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[...Reunion, Friday...]

"What the actual fuck are you doing right now?" Bakugou had gone from 0 to 100 the instant he noticed his missing phone was in the hands of none other than his old classmate Kaminari. It had been a few years since they had all graduated together from U.A. and this class reunion was already getting on his very last nerve, as was evident by the overbearing odor that reeked of anger coming from the blondes glands.

"Hey, man relax! I was just playing around. No need to blow a fuse. Here." Kaminari beamed and held out the phone to Bakugou who snatched it immediately, inspecting it. "What did you do to it, you freak?" He seemed to have calmed a bit, noticing none of his apps had been opened as far as he could tell.

"Oh, Bakugou you're always so angry! Don't you think it's time you found an Omega to help chill you out?" The pinkette Alpha, Ashido whined teasingly as she leaned an elbow on the shoulder of the yellow haired Alpha male, Kaminari, who was still grinning ear to ear.

Before the Alpha could get enraged once again, a familiar voice rang out from behind him, drawing his attention momentarily away from the aggressor. "Ah, leave him alone, Mina! You know Bakubro isn't good with the ladies. It's probably the least manly thing about him..." Kirishima, Alpha, had arrived at the reunion and was greeted by the others. Bakugou and Kirishima were still close, thanks to the one-sided efforts of The Red Riot, and he obviously did not feel the need to greet him with as much enthusiasm. A short "tsk." was all he would get.

"Hey, Kiri! BRO! MAN! I've been trying to tell Bakuslow over here all about this call center I found online. They've got a building close by here too, I checked it out, it is legit!" Kaminari jumped straight into the same spiel he had started in with Bakugou not but thirty minutes prior, only this time missing some relevant details to the story. 

"Would you idiots stop changing my name!? It's--" He started to protest but was cut short.

"Woah, woah, slow down, Denki. A call center? For what? And what's it have to do with Bakugou?" Kirishima was always interested in random fads. Not one to follow them himself, but just to stay connected and in the know. 

"Oh, right, well it's a call--"

"It's a call center for Alpha's to call and talk to Omega's!" Ashido interjected, much to the dismay of Kaminari. "They send you a whole scent kit too! It's super high-end and started growing in popularity once it was reported that a few Alpha's actually ended up finding their mates through the center! Isn't that so romantic!?" she was all but jumping for joy as she explained it.

Danki, wanting to get his say in the matter as well, expounded on the kit they send to callers. "Yeah, so you fill out this form, right? It's super detailed and asks you all these questions on your likes and dislikes and everything in between. Then they send you a few test boxes, each one has a different scent from an Omega working at the center and you pick the one that you like the best. Then they--"

"Oh, are you still talking about that A&O Call center?" Sero, Beta, came back from the bar, with everyone's refill on a small tray. "Awe, man! Hey Kirishima! I'm sorry, I didn't know you had gotten here I just got the ol' gang their refills, I would of got you something."

"That's okay man! How are you!?" He reached out and took Sero in a iron-clad grip of a hug. The group was all but distracted and joyous until the distressed smell of Kaminari filled their nostrils. 

"Ugh. How did you, of all people, get to be an alpha?" Bakugo huffed as he inhaled the repulsive stench. Ashido took to rubbing the electric users back in small vaguely comforting circles. 

"Crap, sorry. PLEASE, continue. So, they send you a... scent? Box. And then you pick one, and then what?" Kirishima focused all his attention back to the male.

"SIGH. Look, then they connect you with the Omega you chose, and you talk to them!"

"...You- That's it? You talk to them?" The hardening quirk must also apply to his brain, Bakugou thought. "No, you idiot. He's talking about sex calls. He pays to have some whining Omega drool over him, over the phone. It's a joke."

"NO! THAT"S NOT IT AT ALL! I mean, that's like, one part of it, only if you take it that direction, I mean. That's fun... but they are there to talk to you about whatever you want... I mean yeah, you buy a monthly sub... and yeah, you have to pay, like, they do not care about your hero status when it comes to getting freebies... but it's really nice and comforting, honestly. Whatever box you choose you get to keep, and it's like they are there with you when you need them, they even send a new scent box each month you renew so the smell doesn't fade."

"Oh my god. That's ridiculous. Only suckers get roped into that kind of scam. That girl you talk to over the phone probably isn't even the odors they send you, just some random chick. And as for people having found their mates through that is asinine. Who would fall for this crap?" Bakugou was more convinced than ever that this was the biggest pile of shit he'd ever heard from the brain dead loser. 

"Weeeeellllll...." Kirishima, however, was not so easily convinced. He looked over at him with an incredulous look, just waiting for any response that could possibly justify the need for such a call center.

"I mean, hear me out... It might actually be kinda nice for people with PTSD? Or those out there that may have lost a mate? You know? Like, who cares if the person on the other end of the phone isn't who they say they are? Does it matter? If it can help someone cope with something like pain or loss, who am I to say it's a scam?" Kirishima was thoughtful in his response, earning a round of nods from the party present, save for Bakugou, before adding, "Though... Kaminari, yeah, your personal reasons are gross, that's not very manly of you." 

"AUGH! I'm just saying, Bakugou should give it a try, since he's pretty much been a loner since we've known him! And even Midoriya confirmed before that he was not the date-able type in middle school either."


A chorus of groans sounded throughout the old gym of the high school at the renewed stench of stress and anger, particularly when he had made eye contact with the nervous Deku from across the way. He stood with Uraraka and Iida only side glancing over at the shout that had echoed over to him.

"Hey Denki, that's not even true! Bakugou has a girlfriend right now." Kirishima was quick to defend his friend, even if it meant he'd receive his own death glare for putting his friend personal business out into the open. 

The small group gasped at this news. "What!? Since when!?" "Are you mated?" "Is she your soulmate?" "Who can even stand your scent long enough!" the questions all came from one voice or another in unison, much to the annoyance of the explosive blonde.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN!? MY SCENT IS JUST FINE. AND MY RELATIONSHIP IS NOT ANY OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS." He growled in anger before leaving to cool down at the makeshift open bar that was set up near the back of the gym. His friends watched him go before turning to Kirishima for more answers. 

"Uh... well... I maybe shouldn't have said anything..." It was too late, they stared him down with intense demanding eyes that could pierce through him no matter how much he could harden his body. "They've been dating like two years now?... It doesn't seem very serious, at least that the vibe I get from her. But you know Bakubro. He doesn't share a lot of information about that kind of stuff. She's nice I guess. I dunno, maybe a little snooty... Honestly, just my opinion, she doesn't really seem like his type. He might be with her because he doesn't want to be alone. Don't tell him I said that! Denki, you might actually be onto something with that call center thing, but I don't think you'd ever convince him of that."

At this, Kaminari's face lit up with a mischievous grin and he laughed like a classic movie villain. "Oooh, I've already set things in motion my friend. I may have swiped his phone when he got here and filled out the paperwork for him. I may have set him up with a free first month sub. And I may have put myself down as his referral and got a free month for myself as well!"

"... Dude, you're addicted." Sero looked, shaking his head at his friend with insincere concern.

"Yeah, Like, I use that service sometimes too, but I just like to gossip with people who legally cannot rat on me... but you... seem to think these Omega's actually Want you?" Ashido placed a hand on Kaminari's shoulder and gave him a head tilt that just screamed, Bless your heart.

"What!? What do you mean! I've made real connections there! They love me! You said so yourself you can actually find your mate through them!"

"I was just trying to help sell it up, that's like a million in one chance, and I did not mean it applied to you, hun."

"You guys are the worst friends I've ever had."

The rest of the night was spent drinking and dancing, razzing on Kaminari, and catching up with other alumni. Finally, after one too many drinks, Bakugou gave a half-hearted wave to at least his old squad before hailing a cab to take him home. He was never a heavy drinker, and this had not changed with age, but it was put upon in him in the form of a challenge, that there was no way he could out-drink his former classmates. So, of course, he left that night with the small victory under his belt and the knowledge that he had the next day off at least. Plenty of time to nurse the hangover that was sure to come. Upon finally reaching his place, the pent house of a fine apartment complex, he clamored his way to the top floor and into his soft, warm bed. 

As he was drifting off into sleep, he received a notification from his email.

        Dear Valued stocumer,

        We rea rvey excited ot do sinesbus with uoy nda look forward to the,

Too far gone and tired to make heads or tails of the most likely junk email, he spent less than a second trying to adjust his eyes to the wavering letters on the screen before deleting it and tossing his phone aside in favor of some much needed sleep.  

[...The Following Morning, Saturday...]


As predicted, Bakugou awoke to a pounding headache. Scrambling from his bed he made his way to the kitchen for a bottled water, then to the bathroom for his medicine cabinet as well as completing the usual morning routine. Settling back in his bed he grabbed his phone to check his notifications. 

*Read these latest trends!* Junk.

*Your dream caller is just a box away!* Junk. 

1 new message.

Kaiketsu, Josei

Hey, so can you send me some money :( my rent is due and I guess I didn't notice it was coming up so soon! Thx babe!

BTW, my heat is in three weeks. I know you said you wanted to spend time with me on this one, but my friends decided we would take a small retreat to that Omega Spa this time since we'll be syncing up! I knooow I keep changing plans on you, but its a SPA! You understand, don't you boo? Anyway, I promise we can spend time together on my next heat, okay? Kisses! Oh and it'll be about 200$ for my rent. You're the best!

Sent 9 a.m. 

He stared down at his screen, the disappointment evident in the lengthy exhale he used to calm himself.

Bakugou would be described as many things by those that met him. Short-tempered? Yes. Crude? Absolutely. Arrogant and aggressive? In spades. He was also competitive and had a natural talent for most things. But what others didn't see, was that he was caring towards his Omega. He was attentive and thoughtful when he needed to be... If only she gave a damn.

