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"Don't do anything you don't want to do," Luo Fusheng said. "Not for me." He squeezed Luo Fei's fingers. "I mean it."

Luo Fei's eyes—beautiful eyes—widened slightly before skepticism encroached. "But clearly you have needs which are not being met."

"I'm a guy. I let off steam sometimes," Luo Fusheng drawled. Stretched out on his side and propped up on his elbow, he tried to project lazy nonchalance as he looked down at Luo Fei. "Don't you?"

Luo Fei didn’t move, lying stock-still next to Luo Fusheng. He blinked at the ceiling, the light of the single bedside lamp glinting off his lashes. "That's different."

"How is it different? Because I've never stumbled across you doing it? Of course, you’re the great detective who is much too smart to be caught."

The way Luo Fei’s eyes skittered away didn’t look like guilt, and Luo Fusheng immediately drew a very different conclusion.

Luo Fusheng couldn’t help his voice dropping to a careful whisper when he asked, “You’ve never done it before?”

Luo Fei clicked his tongue at him and looked annoyed. “Of course. It just—”

What? Luo Fusheng barely managed to bite back the question. Pushing Luo Fei was never a good idea. He reined in his curiosity and distracted himself—and probably Luo Fei—by trailing a finger up and down Luo Fei’s side. The muscles in Luo Fei’s side twitched.

Finally, Luo Fei went on, "I haven't had much luck— any luck—”

Luo Fusheng blinked. He hadn’t expected that, and this time he couldn’t hold back. “It doesn’t work?”

Luo Fei’s gaze went unfocused, and he frowned and licked his lips, like he was trying to figure something out and failing. “I haven’t tried in a long time… maybe…” Luo Fei mumbled at the ceiling.

Luo Fusheng’s heart went out to Luo Fei. He knew he had guessed right, Luo Fei really thought there was something wrong with him. And still he’d come here tonight and got into bed with Luo Fusheng. Sometimes Luo Fei was just too ridiculous, and fondness tugged at Luo Fusheng’s heartstrings.

He absolutely didn’t want Luo Fei to feel like he owed Luo Fusheng anything. He took a leap. “Want me to do it for you?”

Luo Fei’s cock twitched at that, and Luo Fei blinked, his eyes widening.

So that part ‘worked,’ Luo Fei’s body was definitely interested. Luo Fusheng patiently waited for his answer.

It came with a sigh. “How should that be possible?”

Right, the detective is best at everything. “Oh, you’re smarter than that.” He shot Luo Fei an especially withering look. “Because it’s different when someone else does it, of course. Someone who likes you.”

He didn’t let Luo Fei’s skeptical grimace discourage him. He was used to that from Luo Fei, so he asked again, making his voice as seductive as possible: “You want me to touch you the way I touch myself?”

Luo Fei’s inhale was audible, and Luo Fusheng belatedly realized that he wasn’t looking at Luo Fei’s face but at his cock. He wanted to say it was excusable—it was a very beautiful cock, after all. And it was starting to fill out.

He finally looked back up at Luo Fei’s face, raising an eyebrow at him, until Luo Fei frowned and said, “Very well.” If you insist. As if it was a concession, an invitation for failure.

Luo Fusheng had to grin in response. Didn’t Luo Fei know better than to challenge him? He lay down next to Luo Fei and slowly let his hand drift over towards Luo Fei’s cock.

But then a thought occurred to him, and he was pretty sure he knew what Luo Fei’s problem was… he loved surprises, and he got easily bored.

So Luo Fusheng would make sure to be unpredictable, then.

He veered off before touching Luo Fei’s cock and dragged his fingers down Luo Fei’s thigh instead. Then back up across his flat stomach, intentionally tickling the trail of hair going up to his navel in teasing circles.

Luo Fei was lying still, tension obvious in his slender frame.

“Relax,” Luo Fusheng murmured, watching him for signs of discomfort.

