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Falling in love at work

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Yang Xiuxian had to find one job because he needed money and he found one in one bar where the owner was Luo Fusheng, he was well recognized because the bar was huge.
Yang Xiuxian doesn't understand why Luo Fusheng looks at him the whole night.

So when he finishes Yang Xiuxian ask him "Why were you looking at me the whole night"

Luo Fusheng tell him "If I take you do somewhere I will tell you why I was looking at you the whole night"

They leave together where Yang Xiuxian lead him in his house where Luo Fusheng kiss him and say "I want you, I want you since the day you have asked the job for the bar", he grab his ass and continue to say "It's one good ass that I want to touch while you are sitting on me"

They have one wonderful night where the sex is incredible, almost every day that he works he still does it with Luo Fusheng.
They were like hookups except maybe they were sex friends.

Yang Xiuxian was sure that Luo Fusheng have no feeling him, except he is always near Yang Xiuxian at the bar when he saw someone trying to flirt with him. "You shouldn't giving them some free drinks, only me can have it," He said with one wink

Yang Xuixian is a little uncomfortable when cops are here for watch the bar and Luo Fusheng is telling him "Don't worry, my place is okay, the bar have changed when I have taken it from my uncle, I have promised them it's will be one legal bar"

And Yang Xiuxian "What the fuck ?"

Luo Fusheng kiss his cheek and tell "I will maybe explain to you one night"

Yang Xiuxian was so uncomfortable because he was used to be one hooligan before and the cops know him and if he was doing something bad he was dead for future jobs.
He have been reckless before when he was one playboy and one junkie.

When the cops have left he was relieved, Luo Fusheng arrive and tell him "you are a little pale, you should drink a little and then after calling it for tonight"

Yang Xiuxian drink a little even more than usual and he is tipsy when he leaves, Luo Fusheng catch him and lead him to his house where Yang Xiuxian said "I don't want to go to the police again, I'm clean, I don't have anything with me"

The next day Yang Xiuxian is surprised that he is almost naked and that Luo Fusheng is near him "Did something happen last night?"

"You were uncomfortable so you have a drink and I have take you home where you kinda talked tipsy about you"
"What did I say?"

"You were talking about your past I think"


Luo Fusheng take his hand and say "I believe in you, you will not go to the police and I promise you my bar is clean, no mafia is here anymore since I take down my dad"

Yang Xiuxian was still surprised and say "WTF?"

Luo Fusheng say "My uncle/dad was the owner of the bar and also one mafia leader and we had multiples issue and I fought against him and trying to change the opinion of this bar about everything"

Then Luo Fusheng kiss his forehead and his hand "If you don't want to see me anymore or talk to me I will understand but if you still want it, I will wait for you tonight at the bar" and he just leave Yang Xiuxian

Yang Xiuxian wanted to say "Stay" but he couldn't he was just stuck.

Yang Xiuxian didn't know what to do since he liked Luo Fusheng, he have given him one job, he trusted him and he was one good fuck buddy even if he wished he would be his lover.
So he began to paint, and all he could paint was Luo Fusheng he had one huge breakdown before and couldn't paint anything and just right now he have do one portrait perfect of Luo Fusheng.
He released that he loved him.

So he décide to bring the picture to Luo Fusheng, He was smiling when he saw him arriving at the bar "Can I just talk to you tonight"

"Yes we go at my office and at my home"

The home of Luo Fusheng was just in front of the bar MGM, it's was one beautiful mansion.

"I wanted to gift you something" say Yang Xiuxian

Luo Fusheng saw the pictures and he is surprised but smiles and say "It's wonderful it's perfect it looks real"

Yang Xiuxian "Before working for you I couldn't paint something, but it's changed after our last talk"

"Yang Xuixian.."

"What is the relationship between us? When we fuck and talk like friends? Is there anything between us or nothing at all, I can take everything you will tell me"

If there nothing between us, I will leave and you will not see me"

Luo Fusheng was kissing him and say "You are one idiot because this morning when I was leaving it's because I was telling you my feelings"

"Do you think I would have to do this for 6 months and that nothing would have happened between us, you are a little idiot"

Yang Xuixian kiss him and say "6 months"
"Since the day I have meet you, I wanted you, I told you, you are not just one sex buddy or one bedpost"

They made love were after this they become lovers and they work together, until Yang Xiuxian have enough money to be one full painter and Luo Fusheng take care of him and support him, and they travel a lot just so he could paint new landscape.