He swapped his phone over to his cash app and looked over the '200$' icon that stared back at him. This was a regular occurrence between him and his girlfriend of two years. They didn't live together. She had a 'weak stomach' to stronger scents. With his quirk causing him to nearly always exude some sort of scent-mixed-sweat and his aggression always flaring from hero work it was 'just better this way'. In all honesty, as odd as it was to others by now, he didn't mind. He realized not long after they had gotten together that he was only in this relationship to not be alone. He hated this fact. Hated that he needed someone else. That the Alpha in him demanded he have an Omega, any Omega. Hated himself for not ending it now that it was only ever a series of disappointments, one after another. He didn't believe in soulmates. He didn't believe in  real love. He told himself he believed that with enough money, he could eventually make something from this nothingness. He reluctantly hit send and watched as the icon flitted away to confirm payment.

Bakugo Katsuki

I sent the money. Did you want to get some lunch?

Seen. 11:13 a.m.

He tossed his phone on the bed, knowing full well she was not going to reply. It wasn't always like this. When they first met, she was sweet and attentive. Stroking the Alpha & Ego in him at every turn, making him believe she wanted more than just the 'hero clout' and money that came with being with him. As time went on his brain finally lost the high it was riding, and realized this was not the case. But he told himself he wasn't a hero just for himself anymore, but for his Omega as well. 

What a load of crap.

He sighed and rolled on his side, feeling himself fade away for today. Normally, on days off, he'd go for a nice long hike. But not today. Today he'd sleep till dinner time nursing his hangover. He wasn't as young as he used to be. Was it always this hard?

[...Streets of Musutafu, Monday...]

Bakugou stretched out his neck and rotated his sore muscles from the long day he'd just completed. Nothing very exciting, just a few petty attempts at thievery, a one-on-one with a weak villain or two, and at least one run in with a couple of alphas harassing a lone Omega. In broad daylight no less. He shook his head at the thought of being that scummy, allowing your worst instincts to take over like that. In this world Omega's are more often times than not, mistreated. Looked down upon for being weaker, more emotionally unstable. As Bakugou saw it, the opposite was true. In all the cases of harassment he'd dealt with, it was always the Alpha that couldn't 'control themselves'. Talk about weak. In a great many of those dealings the Omega was always the strong one. The one that never crumbles under the pressure put on them everyday. ...Don't walk alone, don't wear anything revealing, don't tease an Alpha, don't be a prude, your scent was asking for it, your unmated and fair game, it was your fault, he wouldn't have done anything if you had just... He'd heard every line under the Sun by now. Victim blaming. He'd gone into ruts before. And not once did he believe that it was his right to take an Omega by force, no matter the dynamic. He wished there were still decency in the world, but there isn't. He'd finished up his shift and decided to walk home instead of catching a cab. He wanted nothing more than to clear his mind of the day.

When he reached the lobby of his apartment complex, he headed to the far wall that was lined with individual locker style mailboxes and checked his as he always did. Inside, he found his usual bills, haphazardly crammed in around a large box that took up most of the lockers space. He wasn't expecting any packages as he read to make sure it was not a mix-up to another recipient. 

To Bakugou Katsuki

From A&O Services 

'A&O, A&O, who is that. That sounds so familiar.' he thought to himself, now taking the elevator up. When he reached his apartment he opened the package. Before him he saw three small lavender boxes each held together neatly with red ribbon, and a note card.

Thank you, Bakugo Katsuki,  

For your first months subscription to A&O Call Center! 

Inside one of these boxes lies the scent of your perfect Omega!

We had our experts hand pick these three Omegan scents based on the answers you provided to us on the survey! 

Congratulations to Denki Kaminari, as well, he gets one month free for recommending our services to you! Thank you!

Please examine the three packages you have received carefully, once you have made a selection, please contact our main office by the number below and we will connect you to your chosen Omega.

 If you have any further questions or concerns

Please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

President, Joan Ross

Vice President, Melinda Bearings

Phone: (888)-888-8888

Fax: (888)-888-8889

Email: Alpha&

Bakugou stared down at the letter typed up by the company. The very place Kaminari kept insisting he sign up for. That was what he was doing on his phone the other night. He looked back at the packages that were in front of him now.

"I'm going to kill him."

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[...Apartment, Thursday...]

The week trudged on as usual. Bakugou came home to an empty apartment, made dinner for one, stretched, ran on his treadmill, showered and got ready for bed. Everything was the same as it always was. Save for one minor difference in decor. Three unopened lavender boxes that now sat on his counter, hovering above the trashcan. He'd most likely have thrown them away by now, except they took up entirely too much space in his small tin can. He'd have to wait one more day to be rid of the unsightly things, as services pick up on Friday. 

As he stood in the kitchen, drinking a late-night fruit smoothie, He's an adult he can do what he wants, he glanced over to the boxes. He figured the best he could do in this situation was to not give Kaminari the satisfaction of him even trying his one free month. But as he stood there, alone, with no one to see him, no one to know if he opened them or not, he found that curiosity was in fact finally starting to eat at him. He rolled his eyes and instead made his way to his room for the night. Laying in bed he rolled on his side, then to the other. Long moments passed as he listened to the sound of the fan in the otherwise dead room. Rolling for the last time he stared up at the ceiling, counting the square tiles that lined it.


He kicked off his comforter in a huff and stomped to the kitchen. Promptly taking one box and throwing it across the living room where it landed with a gentle thud. He let out a gruff "Augh!" in frustration. Weak. He thought. It's just a stupid box, with stupid smells.

He examined the other two boxes before taking one and opening it. Inside he found a folded scarf, that was sheer and black in color. The scent that hit him was heavy and sweet. Lily of the Valley. Chocolate. He scrunched his nose at in, quickly placing it back in the box. Too sweet. Was his only thought. The second box was not much better, a small cut off swatch of what looked to have been part of a larger blanket with the scent of... Fresh Cherry. Black Licorice. Bakugou was appalled that anyone would be able to stand that for any real amount of time. Entirely too sweet. 

After two disappointments he would have dreaded smelling the one he tossed earlier, but something inside him thought that maybe, just maybe, the third times the charm. He made his way over into the living room where the box landed, picked it up and made himself comfortable on the couch. He stared at the box, resigning himself to whatever lie ahead. Slowly he pulled at the ribbon that secured the lid, and peered down at the contents. He pulled out a scrunchy. Red in appearance, its smell hit him like a ton of bricks. Cinnamon. And Apricots. He pulled away quickly, his brows knitted for the millionth time in his life. He slowly placed it back in its box and closed the lid.

"This is... a scam." he sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. While it wasn't the worst of the three... it was still awful. If anything, he felt obligated to call them and give them a piece of his mind. Instead, he pour himself a shot. He didn't know why. Maybe it was because even this B.S. service couldn't fool him into believing that there was someone out there for everyone. Even him. It wasn't like he expected the scents to be intoxicating, to blow him away. Hell, he could vaguely make out some imitation scenting the first two had used. But he'd be lying if he said he wasn't, once again, disappointed. He grabbed the bottle, his shot glass, and decided to make a night of it. "Two times in nearly a week, I'm on a roll with this drunken behavior." he said aloud as he pulled open the sliding door to his balcony. He sat on a small bistro table alone with his thoughts. He watched the night life below him and felt the cool breeze in his wild blonde hair. There must have been something particularly special about this night, as it only took four more shots to have him feeling lighter than air, and only two more after that for him to have the notecard and his phone out with him on the balcony. 

Waiting now, leaned back in his seat and legs propped up, a voice on the other end picked up.

"A&O Call Center, how may I direct your call?"

In a moment of clarity he realized what he was doing, stumbling to sit up straight and form a coherent sentence. "Uh, hi, yeah. I-I... you guys sent me some boxes?" he silently slapped himself, what the hell am I doing? 

"Alrighty, so you've a subscription with us? New or returning?"


"Fantastic, well first let me say thank you for your sub, we value our customers highly and look forward to having you with us. Second, may I have the account name you're under?"

Bakugou drew a blank, "Uh, name? I guess, Bakugou Katsuki? My... friend, signed me up for this, I'm not really sure..."

"Okay, that's alright. Let me take a look. ... I don't see anyone under that name, what is your friends name? I can try looking it up that way."

"Kaminari Denki."

After only a moment of the faint pitter-patter of a keyboard over the phone the voice answered back. "Yes, I see you here, I believe he has you under, um, Explosion Murder?"

Bakugou let out a small laugh at the stupid hero name he once tried to use years ago. It was a simple thing, but it was enough to ease his nerves in the moment. "Okay. That's... Okay."

"Okay! Well I have your profile here I just need to add which boxed scent you chose?"

"Oh, uh." He thought for a moment, having not really liked any of them, and decided to go with the third. "Cinnamon and Apricots?" he more asked than told, but the voice seemed unconcerned. 

"Great, let me add that... Alrighty! You're all set. Would you like for me to connect you to your Omega now?"

"Now? Like, right now? Isn't it kind of late?" He pulled the phone away and checked the screen which stated 11:27 p.m.

"Well, usually, yes. But the one you connected with most is actually one of our current night owls."

"Oh. Okay."

"Great! Please wait while I put you on a brief hold." **Click!**

"No wait! I didn't mean!" It was too late as Bakugou was met with classical on-hold music. The breeze that was blowing by was now also carrying around his stress stench. What am I doing. Hang up. Hang up. His Alpha mind disobeying as it hung onto the simple question of, what if?



He took a deep breath with nothing to say, so she spoke again.