Luo Fei just blinked, but his expression was one of banked curiosity, not resistance, so Luo Fusheng carefully kept going. When he grazed Luo Fei’s inner thigh, Luo Fei’s cock twitched again with obvious interest.

Luo Fusheng couldn’t resist and whispered: “Surprised?”

Luo Fei huffed, and Luo Fusheng expected him to deny it, but then he pressed out, “Yes.”

“Good.” Luo Fusheng grinned and did it again. He was definitely on the right track.

Luo Fei’s cock was on its way to fully hard now, curving up against his belly, the head starting to peek out from under the foreskin.

Luo Fusheng felt his mouth water, and he had to lick his lips and swallow.

How had they gotten here?

Until ten minutes ago, he’d never seriously considered anything more between Luo Fei and himself. He might have dreamed of it, yes, but Luo Fei had never shown much interest. They’d spent months sleeping in the same bed, but whenever they started kissing, after a minute Luo Fei would invariably start talking about a case, or yawn and fall asleep.

Luo Fusheng had gotten used to it, and he thought that was how Luo Fei wanted it. He’d never seen Luo Fei naked in all the time they’d been living together, and now here they were, Luo Fei’s beautiful body spread out in front of Luo Fusheng, and Luo Fusheng found himself wanting to lick his cock.

He barely managed to resist the impulse.

He leaned forward and licked Luo Fei’s earlobe instead.

He was rewarded with a shivery exhale.

It was difficult to hold back, all he wanted was to surge forward and rub himself against Luo Fei, stick his tongue in his ear or his mouth or wherever Luo Fei let him, but— but this was not about him. This was about Luo Fei.

Luo Fusheng needed to stay focused, so he could keep surprising Luo Fei.

He played with Luo Fei’s coarse hairs, not intending to touch his cock just yet, but his eyes were already riveted. He managed to circle it a few times without touching it, but it beckoned him, and soon he had to give in.

He let his finger glide up from root to tip, focusing on different spots, enjoying the pulsing and throbbing he caused. Luo Fei’s breaths hitched with every touch, and it was such a hot sound that Luo Fusheng had to bite his lips trying to stay in control. When at last he wrapped his fingers around the shaft, he sighed in pleasure at its firm strength, long and lean and warm in his hand. Luo Fei’s hips tensed and pushed into Luo Fusheng’s grip.

He watched, fascinated by the play of muscles in Luo Fei’s thighs as he rocked into Luo Fusheng’s hand. He wanted nothing more than to stroke Luo Fei to completion, but he’d already spent too long on the same thing, and he reminded himself that he needed to be less predictable.

“Do you like it so far?” He whispered into Luo Fei’s ear.

Luo Fei nodded and licked his lips, his eyes skipping between Luo Fusheng’s face and hand and the ceiling, as aimless as the flight of a butterfly.

Luo Fusheng let go of Luo Fei’s cock on the downstroke, grazing his fingernails across Luo Fei’s balls. Luo Fei let out the breath he’d been holding, and Luo Fusheng couldn’t suppress a smile. This was going well. He circled Luo Fei’s balls, cool to the touch and moving under his fingers. He lightly pressed into the root of Luo Fei’s cock on the way up, cataloguing Luo Fei’s reaction: he had closed his eyes and his jaw was going slack.

Oh yes, this was going really well. And he looked so beautiful letting himself fall into the pleasure of Luo Fusheng’s touch.

Luo Fusheng felt his own hips moving, trying to get some friction against Luo Fei’s thigh. He twitched back immediately, trying to will his own arousal to subside, just enough so he could keep his concentration on Luo Fei.

He exhaled slowly through his lips, but the stream of cool air against his ear made Luo Fei gasp, and Luo Fusheng’s cock twitched in response. All he could do to stop himself from rutting against Luo Fei in earnest was grip Luo Fei’s cock again.

He’d had other plans, more surprises for Luo Fei, but he needed to hold on to something, something strong and solid.

