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Business as Usual

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As usual, she was already awake when her alarm went off. Staring at her phone screen reading emails as she dismissed the irritating sound of the alarm. It was 4AM, just like every other day. She had grown used to this, but today more than other days, she just wanted to stay in bed. But the world would not wait on Daenerys Targaryen, no matter how successful she became. 


She grabbed the remote from her nightstand and pressed the button that opened her curtains and slowly drug her legs over the side of her bed as she rubbed her eyes trying to wake herself. She stood and walked to her window which overlooked the busy city of Kings Landing. She lived in the penthouse of her apartment building, one of the highest buildings in the city, so she had quite the view. She loved this time of day, the sun barely starting to rise, a light grey sky making the city seem calm, and the light fog that drifted between buildings making things seem eerie. 


Tearing herself from watching too long, she went about her daily routine. She stepped into her master bath deciding on a shower, she tried to save baths for evening time so she didn’t have to rush them. She shivered as her toes touched the cold marble floor. She stepped out of her sleep shorts and pulled her tank-top over her head and opened the glass door to her immense shower and got under the warm stream, waking all her senses. She took her time washing her hair, her body, and completing the tiresome chore of shaving. 


Once finished, she went to her large walk-in closet to choose what she’d wear for the day. She decided on a grey pencil skirt, a white sheer button down tank-top shirt, a grey blazer to match her skirt, and black heels. She went back to her bathroom and did her hair and make up, deciding on a red lip today, and missing her long hair, but the short was so much easier. She eventually made her way down to the foyer of her apartment, grabbed her purse and all her things, and headed for the elevator door. 


Her driver, Jorah, met her as she exited the elevator to the garage, along with her Security, Barristan. “Good Morning gentlemen” she smiled brightly at them. They were two of the few people she considered family, after all, she had no real family left. 


Barry was her father’s security and had been around since she was a little girl, even after all her family was gone. She dreaded the day he’d eventually retire and she’d have to replace him.


Jorah she had met back when she first started hiring drivers several years ago, and the company she was using gave her a new driver every day, which was inconvenient to say the least. Jorah was the only one competent enough to keep up with her and fit in so well with her busy lifestyle, so she offered him a yearly salary, much more than he was making with the driving company, and he became her one and only driver. Barristan nodded to her and smiled, always such a quiet man, which she could appreciate. 


“Good Morning Daenerys, straight to the office?” Jorah asked, as he held her car door open for her. “Yes, please” she answered, climbing in. On the way in, she checked any messages or emails she may have missed on her phone. This was the only part of the day that she could at least avoid non-stop calls. With traffic being lighter in the mornings, she usually managed to get to work in thirty-five minutes or less. Her car finally pulled to the front of a building, another one of the tallest in the city. Dracarys Incorporated. And it was all hers. 


Whenever she was overwhelmed and feeling defeated, all she had to do was stand in front of this building and look up and see all that she’d accomplished to know it was all worth it. She made sure to take it all in each and every time she walked through the front doors. What started as a small local fashion line had now become one of the largest international brands from clothing, accessories, beauty, and her most recent endeavor, a fashion magazine. She had done more than enough research, sought out the best of the best in the business throughout Westeros to hire for this, and she was ready for things to take off. 


Today was the day they began planning the construction and remodeling of the floors of her building that would house this new project. The building was 52 stories high. Currently, twenty-four of those housed her clothing line. Anywhere from design to customer service, all the way down to shipping. Ten floors were taken up by her beauty team, and another seven for the accessory lines. Her office, along with the higher ups of her teams offices were housed on the highest floor. She liked to be as high in the sky as she possibly could be. This left her ten floors for the magazine. She knew if this project got big, it wouldn’t be enough room, but she’d start there and adjust as needed. Clothing could be condensed or shipping could be separated, she’d figure it out as she went. One day at a time, she liked to say. 


She entered the building, greeting her employees as she passed by. She made a point to remember every single person that she could by name. She knew every one played a part in keeping her company running, and appreciated each of them. Once in the elevator, she decided to head up to her office before anything else so that she could get settled. 


As much as she wanted to do her daily check ins with each department, she knew most of her day would be dedicated to the conference room on her floor, sitting with the construction team she’d hired for the remodel, going over building plans. As excited as she was to step into this new adventure with her company, this part in particular did not excite her. But she knew she was a control freak, so it’d have to be decided by her, and only her. 


As she was on most days, her assistant was there before her, waiting for her at the elevator when she got to her floor. She tried not to have favorites, but if she was being honest, Missandei was by far her most favorite person in the world. Although she was her assistant, she was also her best friend, and more like a sister to her than anything. She and Dany had been best friends since they were little girls and both of their families still lived in Essos. 


“Good Morning Missy” Daenerys smiled to her. 


“Good Morning to you”. Missy had the warmest smile. She calmed Dany more than anyone could. 


“Any fires to put out before I lock myself in the conference room for the day?” She said sarcastically, only hoping something could pull her away from this. 


“I’m afraid not, but coffee is on your desk, along with daily reports. We need your approval on a few orders for supplies for the Magazine, all the computers and tablets, and we have a few new buyers interested in taking a peak at the Spring line”


Dany rolled her eyes, it was barely September for gods sakes. “Thank you, Missy. But let’s hold off on the office order until I have at least one floor done to store everything on. Come sit” she said, summoning her to her office and Missy nodded. 


Dany’s office was nearly entirely black, glass, and stone aside from some decor and white chairs. There was a fireplace surrounded by a large black bookshelf. The other side of the office housed a nook with leather chairs and a leather couch with a tv. She was here so much, she tried to make it as much like home as she could, and as comfortable as she could for when she needed to sink into a couch and finish reading reports or proposals or look over hundreds of photographs choosing which ones to use for this ad or that magazine. 


She told herself when she first started her company that she’d only dedicate her day from 7AM to 7PM to work at the very most, knowing how important it was to have a life outside of work, but most days she was here early and left late. This was her life. She had no husband, no children, no family, at least not blood family, so she couldn’t come up with a reason as to why she shouldn’t pour her life into her work. 


She got settled into her office chair and began sipping her coffee as she went over the reports Missy had left her. “So, how was the date last night?” She asked her blushing assistant. 


Missy was Dany’s age, but Dany had so much on her plate, she didn’t much know how to act her age, she never had. The day she turned eighteen, her father’s legacy was turned over to her, and she spent most of her life before then just preparing for that day. Missy on the other hand, lived life to the fullest. She wasn’t afraid to go on dates or go out and have a good time, even when she had to work early the next morning, no matter how full Dany kept her plate. 


“It was great! He was shy, but in a cute way. We had dinner and went dancing and then he took me home. Left me at my door like a true gentleman” she giggled. 


“Ah, so a second date then?” Dany pried. 


“We shall see” Missy smirked. 


The two of them went about what they were doing, Dany going over paperwork and Missy scrolling through work on her tablet, comfortably sprawled out on Dany’s couch, both sipping away at their coffee. Dany enjoyed her company, even if they were both silent. Her meeting with the contractor was at 8AM, so she knew she didn’t have much more free time. Just as she got comfortable, a knock came at her office door. “Come in”. In stepped her Secretary, Margery, bright and cheery as always. “Good Morning love! Sorry to bother you, your 8 o’clock has arrived”


“Thank you, darling. Please escort them to the conference room, I’ll be right there” Dany smiled back at Margery. “You got it”. Once her office door was closed, she let out the sigh she’d been holding in and stood from her desk, smoothing her skirt back down. “Would you like me to sit in with you? Take notes?” Missy asked. She wanted to say yes, beg her to tag along, but she knew she needed Missy elsewhere today. “No, I’ll survive. Please run my day-to-day, check in with all the departments and make sure things are running smoothly” she replied, with little excitement. “Of course, want me to bring you anything?” 


“Not at the moment, but I’ll text you if something comes up”. Missy nodded as Dany exited her office. Missy was one of the few people if not the only person she trusted alone in her office. 


She made her way to the other end of her floor to the conference room. Every other room and office on this floor was separated by only glass. Her office was the only one with walls, with privacy, aside from the exterior walls, which were almost entirely windows. 


Once she got close enough to the conference room, she noticed there was only one man in there, which already struck a nerve. How was this huge project going to be designed entirely by only one man? 


She couldn’t see much of him, as he had his back turned to her, sitting in the chair to the left of her head chair. She could see he had his dark curly hair tied back into a small bun, a dark blue dress shirt on, and grey slacks and dress shoes, with a grey suit jacket hung on the back of his chair. This wasn’t the attire she was expecting from a contractor. 


She took a deep breath and pushed open the glass door and entered with as much enthusiasm as she could possibly muster up for this kind of meeting, but when he stood to greet her, she no longer had to fake it.



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Jon woke that morning knowing he had a big, but long day ahead of himself. One he was not looking forward to. He drug himself out of his bed and through a shower before planting himself on a barstool in his kitchen is his boxer-briefs to have his coffee. 

His loft was rather large with high ceilings, everything very open and airy. Most of it was different shades of grays, white,  wood and some rooms had dark blue accents. The loft sat on the top floor of his three-story building that housed his company, Stark Industries, a construction and design company left to him and his cousin, Robb, by his uncle. His uncle was still alive and well, but had retired a few years back. Robb ran their northern branch, leaving him to run things in the south in Kings Landing. He’d grown as used to the busy city as one possibly could. After letting his coffee wake him as much as it was going to, he got ready for the day. 


Today was the day he’d have an all day meeting with the the owners of Dracarys Inc., the biggest client he’d had in a long time, if not ever. Normally the planning part of the process was his favorite, getting to come up with ideas with people to make a space they loved, but this client was in the fashion world, something foreign to him, and he dreaded what he was stepping into. 


He decided to dress semi-formal to be professional. He was sure the owners would be a bunch of stuck up shallow assholes, so that’s what he prepared for. He went with grey and dark blue, a simple suit, and pulled his hair back. Once he was ready, he took the spiral staircase down to the second floor which was an office space for he and his employees. He grabbed all the paperwork he needed and took the stairs again to the first floor to leave. He locked up and hailed a cab, figuring this was the quickest way to get the the busier part of the city at this time of day. 


He didn’t want to be late, despite being less than excited for this day. He was prepared, at the least. He got to the large skyscraper in record time, still twenty minutes to spare. He entered the building and was greeted by a woman behind the reception desk. He let her know who he was and why he was there and she gave him a visitor badge and showed him to the elevator, sending him all the way to the top. 


Once there, He was greeted by a cheery red head who seemed like she’d had one too many shots of espresso that morning. She escorted him to a large conference room.


“Make yourself at home, she’ll be right with you”


He smiled and nodded at the girl and she went back to whatever she was doing before. She? He thought. Great. Even better. One woman, probably a full blown power trip.


He removed his jacket and sat down. Looking around he noticed this floor was just as intricate as the first. Everything modern, so much white. Marble floors, glass walls, everything was so clean. After only a few minutes he heard the door click open. 


Mesmerized. That was the only word that could explain what happened to him in that moment. He stood to face her when he heard the tap of her heels against the marble floor as she entered the room. But as he turned to her, he was blown away by her beauty. She was breathtaking. She had shoulder length platinum hair that was tousled in the cutest way, blue eyes that faded to gold in the center, the brightest smile he’d ever seen, with the most perfect plump lips, and that was only the beginning. 


She seemed very young to be so accomplished, he wondered at first if the owners had sent an assistant to handle the meeting, but soon realized that was not the case, she owned the room like she probably owned the entire company, radiating confidence. The longer he was in her presence, the harder it became not to notice all the things about her that he shouldn’t be. The way her shirt was almost see-through and unbuttoned a little low for someone running a Fortune 500 company, the way her skirt fit perfectly around her curves, and the way her heels made her short legs look like she was straight out of a magazine, ironically enough. 


When he got the proposal for this job, the second he heard it was for a fashion magazine, he instantly thought it was going to be a brutal day. Most people, especially women in this line of business were completely miserable to be around, and for the entire day at that? This was a big project, and would take a lot of work and planning. Normally he’d turn down anything in the fashion industry, but the money she was offering alone was enough to push him towards accepting. Now that he was face to face with this woman, he was glad he did, no matter how awful she may or may not end up being. 


“Hi” she flashed that bright cheesy smile “I’m Daenerys Targaryen”


“Hello, nice to meet you. I’m Jon Stark. I’m the owner of Stark Industries” he shook her hand, his hold lingering longer than it should have, unable to look away from her eyes. Her hand was so soft. 


“Please, have a seat” she said, finally breaking the trance they had been stuck in, as she sat down at the head of the long table. 


“Thank you. I brought some blue prints of the floors of the building you discussed with my receptionist, I just need you to look them over and make sure they look right” he looked to her as he pulled the blue prints from a stack of papers he had set out of his briefcase. 


“Of course! Will it just be you and I today?” She asked curiously, not trying to sound rude. 


“Yes, it’s just me, unless you have others that you need to involve” he smiled, figuring she’d have a whole team designated to something like this. 


“It’s just me” she smiled back at him, leaning into the table. He was probably just getting his hopes up, but it almost seemed like she was flirting. 


“I know this may be odd for such a big project, but I like to get all the initial details myself to make sure my guys are on the right track and there are no mistakes. I try to oversee as much as I possibly can” he explained. 


“As long as things are done the way we agree by the time we agree on, that’s all fine by me”


“I am a man of my word” he went along with her joking tone. 


“Great” she smiled again. “Shall we begin?” She nodded towards the papers. He lined them out in front of her, a total of 10 pages, one for each floor. She confirmed he had the right floors and went through and told him what she intended each floor for, taking her suit jacket off and getting right down to business.


He could tell by how precise she was being that she already knew exactly how she wanted everything, and she seemed to be the kind of woman that got just what she wanted. They started one floor at a time, first with any walls that needed to go up, flooring, paint, the basics.


He kept getting lost in the way her small fingers would graze over the pages, with red fingernails that matched her red lipstick. When she’d lean over the table to point to something at the top of a page, he’d catch a glimpse of her cleavage, the smallest edge of a black lace bra, and hoped she hadn’t caught him looking. Before he knew it, hours had went by and it was a little after noon. A tall woman with one of the friendliest faces he’d ever seen knocked and entered the conference room with them. She had an olive skin tone and wild dark hair. 


“Sorry to interrupt, It’s lunch time, can I get you something?” She asked, looking back and forth between them, giving Daenerys a small smile. Daenerys glanced at her phone to check the time, even though it’d been going off all morning with little attention from it’s owner. “I’m so sorry, I lost track of time” Daenerys replied, seemingly to both of them. “Jon, this is my assistant Missandei” she introduced them and they nodded to each other. 


“Would you like lunch?” She turned back towards him. “Sure, that’d be great” he answered. “Any preference?” The woman smiled to Daenerys, eyeing him and then back to her again, almost like they were saying something to each other without saying it. He was half expecting her to ask for a salad or maybe a smoothie, or something else that had no chance of filling anyone up. “Let’s just do pizza, is that alright with you Jon?”. Am I dreaming? This woman has to be something straight from a dream. Pizza?! “Pizza is fine with me” he answered, still in awe of her. 


They ate once the pizza came, laughing and talking about who had the best pizza in Kings Landing. She was completely unashamed of eating in front of him, as if she could get any more attractive. Once they finished they continued on with their conversations of their project. Daenerys ended up taking him to each of the floors he’d be working on so that he could see the current state of them. Most of them were entirely empty with nothing but carpet, and a couple of them had cubicles and offices, which would need to be entirely gutted. He took notes and pictures on his phone as they went. 


Each time they were back into the elevator alone together, a tension filled the small space. A couple times their fingers brushed against the others due to how close they were standing, despite it being a rather large elevator.

He hated himself for thinking of all the things he’d like to do to her right there in that elevator. For a moment, he got lost in the thought of hiking up her skirt, wrapping her legs around his waist and taking her right there against the wall.

But he knew there was no way in all seven hells a woman like her would ever be interested in a guy like him. She was probably already spoken for women like her were never single. Lucky bastard. 


Once they finished up back in the conference room, their meeting had ran over the time they planned. “Thank you for taking the day to do this, I’m sure you had plenty of other things you needed to do. I’m sorry if I kept you from anything” he said as he gathered his things, smiling up at her as she stood.


“It was my pleasure, I have a good feeling about this” 


“I do too, I can’t wait to see your vision come to life” he stood to face her. Once again he was lost in her eyes and there was a silence between them. She walked with him back to the elevator and he pushed the call button.

“I’ll get to work on this tonight and we’ll get started later this week hopefully, so I’ll be seeing you soon” he smiled at her.

“I’m looking forward to it” she replied, with her hands in the pockets of her blazer, smiling at him as the elevator closed. 


What the fuck just happened? Was he reading her all wrong? Maybe she was just excited for this new business venture. Maybe she just had a flirty personality. Who knew. Definitely not him. All he knew was that he’d be seeing her nearly every day for quite a while, and he was more than okay with that. Remembering his thoughts that morning about dreading this meeting, he smiled, thanking the gods that he took this himself instead of sending one of his guys.

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She stood at the elevator door, still watching where he left, still smelling the scent of his cologne lingering around her. She was pulled out of her daze by Missy clearing her throat. “Waiting for someone?” She asked, giving her a knowing grin, she knew exactly what Dany was doing. 

“Not exactly” Dany returned her know it all smile. 

“Who knew how much you’d enjoy all-day construction meetings” Missy teased.  

“Okay, okay, have your fun” Dany laughed, finally walking away from the elevator back to her office. 

“He was hot”

“Yes, he was. But I’m sure there’s a catch, there’s always a catch” she sighed, sinking into her office chair. 

“Who cares about a catch. No one said you had to marry the man, you could at least get your hands dirty” Missy said peering at Dany over her computer screen from her couch. 

Dany arched her eyebrow, knowing Missy was right. “I can’t even remember anything I said to him. How was I supposed to sit and talk design with the man when all I could think about was tearing his clothes off and letting him have his way with me on the conference room table”

They both laughed. “I can’t blame you, who even knows how long it’s been for you” Missy rolled her eyes. 

Dany had to hide her expression after that. No one knew about her late night rendezvous with her business partner. The man she had running her father’s company while she ran her own. A girl has needs. But he’d been overseas in Essos for nearly a month, so it had still been long enough. 

“A girl never kisses and tells” Dany smiled to her friend. 

“Right” Missy squinted her eyes. 

“I have a conference call in a few minutes, feel free to hang out if you want. How was everything this morning?” 

“Good. There was a fiasco down in shipping but we handled it. Seven was getting started on the Spring shoot. Tyrion has a new ad to run by you for the holiday campaign. That’s about it”. She didn’t need to know more about the shipping issue. Most of the issues in her company came from shipping. Stepping onto the shipping floors alone was utter chaos. She was on her third Head of Shipping already just this year. That was the one department she could never master, but it was getting better. 

Tyrion was her head of marketing. He had been with her since the beginning and there were very few ads he ran by her that she didn’t like, so those meetings were usually quick and easy. She pulled up her instant messenger and sent Tyrion a message letting him know she’d make time for him after her conference call if he’d still be there, if not she’d meet with him first thing in the morning. 

It was time for her call. As much as she was ready to go home, this call was important. It was with her entire magazine team. They did these calls once a week. Since they were all still scattered throughout Westeros until the remodel was finished, this was how they stayed in touch and on the same page. All of her writers, editors, photographers, and her publisher all jumped on the call at 6PM. This lasted a little over an hour. She let them know how the meeting went with the plans. They had decided on getting the office floor set up first so that her team could get moved here as soon as possible and get started. This would be on the floor right below hers. She had planned on the magazine launching the beginning of the coming year, and that was their biggest goal. Everything else they’d figure out as they went. 

Once she was finally off the call, Tyrion had left for the day, so she and Missy shut things down for the evening and stepped into the elevator to go home. Missy lived in her building, so she rode home with Dany on most nights unless she had plans. She tended to get to the office before her, stopping to get coffee and get a rundown before Dany got there, so she usually didn’t ride with her to work. 

Barry met them down stairs and walked them to the car where Jorah was waiting. “Any plans for the evening ladies?” Jorah asked as he opened the door for them. “No” they both answered simultaneously. They picked up take-out on the way home and went up to Dany’s penthouse to eat and watch which ever one of their trashy reality tv shows were on that night. 

When she started to doze off, Missy said goodnight and took the elevator to her floor. Dany made her way to her bedroom and changed into a sleep tank and shorts and climbed into the plush cloud of white that was her bed. Making sure her phone was on the charger and her alarm was on, she shut off her bedside lamp. 

She closed her eyes, hoping to fall asleep quickly, but her thoughts were clouded. Drowned was a better word for it. That night, she dreamt of dark grey eyes that saw straight into hers. She dreamt of the way his dress shirt tightened around his muscles, and the way he left it just a little unbuttoned at the top, showing the tiniest bit of his hairless chest. The way he smelled of pine and leather. The way his beard was perfectly trimmed. The way his tight ass looked in his suit pants. The way he squinted when he laughed, the way his hand felt in hers, and the flirty smile he gave her as the elevator doors closed. And the way he had her completely undone. 

Needless to say, she woke much earlier than she intended, being pulled out of the lusty dream of Jon Stark. No man had ever had this much of an effect on her. She could feel herself soaked between her legs, same as she was while sitting across from him all day the day before. Wanting him. But she would have to settle for herself today. She knew she couldn’t fall back to sleep unless she did. So she reached in her bedside drawer for her trusty vibrator and eventually brought herself to the land of O, all while thinking of those dark eyes sinking into her own. 

She wondered what Jon would think if he knew she touched herself while thinking of him.  Imagining him in between her legs, his bare chest on top of hers. She wondered if maybe he would have done the same thinking of her. Once she relaxed, she tried to go back to sleep, but she couldn’t stop her mind from racing through thoughts of him. Did he feel the same? Did he feel the tension too, or catch her flirting? Should she pursue him? Was that smart considering their business relationship she’d now have to worry about? Was he taken? Only time could tell. 

4AM came all too soon. She had her usual morning, deciding on a navy skirt and blazer today, with a blush pink top and heels. She straightened her hair instead of her normal messy waves and went with light make up. As always, Barry and Jorah were waiting for her as she exited the elevator. 

“Good Morning Dany” Jorah said, as Barry just smiled at her. There were only a few people in her life that called her Dany. “Morning Jorah” she smiled at them. “Straight to the office please”. Barry opened her door for her as Jorah started the car. Once Barry was in the passenger seat, they took off. She was running on time today, which in her book meant she was late. She rushed up to her top floor, wanting to escape to her office. She was exhausted, all thanks to Mr. Stark. 

Missy wasn’t waiting for her when the elevator opened, and she wasn’t in Dany’s office waiting, which meant she was likely on some kind of wild goose chase on one of the other floors. She at least knew she was here, since she had hot coffee sitting on her desk. No messages yet, so she put her things down, grabbed her coffee and walked down the hall to Tyrion’s office. She knocked before entering. “Good Morning” Dany smiled, peaking into his office. 

“Come in dear, sorry for the mess, you know how the fall is” he waved her in, moving things out of the way. His office was far from messy, but like her, Tyrion was a control freak, so too many papers automatically meant messy. She sat down across from him in the black leather chair in front of his desk. Tyrion was a dwarf. He had curly dirty blonde hair, and enough personality to match the tallest man in the world. 

She sat and looked over all the Holiday ads he had for her, only pointing out a few minor changes that needed to be made. After about a half hour, they were finished, and she went back to her day. Once back in her office, there was still no Missy to be found. Dany knew the longer Missy was gone, the bigger the problem would be once she returned. After waiting in her office another half hour or so, Dany decided to start her walk through without her for the day, and maybe she’d find her along the way. 

She always started on the ground floor and worked her way back up. Unfortunately that started with shipping. Surprisingly things seemed to be running smoothly, and Missy was no where to be found on the shipping floors, so that put her mind a little more at ease. She finally found her on the floor they did photo shoots on. In the midst of the disarray of the shoot for their spring line, there she was. She could have easily passed as a model. “There you are” Dany joked coming up behind her. 

“Ah, good morning love” she turned to hug Dany. “I’m so sorry, one of the models is MIA this morning, so we’ve been doing what we can to shoot around her, but there’s a few group shots we still need her for, and she’s not answering her bloody phone” Missy rolled her eyes.

This wasn’t a common issue for them, the few models she used on a normal basis were very good at their jobs, but she had always brought in a few new ones around the holidays. They were always young, and Dany understood no one was perfect. This was a first time thing for this particular model, so she would improvise for now and deal with her later. 

“Okay, drop the model for this shoot, and you fill in for her” she smiled to Missy. 

“Me?!” She yelled, wide eyed and wondering. 

“Yes you, you’re beautiful, those legs scream model, and who better to represent me than the woman I trust most in the world?” Dany smiled at her with puppy dog eyes. “You can do this, it’ll be great” she patted her on the shoulder and went to the photographer, not giving her a chance to say no. 

“Missy will be filling in for the missing model, for the individual and group shots. Bring me some samples when you’re all done please” she asked, and Simon, one of her photographers agreed. She turned hoping Missy wasn’t still freaking out, but to her surprise, she was already getting changed and ready and was back to her normal confident self. Dany smiled and returned to her walk-through, deciding she’d better leave her be. 

For the most part everything else seemed to be going so far so good. She made her way back to her office, surely to be buried in emails and missed calls and texts. Margery followed behind her and sure enough, she was right. She spent the rest of the day holed up in her office replying to emails, signing off on shipping reports, reading over sales numbers, pushing through her holiday ads, and phone call after phone call after phone call. 

Missy was normally her lunch reminder, but she was busy so Dany hadn’t even had a moment to think about eating. She was exhausted and starved. She decided on making the rare exception and taking off early. It was 6PM, so only an hour earlier than usual, but she needed it. Just as she was grabbing her purse to head out of her office, Margie pinged over her phone. “Daenerys you have a call on line one” 

She rolled her eyes. “Take a message please, let them know I will return their call first thing in the morning”

“I think you’ll want to take this...It’s Jon Stark” Marg hesitated. 

Am I that fucking obvious? She sighed 

“I’ll take it, give me a minute” she pinged back over. Shit. Shit. Shit. She took another deep breath and pulled herself together the best she could in the little time she had. What the hell has gotten into me? Daenerys Targaryen doesn’t pine over men. This is supposed to go the other way around. 

“This is Daenerys” she picked up.

“Daenerys, Hi. It’s Jon. Jon Stark” he sounded nervous.

“Hi” she may have let out a little too much excitement. “How are you?”

“I’m well. I’m so sorry to call so late, I just got good news and wanted to share it with you”. Gods he sounded so sexy over the phone. “Okay, spill” she said back, getting antsy. 

“I just got the approval and permits on all the plans, everything passed, so we can get started on the demo first thing tomorrow” he said excitedly. 

“Wow! That’s great! That was so fast!” She answered, ecstatic. 

“Yes, I don't think I’ve ever had a project pushed through so fast. The ordinate must have known Daenerys Targaryen is not the woman to keep waiting” he joked.

“She certainly isn’t”. She giggled, hoping he’d pick up on her flirting and take the hint. 

“I’ll keep that in mind” he laughed with her. “What time do you normally get to the office?” 

“I’m here by 7 at the latest, but I can be here any time”. She tried not to sound too eager.

“7 is perfect. I’ll have my guys ready to go in and get started”

And then it hit her. He wouldn’t be there. He wouldn’t be working on the project with his guys. She’d probably be seeing much less of him than she had assumed. “Perfect, I’ll give reception a heads up” she paused “Thank you so much Jon, for seeing my vision and helping me make it real. You’ve made this so much easier than anyone else would have. I’m not sure when I’ll see you next, so I just want you to know I really appreciate it” 

“What, is tomorrow not soon enough for you?” He laughed.

“You’ll be here?” She asked, again, not doing so well on containing her excitement. 

“Of course, I told you I oversee as much as I can. And a project this big has cleared most of my schedule through the end of the year” 

“Okay...well in that case, I’ll see you first thing in the morning” 

“I’m looking forward to it. See you then. Bye Daenerys” she could hear the smile in his voice. 

“See you then. And Jon?”


“Tomorrow isn’t soon enough” she hung up, biting her lip, hoping now maybe he would catch on.



Chapter Text



Jon laid sprawled out in the sea of dark blue that was his bedding in his boxer-briefs. He couldn’t get comfortable, he couldn’t get her out of his head. All he could think about was how hypnotizing her voice was on the phone last night. How she left him hanging with her flirty comments. That alone had his cock twitching in his pants. There was no more questioning rather she was flirting, rather or not she felt what he was feeling, she made that clear as day. He couldn’t wait to see her again. 

But he was more nervous than he could ever remember being. Should he act like she didn’t say what she said? Should he flirt back? Was this a good idea, given their current business agreements? He ran his hands frustratingly through his hair and eventually gave up on sleep and got up to get ready for his day. He nearly considered a cold shower to try and ease the tension she had wrought onto him, this mysterious woman, but went with warm instead. 

He definitely didn’t need coffee to wake him today, but had his usual cup anyway. He knew he couldn’t wear anything formal. As much as he knew he didn’t have to be hands-on with the project, he never wanted to be the kind of boss to stand around and watch his men work. He always jumped in and did just as much if not more work than they did. He decided on light denim jeans and a white Henley, leaving the top two buttons down, and his brown work boots. He tied most of his hair up to keep it out of his face. 

He went downstairs to his offices and gathered all the blueprints and layout sheets he needed to get started. He had plenty of extra time today, so he decided on taking his work truck. He threw all the sheets into the truck along with his tool belt and took off. He had already put in the materials orders for the first floor they’d be working on, which was to be offices, and right below her office’s floor. They wouldn’t need materials for a while though, since they first had to pull out everything that was already on that floor. Old cubicles, old carpet, old everything. He wondered how many elevator rides he’d take that day taking all of that from the 51st floor to the ground floor where they’d have trucks ready to haul everything out. It’d be an interesting day for sure, but not because of the work. 

Once he got to her building, he pulled around the back, where she had cleared space for his construction team. It was about 6:30AM. He wondered if she was here yet, and if he should go find her to say hello before he got started. He decided he probably shouldn’t bother her, and he’d maybe see her later in the day, knowing once he did, he’d want to do much more than say hello. He led his guys up to the floor they’d be working on and they got right to work. 

He pinned all the floor plans onto a wall so they’d have a model of what the finished product would look like once they were all done. They started by tearing down all the cubicles and put them in stacks lining up towards the elevator. They’d use the service elevator so they didn’t hold up the one everyone in the building used. Little to his surprise, the cubicles were complex, they didn’t just snap together and apart, they were all screwed together, so this took a lot more time than he’d hoped it would. 

They were about an hour into working when he heard the normal elevator ping. He panicked and almost dropped his end of the stack of cubicle parts he and one of his guys were carrying. Then she stepped out of the elevator causing him to come to a complete standstill. Her assistant followed and they were talking and laughing about something. And then her eyes met his and she gave him the softest smile. 

He could only imagine the stupid grin he probably had on his face right then. She was wearing an all black dress that looked more like just a jacket and hugged her entire body and came right above her knees. The chest was split straight down the middle and buttoned all the way down, leaving very little to his imagination, and black heels. Her hair was the same it was the first time he saw her, and she donned the red lipstick again. She had coffee in one hand and her phone in the other. Thank the gods he was carrying something, otherwise she may have caught the bulge she was causing in his jeans. 

“Good Morning” she finally said smiling as she walked over to them. She sounded...nervous? Shy?

“Morning” he smiled back. And there they were, stuck staring into each other’s eyes again. 

Her assistant cleared her throat, pulling them out of it. 

“Ah, sorry, this is Tormund” he nodded to the man holding the other end of the stack of metal they were carrying. “He’s my lead contractor. Tormund this is Daenerys, and her assistant Missandei. Daenerys owns the building” 

“Nice to meet you pretty ladies. I’d shake your hand, but...” his ginger friend nodded towards the lot they were carrying. 

“That’s alright” Daenerys laughed along with her assistant. 

“Let me go drop this down by the elevator and I’ll be right back and let you know how everything is going so far”

She nodded, and he and Tormund took off to the other end of the floor. “She’s a beauty” Tormund said once they were far enough away from them. “You’re telling me” he sighed, knowing he was in trouble. 

Once they dropped off the pile they were carrying, Tormund went off to help the rest of the guys as Jon made his way back to Daenerys. She had her back to him, giving him quite the view of her backside. He only hoped Missandei didn’t catch him looking. Once she heard his footsteps she turned to him, still wearing that telling smile. 

“I need to run and check on that thing we talked about” Missandei turned to Daenerys, giving her a knowing look. 

“Okay, come find me when you’re done” she nodded, grinning at her friend. And then they were alone. 

“Uh...I put this up so we know exactly how everything should be” he said, pointing to all the papers he had pinned to the wall. “The cubicles are all screwed together, so it’ll probably take most of today to get them down. Then we’ve got to pull this awful carpet” he laughed, and that got her laughing too.

“Do you have your phone?” She asked


“Can I see it?”

He pulled his phone out of his pocket and unlocked it, handing it to her hesitatingly. She tapped around on it for a minute or so and handed it back to him. “There. That’s my personal number. If you need anything or run into any problems, just call or text me. I know well enough how many people you had to speak to, and how long you had to wait just to talk to me last night” 

She was right. It went from front reception, to another woman, to her Secretary, and then to her. He pressed on her number and heard her phone buzzing. “And now you have mine” he smiled to her, and hung up the call. 

She blushed a little. “I have a meeting I have to run to, but I’ll come by later and see how things are going” 

“You don’t have to do that you know, you can trust me with this” he waved around the room.

“I know, but want to” she smiled over her shoulder as she was walking back to the elevator. 

Gods she was sexy. And she was continuing the flirting. Some might even say she was teasing. Finally tearing himself from watching the elevator, hoping she would come back off and ask him to follow her, he turned to get back to work when he felt his phone buzz in his hand. It was a text from her.

Enjoy the view?

Shit. He started to type, and then erased his response several times. He wasn’t normally shy, but he didn’t want to fuck this up. He stupidly thought maybe she was talking about the view from her building...No. She was definitely talking about herself. Right? He wondered if he should flirt back, or act like he had no idea what she was talking about. How boring would that be? He took a page from her book and bravely typed a response and quickly hit send before he’d have to hand his balls over to someone more worthy.

How could I not? That dress 😍

He could see that she’d read his message, but didn’t respond. This made him even more nervous. Fuck. Maybe she was talking about the actual view. Maybe he was too forward. He didn’t want her to think he was objectifying her. He went back to work hoping to distract himself. That didn’t work, but at least he was getting something done. Nearly an hour later he finally felt his phone buzz again in his pocket. He nervously pulled it out, afraid to even read her response. 

I wore it for you 😉

Fuuuck. He was in trouble. She was going to destroy him. What do you even say to that? He wanted to tell her it’d probably look even better off of her, but that was definitely too forward. He couldn’t just not respond. He could just go find her and show her just how much he enjoys the view. He decided to be a gentleman, as much as he could given the circumstances.

I’m honored. You’re stunning Daenerys.  

She read his message but didn’t respond again. He decided maybe this was just a normal thing for her. He could only imagine how busy she was. He went back to pulling cubicles apart and tried, but failed, to not think about her. They finished after hours and hours of working on them, not realizing how many parts there were. 

They took a lunch and then spent another hour or two just taking them in batches down the service elevator and out to the large dumpster they had brought in for the demo. It was nearly 5PM once they were done, so he decided to stay and start to pull up the carpet. It was just him and Tormund, he had sent the rest of his guys home for the day. This would probably be the easiest part of pulling this floor apart. It’d take a little longer with just the two of them, but he didn’t mind, he wanted it done. 

Tormund was not only his employee, he was also his best friend. They had been friends for a long time, since the war, and Tormund followed Jon south from the north to work for him. He could never repay Tormund for how much he had done for him. Besides that he was by far his best employee. Tormund couldn’t complain too much about the south though, he had met his wife since coming there, so there were perks for him too. 

After another almost two hours, they finished the carpet and had taken it all down to the ground floor too. He sent Tormund home and went back up to turn off the lights and grab his things. Once he was in the elevator, he decided to take a bit of the bravery he had summoned earlier today, and instead of hitting the button with the “1” to go home, he pushed the “52” to go up and see if the woman who’d been occupying his thoughts all day was still in the building. 

It was nearly 7PM, he was sure she probably had gone home. But if not, he wanted to see her. When the elevator opened, there was an older man who seemed to be standing guard in the foyer. “Good Evening” he nodded to the man nervously. “I’m Jon, I’m doing the construction downstairs” he held out his hand and the older man shook it. 

“Barristan. I’m Miss Targaryens security”. Miss he noticed. At least he knew she wasn’t married. 

“Nice to meet you sir. I-is she around?” He was still nervous, he could imagine this man was probably wondering why a strange man like himself was looking for Daenerys. But he figured, he was doing construction for her, surely he could believe they had things to discuss...right? 

“She’s in her office” her assistant Missandei appeared out of no where and answered. “I can show you where it’s at”

He nodded to Barristan and followed Missandei. They went as far north as the path way of glass walls would lead them, and then took a right, to the very end of that hall where he found the only room that had actual walls. Her door was open, and he could hear her voice. 

“She’s on a call, but she should be done soon. You can go in, just be quiet” she smiled. 

“Thank you Missandei” he nodded to her. 

“Please, call me Missy” she smiled, and went back to whatever it was she was doing before he got there. 

When he turned to walk into the room, he was taken back by how exquisite her office was. Despite most of her building being bright, her office was dark aside from a few white or red touches, but that wasn’t what caught his eye. It was her, of course. But instead of the regal business woman he saw earlier, he saw what he imagined was probably the real Daenerys. 

She was pacing in front of a lit fireplace, seemingly frustrated with whatever her call was about. She was barefoot, some of her hair was pulled up, she donned glasses that made her...cute? She had what was likely her dinner on the coffee table. She hadn’t noticed he was standing there, and although he felt like he shouldn’t be there, listening to what ever this call was about, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. 

“We are going in circles, and we both have better things to do Varys, so please, for the love of gods, whatever it takes, whatever it costs, fix this, and do it quickly” she said angrily to who ever was on the phone as she hung up. She walked to her desk and sat her phone down, still not noticing him. He was feeling like a creep the longer he stood there without her knowing, so he cleared his throat. She looked up at him in shock and then put her hand to her forehead. “Jon, I’m so sorry. How long have you been standing there?” 

He tried not to laugh. “Long enough” he smiled, forcing in his laugh and walking into the room. “Bad day I take it?”

“Great day, bad night” she let out the breath she was holding in. “Sit, please” she waved to the black couch surrounding the coffee table. 

“That’s okay, I’m sure you need to be going soon, I just wanted to say goodnight” 

“I’ll be here for a while. That was my business partners assistant, and it appears that my partner has created another mess for me to clean up, so I will be here until I know that it’s been handled” she sighed. 

Sensing that she needed someone to vent to, he sat down. She came around from her desk and sat on the couch next to him, folding her legs underneath herself, relaxing her elbow on the back of the couch with her hand on her head, fully facing him, seeming to have calmed down. “Would you like something to drink?” 

“I’m alright, thank you” gods he was nervous. He leaned back into the couch, turning towards her a bit, trying to hide just how nervous she made him. Also trying not to stare at her chest. “Question?”


“What ever this crisis is, what can you do about it tonight, from here, that you couldn’t do from home?”

“That’s a great question, and I may have lied by saying I had an answer” she giggled, and he laughed with her. 

“I only ask because I’m noticing what seems to be you over working yourself, that’s all. This will be the third evening in a row I know of that you’ve been here late, and something tells me this is a habit of yours. But now I’m finding out that you may also be a liar” he laughed again and so did she. 

“I’m usually quite an honest woman, Jon Stark, I’m not so sure what’s come over me to cause me to forget my honor” she smirked. 

And there it was again, the eye contact. He could get lost in her eyes. He could almost feel what seemed like the both of them leaning into each other before she blinked and pulled away. “You’re probably right, I could deal with this at home. Walk me out?” She grinned mischievously. 

“I’d love to” he stood, offering his hand to help her up off the couch. She took it and he could instantly feel the electricity running between them again. She didn’t let go right away, but then she went to her desk. 

She pointed a remote towards the fire place and that turned off. She put her jacket and heels back on and grabbed her things and began to walk towards the door and he followed. They went to a glass office next to hers where he saw Missandei on the phone and typing away on her computer at the same time. Daenerys peeked in and he could see her put who ever was on the phone on hold. 

“Jon is going to walk me out, will you be done soon?” he couldn’t hear what Missandei was saying back to her. “Okay, I’ll meet you at the car, I’ll leave Barry to walk you. Can you grab the food from my office?”. Missandei was nodding and giving her a thumbs up as she brought her phone back to her ear. 

Daenerys turned back to him and smiled. “Shall we?”



Chapter Text



Her heart was racing as they walked side by side to the elevator in silence. She had to force herself to stop smiling. Barristan was waiting for her at the foyer. “Barry, Jon is going to walk me to the car, will you please wait here for Missandei, she should be finishing up soon?”. He nodded in answer. Finally once she and Jon were in the elevator he broke the silence. “So does Missy live with you?”

“Missy? Are you on a nickname basis with my assistant already?” she teased, nudging his arm. “She lives in my building so we ride together”

“Ah, environmentally friendly, I see”

“That’s me” she grinned sarcastically 

“So what’s a guy gotta do to get on a nickname basis with Daenerys Targaryen?” 

“Hmm, I guess you’ll have to try and find out” she blushed. 

The elevator pinged and he waved her out first. She walked slowly and he was back at her side. Without realizing she had done it, she looped her arm through his. She could feel the muscles in his bicep. When she looked to see if he reacted to her touch, he was looking right at her, with a devilish grin. He held the door open for her as they left the building. She could see Jorah waiting by her SUV out front. Although it was fall, it was still fairly warm during the day in Kings Landing in September, but it was chillier at night. A breeze hit her, causing her to shiver. “I forgot you’re parked in the back” she noted.

“It’s okay, I can find my way back there”

“Nonsense, we’ll drive you” she said, squeezing his arm. He smiled again.

They eventually got to her car, and she could tell from a mile away that Jorah was questioning who this man was that she had with her and why he was coming to the car. “Good evening Daenerys” he nodded to her. Jorah made it a habit not to call her Dany in front of people that weren’t close to her. “Good evening Jorah. This is Jon Stark. He owns the company doing the remodel in the building. Jon this is Jorah, my driver and good friend” she smiled. Jon reached out to shake hands and Jorah accepted. “Nice to meet you Jon” 

“Jon is parked behind the building, can we take him back there?” 

“Of course. Would you like to let Barristan and Missandei know to meet us out back?”

“On it” she said, taking out her phone and texting Missy. Jorah opened the door to the back seat for them. She got in first, hoping she wasn’t giving Jon even more of a view as she climbed over the seat in her short dress. Jon got in next to her and the tension was back now that they had a third party again. “I owe you an apology” she broke the silence this time.

“Is that so?”

“Yes. I told you I’d come back by and see you earlier today and I didn’t” 

“I could say that was another lie” he teased. 

She shook her head laughing. “I guess I’ll have to make it up to you” 

“I guess you will” he met her gaze. 

Once they were behind the building parked by what she assumed was Jon’s truck, she could tell neither one of them wanted to say goodbye. But she definitely didn’t want to say goodbye with Jorah listening in on their conversation. “I’ll come make sure you get to your truck safely” she laughed. Now he was shaking his head smirking, getting out on his side while she got out on hers and he came around to meet her.

They walked to the drivers side of Jon’s truck. He threw his tool belt into the back and then turned to face her, leaning against the drivers side door as she stood in front of him. She crossed her arms over her chest, feeling the cool breeze again. She was surprised when she felt his hand grasp her arm and pull her into him. He wrapped his arms around her and she laid her head against his chest, listening to his heart race, matching hers. She wanted to wrap her arms around him, but they were warm against his chest. “You’re going to freeze out here” 

“I guess you’ll just have to keep me warm” 

“I can’t complain” he chuckled. “So about this ‘making it up to me’ you think you could pull yourself away from work long enough to have dinner with me tomorrow night?”

“I think I could manage that” she looked up at him smiling, her chin still resting on his chest. 

“It’s a date then” he smiled back at her. “I’ll pick you up at 7? I’m sure from here” he eyed the building behind them. 

She giggled. He had figured out her workaholic persona all too quickly. “7 is perfect, and yes, I’ll be here”

She heard the back door opening then, and saw Missandei and Barry coming out. She pulled away from him, his hands slowly running down her arms, keeping her at arms length. Once his hands reached hers, he locked them in his. “I better go before we have an audience” she laughed, watching Missy and Barry getting in the car, and he nodded. 

“I’ll see you in the morning” she added, taking a step away from him, letting go of one hand slowly, not looking away from his eyes as she turned to walk away. He pulled her back by the hand that was still entangled in his. He let her hand go only to grasp her face with both hands and kissed her. 

It was one kiss, and it was soft, and slow, and she wanted more. She opened her eyes to meet his. She saw the hesitance on his face as if she was going to be mad, so before it was too late, she put her hands on his sides and pulled him closer and kissed him once more. Slowly again, trying to take it all in, memorize the feeling of his lips on hers. Their lips separated, but their faces were still only a mere inch apart, his hands still holding her face, his thumbs running across her cheeks. “I’m sorry, I had to” he whispered. 

“I’m glad you did” she whispered back, and kissed him once more before she let him go and turned to get in her car, smiling back at him. She couldn’t breathe once she got in the car. Her heart was still pounding, she thought it might jump right out of her chest. 

“Straight home Dany?” Jorah broke her out of her Jon shaped cloud of thoughts. 

“Yes, please” she managed to get out. She looked over to Missy, who shot her the biggest grin. “Don’t even” Dany pointed to her and they both laughed. Once they were back at her place, she warmed up the food they had ordered earlier in the evening and sat on her couch to eat it. 

“Spill” Missy finally said. Dany knew she wasn’t getting out of this. 

“What?” She played along. 

“Tell me how you ended up being pushed up against your contractors truck with his tongue down your throat” she laughed. 

Dany playfully slapped her arm “There was no tongue!”

“Okay, okay! So what happened?”

“Well I showed you our texts, we’d been flirting all day, I guess he finally decided to make his move” she smirked. 

“Thank god for that. So what now?”

“We’re going to dinner tomorrow evening”

“Are you going to seduce him into your evil web of hook ups or are you finally going to actually date someone?”

She sighed. Missy knew her all too well. Better than anyone. She did know that she was hooking up with her business parter at one time, Dany just didn’t know if she knew she still was, or how often. It had been nearly two years and they kept it under wraps. It was strictly sex, and only happened when one of them wasn’t away on business, or dating someone else, if you could call it that. 

Even before him, there was Drogo, who she strung along for over a year knowing she had no intention of settling down with him, and there were a handful of flings in between that she ended as soon as they wanted to get serious. Wanting to move in together, or even just stay over, wanting her to meet their friends or their parents, becoming too attached to her, all red flags for her. She wasn’t into the whole relationship thing. She didn’t have time for it. She didn’t trust or care for anyone enough to even feel the need to make time. She just needed the physicality of it and once it became more she cut it off.  

She knew it was way to soon to know for sure, but Jon felt different. She had never wanted a man like she wanted Jon, or even really went after someone like she was him. Everything before was all about convenience. If a man happened to come onto her and was good looking, had a good career, and she could trust him enough to keep their private life private, it worked out for her and she took what she needed from it when she had time. 

She’d go on dates with the intention of trying a relationship, but it never worked out, it was never what she wanted. She never felt the desire to want any of them around all the time or want to put in the effort. She never felt any desire towards any of them at all. She was already catching herself making time for Jon, maybe not as much as she would have liked to, but she was a work in progress. She had only known him a few days, it could go anywhere. They could go on this date and she could see the same red flags she’s seen every other time and feel the need to run, but maybe not. Only time would tell. 

“I guess we’ll have to wait and find out” she smirked at Missy. She poured herself a glass of wine, trying to calm her nerves. Missy declined the drink, she wasn’t a big fan of wine, and after they had a good dose of girl talk, she went down to her apartment. Dany didn’t even feel tired, so she poured another glass. She was starting to feel better, less anxious. Jon made her feel better, that was for sure. 

Varys calling her to tell her that her business partner, also her latest bed mate, had gotten drunk at a club in Essos and punched someone wasn’t helping. They thought he was in the clear, but then someone approached them with a video of the incident, wanting to be paid to keep quiet. She didn’t care how much it took, however much it was would come out of his salary. 

She couldn’t afford any negative press right now, even if it was her fathers company it’d hurt and not her own. It all came back on her. Her partner may be her CEO for her fathers company, but it was still her company, she still owned it. Varys had texted her since she’d been home letting her know he’d take care of it and not to worry. She turned off her TV in her living room and took her wine to her room, still wearing the dress she wore that. For Jon. Wanting to look good for him.

She couldn’t stop thinking about him. As if she needed any more push to be a tease, the wine had her feeling even more brave. She took a picture of herself in the dress, her face probably a little too seductive, and sent it to him.

I wanted to make sure you had something to remember me by in this dress you liked so much 

As if I could forget. You’re so beautiful

Shouldn’t you be sleeping?

I tried, but I can’t stop thinking about you. Shouldn’t you?

I suppose, but I’d much rather be kissing you.

Will you sleep if I promise I will kiss you the second I see you in the morning?

I think you’ll be doing that rather I sleep or not.

Perhaps, but the sooner we go to sleep, the sooner we can wake up and find out.

Goodnight Jon, dream of me.

That’s a given. Goodnight Daenerys.

She could talk to him all night. But it was late, and she knew she’d regret it tomorrow if she didn’t get some sleep. And Jon was right, the sooner she slept, the sooner she could wake up and rush to work to see him. The wine helped her, she changed into a t-shirt and fell right to sleep. She dreamt of Jon and his soft lips. 

When her alarm went off in the morning, she rushed out of bed, rushed through her morning, and the only struggle she had was standing in her giant closet pushing through her hundreds of outfits trying to decide what to wear. Not only would she be seeing Jon at work, they had their date tonight. She finally settled on a red sequin top and a floral embellished skirt. It was short and she’d probably be cold but she didn’t care. She slipped on matching red heels and curled her hair. She went with light make-up, not wanting to over do the red. She also had every intention of kissing Jon as many times as she possibly could that day, and she figured red was probably not his lip color. 

She got to the office early. Even Missy wasn’t there yet. It was nearly 6:30AM, so it was a little odd for her not to be there, but maybe she was running errands. She knew Jon wasn’t there, because their trucks weren’t out back yet. She went straight to her office, trying to pull herself together and focus on work as much as she could. After reviewing and approving the final draft of their holiday ads that Tyrion had emailed her, she decided to check in with Varys and see what the status was on his situation. She could call her partner directly, but she felt she probably wouldn’t be able to contain her anger if she did. She dialed Varys, pacing in front of her office windows.

“Hello darling” he answered. 

“Varys, I need an update” she cut straight to the point, not having the time or patience for pleasantries.

“We have it handled dear, I told you. I paid the idiot, no one else saw, we’re in the clear” 

“You’re sure?”

“Absolutely” he answered confidently. 

“Thank you. Please let my partner know we’ll be having a long talk when he returns” 

“I’m sure he’s looking forward to it. Bye darling”

She skipped her goodbyes and hung up just as she felt an arm slink around her waist from behind, a warm presence behind her, and another arm reach around her other side handing her a coffee. She could tell by the arms alone it was exactly who she wanted to see. 

She took the coffee and turned to face him, holding his arm around her waist. Her cheeks hurt from how wide she was smiling, and he returned the smile, leaning in to kiss her. It seemed as if each kiss they shared got better than the last, as if that was even possible. “Good Morning” she grinned and kissed him again. “Morning” he kissed her once more before stepping back just a little. She took a sip of the coffee, realizing it was her usual. “How did you-“ 

“I cannot reveal my sources” he smirked, moving around to sit in the chair in front of her desk, as she went to sit in her chair.

“Well you’ve just made my whole morning” she said, taking another sip. “My assistant is MIA, and my drama with my partner has spilled over into today, and you...” she smiled, taking him in. Today he had on dark denim jeans, black work boots, and a dark grey t-shirt. His hair wasn’t pulled back which made him even more irresistible. He smelled so good, she thought about trapping him in her office just to take him in all day. 

“I’m glad I could help” 

“How’s your day so far?”

“Everything is running smoothly. I’ve got the guys started on taking down walls, so it may get a little loud down there. And I’ve just come up here to see, and kiss, the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen. So I’d say it’s going pretty well” he laid his hands palms up across her desk, asking for hers without saying. 

She blushed nervously, and put her hands in his. He rubbed his thumbs over the tops of her hands. “I hope your day gets better, but if it doesn’t, I promise your night will” he grinned. It was amazing how much this simple gesture calmed her, his calloused hands were surprisingly soft and warm. 

Then she heard a knock and a throat clearing at her door. It was Missy. She slowly pulled her hands out of his, shooting him a glance, a silent apology. “There you are, I’ve been worried” she attempted to scold her best friend. 

“I’m so sorry, I got stuck on 5 dealing with a fabric emergency” she came and sat in the chair next to Jons. “Good morning Jon” she smiled at him and he nodded, giving her a knowing look. “Anyway, it’s handled, and I made sure you had your coffee one way or another” she gave her a sly grin. 

“How did you-“

“I’m your assistant, it’s my job” 

“Why do I have a feeling you two are up to no good?” She looked back and forth between them. They looked at each other and chuckled. Assholes. 

“Whatever do you mean, Daenerys?” Missy feigned being insulted. 

“Yeah, yeah. I’m watching you. Both of you” they all laughed.

“Do we have an update on your other situation?” Missy changed the subject. 

“Yes, Varys says it’s handled. I guess only time will tell” 

Missy rolled her eyes. “Typical. The man can never keep his hands to himself one way or another” 

She could tell this made Jon curious. “If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of partner are we talking here?” He tried acting like he was somewhat joking, but she knew he was serious. “I thought you ran Dracarys by yourself, so I was just curious”

As much as she didn’t want to, she knew she had to tip toe around this, at least for now. “He runs my fathers business. My father passed when I was young, and I inherited the business when I turned eighteen. I ran it alone until everything was steady, and then I hired my partner as my CEO to run my father’s company, so that I could start up and focus solely on Dracarys” 

“I see” he said. She couldn’t read how he took that. 

“Her partner is very good at his job, but he’s also a typical hot head bachelor, so every now and then we have to deal with rather a fight, or a lover scorned” Missy cut in, and Dany had to hold back a laugh. 

“Sounds like a fun guy” Jon said sarcastically. 

“What’s our day look like?” Dany changed the subject again, turning to Missy. 

Jon cut in. “Sorry ladies, I didn’t mean to over stay, I just wanted to tell this one good morning. I should go check and see how things are going downstairs” he stood and leaned over her desk to kiss her forehead. “I’ll see you tonight” he winked to her. 

She and Missy both watched him leave and as soon as the door shut behind him, Missy was a full blown bubble of excitement, giving Dany silent claps. She shook her head laughing, waving her to go on. She calmed and went back to looking at Dany’s schedule on her tablet. 

“Sorry, uhm, surprisingly empty. I cleared you after 7 like you asked. You have a meeting at 11 to review the photo shoot from Tuesday, a call at 2 with the packaging company, and we probably need to go check on shipping and see how things are going, otherwise you’re free” 

“Perfect, lets go down to shipping now and get that out of the way” 

“Do you need to stop on 51 for a quick make-out session first?”

“Don’t tempt me” she smirked back to Missy.

The two of them made their way down to the ground floor and went one by one through the three shipping floors. There were no major issues and shipping was seeming to become less and less of her ‘problem child’ each day. This took a little over an hour before they were back up in her office preparing for her meeting at 11. She had forgotten her phone upstairs so she caught up on all her missed calls and texts. Her eyes lit up to see she missed a text from Jon.

Did I mention how sexy you look today? Do these dresses just get better each day or what?

Her heart dropped. Gods what was this man doing to her? Missy could see on her face what was happening. “What does Jon have to say today?” She said nonchalantly, eyes remaining on her tablet. Dany just grinned, trying to decide what to say back to him. 

“Is it wrong to sleep with someone on the first date?” She giggled and Missy burst into laughter. 

“Not necessarily, I’m sure you have before, but if you want it to last, you probably ought to hold out until at least the third date” she answered, still laughing. 

“Well, If we have lunch together today, and we had lunch together the first day we met, it could be our third date” Dany joined in on the laughter. 

“Daenerys Targaryen you awful girl” Missandei threw her head back laughing. 

They might, but not quite better than what’s underneath them 😉

Red is definitely your color. Are you trying to kill me woman? 

She giggled at his response. “But honestly, are things moving too fast, do you think? I’ve never done this before” she asked Missy. 

“Done what before, dated?” She asked sarcastically 

“Yes! Dated someone I actually like, actually caring if things work out”

“It’s your first date Dany, It’s not too fast. You guys have good chemistry, I like him”

“Alright, back off” Dany joked. 

It was time for her to go into her meeting, so she let Missy know to order pizzas for the guys and she would take it down to them once her meeting was done. She wasn’t actually going to consider their lunches dates, but she wanted to see him. 

Her meeting was with Simon, her photographer. He had brought all the samples from their shoot Tuesday so she could decide which ones would be used for their Spring campaign. Missandei was absolutely beautiful in the photos that were taken of her. She was so proud. Granted, she made at least three times a model’s salary as her assistant, but she knew deep down Missy enjoyed doing the shoot. She wouldn’t make it a habit, she needed her too much, and she was glad she had fun. 

After about an hour, their final choices had been made and they finished up with their meeting. Pizza had arrived so she decided to make her way down to see Jon. They’d had her favorite pizza in their first meeting, so this time she’d gotten Jon’s favorite. When she stepped off the elevator, she heard him whistle, pretending to cat call her. She laughed, along with all of his men, and blushed. He came to her and put one arm around her waist and kissed her, right in front of everyone, for the world to see, and she couldn’t have cared less. “Mmm, a beautiful woman and pizza, what more could a man ask for?” 

She continued blushing. “I figured you guys were probably hungry and could use some lunch” she handed him the pizza.

“Thank you” 

“How are things going?”

“We’re about done tearing down everything on this floor. We should be finished up today. As of this morning, we hadn’t gotten all the materials in to start putting in the new flooring, walls, all that. So depending on what came today, we may not be getting started on the new stuff until Monday” 

“What am I going to do without you for three days?” She joked

“You can see me whenever you want” he winked.

They sat and ate pizza together and continued to talk about work. He called his receptionist to see if anything had been delivered, and she told him about her meeting and the photos of Missy, showing him some pictures of the photos on her phone. 

She didn’t want to leave him, but they both had work to do. He walked her to the elevator and pushed the call button for her, kissing her over and over as he backed her into the elevator. “See you tonight” he said as they parted and the doors closed. When she returned to her office, there was a giant bouquet of red roses on her desk. If she wasn’t already smiling from ear to ear, she was now.


Chapter Text



Jon was surprisingly nervous for their date. He had roses delivered to her office earlier in the day with a card that read “counting down the minutes until I get to see you again” and she had texted him as soon as she got them shortly after she’d headed back up from their lunch together, with a picture of them on her desk. 

Thank you Jon, they’re beautiful 😘

Not near as beautiful as you Dany 😘

No one has ever sent me flowers, you’re really pulling out all the stops aren’t you?

He found that very hard to believe, and the thought of it almost made him sad. 

Only for you. You deserve to have flowers every day. 

The rest of the day seemed to drag on, but finally it was almost 6:30, so he let his guys go home. He had brought clothes to change into so he wouldn’t have to go home first. He traded his jeans and t-shirt for a dark grey suit and white dress shirt, and black dress shoes. He let his hair back down and did what he could with it. He needed a hair cut. He had brought his car that day instead of his work truck, so he didn’t have to take her out in his dirty truck. 

Once he was ready, he made his way up to her floor. All the lights were on, but he didn’t see around. No missy, no security, no secretary. He made his way to her office and could hear her talking. He thought Missy was probably with her, but when he got to her door way, she was on the phone and alone.  

He leaned against her door frame with his hands in his pockets just watching her, smiling. She was hypnotizing. She noticed him this time right away, and wasn’t half way out of her clothes like last night, and she wasn’t pacing so he took that as a good sign. She smiled softly at him, as if a wave of relief washed over her. She held up a finger letting him know she’d be just a minute. 

“Perfect, thank you. Please email me the details and I’ll look it over first thing in the morning” she nodded to whomever was on the phone. “Okay, bye bye darling”. She hung up and let out a sigh. 

“I’m so sorry” she said without looking at him, going to her desk to grab her things. 

“It’s fine, take your time” he tried to calm her. “So, darling huh? Do I have some competition?” He joked, referring to her calling the person on the phone darling. That got her to smile. 

She walked towards him with a flirty smirk. “No, darling, you don’t” she kissed him once gently. “That was my publisher, who is very much a woman, and very married” she smiled, and linked her arm through his and they made their way to the elevator, she shut the lights off as they went. 

“Where are all your people?” He asked. 

“I sent them home” she looked up at him as he pressed the call button for the elevator. 

Once it opened, he backed into it, pulling her in with him. He reached for the “1” button and then wrapped his arms around her hips, pulling her closer, their foreheads touching. 

“Did I mention how sexy you look this evening?” She said, partially mocking his text, but also genuinely admiring him, smirking up at him, their lips nearly brushing against the other’s. He shook his head snickering. “I like this” she said, running her fingers through his hair. “And you smell so good” she nearly whispered to his neck, moving closer to him, if that was even possible. 

“Daenerys, you keep on and we’re not going to make it to dinner” 

She kissed him then, as the elevator pinged and opened to the ground floor. She turned her back to him, pulling his hand along, keeping him close behind her. “I’m sorry, I’ll try to behave” she giggled. 

Consider me a dead man he thought to himself. 

“I’m out back” he led her the other way around to the back of the building. The ground floor did still have a few of her employees there, who seemed to be shutting things down. 

He kept his hand at the small of her back as they walked in silence. They got to his car and he opened her door for her, holding her hand to help her in. He went around to the drivers side and got in and started the car. He wasn’t sure about her music preference, so he let her control that. She left it where it was, on some random today’s hits station. 

He drove away from her building towards their destination with one hand on the steering wheel, and the other holding her hand. He brought it to his lips and kissed her knuckles, and she blushed. He noticed her phone ringing, and she ignored it, and put it on silent. 

“You don’t have to do that” he said, looking over to her. 

“Yes, I do...tonight, I’m all yours” she grinned. 

He smiled back at her and kissed her hand again. They made it to the restaurant, and he went around to open her door for her again. He’d made reservations at the Red Keep, a nice restaurant with candle lit dinners, and it sat right on the beach. Before she could link her arm into his, he took her hand instead, their fingers entangled perfectly as if they were meant to be that way. 

“Reservation for Stark” he told the hostess when they entered. “Right this way” she smiled and led them to their table. It was very intimate, and although there were other people eating there, it still seemed somewhat private. Their table was by the window, so you could see the ocean waves coming in, the sun had almost entirely set on the horizon. 

“Have you been here before?” He asked her. 

“Yes, but it was quite a long time ago. As you can imagine, I don’t get out a lot” she grinned. “You?”

“Same, I came here once for a business meeting when I first moved here”

“Very intimate for a business meeting” she smirked. 

“Yes, the client chose. It was very...awkward” he laughed.

“You said you moved here, I’m assuming from the North?”

“How’d you know?”

“The accent kind of gives you away” 

Their waiter came and took their drink order. She had red wine, and he had scotch. It was quiet for a minute as they looked over the menu, and he gazed at her over his. You’d think with how dim the lights were, you wouldn’t be able to see how bright her eyes were, but the candle light bounced off of them and for a moment they looked more gold than blue. She was captivating. She caught him looking and blushed. 

Their drinks came and they ordered their food. It was nice to see her order an actual meal opposed to a salad or a crouton. But he had seen this woman down a slice of pizza twice now, so he knew he probably wouldn’t have to worry about that. She sipped her wine, keeping her eyes on him. 

“So, Jon Stark, do you do all of this for all of your dates?” She smirked, and he chuckled. 

“I honestly don’t go on a lot of dates. Like you, I don’t really have the time, and I haven’t really met anyone here that I’ve wanted to do things like this with. Until you” he smiled

“So no crazy exes I need to worry about?” She smirked, taking another sip. 

“No, I don’t think so” he hesitated, but he wanted to be honest. “I had a serious girlfriend back home. She didn’t want to move here, we just wanted different things, so I ended it. I’ve been here for almost three years now, so that was quite some time ago. I’ve had one woman you could consider an ex since moving here. We’re still friends, she co-owns one of my suppliers. We dated for about six months, but let’s just say she was a little too crazy for my taste. Anything else hasn’t really worked out” he sipped his drink. “What about you?” 

She took a deep breath before answering, which worried him. “Well…hopefully this doesn’t scare you off, but…I honestly have never done the whole relationship thing. I’m not sure if it’s because of me not wanting it, or not having time for it, or just not finding someone I wanted to try with, maybe a combination of all three” she smiled. “I’ve had ‘flings’ I guess you could call them, it has only ever been…well, physical, to say the least, but never a relationship, never an ‘ex’ per say, at least not by my terms” she finished. He could tell that telling him this made her nervous, he felt she was probably scared of his reaction. He smiled and took her hand across the table, trying to sooth her nerves. “And what about me?” He asked. 

“I don’t really know. I’ve never been like this with anyone...I’ve never wanted someone like I want you” she said quietly. 

He could feel the heat rushing from his chest to cock after that. If anything he was glad they were being honest. He rubbed his thumb back and forth across her knuckles, keeping his eyes locked on hers. “That makes two of us” 

Their food came eventually and broke the trance they were in. They ate in mostly silence, answering easy questions in between bites. He learned her favorite color is red, her birthday is in October, she doesn’t have pets, she likes to read and loves heights, which was not so surprising considering her office was in the highest corner of her building. She liked to travel, her family owned an island off the coast of Kings Landing that she spent her holidays at, but she also told him that she doesn’t have any family left. It was just her, and that broke his heart. He could tell a lot of people around her were like family to her though. 

He told her all about his big family, how he and his mother lived with his uncle and three cousins for most of his life after his father passed away in the war before he was born. His parents weren’t married, and his father had no family, so he took his mothers last name. He also told her about his dog, Ghost, who stayed north with his Mom. He told her he’d been in the military but didn’t go into detail about that experience. It was a sore subject for him. 

They talked about her father’s company. He owned Kings Landing trading company, which he had no idea of. He couldn’t imagine her having to run both companies, so it made sense that she had someone running her father’s. From what he had heard so far though, her business partner sounded like a liability to her more than anything. 

They finished dinner and both declined dessert, and he picked up the check. Once they brought his card back and they finished their drinks, he stood and took her hand. “Come on, lets go walk the beach”. She smiled and took his hand and they left the restaurant. It was a cool night, but there was no breeze, so he’d hoped she wouldn’t get cold. They reached the edge of the sand and she removed her heels, carrying them in one hand, with her other hand entangled in his. 

It was dark by then, so there wasn’t much to see, but the sounds of the waves coming in were soothing. After walking and talking a while they stopped to turn around, finally out of sight of any restaurants or houses, and he slowly pulled her into him. She dropped her heels and brought her hands up to grasp his face, running her fingertips into his hair. She looked into his eyes for a moment before he leaned down to kiss her. His hands were around her waist. As their kiss deepened, she parted her lips, allowing him to run his tongue across hers. He ran his hands from her hips, up her sides, his thumbs brushed across the sides of her breasts, and he let go, only to take her face into his hands, as she dropped hers to his chest. 

They stopped only for a moment to catch their breath, their foreheads still touching. He could feel the heat of her eyes gazing into his. He kissed her a few more times before he realized how cold her cheeks were under his thumbs. He let her go and took his suit jacket off and put it on her. “Come on, lets get back to the car before you freeze” he smiled, holding back a laugh. 

He grabbed her heels for her and took her hand back into his as they made their way back to his car. Once they were there, he turned the heat on low to help her warm up. She curled her legs up into the seat, slightly turned towards him, still barefoot and wrapped in his suit jacket. He took her hand back into his as they drove off. She pulled their entangled hands into her lap and her free hand was holding onto his forearm. 

“So, do you drive at all or do you always have your driver take you where you need to go?” He asked, breaking their silence, but also trying to keep her awake, he could tell she was tired. She had already put her apartment building into his GPS, so at least if she dozed off, he wouldn’t have to wake her for directions. 

“I can drive, I have cars, I just usually don’t”

“Cars? As in plural?” He joked with her. He had made a habit of teasing her about her wealth, despite his own. 

“Yes” she grinned, squeezing his arm. “I love cars. Sometimes I like to escape down to the garage and take off in one and pretend I’m running away” she laughed, almost childlike. “But there aren’t too many. The SUV Jorah drives me in is mine, and then I have three cars. Well four, but Missy drives one of them” 

“You take good care of her” 

“She’s my best friend. One might even say she’s the only family I have” she softened. “What about you? You obviously have more than one car” she teased. 

“Yeah, okay” he laughed with her. “I have the truck, this car, and a motorcycle. I don’t it ride that often though with all the traffic here” 

“I’ve never ridden on a motorcycle” 

“We may have to change that” he winked at her. 

“We’ll see. So, you know where I live now, where do you live?” 

“I have a loft above my building” he looked over to see her reaction, only to find none. “It sounds small, but it’s pretty big. The building is three floors, so my show room is on the ground floor with the warehouse in the back, our offices on the middle floor, and my loft up top. It’s nothing extravagant, but I like it” 

“You’ll have to show me some time” 

“I could probably make that happen” he smiled over to her, and she smiled back. 

Once they pulled up to her apartment building, she told him to pull into the parking garage. “Want to come up?” She asked before he could decide if he should park or pull up to the elevator. 

“You know, you make it very difficult to be a gentleman, Daenerys” he smirked at her, but was one-hundred percent serious. 

“I promise I’ll be on my best behavior” she grinned. 

“Okay” he agreed, and she giggled. 

“You know, I usually don’t have to beg men to come up to my apartment” she teased. 

“Yeah well, I don’t see any of them around” he poked back at her, and she laughed. He parked and she got out before he could open her door for her. They walked to the elevator and jumped in. He wasn’t at all surprised to see her press the “P” for penthouse, and then have to enter a code to get in. “Penthouse, huh?” He looked over, with an eyebrow raised, trying not to laugh. 

“Shut up, Jon” she smacked his arm playfully. 

He was startled to see Barristan when the elevator opened. It was after 10PM. He wondered if maybe he lived with her. “Oh, hello Barry, good evening” she said to him, like this was all normal. 

“Good evening Daenerys. I wanted to make sure you got in safely. Will you be needing anything?” He eyed Jon. 

“No, we’re fine, go get some rest” she touched his shoulder, and he nodded. “I’ll be in my apartment if you need me. Goodnight” and he entered the elevator and went down. 

“Do all of your employees live in the same building as you?” He asked, not joking for once. 

“Just Jorah, Barry, and Missy. They live here free so I can keep them close in case I need them” she dropped her heels and hung his suit jacket on a peg, still in the foyer by the elevator. He was nervous to take even a single step into her apartment, worried he may not be able to control himself if she put him in any position where he probably should. 

“Free?” He asked, as he followed her lead and removed his shoes. 

“Yes, free. I own the building” she tossed a shit eating grin over her shoulder at him, and he snorted, shaking his head. “Of course you do” he laughed. 

“Come on, I’ll give you the tour. Would you like some wine?” He hesitated, distracted by her apartment. Another exquisite thing of hers that screamed Daenerys, and was very much like her offices, lots of white, marble floors, black furniture, but he hadn’t seen any red details, at least not yet. 

“Sure” he followed her into what seemed to be the kitchen. “This is the kitchen” she answered his thoughts while pouring them each a glass of wine. The entire north wall was glass, windows looking out over the city. There was a dining area next to her kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and a guest room on the main floor. 

They took a winding staircase upstairs where there was another guest room, a study, a bathroom, and her bedroom, which had her own bathroom attached, and a closet the size of another bedroom. They lingered in her room longer than they should have before going back downstairs. She turned on a fireplace and they sat on the couch, sipping wine and talking, about nothing in particular, probably both trying to keep from starting something they knew they shouldn’t finish. 

Eventually she leaned forward and placed her wine glass on the coffee table, and took his and did the same. She turned back to him and their eyes locked. She slowly climbed into his lap, straddling his thighs, putting her hands around his neck and leaning in to press her lips to his. He grabbed her hips and put everything into their kiss. He could kiss her for hours. He loved the feel of her lips on his, the taste of wine on her tongue. He could feel himself getting hard as he ran his hands all over her, and she began thrusting her hips, feeling the same heat that he was. 

He pulled back from her kiss, taking a minute to breath. “Daenerys” he whispered, trying to warn her. She nodded “I know” and she closed her eyes and pressed her forehead to his, taking a deep breath. He hoped she didn’t feel rejected. He took her face into his hands, forcing her to look him in the eyes. “Hey, don’t get me wrong, I want you, trust me, you have no idea how much” he said, taking her hand and leading it down to the now intruding bulge in his pants, and her eyes widened, probably just as surprised as he was at his boldness “but I don’t want to fuck this up” he finished. 

She nodded in agreement, surprisingly. “Me either” 

“So can we agree to take it slow?”

“How slow are we talking here?” She joked.

He snorted “I don’t want to plan anything, it ruins it. Let’s just let things happen as we go. No rush, Okay?”

“Okay” she gave him a small smile, and kissed him. “So, if I fully clothe myself and promise to only kiss you, how would you feel about staying with me tonight?” She asked shyly. 

He shook his head laughing. “I told you, you’re trying to kill me” and she laughed too. After a long pause, “I’d love to stay with you Daenerys” he answered, meeting her gaze again. 

She stood and took his hand and they went up to her room. He could see her grabbing clothes and then went into her bathroom. He had a shirt on under his dress shirt, so he stripped down to that and boxer briefs. By the time he was done, she came out of her bathroom in a t-shirt and shorts. It wasn’t any more tempting than anything else she’d worn around him so far, except for that he could see she no longer wore a bra. But any time before, she wasn’t laying in a bed next to him either so this would be an ultimate test of his ability to resist her. 

She climbed in to her side of the bed and he followed. Her bed was extremely comfortable. He met her in the middle and she nuzzled into his chest, resting her hand on his side. He put his hand on her back, inhaling her scent. 

“Can I tell you a secret?” She mumbled into his chest. 

“Of course” he caressed her back. 

“I’ve never done this before” she said nervously. 

“Done what, slept with a man without having sex?” He joked.

“Well, yeah I guess probably that too” she chuckled “but I’ve never had a man in my bed before” 


“Anytime I’ve had a man here, it’s been...for physical purposes only. And I don’t bring them to my bed” 

“You honor me Daenerys Targaryen” he laughed. And she joined, as he pulled her closer to him. 



“Call me Dany” 


Chapter Text



Dany woke up on her own, and oddly to no alarm. She was wrapped up in a warm embrace that was Jon. As much as she was panicking over breaking her own rules having him not only stay there, but in her bed, she hadn’t slept that good in years. He was still asleep, and she didn’t want to wake him, but when she looked at her phone and saw it was already 6:30AM, she rushed up to get out of bed 

“Shit” she whispered, figuring she must have shut her alarm off without realizing, if she even remembered to set it at all. He woke from her pulling out of his arms and groaned, grabbing her arm before she could get out of the bed, and pulled her back into him. 

“Jon I’m running late” she laughed, trying to escape him. Finally she gave up and let him hold her. She laid on her back and he draped an arm and a leg over her and kissed her cheek. She rolled to her side to face him, and put her hand on his cheek. He smiled, but still had his eyes closed. 

“Jon, I have to get up and get ready for work, I’m already late” she smiled and he finally opened his eyes. “Okay” he smirked, and pushed her back onto the bed and hovered over her, planting kisses from her cheek, to her jaw, to her chin, and finally her lips. She giggled from the tickle of his beard. “Let me at least take you to work” he kissed her again “Please” 

“Okay, but you have to let me get ready and stop distracting me” 

He laughed and rolled back onto his back and put his hands up in surrender “Okay, okay”

She climbed out of bed, still giggling at him. She knew she didn’t have time to shower so she hurried and fixed her hair and make up and went to get dressed. Jon was up and getting dressed when she went from her bathroom to her closet. She text Missy letting her know she was going to be late, and Barry and Jorah letting them know Jon was going to take her to work. She went back to getting dressed, deciding on a dark blue dress with thin straps, a grey blazer, and grey heels. Jon was sitting on the end of her bed waiting for her when she came out, and stood when he saw her.

“I was right about the dress thing” he grinned. 

“Oh were you?” She smirked back at him. 

He met her half way and wrapped an arm around her waist. “Absolutely” he whispered, as he leaned in to kiss her. She wrapped an arm around the back of his neck and deepened their kiss. Not getting near the fill she needed of him, she pulled back before she couldn’t stop herself. “If we don’t go now, I’ll never let you out of this apartment” she gazed into his eyes seductively. 

“I’m not sure I’d have a problem with that, but I know you’re internally panicking that you’re not already at work, so let’s go” he smiled. She could tell he didn’t want to go, and neither did she, but he was right. This had been her life for so long, she was feeling anxious being out of her normal routine. She took his hand and they made their way down to the parking garage to his car. He opened her door for her and then went around to get in, being oddly quiet. 

“Do we have time to stop and get you coffee? I don’t want to take any more of your morning away from you, you should at least have your coffee” he asked, not making eye contact with her. 


“Hmm?” He answered, still not looking at her, backing out of his parking space. 

“Look at me” and finally he did, stopping the car at the exit of the parking garage. She reached over and grabbed his chin. “You’re not taking anything away from me. Last night was wonderful, and waking up to you today was like a dream. I’m out of my routine, yes, but I’m not panicking. I wouldn’t have wanted my morning to go any other way. Except for maybe not shutting off my alarm, or having to get up at all” she grinned. “Okay?” She asked. 

“Okay” he smiled back to her. “For the record, I wouldn’t have it any other way either” he added, shifting the car back into drive and taking off. “Also we’re getting you coffee” he shot her a grin and put his hand on her thigh. She giggled and shook her head, resting her hand on his arm. They got coffee and then went to her building. It was a little after 8 by the time they got there. He parked out front and got out to open her door for her, offering his hand to help her out. “Want me to walk you up?” 

“No, it’s okay, I’ll own my walk of shame solo” she teased. 

“Okay, I’ll talk to you later” he smirked, before pressing her against his car, holding her waist, and kissed her passionately. 

She almost instinctively pushed him away, since they were out in public, and a lot of people were probably watching, and knew who she was, but she didn’t. She didn’t care. She wrapped her free arm around his neck and returned the kiss. 

He finally let her go, and turned to watch her leave. “Bye baby” he said, letting go of her hand as she shot a smile over her shoulder. She didn’t know what she was going to do without him all day. 

Once she made it up to her floor, she already knew the greeting she’d receive since she was never late, the knowing smiles, and glaring eyes. She didn’t care. The worst one was yet to come. Missy wasn’t in her office when she passed by, which meant she was either in Dany’s office, or running around some where. She hoped she hadn’t missed anything important, she had no idea what her schedule was like for the day, but Fridays were usually pretty calm. 

As much as she’d loved having Jon just one floor down this week, she was thankful there were no banging noises of demolition today, considering she was nursing quite the wine headache. Missy wasn’t in her office either. Dany sat and went over anything she missed on her desk. It didn’t take long for Missy to find her. “Daenerys Targaryen tsk tsk tsk” she smirked. “I’m upset I missed your walk of shame” she continued.

“Alright, have your fun” she rolled her eyes.

“How was it? Tell me everything” 

She hesitated. She wanted to keep as much of her life with Jon to herself. It was special to her, but she knew Missy would never drop it. “It was perfect” she smiled from ear to ear. 

“What happened?”

“We went to dinner, we walked the beach, and then went back to my place”


“Nothing happened, we just kissed. He stayed the night. We just slept...In. My. Bed.” she enunciated. Missy knew her rules, she’d know how big of a deal that was. 

“Wow, breaking your golden rule for Jon Stark, and no sex, I’m impressed” she arched her eyebrows and nodded. “So when are you seeing him again?”

“I’m not sure, I was a little preoccupied running around like a chicken with my head cut off after waking up late this morning to even ask or make plans. They aren’t working downstairs today, all the supplies aren’t in yet, so who knows” 

“I’m sure you’ll talk to him soon, you haven’t been able to stay away from each other all week” 

“It’s weird, isn’t it?”

“No, Dany, it’s not weird. Welcome to the world of real relationships” Missy rolled her eyes. 

“Have I missed anything this morning?”

“Absolutely nothing. It’s been like a graveyard here today”

“Good, I was planning on hiding on my couch all day” they both laughed. “I am starving” 

“Same, let’s order something”

Dany surprisingly did as she said she would, and kicked off her heels and made herself comfortable on her couch, and Missy did the same in an arm chair. They never got to do this. She did have to take a few calls, but no meetings or walk throughs today. They ordered takeout and lit the fireplace. 

It was close to noon when she was surprised to see a video call coming through from Jon. She answered to see him laying on what looked to be his couch shirtless. Her mouth watered. “Hi baby” he gave her a cheesy smile. “Hello darling” she returned his grin. “Missy is here, say hello” she turned her phone to Missy, wanting him to know to keep his dirty comments to himself. “Hi Missy” “Hello Jon” she waived. Dany turned the phone back to face him, biting her lip. She looked over to Missy who was fanning herself and tried not to laugh. “I was going to see if I could bring you lunch but I see I’m too late”

“Yes, Missy and I couldn’t wait for lunch so we ordered in an hour or so ago” 

“I see, it looks like you two are getting a lot of work done today” he grinned

“Oh yes, very busy day” she teased. “Are we just not wearing clothes today?” She laughed, pointing up and down in reference to him donning no shirt.

“Nope, zero clothes” he laughed

“So you were just going to bring me lunch in your birthday suit?”

“Sure was” 

“In that case, I’m famished” they both laughed. Missy shook her head at them “Get a room you two” she yelled. 

“I’m joking, I do have pants on” he pointed the camera to his lower half, showing the black jeans he was wearing. “So when will I be seeing the most beautiful girl next?”

She blushed “Hmm, we could have dinner at my place tomorrow tonight?”

“Do you cook?”

“No, but I have a chef” she grinned, knowing what his next words would be. 

“Of course you do” he shook his head smirking. “No, I’ll cook. Does Miss Workaholic take Saturdays off?”

“She does” she laughed. 

“Okay, what time would you like me over?”

“How’s sunrise?” She laughed and Missy shook her head smirking

“Dany” he gave her a knowing smirk. She loved hearing her nickname coming from his lips. 

“I know, I’m joking. Uhm, six?”

“Five” he winked.

“Five then” she bit her lip again. 

“It’s a date. Also, I got most of your supplies in today, and the rest will be here tomorrow, so we’ll be able to get back to work on Monday” 

“I knew you couldn’t stay away too long” 

“Never” he grinned and then sighed. “I’ll let you get back to work baby, text me later”  

“I will, bye” she waved and blew him a kiss. He returned the kiss and hung up. 

“You two are disgusting” Missy grinned and gave her the side eye. “But it’s good to see you so happy”

“I am happy” she smiled. 

“Dany, huh?”

“You caught that?” 

“And baby?” She teased. 

Dany grabbed a throw pillow and threw it at her friend. They went back to what they were doing before. Which was nothing. Dany decided not to wait to text Jon. 

Have I told you how much I love it when you call me that? 



I didn’t think you would, but I had to risk it. I’m glad you do. 

I do ☺️

I miss you

I miss you too! I’m excited now for tomorrow night

Me too. What kind of movies do you like?

Hmm anything but action.


I can do scary I suppose.

How about I get us some movies, and I’ll stay with you tomorrow night?

That sounds perfect 

Anything with you is perfect baby

She got a call after that from one of her buyers to go over their order for the spring line, and then another call from a client that needed a dress made for an awards ceremony. She trusted her designers for her clothing line, but any time she had a celebrity needing something one-of-a-kind, she designed it herself. She set a meeting with the client for monday so they could go over ideas. Her easy day had turned into a Daenerys hotline quickly, but things died back down around 6, so she and Missandei took off early. They decided the two of them along with Margie and a few other girls would go have drinks instead of staying in for the night. Missy was planning on meeting the guy she had had a date with last weekend at the bar they were going to. 

They ended up at Wildfire, a popular night club and they were being spotted by everyone. She brushed it off, she wanted to have a fun night with the girls. She never did this. They did shots and then went out to the dance floor. After a while she and Missy went to the bar to get another round of drinks. While waiting for the bartender, she noticed a tall, dark, and handsome man come up behind Missy. She introduced him as Grey, who was the guy she went out with before. “Nice to meet you” Dany smiled at him, giving Missy an approving smirk. “You better take good care of her” she eyed him, and he smiled. “I will” he nodded. Missy was beaming. Seeing them together made her miss Jon even more, and she realized she never texted him back earlier. 


Hey Handsome 

Hi beautiful

Whatcha doing?

At the office doing some paperwork. You?

Who’s the workaholic now? Come have a drink with me.

Still you 😉 where at?

The girls and I are downtown at Wildfire

I don’t want to interrupt your girls night

Missy’s new guy is here, you wont be alone.



He took a while to respond, so she sent him another text.


Just one drink, pleaseee :)

How could I ever say no to you?

You have said no to me, for the record

See you soon 😘


He made her heart flutter. She didn’t appreciate the change in subject, but she’d leave it alone. She had enough to deal with, having this overwhelming need to be around him all the time. She couldn’t figure out what it was about him that had caused her to basically lose all brain functionality. She’d become like a love sick teenager. Was this what love felt like? She had never been in love, and she hadn’t even known Jon a week, so she was sure it wasn’t, but she could definitely see herself falling in love with Jon if things continued the way they were. 

And that was completely foreign to her. It scared her. But she had to push the fear away. It was either push the fear away, or push Jon away, and at this point, she already couldn’t imagine not having him. 

Missy had left her with Marg at the bar to go out and dance with Grey. Margie had been single far too long, much like her, so they decided to scope out men for her while she waited for Jon. She could feel herself getting a little tipsy after three shots and two drinks. They had pointed out several men, and even had two approach them, but Margie turned them all down. Dany couldn’t quite pin point her type. Or maybe she didn’t have a type, maybe she just didn’t want a relationship. Dany knew that feeling all too well. 

About an hour had passed since she’d gotten Jons last text when she felt his strong arms wrap around her from behind. “Mmm Hi Baby” she said as she leaned back against him and kissed his cheek. When she turned around on her seat to face him, he had on the same black jeans he was wearing in their video call earlier, black boots, and a white v-neck t-shirt with his hair pulled back. He kept his arms around her, smiling and leaned down and kissed her before she turned back and he sat around the bar table next to her and Margie. 

“We’re trying to scope out a man for Margie” she laughed and he grinned shaking his head. 

“Do you have any brothers Jon?” Marg asked. 

“No, but I do have a cousin a year older than me who’s like my brother” he laughed, ordering a beer from a waitress that came by. 

“Does he live here?” She asked, and he laughed again. 

“No, he lives up North with our family”. 

Dany wrapped her arms around one of his and laid her head on his shoulder, unable to keep her hands off of him. He smelled intoxicating, and she was so glad he came for her. 

“Well, guess I’m moving north” Margery laughed, ordering another round of shots as Missy and Grey made it back to the table. 

“Jon, what a surprise to see you here” Missy put her hand on his shoulder and gazed up at him sarcastically, and he chuckled. 

“This is Grey, Grey, this is Jon, Daenerys’...” she didn’t finish, and the guys shook hands. 

“Nice to meet you” Jon said, and Grey nodded. 

He looked to Dany, giving her a knowing look. They hadn’t really defined their relationship. She thought they’d probably agree it was still a little soon, despite the feelings they both clearly had. 

She was pulled out of their gaze by another shot being passed to her, and another to Jon. “Last one” she nodded to Margie and they laughed. “Cheers” Marg yelled and they all took the shot. 

“Come dance with me” she got off her seat and grabbed Jon by the waist. He took a swig of his beer and followed her. Missy and Grey right behind them, and they all danced until they were out of breath. She couldn’t deny that Jon holding her back to his front while she danced against him with his hands feeling her up was making her want to do unspeakable things to him. She could see the same happening with Missy and Grey. 

They all eventually walked back towards their table. Dany wrapped her arm through Missy’s. “I’m gonna head out. Want me to have Barry stay and take you home?” She was hoping Missy would take the hint. 

“No, I think I too, will be finding my own way home” she winked and they both laughed. 

She let her go to fall back behind her and take Jons hand. Once at the table, he took the last sip of his beer and she wrapped herself around him, his arms following suit around her, kissing her temple. “Take me home” she said in his ear. 

He smiled down at her, but also looked nervous like maybe it wasn’t a good idea. She had every intention of sticking to their pact of taking it slow, but would them having sex really mess things up? He acted as if he was afraid of her. “It’s okay, please just trust me. I gave you my word” she added, with puppy dog eyes when he still hadn’t answered, and kissed his cheek. 

He finally nodded, and she kissed him. He led the way out of the bar as they told everyone goodbye, and as usual opened her car door for her. It was quiet on the way to her place, almost awkward. This was not how she wanted their night to go. 

“Are you afraid of me?” She finally broke the silence. She wanted to ask if he just didn’t want to be around her, but she knew him and herself better than that. 

He looked over at her in confusion. “No, why would you think that?” He smirked, she could tell trying to ease the tension. 

“I don’t know, you seem to want to avoid being alone with me” 

“That’s not true Daenerys” 

Daenerys, she wanted to scoff and roll her eyes at him, back to formalities they were going apparently. 

“I’m not afraid of you...I’m afraid of losing you. I have never felt like this for someone, especially not this fast, I never thought I would find someone like you and now...I’m terrified of something, anything, taking you away from me. Especially given our pasts, yours in particular in terms of physicality, no offense. I know it’s soon, we’ve known each other for less than a week, but I can’t deny the chemistry we have”

There it was. “I’m right here. But I need you to trust me. We agreed to take it slow. I’m taking it slow. I’m not asking anything of you that you haven’t already given me. I wouldn’t have been so blunt in telling you about my past if I had intentions of repeating it” 

“I know that” he paused “I don’t know about you, but it’s very hard for me to control myself with you, and I don’t want to mess this up”

“It’s hard for me too, this is all new to me, but the fact that we both don’t want to mess it up should be enough to keep us in line, don’t you think?” She looked at him questioningly. 

He hesitated and then ran his hand around his neck frustratingly. “You’re right, I’m sorry” he looked at her and took her hand. “I never want you to think I’m afraid of you, or us, or that I don’t want you. That’s the farthest from the truth, okay?” 

“Okay” she smiled, and tightened her grasp on his hand, running her free hand up and down his arm. “But really I understand if you don’t want to stay” she avoided looking at him, afraid of how she would react if he said he didn’t want to. 

“Baby” he said, pulling her hand to his lips, kissing her knuckles slowly. “Of course I want to stay with you. I haven’t been able to find myself wanting to do anything but that for the last week” 

“Five days” she corrected him teasingly.

“Same thing” he smirked, biting the tip of her finger playfully.

They were back to their normal selves after talking that out. She could tell they would both have to learn to communicate better over time, but she was proud of herself for making it through that conversation without getting angry with him or ready to run. She turned towards him, their hands still entangled in her lap, and his index finger was brushing over her thigh, and laid her head back against her seat and just admired him. They eventually made it into the parking garage of her building. She beat him to opening her door, she didn’t want him to have to do that every time, she did the same to Jorah. She had her heels in one hand, and tangled her fingers between his with the other, walking towards the elevator. 

She was too tired to even think about making moves on him. She was surprised to see no Barry when the doors opened to her penthouse. She dropped her shoes and went to the stairs, waiting for him at the bottom while he took his boots off. He followed close behind her, his hands on her hips. Once they got to her room, she could barely keep her eyes open. She grabbed a t-shirt and went to her bathroom to change. When she came out, he was wearing only boxers, blessing her with the beautiful view of his abs once again, but this time in person. “And to think I’m the one that’s been accused of teasing you” she joked. 

“I’m sorry” he laughed “My shirt smells like the bar” 

“It’s okay, I think I’ll survive” she smirked, and they both climbed into bed, shutting off the bedside lamps. He laid on his back with his arm outstretched to her, offering himself as a pillow. She cuddled up to him and laid her head on his chest, and wrapped her arm around him. He laid his other hand on top of hers. She looked up at him, wanting to see if he was going to sleep, and he grinned. She didn’t want to push him, so she laid back to his chest, enjoying the contact with him that she already had. 

But after a moment, he was lifting his hand off hers and wrapping it around her jaw, and rolled their bodies where he was hovering over her, and kissed her as if it would be the last time. She held onto his side with one hand, and ran the other down his chest. He was keeping himself held up on his elbow, and his free hand drifted from her face, to her neck, down in between her breasts over her shirt, to her sides, and then down over her ass, to which he probably then realized was covered only by lace panties. 

She was surprised when he ran his hand back up her side, but under her shirt this time. He stopped when his hand reached right next to her breast, and ran his thumb across the side of it. She gasped into his mouth, but continued kissing him, knowing this was as far as things were going to go tonight, she was going to enjoy it. He moved down to kissing her neck, biting and sucking across her neck and collarbone. Fuck she wanted him so bad. 

After a minute, he brought his lips back to hers and she bit his bottom lip as they stopped to catch their breath. Even in the dark, she was lost in his eyes. He laid his head on her chest, and moved his arm to lay down, putting some of his weight on her. His other hand was still under her shirt but had moved to her side. They were both exhausted. After a while he looked up at her once more, and when he saw she was still awake, he gave her one last peck before laying his head back down on her chest. She ran her fingers through his hair with one hand, and grasped his bicep with the other, keeping his arm wrapped around her, and they eventually both dozed off.



Chapter Text





Jon woke to sunlight starting to peer through the many windows of Dany’s bedroom. At some point they had shifted and Dany’s back was facing his front and he had his arms wrapped around her, hers holding them to her. He slowly pulled away from her, trying not to wake her and surprisingly succeeded. When he checked his phone, it was only a little after 6AM. He got up and went to the bathroom and when he came back, she was awake, barely, and pressing a button on a remote to close all the curtains around the room. 

He smirked, and figured she didn’t get to sleep in very often. He crawled back into bed with her, and they wrapped back around each other, now face to face. He’d hoped she wouldn’t feel the nudge of his morning wood between them. She kissed his neck down to his collarbone and then his chest before nuzzling closer to him and falling back to sleep. He soaked it all in, enjoying her touch, the smell of her hair, how soft her skin was under his fingertips, before he eventually dozed off too.

When he finally woke again, it was after 9AM. He didn’t feel the warmth of her next to him, and her side of the bed was empty too. He looked around her room and there was no sign of her, so he got up and put on his jeans and went to find her. Once he got downstairs he could hear her voice coming from the kitchen. He turned the corner, and there she was. Pacing her kitchen, waiting for coffee to brew, fuming at someone on the phone. He had known her less than a week, but he knew her well enough already to know that she never actually took a day off. 

“This is what I pay you for Varys, find him, and fix this, or you can find a new job” she yelled, and hung up the phone, slamming it down on the counter, letting out what was probably the biggest sigh he’d ever heard. He tried to hold in his laughter at how cute she was when she was angry. Her back was turned to him, with her hands on the counter. He snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back to his chest, and leaned around to brush light kisses on her neck, and she giggled. 

“Good Morning” she smiled and laid her arms over his. 

“Good Morning baby” he whispered in her ear. “Bad wake up call?” He asked.

“Yes” she groaned and broke out of his embrace, pulling two coffee cups from a cabinet. He noticed then that she was still in only underwear and a t-shirt. Her all lace boy short panties were leaving little for him to imagine as she was on her tip toes reaching up into a cabinet. “My partner is MIA since last night, his assistant is useless and has no idea where he is. Knowing him he’s probably holed up with some foreign woman, or in a cell somewhere” she rolled her eyes as she poured coffee into the cups. 

“This partner of yours sounds like quite a nuisance for you” he said, hoping to not upset her. 

“He goes through these phases. I’ve had him in Essos too long and he’s bored and acts out like a child so that I’ll let him come home. But I need him there. One of our trade partners was threatening to pull from the company, so I needed him to figure out what they needed to stay” she handed him a coffee cup and looked partly shocked and partly disgusted when he drank it without adding anything to it. “How can you drink that?” She asked. 

“It’s just coffee” he chuckled as she scrunched her face up. “And I can’t pretend to know what it’s like to be in that situation, but have you considered finding someone that can maybe run things more...responsibly...for you? I can’t see him doing these things being a good image for your company” 

“No, you’re right, it’s not. Usually we can cover it up before anyone knows about it. He wasn’t always this way, when he first started, he was great at his job. I’m not sure when or why things changed but they only seem to be getting worse lately” she sipped her coffee that was highly doctored with cream and sugar. 

“Well let’s get your mind off of it. What would you like to do today?” He asked her, smiling. 

“I honestly have nothing to do today. What about you?”

“Well, at some point I will need to go to the store for things to cook tonight, but I’ll run home later and change and go to the store and come back at 5 like we planned. For now, how about we go have breakfast. Maybe Missy and her friend can join us” he smirked, knowing Missy probably had her own sleep over last night. 

“Good idea, I could eat. I need something to soak up all the shots from last night” she rolled her eyes again. She called Missy on speakerphone. She picked up after a few rings. “Hello?” She answered sleepily. 

“Good Morning sunshine” Dany laughed

“Dany you promised no work today” Missy whined.

“It’s not work. Do you have company?” 

Missy hesitated and finally answered quietly “Yes, I do. Do you?”

“Yes” Dany giggled. Say hello to Jon, you’re on speaker” 

“Hello Jon” she said, annoyed with them both. “Hello Missy” he replied, laughing.

“Get your asses up and lets go eat, it’s almost 10” 

Missy groaned “Fine. Give us thirty minutes and we’ll meet you downstairs. Don’t expect me to be presentable” they both giggled and hung up. 

Jon put his shirt and boots on from the night before, planning to change his shirt in his car, he kept a change of clothes in there. Dany had escaped off to, he assumed, her closet. He stood waiting for her in the door frame of her bedroom. After a few minutes she emerged in dark skinny jeans, white converse, and a dark red sweatshirt for a local football team, the Dragons. 

“Sorry darling, no new dress today, I try to enjoy not having to dress up on my days off” she teased when she caught him staring at her. She made her way to him and leaned up to kiss him. 

“You’re beautiful no matter what you wear love” he kissed her back. “Besides, it’s pretty cute, although the wolves would take your dragons any day” he teased. 

She gasped and her eyes widened. “Oh no” she shook her head. “The wolves?!…I’m sorry Jon, I don’t think this relationship is going to work out” she smiled. 

“Relationship, huh?” He pulled her into his chest. “Is that what this is?” He brushed her lips with his, running his hands through her hair. 

“Is that what you want?” She whispered

“Are you going to run for the hills if I say yes?” 


“Is that what you want, a relationship?”

“Only with you” 

“Then I’m yours” he smiled and kissed her gently, but she deepened the kiss, gripping his shirt in her fists, and then running her hands up around his neck before pulling out of their kiss, touching her forehead to his. “And I’m yours” she whispered, and kissed him once more. 

Hating to do it, they pulled away and headed downstairs to meet Missy. He tried to contain his smiling, but this wild woman had made him happier in the last six days than he had been in all of his life. 

Dany let him know of a place nearby they could walk to for brunch, so they went down to the garage so he could change his shirt before they met Missy out front. It was a cool morning in Kings Landing, it was getting closer to the time of the year they’d have actual fall weather. 

He decided to put on a hooded sweatshirt he had in his trunk instead of a t-shirt. He caught her smirking at him when he took his shirt off. He wished he’d had his Wolves sweatshirt just for rivalries sake, but the one he had was a Stark Industries black hoodie. “You wear a lot of black, don’t you?” She laughed, taking his hand and they walked back inside to the front of the building. “Not on purpose” he smiled over at her. 

Missy and Grey were getting off an elevator just as they were passing them. Missy looked like she’d probably had one too many drinks last night. He couldn’t read Grey. He was a strong silent type. He didn’t look tired or hungover. 

“Rough night?” Dany joked, and Missy rolled her eyes at her. 

“I’m going to kill Margery first thing Monday morning” Missy looped her arm through Grey’s and they started off on their walk to the restaurant. Eventually the girls broke away from the guys and walked in front of them, having their own conversation, probably about them, Jon imagined, or maybe what Missy did last night. He took the opportunity to try and get to know Grey a little better, considering if he’d be around as much as Missy was, they’d probably be spending a lot of time together. 

He learned that he was Jon’s age, the girls were a year younger than them. He lived in Kings Landing and owned his own private security business that he’d just started up about a year ago. He met Missandei when she was getting coffee for herself and Dany one morning a few weeks ago, and last night was only their second date. As a fellow business owner, and dating someone that owned two businesses, he imagined Grey was probably just as busy as they all were. 

They got to the restaurant and sat in a booth and ordered drinks. Dany wrapped her arm through his and laid her head on his shoulder. She seemed to still be tired. She had some of her hair pulled back into a ponytail. As much as he loved seeing her in all her dresses, he almost liked her more like this. Comfortable. Comfortable with him. 

He felt he already knew her so well, but also had so much more to learn about her. Missy and Grey shot each other looks now and then but otherwise they seemed to be shy towards each other. Maybe it was because he and Dany were with them. He tried his best to keep his hands to himself, to be proper. They sat and ate and talked about last night, and Dany updated Missy on the situation with her partner. They always seemed to dance around the topic of this, he could tell it made Dany uncomfortable, so he didn’t bring it up.

Jon rested his hand on her thigh, rubbing up and down her leg. Once they were done eating, their waitress brought their check and Jon grabbed it, but Dany took it from him. 

“Get used to that” Missy laughed. “She does it every time” she rolled her eyes. 

Dany smiled, thinking she was funny, so he leaned in to kiss her, holding their kiss to distract her, and snuck the check from her hands. “Not anymore you don’t” Jon laughed, and Missy joined in. 

“Jon!” Dany yelled, playfully hitting his arm. 

“Dany, you take care of everyone around you, let someone take care of you for once” he pleaded “Please” he smiled, giving her the same puppy dog eyes she’d given him the night before. 

She narrowed her eyes, but smiled at him and leaned in and gave him a quick peck. “Fine” she grinned. He paid and they all took off walking back towards her building. 

They walked hand in hand the entire way, not a word said between them. He noticed she kept checking her phone, but not replying to whatever texts she was getting, and ignoring every call. “Dany, I told you, you don’t have to do that”

She looked up at him, flustered, as if she was snapping out of some thought. “Sorry, no, it’s okay, it’s my partner. As you can imagine, I have little to say to him at the moment” she rolled her eyes. 

“Well, on the bright side, at least you know where he is, that he’s okay”

“Right now I’m almost wishing he wasn’t”

He didn’t know what to say back to that.

“I’m sorry” she looked back up at him. “I don’t want to talk about him. I don’t want to deal with that whole situation. Not today. I want to spend today with you. It is my day off after all” she smiled, knowing he’d appreciate her avoiding work, and he smirked back at her and shook his head. He let go of her hand and wrapped his arm around her, pulling her closer, and she wrapped an arm around his back, fisting his hoodie, and entangled her other hand with his over her shoulder, laying her head on his chest as they walked. He noticed Missy and Grey holding hands ahead of them, talking and laughing. “Looks like they’re moving right along” he smirked. 

“I try not to get attached, Missy has had a lot of boyfriends, but I like him so far, she’s usually not so shy” 

He found that odd. “How many is a lot?” He laughed and she joined in. 

“If I had to guess, I’d say he’s probably at least number six this year” 

“Wow. Okay then” he raised his eyebrows and nodded. 

“She enjoys her freedom and being able to go out and do what she wants when she wants”

“It sounds like she may be in the wrong line of work as well” he teased

She nudged him in the ribs “Jon Stark, are you saying I’m a difficult employer?” 

“Not at all, I’m saying you’re a busy employer” 

“I am very busy, but Missy knows if she has plans she’s free to go as long as I’m not in the middle of a crisis” she laughed. They finally got back to her building. The streets were much busier on their way back than they were on their way there. He decided he was going to go ahead and run home and to the store since they were already down near the garage. He walked Dany to the elevator and kissed her goodbye, and then went to his car. 

His drive home took longer than expected because of the traffic. He took a shower and changed, deciding on a plaid button up shirt and jeans. He took a change of clothes just in case, and picked out a few movies for them to watch. He checked on a few things in the office before heading back out to go to the store. He decided he’d cook steak and potatoes and got stuff to make a salad. Dany had texted him telling him not to worry about getting drinks, that she had wine, and plenty of other things to drink. 

He finished up at the store and headed back to her building. She had texted him the elevator code to get into her apartment, so he went right up. When he got in, he didn’t see her anywhere. She had music playing and the fireplace lit, with candles on the tables and kitchen island. He took his boots off and went to take all the groceries into the kitchen and started getting things ready. 

He heard her bare feet on the floor before she could sneak up behind him and wrap her arms around him from behind. “Hey you” she said as she ran her hands down his chest, laying her head against his back. 

He took her hands and turned around to face her. She was radiant as ever. Her hair was wavy. She had put all her normal make up on, including the red lipstick he’d seen the first day they met. But she was wearing a white button up shirt that was a little bit see through, with the top few buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up. From his view, he could see a tiny bit of a black lace bra, which reminded him of the first day they met. And she wore light skinny jeans that hugged her every curve, with holes at the knees, and she was barefoot, which he was learning was a habit of hers. He was definitely starting to love casual Daenerys. 

“Hi baby” He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, leaning in to kiss her. She smelled like a dream. 

“Don’t worry, it’s non transferable” she laughed, pointing to her lipstick. 

“That’s good, I’m not sure red is my color” he smiled, and kissed her once more before turning back to start dinner. “I hope you like steak” 

“Oh, I forgot to tell you I’m a vegetarian” she teased

“I’ve watched you eat too much meat already to ever believe that” he smirked. 

She went to one of the cabinets to get glasses out. “Is wine okay? Or I have beer, scotch, water?” She laughed. 

“I’ll take scotch if that’s okay” 

“Of course that’s okay Jon” she playfully rolled her eyes. 

“I’m not much of a wine drinker. I don’t mind it, but I haven’t ever found one I really like”

“Maybe we should do a tasting some time” 

“I’d like that” he smiled at her.

She poured herself red wine and him scotch. 

“Can I trust you to cut up stuff for a salad, miss ‘I don’t cook’?” He laughed

“I’m sure I can manage” she smirked.

She cut up vegetables on the kitchen island while he cut up red potatoes next to the stove behind her and they talked about how he learned to cook from his mother, but didn’t cook often since it was just him. She teased that he could come and cook for her every night. She did also confess that she did know how to bake a lot of things, but also didn’t do it often, but because of time, not because it was just her. 

Eventually she finished chopping and put everything in a bowl and sat on a bar stool at the kitchen island and watched him cook. Every time he looked back to see what she was doing, she was just watching him. He understood how busy she was, and how important her businesses were to her, so he appreciated moments like this when he had her undivided attention. No one barging in on them, no phones in sight. 

He told her when things were about done, so she got up and got plates, bowls, and silverware out for them. He put everything on plates for them while she filled their bowls with salad and refilled their drinks. They sat and began eating. He watched her a little more attentively than he needed to, trying to read if she liked the food or not. 

“This is amazing Jon, thank you” she smiled and kissed his cheek

“You’re welcome, I’m glad you like it” 

They finished eating and she rinsed off their dishes and put them in the dishwasher, not allowing him to help. She refilled their drinks again and they went to her living room to start a movie. He held out three movies for her to choose from. 

“Okay, so we can go with the classic serial killer, a creepy clown, or...ghosts” he giggled.

She laughed with him “Surprise me” 

“You’re not going to be a scaredy cat are you?”

“I might” she smirked. He went with the classic. “Have you seen this before?” She asked.

“No, have you?”

“No, I haven’t seen a movie in a long time” 

He started the movie and sat next to her on the couch, putting his arm around her and she nuzzled in close and wrapped her arm around his waist. He kissed the top of her head. It all felt so normal, like this was how it was supposed to be. Like it was meant to be.


Chapter Text



Dany had taken a quick nap when Jon had ran home and to the store earlier in the day, so she wouldn’t be too tired to spend time with him. She loved being wrapped up in him. He was always so warm, and although his body was rock hard, he was so soft with her, and she could drown in the scent that was just Jon.

She loved the feel of his fingertips running up and down her arms. At some point they had shifted on the couch and were both laying down with a blanket wrapped around them. She laid her head on his chest with her arm wrapped around him, and his around her. She could have easily fallen asleep just being in the comfort of his arms. She tried not to overthink it, but she couldn’t stop questioning what had changed in her to make her want things like this. Maybe it was just him. Her Jon.

The movie was over and she pretended it didn’t scare her. She played it off as well as she could. He moved off the couch and turned off the tv and the fireplace with the remote he’d likely seen her using before to shut it off. He turned to her and offered his hand and she took it, following him up to her room, wrapping herself around him from behind. He chuckled and pulled one of her hands to his lips, kissing her palm.

Once they were in her room, he turned to face her slowly, breathing heavily, seemingly at war with something in his own mind. Her heart was racing. He reached up to cup her face in his hands. She locked her eyes on his, and held tight onto his sides. She knew what they were both thinking. What they both wanted. And she also knew that they both knew they couldn’t. She pulled herself out of their locked eyes and put her forehead to his chest and tried to reign in all the heat she was putting off. 

He grabbed her chin and pulled her face back up to his. He kissed her slowly at first, but when she opened her mouth to take his bottom lip between her teeth, he could no longer hold back, and deepened their kiss, their tongues dancing. Her hands ran up his chest, around his neck, and into his hair, pulling the tie to let his curls loose. She was surprised when he let go of her face and ran his hands down her chest over her breasts and then stopped at her sides. He broke away and they were both panting.

“Do you trust me?” He whispered. She nodded without hesitation, eyes locking back into his.

He brought his hands up and slowly began unbuttoning her shirt. She moved her hands down to his biceps, giving him room. She couldn’t breathe. She probably should have told him it was herself she couldn’t trust, but she was going to test her strength with whatever he had in mind. 

She knew whatever it was, he wasn’t going to try and go all the way. And she was surprisingly okay with that. For now. She understood why he wanted to take it slow. She didn’t want to at first, sex was first nature to her. But the more time she spent with him, the more she knew she couldn’t let him go. And as much as she wanted to pretend it wouldn’t, she knew that sex always complicated things. She also didn’t want what they were building to turn into something similar to what she had before, simply physical. 

She slid her shirt over her shoulders and dropped it to the floor, and slowly reached up to unbutton his shirt. He ran his fingertips up and down the backs of her arms, as hers ran up his chest and over his shoulders, pulling off his shirt. She pulled him back into her and began kissing him again, pushing him back towards her bed. Despite his initial boldness, she could sense him now hesitating, so she, without a second thought, took control. 

She reached down and started to unbutton his pants before he grabbed her hands. “Dany” he whispered, pulling out of their kiss. “Trust me” she whispered into his ear, moving back into him, and he let her. They both took their jeans off, and he turned them around and laid her back onto her bed, climbing on top of her, seeming to have snapped back into things. He kissed her passionately before moving down to the sensitive spot below her ear, to her neck, down her chest to the top of her breasts that were spilling over her bra, biting one softly, and then back up, and his eyes met hers. 

She pulled his face back into hers, keeping one hand around his neck, rubbing the other down his chest before she felt the top of his boxers. She could feel his cock hard through them, and he gasped as she ran her hand over it, still kissing him. She reached into his boxer briefs and nearly lost her control with just the feel of his thick, hard length in her hand. She rubbed over the tip, feeling a warm drip coming out already. She began stroking him up and down, slowly, not wanting to push him. Not wanting to tempt herself any more than she already was. After a moment, he pulled away from her kiss and moved to hold his weight on one side, running his other hand down her stomach to her underwear, slowly drifting his hand inside. She tried to focus on her own movements, but when she felt his fingers move over her slit, she nearly lost it. 

She was soaked, and she knew it. He had barely even touched her and she was a mess. The deep breath he let out let her know he felt it too. She continued to stroke him, starting to move faster, as he rubbed up and down her cunt, entering one finger inside of her, and then another. This caused a moan to escape her, and he grunted. She was still holding him around his neck, running her fingers through his hair. She knew she wasn’t going to last much longer if he kept on. Once his thumb went up circling around her nub, it was over. She sped up her strokes on him. He was breathing heavy next to her ear and leaned in again to kiss her neck, biting her as he let out a quiet moan. 

“Dany I’m gonna...” he couldn’t finish his sentence. She was there, and she could tell he was close, even without his warning. 

“It’s okay” She could feel herself pulsing around his fingers. “Oh, Jon” she moaned in his ear, unable to control herself any longer. 

Seconds later he put his face back into her neck and grunted “fuck Dany”, and she could feel his warm seed spilling onto her stomach. 

He kissed her over and over as they caught their breaths, and then pulled his boxers back up and went to the bathroom to grab a towel for her. He helped her clean up and then she got up to get dressed. She grabbed a t-shirt and boy short underwear and changed in the bathroom. She didn’t care about changing in front of him, but she didn’t want to tempt him any more than she already had. 

When she came out of the bathroom, he was already back in bed waiting for her. She couldn’t help the ridiculous grin that was now glued to her face. She climbed into bed and met him in the middle, what seemed to have become her new nighttime routine over the last few nights. They laid on their sides facing each other, and she wrapped a leg over his. He put his arm around her and rubbed his hand up and down her back, and eventually rested it on her backside. She kissed him once more, letting their lips linger together for as long as she could, and rested her hand on his cheek. Neither of them said a word, their smiles and kisses and long gazes into each other’s eyes were enough of an agreement that they both appreciated what had just happened between them. It wasn’t too long before they both let sleep take them.  

She woke up the next morning still wrapped in his embrace, which she was thankful for. He had both arms wrapped around her, holding her tight to his chest. She wondered what time it was. She didn’t forget to close her curtains or put her phone on silent the night before, so she figured it was later. She decided to stay in the little cocoon of happiness they had created for as long as possible. 

She moved her hand from his chest to his side and kissed his chest lightly, trying, unsuccessfully, not to wake him. She could feel his hands loosen a little, and one move from her back, over her behind, down to her thigh and pulled it over his leg, leaving his hand there, and he kissed her forehead. 

“Good morning baby” he groaned. 

“Good morning” she whispered. “It’s okay, you can go back to sleep” she added, and he groaned again. She tried not to laugh, but let a little giggle escape. 

She closed her eyes and started to doze off before she heard a buzzing sound. She rolled her eyes thinking it was Sunday, could people not leave her alone for one day? But then she realized it was coming from his phone and not hers. “Jon, your phone” she nudged him. 

He slowly unraveled from her, clearly not in any hurry to answer. He looked to see who it was and sighed, but answered. “Hello?”…“What is it Ygritte?”…“I’m not at the office, why are you there?”…“It’s Sunday, so no, no one is there”

She could see him getting frustrated, running his hand through his hair. “Okay, I’ll be there in a bit”. She could hear the person saying something, but she couldn’t make out what they were saying, and then he hung up. 

“I’m sorry, that was my supplier. The crazy one I told you about. She got another shipment in of materials we need for tomorrow, so she was dropping them off today” 

She tried to reel in her jealousy and not get upset about his ex just showing up at his office that was also his home, but she understood they were friends, on top of having a working relationship. She felt a sting of guilt wash over her. He had been honest with her about his ex and clearly had nothing to hide, and she wasn’t telling Jon the whole truth about her partner.

Her mind went to the texts she’d gotten from her partner the day before while at breakfast with Jon. He’d found out she was seeing someone from gods knows who and wasn’t happy about it. She’d planned on telling him in person once he got back from Essos. She made the decision then and there that she would tell Jon soon. She knew she couldn’t keep the fire smothered forever, but until her partner was back in Westeros, she didn’t want Jon to think it was more than what it really was. But it seemed she would need to tell him sooner than later. 

She wrapped her leg back over his and brought herself up to straddle his waist, leaning down to kiss his neck. “Is this a common thing I’ll have to worry about, your crazy exes showing up at your place?” She giggled, continuing to kiss his neck and collarbone and chest in between her words. 

He chuckled with her and ran his hands down her back. “No, I don’t think so. Besides, the only woman I want showing up at my place unannounced is you.” He moved his hands up to grasp her face and kissed her deeply. “You could come with me?” He kissed her again. 

“It’s okay, I trust you”. She’d only hoped that he’d return the same trust once she gathered enough courage to come clean. 

She leaned in and kissed him again before sitting up. “You better get going” she smirked, and he shook his head. 

“I was looking forward to spending the day in bed with you” he pouted as he ran his hands up and down her thighs

“Mmm don’t tempt me to trap you here all day” She leaned over and kissed him again.

“That could easily be done. But I do need to get things ready to go for tomorrow morning, so I can get back to work on my baby’s building. I wouldn’t want to displease her” he teased

“Never that” she grinned. “Okay” she sighed “I surrender you” she put her hands up and moved off of him, but not before he could give her ass a light slap. She giggled and laid on her back, and he leaned down to kiss her. He got up and got dressed. She started to get up to let him out. 

“It’s okay, relax, it’s your last day off, I can see myself out” he smirked, and leaned over to kiss her goodbye. “I’ll text you when I get home. Bye baby” he kissed her forehead. “Bye” she smiled.

She fell back onto her bed, unable to control her smile. She was falling way too fast for Jon Stark, and she didn’t care to stop it. She trusted him. Not just to be loyal to her, but with her body, with her work, with her heart. She hugged around her pillow that still smelled like him, and unsurprisingly started to fall asleep. 

Almost two hours had passed when she woke back up, but not willingly. She heard Missy looking for her around the house. “I’m in here” she murmured, still muffled by her pillow. Missy eventually found her and laid next to her in bed. “I’m not laying in the remains of your hot Jon sex am I?” She laughed. Dany playfully slapped her arm. “No, you ass, still no sex” she rolled her eyes. “Gods what?! Why?!” 

“We’re taking it slow” she answered, trying to hide her shy grin.

“What does Daenerys Targaryen ever take slow? I don’t know how you’re doing it, I would have jumped his bones the first night I had him in my bed” she smirked

“Missy!” Dany laughed. “And what about Grey? Have you broke him yet or is it just my sex life we’re concerned with today?”

“Oh it happened. We went out last night, and I didn’t drink much. He didn’t want to ‘take advantage’ the night before. He came back to my place and gods Dany it was amazing” they both laughed.

“Well at least one of us is getting laid” she gave Missy the side eye. 

“How is that even working? He’s slept in your bed the last three nights and nothing?”

“We’ve done many things, just not sex” 

“Many things?”

“I’ll never tell” Dany laughed, and Missy dropped it, knowing her all too well. 

“What’s the plan for today?”

“Absolutely nothing” she closed her eyes, still wrapped around her ‘Jon pillow’

“I’m good with that” Missy said, slumping down into her bed, making herself comfortable. “Can we at least watch movies and order food?”

Dany laughed “Yes, I need food. The remote is over there” she pointed to the bedside table. Missy turned on the tv simultaneously while scrolling through places to eat on her phone. Within an hour they had breakfast delivered and had started binging a new show. She totally forgot Jon was going to text her, so she rolled over to see he had, two hours ago. 

I miss you already...

I miss you too. Sorry, I fell back asleep after you left. Missy is here now joining me in doing absolutely nothing today.

I’m glad you got some rest. Although I wish it was me you were doing nothing with.

I think if it was you here, I wouldn’t be doing nothing 😉

Don’t tease me baby

I’m sorry. Last night was amazing, dinner and everything else. Thank you for taking care of me ☺️

It was my pleasure 😉

Now who’s teasing?

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Of course not. I’m not sure how I’m going to get any sleep tonight without you

I’ll be dreaming of you

She grinned at her phone while texting Jon. Her day with Missy went by much quicker than she’d hoped, as all her days off usually did. She was tempted to invite Jon over to stay with her, but she knew they needed to have time to themselves too. She tried as well as she could to keep things healthy. 

After Missy left, Dany ran a hot bath with all her oils and bubbles to relax before she had to get back to the real world in the morning. As she laid back in her tub, she got the idea to video call Jon to tell him goodnight. She grabbed her phone from the small table next to the tub that had a candle burning and a glass of white wine. 

She tapped her screen to call him, the image of herself in her bath reflecting on her screen. Bubbles covered everything that they needed to, aside from the tops of her breasts. After a few rings, his face popped on her screen and his smile quickly turned to a jaw dropping gaze, and she giggled. 

“You are going to kill me” he smirked, shaking his head.

“I just wanted to tell you goodnight” she said innocently, grinning back at him.

“Right, I bet you did” he chuckled. 

She sat up a little bit, still not revealing too much. “I miss you” she said seductively. 

“I miss you too” he replied, in a low voice that made her want to jump him right through the phone. 

“I wish you were here” she gave him a small smile. 

“Mmm me too baby” he laid back in what she assumed was his bed. Dark blue sheets surrounded him. He was shirtless with one hand holding his phone above him, and the other laid behind his head on a pillow. 

“So, I have a confession” she said, still keeping a seductive tone with him.

“What’s that love?” He too, was keeping the low, slow growl of a tone with her. Gods she wanted him. 

“The first day we met, when I tried sleeping at night, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I woke up in the middle of the night dreaming about your eyes staring into mine, about your hands running over me. I couldn’t fall back to sleep, so I touched myself while thinking about you” 

He closed his eyes as if he was trying to ring in his thoughts. When he opened his eyes again he had a small smirk and shook his head. “You’re bad Dany” 

“I know” she said, biting her lip

“What if I told you I did the same?” 

“Did you?”


She smirked, now she was the one shaking her head. She decided to change the subject before things got too heated. “You’re pretty cute when you’re sleepy” She smiled at him. 

“And you’re pretty sexy in the bath” he smirked back at her. 

“You’ll have to join me some time” she teased

“And you will have to join me here, at my place, in my bed some time. Although your bed is probably more comfortable” he chuckled. 

“I could probably sleep on a rock with you and still be comfortable”

“Let’s not test that” they both giggled. 

She sighed, knowing she’d have to let him go soon. “I have to get out” she told him regretfully. “I’m getting wrinkly” she laughed, holding up her fingertips to show him, and he chuckled. 

“As much as I’d love to see you get out, I’d rather see it in person later” 

She agreed. “I’d rather show you in person” she winked. “I’ll see you in the morning?” She asked

“Yes you will, I’ll come find you”

“Okay, goodnight baby” she said, blowing him a kiss. 

“Goodnight love” he grinned before hanging up. 

Dany got out of her bath and dried off. She slipped on a tank top and underwear and blow dried her hair. She climbed into bed and got back to the show she and Missy had started earlier. Missy wouldn’t care if she watched without her, they never finished any shows they started anyway. She wasn’t tired, but knew she needed to sleep. She closed her eyes and hoped that her favorite eyes would haunt her dreams that night. 



Chapter Text




That morning, Jon couldn’t wait to get in to see Dany. But he was also excited to get to work on her offices. He and his guys had already loaded all the materials they’d be starting with into trucks early that morning, and headed to her building around 7AM. He decided he’d wait until they at least had everything hauled upstairs before sneaking off to see her for a moment. It took them about an hour to get the flooring up with several elevator trips. It was close to 9AM when he left his guys to go up to see her. 

He found her in her office with a fire already lit, her hair down and wavy, wearing a black dress that was tight up top with a floral pattern, and then flowed out. Black heals, red lips, She was pacing around behind her desk, reading over a paper. He knocked twice at her door frame, not wanting to barge in. 

“Hello darling” she smiled from ear to ear. He went to her, returning the same smile, and wrapped his arms around her waist, as hers went around his neck and they shared a lingering, intimate kiss. 

“Morning” he smiled

She pecked his lips again. “You don’t have to knock you know”

“I didn’t want to intrude”

“Yes, you’re quite right, my sales report and I were in the middle of a very intimate moment” she teased

“Okay, no more knocking” he chuckled and pulled her back in to a heated kiss. He could taste the sweetness of her coffee on her lips. 

Then there was a knock at the door. “That’s enough you two” Missy entered, seeming very flustered. “We have big problems” she looked to Dany, and the panic in Dany’s eyes was nearly instant. 

“What is it?” She let go of Jon, but didn’t move away from him. 

“Should I go?” Jon cut in

“No” she and Missy said simultaneously 

“This is about you, too” Missy gave Dany a look of worry. She then dropped several magazines across Dany’s desk, all of them with pictures of the two of them together. Him kissing her against his car last week, the two of them at Wildfire, the four of them after breakfast walking tangled up in each other. “Queen Of Fashion, Daenerys Targaryen, spotted with mystery lover”. And the headlines got worse from there. 

Dany sighed and her head dropped as she held herself up by her hands on her desk. He ran his hands through his hair. It wasn’t that big of a deal to him, he figured it came with the territory. But she seemed very upset about it. He caught her and Missandei giving each other a knowing look, he wasn’t sure what that was about. “Shit” she finally let out. After a moment she looked up at him. “I’m so sorry Jon” she looked worried. 

He took her hands into his to try and reassure her. “It’s alright Dany” 

“It’s not. This is so invasive. What we have is special to me. We, you, you shouldn’t have to worry about it being plastered all over magazines for the world to see”

“I think that’s part of dating the queen of fashion” he tried to joke to lighten the mood. 

“Jon” she didn’t like the joke. 

“No, I’m sorry, that wasn’t funny” he reeled himself in. “Missy could you give us a moment please” he asked. Missy nodded and left her office and closed the door behind her. His eyes went back into Dany’s. He had never seen her this upset. He wasn’t sure what to do but to tip toe around it until he could read her better. He let go of her hands and moved closer to her and grasped her face. 

“Listen to me” he said, trying to get on her level of seriousness. “This is special to me too. More than you know. But these...” he waved over the magazines “these were all moments that we shared out in public for the world to see anyway. I’m not ashamed of you, I will never hide you or hide from you. I’m proud to be by your side. I’m proud to be the only man Daenerys Targaryen has ever allowed into her bed” he smiled, and that got her to let out a small smile too. He ran his thumbs over her cheeks. “I don’t care what these say, I don’t care what any one has to say about us, or how many pictures they take. These photos were all taken out in public where we already didn’t care who saw what we were doing. We have so many more moments where it’s just you and I, that they can never take away from us, and we’ll have plenty more. Okay?” He finished, and she nodded, seeming to pull herself back together, and he gave her a small kiss. 

“This doesn’t scare you?” She asked. 

“No. Nothing will ever scare me away from you” he smiled “unless you’re a murderer. Then we may have to have a talk” they both giggled. 

“I guess you’ll never know, Jon Stark” she teased, and leaned up to kiss him again.

“Does this scare you?” He asked, remembering that Dany had never been in a real relationship before, she’d probably never been harassed by paparazzi with a man before. Up until then they were just living in their own world, not thinking about those on the outside knowing about their relationship. 

“No, honestly it doesn’t. I’m proud to be the woman you’re wrapped around in these photos. It’s all just a little intrusive”

“I understand” he kissed her forehead. “Now, I don’t want to keep distracting you, you know, being your mystery lover and all” they laughed “So I’ll be downstairs. Can you manage not to have any more breakdowns without me today?” He smirked

She gave him a fake pout “I guess I can try” 

He leaned in to kiss her once more before having to tear himself away from her. “Now get to work” he whispered, giving her backside a small squeeze, and she giggled. 

He let Missy back in to her office as he left and went back downstairs. He figured he should probably call his mom and let her know about Dany before she had to read about it in a magazine. He had been so wrapped up in their little bubble of happiness, he hadn’t even gotten the thought to call his family and tell them about her. But in his defense, it had only been a week. Although it felt like so much longer. 

He called his mom on his way back downstairs and she was happy for him, she said she wanted to meet Dany if things got serious. That made him think maybe she’d like to go home with him for the holidays. He also sent his cousins a message in their group text to let them know. Sansa had already seen in a magazine, the rest of them were just glad to hear he was finally moving on from Val. Once he got back to work, all he could think about was Dany. 

He was worried about her freaking out over these articles. Knowing about her lack of wanting relationships in the past had him concerned. He didn’t read magazines or things like that, so he wouldn’t know if she had been plastered with any other men in any other articles before. He didn’t care to find out. He just didn’t want this to change things between them. 

But then he wondered if maybe that was it. Maybe Dany had never been “spotted” with any men before, and this was causing her to panic. This was one of the many things that would make their relationship real, and that scared her. But Jon knew from everything she’d confessed to him that it was possible that this was going to be a normal routine for them with things like this as she learned to be comfortable in a real relationship. 

At the end of the day, he finished up work around 6PM. He knew she was still there working. She had mentioned that next week was fashion week and she’d be slammed all week for the next two weeks. He decided to do something to try and cheer her up, and that he was with her in this, regardless of any speculation. 

He ran across the street to a few places to get her a couple things and then headed back up to her office. She was, not surprisingly, back to her flustered persona. But this time she had a model standing in the middle of her office, and Dany was barefoot on her knees fitting a dress to the girl, and Missy was helping. He almost knocked until he remembered her new rule, laughing internally at the thought. He walked in and she didn’t hear his footsteps, but Missy did. 

“Hello Jon” she smirked

“Hello ladies” he smiled. Dany looked up at him and smiled and sat down what she was doing and came to hug him. “I brought you something” he smiled, stopping her before she reached behind his back. 

“Okay, what is it?” She asked nervously

He pulled the items from behind his back and handed them to her. “I remembered you telling me you loved that chocolate place across the street, so I went there and got you some, hopefully to make you feel better about this shit day” he laughed “And one rose, for one week that we’ve been dating” he was nervous now. 

“Jon! I love it. Thank you” she kissed him as if there weren’t other people in the room. “But it’s been a week since we met, we didn’t start dating that day” she raised an eyebrow and smirked, correcting him. 

“Didn’t we though? I mean after your confession last night I’d say that’s enough for dating” he laughed

“Jon Stark!” She playfully slapped his arm, her cheeks turning red. She turned and walked to put the chocolates on her desk, and put the rose in the vase with the other roses he’d sent her last week, still holding up space on her desk. She then went back to the model to go back to what she was doing. 

“Sit love, I’ll be here a while” and so he did. 

“Shit I’m sorry, Jon this is Irri, one of my models. Irri this is Jon, my boyfriend” she said without hesitation, and she didn’t look to him in question. He smiled. He didn’t miss the surprise on Missy’s face that turned to a smile. 

“You’ll have to excuse them” Missy joked, “They tend to forget there are other people around most of the time”

He and Dany both giggled. “Nice to meet you Jon” the model smiled, she was quiet. “You too”

He sat and talked with them for about an hour before deciding to take off. Dany walked him to the elevator and clung to him as if she didn’t want him to go. He didn’t want to leave either, but he knew he needed to get home and make sure everything that was needed for the next day was ready to go. 

“Well, happy one week anniversary” she giggled, breaking their silence “You’re officially the longest boyfriend I’ve ever had”. 

He smirked and shook his head. At least she was able to joke about her past. “Don’t think I didn’t notice you casually starting to call me your boyfriend today like it’s not a big deal” he teased

“I’m sorry, I guess we should have discussed that” she said nervously

“No, Dany” he said, stopping her at the elevator and pulling her into him. “There’s no need for a discussion, I was only joking. We did talk about us both wanting a relationship, It’s what we both want. Or at least it’s what I want. I was just surprised you said it, after everything” 

“After my failure to be in a relationship in the past” she laughed again “It’s what I want too Jon” she leaned up and kissed him. He deepened the kiss, his tongue sliding over her lips to her tongue. She tightened her grasp on him, fisting one hand into his shirt at his side, and the other up his neck into his hair. He held her by her waist against the marble wall next to the elevator, gliding one hand down over her back side. The elevator eventually pinged to take him downstairs. He had to tear himself away from her, not wanting to one bit. “Text me when you get home safe” she smiled and let go of his hand. “I will, bye baby” he smiled and she blew him a kiss before the elevator closed. Seven hells he was mad for this woman.

Once he was home and settled in, he sent her a text. 

I’m home safely 

That makes one of us 

Still at the office?

Yes, but before you get onto me for working too much, this is one of the most important times of the year for me. And I’m almost finished. 

Can I expect another teasing goodnight call tonight?

I’m starting to think you like to be teased Jon Stark

It is very sexy

If you’re awake when I get home, I can probably make that happen

I would stay up all night for you

She didn’t respond right away, so Jon went to check on some work orders, and then went down to check on supplies and make sure everything was ready for the morning. His guys had finished about a third of the flooring that day. They’d have enough for the next day, but were going to go ahead and bring in the rest since it was already loaded and ready. 

He was caught up in work when he heard his phone ring on his desk. It had been about two hours since her last text. The call was a video call from her. He took a deep breath and answered. He could have come undone at just the sight of her. 

“Seven hells Dany” he let out before he could stop himself, and she giggled. She was wearing a dark blue lace bra that he could nearly see through. It shaped her breasts perfectly. She was laying in her bed and her eyes were drowsy but sensual. 

“What are you doing love?” She asked, pulling him out of his thoughts of all the things he’d like to do to her right then. 

He shook his head to regain his focus, and she smirked. “I’m in my office logging work orders” 

“Oh, so I’m not allowed to work after hours, but you are?” She teased

“I was keeping busy to stay up for you. Besides, you’re allowed to work as much as you want as long as I still get to see you” he smiled

“You could come see me right now” 

He let out a deep breath and closed his eyes “Okay I’m on my way” he joked and she laughed.

He started to make his way upstairs to his loft, showing her around as he went. “It’s better in person” he smirked.

“Maybe you can show me this weekend, I can come stay with you Saturday and we can have dinner and watch movies at your place instead of mine” 

“Won’t you be busy? Fashion week and all”

“It starts Friday. I have to go to the opening event in the evening, and Saturdays events are mostly in the afternoon. My show is in the evening but it doesn’t run late. And it all goes on until next Saturday”

“Sounds exhausting” he chuckled

“It is, which is why I’ll need a nice dinner and a warm man to cuddle up to when it’s over” she smirked

“Okay, my place then. Saturday night. I’ll cook”

“You don’t have to cook you know, we could always get take out”

“I like cooking for you, I don’t get to cook much” 

“Okay then. How would you feel about being my date Friday night? I know it’s not your scene, but-“

He cut her off “If you want me to be there, I’ll go” he smiled

“It’s black tie” she added

“Then I guess it’s a good thing I have a lot of black ties” he laughed. 

“So you’ll come?”

“I’ll come”

They talked for another half hour or so before saying goodnight. Neither of them wanted to hang up, but it was late and Dany had already mentioned going into work earlier the next morning. That came before he was ready. He didn’t see her much as they were both busy. She brought him coffee in the morning as soon as he got in. He could tell she was exhausted and had already been there for hours. He checked in on her again before he left but found her on a lower floor going over all the final touches for her fashion show. She was swamped, so he made their goodbyes quick. They didn’t video chat that night, but she did call when she got home and they told each other all about their days. 

The next day was more of the same. She looked even more tired. He somehow convinced her to let him steal her away from all the madness and take her to lunch. They decided on a sandwich place across the street. This was the first time they’d went in public together since all the magazine drama. He was happy to see her still take his hand or wrap herself around him, and even kiss him, not caring who was watching. 

It was nice to see her relax, even if it was just a tiny bit in the midst of everything she had going on. She kept apologizing for how little time she’d spent with him over the last three days, and that made him a bit sad that someone in her past had obviously made her feel like she had to apologize for doing what she loves. 

He was patient and knew how important her work was. He didn’t mind, and knew they’d have plenty of time over the weekend. He reassured her of these things. He had to keep reminding himself that this was all new to her, and it had been a long time for him, so it would all be a learning process for both of them. He walked her back up to her office and they said their goodbyes. He didn’t hear from her the rest of the day, or at night. 

Thursday morning he woke up to a text from her that she’d sent him the night before after midnight letting him know she’d just gotten home from the office, and apologized once again for being absent most of the day. He smirked and shook his head. He got ready for the day and headed out. They’d be finishing the flooring for her office floor today, so he was glad to have that done. He stopped and got them coffee on the way in, knowing she’d probably already been there long enough to finish the one Missy usually got her. He went straight up to her office when he got there. 

When he walked in, she was on the phone, sitting at her desk. She was wearing a dark red dress that buttoned all the way down and hugged every inch of her body. Her hair was straight, which was rare. She had one side pushed behind her ear. Her make up hid how tired she was. She had a flustered look on her face and her cheeks were red. She looked up seeing him come in and smiled, and he gave her a pouty face, wanting her to know how much he wished he could help her relax. 

He went to stand next to her and sat her coffee in front of her. She pushed her chair away from her desk and turned to him and pulled him by his shirt to lean over so she could kiss him, still listening to who ever she was talking to on the phone. He caressed her cheek as he returned her kiss, wishing it could last longer. 

When he pulled away, he went to stand behind her chair and started to massage her neck and shoulders, feeling how tense she was. He could feel and see her relaxing as he touched her. Her skin was angel soft under his finger tips. “Okay, thank you so much” she said to the person on the phone, and said goodbye, dropping her phone on her desk. She let out a deep sigh and leaned back into her chair and he snorted. He continued rubbing and kneading over her skin, and she leaned into his touch, moving her head to one side, giving him access to her neck. She let out a moan, causing his pants to tighten. “You’re going to put me to sleep” she giggled.

“Funny, this is doing the opposite for me” he laughed. 

“I could definitely get used to this” she said, grabbing one of his hands to stop his movements and brought it to her lips, kissing the palm of his hand up to the tip of his thumb. She stood and turned around and sat on her desk, pulling him in between her legs. He encircled her face in his hands, at first bringing her bottom lip between his, and then went back for more. She parted her lips, and put her arms around his neck, feeling the warmth of his tongue on hers, making up for time lost that week. They stopped only to catch their breath, their foreheads resting against one another’s. “I needed that” she grinned, kissing him again. 

“I thought you might” he smirked. 

“Can I just keep you here and kiss you all day?” 

“Well, if I didn’t know you well enough to know you’re going to be here all night, I’d offer to come stay with you tonight and give you a full body massage so you can relax before your big week. And unlimited kisses of course.” 

“That’s very tempting. I may just have to leave at a decent time tonight” she teased, kissing him once more. 

“Yeah, we’ll see” he joked “We should be finishing the floors today, so I probably wont be here tomorrow. I know you’ll be busy, but just so you know”

“So that means I can keep you up all night since you don’t work tomorrow?” She smirked

“Let’s see how late you’re here first” 

She gave him a challenging look as she moved her hands to his sides, gripping his shirt, and kissed his lips gently, then his jaw, his neck, before giving it a small bite. “Gods I miss you” she whispered as she pulled back to kiss his lips again. Another long passionate kiss he’d have to eventually force himself to come out of. But he didn’t have to. There were two small knocks on her door and she pulled away letting out a deep sigh and rolling her eyes. 

“Make it stop” she whined, and he couldn’t help but chuckle at her. He gave her one last kiss and pulled away. “I’ll come by later” he winked and she smiled back at him. She hopped off her desk and straightened herself up. “Come in” she said to who ever was on the other side of her office door. Margery entered. “Missandei is on line one for you, she said you weren’t answering your cell. She’s down on 7 and there’s a problem with one of the dresses” 

“I got it, thank you” she closed her eyes and put both hands on her temples. 

“Hey” he said, waiting by the doorframe to leave. “Take a deep breath. You got this. After all, you are the Queen of fashion” he smirked. She gave him a roll of the eyes and smiled, waving him off. He went down to check on where his guys were at with the flooring. He was happy to see everything was about done, they’d just need a few finishing touches. The next thing they were doing was swapping out a tile ceiling for a flat white ceiling, and replacing all the light fixtures. He had wanted to do that first, but those materials were going to take longer, so they got the floor in first. Then they’d have all the glass to set up for offices and walls, similar to her floor, and then all the desks and fixtures. He’d hoped to have this floor done in a month or less. He watched over the final touches, jumping in when he was needed. A few hours had passed, and he decided to go see if Dany had time to do lunch, or if not then if he could bring her lunch. 

He made his way upstairs and found her standing in Missy’s office’s door frame. He could see Missy was in a heated conversation with someone on the phone. He assumed maybe it had something to do with the dress issue she was told about that morning. “Hey” he said, feeling like she probably wasn’t in a mood for him to be sneaking up on her. “Hi” she smiled, and turned to step a couple steps out into the hallway with him. “How bad is it?” He asked. She sighed “hopefully nothing too bad we can’t fix before tomorrow”

He had a feeling whatever this issue was, it was definitely going to take away the possibility of any plans for them that night, but he didn’t want to put more of a burden on her. He knew they’d have time eventually. “I came to see if you had time for lunch, or if I could bring you some lunch if not. I didn’t want you starving” he joked. 

“We actually just ordered food. I was going to bring some down to you when it came” 

“Oh, okay” he smiled back at her. And then her face went from soft and happy, to full blown panic. He thought her eyes were going to pop out of their sockets over his shoulder. Before he could turn to see what had her suddenly bursting from her seams, he felt someone come up behind him, and then around to her. 

It was a man similar to himself, only dressed to the nines in the latest suit, he’d assumed, his hair straighter, and a cocky way about him. He put his arm around Dany’s waist and kissed her temple. “Hello darling” he said to her, and not in a way a friend would. Her face turned from shock, to anger, but there was still the panic there as she looked to Jon, pulling away from who ever this man was. 

“Daario, what are you doing here?” She finally faced the him. 

“It’s fashion week. We always do it together. I flew in to surprise you” he smiled at her.

Annoyance brushed over her as she took a deep breath. “We need to have a long talk” she said to the man. It was starting to feel like he wasn’t even standing there. 

That was until the man looked right at Jon. “Yes, you’re right, we really do, it seems we have a lot to catch up on” he answered her. 

Dany sighed and rolled her eyes. “Jon I’m so sorry, this is Daario, my business parter. Daario, this is Jon” 

He was no longer her boyfriend Jon, just Jon. And he knew in that moment, there was much more to this partner than he knew about. They both made that very clear. Neither of the men said a word to the other, both looking as if they’d like to snap the other’s neck. But he was more upset with Dany. He thought that what they had was different, that she had been honest with him.  Was this man her actual partner and not just a business partner? Was he one of her flings? They had to have something going on by the way he touched her, kissed her, spoke to her. His Dany. 

As if Dany’s odd behavior wasn’t confirmation enough for him, as well as the man’s pure arrogance towards her, Jon looked at Missy in her office, as she could see all this happening through her glass walls, and the look on her face was all he needed to see to know. 

And he couldn’t breathe. He wanted to run. He needed to get out of this building. Away from her and whatever had just happened between them. He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding in and ran his fingers through his hair. Dany picked up on this. “Daario, please go wait in my office. I will be there shortly”. The man seemed as if he had more to say, or like he was going to argue with her, but her face turned to fire and he shut his mouth and obeyed. 

As soon as he was out of ear shot from them, Dany tried to take Jon’s hand, but he pulled away. The look on her face could have killed him, but he was pissed at her. He needed to get away from her before he said or did something he would regret. He had always tried to keep his cool with her, and up until now it was easy. But he didn’t want her to see the dark side of him. His anger could consume him, and it was best if he just walked away. 

“I’m sorry Dany, I can’t” he shook his head and turned to escape to the elevators, hoping, praying to whatever gods that she wouldn’t follow him. But that didn’t work. 

“Jon please, let me explain” she followed behind him, trying to keep her voice down, as if she was trying to not put on a show.

“Please don’t follow me” he said low enough where others wouldn’t hear. 

“Jon please” she pleaded again, nearly begging. 

He made it to the elevators and turned to face her. “Daenerys, I need to get away from you right now” he said sternly, hoping that would let her know he was serious. And it seemed to. He stepped backwards into the elevator, and couldn’t keep from locking eyes with her as the doors closed. 

All he could think in that moment was that the woman he was falling for, already belonged to someone else. He should have known it was too good to be true. If that wasn’t bad enough, she lied about it, or hid it from him. What ever it was. Did he even want to know?

His mind went all the way back to the time in her office when she was getting off the phone, calling someone darling. Just like she had called Jon. Just like this man had just been so comfortable calling her. Did she lie about that? He remembered when they went to breakfast with Missy and Grey and her partner was blowing up her phone, and she was bothered by it. It was this guy all along. Was there more to that? All the times she and Missy tip toed around the topic of him, their knowing looks. He had so many questions. But he couldn’t face her to get the answers. He didn’t think he even wanted to know. All he could think in that moment, was that he’d lost her. And he may have never even had her to begin with.



Chapter Text



Daenerys could nearly feel her heart breaking as the elevator doors shut. This is why I don’t do relationships she thought to herself. But that was a lie, and she knew it. This could have easily been avoided had she just been honest with Jon. She was so wrapped up in how good everything was going, she didn’t want to risk messing it up, she didn’t think Jon would understand. She had so many opportunities to tell him. And now it had all blown up in her face. Her hurt turned to anger as she remembered Daario was waiting for her in her office. How dare he make a scene like that in front of Jon. And how dare she let him she thought again. There were two things she knew in that moment. She was going to have several words with Daario, not a single one of them a nice word, and she was going to do whatever it took to keep Jon. 

She made her way back to her office. She knew Jon needed space, and she understood that. But she wanted him to know she was there and ready to talk when he was. She stopped at Missandei’s office and told her to screen any calls and push any meetings, and Missy nodded, knowing she’d get an explanation later. Dany stormed in her office and slammed the door shut behind her. Daario stood from her couch and opened his mouth to say something. “Don’t say a word” she put her finger up to shut him up, turning her eyes aflame towards him. She reached her desk and grabbed her phone, taking a minute to send Jon a text, knowing he wouldn’t answer if she tried calling. 

I understand you’re upset, you have every right to be. I should have told you the truth from the beginning. When you’re ready to listen, I’m ready to talk. Take all the time you need, but please don’t push me away.

“Whatever you’re saying to him isn’t going to change things” Daario got in, already sitting back down on her couch. 

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“You tell me what it means. I’ve been waiting around for years for you to be ready for more than what we had. I leave for a month and have to find out from my assistant and confirmed in a magazine that you’re in an actual real relationship with some nobody. I’d hoped it was all a show for press or something, but getting here seeing you with him, seeing you pine over him as you are now, I see it’s as real as I am sitting here”

“You don’t even know him. Jon is ten times the man you’ll ever be. And yes Daario, it’s all real”

“Was all real. By the looks of it it’s not anymore. And I know all about who he is. It wasn’t hard to put two and two together once I saw the photos of you together. Stark Industries. His hoodie. He owns the company doing the work downstairs. I knew as soon as I saw you parading him all over town, knowing you’d never dare be seen in public with me, or any other man for that matter, that something wasn’t right” 

Parading am I?”

 “Yes. It won’t last Dany, I know you, I know this isn’t what you really want. You hate the hearts and flowers shit” he waved to the flowers on er desk. “You will only hurt him, if you haven’t already, or you’ll keep up the charades long enough to let him hurt you”

“You’re wrong” 

“I’m not. He will never amount to me Dany. And deep down you know that. He’ll never have all that I have. He’ll never be able to give you what I can give you. He’ll never be able to please you the way that I do” 

That set her off even more. “Let’s not forget that I gave you all that you have, and I can take it away just as easily, it doesn’t need to be given to me” she seethed. 

“And he pleases you? He takes care of you better than I do?” He spit out. 

Her eyes went wide. She didn’t know how to answer that. She knew he’d never understand what she and Jon had. But then again, she didn’t care. “That isn’t any of your business, but for your information, yes, I’m more than satisfied.” 

He scoffed. “Okay Daenerys” he rolled his eyes and shook his head. After a brief silence he continued “Why couldn’t you have just told me? Didn’t I deserve to hear about this from you?”

“You did. But I wanted to tell you in person” 

“And I take it by the looks of his reaction, he didn’t know about us?”

“He knew I had a business parter that was acting out like a child about gods knows what. Not about who you are, not about us. But you already knew that didn’t you? That’s why you showed up here unannounced, knowing he’d be here, and try to stake your claim.” 

“I must admit it was an opportune moment. But there’s a reason for that, you know. A reason you didn’t tell him about us. And it has nothing to do with you and him and everything to do with you and me, and you know it” 

“Daario, there is no you and me”

“Right, okay. Give me a call when you’re tired of the bullshit you’re falling into” he moved to leave her office. 

“Do not walk away from me Daario” she reeled herself in. “This may be the end of whatever personal attachments we’ve had, but you are still my business partner, and there are things that need to be discussed in regards to that” 

He hesitated but eventually sat back down. They talked over his mishaps in Essos for nearly two hours. They went from her reprimanding him and him acting as if he did nothing wrong, to him opening up and explaining himself and apologizing. “I can’t lose you as my business partner too” he had said to her. 

He had eventually steered the conversation back to their personal relations and she could tell it upset him. She tried to explain that there was just something about Jon that she liked, that was different. He didn’t seem to care to hear it, and didn’t seem as if he was planning to give up on the possibility of them being together either. Their conversation ended civilly, but he told her he couldn’t bare to see her with him, at least not yet, and that he would still be attending some events of fashion week. That made her think about Jon and wondered if maybe he’d still come with her tomorrow night. 

It was after 8PM and she still had so many finishing touches to work on before her show the next day. She still hadn’t gotten a reply from Jon, so she figured it was safe to assume he wasn’t coming over that night. She tried calling him when she had a moment alone in her office, but he didn’t pick up. She tried distracting herself from thoughts of him by drowning herself in work, but that didn’t help. She didn’t get home from the office until after midnight, but she couldn’t sleep. That night she did something that was foreign to her. She cried. 

The next morning she slept as long as she could, not needing to be in the office. Everything had been ready to go for the weekend when she left the night before, all she’d have to do today was get to hair and make up, and get ready for the red carpet that night. It was a little after 9AM when she got up. She rushed to check her phone, and was surprised to have a message from Jon. Her heart dropped. 

I’m not ready to listen, I don’t know that I ever will be. I just wanted to let you know I wouldn’t be coming tonight. I think it’s for the best. 

That got her tears flowing all over again. Had her secrets costed her her happiness for good now? Should she even reply? There was only one person who would understand her and this predicament she’d gotten herself into. Missy. She texted her to come up when she was up and around. Within ten minutes Missy was barging into her room and plopping into bed next to her. Dany had already told her everything that had happened the day before. She could tell by the way she was hiding her face that Dany was crying. “What happened?” She asked. 

“I think I’ve lost him Miss. He’s not coming tonight. Said he’s not ready to listen and doesn’t know if he ever will be” 

Missy was quiet for longer than Dany would have liked. 

“Why didn’t you just tell him Dany?”

“Honestly now, I don’t even know. I was scared I guess. Of ruining what we had”

“How’d that work out for you?” She asked sarcastically

Dany playfully hit Missy with a pillow. 

“What do I do?”

“Tell him the truth. You have no idea what’s going on in his head, what he’s made up of the situation. I’m sure the truth is not near as bad as the story he’s put together out of all of this. Imagine if you were at his office and his ex just showed up, wrapping herself around him and kissing him, you would think the worst.”

“And how can I tell hi the truth if he wont see or talk to me?”

“Give him some time” 

They laid around a bit longer and ordered in breakfast food. Dany decided to not respond to Jon for the moment. She’d give him the space he wanted. She was sad he wouldn’t be joining her, she was looking forward to seeing him in a tux. But instead she’d get another year of walking the red carpet alone. 

Her hair and make up team got to her place around four. Her hair took half the time it used to. After a couple hours, she was ready to slip into her dress and get the show on the road. She felt like a queen in her dress. a queen without her King. It was a long, strapless deep purple that hugged her waist. She had her hair put up. 

She met Missy downstairs and Jorah and Barry drove them to the location. Once they pulled up, she took a deep breath and got out. Missy followed not far behind her. She stepped onto the carpet and began the walk. She felt more lonely by each flash that went off taking her photo. About halfway through she felt a hand press against her back, and a warmth at her side. 

“Found you” Daario smiled next to her.

It wasn’t the man she wanted standing next to her, but she had to admit she was happy he came to her rescue. She could feel herself falling apart, and this weekend was the one time she needed to keep it together. 

“Hey” she smiled back

Daario posed the rest of the carpet with her, and then they went inside for the opening show. She sat between Daario and Missy. She was thankful that he was quiet and kept his hands to himself. Or at least she thought he was. “I figured I’d be tortured with seeing you with Prince Charming tonight” 

She rolled her eyes. “He isn’t speaking to me” 

“His loss” he tried flattering her. Needless to say it didn’t work

After what seemed like a life time, the show was coming to an end. “Are you going to the after party?” He asked

“No, I’m going home” 

“Cheer up darling. Want some company?”

“Not of the likes of you” she said as nicely as possible, and he gave her an empty smile. His company is what got her into this mess. She hugged him goodbye and he kissed her cheek. She and Missy got in the car. “Are you sure you don’t want to come out?” Missy asked. 

“Why? So I can be hounded about the Spring line and approached by men all night who aren’t the man I want, including Daario? I’ll pass” she smiled sarcastically. She could tell Missy was worried. “I’ll be fine”. 

Missy let it go. Jorah dropped her off at the elevator to her apartment. She told him and Barry to stay with Missy for the night. Once she got upstairs, she couldn’t wait to get out of her dress, wipe her make up off, and climb into bed, and that’s exactly what she did. After she poured herself some wine, that is. She turned on her tv in her bedroom and turned it to whatever movie was on for the night. She told herself she wasn’t going to cry any more, and that lasted a whole five minutes. She tried to play it off, but she knew she was terrified of losing Jon. Another feeling that was foreign to her. She decided to text him, possibly getting a little encouragement from the wine as usual. 

I missed you tonight. I was looking forward to seeing you all dressed up. I can’t tell you how sorry I am Jon. I wish that you would talk to me. I can promise you whatever you think is going on with Daario and I, it’s not. We have a past, and I should have told you that. But it’s just that, the past. Please don’t do this. 

She waited up for as long as she could but eventually she got tired. And of course she never got a response. She hardly slept again, and the next morning she didn’t want to get up. She was already being tagged on social media in pictures from the red carpet. Some were of her and Daario. Great. She rolled her eyes and crawled out of bed to once again let her hair and make up team into her home. Normally she loved fashion week, but she was ready for it to be over already. Tonight she’d have her own show debuting her spring line, and then she could come home. Instead of going to Jons like they had planned. And that thought upset her all over again. 

Her dress for the day was her signature red, and shorter, needing to stay mobile and keep things running smoothly on the catwalk. Her hair was down and straight, and her make up dark. The evenings routine was much like the previous, except no red carpet, thank the gods. She found herself back stage at her show, double checking every model, every dress, every stitch. No matter what other ventures she made in life, this was her passion, this was one thing she couldn’t fuck up. Clothes. 

Eventually the music started and she and Missy began directing models out in their order. There were no catastrophes this year. No drunk or missing models, no issues with clothes, no issues with the DJ having the entirely wrong music. She needed this. A smooth show so she could relax and have at least one good thing come of this day. 

At the end of the show, she walked out with Missy. Missy didn’t always come with her, but Dany wanted her to this time since she modeled the spring line. She introduced her as such, told them about her inspiration for the line, thanked everyone for coming, and it was all over. She noticed Daario sitting front and center with Tyrion, her head of marketing, and Tyrion’s wife. They came and told her how much they loved it, and said their goodbyes. She was thankful Daario left her alone after that. 

After closing things up, she and Missy went to the car again to escape. Missy would be going out again, to what was Dany’s after party, but she didn’t want to go. She initially had plans with Jon, but that clearly wasn’t happening. Their ride home was silent. Missy could tell she was upset, and she held her hand, causing a tear to roll down Dany’s cheek. She was so thankful to have such a supportive best friend. 

They pulled back up to her home. Missy hugged her before she got out of the car. “It will get better Dany. I love you” she kissed her cheek. Dany nodded back to her. “I love you too. Have fun, don’t get in too much trouble” she laughed. She tried to hide her tears, but there was no hiding from Missy. She gave her friend a sad smile and went upstairs. 

She considered just driving to Jons and showing up like some kind of crazed lover. He’d probably hate her even more then. What if he’s with someone else? And that thought put a lump in her chest. The reality of this was becoming all too real. 

Everything reminded her of him. Her bed no longer smelled of him. She considered taking a bath, but then she was reminded of their video call. Then she thought about calling or texting him again, but she knew he wouldn’t answer, and then she’d only be more upset. So she went to bed. No tv, no wine. What a Saturday night, she thought. She tossed and turned all night, dreaming of the man she’d lost.

Sunday morning came and she had even less desire to get up than she did the morning before. She decided she’d skip the events of the day. She texted Missy telling her to feel free to attend on her behalf, but that she’d be staying home today, and just wanted to be alone. She knew Missy would understand, but would also worry. Most of the rest of the week she wouldn’t have to attend much. She’d go back to her life as normal the next morning. She spent the day in bed, watching sappy romance movies and eating junk food. She didn’t care to get dressed or even shower. She needed one day to pity herself, and so that’s what she did. 

The next morning, she pulled herself out from under the rain cloud that loomed over her, and forced herself into the shower. She didn’t know the status of things with her remodel, since Jon wasn’t speaking to her, but she’d hoped she’d get to see him. After all, they did still have to talk about the remodel. 

She decided to dress her best in case she saw him. He couldn’t avoid her forever. Or could he? She decided on a white dress. It was short and strapless and dipped low in the front. She paired it with a black blazer and black heels, opting for a darker red lip than her usual. Missy waited for her at the car that morning, which was unusual, but she knew what she was doing. Worrying. 

“Nice to see you out of bed today” she teased, handing her a coffee. 

“Yes, well I can’t mope around forever can I?” She smirked. 

They got to the office and despite every bone in her body pulling her to go find Jon, she went to her office to check on things first. There was still not a word from him, as if he’d fallen right off the grid. After an hour or so, she had convinced herself to go down and find him. She needed to check on the progress of things anyway, right? 

The elevator swung open to the 51st floor and she thought she’d faint. Her palms were sweating she was so nervous. Turning out of the elevator, she was faced with five to ten men, all working on the ceiling. Not a single one of those men was Jon. Tormund, Jons head contractor who she’d become some what friendly with, caught onto her searching for him. “He’s not here” he said, walking towards her, wiping off his face. He gave her a knowing look, as if he knew what was going on between her and Jon. 

“Where is he?” She asked. 

“Meeting with a new client. He won’t be in today” 

Is he okay? Does he hate me? She wanted to ask, but she refrained. She nodded to Tormund and went back to her office. She sat for what seemed like forever at her desk trying to pull herself together, but she couldn’t. 

Each day that week was the exact same. She’d dressed her best, came to work, looked for him, only to find he wasn’t there. Each day growing a little more down on herself. Each day feeling the distance between herself and Jon grow more and more. Maybe Daario was right. Maybe she wasn’t capable of having a real relationship, maybe she would only hurt him?

By Friday, as she stepped into the elevator leaving the 51st floor after looking for him, she decided that that was enough. That would be the last time she’d scour her building for him only to be disappointed. She got up to her office, put her blazer back on, grabbed her things, and took off. She stopped by Missy’s office. “I’m taking the rest of the day off. Call me if there are any emergencies”

“Are you okay?” She asked. 

“I will be” Dany nodded somberly, and took off. Barry met her at the elevator and walked her down to the car where Jorah was waiting, holding the door open for her. “Thank you” she nearly whispered. She could see the worry in both of their eyes. Once they were all in the car, Jorah looked back at her. “Where to dear?” 

She took a deep breath. “Take me to Jons” she finally got out. “Please”, and Jorah nodded. He looked up the address on the GPS on the dash, and they took off. Her heart was beating a thousand beats a minute, she was shaking, fighting back tears, feeling like she was on the brink of a panic attack. So many questions running through her head; What if he isn’t there? What if he turns her away? What if he has a woman there? But only one question mattered to her. Is he still mine? Am I still his? 

She had never been to his place before, so she was surprised when they pulled up. The building was all brick aside from the windows. She could see into his showroom and it was beautiful. She could also see his car and truck parked outside, so she at least knew he was there, and the panic ensued. 

What am I doing? What will I say? Should I leave? Jorah and Barry were both silent. She was sure they probably knew she was having second thoughts. She finally closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Please wait here. I will text you and let you know if it’s okay to leave” and Jorah nodded. 

She opened her door and slowly got out of the car. The fall had finally came and the chill outside gave her goosebumps. She went into his showroom, and there was a woman about her age working at a desk. She had dark hair and a kind smile. “Hi, I’m Gilly” she held her hand out to Dany. Dany returned her smile and took the woman’s hand. “Daenerys” and the way the woman’s eyes went wide, she knew right away she knew who she was. 

“Is Jon around?” She asked. “He’s here. Either in the office or his loft. I can call up there” and before Dany could answer, she was picking up the phone. This was it, she thought. “Please don’t tell him it’s me” she whispered, “He probably wont come if he knows”. Gilly nodded. Dany heard her tell Jon there was a client here that would like to speak with him, and that was it. It wasn’t entirely a lie. “He’ll be right down” and Dany nodded. 

A few minutes later she saw the only door in the room open and there he was. Their eyes met instantly, and it had become impossible for her to hold back tears any longer. She wanted to run and jump in his arms, but the look on his face told her that that was the last thing he wanted.



Chapter Text




The last week had been hell for him. He had fought every urge to give into her. He stayed away from her building, fought himself for hours from calling or texting her back. Standing and staring at his tux for what seemed like a lifetime fighting back the itch to put it on and race to the event to be with her. Forcing himself to work away to avoid her. Instead he obsessed over this man and had come up with a hundred different scenarios in his head of how he and Dany were involved. He saw the photos of them together on the red carpet. That enraged him even more. She had taken him in Jon’s place. He saw photos of him sitting in the front row of her fashion show. He saw the headlines in the magazine. Where is the Fashion Queen’s Mystery Man? With photos of her alone on the red carpet, alone at her show. He had nightmares of the man touching her, kissing her, his Dany. 

None of that mattered now, because here she stood in his showroom, beautiful as ever. She was wearing another blue dress, this one more revealing, if that was even possible, a white blazer and blue heels. Her cheeks were flushed and she gave him a small smile. Anger flooded his head. How could she just show up here? He told her he didn’t want to talk, or listen. But that changed in a split second when he saw a tear fall down her cheek. Something he’d never expected from her. And in that moment, he just wanted to hold her. But he wouldn’t. He had to fight back. He couldn’t get hurt again. 

He took a few small steps towards her, not wanting Gilly to hear their conversation. She matched his steps and eventually they were face to face. He fought he urge to wipe her tears. “You did tell me once I was the only woman you wanted showing up here unannounced” she tried to joke, but he wasn’t laughing. “I’m sorry” she said, wiping at her cheeks. “Can we um, can we talk?” She managed to get out. He could feel his heart breaking, falling into his stomach. He hesitated for a moment, running his hand through his hair. 

“Okay” he finally answered. He took a deep breath and led her up the stairs to his office floor, and then to another set of stairs up to his loft. They walked into his living room and he sat down. “Sit, please” and she sat in a chair next to where he sat on the couch. She seemed nervous, as was he. 

“Thank you for seeing me” she said quietly, staring into his eyes

“You didn’t give me much of a choice” he said, before he could stop himself. He didn’t want to be rude to her, but he was angry. 

Her eyes left his after that, looking into her lap at her fidgeting hands. “I just figured if we’re going to break up, we may as well be adults and do it in person. I feel I at least deserve a chance to explain myself, so that you know the truth” 

“Is that what you want, to break up?”

“It’s clearly what you want” she said shakily, eyes meeting his again. He could see the pools of tears forming in her eyes and how hard she was fighting to keep them at bay. 

He sighed and dropped his head into his hands, resting his elbows on his knees. That wasn’t at all what he wanted. But he couldn’t trust her now. He couldn’t let himself fall for her only to get hurt. His walls were definitely up. 

“You can ask me what ever you want to know, or I can tell you the whole story. Either way, I’m not leaving here until you know the truth. At least if you decide to end things, you won’t wonder what really happened”

He looked up to her, seeing the fire return in her eyes. “Why do you care about me knowing the truth now? You obviously didn’t want me to know before”

“I’ve always wanted you to know Jon, it was just a matter of when I was going to tell you. It had only been two weeks, I didn’t want to ruin what we had going. I was scared, I don’t know how to do all of this. And I didn’t want you to have to worry about our relationship when I would eventually have to spend time with him. He is my business partner after all”

“Dany do you realize that if we were to work this out, I’m only going to worry more now, after you’ve lied or hid the truth from me? If you would have been honest up front I would have trusted you. Just like you trusted me with Ygritte.”

“Yes, I get that now. It was stupid of me, I know” 

“So he’s your business partner and what else?” 

She took a deep breath and there was a long pause before she continued. “We were just friends for a long time, which is why I trusted him to run my father’s company. He knew my father, knew the business, he’d worked under him and my father always liked him, trusted him. Once I made him CEO, we spent a lot of time together. We happened to both be single at the same time at one point and so we slept together. That was about two years ago. And that’s all it's ever been, just sex. When he wasn’t with someone or I wasn’t dating, and we both happened to be in town, it just happened. There are no feelings there, at least not for me” 

“Did you sleep with him last weekend?”

This seemed to shock her. Maybe even offend her. “No, absolutely not” 

He could tell by the look in her eyes she was telling the truth. He sighed and leaned back on the couch. Wondering what else he should ask, or say. Did he even want to know anything else? Of course he did, but could he handle the answers?

“Did you even notice that you introduced me to so many people last week as your boyfriend, but to him I was just Jon?”

She sighed then too, crossing one leg over the other and leaning on the arm of the chair. “I didn’t introduce you to him as my boyfriend because he already knew. His assistant told him, although I’m not sure how he knew. That’s why he disappeared and that’s why he was blowing up my phone when we went to breakfast that morning. I never responded and he eventually saw the photos in the magazines to confirm what he’d heard. He text me the same evening after we saw them and I told him about us. 

The truth is, he has always wanted our relationship to be more. So he that I had found that with someone else instead of him. It’s no secret that I tend to steer clear of relationships entirely, so this was a shock to a lot of people, myself included.” She reached into her handbag and pulled out her phone, setting it on the coffee table. “I still have the texts, you can read them if you’d like” 

He wanted to read them, but he knew if he took that phone, it’d only harm any sliver of trust that remained between them, so he shook his head. “Maybe the reason you steer clear of relationships is because you want to keep doing what ever it is you’re doing with him? I obviously got in the way of that” 

“Trust me Jon, if I wanted to be with Daario, I could”

“Trust you?” He raised an eyebrow and scoffed. She was taken back by this, but he sighed and continued. “If you don’t have feelings for him, why lead him on? Why continue sleeping with him, allowing him to touch you and talk to you the way that he does, why take him in my place last weekend?” His elbows were back on his knees, and his head back in his hands, but he was facing her. 

As much as she hated that she hurt Jon, she was glad to hear he at least cared that he didn’t go with her, he had obviously went looking for photos, she knew he didn’t read magazines. “I didn’t take him in your place, I took Missy, he was just there, he always goes. I didn’t invite him to my show either, but we are still friends. He supports my business endeavors and I support his. It’s important for both of my companies that we remain civil. I’ve always made it very clear to him that I don’t want a relationship. It had been at least a month if not longer before you and I even met since the last time I was with him. 

He’s arrogant and likes to intimidate people. It may benefit me in our Business life, but clearly it causes issues with my personal life. Had I known he was coming home, I would have told you all of this and prepared you. I was caught off guard...I-I just...I thought we had more time” and then a tear fell. 

He hated seeing her cry. He hated that he was partially the one causing her this pain. She reached into her handbag again and pulled out a tissue. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to cry. I never do this.” 

“It’s alright” he said, taking her hand. This startled her, and more tears fell. He wanted more than anything to take her into his arms and comfort her. He didn’t want to lose her either, but he was so confused. He wondered how many men this Daario had ran away from her, and would he just be another one of them? 

He rubbed his thumb over the top of her hand, trying to tell her in the smallest way he could that if anything, at least he understood. That he was hurting too. “Would you like something to drink?” He offered, and she nodded. “Water, please”. He got up and walked to the kitchen and poured her an ice water, and himself scotch. He went back to the living room and handed her the water, sitting back down onto the couch, and placing his drink on the table. 

“It’s a little early for that” she pointed out

“Something tells me I’m going to need it” 

She took a sip of the water and placed in on the table on a coaster. She looked uncomfortable then, looking away from him, eyes going back into her lap and then up to scan the room. Silence crept over them for longer than he would have liked. He didn’t know what to say, what to do. He was scared to let her back in, but even more afraid of losing her. 

“I came back to your office you know”


“After all this happened, I just needed to calm down. I didn’t want to say or do anything I would regret out of anger. I got your text, and I just wanted answers. So eventually I went back to your office so that we could talk. It was late, I figured you’d be about done for the day. And I saw you with him. You looked so comfortable. You were just laughing and looked happy, like everything between us just never happened. That’s why I didn’t want to see you or hear anything you had to say.”

“I’m sorry that I mad you feel that way Jon. I’m sorry that I gave you reason to doubt me. But I promise you there is nothing going on between Daario and I anymore, and there hasn’t been in a while. I know you may think you don’t right now, but I think you know me well enough to know that I’m not a cheater. I hardly have time for one man, none the less two. Besides the fact that I don’t do this, this relationship stuff, but I finally wanted that, and I wanted it with you” 

He didn’t know what to say. He wanted to believe her more than anything. “What about the call you took when I went to your office to get you for our first date, you called them darling, was that him?” 

“No. Aside from when I finally told him about us when the magazines came out, I haven’t spoken to him since we’ve been together. The dynamics of things between him and I were not like that. We never went on dates or did the cute names or made an effort to make it anything more than what it was”

“I get it Dany, it was all about the sex, I don’t need to know any more” he sighed and put his face back into his hands and she became quiet. The silence lingered between them for what seemed like hours opposed to the maybe minute it actually was.  

“I miss you” she finally said softly, breaking their silence, looking back up at him with her eyes red. 

“Daenerys” he warned her. 

“I know” she said, looking back to her hands, sadness taking over her face again. After another minute of silence, she grabbed her phone and purse, and stood to gather herself. “I guess I should be going. I’m sorry for barging in here. And I’m even more sorry for everything else. I never meant to hurt you Jon… but thank you for listening” she looked down at him, and their eyes were stuck on the other’s again. He couldn’t bring himself to say anything. She shook her head, pulling herself out of their gaze, and turned to leave “Goodbye Jon”  

“Wait” he said, grabbing her hand. She looked back at him, seemingly shocked. The thought of it being over between them tore him apart. He couldn’t lose her. Wouldn’t lose her. He wouldn’t be another man that Daario scared away from her. He wasn’t scared of him. And he knew as bad as it would hurt if she were to do this again, it would hurt even more to let her go. 

He stood to face her and pulled her back to him. She was close enough he could smell her. The smell of her perfume that he loved, the smell of her hair. He could see her chest heaving from breathing too deeply. “Is there anything else I need to know about this partner of yours?” He asked, keeping his eyes on hers. 

“No” she whispered without hesitation, shaking her head. 

“I need you to understand that if I forgive you, and we try to work through this, it will take me some time to trust you again. I will not be the man that goes through your phone, that needs to know where you’re at and who you’re with every second of every day, that accuses you of or assumes things I shouldn’t. But I will be the man that wonders, and I only ask that you be the woman I thought I knew and don’t leave me wondering” 

“I wont” she answered

“I also need you to understand that I get that this guy is your partner, and things may be strictly friendly and business between you two now, but I will never like him. I can be civil, for you, but that is all. I don’t want to be around him if I don’t have to, and I will not just stand by again while he attempts to intimidate me. I cannot even begin to describe the rage I felt watching him put his hands on you” 

“I understand” she nodded “I would never ask that of you” 

“And this is still what you want? To be with me?” 

She nodded again, a small tear falling. “It’s all I’ve wanted since the day we met” 

He took her cheeks into his hands, rubbing his thumb across them to wipe her tears. He nodded, hoping she would understand it’s what he wanted too. “Okay” he said, and he kissed her harder then than he ever had before. He had missed her too, missed the feel of her lips on his, they way she ran her hands over him. 

She dropped her handbag back onto the table, and ran her hands up his chest over his hoodie, and stopped at his sides. She deepened the kiss, running her tongue along his lips and they parted to feel her tongue against his. He dropped his hands from her face to run them along her body, the body he’d missed so much. He rested his hands on her back side, and pulled her in as close as possible, wanting her to feel the effect she still had on him, and she moaned. He could no longer control himself. 

He lifted her up by her ass and she wrapped her legs around him, never breaking their kiss, her arms now encircled around his neck. He could hear her heels drop to the floor behind him. He turned and carried her into his bedroom. Once there, he laid her down on her back on his bed and stood. She was ethereal, even with reddened cheeks and puffy lips, she was still perfect. 

He had dreamt of her so many times in his bed, and there she was. Her silver hair falling over her chest, her perfect curves illuminated by the sunlight coming in through the curtains, the way her blue dress matched his sheets almost perfectly as if it was planned. They were both breathing heavily, and the sight of her alone was driving him wild. 

He put a knee on the bed, moving to lean over her. He didn’t know how far this was going to go, but he was more than willing to find out. Then leaned down on one arm, and then the other, facing her now. She pulled him by his shirt down to her, and they went back to kissing. After a moment she was lifting his sweater over his head and while he leaned up to pull it off, she leaned up to take off her blazer, and then grasped his face into her hands and kissed him again. 

He moved down to kiss her neck, feeling the pulse of her heart racing. Further down he kissed the tops of her breasts that were spilling out of her dress. “Gods I missed you” he whispered, and he could see the goosebumps popping over her soft skin. He could feel his bulge rubbing against her thigh through his jeans. He was back up to her neck, and then her lips, before their eyes met and he knew by the look on her face that she wanted exactly what he wanted. 

“Take me, Jon” she whispered. 

Fuck he thought. This was really happening. He knew there was no way he could tell her no, not now, and in all honesty, he didn’t want to. Fuck waiting any longer. If they could survive the mess they just survived, they could handle having sex, right? “Are you sure?” He asked breathlessly.

She nodded and her eyes filled with lust as he climbed off of her and stood to take off his pants. She sat up and unzipped her dress down the back, and sat up on her knees to pull it down and off. She was wearing a deep red lace bra and matching lace panties. He almost thought maybe she prepared for this to happen, but then something told him all of her undergarments were probably all like this. Perfectly matching and just as tempting. 

He reached around her back to unhook her bra, and she dropped it to the floor. Her breasts were impeccable. She moved her hands to slide her underwear off, and he did the same, feeling her eyes on his cock as it sprung free. She laid back on the bed again, eyes never leaving his, and he matched her gaze, eyes blazing. But then he remembered protection. He reached over and got a condom out of his bedside table drawer and started to unwrap it with his teeth. “It’s okay” she stopped him. “I’m on the shot”. He sat it back down on the table and went back to her, secretly relieved and trusting her. He was still in disbelief that she was naked in his bed. 

He climbed back over her in between her legs, her eyes like fire in his. He kissed her passionately, wanting to savor every moment of this. He ran a hand down her body, from her breast, to her abdomen, down to her cunt. He ran a finger over her slit, feeling her readiness for him. “You’re so wet Dany” he whispered in her ear. Her hands rubbed over his back, she kissed him once softly. “I want you” she whispered back. “Only you, Jon” and that sent him into a frenzy. He would never get used to the way his name sounded on her lips, but especially like this. 

He kissed her with force, biting her bottom lip. He stopped his movements with his hand over her sex and grabbed his cock, moving it to her opening, running it up and down, from her clit to her entrance over and over before he slowly slid inside of her. She was so tight. It had been a while for him, so he knew he wouldn’t last long, especially not now, not with her. She deepened their kiss, taking his face into one hand, and the other running down his chest, around to grip his back. He could feel her perfectly manicured fingers digging into him, letting him know she liked what he was doing. 

She met him thrust for thrust. He moved slowly at first, wanting to allow their bodies time to adjust to the other, but every gasp and moan she let out made him move faster. He ravaged her with kisses and bites. From her lips, to her neck, her chest, her breasts. He knew she’d have some marks, but she returned his affections, kissing and biting his neck. “Oh, Jon” she moaned. There it was again. He knew she was close, and so was he. Their breaths were wild, his thrusts even more so, and she let out a loud moan, her fingernails scratching across his back, he could feel her heat pulsing around his cock and this sent him into the abyss. He groaned and thrust once more deep into her before spilling his seed, coming like he had never came before. 

They both took a moment to catch their breath before he pulled his face out of the curve of her neck to kiss her lips. He got up and pulled out of her slowly and she winced. He went to his bathroom to get a hand towel and brought it back to her to clean up. They moved to lay their heads up on the pillows, pulling his sheet over their still naked bodies, he pulled her to lay her head on his chest, and he wrapped his arms around her, as she laid her hand on his abs, running her fingers across his skin. He brushed his hand across her cheek, moving hair out of her eyes. 

She kept her arm tightly wrapped around him. He didn’t want to let her go either. He realized then that he’d almost lost her, and he never wanted to feel that again. She was his, and he was hers, and no one was going to take them from each other. Neither of them saying anything for a moment, both just basking in the bliss of their love making. He felt for a moment that it was all a dream. He knew with her past, he was playing with Fire. But he prayed she felt the same. 

“Are you telling me that all this time, all I had to do was make you mad to get you into bed with me?” She giggled. 

There she was, his playful, sarcastic Dany was back. “Let’s not test that again” he smiled. 

“I really am sorry Jon” she whispered and looked up into his eyes. 

“I know. I forgive you” and he meant it. He knew she was being honest. And it wasn’t like she had cheated. He knew this, he just wished she would have told him about Daario sooner. 

“Can I keep you here in your bed all weekend?” She smirked. 

“I’m all yours” he laughed. 

“And I yours” she said, and kissed him. She moved to nuzzle her head under his chin, turning them on their sides, leaving light kisses across his neck and chest. 

“Shouldn’t you be working? Isn’t today the last day of fashion week?”

“I had more important things to do” 

“Dany I know how important your work is, how important this week is to you” 

“It’s not more important than you, than us. I couldn’t lose you...” she spoke into his chest, avoiding his gaze. 

“I’m not going anywhere” he said, running his fingers through her hair, caressing the small of her back. “What are you supposed to be doing?”

“There’s a finale show tonight. Runway, red carpet, lots of people, everything. But I’d rather be here with you”

“Well, I do sort of owe you for bailing last weekend. So why don’t we go, and then you can stay here for the weekend. We can lay in bed all day and I’ll cook for you and we can watch movies or what ever you want” 

She paused for a minute before answering. “Daario will be there” she added hesitantly. 

“I don’t care. I don’t want to take you from your world Dany, I just want to be part of it. I want to support you. But make no mistake, if he wants to compare cocks, I’ll have no problem letting him know who’s partner you really are” 

She let out a small giggle. She loved this possessive Jon. “I don’t need you to play nice as long as there are no scenes made” she chuckled

“I can promise that at least” he kissed her forehead. 

“Well then we should probably get going if we want to get there on time. Can you get ready at my place?” She asked and he nodded. “Shit, I forgot Jorah was here waiting for me” she laughed. “We can have him drive us, or if you want to drive us that’s fine too”. He knew she said this because she wanted to be alone with him, without having Jorah and Barry listen in on them. 

“I’ll drive us, that way we can just stay at your place tonight, and I’ll drive us here tomorrow” 

She nodded in agreement. They both got out of Jons bed, not willingly, and re-dressed. He helped her zip up her dress and held her blazer up for her to slip her arms into before he slid his arms around her waist and kissed her neck. She sat at the end of his bed waiting while he packed a few things in a bag, dress shoes, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair gel, the necessities, and grabbed the garment bag that held his suit he had bought for the previous weekend. 

“Let’s go” he said, and took her hand and she followed him out. Once outside she ran to tell Jorah to meet them back at her place, and then went back to his car. He opened her car door for her and put his things in the back. It took him longer than usual to get to her place because of all the traffic that came along with fashion week. He held her hand over the center console, kissing her fingers here and there. 

“Can I use your phone?” She asked. “Mine is dead” 

He dug his phone out of his pocket and handed it to her, telling her his passcode. Once the phone was unlocked, she noticed he had the picture she’d sent him in the black dress as his background. She smiled over at him. 

“What?” He blushed. 

“Very cute” she said, showing him the phone. 

“Yeah, I almost drew a face on it” he snickered. 

“Jon Stark!” she feigned insult and they laughed. 

She dialed Missandei’s number, the only one she knew by heart. “Hello?” She answered “Hey it’s me”

“Daenerys, where the hell are you?” 

“Calm down, I’m with Jon, we’re on the way to my place, can you get me hair and make up?” 

“They’re already here waiting for you” 

“But I cancelled?”

“I’m your assistant, it’s my job” she reminded her

“You’re so much more than that love” 

“Yeah, yeah. See you soon” she hung up before Dany could say anything back. 

“Well, I’m in trouble” she said back to Jon, and they both laughed. She put his phone in his cup holder and kicked her heels off, bringing her legs up into the seat and turning towards him, pulling their entangled hands into her lap.

“Are we okay?” She asked, staring at him intently. 

His eyes went back and forth between her eyes and the road. “I think it’s safe to say we’re more than okay love” he said, running his pinky over her thigh. 

“Do you think we should have waited longer?” She asked worriedly

“I think that if our relationship can withstand all the bullshit we ran it through this last week, we can probably make it through what ever comes with having sex” he smirked. 

“Amazing sex” she gave him a devilish grin. 

“Yes, that” he chuckled. 

“Also I think you mean all the bullshit I ran it through”

“No Dany, it was me too” he pulled their hands up to his lips again, kissing the top of hers. “I shouldn’t have pushed you away and ignored you. If I would have just talked to you, we could have resolved this a week ago. And I wish I would have, because the scenarios I made up in my head were much worse than reality”

“Well it’s over now”

“Yes it is” he smiled, and they went back to their quiet drive listening to music, stealing glances at each other at stoplights. He knew it was way too soon to feel what he was feeling, but he couldn’t deny it. He was falling in love with her. And that terrified him, but not near as much as he knew it would terrify her.



Chapter Text




Dany was feeling a little bit of whiplash. Just hours ago she was storming out of work, preparing to face the cold hard truth that she’d probably lost the first and only man she’d ever truly cared about romantically, the first man she ever wanted to be with, all because she kept a dirty little secret. And now, here they were picking right back up where they left off, getting ready to walk their first red carpet together, with a little bit of post-sexual bliss sprinkled on top of their heads. 

She had to admit, she was a little bit worried that things were moving too fast, that they should have waited longer. But she knew she wanted Jon, and despite how scared she was to commit, the alternative, losing him, was scarier than any future she could have thought up for them. She knew she had a lot to make up for, and understood it would take time and a lot of effort from her for him to trust her again, and to truly forgive her. 

They pulled into the parking garage of her building after stopping to get take out for themselves and her people. Jon came around and opened her car door, letting Dany out who was carrying food, and he grabbed his bags and put his free arm around her as they walked to the elevator. When the elevator opened, it was pure chaos in her apartment. “Nice of you to join us darling, and hello Jon” Missy said. “We brought a peace offering” Dany smiled holding up the food, and Missy playfully rolled her eyes. They took it to the kitchen and Dany noticed Grey sitting at her kitchen island. “Well Hello Grey” she said mischievously, eyeing Missy. “Hi” he smiled kindly. “Will you be joining us this evening?” 

“No, I was just dropping by to see Missandei before she had to go” 

“Do you have other plans?”


“Then it’s settled, you will join us. I mean, Missy does need a date after all, since I’ve dumped her for Jon” she laughed, and Missy rolled her eyes again. “Yes, I’d love for you to come, if you’d like, of course” and he smiled and nodded. They finished eating along with her hair and make up team who joined in, and Dany and Jon went upstairs to get ready, leaving Missy and Grey to go pick up a suit for Grey from his apartment a few blocks down. 

Jon followed Dany up the stairs into her room. She put her phone on the charger and turned her back to his front “Unzip me please” and he obliged. “I’m going to shower” she said, turning to face him “Care to join me?” She smirked and he smiled, shaking his head. “I guess I am pretty dirty”. She smiled and kissed him, and pulled him with her to the bathroom. She pushed some buttons on a panel on the wall and the shower came on. She got two towels out of a cabinet for them and then let her dress fall to the floor. He followed her lead and began to undress, watching her intently as she removed her bra and panties. 

She stepped into the shower and he followed after taking off his clothes. He wrapped his arms around her, and she did the same, resting her head on his chest. She ran her hands up and down his back. He looked down at her lustfully, and Dany enjoyed him admiring her nakedness. Jon grinned and she looked at him in wonder. “What?” 

“I hope your make up team has something to cover all these up” he ran his finger tips along her neck, her  collarbone, down to her breasts. 

“Is it that bad?” She giggled 

“I’m surprised Missy didn’t say something” 

“Great” she laughed

“I’m sorry” he smiled, but she knew he didn’t mean it, and she didn’t want him to. She looked him over, finding one mark on his neck, and a bite mark on his shoulder. She shook her head smirking, and leaned up to press her lips to his. He kissed her over and over, eventually taking her bottom lip between his teeth and she was turned on instantly. She let out a small moan, hoping he felt it too. She felt the same tight grip on her ass she had earlier as he lifted her into his strong arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. He put her back up against the shower wall and she moved to kiss his neck. 

“I need you so bad baby” he whispered in her ear. “You have me, I’m yours” she moaned into his neck and before she could press another kiss to the sensitive spot below his ear, he was slamming into her. His thick length was fully inside of her and she gasped with pleasure, letting out a moan. He pulled out slowly, and quickly thrust back in. He was no longer kissing her, but watching her intently. He looked down to where their bodies collided and was lost in watching himself take her. She looked too, seeing the veins pulsing out of his cock, and then watching it disappear again inside of her. 

His eyes were then back on hers, full of want, before taking her lips again, rough with need. He gripped her hard, speeding up his thrusts, pounding into her, the sound of their skin slapping together echoing in the shower. She lost herself in the feel of his fingertips digging into her ass, his warm tongue dancing with hers, and the way their gentle love making from earlier was long gone and replace with this savage need for each other now. “Fuck Dany” he moaned, her head falling back, coming to her climax. “Ah, yes Jon, yes” she clutched onto him. He grunted, his jaw clenched, she knew he was close. They came together, moaning breathlessly, hers a bit louder than his. She could feel him twitching inside of her, filling her with warmth.  

He slid her down carefully, pulling out of her and making sure both feet were on the ground before he let her go. She leaned back against the shower wall, trying to cool off, laying her head back. He placed his hands on both sides of her, pressing his forehead to the wall next to hers, still trying to catch his breath. She turned her head sideways and kissed his cheek, and then he turned too, meeting her lips with his, both swollen from their kissing. He brought his face to meet hers, and there it was again, that heavy gaze. He could tell her so much just by the look in his eyes. Full of so many emotions it was almost too much for her. 

“I am never letting you go again” he said in his deep, seductive, northern accent. 

“Please don’t” she kept her eyes on his, placing her hands on his sides, and tried to finish without sounding desperate. “This week was a nightmare Jon. I’ve never felt like this for anyone before, ever, and I thought I’d lost you. I completely fell apart without you” a tear escaped her eye. 

“Hey” he said, pulling her into him, wrapping an arm around her waist, and grasping her face with the other. “No relationship is perfect, not even ours. We’re going to have bad days, or I guess bad weeks in our case” he chuckled. “But we have to promise to stick together when those days come. We can’t run, we have to communicate, be open and honest with each other. But I’m not going anywhere, you never have to worry about that again as long as we can do that, okay?”

She nodded, and he kissed her forehead, wrapping both arms around her. She looked up at him and kissed him, their kiss became heated again quickly. She was the one to pull away this time. “Okay, they’re going to kill me if we don’t get out of here” she smiled, and he nodded. They washed up quickly and she got out first, wrapping a towel around herself, and handing the other towel to him. She turned to face the mirror, wiping the fog from the shower off of an area to see the marks Jon was laughing about. 

“Jon Stark!” She gasped, running her fingers over them.

He giggled and wrapped around her from behind, laying soft kisses on her neck “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself” 

“Mhmm” she murmured, turning in his arms to face him and kiss him once more before moving out of his embrace to go back into her bedroom to face the fire brigade. He dried off and put on black boxer briefs in the bathroom and went to lay in her bed, while she sat in a chair still in her towel smirking at him. A woman Dany had introduced as Melisandre was standing behind her blow drying her hair. “How long does all this take?” Jon asked. 

The woman gave him a sarcastic grin “With this one” she pointed at Dany “At least 3 hours” 

Dany feigned a gasp “Lies” she smiled at the woman. 

“A little less now that you chopped all your hair off” they both giggled. 

Jon cut back in. “Wake me when you’ve got about 45 minutes to go” he smiled. 

Dany tried to stay in conversation with Mel, but she couldn’t keep her eyes off Jon. She thought about how she’d normally be annoyed with someone making themselves so comfortable in her home, in her bed. But with Jon, she loved it. That he could just lay comfortably in her bed, in his underwear, with her whole hair and make up team in the room, just watching sports tv. He stole glances at her here and there, catching her staring. Her hair was almost done when a knock came at her bedroom door frame. “Hello Barry” she smiled at him, not uncomfortable at all that she was nearly naked in front of him. “Hello Daenerys” he nodded. “Um...I have an issue that needs your attention” he said nervously

“What is it?” She questioned, confused as to what could possibly have her usually stern security guard stumbling over his words. 

She caught him looking over to Jon, who was now sitting up, and then back to her. “You may want to handle this in private” he treaded on with caution. 

“It’s fine Barry, what’s going on?”

“Well, It’s Daario Naharis. He is downstairs and would like to speak with you, he says it’s rather important. I did advise him that you had company, in which he then requested to speak with you alone” he finished, eyeing between her and Jon again. 

“No, no, no, no” she said shaking her head, looking to Jon, hoping he wasn’t upset, she didn’t know why Daario was there. Jon seemed to be rather calm, but his eyes were on her. She had two options. She could refuse Daario, which she figured may look suspicious to Jon, or she could tell him to come in here and tell her whatever it was in front of Jon. She didn’t like either option, but she had to show Jon he had nothing to worry about. “Tell Daario that if he’d like to speak with me, he can come up here and do so with Jon here, otherwise he can leave and we will speak later” 

“Dany that’s not necessary” Jon cut in, eyeing her seriously.

“Yes it is” 

“It’s not. I have to learn to trust you, he’s your business partner” 

“Yes, he is. And that means he should only be coming to me with matters of business, which should be able to be discussed openly in the presence of the man I’m in a relationship with. Let’s also keep in mind that he has just shown up at my home unannounced. He’s not here about business, Jon” 

She could tell that made him angry, but he didn’t argue. She nodded to Barry who went to deliver her message. Jons frown turned into a smirk. “I could go talk to him, see what he wants” he teased her. 

“Are you going to go down there like that?” She giggled, pointing towards him up and down his body, still in underwear. 

“I could, I’m sure he’d come up with plenty of ideas as to what I’m doing coming out of your bedroom in my underwear” he laughed. 

“I think he’ll probably make those assumptions anyway once he sees the marks you’ve ravaged all over me” 

“Uh, nobody will be seeing those tonight Targaryen” one of her makeup artists, Loras, cut in. They all laughed

Barry reappeared in her doorway. “Daario has left. He says he will speak with you at the event” 

Dany rolled her eyes “Thank you Barry” and he nodded and went back to what he was doing. She looked to Jon to try and read what he was thinking. She didn’t want to upset him or give him any reason not to trust her again. She just wanted them to have a nice evening together, and rekindle any flames they’d put out over the last week. 

She should have known she wouldn’t be able to do that without a little drama from Daario. Surprisingly Jon didn’t seem upset or angry. She made a kiss face at him and he smiled and returned it. She wanted to climb on top of him and remind him that she was his, despite what ever they’d face tonight. But that would have to wait. Melisandre was finally done with her hair. Half of it was put up, while the rest fell over her shoulders, straightened. Loras then took over and went to work on her make up. When he was about half way done she noticed Jon get up and go to the bathroom, she assumed to start getting ready. 

Her make up was done, not without snide comments from Loras about having to cover all the marks on her neck and collarbone. Missy was back and came to help her get into her dress. It was a deep red with white flowers, long and flowing. The straps hung off her shoulders and the chest was open. She slid her heels on and then helped Missy into her dress. Missy wore a black, long, silk strapless dress. “So you and Jon seem to be all made up?” Missy asked, as Dany zipped her up from behind. 

“Yes, surprisingly we are. I showed up at his place unannounced like a mad woman, prepared to be dumped and instead we talked things out”

“Mhm, talked, is that what we’re calling it?”

“Missy!” Dany shouted, slapping her shoulder, and they both giggled.

“Don’t think I missed the marks all over you, besides that you’re glowing” she smiled. “ That and Loras heard you in the shower”

Dany’s cheeks were bright red, and it wasn’t from the blush she was wearing. “We may have made up in more ways than one” she smirked. 

“About time” Missy grinned, opening her closet door so they could get out. Dany finished putting her earrings in and followed behind her. Jon was standing at the end of her bed with his hands in his pockets, eyes on the tv at first, before she caught his attention and they glued to hers. He was wearing a white dress shirt with a black suit and thin black tie. He left his hair down, which she loved. 

“Dany, you look...just wow” he said, closing the distance between them.

“I could say the same for you love” she replied, fixing his tie. He smelled amazing, she just wanted to bury herself in him. She couldn’t help but notice his eyes kept drifting to her chest, which made her blush. 

“Okay you two, let’s go, we’re already late” Missy cut in. 

Dany grabbed her phone off the charger and put it into Jons pocket and they made their way down to the car. Jorah had gotten a limousine for the evening, so there’d be room for the four of them, and the fifth person that was basically Dany’s dress. Dany smiled when she noticed Grey’s tie matched Missy’s dress. They were in the midst of their own conversation, while Jon was rubbing his fingertips over Dany’s hand. 

“Is it cliche of me to say I can’t wait to get home to take this dress off of you?” He whispered. She blushed again and met his eyes. “No, not at all” she whispered back, planting a small kiss on his lips. Their lips lingered close. “I can only imagine what kind of sexy bra and panties you’re wearing under there this time” he whispered again. She pulled only about an inch away from him to look into his eyes and shook her head slowly. “None” she added. His eyes looked as if they were going to burst out of his head, and she smirked. “Seven Hells” he whispered and wiggled in his seat, seeming to adjust himself, and she held back a laugh. 

They finally pulled up to the event, they were only about a half hour late, and there were still plenty of people lined up to walk the red carpet. “Are you ready for this?” She asked Jon. “As ready as I’m gonna be” he smiled. Jorah opened the door for them, and he got out first, and turned to give her his hand to help her out. Their eyes met and she couldn’t help but to smile at him. This would be the first time she ever got to walk a red carpet with someone intentionally by her side. At the very least, at least all the magazines could stop wondering where her Mystery Man was. He helped her straighten out her dress and then rested his hand at the small of her back before following her lead to the red carpet. 

Once there, she noticed Daario in line several people ahead of them, walking with one of her models, Irri, and he noticed her at the same time, eyes locking on her and Jon. Jon saw this too, she noticed, and saw his jaw clenching. “Baby” she said, pulling him by his tie out of the staring match he had entered with Daario. He looked at her and after a moment, he relaxed. He smiled at her and she leaned up and kissed him. 

“He moves on quickly” he rolled his eyes. 

She giggled “I tried to tell you” 

Finally it was their time to walk. They stopped a few times for photographers. He kept his arm around her waist, and she did the same. They looked up at each other several times, wanting to ignore the cameras. When it was finally over, they waited at the end for Missy and Grey. She felt bad for Jon and Grey, she could tell this was the last place either of them wanted to be. But they did it for her and Missy. She was starting to really like Grey for Missy. Jon let go of her back and took her hand as they walked into the building. 

The event was more of a mixer which would eventually turn into a fashion show once everyone got in and seated. She grabbed champagne from a waiter for Jon and herself, Missy doing the same. She stood close to Jon, the room getting crowded. He had one arm around her, and the other holding his glass. She laid her head against his chest, only for a moment, wishing they could make an escape and go home. 

Several other designers and buyers approached her to say hello. She was friendly and introduced them to Jon, but kept conversations short. She didn’t want to spend the evening talking about work, despite that being the point of the event. But then the one person she wanted to avoid was approaching them and there was no way out of it. “Good evening everyone” Daario said to the four of them. “Missandei, Daenerys” he held his hand out for hers, but she didn’t give it, knowing right away what he was playing at. 

He brushed it off. “You look lovely tonight as always. And who’s this?” He said motioning to Grey, completely ignoring Jon. She could appreciate the smug look Jon was giving him. She snuck a kiss to his cheek, smiling. “This is my boyfriend, Grey. Grey this is Daario, Daenerys’ business partner” Missy introduced them and they shook hands.

“I think we’re more than that, aren’t we love?” He motioned to Dany, and then his eyes moved to Jon. 

“Daario” Dany warned him. “That’s enough” 

“I’m sorry, I’m afraid we got off on the wrong foot before, that was my fault” he held his hand out to Jon “I’m the business partner 

Jon hesitated, but then took his hand from around her and shook his hand “and I’m the boyfriend” 

There was no mistaking the glares they were giving each other. Dany knew Jon was only doing it to keep from making a scene, and she appreciated that. She smirked at him and linked her arm with his. 

“Daenerys, may I speak with you alone please?” He turned to her. 

“What about?” She challenged 

“Our deal with ETC”

She had a feeling that was a lie, regardless, she wouldn’t care about discussing their dealings with the Essos Trading Company in front of Jon. 

“Can this wait? I don’t want to deal with business tonight”

“I’m afraid not, they need an answer tonight” 

“Well what ever it is, you can tell me in front of Jon” 

Daario looked to Jon, and then back to Daenerys. “You can talk to me in private, or I will make the call without you” he said sternly. She could feel the anger rising in her neck. She narrowed her eyes at him. Before she could say anything, Jon cut in, likely sensing that she was about to go off. 

“Listen mate, why don’t you stop by Dany’s after the event” her eyes widened, although she appreciated him showing off the casual use of her nickname. “I won’t be there, and the two of you can discuss this without hundreds of people around?” He finished, nearly standing in between the two of them now. Dany looked up at him, wide eyed, wondering what the hell he was doing! 

“Fine” Daario answered eventually. “Text me when you’re home” he glared at the both of them and started to walk off. 

“And Daario?” Jon added, and he turned to face him. “I know what you’re trying to do here. And I want you to hear from me that it won’t work. So for her, let’s agree to be men about this and let it go. And I promise you, if you lay a finger on her, I will know about it, and you’ll answer to me for it” 

Daario narrowed his eyes and scoffed, nodding in a sarcastic agreement before walking away. 

She pulled Jon by his suit lapel to face her. “What the hell are you doing?” She asked, trying to not be pissed at him.  

“I told you I wouldn’t stand by and let it happen Dany” 

“I’m not talking about that, I don’t care about what you said Jon, I’m honestly a little turned on by you defending my honor. I’m talking about you inviting him to my house“

“Calm down love” he moved closer to her, putting his arm back around her. “You really think I’d spend the evening gawking at you in this dress and not take you home to ensure it’s properly removed?” He nearly whispered in her ear, kissing her temple. 

“Then wha-“ she started to ask before he put his finger to her lips to shush her. 

“Shhh. I will be there. I’ll just be waiting for you in your bed, possibly naked” he smirked, causing her to blush. “He can say what he needs to say, and then you can come back to me” 

She looked up at him and smirked, shaking her head, and kissed the mischievous grin off of his lips. “What am I going to do with you Jon Stark?” She kissed him again. “I can think of a few things” he answered, kissing her once more before they were being pulled to sit for the show. She was nervous about the idea of Daario coming to her place. Not because she was worried about anything happening, she was more just not wanting to be alone with him for Jon’s sake, and she also didn’t want Jon having to wonder what they were talking about. It was obvious neither of them cared to watch the show then, she was even more ready to take him home than she was before. 

When the show was finally over, she couldn’t have gotten out of there faster if she tried. Thank the gods Missy and Grey were right behind them. They all got into the limo and were one of the first few cars to get out. Jon put his arm over her shoulders and she nuzzled into his side, laying her head on his chest and draped her legs over his lap. He held them there, resting his hand on her thigh over her dress. 

Missy laid across the seat on their side with her head in Grey’s lap. Dany knew she was exhausted, she’d been running around working all day. Grey wrapped an arm around her chest, his hand caressing her cheek. Dany smiled to see someone care for Missy the way she deserved. 

By the time they’d pulled into the garage of their building, Missy had fallen asleep. Grey woke her, and they all piled into the elevator, Jon helping with Dany’s dress. She wrapped herself around him as he pressed the “32” for Missy, and the “P” for Dany on the elevator buttons. “Goodnight love” Missy said as they got out on her floor, and Grey nodded to them, Jon and Dany waived. 

She molded herself back into him as the doors closed, and started to lay light kisses over his neck, up to his jaw, under his ear, then across his cheek to his lips. She gave him a small peck which turned into a lingering kiss, which turned into a full blown make out session in the elevator. She started to undo his tie as the “ping” sounded to open the doors to her apartment. 

He backed her out of the elevator, never parting from her lips. By the time they were inside and had kicked their shoes off, she’d had his tie untied and his shirt pulled out from being tucked into his pants and unbuttoned. She started to move towards the stairs as she pulled the lapels of his suit jacket open and off of him and he moved his kisses from her lips down to her jaw and neck. She then slid her hands across his toned chest, and then up to his shoulders, dropping his dress shirt and tie to the floor. 

He tore himself away from her only to pick her up, giving her a second to gather her dress so he didn’t trip on it, and carried her up the stairs. She continued her rapture of kissing him, whatever parts of him she could reach. Once they were in her bedroom, he put her down and turned her back to him. Her heart was racing. 

He moved her hair to one side and slowly peppered kisses down her neck to her back as he wrapped his arms around her. One across her waist, and the other around her shoulders, brushing his fingertips across her breasts as he pulled his hands back behind her. She could feel the goosebumps all over her skin. He moved to kiss the other side of her neck as he slowly unzipped her dress. Before he could do anything else, she turned back to face him, holding her dress to her body with one hand, and pushed him back onto her bed gently with the other, holding his eyes to hers. 

He leaned up on his elbows to watch her. She slowly slid her arms out of the straps of the dress, one at a time, before grabbing the top of the dress and agonizingly slowly sliding it down her body. His eyes were aflame, she’d assumed this was due to finding that she wasn’t lying about not wearing a bra or panties. She reached over him to unbutton and unzip his pants and pulled them off of him. He took off his underwear and socks as she removed her jewelry and sat them on her bedside table. 

He had moved to the head of the bed under the sheets and she climbed in next to him, only to move over him and straddle his thighs. She could feel his shaft rock hard against her stomach. She pressed her lips to his, still tasting the champagne on his tongue. His lips were soft and fit perfectly to hers. He ran one of his warm hands down her back, his fingertips brushing over her spine. His other hand ran from her cheek down to cup one of her breasts, holding up it’s weight and teasing her nipple. She let out a gasp, overwhelmed by his affections. He moved from her lips to her collarbone, licking, sucking, and biting every inch.

“Jon” she moaned. “Yes baby?” He whispered desirably in her ear before continuing his kissing up her neck. “I need you inside of me” she whispered, rubbing her wet center over his cock, taking his face into her hands and moving his lips back to hers, unable to take anymore of his onslaught on her body. 

He moved his hand from her breast down her stomach to her cunt, slowly running his finger between her slit. And then his hand was gone. Before she could protest, the absence was filled with the head of his cock. As soon as she felt his hand move away, she slowly pushed down on him until he was about half way inside of her, then she pulled back up, and then sat up all the way, and he was filling her to the hilt. “Fuck Dany, you’re so tight” he moaned. She threw her head back gasping as he clenched his jaw, what was nearly a growl escaping his mouth. 

She balanced herself on him with her hands on his chest, continuing to grind over him, feeling his tip hit her womb every time she took him fully. He ran his hands up and down her thighs, breathing heavy, but she could tell they both needed more. She moved her hands to the pillows on each side of his head, first kissing him as she thrust her hips off of him and then back down, feeling her clit rub against the base of him. 

She let go of his lips and he moved to lick down her chest until he was sucking on the mount of her breast, and then showing the other the same attention. When his dark lust filled eyes met hers, she lost it. She began to thrust harder and faster, and he was matching her, pounding into her from below. She was trying to hold on until he was close. She was clenching the pillows and he was holding onto her ass with one hand, the other running up her body until it rested on her cheek. “Cum for me baby” he whispered in her ear and that was it. The levy broke and her orgasm flooded her body. She moaned, nearly screaming, panting his name and moments later he was doing the same, filling her with his seed. 

They were both breathless, he was gripping her back and neck as if he was holding on for life. She could hear his heart racing as she laid her head on his chest, trying to breathe. She could still feel him twitching inside of her, and her pulsating around him. After a minute or so, she just wanted to feel his lips on hers. She looked up to find him grinning and kissed his sweet lips. 

She felt a burning urge to tell him how much she was falling in love with him, and that horrified her. She laid her head back to his chest and ran her fingertips along his shoulder. She could only imagine the marks she probably had on her body now, but she figured at least now he probably had plenty to match. As much as she wished she could lay there with him forever, her mouth was dry and then she remembered the company she’d have soon thanks to Jon. 

She lifted herself off of him, both of them wincing at the loss of contact. She went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up and took Jon a wet hand towel to do the same. She texted Daario that she was home, wanting to get it over with, and went to her closet and put on a bra and panties, which only made her more irritated. She thought about putting on Jon’s dress shirt just to piss Daario off, but then he’d know Jon was there. Not that she cared. But he and Jon did for what ever reason. 

She threw on a Dragons T-Shirt and black leggings and went back into her bathroom to wipe all her make up off and take her hair down. Jon was sitting up in her bed watching TV by the time she came out. He smiled to her and as much as she wanted to roll her eyes, he was just so damn sexy she couldn’t. 

“Want some water?” She asked, knowing she needed to go downstairs and hide the evidence of the strip search she gave him when they got there. “Yes please” he answered. She went down to the kitchen and drank half a bottle of water before taking another one up to Jon, along with all his clothes. He laughed when she added them to the pile on the floor. “Thank you” he said as she handed him the water. 

“I’m starving” she said, laying back on the bed across his lap. 

“Me too” he added, resting his hand on her stomach. 

“We can raid my kitchen after your friend leaves”

“My friend?” He laughed and she joined, and sat up to kiss him. “I’m not kidding Dany if he gets weird you need to text me or yell for me or what ever you have to do” he looked at her seriously. 

“I know. I just hope he’s being honest and this is about business and we can just get it over with. But I’m warning you that that’s probably not the case” 

“Do you think he’d hurt you? Do you trust him?”

“I trust him when it comes to business. I don’t think he’d hurt me or try anything, he tends to just say the right thing to set me off and we will fight and he’ll leave, but I don’t know. I’ve never put him in this position before. Anyone before you that he knew about was never serious, so he didn’t care”

“Well I’ll be right up here” he caressed her face, and she nodded. 

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” She asked. 

“Not really, but I know that if you don’t talk to him on your or our terms, he will make sure that you do on his terms. At least this way I’m here if anything happens” 

She nodded again. “Well feel free to eavesdrop, I may need a witness in case I kill him” she joked, and they laughed.

She wasn’t so much worried about him trying anything as much as she was worried about her losing her temper. She had to remember he was still her business partner at the end of the day. And sure, she could replace him eventually, but that wasn’t something she was prepared to do right now. 

She heard the ping of the elevator and rolled her eyes. She gave Jon one last kiss before she went downstairs to her doom. 


Chapter Text



He didn’t want to listen in on their conversation, even though she told him he could. He wanted to trust Dany, even after all that happened. But as much as his trust with her was wavering, he didn’t trust her idiot of a business parter as far as he could throw him. He knew he was being fake when he shook his hand at the event, and Jon knew he could make a thousand threats and Daario would still try to win Dany over. He could tell by the way he looked at Dany alone that what he needed to talk to her about had nothing to do with business. She even seemed nervous about having to be alone with him. 

So, shortly after Dany had went downstairs, he climbed out of her bed and put his boxer briefs on, and then the jeans he’d taken off earlier that day, and went to the edge of the hallway. He could hear them crystal clear, he could tell they were moving towards her living room. 

“Are you drunk?” He heard Dany ask him.

“No Daenerys, I’m not” he sounded on edge with her already. 

“Why do you have champagne?”

“I thought we could drink to good news”

“Good news?”

“I wasn’t bullshitting about ETC. They took the deal. They signed it right before the show. They’re back in the fold. So I just wanted to celebrate with you like old times” 

“I’m proud of you Daario. I knew you could make this happen, that’s why I sent you to them. You know how much I appreciate how hard you work to keep my father’s legacy alive…but things can’t be the way they were. I thought maybe that was obvious now that I’m with someone. I’m learning that that’s hard for you, and I only hope that one day you’ll find someone that makes you as happy as Jon makes me” 

“I did find that, I found it with you. And I’m scared for you Daenerys. You’re treading down this whole new rabbit hole of relationships that you know nothing about with someone you hardly know way too fast. You’re going to get hurt. He’s already walked out once after what, a couple weeks? He can’t handle you Dany”

“He walked away because I didn’t tell him about you. I know Jon well enough to know that he feels what I feel. And if in the end I get hurt, it’ll have been worth it” 

“Your father always told me to protect you. I’m not going to stop now, I’m not giving up on you, on us”

“There is no ‘us’ Daario, there never was”

“There never was? Really?”

“Yes really. You’re upset now because I’m in a real relationship with someone I really care about, and you see how we are together and see that it’s different than what you and I had, and you think that that’s something that you want, but the truth is that it’s not. We never once went on a date, we never spent time with each other outside of work and sex, we never got each other gifts or just called or texted the other just to talk, just because we missed the other. I’m not blaming you, it was both of us, it was what we made it. 

But Jon does those things for me, he makes me want to do those things for him, despite me hating even the thought of those things before. I miss him every second I’m not with him. I know you don’t want to hear this, but if I was the one for you, then you would be as crazy about me as he is…as I am about him. You would go out of your way to come see me in the middle of the day, you would call or text me just because, you would send me flowers or take me on dates. And we don’t do that, we never have, and I’ve never cared to. But these are things I want, with Jon. These are things I’ve learned that I do want, that I deserve. So no Daario, I’m not ‘the one’ for you” 

He sighed and was silent for a moment. “You know, I have to say, I was surprised to hear your lover boy wasn’t going to be here. I know how you are after these events. I could tell by the way you talked around the topic before that you hadn’t slept with him. But I can see by the marks all over your neck that that’s no longer the case. So where is he?” he scoffed. 

“It doesn’t matter, what Jon and I do or don’t do is none of your business”

“Right. So now not only do I have to watch you flaunt him around in my face, but I have to think about him fucking you too. It is my business when you’re involving him in our business…it’s very funny of him to take the one thing from you that I had and he didn’t as soon as he finds out about us”

“I’m not some object for you to claim Daario! And I’m not going to do this with you. I understand your distaste for Jon just like I’ve understood him not being so fond of you. But I need to know that you’re going to be able to keep our relationship strictly professional from now on” 

“Why, so you can fire me if not? Did he put you up to this? You know, you may have been able to replace me between your legs but you won’t find anyone to replace me at the head of your father’s company” he seethed. 

“That’s enough!” She yelled. “KLTC is MY company, my father is gone in case you forgot. And that will be the very last time you speak about me and my personal life, or it will be the last time you speak at all. You are not irreplaceable, do not be confused. We call each other partners because I’ve respected you enough to do so but at the end of the day, I am your boss, and you can show me the same respect I’ve always shown you, or I will find someone who will” 

It was silent for a moment before Daario sighed again. “Dany I’m sorry, that was inappropriate, I know. I just don’t know how to deal with this. I wanted to wring that mans neck watching him with you tonight, watching you kiss him, do you understand that? I have never wanted to harm someone the way I did him” 

“No, I suppose I don’t understand that” 

“You’re telling me you felt nothing seeing me with Irri?”

“Yes, Daario, I felt nothing” 

“How can you say that? We’ve been seeing each other for two years”

“If by seeing each other you mean occasionally sleeping together then sure. But let’s not forget all the other women you’ve been with in those two years. You can pretend you were waiting for me to be ready for a relationship all you want, but you weren’t any more ready than I was. And you still aren’t” 

“What does he have that I don’t? What can he give you that I can’t? Is he really that good?”

Jon rolled his eyes. If this man mentions sleeping with his girlfriend one more time...

“Daario, I’m one of if not the most wealthy woman in Westeros and Essos combined, it’s not about what he can give me. I don’t need anyone to give me anything. He’s just different. Do you really want me to sit here and gush over my boyfriend to you?”

“Not particularly. But I want you to tell me if you’ve slept with him. I want you to tell me right here and right now, that he’s better than me. That he pleases you” 


“Say it Dany. Say it or I’ll know I’m better, because I know you have. You have slept with him, it’s written all over your face”

There was a long pause. “He’s better than you” she finally said, and it wasn’t forced. He could hear Daario sigh again. “But it’s different” she added. “Jon and I feel things for each other that you and I never have”. He could tell she was trying not to bruise his ego. 

“Unbelievable” he heard him scoff. It was quiet again for a bit. “I can’t promise I will be able to let you go. I will try, but if I can’t, then you do what you have to do. I’ve only ever tried to make you proud, to be a man your father would be proud of”

“And you are, when you’re not getting in bar fights or pissing off spiteful women” she laughed. “I can only imagine what your salary would be like if I didn’t have to pay so much to cover for you all the time”

“Well I appreciate you and Varys doing that”

“What choice did I have? Speaking of Varys, who told him about Jon and I?”

 “My building is across the street Dany, he saw you with him from the security cameras, and then Tyrion confirmed who he was. And I really am sorry for the dramatics, I just get bored” Jon heard their voices getting closer as if he was moving to leave.

“Bored or drinking too much?” 

“Drinking too much or coping with the fact that the woman I love is bedding her contractor”

“Don’t even. You were doing this long before you knew about Jon. And I’m not just bedding him” 

It went silent again for a moment. “Are you in love with him?” Daario asked. 

He heard Dany say nothing. 

“That’s all I needed to know” and then he heard Daario leave. Shit. Did she say no? Yes? Did she nod, or shake her head? Did she say nothing? What. The. Fuck. This is what he gets for eavesdropping. He tried not to be upset that she didn’t tell him how she felt before telling Daario, if she did say yes. But he didn’t give her much of a choice, and if she said no, it didn’t matter either way. But if she said no, would Daario have left?

He knew she’d be coming upstairs so he rushed back to her room and took his pants back off and climbed back into her bed. He pulled it off, or at least he thought he did. She came into the room smiling. “How’d it go?” He asked nonchalantly, hoping that she would be honest.  

“Fine. It was partially about business. ETC accepted his deal, so that’s good. But I was right about there being more. He asked a hundred questions about me and you and said some inappropriate things that set me off. He wasn’t happy when he left, but I don’t care. Can we talk about this over junk food in the kitchen?” She smiled, leaning over the bed to kiss him. He was glad she was telling him all of this, it reassured him that if there was a next time, maybe he didn’t have to listen in. 

They made their way downstairs, it was after midnight at that point. He was in just his boxer briefs, and she made no effort to keep her hands off of him, which he was fine with. They sat at her kitchen island eating chips and what was left of a meat and cheese tray and he made fun of her for eating raw cookie dough. “So what did Daario say that made you upset?”

She hesitated, finishing what was on her spoon and then sat it down, sighing. “After several other lewd comments about me and you, or me and him, I threatened him and he said I could ‘replace him between my legs but not at the head of my company’” 

“I’m sorry baby” he picked up her spoon and scooped her another piece of cookie dough. 

“It’s okay” she said, taking it. 

“It’s not. You shouldn’t have to put up with that” 

“I know, but he apologized. I don’t know how he feels because I’ve never been in the situation he’s in, but I feel like I should cut him a little slack. Who am I to say how he feels or doesn’t feel?”

“You may be right” he agreed, trying to see both sides. 

“I’m trying so hard to be civil with him, to not just go off, but he’s making it very difficult. And I don’t feel like this is the last conversation we’ll have about all this”

“What else did he say?” He played dumb.

“Just that he couldn’t promise he would let this go. He apologized for all the drama he’s had going on lately as well, but somewhat blamed it on me. I don’t know, I’m trying to take it one day at a time, but I feel like if he fucks up with the company one more time, I won’t have a choice but to cut him off”

“I agree, you have to do what’s best for your company. I’ve been there” 


“When Robb and I first took over Stark Industries, we had a friend, Theon, that worked for us. He started to slack off and mess up on jobs when my uncle was no longer around to keep him in line. Robb and I warned him over and over, but eventually we had to let him go. It sucked, and Robb lost his best friend over it, but we didn’t have a choice” 

“That’s about where I’m at” 

“Well, I’ll be here for you no matter what you decide to do. I know I’m no fan of Daario, but I understand he seems to at least do a good job running the company, and your father trusted him”

“I think that’s why it’s so hard. Him and Barry and Missy are the last ones around that knew my father, and I keep hoping he’ll get his shit together. I blame myself for getting involved with him, but I think that he’d be this way even if he and I weren’t sleeping together” 

“From what I’ve seen of him, I think so too, but I don’t know him well enough to judge”

“It doesn’t matter, all I can do is hope that he doesn’t take a dive off the deep end and take KLTC with him” she said, putting down her spoon. “Now take me to bed love” she giggled. 

He helped her put everything away and then she smacked his ass and ran upstairs. He chased after her, catching her at the top of the steps, both of them in a fit of laughter. He pulled her into his chest, kissing her slowly, running his hands down to grab her ass. “Two can play that game” he whispered, before giving one cheek a firm slap. “Mmm except I like it” 

“I’ll keep that in mind” he said and she moved out of his embrace and pulled him back into her bedroom. She took her leggings and bra off and left her t-shirt and underwear on. They were both exhausted so he wasn’t going to make any moves on her. The TV was still on, she didn’t seem to mind. She curled up to his side and he lifted his arm to let her lay on his shoulder, wrapping his arm around her. 

“You sleep with the TV on don’t you?” She asked 

“Most of the time yes, but I don’t have to” he smirked. 

“It’s okay, I usually do too” 

She leaned up and kissed him and then laid her head back on his chest, her arm draped over him. 

“Dany” he nearly whispered


“I have a confession” 

“Tell me” she said calmly

“I heard most of your conversation with Daario” 

“I know you did” she giggled

“What? How?” 

“I heard you. And you were naked when I left you, and I was so looking forward to finding you in the same manner, but to my disappointment, you had underwear on when I got back” she laughed, looking up at him. “But thank you for pretending to be curious” 

“I’m sorry, I was worried about you. You seemed put off by having to talk to him alone, and I felt like it was my fault he was even here. And I don’t have to know him to know how handsy he is. But I figured you’d still want to talk about it”

“I did, so thank you. And I don’t care that you listened, I probably would have done the same” 

“I can still get naked if you want me to” he chuckled

“I don’t think there will ever be a time that I don’t want you naked” she giggled

He laughed with her and rolled over to kiss her. Needless to say, they didn’t get much sleep that night.

They both woke the next morning to her phone buzzing around 7AM. She groaned, refusing to get out of his embrace. He laughed and rolled over her to grab it off her nightstand and handed it to her. “What?” She answered, almost whining. He hoped it was just Missy. “No, why?” She asked who ever was on the other end of the phone. “He was here last night”…“No, not like that, I’m not an idiot. Jon was here, he came by to talk, we talked, he left”…“I mean he wasn’t happy if that’s what you’re asking”…“Missy I don’t know, this is not our problem, at least not today. Let Varys deal with it, I’m sure he’s just drunk somewhere”…“Goodbye” she said nicely and handed him the phone back. 

She never opened her eyes or moved out of his arms. He laughed and put her phone back on the table on his side and turned back to pull her back into him. 

“Let me guess, your lover is missing again?” That woke her up. 

She leaned back to look at him with one eyebrow arched. “My only lover is right here in my bed” she said seriously and he chuckled. 

“I know love, I’m only joking. Come here” he said, pulling her angry face into his to kiss her. She resisted at first and then kissed him back and moved back in to nuzzle under his chin and they both fell back to sleep.




Chapter Text



When she finally woke, she looked at the time on her tv and it was after 10AM. She didn’t care how late it was, that was the best sleep she’d gotten in a long time, even with the interrupting phone call. And she was happy to still be safely wrapped in Jon’s arms, the smell of his cologne flooding her senses as she laid against his bare chest. After the last week they’d had, she never wanted to wake up without him again. She wanted to stay like this forever. This had to be what love felt like. 

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her stomach growling. Before she could move, or even think about moving, she felt a small jolt in Jon’s chest and realized he was giggling. “Hungry love?” He smiled, his eyes still closed and his hands loosening around her, starting to roam down her back. “Mhmm” she replied, still nuzzling into him, not ready to break away from his embrace. 

He started to lean away from her, but she pulled him back, causing him to laugh. She leaned her head up and kissed him, both of them smiling. “I’ll go get us breakfast and coffee” he whispered. “No, don’t leave me” she pretended to whine. They both giggled and he leaned down to kiss her again. “Then get dressed and we’ll both go”. She thought about it. “I have a better idea” she smirked, rolling over him to grab her phone from the table on what had become his side of her bed, kissing him in the process. “We can stay here in bed and not get dressed, order breakfast in, and then I distinctly recall you wanting a private show in my bath tub” she teased, thinking back on their video call, which now seemed like so long ago. 

“Mmm” he moaned, leaning back into her and running a hand over her behind. “You brilliant woman. I definitely like your idea better”. She giggled and unlocked her phone to order food as he pushed her onto her back, sliding himself down the bed over her body. “What do you want?” She asked, trying to not be distracted by whatever he was doing. “You” he answered in nearly a growl as he slid her shirt up over her torso and kissed her navel. She giggled “I’m talking about food Jon, what do you want to eat?” 

He stopped then and looked up at her, his dark eyes filling with intrigue. “You” he said again, with a devilish grin, lifting himself up and and hooking his thumbs through her panties, slowly pulling them down. “I want to taste you baby” he nearly growled, and she felt like she probably could have combusted right then and there, the sound of his voice and the look in his eyes alone driving her completely mad. 

She sat her phone aside, giving him her full attention. He lifted each of her feet, one at a time, removing her panties entirely and held onto one of her calves, deliberately kissing up her leg from her ankle to her inner thigh. She was nearly shaking she was so nervous yet so hot for him all at once. He gently parted her legs and planted himself between them. Leaning down into her sex, his eyes burned into hers as his arms wrapped around her thighs, holding her in place. 

When his mouth met her cunt she forced herself to look away, clenching her eyes closed, knowing she wouldn’t last very long if she watched him devour her. He licked slowly between her folds, up and down and then back again. She could feel the heat of his mouth on her with each breath he took. Of course someone had done this to her before, but Jon was good. He wasn’t doing it as a chore, he was doing it to please her, and if the look on his face told her anything, he was enjoying it too. 

She could feel herself coming close when he stopped at her bundle of nerves and began sucking and licking rapidly, and then she felt one, and then two of his fingers slide inside of her and she let go. She squeezed her legs, running a hand through his hair, the other pulling at his arm as she threw her head back, moaning his name. He kept going right through her orgasm, lapping up every bit of her. She was breathless when he finally pulled away, kissing the opposite thigh from where he started, grinning when their eyes met. 

He slowly climbed back over her. The look in his eyes made her feel like an animal, starving for him. She quickly brought his face to hers and kissed him as if her life depended on it. The taste of herself on his tongue only made her want him more. She could feel his already aroused cock rub against her inner thigh through his boxer briefs. 

She reached down to push his underwear down just enough for him to spring free, but then he lifted to take them off entirely, giving her the opportunity to sit up and quickly remove her shirt before his mouth was back on hers. She could feel the tip of him glide across her nether lips, already seeping. He pulled out of their kiss before entering her and their eyes met. He looked as if he wanted to say something, but then didn’t. His eyes told her everything she needed to know. 

After a few moments, their needs took back over and his lips were back on hers as he thrusted himself into her. Their bodies were on fire as she ran one hand down his back and kept the other around the back of his neck, running her fingers into his hair. There was no pacing themselves this time. The way he pushed into her over and over hard and fast told her he was just as hungry for her as she was for him. They could have spent hours just like this and it still wouldn’t be enough. She would never get tired of being filled by him. Her Jon.

She could tell he was close when she felt his jaw clench and he slowed his thrusts as if trying to stop himself. She kissed down his neck to his collarbone and playfully bit him. He then leaned all his weight on one side, sliding one of his hands down to her clit and started to rub in circles as he sped back up, plummeting back into her. His breath speeding up in her ear drove her wild, so much was happening at one time. 

Finally she felt her release again, just as she felt his cock jerk inside of her. She held him close, breath wild as he gasped her name, a hot whisper in her ear. He laid his head on her chest just above her breast and she wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulders, still running a hand through his curls. Once they both caught their breath, he turned to face her and kissed up her chest until he was at her lips and gently kissed her before moving to lay beside her. She turned to face him and was once again met with the same loving look he had in his eyes before. 

Dany had never been in love, so she had no idea what that was supposed to feel like, but if she had to guess, this was it. She couldn’t imagine anything better than the way she felt about Jon in that moment. Of course it scared her. She was scared of getting hurt, scared of things moving too fast, scared of hurting Jon. They hadn’t much talked about a future. She was sure he knew how much things like this terrified her, given her past. But then she also was scared that the feelings wouldn’t be reciprocated. 

She could tell by the look in Jon’s eyes that he felt something for her, but was it love for him too? If it was, would he ever even say it, or continue to hide it out of fear of her rejection? It all seemed like a vicious circle. But then she worried that maybe she wasn’t quite ready to tell him yet. She worried that the moment the words left her lips, things would change, and not in a good way. But the more he looked at her the way he was in that moment, the more she wanted to scream it from the rooftop. 

She closed her eyes to break the spell they were under and moved in to kiss him once more. “I don’t think I will ever get enough of you” he whispered and smirked. 

“Funny, I was thinking the same about you”

“Where have you been all my life?”

“Waiting for you” she whispered, and he pulled her into a deep kiss. 

She could then hear his stomach growling and giggled mid kiss. “I don’t want to lose you so soon to death by starvation, so we better get some food” she laughed. He felt around the bed until he found her discarded phone, handing it back to her to get back to ordering as she was before he interrupted, although she couldn’t complain. 

It was lunch time by then so they decided on sandwiches. He put his boxers back on along with jeans and a t-shirt and went down to meet the delivery guy. She took the time to get up then and clean up, throwing on his dress shirt from the night before and clean underwear. She went to the window and leaned against the cold glass to cool off as she went through any texts or emails she had missed. She had completely forgotten about her missing partner in the midst of her love making. There was no more word on the situation, and she refused to stress about it, especially on her day off, and especially while she was spending time with Jon. 

“Quite the view” he teased when he walked back into the room. She blushed. 

“Yes, Kings Landing can be quite beautiful from up here” she played dumb, turning to meet him back in bed.

“You and I both know the skyline of Kings Landing doesn’t hold a candle to you Dany” he smirked, pulling food out of bags. She shook her head, grinning back at him as she turned on the TV. She knew she should be opposed to eating in her bed, but this was becoming a regular habit for her on the weekends rather that was with Missy or Jon. 

“I must say that shirt looks much sexier on you than it does on me” 

“Hmmm I don’t know about that” she smirked at him. 

They ate and finished watching the movie that was on tv. At some point Jon had laid back and she had wrapped around him. Once the credits started on the screen, Dany pulled herself up and rolled over him off the bed, taking him by the hand and dragging him behind her to her bathroom. She turned on the hot water in her bathtub and poured in bubble bath and oil, going for a less girly scent for Jon’s sake. When she turned to face him he was already naked, smirking at her. He pulled her into him and then slowly began unbuttoning his shirt on her. She pulled it off along with her underwear, both dropping to the floor at their feet. The heat of his eyes on her warmed her to her core. She stepped in the bath first, positioning herself with plenty of room for him to slide in behind her. He followed, moving himself to where she was in between his legs, her back to his chest. She could feel his cock hard against her back. She relished in the fact that she had the same effect on him as he had on her. 

Jon slowly began massaging her back and shoulders, as she rubbed up and down his thighs and calves. “I can’t remember the last time I took a bath instead of a shower” he snorted. 

“It’s my Sunday evening ritual” she giggled 

“It’s definitely nice, but I’m not sure that has so much to do with the bath as it does who I’m sharing it with” he laughed, and she did too. He took a deep breath and they were quiet for a moment, soaking in each other’s presence. 

“Dany, tell me about your family” he asked her, turning the conversation more serious. “I mean, you don’t have to, you’ve told me what happened so I understand if you don’t want to talk about them. I just want to know as much as I can about you” he finished. 

“No, it’s okay. I don’t mind talking about them. No one has ever really asked” she paused, gathering her thoughts, trying not to let the conversation turn dark. 

“Where to start. Uhm, so I had two brothers. Viserys was only a couple years older than me. We were very close growing up but at some point he grew cold. He was horrible to me the last few years we had together, we just grew apart. My older brother Rhaegar and I were always close as well, but he was more of my protector. My father had trained him to take over the Family business, and Rhaegar taught me all that he knew, knowing that Viserys would never be fit to take over. Despite knowing that I didn’t much care to be involved in trading either. 

My father was...absent to say the least. He was always good to me when he was around, but that wasn’t very often. He was one of those men that thought that money and gifts made up for lost time. It’s my mother I miss most. We did everything together, she was my best friend, always so proud of me. She knew how much I wanted to venture into fashion instead of staying in the family business and she always supported me, even when my father refused. She would have loved you. She was beautiful, kind, and so loving.” she smiled. 

“She sounds like someone I know” he rubbed his thumbs over her arms. 

She smiled endearingly and continued. “I was sixteen when I lost them. They were all flying to Essos for the summer. I didn’t want to go, the only thing left for me in Essos was Missy, and her family had moved here a few years before. So I convinced them I was old enough to stay home as long as Barry accompanied me. It was mere hours after they left that I had gotten the call that their plane had crashed. No one survived. 

So Barry adopted me and took care of me until I was old enough to take over everything. It was all left to me. The business, our home here in Kings Landing, Dragonstone, all of it. So you can imagine coming of age was not something I wanted to celebrate, I had a lot dropped on my shoulders. But they’re the reason I will never step foot on an airplane. 

And that is why I take care of Barry. He saved me from myself, I owe him my life. I tried giving him our family home here in Kings Landing, I have no use for it, it’s huge, but he refused, and said all he wanted was for me to hire him as my security so that he could continue to protect me” she finished. 

Jon wrapped his arms around her and kissed her shoulder. “Thank you for telling me about them” he whispered. 

“Thank you for asking” she replied, clutching onto his arms. “I’ve never told anyone about them. Aside from people that knew them” 

There was another pause. “I’m glad that you feel safe enough with me to open up about things like this. I want you to know that you can always talk to me about anything” and she knew he meant it. 

She leaned back into him and kissed his jaw. “Where’d you come from?” She smirked, laying back against his chest, their hands now entangled and wrapped around her. 

“The North” he laughed, and she giggled along with him. 

“I never in my life thought I’d have anything like this, or want this. That I’d ever feel for anyone the way I feel about you”

“I must admit I was getting pretty hopeless about finding anything like this myself” 

“The woman you were with back home, did you feel this way with her?”

He sighed then, she figured not wanting to talk about his past, but she could tell he was going to. 

“No. Val and I had been friends since we were small children. Her parents were friends with my mom and uncle. As we grew older it became more. While I was there, I thought that I loved her. And maybe I did in some way, but now that I’m not there and now that I’m older, it’s easier to see that I just cared about her, I loved her like family, I just wanted to protect her. It felt like we were together because we had to be, not because we wanted to be. Especially throughout high school and me being in the war, I think we just didn’t want the other person to be with someone else more than we actually wanted to be together. After a while, I think we both felt like because we put so much time into it, it’d be a waste to let go, so it just drug on” 

“Do you ever miss her?”

“No” he said without hesitation. “It was a long time ago. We’re both different people now. Last I heard she was engaged, I’m not sure to who, we don’t speak, but since she works for my family they tend to bring her up from time to time” 

“What about your crazy supplier girl?” She asked giggling.

He snorted. “Ygritte. No I never felt this way for her” 

Dany started to feel like they were dancing around their feelings. “What happened with her?” 

“It was very casual. She was kind of like you at first, not wanting anything serious. I was fine with that at the time, I wasn’t looking for anything either, I had only been living here about a year at the time. But we agreed to at least not see other people. After a few months it had slowly progressed. But as we got closer, she got crazier. She started going through my phone, coming over unannounced, showing up places that I was and didn’t tell her. The final straw was when she showed up when I was at dinner with a client who happened to be a female. She put on quite the show, threatened to cut my cock off” he laughed, and so did she. “So I ended it. I‘ve kept the peace for business purposes. She’s come onto me a few times since then but nothing has happened, we’re just friends.” 

“Does she know about us?” Dany asked, trying not to sound too territorial

Jon giggled “I think everyone knows about us Dany, in case you forgot about the stack of magazines on your desk. But yes, the morning she called and I left here to meet her, she asked where I was and I told her I was with you. My beautiful queen.” he smirked and kissed her temple. She loved his small affections. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the feel of his body against hers, his warmth radiating through her. 

“Enough about me. Tell me about your past... ‘flings’ I think you called them. Obviously you left some things out” he laughed. 

That got her to laugh too. He wasn’t wrong. “There isn’t a whole lot to tell now that you know about Daario. The only other one that was long term was a man named Drogo. He modeled for me once and we saw each other for a little over a year. He kept wanting to take things to the next step and I didn’t feel the same. He knew this, but I continued to see him. We had also agreed to not sleep with other people at the very least, and I was okay with that. I was away on business and when I got home I found out he had slept with Irri, which is why Daario was hoping to get a reaction out of me with her yesterday. When I confronted him he told me that he was in love with me and did what he did to show me that I loved him too. I don’t know much about love but I think it’s safe to say you don’t show someone you love them by sleeping with someone else. And so I told him I didn’t feel the same and I let him go” 

“And you didn’t? