyubi again being revived from the dead, Jin got into the rhythm of the semester. He was grateful that he had fewer classes at the university than when he was still a student at the academy.

This left him with plenty of time to pick up a few shifts at the gym and earn a bit of money to save up. The schoolwork was not as hard as he had expected, leaving him even more pleased.

But for all the good that this had done for him, this left Jin with more time to think about Ranka, especially as he laid down on his bed and stared at his dorm's celling.

Since that day a week ago, he had not been licked in the face by Ranka once. Not that he missed it, but to him, it felt a little bit odd.

After being pounced by her at the start of every single school day, he had grown used to it, like a part of his daily routine, like how some people start the day by drinking coffee. His days started with a face full of wolf spit.

"Maybe she got the message after I scolded her," Jin incorrectly thought. "Maybe she has given up on trying to get with me and just needs some time to accept the idea." This idea brought him no comfort and didn't make sense, even to him.

Ranka was a dog (wolf), a creature renowned for their loyalty to humans to a fault, a trait that she had, from his experience, exemplified the most out of any dog (wolf) that he had ever met.

Giving up and running away didn't seem like a thing she would do.

He shook his head around to shake these thoughts out. "Stop thinking about her," he reprimanded himself. "She is an adult who can take care of herself, hopefully. She is fine, after all, she would never make a bad decision when she is emotionally affected, would -"

He grabbed his jacket and leaped out of the dorm room before he even finished that sentence. He had seen her make terrible decisions, especially after she got badly scolded by him.

"Of course, she would, she even climbed a damn mountain by herself when she was like this!"Jin thought as he ran out the door of his dorm building. Looking to his left, he started to jog to the direction of where he thought Ranka's room was, not knowing that a certain hyena was watching him.

"Perfect!" Yena thought as she watched Jin jog across the pathway. "You see Ranka?" she whispered to the wolf beside her as they crouched down further behind the bushes. "He can't even last a week without you, and he is already running back to you."

Ranka could hardly believe her eyes. The very same man that had very recently said that he will never love an animal, especially her, was now running to her place. Wait for a second, if she wasn't there in her room when he arrived, then he could be even more worried or angry at her! "Now then," Yena began to explain her next steps of her plan. "What we will do next is -".

She saw the massive, hope-filled eyes of Ranka and saw her prepare to leap out. "Ji-" Ranka began to yell out before Yena tackled her down and clapped her hand on her mouth. "Idiot! What are you doing? We are supposed to stay quiet and watch him."

The pair struggled in the bushes until finally the young wolf gave up and stopped struggling. Now that Jin has gone away, Yena felt comfortable in letting her speak up.

"What if Jin doesn't find me and is worried? Or what if he gets mad that I'm not where I'm supposed to be? What if he's running to Hitomi and falls for her because I am not there?" Ranka wailed, once again kicking up a storm trying to get out of Yena's grasp.

"I made sure that he will know that you are fine!" She growled through gritted teeth. "A friend will tell him that you have been in your room crying your eyes out for the past week."

"But I haven't," Ranka said confusingly. "You said not to do that."

"That was for you. Once he finds out that you were missing him so much, he will feel guilty that he treated you this harshly, so when he does see you, he will want to apologize to you. But for that week, you will not speak to him, making him feel even more guilty while I will go down and have a talk with him, guy to guy, and find out what makes him hate us so much."

"Then what?"

"You will see next week." Yena proclaimed. Grabbing Ranka's face and pressing it closer to her own, she almost looked manic. "Trust me, in about two weeks, you two will be a pair and he will never want anyone else." She said, almost salivating at the thought. "And Hitomi will have only one other person to date......"

"Two weeks." Ranka thought to herself. She would only have to wait that long until she would have Jin. And yet, after hearing the next stage of the plan, she didn't feel quite as excited about that possibility. She was very happy about it, but something was tugging at her mind.

"Yena, is this plan okay? That we are fooling Jin like this, hurting him by doing these things?" She asked quietly.

"Of course, it's okay!" The hyena confidently assured her. "We are showing him how bad life is without you so that he will be more appreciative when you come back into his life! The fact that you will get Jin makes this worth it, right? Besides, he rejected you so he should have a taste of his own medicine"

"Right," Ranka said unconvincingly. She was still bothered by how the plan was to make Jin vulnerable and hurt him. Did she want Jin as her future mate? "Yes, but do I have to treat him like this?" she asked herself.

She stopped thinking as they saw Jin come back to his dorm. He was calmly walking back to the doorway and was a bit far away from them. But they could tell that he looked a bit relieved, with a hint of worry still etched on his face. "Well, it looks like my friend told him! Now on to stage 2, which we will start tomorrow."

As the pair were about to leave the bush and return to their rooms, Ranka wanted to clear her mind of a worry she had. "What if he only says yes because he feels guilty and not because he loves me?" She asked Yena.

The hyena froze. She hadn't expected this to be a possibility, least of all a concern coming from the wolf. After all, she had relentless in claiming Jin as her mate for the past four years while he never loved her, so why would she be worried about that?

"Pfftt, don't worry!" Yena assured her. "I will make sure that he will love you in no time!"

Ranka nodded and bided her bush buddy a good night as they parted ways. After getting her homework done and preparing herself for the next week, she was still torn about what she was doing. She had imagined that she would naturally make Jin become attracted to her and eventually he would confess to her, not plot in secret on how to manipulate him into loving her.

"I'm doing it for Jin, it's the right thing as his boss and partner." She muttered unconvincingly to herself as she tried to fall asleep. She woke up several times that night, each time for no apparent reason other than an ill sensation poking at her mind.