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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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On a bench in one of the University parks, a small pink-haired wolf sat down. She had been looking for a place to rest for a bit while she digested Jin's words. "Besides, I will never date an animal."

Next to the bench, the was a small pond where some koi fish were hanging about. Looking down at them, she watched as they lazily swam around in circles for a moment before going to the other side. The stillness of the water allowed her to notice her own reflection.

Staring, Ranka noticed the large furry pink ears on top of her head, surrounded by long pink fur. Apart from that, the only other things that physically separated her from a normal human girl like Hitomi were her long pink tail and canine teeth.

She had never really thought about these before, even when she met Jin. She knew of his dislike for animals, but even then, Jin was her partner and packmate, wasn't he supposed to be open to her of all the friends they had? After years of knowing one another, wouldn't he at least give her a chance?

Looking at her reflection, she started to cry again. She had thought that she had run out of tears 10 minutes ago, but she found some more that she didn't even know existed. "Do I give up?" Her mind asked. "I can't become a human, so is it even worth trying?"

"Yes! It Is!" She cried out, choking on her tears. "I can't give up, not on Jin!"

"Give up on what?" A boyish voice asked.

Turning around, with tears still streaming in her eyes, Ranka realized that she wasn't alone. Walking up to her was Yena, a female hyena that the group had met on occasion with, the one that thought she was a boy.

"Nothing." Ranka sniffed as Yena plopped down on the bench next to her. "Yeah, I don't think so. Crying, yelling about Jin? He said that he wouldn't even consider dating you, right?" Yena stated.

"How did you know?" Ranka asked in a low voice, looking down on the ground.

"Well, apart from what you were yelling about him, I've known the guy for a bit. Not too well, but us guys don't need to talk much to get each other." Yena explained.

"But you're a gi-"

"I'm a guy!" Yena yelled. Her outburst didn't even cause Ranka to stiffen her tail or become nervous. Just stayed slouched over in a depressed state.

Taking a deep breath, Yena tried again. "The point I'm making is that I know enough about Jin to figure out what he said to you. He's said to you many times that he won't date a non-human, so what makes this any different?"

Ranka thought for a moment before choosing to respond. "Because I haven't seen him all summer and thought that he would miss me more." She reached into her backpack and pulled out a book. "I also did some summer reading-"

"You can read? For fun?"

After Ranka stopped beating up Yena with the book, she sat back down and continued. "I did some summer reading about love and I was hoping that if I did what the characters of the book did, I would also have Jin as my husband, just like they did." She gave the book to Yena, who started cackling as she flipped through the pages.

"This is complete bull!" She yelled while laughing. "That is not how normal people talk like! That would get you arrested, that would get you killed, oh god I don't even know what punishment that would get you, oh no, you poor baby!" She snapped the book shut and reached over to tightly hug Ranka.

"What you read is F – a – n – t – a -s – y! Fantasy!" She said as she comforted the wolf. "That is not how guys think or how a girl acts to get him. I know humans are odd, but not like what that book says!" Just then, a thought popped into her head. "If Ranka does not date Jin, then ......Hitomi!"

"Ranka?" Yena said innocently as she broke the hug and looked at her in the tear-stained eyes. "How would you like me to help you to get Jin?"

She sniffled. "Like revenge? I can't do that! He is still my packmate." Yena shook her head. "No, I mean to get Jin. As in to make him yours." Ranka looked confused for a few seconds. "To possess him? But does that mean to......have him!"

As she realized exactly what Yena was offering, all thoughts of sadness went away and were replaced by happiness and hope. "Yes! You can make Jin become my husband?!"

"Well that I can't guarantee, but I can help you get a date with him. Which can lead to eventual marriage." Yena clarified, trying not to get the wolf's hopes up too much. "And with Jin out of the way, Hitomi would be saddened at the sight of these two lovebirds together, leaving space for me to comfort her. And when I come in to do that, I can.... I can.."

"Yena, your face is red and lewd and scaring me." The wolf pointed out to her. Yena regained her composure and continued, leaning down to whisper her ideas in her ear. "First, I will try to figure out why he hates animals, then make him doubt that, and drop hints of how great it would be to date you. At the same time, you will do exactly as I say to make yourself look as attractive as possible to him, so when the right time comes, you two can become one."

"hwuhe!?! But wouldn't that be moving too fast? After all, that is only supposed to happen when we get married!"

"I meant two people becoming one as in two people dating! Not that!" Yena quickly clarified. Lanka thought for a moment before accepting the plan. "Yena! You're so smart, let me welcome you to the pack."

"No thanks!" She grunted as she struggled to prevent Ranka's face from reaching hers. "I don't need a pack! But thanks for the offer! Now, let's talk about what you will do." The two began to hatch their plan, which Ranka insisted on naming "Operation J.I.N (Jin Is miNe)".

"That doesn't even make sense." Yena objected.

"Nothing makes sense when love is involved." Lanka passionately replied.

"No wonder, she must be the runt in terms of size and brains in her pack." Lana thought and she began to tell Ranka what to do and what she will do.

"Yena is so smart!" Ranka thought as she listened. Inspired by the plan, she began to daydream her future with Jin. Her loyal partner, best friend and soon to be husband. She can already imagine the pair of them walking down the aisle and her rubbing against his side, talking about the house on the mountains that he had bought for them to start their own pack. In that house, they would raise their pups, Jin would come back home every night with the prey that he had caught, and they would stay there as long as they lived together.

"You got that?" Yena said, interrupting her daydream.

"Huh!? Yes, I did!" Ranka affirmed, somehow managing to still listen to the plan while stuck in her fantasy.

"Good! Now the first week is the hardest since you will be avoiding him for a week, but I will make sure that the time spent apart is worth it! For once that time is up, Jin will be falling in love with you in no time flat!" Yena finished.

Sensing Ranka's apprehension of not seeing him for a week, she placed both of her arms on her shoulders. "It will work out; I will make sure of it! If you feel you need support, call me, okay?" Ranka quickly stood up and quickly nodded. "I will do it, and I will succeed! Jin will be mine!" She yelled out loud on the top of her lungs.

"Good girl! Now I'm hungry, have you tried the food here yet?"

Ranka's growling stomach answered that question. The pair leaped off the bench and started to walk towards the cafeteria, with Yena talking about the many different kinds of meat that this school serves.