"Uh, Hellllllo? I know you're there man, I can hear you practically panting on the other end."

"What the fuck? I am not, panting, okay I was taking a damn breath." In an instant the nerves were replaced with annoyance at the blatant ignorance of the female now on the other end. She laughed and he could feel the new emotion build. Not my Omega. His Alpha mind hissed at him.

"Yeah, okay, sure. Not like I haven't dealt with enough of you creeps to know panting when I hear it."

"WHAT!? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?? How do you even have this job!? WHO the hell calls to talk to someone as rude as YOU!?"

"Jeeze, I'm just messing around with you guy. And for your information, guys like YOU, are the ones that call to talk to me. If you'll recall, you filled out a survey of questions and got connected to me. Remember?" she was calm, too calm for an Omega that just got yelled at by an Alpha, though it may have helped it was only over the phone. 

"I never filled out a damn survey." he tried to calm himself down. She did have a point, maybe. "My phone was stolen and some shit head filled out the form for me."

"Oh? Well, in that case I can pull up your survey questions here on my screen and go over them with you? We can change them now, or I can send you a blank form for you to do it yourself. Either way, I get paid sooo, I don't care."

"Damn you're rude. So I can fill out a new form? And get a better Omega?" he huffed out, eager now to get the corrections made. 

"Better Omega? Better? And you call me rude? Shit. Yeah... Explosion Murder, dumbass account name, you can get a better Omega."

Bakugou gripped his phone so tightly he could almost hear the screen screech under the pressure. Through gritted teeth he spoke, "Alright. Well, whichever way is faster, do it."

"Great! So that would actually be over the phone. I'll start with question one, and go in order, all the way to 38. Just like in kindergarten, okay buddy?" her voice was dripping in sarcasm which did not go unnoticed, but it did go ignored.

"38!? Are you kidding me!? Why the hell are there so many!"

"Sir, it's just an efficient way to do things, sir. I don't make the rules, SIR." she spat, "ANYWAY, QUESTION 1. What is your usual disposition on life? The shit head you mentioned put down, Anger and Explosions. Any revisions?"

"What kind of stupid answer is that?... ugh. No, I don't know, skip it."

"Question 2. What do you like to do for fun? They put, 'Main goal, Blow shit up, and act like I ain't no nobody.' Honestly, I've only known you for two minutes and I think you should keep that one." the woman snickered. 

"Hiking. Next."

"Question 3. What size breast do you prefer? Answer, 'I dunno, he seems like the type to like HUGE Bazongas' then he put T-B-H by that which means, To Be Hones--" She spoke his answer in an almost monotone that would have been funny were it not for the fact that Bakugou was still angry.

"I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS. What kind of fucked up questions are these? Why the hell would that matter? I can't see your damn tits over the phone."

"Yeah, well as a whole, it's really just meant to connect you to a personality type. Looking past the few questions he answered like a dumbass, the majority he has you pegged as an aggressive, competitive, and honest personality type. Does that seem incorrect to you?"

"I- Well, yeah. But I mean this still can't be right. I don't think I would normally have gotten paired with you."

"Why because you like huge bazongas?"

"What! No! What the hell is wrong with you? Look. I'm sure your fine for whoever, some fucked up Alpha with some serious mental issues--"


"-- but that ain't me. Just send me over an email of a new form and I'll send it back to whoever, we can get this whole thing straightened out and we won't have to talk to each other anymore, okay?"

"You know what  Mr. Explo- what's your name?--"


"--Okay, well you know what, Mr. Bakugou? I'm gonna be real honest with you. My job consists of me saying and doing whatever the hell I want. And right now I want to tell you that you're a huge wad. If you redo that survey, I pray for whatever poor soul gets you next, cause, DAMN. I also think, that I get paid when you resubscribe to me. So it's gonna be a huge pain in my ass if you cancel on me, and I have to explain to management why I've lost another client. So in the event that you have a heart, however unlikely, I'm asking that you stick around and try me out. Whadda you say?" the woman's voice on the other end was dismissive and blunt. 

"... Yeah. That's gonna be a huge no from me. Thanks." Bakugou was starting to sober up just enough to calm down. He was just ready for the conversation to end so he could get in some way overdue sleep. 

"Worth a shot. I'll send you that email, you might have to check your spam folder, yada yada, I'm sure you know how technology works, you'll figure it out. Anyway! Mr. Bakugou, this has actually been quite stimulating. Who knows, maybe you'll get paired with me again. Wouldn't that be swell? Will there be anything else?"

"No. And I highly doubt that. Goodnight, thanks for the help." He hung up, feeling as if a weight had been lifted from his body. That was an exhausting phone call. 

[...The Weekend, Saturday...]

Reluctant as he was, Bakugou had filled out the revision form of the survey. It took longer than he thought it would, as many of the questions had seemed quite irrelevant. 

Question 15.What would be the best date with your Omega?

Why would they need to know that? MY Omega? Or one over the phone that I will literally never meet? Hypothetical? This is  pointless. 

When he thought it over he thought of the first time he'd taken Josei out to mountains for a camping trip. That was when he first learned she was not meant for the outdoors. She practically covered her own scent in bug spray and citronella, during the lowest bug count of the season. He recalled her staying in the tent most of the time when he would take long walks down to the sparkling lake. During the night when temperatures dropped she was hard-pressed to let him spoon her for warmth. She stated it was because she didn't want things to end up getting romantic since there was no way to take a shower. He'd felt inconsiderate. He felt like he should have tried harder to make it better for her. There were many questions like this. Questions that made him realize he didn't know half of the answers.  

His IDEAL date was still hiking... but his ideal DATE was someone that also enjoyed it as well. 

Question 22.Do you think it's better to hold in emotions or to get things off your chest as they arise?

Bakugou knew hisanswer. And that was to express anger when it arose. As for other feelings... he still had a long way to go in getting them off his chest. He'd spent a good portion of his first year in high school holding in fears and insecurities, until he finally learned better. Still, he found it was nearly impossible to put these new ideas into practice when Josei insisted that any articulation of his feelings were unbefitting of a strong Alpha.

 He enjoys speaking his mind, and appreciates the same openness and honesty from his Omega.


It was just yesterday that he had finished that long procession of questions. He was sure there was no way Kaminari could have accurately come up with the same results in the short amount of time he had his stolen phone. 

He sat on his couch, the sun just beginning to set as its warm golden glow pooled into his apartment windows. Phone in hand he read over the email that had just come in. A response to his revised survey. 

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for your revision.


We have taken the time to go over your new paperwork and have finished up the last steps in connecting you to your 

preferred Omega. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. We will start your new subscription, still free this month 

after the first connection has been made. Should you choose to continue your subscription after the end of the

billing cycle, we will send you the specific scent box connected to your new Omega. 


We look forward to doing business with you again in the future!

Thank you and best regards,


Customer Service

A&O Call Center


"SCAAAM" was all his mind could think up at the moment as he dialed the number anyway. After a moment of ringing a receptionist answered the call.

"A&O Call Center, how may I direct your call?"

"Hi, my account name is under Explosion Murder. I filled out a revised survey for you guys to get a new Omega."

"Great, give me just one second to pull up your profile. Alright I see the revision, let me get you set up. While I do that, did you have any specific problems with your last Omega? Or were you just looking to switch it up?"

"Uh..." he thought for a moment. Problems, yes. Enough to want to get her in trouble for just doing her job? Suppose not. "No, no problems. Just wanting to get a more accurate uh, match." saying it out loud made him feel all the more crazy for doing this. 

"Great. Yeah your profile shows, it looks like you paired with one of our more specialized Omegas last time."

"Hm." he wasn't sure at all what to say to that. Specialized? Specialized in what..."You know what, now that I think of it, are all your Omegas like that? Like, her?"

"Oh, no sir! Not at all. Most of our Omegas are trained in gratification towards Alphas."

"Grati- What do you mean?"

"Like, most are trained to respond in favor of what the Alpha wants to hear."

"You mean, if I wanted my Omega to tell me she wantedto spend her heat with me, she would have to say it?" he was almost disgusted by how that thought came to his mind. 

"Not completely. If they start to feel in any way uncomfortable they are allowed to disconnect. Though it is encouraged they don't. But assuming you build a proper relationship with them first, I'm sure they would be more than happy to tell you that for your own satisfaction."

"Right..." he couldn't help but feel the receptionist was conveying a bit more information than she was meant to. It was disheartening to him, at least, to be toldthe Omegas are only telling you what you want to hear. Though he figured this was the case from the beginning. "And the one I originally connected with, she's not like the others?"

Before she answered the receptionist seemed to have caught on that she was telling Bakugou more than he needed to know. Worried she was putting the company in a bad light, she changed the subject. "Ah! I have your match ready now! Let's see you got... Oh. huh. One moment, sorry." He could hear the shuffle of papers and more furious typing. He could make out the faint chatter between someone and the receptionist before she came back to the phone. "Sorry about that! I'm still getting used to the ins and outs of these computers. I'm going to put you on a brief hold and then you'll be connected to your Omega! Thank you!" *Click!*

That was, odd. 


This time there was a pause as Bakugou waited for the Omega on the other line. "Uh, Hello?" he asked expectantly. He was sure he had heard the distinct click of the phone having been answered.



Chapter Text

Bakugou could see the spots dance behind his eyelids as he rubbed them hard with his free hand. "I can't believe this. How?"

"Believe it pal. Your friend that filled out the form the first time must know you pretty well after all, huh?" the woman mused. She sounded calm and collected, as if she expected nothing less than this outcome. 

"This has to be a mistake. There's no way that he put similar answers to mine in the short amount of time he had my phone." 

