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[...Reunion, Friday...]

"What the actual fuck are you doing right now?" Bakugou had gone from 0 to 100 the instant he noticed his missing phone was in the hands of none other than his old classmate Kaminari. It had been a few years since they had all graduated together from U.A. and this class reunion was already getting on his very last nerve, as was evident by the overbearing odor that reeked of anger coming from the blondes glands.

"Hey, man relax! I was just playing around. No need to blow a fuse. Here." Kaminari beamed and held out the phone to Bakugou who snatched it immediately, inspecting it. "What did you do to it, you freak?" He seemed to have calmed a bit, noticing none of his apps had been opened as far as he could tell.

"Oh, Bakugou you're always so angry! Don't you think it's time you found an Omega to help chill you out?" The pinkette Alpha, Ashido whined teasingly as she leaned an elbow on the shoulder of the yellow haired Alpha male, Kaminari, who was still grinning ear to ear.

Before the Alpha could get enraged once again, a familiar voice rang out from behind him, drawing his attention momentarily away from the aggressor. "Ah, leave him alone, Mina! You know Bakubro isn't good with the ladies. It's probably the least manly thing about him..." Kirishima, Alpha, had arrived at the reunion and was greeted by the others. Bakugou and Kirishima were still close, thanks to the one-sided efforts of The Red Riot, and he obviously did not feel the need to greet him with as much enthusiasm. A short "tsk." was all he would get.

"Hey, Kiri! BRO! MAN! I've been trying to tell Bakuslow over here all about this call center I found online. They've got a building close by here too, I checked it out, it is legit!" Kaminari jumped straight into the same spiel he had started in with Bakugou not but thirty minutes prior, only this time missing some relevant details to the story. 

"Would you idiots stop changing my name!? It's--" He started to protest but was cut short.

"Woah, woah, slow down, Denki. A call center? For what? And what's it have to do with Bakugou?" Kirishima was always interested in random fads. Not one to follow them himself, but just to stay connected and in the know. 

"Oh, right, well it's a call--"

"It's a call center for Alpha's to call and talk to Omega's!" Ashido interjected, much to the dismay of Kaminari. "They send you a whole scent kit too! It's super high-end and started growing in popularity once it was reported that a few Alpha's actually ended up finding their mates through the center! Isn't that so romantic!?" she was all but jumping for joy as she explained it.

Danki, wanting to get his say in the matter as well, expounded on the kit they send to callers. "Yeah, so you fill out this form, right? It's super detailed and asks you all these questions on your likes and dislikes and everything in between. Then they send you a few test boxes, each one has a different scent from an Omega working at the center and you pick the one that you like the best. Then they--"

"Oh, are you still talking about that A&O Call center?" Sero, Beta, came back from the bar, with everyone's refill on a small tray. "Awe, man! Hey Kirishima! I'm sorry, I didn't know you had gotten here I just got the ol' gang their refills, I would of got you something."

"That's okay man! How are you!?" He reached out and took Sero in a iron-clad grip of a hug. The group was all but distracted and joyous until the distressed smell of Kaminari filled their nostrils. 

"Ugh. How did you, of all people, get to be an alpha?" Bakugo huffed as he inhaled the repulsive stench. Ashido took to rubbing the electric users back in small vaguely comforting circles. 

"Crap, sorry. PLEASE, continue. So, they send you a... scent? Box. And then you pick one, and then what?" Kirishima focused all his attention back to the male.

"SIGH. Look, then they connect you with the Omega you chose, and you talk to them!"

"...You- That's it? You talk to them?" The hardening quirk must also apply to his brain, Bakugou thought. "No, you idiot. He's talking about sex calls. He pays to have some whining Omega drool over him, over the phone. It's a joke."

"NO! THAT"S NOT IT AT ALL! I mean, that's like, one part of it, only if you take it that direction, I mean. That's fun... but they are there to talk to you about whatever you want... I mean yeah, you buy a monthly sub... and yeah, you have to pay, like, they do not care about your hero status when it comes to getting freebies... but it's really nice and comforting, honestly. Whatever box you choose you get to keep, and it's like they are there with you when you need them, they even send a new scent box each month you renew so the smell doesn't fade."

"Oh my god. That's ridiculous. Only suckers get roped into that kind of scam. That girl you talk to over the phone probably isn't even the odors they send you, just some random chick. And as for people having found their mates through that is asinine. Who would fall for this crap?" Bakugou was more convinced than ever that this was the biggest pile of shit he'd ever heard from the brain dead loser. 

"Weeeeellllll...." Kirishima, however, was not so easily convinced. He looked over at him with an incredulous look, just waiting for any response that could possibly justify the need for such a call center.

