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Seton University (A Seton Academy fanfiction)

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Disclaimer: I do not own Seton Academy or any of the characters, nor am I profiting from this. This story is simply something that I am doing for fun. As this takes place in a university setting, all the characters here are 18 or older (nothing lewd happens, unless handholding counts).


"New students! Hello everyone and welcome to Seton University! I am Professor Brinkman, the head of the History Department at this place of learning and education."

The Herrerasaurus began his speech as he faced the crowd of freshman students gathered around the podium.

The incoming students had all come to this open space in the middle of campus for their orientation at Seton University, founded decades ago by the same dinosaurs that had established the Seton private academy for high school students.

"Hope the teachers here are as good as the ones at the academy." Jin thought to himself as he zoned out, barely listening to the speech that was being given by Professor Brinkman.

It didn't help that he was surrounded by a whole crowd of animals that were fidgeting, talking and many other types of noises amongst each other, making it impossible for him to focus on the many facts about the University the Herrerasaurus told them, including that it is the largest university of its kind where any and all species are allowed to apply and study here.

"As expected, these animals can't even behave themselves for a few minutes," Jin grumbled to himself quietly.

Despite his brazen dislike for these creatures, he accepted that they will always be around and that he will simply have to learn to deal with them as they are.

Plus, this school was the most prestigious that he could afford to go to, something that he had dreamed of since he started in the academy four years ago. Once he graduated, he would be able to find a job anywhere he pleased, never to worry about money.

His enrolment and excellent marks in Seton Academy meant that he was easily allowed into the school once he applied.

The place was much large than his private academy had been, sprawling on over a hundred acres of land, with buildings reaching up to 8 stories high and built in a gothic fashion with its high archways and ornate sculptures.

The paths were laid down in red bricks and marked the ways to each building and the courtyards, making it easier to navigate through the many wildlife areas the school maintained for the students.

It looks good on a pamphlet and wonderful in real life if only Jin could see the architecture over the heads of all the towering giraffes, lions, bears and other students around him.

It didn't bother him that much since he would have four years to take in the beauty of the place while he worked on his degree.

Speaking of beauty, he glanced around and was disappointed that he could not find the only human outside of his family that he had known closely in his life, Hitomi Hino.

Being the only two human beings in the academy and running the cooking club for four years had allowed them to grow close as friends, but not as close as Jin wanted them to be.

He had always felt attracted to her since he first met her in the lunchroom and her being human only helped his magnetism for her.

But no matter how he tried, there was always something happenings that stopped him from dating her.

No matter what he did, something happened that prevented him from telling her how he felt for Hitomi.

He took it as a sign when they both got accepted to the same University that he should be persistent and not give up on her.

"Start the school year right," he thought to himself as the tour began of the courtyard and the whole crowd began to follow the professor as he talked about the science building behind them. "When you see her, you go right up to her, ask to talk in private and confess to her."

A simple plan, but one that given his luck, will not be so easy to execute.

As the tour went along, he kept glancing around to try and find her in the other groups that they passed by, but no such luck.

It was a school with a lot of students after all, and he could call her afterward to meet up.

She had expressed interest in starting a cooking club again to ensure that they and their friends that had made it would still find time to stick together during this new life of theirs.

Jin sighed at the thought of having to hang out with all the other animals.

They were not objectively bad to be around, compared to other animals that were outright terrible, but they could sometimes be a handful for him to handle.

The stuff that they would get into that he would have to eventually reach in to help out made him feel more like a dad taking care of a bunch of children.

Especially one in particular, that damn pink-haired wolf that has been around him since the very beginning.

In fact, he could almost hear her yelling out his name "JIIIIIIIIIIINNNN!"

His name being called out a second time, he realized that was because Ranka was rushing towards him at full sprint, unable to contain her excitement at seeing him after a summer apart.

"Oh crap, not again!" Jin's mind screamed right before a pink blur plowed into him.

In the split second before her face collided into him, he took one good look at the one creature he was hoping to avoid meeting today, Ranka.

Being a young wolf meant that not only she had the reflexes to surprise him even when he expects to find her, but that she always aimed for his face when she pounced for him to greet him.

Jin remembered this fact with dismay as she rammed right into him, toppling them both down onto the ground.

The professor noticed but did not interrupt the tour, continuing to talk about the history of the art building they were behind.

"Ahh, the rejoining of two lovebirds is a truly wonderful sight." He thought as he watched Ranka proceed to kiss her "partner" and first packmate, further greeting him with slobbery licks all over his face.