He tightly wrapped his fingers around Luo Fei’s straining cock and started stroking again.

That helped, a little.

Luo Fei’s hips rolled up and a sigh escaped his lips. Luo Fusheng only just managed to keep his own hips still, but heat was starting to spread under his skin, just from watching his own hand move along Luo Fei’s hard length, vicariously feeling through Luo Fei, who was sighing softly with every stroke.

Luo Fusheng sped up, mesmerized by how graceful Luo Fei looked: the rhythmic contractions of his belly and his rolling hips. The slide of his supple cock, flushed pink, through his fingers, contrasting against his own much less graceful hand. The glide of the foreskin across the head.

Luo Fusheng licked his lips. The sight was so beautiful, it took him a minute to notice that Luo Fei’s cock was going soft.

The realization hit him like a bucket of cold water, his whole body flashing with dread. His own arousal left him, leaving behind a painful tingle.

He’d let Luo Fei down! He’d been so sure he could do it, despite Luo Fei’s doubts, and then he’d gotten lost in his own desires instead of focusing on Luo Fei.

Stupid, stupid, stupid Luo Fusheng!

He took a deep breath, shaky with adrenaline. If he got angry now, it would make an even worse impression on Luo Fei, and he couldn’t risk that. Luo Fei was precious. Just… easily distracted.

Luo Fusheng loosened his grip around Luo Fei’s cock, and a few beats after that, the rolling movement of Luo Fei’s hips subsided. There was no other reaction from Luo Fei, he was just lying there, no longer sighing in pleasure, just breathing, still and calm.

Luo Fusheng pushed himself up to his elbow and took a closer look at Luo Fei’s face: his lips were pursed, and his eyebrows were twitching above his closed eyes.

Luo Fusheng knew that expression: it wasn’t desire or bliss, it was Luo Fei’s detective face. He bet Luo Fei was thinking about a case right now.

Easily distracted indeed. Luo Fusheng chuckled and shook his head.

The clenching pain around his heart faded a little, and he forced himself to calm down until its beat returned to a more normal rhythm. Luckily, Luo Fei didn’t even seem to have noticed anything yet. Luo Fusheng was carefully keeping his breathing as slow and even as possible.

Luo Fusheng gently peeled his fingers away from Luo Fei’s cock—no reaction—and took stock of his options: he’d already exhausted some of his surprises, and all the other things he could think of weren’t things he could do to himself, as he’d promised to do.

Although… had it really been a promise? He felt it had been more of a suggestion. He supposed a little creative reinterpretation was in order, to snap Luo Fei out of his head.

He let his eyes roam over Luo Fei. So beautiful, and so much naked skin. He leaned over and flicked his tongue across Luo Fei’s nipple.

Luo Fei yelped, and his whole body jolted, almost lifting off the bed.

Luo Fusheng instinctively jumped backwards. “Woah!” he half-shouted, half-laughed, barely keeping his balance on his elbow.

That definitely counted as surprised!

He leered at Luo Fei. “Are you back with me now?”

“What?” Luo Fei blinked at him, huffing out two breaths without taking one in between.

“Want me to do that again?” Luo Fusheng cocked an eyebrow.

Luo Fei was still just blinking at him, sucking in air, as if he hadn’t even understood the question.

Luo Fusheng took that as a yes and did it again.

This time, Luo Fei stayed on the bed, but he let out a thready moan. He watched Luo Fusheng with wide, dark eyes, and Luo Fusheng looked down pointedly at Luo Fei’s cock. Which was twitching, and hardening again.

Luo Fusheng bit his lip. He hadn’t lost yet. He just had to stay focused and he could turn this around.

What next?

“Are you asking me?” Luo Fei answered, and Luo Fusheng realized that he must have been thinking out loud. Or maybe he was just that easy to read for Luo Fei.

“Yeah, I’m asking you.” He wasn’t a great talker, but he couldn’t well stop now, so he forced himself to voice his thought process. “Because I have a lot of ideas about how to touch you, and I can’t decide which you’re going to like best.”

Luo Fei was listening, his eyes glued to Luo Fusheng’s lips.

Luo Fusheng swallowed, trying to keep focused. “Nipples? Are nipples good?”

Luo Fei nodded and whispered, “Yes, please.”

Heat ran down Luo Fusheng’s spine at the desire in Luo Fei’s voice. This talking thing might not be as bad as he’d thought. He slowly moved his hand upwards, trailing a finger up from Luo Fei’s waist.

He casually said, “I like touching my nipples.”

Luo Fei’s eyes widened even more, his stomach trembling under Luo Fusheng’s finger, and his mouth opened into a silent “oh.”

He really seemed to like that!

Luo Fusheng fumbled for words, anything to keep that look of wonder on Luo Fei’s face. “When I was in the bath, I imagined you were sitting behind me and it was your hands touching my nipples.”

Luo Fei’s lashes fluttered, even before Luo Fusheng’s finger was anywhere near his nipple. When he finally got there, Luo Fei tensed all over, gasping at the touch.

Luo Fusheng’s brain shorted out, he wasn’t sure what he was saying anymore, but he kept his mouth running with “yeah, like that,” and “Luo Fei-ah,” while his hand moved back and forth between Luo Fei’s nipples, teasing the most wonderful moans out of him.

Luo Fusheng’s own reawakening erection gave a sharp twinge, almost painful, and he remembered the cold shock from before.

It brought a little clarity - he couldn't make the same mistake again!

Taking a shaky breath, he tried to collect his thoughts. Words, words, actual words that would engage Luo Fei… his eyes wandered down to Luo Fei’s now fully hard cock.

Words… it was so hard to think in the face of all that beauty.

Luo Fusheng licked his lips.

“I want to lick you,” was what came out of his mouth.

Luo Fei’s eyes snapped open, and in a single move narrowed again as he turned to focus on Luo Fusheng. “But… you said...” There was confusion and a hint of reproach in his voice.

Luo Fusheng backtracked, forcing a smile onto his face. “Ah, yes. I remember. I said I’d touch you. Like I touch myself.”

He felt the adrenaline coursing through him, and it was actually helping. Now that he was shit-talking instead of trying to find something sexy to say, he immediately felt like he was on more familiar territory, and the words just came pouring out all on their own.

“Don’t worry, I will touch you. You still want that?”

Luo Fei nodded, the frown easing a little, but he was still waiting for Luo Fusheng to make good on his word.

“Good, then that’s what I’m going to do. But nobody said I couldn’t talk about licking you while I do it.” He waggled his eyebrows.

Luo Fei’s breath hitched, and his eyes started drifting out of focus.

Luo Fusheng couldn’t help smiling. “Because… I definitely want to do that right now.”

He emphasized his words by letting his hand slowly trail down Luo Fei’s chest. He’d stopped playing with his nipples, distracted by all the talking, but Luo Fei’s attention was on him now, and that was what counted. Luo Fei squirmed when he drew his fingers through the soft hairs leading down from his navel.

“I’m getting closer…” He lifted his hand away from Luo Fei’s skin, just ghosting over the hairs at the base of his cock. “Can you feel my breath on your skin?”

Luo Fei actually bent to look, seemingly fascinated, but he nodded distractedly and whispered, “Yes, I think?”

After a few teasing circles, Luo Fusheng pulled his hand away, deliberately slowly. He brought it up to his mouth and licked his palm.

Luo Fei’s breath stuttered again, but he was watching Luo Fusheng’s every move, and he unconsciously licked his lips, too.

Luo Fusheng pressed his slick palm down on the base of Luo Fei’s cock. “Can you feel my tongue?”

Luo Fei’s hips moved up, pressing into Luo Fusheng’s palm, and Luo Fei’s eyebrows scrunched down adorably. “I… don’t know?”

