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why don't we go there?

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Sunday, July 27th


Hey, update: Barbecue here at 6pm. Bring Niall with you!

I’m sorry but... Who is this? I think you messaged the wrong person, I don’t know anyone named Niall.



Hi. But I did message the wrong person. You know, new phone, too early in the morning. Bye.

It’s alright. :)
Hope you have a nice day!

You are way too friendly for a stranger.

I’m always friendly, you got lucky.
Also, I’m really bored! You’re kind of entertaining me.
So... the weather?

Hey, I’ve got to go. Sorry about the misunderstanding. x

Again: have a nice day, Stranger!


Sunday, August 3rd.



Well hello, Stranger.

How do you know I’m the same stranger of last week?
Did you save my number?
Oh my God and I thought I was the one being creepy for texting you again

I’m just a good guesser. I really didn’t save your number.
Should I?

Should you what?

Save your number.
You know, to keep our weekly dates going.

We are NOT having weekly dates. I was just bored and I thought
Don’t save my number. You don’t even know me!

Hey, it’s alright. I’m just being nice, you know. When you are nice with people, they are nice with you in return.

Okay, Mr. Friendly. Thank you for the lesson.

How do you know I’m Mr.? I could be Mrs.

I’m just a good guesser. ;)

Ha! Getting sassy. Nice.
Do you have a name?

Why the hell would I tell you my name, stalker?

Uh. First: you texted me today. Unless you got it wrong again, exactly a week later, I believe you WANTED to reach me.

Ok, Mr. Friendly Guesser. Every Sunday morning I get bored because of reasons that are actually details, and I’m not gonna share with you. I was deleting a few messages, and found our conversation. I thought it would be nice to have someone to chat, since all of my friends are lazy fuckers that sleep in ‘til the fucking afternoon. Satisfied? I had my motives.

Wow. That’s the most you ever typed. And it’s okay, I can be your friend of Sunday mornings. I’m equally as bored as you, for details I’m not gonna share with you either, Stranger.



That’s my name. Just so you stop calling me stranger.

Alright, Louis. It is very nice to meet ya. However, I’ve got to go now: duties are calling me.

Wait, I don’t get a name?

I can’t believe this shit.

Really can’t fucking believe it.