The shock of the event caused Jin to stay frozen for a few seconds, his mind processing what had just happened.

"Wait what? What's going on? Ow, the ground hurts my back! Why am I on the ground? Oh right, I was pushed down. Why is my face wet? Ah yes, Ranka. Ranka!?"

And with that final line of thought, he raised his hands and shoved Ranka off him, sending her flying for a few feet.

Grumbling, he picked himself off and tried to wipe the slobber off his face as Ranka came back for round two.

She went up and hugged him around the waist and started to speak rapidly, nuzzling her face up and down against his chest.

"JIIIIINN! I haven't seen you all summer! How are you? What did you do? Did you see my sister here? She went to this same school you know; this was where she found her pack when she came into college a few years ahead of everyone and -"

"Enough! Get off me, you dumb dog!" Jin yelled as he struggled to push Ranka away.

"But Jin!" She whined, still holding on tightly to her prey. "I didn't see you all summer and I missed being with my partner and packmate and husband to be!"

The crowd murmured in amusement as they saw Jin still struggle to push Ranka off.

"Wait, they're getting married?"

"So young and so soon, I think I'm going to cry."

"Lucky human bastard, you know what they say about the female wolves?"

"No, I don't."

"Neither do I, but good for him. They look adorable"

"You've got it all wrong, we're not getting married!" He yelled out to the crowd.

"It's okay to get nervous before you get married, everything will all work out young man," The professor said to the pair as he broke the tour to go up and talk to them.

"If you want my advice from my experience on countless eons of marriage, just know that my door is open for any student, of any species at all reasonable hours. Now," He straightened up and looked at the crowd of the students. "I think we should give them some privacy, why don't we go get some lunch! The cafeteria here serves some divine dishes that should refill our stomachs and minds."

All Jin could do we stand there in embarrassment as the crowd departed and headed for their food.

He sighed, knowing that no matter how he would tell them, that these animals would simply assume that he was a nervous fiancée having a public breakdown after seeing his loved one again.

He looked down and saw that Ranka was still had a tight lock on his chest, not speaking but still happy, as he saw from her tail wagging furiously.

"Wow, she has changed a bit," he observed as he continued to stare down at Ranka.

She had grown up quite a bit physically, finally hitting a growth spurt after training with her older sister.

Being a runt of the family had not stopped her from being a confidant boss, but it had limits how effectively she could fight against others and made herself conscious of how small she was compared to her friends.

So, with her older sister that had the opposite problem, being an absolute unit of a girl that towered over all except the professors, they trained at the Arctic Circle Exercise Resort until Ranka finally grew.

She was now was at the point where standing up normally, she could look directly at Jin's chest.

He imagined that if he wanted to, he could use the top of her head as a rest for his chin as he hugged her tightly. "That would be a nice feeling. Wait a minute, what am I saying?"

Gathering his strength, Jin roughly pushed her away and managed to shove her face away from his chest.

"You dumb mutt, what were you thinking, telling everyone that we are getting married when I never said any such thing?" he growled at her, holding her by the face and barely away from his body, preventing her from latching back onto him.

"MPHMPMHMPHM!" She tried to say something, but on account of Jin's hand in her face, she could only mumble what she wanted to say.

He quickly shuffled his hands and placed both of them into her shoulders, still struggling to keep her from licking his face.

"But we are!" Ranka whined. "That was settled when I made you the male of my pack!"

She still struggled to get closer to him, before finally giving up and just stood there limply, looking down at the ground. "I thought that was why you said yes," she said softly.

"I only said yes to be part of your pack because you looked like you needed friends," Jin explained as he slowly released her from his grasp.

"Wait, so we're friends?!" She looked up excitedly as her tail started to wag again.

Sighing, Jin held up his hand to his forehead and exasperatedly said "Yes! But only as close as I can consider an animal to be a friend."

Ranka smiled innocently as she took a step to get closer to him. "And since you are a boy....."

"Don't try to pull that cliched trick on me, there is a clear difference between what we are and what you want us to be," Jin said stone-faced as he took a step back. "Besides, I will never date an animal."

Any happiness that was present in Ranka's eyes vanished as soon as he said those words.

For years, she had always assumed that he was playing hard to get, making her work hard to attract his attention.

She didn't mind, as it reminded her of a hunt, but instead of a rabbit, her prey was Jin's heart.

She had always known that Jin didn't really like her kind that much but hoped that with enough persistence, he would soon see her as a potential mate.

But at that moment, all her hopes vanished in a single sentence.

"You......would never?" Ranka asked softly, looking up at Jin, her eyes starting to water slightly.