"Well, they don't always have to be the same length in answers to get similar results. I can go over the answers you put and match them up with most of the short ones he put. Call it destiny, buddy!"

"Would you stop!? Stop calling me 'pal' and 'buddy'! My name is Bakugou, dammit!"

"Oh? So I'm obligated to call you by your name when you don't even know mine?" if he could see her face right now, he was sure it would be one of exaggerated shock.

"What!? I know your name! It- It's uh..." Huh. He realized she was right. "Ugh! Who cares! What does it matter anyway!"

"You've got some serious anger issues, you know that? I would imagine if you're going to talk to me it would be nice if you used my name. Or am I just a lowly Omega, not worthy of a name?"

"I- you can't just say shit like that! That's not at all what I'm saying! Don't fucking talk to me like I'm some animal. You're a damn person I don't give a shit what you are. Now tell me your name."

Bakugou had started with the intent of telling her he wasn't going to talk to her at all. That that was why it didn't matter if he knew her name. But, somehow, she had suckered him into asking her anyway. Hell, as persistent as she was in staying calm with him, he was starting to want to know. He thought back to what the receptionist had said. If an Omega feels uncomfortable, she's allowed to leave the conversation. He'd done almost nothing but yell at her since the beginning, and he was starting to wonder if that was true. Or was she just not uncomfortable? Was she just fine having an Alpha yell at her? Was she into that or something? What's her deal?

"I'll tell you when you calm down and agree to stay on the line with me." Too simple.


"Because I get paid that way? Duh." Short and to the point. He couldn't fault her in that. At least she owned up to it.

"You're ridiculous, you know that?" he said this, but there was nowhere near the hostility in his voice that was present before. She just laughed. Instead of getting mad, he waited. Listened. It wasn't the worst laugh, and it didn't sound fake either. "So. How does this work?"

"How does what work? This call stuff? You were really serious when you said someone else filled out your paperwork, huh! You have no idea how this works?" she took a pause, and he could practically hear her thinking on the other end. "Okay, well do you want the long or the short explanation?"

"Let's start with the short, and I'll ask more when we get to it."

"Alrighty, well the really short, is this. What we're doing right now. We just... talk. About whatever. Normally the other Omegas that people get paired with, the normies, not cool like us, talk about whatever the Alpha wants to talk about. However, you were blessed with my connection not once, but twice. And that means we form a normal ass human connection. I'm not here to stroke your ego. I'm just a person and so are you."

"What's the point in that?" genuinely curious.

"In what? In me not submitting to you at every turn?--"

"No! What's the point in calling just talk to someone?"

"Oh... Huh. I'd think that would be pretty obvious? I'm just... a voice. I'm just a person you can say anything to. In the real world, people are reserved. People put on faces. Here, you don't have to do that. I can't tell anyone what we talk about, legally anyway. Unless of course you end up being a psycho, then I can report you if I feel like anyone is in danger. But the thing is, unlike the other Omegas here, I'm going to call you out if I think you're wrong. I'm not going to lie to you." 

"Okay..." he wasn't sure if he really understood the point yet, but he wasn't totally against figuring it out. What else was he going to do with a free month? "Well why are you different than the others? Why do they have Omegas like you? I don't know a lot of Alphas that don't want what the others offer." 

"There's only one me here. And I'm here because of the off chance that an Alpha wants something real in their life. I'm here because of you." her voice was soft and calming now. It was like he was the only person that mattered in the world to her right now. (Which, as he recalled, was true- since that's how she got paid.)

"I thought you weren't going to stroke my ego?" he couldn't help but match her soft tone as he smirked over the phone. 

"Oh puh-lease. Get out of here." she laughed, "I'm just telling you the truth. Ego be damned. ANYWAY, I've been looking over the responses you submitted, and are there any you want to go over? Like, any that are just eating you up inside? That's usually where I start, as an ice breaker." 

Bakugou thought about the various responses he'd submitted. All his minor disappointments with life. The less than happy relationship he was currently in. But it wasn't something he was ready to talk about. "So, About question 3. What size breast do you prefer? Really? That wasn't even on the form. You said you wouldn't lie."

"HAH! okay, you got me on that one. Look, you have to admit you were being crazy rude, I was just fuckin' around with you. It's not a lie, lie if you deserved it."


"Okay, my turn-"

"Oh? This is a turn based system now?" he scoffed playfully. He was having a better time than he would've liked to admit. 

"It's whatever I want it to be! I'm the Alpha today, big dog. OKAY! So my question, are you allergic to anything?"

"Wow, hitting with the hard stuff first I see. Nope. You?"

"Well I think its a little early to just jump right into conspiracy theories and deep personal traumas don't you think? So no. No allergies. Next question.., hmm."

"What! You can't go twice, it's my turn!"

"Excuse me? You did ask your question! you said 'You?' which means you just asked my question back to me!"

"Bullshit! That's not fair, it should be mandatory that you also just answer the same questions."

"You don't make the rules, son, I do! But... since you're being a good sport, I'll allow it. Ask away."

"That's right. Now. Let's see. Um... what.. uh." he thought a moment. This was not the sort of thing he did normally, so he was having a hard time trying to think of even the simplest of questions. "What's your favorite color??" his question sounded more like he was asking if that was a good question to ask, more than anything.

"Oh, good one. A real natural conversationalist I see. It only took you two years to come up with it.-"


"-Heh, my favorite color. Hm. honestly I like orange? Is that weird? I know a lot of people seem to hate that one more than like it, but I dunno it's got good vibes!"

"How so?"

"That's two questions, cheater. Buuut, you know when it's about to rain, or right after? And sometimes it just looks like there's an orange filter on the world? I mean, isn’t that amazing? Have you seen what I'm talking about? It makes everything seem so calm."

Bakugou debated whether or not to tell her that his costume had orange in it. It seemed a trivial thing to bring up, he decided against it for now. "That just proves you're a freak. Orange. The worst color there is." He liked orange, of course, but he wouldn't tell her that.

"Pft, okay rude guy. What's your favorite? What's THE best color then?"

"Black obviously. Or green." he smiled to himself, just describing his own hero costume at this point. 

"Huh. Hey! That hero, what's his name. One of the pros, his costume is literally the three colors we just said! He was on the news the other day for accidentally blowing something up he wasn't supposed to. I guess he was trying to stop a villain. You know the one I'm talking about?"

"What? No shit I know which one, he's badass." Now grinning ear to ear. 

"Well, I wouldn't go that far. Every time I've seen him he's looked like he'd had a stick up his butt."

"WHAT!? WHY...why the hell would you say that!? HOW!?" Bakugou was as careful as someone like him could be when it came to his public image. It took him a long time to realize what Best Jeanist was trying to teach him all those years ago during his first hero internship in high school. When it came to cameras and the news, he tried to be on his best behavior. 

"I saw him on my way home from work one night! In person, I swear! He was getting frustrated by a ton of people crowding him asking for autographs. I guess... I can't blame him too much for that. Like, heroes need room to breathe and do their job, I get it. But wow he looked like a hot-head. Like I bet he'd even give you a run for your money in the rudeness department."

Bakugou wasn't sure how to process this information. He remembered that night, about a month ago. He knew two things for sure now. She didn't know who he was yet. And she lived close. In the same city close. He wasn't sure why this came as such a surprise to him or why for a split second it had excited him, but the excitement died as a third thing dawned on him. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M RUDE!? YOU STARTED IT, CALLING ME A CREEP!" Anger usually outweighed excitement for him. 

"IT WAS A JOKE, GET OVER IT. YOU said you wanted to talk to a better Omega! UN-JOKINGLY!"

"OKAY WELL YOU'RE A GREAT ONE SO JOKES ON ME THEN, HUH!!!" What? What did I just say?? How was that even a comeback you FUCKING idiot!?!? I AM A CREEP HOLY SHIT!!! He held his breath, thinking, as he gripped his hair hard with his free hand. "I mean, you're a great person. Omega or not. But, I mean.. Uh, you are a good Omega too. I guess." I have no idea how to correct this. STOP TALKING. DIE.

"You're... really funny, you know that? Like, obviously I'm not taking what you said as a joke. I just mean, like, you are strange, funny. Odd, I guess is what I'm trying to say. We started this conversation pretty much guns blazing, and now you're basically complimenting me. It's neat. I like how you say what you think no matter what it is."

"I-I have to go." He was embarrassed, even after she expressed that what he said was okay. Not only that, but he had a girlfriend. He couldn't just compliment any Omega, especially one he'd just 'met'. His palms were sweating. He didn't even wait for her to speak again before hanging up. 

He looked down at the phone like he still expected her to be there. "AUGH!" Flustered, he threw it down on the couch, not bothering to take it to his room or charge it that night. He just, went to bed. His apartment was filled with a scent he hardly recognized.

[...Dining Out, Two Days Later...]


"...And anyway, I think they would look better a little bigger. I know you said you liked them natural but it would just be better. Babe? Katsuki!"

Bakugou was staring out the window of the small bistro he and Josei sat at. Across the busy street was a small kiosk that was selling umbrellas. A single orange one there in a sea of black. And as he watched, a man and his young daughter passed by. The girl stomping in every puddle she could find, in her little orange rain boots. Everywhere he went it was like the world had decided that was the color of the day.

"Huh? What? Oh. What the hell? Why would you need to do that? Who are you trying to impress? And you could barely afford rent this month how would you even pay for it?"

Josei pouted, "Well I just thought you would help me with it, since it's something I want and you loooove me." she put her hands on his, her freshly manicured nails scratching lightly at his calloused hands. He could see where some of that rent money that he gave her went. He sighed. "Josei, what's your favorite color?" She looked at him like he had grown another head. "What? Why?" she eyed him with suspicion. 

"I just don't think we've ever talked about it before. I'd like to know."

Her face scrunched up as she thought about it only a moment. "I guess I like blue since I read that was what was in style this season."

"In style? A color can be 'in style'? The fuck does that mean?"

"Language! You know I don't like it when you talk like that in public. And I don't know! You asked my favorite and that's my answer!" she huffed. 

"But that's not your favorite, that's literally just what one of your trash magazines told you." He was growing in frustration as well. This wasn't as easy and as casual as with... others. 

"They aren't trash. Now come on I wanna go before it gets busy, I told Jess I would meet her this afternoon."

"What? I thought you said you were free all day? I have a date planned out, I told you this."

"Oh, sweetie I'm sorry! I thought this was the date. Yeah, I told her I was free later, you don't mind do you? She's been having a hard time with her new job and all. It's important that I be with her in a time like this!" Bakugou looked, dumbstruck, at his date. I absolutely told her it was going to be an all day thing. "It's fine." It's not. 

"Yay! Okay dear, I'll text you later alright? I'm gonna catch a cab before the rush comes in." she quickly got up from her chair and gave Bakugou a light peck on the cheek before skipping for the exit. She'd hardly left him any room for comment. 

She didn't even ask what my favorite color was.


Kirishima smiled and gave a small but enthusiastic wave as he spotted the messy blonde hair of his friend across the crowded street. Bakugou, despite his desire to be alone, called him up in hopes that his day off would not go to waste. It was a busy day, a sort of flea market was set up along the entire street with small shops and vendors selling homemade and various goods. While his initial plan included letting Josei shop around and buy whatever, he was glad knowing he would save some money going now with Kirishima instead.

"Hey man! I'm glad you called! I've been wanting to come to one of these things for a while now, I heard you can find some neat stuff here." Kiri was optimistically going on about the various things he'd heard others had found here. As Bakugou looked around for himself, he noted most of the things were definitely not his taste, but he could see the charm in them. A small shop with beaded necklaces and bracelets, another with wooden carved totems and statues. A small flower shop among them as well, he stopped only for a moment noticing the lack of variety, but mostly noting the dominate color of the collection.

"You gonna get some flowers for Josei?" Absently, Bakugou nodded before picking up a few of the more radiantly bloomed flowers. "She likes orange, huh? I wouldn't of guessed that! It's not usually a popular color." An innocent statement from the redhead. What... am I doing? He hesitated, then put back his small bundle. "Uh, nevermind. I'm not sure the next time I'll see her and they'll probably just die."

Kirishima noticed the furrow of his friends brow. It was not a new expression for the blonde, but Kiri could pick up on the subtle difference in it. "You uh, wanna talk about something, bro?"

"What? No." He quickly looked away and started off to the next stall. Kiri picked his own flower, paid, and followed after. "Okay, well how are things going between you two?"

"What do you mean!? There's nothing going on at all!" his stress levels rising, the surrounding crowds eyes were searching for who was making such a fuss with their scent now. "Shit. I mean, with Josei? It's... fine."

"Ah, yeah man. Who else would I mean?" Kirishima was leading the two of them now, a small alleyway away from the bustling street. Once they were far enough away and could hear themselves think, Bakugou decided it was time to talk.

"I... got a free month at that call center. Dumbass Kaminari took my phone at the reunion and I guess he signed me up."

"Oh yeah, he mentioned having done something like that... So... how is that?"

"I don't know. I only really talked to her once. It was fine." he seemed annoyed just to be having the conversation, but Kiri was a bit too curious for his friend to stop now. 

"Just fine, huh? Is that who the flowers were for?" Bakugou leaned against the cold brick wall and let out a small 'tsk'.

"I don't know. It's not like I felt a serious connection or anything. She's annoying... I don't know her. We just got to talking about dumb shit, like her favorite color, which is orange. And today I swear to god I see orange all over the place."

"That's okay man! That's normal, seriously. What's her name?"

Bakugou rolled his eyes. "I don't know."

"Really? You never were good with names." he teased.

"No, she just didn't tell me. She's annoying."

"Yeah... you said that...huh." Kiri looked amused much to Bakugou's annoyance. 

"What the hell are you 'huh-ing' about?"

"Nothing man. So are you going to talk to her again?"

He didn't know. And he didn't feel too keen to talk about it anymore. He just shrugged, and Kiri knew he would get no more information from him. Kiri gave him a thoughtful smile, before handing out the orange flower he'd just bought for himself. "Here, just in case." was all he said before dropping the topic. They spent the rest of the time there shopping in mostly silence, or Bakugou listening to Kirishima go on about some various hero work he'd done lately.


Back home for the night Bakugou laid in bed staring at his phone. He'd found himself doing that alot lately. Finally he pulled up the unsaved number, the one he thought was just a one time thing. A couple rings and he was directed to a receptionist. She explained that his Omega should have given him his four digit extension number so that he could connect straight to her in the future. He explained that she didn't have time to do that last time, and no he wasn't needing to file a complaint. Which apparently was a thing when it came to her. He thought about asking the receptionist his Omega's name, but something stopped him. Something about that felt like cheating. He wanted to hear it from her, he wanted to earn it. He felt that was indeed a stupid way to feel, but he would feel it, never the less.  

He felt nervous, suddenly. Was this okay? Was she perhaps going to be mad that he hung up on her the other day? Was this going to be awkward? The line connected, and he heard the sound of the Omega on the other side. It sounded as if she had answered without being prepared, which did not surprise the male. A short shuffle on the other end, and a huff of air sounded on the other end.

He hesitantly spoke first. "I know you're there, I can hear you practically panting on the other end." Dumb. He mentally slapped himself for repeating her line back to her. 

"HA! You suck, I hope you know that." The tension he held melted away as she laughed sweetly at his stupid joke. He looked over and picked up the flower that had been lain by his side. Examining it in his hand he laughed,

"I know."

"... My names Tobenai Tori. By the way..."

"Nice to meet you, Tori."

Chapter Text


Kaminari was on his seventh month subscribing to the call center.

He'd opted to get a different Omega each month, as he was sure there was plenty of him to go around and every Omega should have the pleasure of his Alpha company. Plus, what if he was missing out on finding his mate by sticking to just one? He expertly filled out his new survey, making sure to chose a new combination of answers to ensure he would receive a different Omega than the last. This time he was curious about who Bakugou would have gotten based on the answers he'd written in for him, so he made similar answers to ensure the same one. 

As the receptionist was connecting him, he poured himself a glass of wine. He was near giddy with the thought that he could convince the Omega to spill some juicy secrets about his old high-school friend. 

*Click* Hello! 

"Ah, that's a cute voice. How are you my dear?" he asked smoothly. If he knew anything, which he didn't, he knew that Omegas loved to be flirted with right off the bat. 

"... Gee. Thanks. I'm fine, how about you?" the voice seemed amused at least. Though this was due to the fact she could tell right away she was not his type. 

"I'm doing much better now that I'm here speaking with you."

"Why you sly dog. So what did you want to speak to me about then?"

"Oh, you know just a little light conversation... then we can see where that leads. I'm quite alot of Alpha, you know. You might have to convince me your worth the subscription..."

"Uh-huh. Well baby boy, I'll have to let you know now that I'm probably too much Omega for you." Que Eyeroll

Kaminari shivered at the thought. Oh, Bakugou, what kind of girl did you get yourself wrapped up in? You must pull in the kinky types. "Oh? is that so? Are you too much Omega for my friend, Bakugou?"

"You know Bakugou? Ah, are you perhaps the friend that filled out his survey for him?" her voice peaked in actual interest.

"That's me baby! I see I'm already well known."

"Ah yes, your reputation precedes you. He said you're a pretty big dumbass, is this true?"

Kaminari sulked in disappointment. "That's not exactly how I would of put it... Ah, let's talk more about you right now! I'd love to get to know you.."

"Would you now? I'm not so sure I want to get to know you. I think Bakugou might be about as much dumbass as I can handle right now." she snickered through the phone. 

"What!? You even call him that? That's kinda rude to say about your paying clients, isn't it?" he was shocked.

"I call him that in more of an endearing sort of way. You? Not so much. And I'm looking at your profile, it shows you have a free trial for recommending him to our center, so I suppose I can afford to be rude to a NON-paying client, don't you think?"

"N-no! I don't think so! How can he even talk to you! I demand you stop this! Tell me I'm great and attractive, not a dumbass!"

"Sorry sweety, I don't take requests. You wanna talk about how we can fix your attitude or the weather?"

"AH! What! No this isn't supposed to happen! Be NICE." he commanded.

"Oooh, sorry sweety, they must not have told you at the front that commands don't actually work on me. That's just too bad, huh?"

"What do you mean they don't work on you? Are you not an Omega?"

"I am an Omega through and through. But I won't be going into something so personal as that with someone as rude as you. Maybe you could think about changing your tune and I'd share that knowledge with you?"

"No way! I want to swap Omegas! You're crazy. And rude! Bakugou belongs with you, you nut! Connect me with the receptionist." he practically whined. 

"No, I don't think I will. I didn't hear the magic word."


"Haha, You're a hoot, are you sure you want to leave? I think I'm getting a little turned on now..."

"YE--wait, really? I coul--"

"Hell no. Damn you are dense aren't you?"


Chapter Text

Bakugou called the extension he'd become familiar with. He'd talked to Tori every chance he could, save for the nights he had to work late on hero duty. The line rung a few times, then was sent to a voicemail. 