"I mean, hear me out... It might actually be kinda nice for people with PTSD? Or those out there that may have lost a mate? You know? Like, who cares if the person on the other end of the phone isn't who they say they are? Does it matter? If it can help someone cope with something like pain or loss, who am I to say it's a scam?" Kirishima was thoughtful in his response, earning a round of nods from the party present, save for Bakugou, before adding, "Though... Kaminari, yeah, your personal reasons are gross, that's not very manly of you." 

"AUGH! I'm just saying, Bakugou should give it a try, since he's pretty much been a loner since we've known him! And even Midoriya confirmed before that he was not the date-able type in middle school either."


A chorus of groans sounded throughout the old gym of the high school at the renewed stench of stress and anger, particularly when he had made eye contact with the nervous Deku from across the way. He stood with Uraraka and Iida only side glancing over at the shout that had echoed over to him.

"Hey Denki, that's not even true! Bakugou has a girlfriend right now." Kirishima was quick to defend his friend, even if it meant he'd receive his own death glare for putting his friend personal business out into the open. 

The small group gasped at this news. "What!? Since when!?" "Are you mated?" "Is she your soulmate?" "Who can even stand your scent long enough!" the questions all came from one voice or another in unison, much to the annoyance of the explosive blonde.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN!? MY SCENT IS JUST FINE. AND MY RELATIONSHIP IS NOT ANY OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS." He growled in anger before leaving to cool down at the makeshift open bar that was set up near the back of the gym. His friends watched him go before turning to Kirishima for more answers. 

"Uh... well... I maybe shouldn't have said anything..." It was too late, they stared him down with intense demanding eyes that could pierce through him no matter how much he could harden his body. "They've been dating like two years now?... It doesn't seem very serious, at least that the vibe I get from her. But you know Bakubro. He doesn't share a lot of information about that kind of stuff. She's nice I guess. I dunno, maybe a little snooty... Honestly, just my opinion, she doesn't really seem like his type. He might be with her because he doesn't want to be alone. Don't tell him I said that! Denki, you might actually be onto something with that call center thing, but I don't think you'd ever convince him of that."

At this, Kaminari's face lit up with a mischievous grin and he laughed like a classic movie villain. "Oooh, I've already set things in motion my friend. I may have swiped his phone when he got here and filled out the paperwork for him. I may have set him up with a free first month sub. And I may have put myself down as his referral and got a free month for myself as well!"

"... Dude, you're addicted." Sero looked, shaking his head at his friend with insincere concern.

"Yeah, Like, I use that service sometimes too, but I just like to gossip with people who legally cannot rat on me... but you... seem to think these Omega's actually Want you?" Ashido placed a hand on Kaminari's shoulder and gave him a head tilt that just screamed, Bless your heart.

"What!? What do you mean! I've made real connections there! They love me! You said so yourself you can actually find your mate through them!"

"I was just trying to help sell it up, that's like a million in one chance, and I did not mean it applied to you, hun."

"You guys are the worst friends I've ever had."

The rest of the night was spent drinking and dancing, razzing on Kaminari, and catching up with other alumni. Finally, after one too many drinks, Bakugou gave a half-hearted wave to at least his old squad before hailing a cab to take him home. He was never a heavy drinker, and this had not changed with age, but it was put upon in him in the form of a challenge, that there was no way he could out-drink his former classmates. So, of course, he left that night with the small victory under his belt and the knowledge that he had the next day off at least. Plenty of time to nurse the hangover that was sure to come. Upon finally reaching his place, the pent house of a fine apartment complex, he clamored his way to the top floor and into his soft, warm bed. 

As he was drifting off into sleep, he received a notification from his email.

        Dear Valued stocumer,

        We rea rvey excited ot do sinesbus with uoy nda look forward to the,

Too far gone and tired to make heads or tails of the most likely junk email, he spent less than a second trying to adjust his eyes to the wavering letters on the screen before deleting it and tossing his phone aside in favor of some much needed sleep.  

[...The Following Morning, Saturday...]


As predicted, Bakugou awoke to a pounding headache. Scrambling from his bed he made his way to the kitchen for a bottled water, then to the bathroom for his medicine cabinet as well as completing the usual morning routine. Settling back in his bed he grabbed his phone to check his notifications. 

*Read these latest trends!* Junk.

*Your dream caller is just a box away!* Junk. 

1 new message.

Kaiketsu, Josei

Hey, so can you send me some money :( my rent is due and I guess I didn't notice it was coming up so soon! Thx babe!

BTW, my heat is in three weeks. I know you said you wanted to spend time with me on this one, but my friends decided we would take a small retreat to that Omega Spa this time since we'll be syncing up! I knooow I keep changing plans on you, but its a SPA! You understand, don't you boo? Anyway, I promise we can spend time together on my next heat, okay? Kisses! Oh and it'll be about 200$ for my rent. You're the best!

Sent 9 a.m. 

He stared down at his screen, the disappointment evident in the lengthy exhale he used to calm himself.

Bakugou would be described as many things by those that met him. Short-tempered? Yes. Crude? Absolutely. Arrogant and aggressive? In spades. He was also competitive and had a natural talent for most things. But what others didn't see, was that he was caring towards his Omega. He was attentive and thoughtful when he needed to be... If only she gave a damn.

He swapped his phone over to his cash app and looked over the '200$' icon that stared back at him. This was a regular occurrence between him and his girlfriend of two years. They didn't live together. She had a 'weak stomach' to stronger scents. With his quirk causing him to nearly always exude some sort of scent-mixed-sweat and his aggression always flaring from hero work it was 'just better this way'. In all honesty, as odd as it was to others by now, he didn't mind. He realized not long after they had gotten together that he was only in this relationship to not be alone. He hated this fact. Hated that he needed someone else. That the Alpha in him demanded he have an Omega, any Omega. Hated himself for not ending it now that it was only ever a series of disappointments, one after another. He didn't believe in soulmates. He didn't believe in  real love. He told himself he believed that with enough money, he could eventually make something from this nothingness. He reluctantly hit send and watched as the icon flitted away to confirm payment.

Bakugo Katsuki

I sent the money. Did you want to get some lunch?

Seen. 11:13 a.m.

He tossed his phone on the bed, knowing full well she was not going to reply. It wasn't always like this. When they first met, she was sweet and attentive. Stroking the Alpha & Ego in him at every turn, making him believe she wanted more than just the 'hero clout' and money that came with being with him. As time went on his brain finally lost the high it was riding, and realized this was not the case. But he told himself he wasn't a hero just for himself anymore, but for his Omega as well. 

What a load of crap.

He sighed and rolled on his side, feeling himself fade away for today. Normally, on days off, he'd go for a nice long hike. But not today. Today he'd sleep till dinner time nursing his hangover. He wasn't as young as he used to be. Was it always this hard?

[...Streets of Musutafu, Monday...]

Bakugou stretched out his neck and rotated his sore muscles from the long day he'd just completed. Nothing very exciting, just a few petty attempts at thievery, a one-on-one with a weak villain or two, and at least one run in with a couple of alphas harassing a lone Omega. In broad daylight no less. He shook his head at the thought of being that scummy, allowing your worst instincts to take over like that. In this world Omega's are more often times than not, mistreated. Looked down upon for being weaker, more emotionally unstable. As Bakugou saw it, the opposite was true. In all the cases of harassment he'd dealt with, it was always the Alpha that couldn't 'control themselves'. Talk about weak. In a great many of those dealings the Omega was always the strong one. The one that never crumbles under the pressure put on them everyday. ...Don't walk alone, don't wear anything revealing, don't tease an Alpha, don't be a prude, your scent was asking for it, your unmated and fair game, it was your fault, he wouldn't have done anything if you had just... He'd heard every line under the Sun by now. Victim blaming. He'd gone into ruts before. And not once did he believe that it was his right to take an Omega by force, no matter the dynamic. He wished there were still decency in the world, but there isn't. He'd finished up his shift and decided to walk home instead of catching a cab. He wanted nothing more than to clear his mind of the day.

When he reached the lobby of his apartment complex, he headed to the far wall that was lined with individual locker style mailboxes and checked his as he always did. Inside, he found his usual bills, haphazardly crammed in around a large box that took up most of the lockers space. He wasn't expecting any packages as he read to make sure it was not a mix-up to another recipient. 

To Bakugou Katsuki

From A&O Services 

'A&O, A&O, who is that. That sounds so familiar.' he thought to himself, now taking the elevator up. When he reached his apartment he opened the package. Before him he saw three small lavender boxes each held together neatly with red ribbon, and a note card.

Thank you, Bakugo Katsuki,  

For your first months subscription to A&O Call Center! 

Inside one of these boxes lies the scent of your perfect Omega!

We had our experts hand pick these three Omegan scents based on the answers you provided to us on the survey! 

Congratulations to Denki Kaminari, as well, he gets one month free for recommending our services to you! Thank you!

Please examine the three packages you have received carefully, once you have made a selection, please contact our main office by the number below and we will connect you to your chosen Omega.

 If you have any further questions or concerns

Please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

President, Joan Ross

Vice President, Melinda Bearings

Phone: (888)-888-8888

Fax: (888)-888-8889

Email: Alpha&

Bakugou stared down at the letter typed up by the company. The very place Kaminari kept insisting he sign up for. That was what he was doing on his phone the other night. He looked back at the packages that were in front of him now.

"I'm going to kill him."