Luo Fusheng held his palm flat and let it slide up the shaft. “Now?”

Luo Fei whined when he reached the head, and Luo Fusheng cupped his hand around it, slicking the soft skin.

“Do you feel it?”

Luo Fei’s eyes were screwed shut now. He nodded vigorously and his voice was only a whisper, “Yes. Yes.”

“I want to kiss you right there...” Luo Fusheng was saying, while he let his thumb glide along the ridge under the head.

“Yes.” Luo Fei’s voice got louder and stronger with every word.

Luo Fusheng had suspected that talking was going to work, but he was still surprised that his words could have such an effect. What he really hadn’t expected was how much Luo Fei’s voice was affecting him in turn. He could hear how Luo Fei was starting to lose control, his voice getting rougher with every word, and it sent shivers through all of Luo Fusheng’s limbs.

Luo Fusheng flopped off his elbow, down onto the mattress. His face was right next to Luo Fei’s ear now, and he made an effort to keep talking. “You’re so hot…”

Luo Fei moaned, his cock jumping against Luo Fusheng’s palm, and Luo Fusheng groaned, “...and I want to take you in my mouth.”

With that thought, he wrapped his fingers around Luo Fei’s cock tightly, and somehow he didn’t have to think about the words anymore, they were forming on their own. He was talking and sliding his grip up and down Luo Fei’s cock at the same time, words tumbling from his mouth, about how good Luo Fei would taste, and how much he loved it, and how much he wanted Luo Fei to come inside him.

He was somehow listening to himself talk, he heard the words, but it didn’t feel like he was in control of what he was saying.

Luo Fei answered every thought, louder and faster each time, and so out of breath he was starting to swallow half his words, but the important thing was that Luo Fei stayed with him. It kept Luo Fusheng going, putting into words all the ways he wanted to make Luo Fei feel good.

He was so focused on not interrupting himself, it took him completely by surprise when Luo Fei tensed, his cock pulsing in Luo Fusheng’s grip. Luo Fusheng tightened his fingers and Luo Fei came with a shout.

Luo Fusheng couldn’t help groaning along with him, his words turning to praise. “Oh god Ah-Fei, you’re so good. You’re amazing. We did it.”

“We did?” Luo Fei’s voice was no more than a rough whisper, his chest heaving with his efforts to catch his breath.

“Yeah, we did it.” Luo Fusheng grinned, exhilarated. “I told you we would. I have no idea how, but we did it.”

It was true, he had no idea what exactly he’d said or done to take Luo Fei over the edge. It was really hard to think. Now their breathing was slowing down a bit, Luo Fusheng realized why: he was still hard, so hard it made him dizzy. But he’d done it! His own arousal was still there, and he hadn’t let it distract him!

And Luo Fei was staring at him, his eyes large and unblinking, as if something inconceivable had happened. Like Luo Fusheng was a miracle, a conundrum, a mystery to unravel.

Luo Fusheng preened under his gaze, his body flushing warm all over.

Luo Fei turned towards him and pressed his lips against Luo Fusheng’s. The rest of his body followed, his hands reaching for Luo Fusheng’s waist, their legs slotting together.

Luo Fusheng’s insides were starting to buzz, and he absently wondered what was happening. He’d never felt this way before.

He realized Luo Fei was talking, saying his name, and asking him something. His ears were buzzing, too, and he couldn’t really understand what Luo Fei wanted from him, until a few of the words snagged in his brain after all.

“What do you want?”

Luo Fusheng struggled to answer, but he wasn’t brilliant like Luo Fei, and answering anything coherently was beyond him right now. Arousal was threatening to leak out of his pores, and he wanted— he wanted— he just wanted to come, and he didn’t care how.

But the last thing he wanted was to bother Luo Fei with it, so he just gripped his own cock. A little friction was all he needed.

Surprisingly, Luo Fei moaned when Luo Fusheng started thrusting into his hand and pulled him close, their noses brushing, their breaths mingling hot between them.

The buzzing under Luo Fusheng’s skin rose to a low hum. He could feel it mount inexorably, slowly filling his whole body.

Luo Fusheng felt like he was watching himself from the outside, moving against Luo Fei, Luo Fei’s hands gripping his hips, sibilant sounds reverberating in his ears, while the warmth under his skin turned to heat, pressing against him from the inside, growing like a slow-motion explosion, pressure rising until something gave—

and he snapped back into his own body, all sensation suddenly immediate and overwhelming, heat pushing up and out of his cock in a rolling wave, tearing a scream out of him as all his nerve-endings overloaded.

When he could open his eyes again, he was lying flat on his back, and his ears were still buzzing. He blinked up at Luo Fei, who was leaning over him and brushing his sweaty bangs out of his face.

Luo Fei looked slightly concerned as he asked him, “Are you all right?”

Luo Fusheng grinned up at him helplessly. “Oh yeah. I’m fine. Better than fine. I knew you were amazing, but I had no idea how amazing.”

“What? But I…” Luo Fei blinked at him, “I didn’t do anything.”

“But you liked it.” Luo Fusheng let his eyes slip closed again.

He didn’t realize he had been waiting for an answer to that statement until Luo Fei replied, “Hm…” and Luo Fusheng had to crack an eye open to check his expression.

He needed to see whether Luo Fei was denying it or just getting distracted again already.

Luo Fei was looking through him, but biting his lip and smiling. Good. Analyzing how much he liked it, then. Luo Fusheng could live with that. As long as he didn’t have to follow Luo Fei on one of his mental excursions right this minute. He was still way too blissed out for any of that.

“How did you do it?”

Well, so much for drifting on the afterglow of the best orgasm of his life. Luo Fusheng sighed and gave Luo Fei the widest smirk he was currently capable of. “Don’t you remember?”

Luo Fei blushed adorably. “You— um, you told me things. Indecent things.” He frowned. “How could I not know that it feels this good?”

Luo Fusheng couldn’t help laughing this time. “There are still a few things I can teach you, then.”

Luo Fei made a dismissive noise, but he couldn’t quite hide the fond and curious look that was spreading back across his face.

Like every time when that look was directed at Luo Fusheng, his heart swelled. He let the feeling flow through him, his limbs still languid and warm.

“Come here,” he said, and lifted a heavy arm in invitation.

Surprisingly, Luo Fei did so without arguing, sighing softly as he folded his long limbs and snuggled against Luo Fusheng’s side. He even managed to stay quiet for a bit after that—and Luo Fusheng enjoyed every second of it—before he lifted his head and pinned Luo Fusheng with an inquisitive gaze. “Can you really teach me?”

Luo Fusheng’s heart gave a jolt. The idea of Luo Fei trying to solve the ‘mystery of sex,’ preferably right now, and together with Luo Fusheng— he didn’t know if it was ridiculous or a dream come true. Unable to come up with a coherent reply, he gave Luo Fei one of his trademark smirks.

Luo Fei’s eyebrows drew down, making him look endearingly confused. “I still don’t understand what you did…”

Luo Fusheng knew his smirk had by now dissolved into a fond smile, but he couldn’t help it. Soft, post-orgasmic Luo Fei was too cute. “Don’t worry.” He patted Luo Fei’s arm. “We can do it again sometime, and you can figure it out.”

“Sometime?” Luo Fei asked impatiently, his voice almost a whine.

Luo Fusheng chuckled. He should have known this was how it was going to be. He was always following a step behind Luo Fei when it came to solving cases, of course it would be exactly like this in bed, too.

But this time, he had a few aces up his sleeve. His mind was already coming up with new ways to surprise Luo Fei. He wondered how long his head start would last him before Luo Fei would catch up and things would get completely unpredictable.

He was looking forward to finding out.