"Hey, you've reached Tori. If you were somehow connected to me, congrats! That is literally amazing for you. I'm not able to come to the phone right now, I'm probably dog ass sick because these tyrants won't let me work normal day shifts. Anyway, leave a message and maybe I'll get back to you." *BEEP*

"Uh, hey it's Bakugou... um. I'll just call you bac--" 

"Don't hang up! Hey! Sorry, I was basically retching into the trashcan-"


"-I know, I'm awful. Look I was really looking forward to talking to you, but I came in and then I just started feeling awful, and now I've been given permission to leave. So unless your quirk is making me feel better, I'm gonna have to put a raincheck on this night."

"Maybe that is my quirk. Are you leaving soon? I can walk you home, it's late." Bakugou offered, looking at his clock. 11:14 p.m. Not the worst time. but still not the best time to be an Omega alone on the streets. Before she answered he was already on his way out the door. 

"Oh. No! No I could't ask you to do that, I'm sure this place is out of your... way... Do you live around here? How do you know which call center I'm even at?"

Think quick. "Uh, I just remember you talking about seeing Ground Zero before, and I know he's stationed mostly in... uuuh that area."

"GROUND ZERO! That's his name!! Oh man that's been killing me. I couldn't think of it the other day. Thanks. Anyway that makes alot of sense I guess. But I mean he might still be on duty for all I know, I'm sure I'll be okay. I'd hate to run into him and have you cramping my style you know what I mean?" She snorted at her own joke.

"Tsk. Yeah, you're hilarious. NOT. Whatever, at least let me give you my number and you can text me that you got home safe?" Yeah right, like she's gonna fall for a line like tha--

"Sure! I appreciate that!" Amazing.

"Okay, cool. By the way, do you have a thing for that hero or what?" Surely he was pressing his luck at this point.

"A thing for him? I mean, I don't even know his name and I couldn't remember his hero name so I'm not sure that counts as a thing, Buuut, I mean he was pretty hot looking, I will admit. Hah! Maybe I just have a thing for rude dudes like you and him. Anyway I really want to go home and get in bed now pleaaase, so goodnight, and I'll text you when I get home. Bye!"

She hung up the phone before he was able to question her taste in men. He was, of course, ecstatic about this new information. He was half-way down to the lobby when he realized he was no longer in his hero costume. "Ah, shit. Is she going to even recognize a hero in regular street clothing?" He groaned, deciding her safety getting home was more important than turning back for his costume. He quickly caught a cab and directed them to the street he had last been seen by her. Standing there, on the sidewalk. Hopeful he hadn't missed her and would cross paths with her soon.

Wait, Ugh! I don't even know what she looks like! How will i know her when I see her-- "Excuse me?" his thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice. He stood, unmoving. Nervous. There was a body attached to that voice. And they were standing right behind him. More than that, there was the scent of this person. It was... Intoxicating, it was unreal. If he wasn't a grown ass man he was sure it would have been one to send his teenage self into an embarrassing rut. He slowly turned to face her. It's fine. She doesn't know your face. FUCK, She DOES know your VOICE you IMBECILE. Oksy, so what's it gonna be? We gonna talk lower or higher than normal? Choose quickly.

"Yes?" Nope, not that. Too much. Deeper, but not that. 

"Oh, um hi sorry. I was wondering if I could get a picture with you? I see your not on the job... uh but it's for my friend, I think it would be really funny..." she trailed off, realizing the hero might not see the humor in it.

"And why would that be funny?" he mused, trying so damn hard to keep a smirk off his face.

"Ah, well I think we might have recently came up with a joke that I have a crush on you, and I think it would be funny.. if like, he.. got jealous? Uh, you know what, I didn't think this through at all. Please excuse me." she laughed and did a quick bow before trying to run off. 

"Wait. It's fine. I'd like a picture with you. Be sure to send it to him, alright?" He growled, smiling Ground Zero wrapped his arm around Tori before she could protest out of embarrassment. 

She lifted her phone and turned it to face them, Bakugou could see in the screen that she was flushed red. And he could smell her scent sweeten like crazy. That crush is a Joke, huh? I'm gonna hold that one over your head, missy. He noticed too late that her scent was messing with his head a bit. Even after she had taken a photo or two his arm was still held firmly in place around her waist, and his nose lingering just above her hair lightly wavy, bobbed haircut. He had to pull away as smoothly as possible, though he was sure that his pupils were dilated a bit noticeably against the crimson red iris. She said nothing of them though. Just a shy thank you as she started to step away from him and head home.

"Do you want someone to walk you home? I mean, me obviously. Do you want me to?" He'd nearly forgotten about the lower voice he was using, catching it again at the end of his sentence. She had an odd look on her face, as if she were confused a moment. 

"Oh! You don't have to do that! I'm a big girl. I think I know my way." One more try can't hurt.

"And what if I insisted, ma'am?"

"Tori. Call me Tori. Well, if you insist. I guess I won't be able to stop you." she herself had dark eyes to begin with, it was nearly impossible to tell if she was in anyway affected by his presence in the low street lamp light. Oh so he gets to know your name immediately? Cause that's fair. He scoffed internally. Tori turned on her heel, took a few steps before turning to look back at her new escort and give him a small 'follow me' nod. Bakugou happily obliged. 

"So, you live close by?" he asked nonchalantly.

"Yeah, just down a couple blocks. How about you?" she turned with a smirk, sure a hero wouldn't willingly tell anyone where they lived. It just spelled disaster. 

"I'm just a cabs drive away, myself. I'm sure I'll end up seeing you again sometime."

"Hm. Well if you enjoy seeing me this time, I think we could run into each other a bit more." she said sweetly.

Trying to sound innocent saying something like that? 

After a too short walk they came to an small apartment complex. Nothing fancy, but it had a cozy atmosphere. Bakugou was glad to see she wasn't doing too bad for herself with a job at the call center. There was even a cute little garden growing in the fenced in area out front of the complex. Each room was open to the outside, no troublesome lobby's to go through. "Well here I am, this is me." She stood in front of one of the lower level doors. Rm. 6 nailed to its center. He stood there a moment, taking another look at her before he would have to leave. "Do.. you want to come in? For a drink or something?" she placed an emphasis on the something that did not go unnoticed by him. He stepped closer to her, nearly causing her to collide with her door. He took in her scent, and could hear her lightly labored breathing that he was having the same affect on her. "That would be nice..." Wait, what am I doing? I'm not someone else. I'm still me. I'm still Bakugou. I'm still already in a relationship. "Ah, but unfortunately, I'll have to take a raincheck." he breathed deep, hating the words he had to say. 

"I see. Well, I'll hold you to it, then. Raincheck." she didn't hesitate to pull him down by the neck to meet her lips with hers. So fuckin' sweet. What is this? He hated sweet. But this, this was something else. He pressed harder into her only a moment before pulling away all too soon. "Shit.. Have a good night, Tori."

"Goodnight..." she whispered, audibly sad for him to go.

As Bakugou turned and walked back down the way he had come, his phone vibrated. He smiled as he saw the text and attached photo.

Tobenai Tori

Photo Attachment. 

I actually did run into him, and Yikes, he's hot!!!

Bakugou smiled as he read the second message that came through.

Tobenai Tori

Btw, I'm home safe. 

Bakugo Katsuki

Oh, huh. Should I be worried?

Tobenai Tori

Unless he randomly decides he wants to meet a girl through a call center, I don't think you have much to worry about.

Bakugo Katsuki

I bet he smells like hotdog water. You into that?

He'd completely forgotten in the moment about his less than desirable scent. He was now afraid of her answer.

Tobenai Tori

Shut up! No! He smelled, good? I don't know. Honestly it was sooo, interesting? I can't even describe it. 

He had not expected this. He sat in the cab he'd now hailed and read over her text again and again. Was she kidding? Had she known all along that he was the hero and now she was playing some messed up elaborate joke on him? If he were a weaker person he may have teared up.... less than he already was. Did she mean it? All his life he'd been told it was too much. It was undesirable. That his Alpha scent was nothing more than a stench no Omega would ever love. This new information from her flooded over him in a tidal wave of emotion. He didn't believe in soulmates. But he was starting to believe in happiness. 

Bakugou Katsuki

Well that's amazing! I'll be happy for you if he ever talks to you again. lol you know those celebrity hero types.

Play it cool.

Tobenai Tori

Ugh. I know, I'm fan girling over him for nothing. He probably kisses all the girls he walks home.

PLAY IT COOL. Feign shock.

Bakugou Katsuki

He kissed you!?

Tobenai Tori

Sigh. But, you're right. He's just a celebrity heroooo, he smells good to all the girls, and he probably thinks he can do whatever he wants. 

Anyway, I'm starting to feel bad again. I dunno what happened, I swear his scent made he feel fine, and now that's he's gone I feel like dump again. I'm gonna go to bed! I'll hopefully talk to you tomorrow night? Or I guess it doesn't matter now, you have my number. Feel free to text me whenever. (if you want) Your subs about to run out soon anyway, I'm sure you won't want to renew it. GN Bakugooou

Bakugou Katsuki

Goodnight, Flightless Bird.

Penguin, chicken, ostrich.

 Tobenai Tori


Bakugou Katsuki

You're leaving me for a pro hero, I can tease you a bit. GN

[... The Next Day...]

"So, she doesn't know who you are? She doesn't know... that your the hero she madeout with the last night?" Kirishima's face was torn nearly in two by the huge grin that was plastered there. "Man, I knew you liked this girl. And she likes your scent, too. That is perfect. I'm so happy for you man. I knew you'd find the perfect girl for your manlyness! You just had to have faith!"

"Ahh, shut up! It's not a big deal!" Bakugou tried to stay cool, but he was finding himself pretty excited at this as well.

"So... What about Josei though? Don't you think it's time to let her gooo?"

Ah, yes. Her. Bakugou had no doubt she would find a way to make this the worst experience of his life. That even though she herself did not seem happy to be in this relationship, she would fight to the death to keep her flow of free income intact. 

"Well. I don't know. Right now, Tori and I are just friends. I don't want to ruin that by trying to jump into anything. Despite my feelings. As for Josei... I hardly see her now, I'd like to wait till I'm ready to have that conversation with her. Things have been off between us for a long time."

"Man, I'm sorry to hear that." he frowned only for a moment before his grin came back full force. "Come on man, lets pick some badass flowers before you have to go back to work." he moved ahead and held the door open to a small local flower shop. They stepped inside and were greeted by a young employee. 

"Hi! Welcome! Is there something I can help you with?"

"Yes! My friend has a sick girlfriend and we're wanting to get her some manly flowers. like, really big and bright and perfect!" Bakugou shook his head in embarrassment.


Kirishima ignored him as he continued to talk to the young florist. "And also, we'd like them to be whatever shades of orange you can do as well. She likes orange."

"HEY! Listen to me! I'll pick the flowers you red haired wannabe!" he looked to the florist, then back at Kirishima. "Ugh, dammit, yeah, what he said. Orange... and add one of those stupid bears onto it too."


Bakugou had Kirishima drop off the bouquet of flowers at the call center, in case she had been able to see the messenger. The receptionist told them she was on "lunch" at the moment, but they would place them on her desk and she would see them first thing when she got back.

"Lunch" That's such a weird thing to call it when you work the night shift." Kiri mused. 

Bakugou grunted in agreement. They walked back down the strip, doing a small patrol before Bakugou was able to call it a night. Suddenly hit with a familiar smell. His eyes snapped to attention in the direction it was coming from. He stopped Kirishima, who was just along on his day off, and pointed hastily in the direction of her, of Tori. She was standing at one of the late night food trucks that hung around the area. She was chatting with the cooks, he could hear her laugh from their distance. "Is, is that her? The one standing at the food truck?" Kirishima seemed almost as nervous as Bakugou did. "Should... should you go talk to her?"

"What!? No! She already thinks Bakugou and Ground Zero are two different people. I want her falling for him, not ... HimME!" he nearly shrieked out. "And why the hell does she smell so good! I can smell her way more tonight than I could the other night..." Kirishima looked at him oddly. "What!"

"Uh, I'm not sure. You can smell her from here? Are you sure?"

Bakugou looked confused for a moment, he took a small breath of the air around him. "Yes, I'm sure. Why?"

"Oh, nothing. I just. I don't smell anything, and you said you can, and you said she liked your scent yesterday."

"YEAH, So? Man just spit it out already! What's your point!"

"I'm not ... saying this is what's happening, but, I mean, do you think she's going into heat soon? You said she wasn't feeling too well also..."

Bakugou flushed at the realization. "W-what!? How would I know that! Just because I can smell her more now!"

"I've read that sometimes Omega's can affect certain Alpha's more than others... And it makes sense that her smell is stronger to you now than it was yesterday if... if that's the case... since... you said she liked you..." they both trailed off now, staring on at the Omega that was oblivious in the distance.

"I think.. I need to leave." Bakugou stated plainly. 

"Yeah. I'm going to agree with you on that one." Kiri hailed a cab quickly and the two headed off first to the apartment. Bakugou stood on the curb as he saw Kirishima off. "Look, I think you need to do what you need to with Josei... sooner rather than later. I think it's time to cut your loses... I'm sure she's someones Omega... but.. not yours brother. Also, I think that Tori girl is really cute. If she's as cool as you make her sound, I think I'd really love her for you. I care about you bro."

"Yeah. I got it. Thanks."

"Say it back." 

"Ugh! I care about you to you idiot. Now get your ugly mug off my street." Kirishima laughed as he rolled up the window and the cab took him home.


Tobenai Tori

OMG, You didn't! I am so surprised! You stalker! I love them so much. I feel way better after getting FLOWERS, it's not even my birthdaaaay! Okay. I like you way more than Ground Zero. You wanna be my booooooy friiiiiend??? LOL

And the bear! So cute. I love it. Thank you so much Katsuki. I've never gotten flowers at work before. 

Bakugou Katsuki

I'm glad you like them.

Did I finally get ahead of that lame ass hero?

Tobenai Tori

Oh now he's lame? I think I remember you calling him badass before.

Bakugou would not miss the fact that she called him by his first name. Maybe he could compete with his own hero alias after all.

Chapter Text

Bakugou stood in his warm shower. Alone with his thoughts, his mind focused on only one person in the world. 

His phone rang a few times, he was so distracted he'd nearly missed it. He scrambled to hop out of the shower, drying his hands quickly before answering. " Hello? Tori--"

"Hey babe!" the familiar voice answered back. Josei. 

"Josei? Oh. Hi, I uh, why are you calling?" 

"You seem surprised? Am I not allowed to call my boyfriend? I was just out this morning and wanted to see if you wanted to come out and have breakfast with me?"

Odd. But he knew this was just another lure into him giving her money for one thing or another.

"Actually, I already have stuff to make breakfast here, I was kinda looking forward to it. Why don't you come over here? I think I need to talk to you anyway, really."

"Oh? What about?" she hardly seemed focused. 

I think we should see other people.

"I... huh." He actually couldn't think of anything else he'd rather say. "I think we should see other people." Normally he would know that breaking up over the phone was a bit of a cheap move, but after all the crap she put him through, she might have deserved it. 





"YES, let's talk about her! She'll have you going into a rut like a horny middle schooler and you think that's enough to mean you belong with someone! Who is she? Have you been fucking her? Where did you meet her!?"

"It's not like that!"



"MATE? You think you have, what, like a soulmate!? Because she doesn't hate your scent!? HA! You really are out of it! Who the hell would ever be your soulmate!? What, did you offer her money? How much does it take to have some bitch Omega tell you something like that?"


"WHAT? REALLY!? Oh my god. You. HA! You are so pathetic, you know that? That poor girl."

"It's not like that. She's not like that." he whined.


"Katsuki. You don't want to do this. You have no idea who this girl is. Not really. She doesn't want you."

"I would rather be alone, than be with you anymore. I don't even care if she wants me back. I know I don't want you."


"You're making a mistake."




Two Hours Later and he was already late for work. At least this day couldn't possibly get any worse.


[...10:12 p.m. ...]


"Look, all I'm saying is, regardless of having your number, I think I should renew my subscription."

"And all I'M saying is, you have my phone number, so what you're really trying to do is give me money without straight up saying it!"

"And!? SO!?"

"So!? So I don't need you to be my sugar daddy or anything, I won't have any callers for a while, and then I'll get another one eventually, like I always do. Things will work out."

"Yeah, okay, but what if I don't want you to have other callers? How about that? How about I'm a super jealous Alpha that would prefer to keep you to myself, huh?"

"Pfft, Yeah right! Okay, so say I have only you as my caller. Then I convince pro hero Ground Zero to date me, then what? What happens then?"

"Are you kidding me!? Why is he even in this scenario? Okay. Uh, WELL obviously I kick that hero's ass and you have no choice but to accept me as your Alpha. Since we're saying dumb shit that'll never happen."

"Whhhaaaaat! Don't be like that... You could never kick his ass."

Bakugou laughed at the back and forth tonight. It was still early in her shift now, but Tori was on her last night before she took a small vacation. He'd yet to tell her he'd broken up with his girlfriend earlier that day. He didn't want anything to feel rushed... just in case... Josei was right. And there really was no one that wanted him.

"So where are you taking this vacation? And will you still talk to me? Or is this a vacation FROM me?" he of course knew, she was taking a week off to do whatever it was she did while on her heat, but this was not information that she knew he knew.

"A-ha, no it's not a vacation from you! I... hm. I just need a little time off... And where am I going? Ah, somewhere cozy." she of course meant holed up in her apartment.

"Cozy, that sounds nice and vague. Let's see, you're going somewhere warm still warm I take it? You're going.. I'm gonna say you're going to a beach."

"A beach! Oooo... NAH! Let's make it more woodsy and I'm there. So take us to a big lake."

"Ah, yes. Okay, so you're at a huge lake, not just big, this ones huge-"

"Oh wow."

"-Yeah, right? My imagination is wild. And you're in a tent? A cabin?-"

"Either or, you tell me."

"-Okay you're in a small hand-made wooden A-frame on the lake."

"Oh shit, I'm crafty as hell. Or wait did you build that?"

"Am I there??"

"Yeah, of course  I said take us!" Bakugou grinned, he was glad she wanted him with her, even in just a fantasy.

"Oh okay, well then yes I built it. Out of sticks and mud and vines and the whole nine yards. And you've been fishing all day."

"Oh word!?" 

"Yeah you suck at it."

"KAtSUKiiii! No!" she huffed.

"Fiiine, I'm kidding. You've caught us a bountiful dinner."


"And you don't even mind all the bugs."

"Pft, nah. I've brought my lavender bracelets, I'm so immune." Is it possible to be in love already? Thank god.

"Smart. And I've made us a fire so we can cook the fish."

"Oh! And I'm complimenting you on the A-frame you made us."

"Well I made it for you, I'm gonna sleep outside."

"What, no, why? Did you not make it big enough?" she whined, it was a different sound than he was used to hearing.

"I'm not a carpenter, Tori, I am only a man! It is small in size, big in heart. Plenty of room for you though."

"Okay, you'll stay in it too."

"There isn't room."

"There is now, I've tossed out all the camping gear you put in it."

"Of course, who the hell needs all that anyway? What was I thinking?"

"What were you thinking?" she giggled. "It's time for bed!"

"But we didn't even eat our fish?"

"UGH, eat it! Hurry up!"

"And what about the stars? Don't you want to see them?"

"..... Katsuki."


"It's time for bed."

"You are a bossy little camping partner, aren't you?"


"Fine. It's time for bed. And now you've gotten in the makeshift shelter. And apparently there is room for me as well... somehow."

"Right. It's getting late and kinda chilly." Bakugou suddenly felt a little warm and short of breath. She was... close to her heat, so it made sense she might be a little more flirtatious than normal... but, he couldn't say he expected their story to take this turn so rapidly. 

"I'll get you another blanket."

"There are no more blankets, Katsuki. I tossed them out into the lake."

"Oh, no you idiot." he was whispering, and his insult fell flat. Was this supposed to be so... strange? How old was he? His body was responding to her voice like a teenager. "I can warm you." So, innocent. so, PG. He wanted to push further, but, was this just her heat talking? He hadn't been the object of anyone's desire in a long time. Was he misreading this? Didn't he just tell himself he wanted to take it slow?

"Can..I-I think... oh no..." she sighed. "I'm gonna end my shift early tonight... if you don't mind? I'm not feeling too well suddenly? I need to go home. I'll text you when I get home safe alright? Is that okay?" her voice was hurried as she suddenly switched gears.

"Ah, Yeah! Yeah that's fine! You're alright? Yeah, text me. Be careful going home." There was no way in hell he was going to let an Omega go home in the middle of the night alone on her heat. There was no way. 


And that's how he found himself back on that corner. In his hero costume this time, he would have to tell her he was on duty. He had to be sure to put boundaries between the two of them. He didn't want her to make a decision she would regret later. 


But suddenly he found himself walking her home, her breathing heavy and her hands clutching to his arm in a death grip. it was... attractive. Her scent was surrounding him and his brain seemed to flow in and out of consciousness. 


He had her on the counter in a kitchen, the sound of wooden cooking utensils crashing to the floor bringing him back to the world around him. She was attacking his lips as he felt his hands gripping at her ass. Ah shit. She's not .. in her right mind, you can't... keep.. I'm not.. in mine.. She pulled his hair, making him forget completely what he was thinking, as she nipped along the length of his neck. 


He hissed from the way she made his body ache. She was so warm and inviting, her body fitting perfectly against his as she wrapped her legs tighter around his waist. Somehow they'd ended up on her couch. The uncomfortable pressure building under his layers of clothing overshadowed by the scent of her body. 

"Take them.. off?" she asked, breathily, as if reading his thoughts. He nodded his head, allowing her to take care of his belt as he impatiently waited, pulling at her shirt. Letting her know that would be next to come off. In a new moment of clarity he accepted the position he was in, taking the opportunity to run gentle, slow kisses across her cheek to her ear. If this was going to happen, he wanted to make sure he didn't allow his primal urges overshadow the care he wanted to take towards his Omega. She seemed to appreciate the soft gesture as she let out a low mewl of desire. 

Once his pants were loosened and her hands were momentarily free, he pulled her shirt up and off. In the low light coming in from the windows he could make out what looked to be tiny scars scattered in various spots on her body. "What are those?" he whispered quickly, running a had along the small trail of them. He could feel the raised skin and traced out one before she pulled away, clearly snapping back into her own small clarity. She didn't reply, but he had already felt enough to guess. 

He ran a hand over her neck, pushing her hair to the side. Turning her face towards the light, he could make out a distinct mark on the main scent gland there. His jaw clenched as he looked from her to the mark. "You.. you have a mate?" he snipped out, a bit more harsh than he'd meant to. He was just surprised is all... and a growing worry started to build. He ran his eyes down the rest of her body. It appeared as though she had several bite marks in various places, all placed close to or over prominent scent glands. 


"I don't. But we can talk about it first if you don't believe me." she sighed. She must have been used to the reaction that was coming. 

"What do you mean you don't? What are those marks then?"

"You're a hero, haven't you ever heard of nonconsensual sex during your day job?" she stared off at a far wall, avoiding his gaze.

"What?" No reply.

 She could guess now that her heat was going to have to be taken care of alone tonight. She tried to push him off enough to sit up.

"Wait, can you tell me what happened?" he spoke again. 

"What's there to tell, really? Same story I'm sure you're used to by now. Abuse to an Omega. Nothing new there."


She was surprised he was so concerned. She'd half expected him to not believe her in the first place. Thought he would instead think she was a unhappily mated Omega. He didn't know her after all, is what she believed, unaware of who he really was. 

"I... why do you care?"

"I'm supposed to care... you're scent... I know you must smell it too, I think you're my mate.." he said softly, having never thought it was possible before.

Tori laughed. She laughed but slowly her face contorted into an almost pained expression. 

"Yeah. Yeah so did all the others."

"What does that mean... Please."

"You know what? Sure. Why not? What the hell, I'll tell you. Since you seem so interested."


"I was a late bloomer when it came figuring out I was an Omega. It was awful. My parents and the doctors that looked at me thought maybe it was because I was so late to develop, but my scent was strong. And it was sweet, like every Omega's scent. But it never faded or lessened after my first heat like they hoped it would. It was... intoxicating. I wasn't allowed to leave home without my dad with me. I was home schooled. They tried to protect me... but, they couldn't always be there." Tori paused a moment. She closed her eyes, brows furrowed, she shook her head, as if she were trying to clear away a fog that lingered over the memories. "I was seven when I was marked the first time."

Bakugou's breathing increased as he listened, his scent starting to turn to one of anxiety.  

"It was... agony.  All-Might himself found us before he was able to... do more. But it was too late for me, mentally at least. I felt him in my head for months after that. At the time it felt like an eternity before he finally faded." She drew a deep breath. She was whispering now. "My strong scent lessened after that. We'd found out that I wasn't quirkless, that it was simply tied to my scent. I was allowed to go to a normal school, as long as I kept it under control. And then, a few days before my sixteenth birthday, a group of teenagers had dragged me to the high school stairwell after a pep rally. Apparently I wasn't as great at containing it as I thought.

No one was there on that end of the school. No one could hear me screaming.

After they realized I wasn't going to stop fighting them, one of them commanded me to stop.

A command is... is like having an invisible boulder crushing down on your chest. Holding you in place.

They took turns with me... They saw the symbol left by my previous attacker and tormented me for it. Said I liked it. I was a bitch that wanted nothing more than Alpha cock and nice, bleeding marks." She swallowed hard before her breathing became heavy. If there wasn't still the lingering scent of arousal, her discomfort would have driven Bakugou mad. "They... they didn't... know any better. Is what everyone told me. That it was just my scent that was to blame."

"Did you know, I guess... something happens when you've been marked so many times."

"It... Breaks... you."

"I don't know if it was all the stress? Something in me snapped as the last one was sinking his teeth into my flesh. The boulder on my chest shattered and I could break the command put on me. He ripped at my flesh as I returned the favor..."

She traced her fingers along the larger of her scars. "I couldn't scream, they were nearly finished with me anyway by that point, command or not. They left me, bleeding out in the stairwell. It wasn't long before someone had found me though, and I was taken to the emergency room." Despite the horrid memories she was going over... she started to smile. Only now, could she not hold back the tears that started forming in her eyes.

"He...he was a nurse at the hospital. I was kept there overnight, and he took care of me. I knew, the instant I saw him, that he was my soulmate. And his scent was so beautiful. I cried the first time we met, because I was afraid. He'd smell me, and treat me the way they had? Not as a person, but as an object? An Omega with the permanent smell of a mate to nearly any Alpha that got too close? An Omega that was now so broken not even a command from her Alpha would affect her. Who could love me for who I was? I was broken."

"...But it didn't matter to him. He loved me regardless. He proved it to me every day, that I wasn't just a chemical reaction in his brain." she started to cry and laugh at the same time. The storm of conflicted emotions at its peak within her.

"I'd never been sick before. Never had a need to go to a doctor. That young I didn't think I needed check ups, thought I would live forever. I honestly believe I would have never met him... if it weren't for what happened to me."

Bakugou was at a loss for words. What could he say? What was there to say? He didn't know, but he tried anyway."W-what happened to..." she was going to tell him the rest. Regardless of him asking now. The dam was open. But he just didn't know. what. to. say.

 "He died. Five years, two months, and five days ago. It wasn't some powerful villain, or anything outstanding like that. It was just a man, with a gun, looking for his next fix. I felt that pain of disconnect for two years. Not nearly long enough. I prayed to God when it started to fade. 'Please. Please let me keep this pain.' I'd never prayed a day in my life before that."

She turned to look at Bakugou now. "You know, I've always had a thing for heroes. They always make me feel safe. Something about you... makes me feel very safe. I guess I should have told you about my scent thing... but honestly when do you think would have been a good time?" she snorted. "You can leave if you want. I don't blame you."

"Do you think you will love someone again?" he didn't know why he was asking. It was a strange thing to do, considering he was just used.

"I believe in the illusion of love again, sure. I love someone right now. We've never met. He has a girlfriend. And I'm too afraid to meet. We've never scented anything for the other. And I know that once he finds out I'm used goods he'll drop me. Once he finds out about my scent it's over. Anyway, I'm sorry to disappoint you."

"I'm not disappointed. I'd like to stay here tonight, if that's alright."

Tori looked to him, surprised. "S-sure."

The night carried on slowly. Tori found some pajama pants he could change into. She laid in her bed, anxious before feeling him slide in beside her. She could sense his body releasing what she could only consider to be relaxing pheromones. He kissed her slowly and ran his fingers up and down her body. Attempting to ease whatever tensions her body's heat was forcing on her, without taking things too far this time. This didn't feel.. like a mistake.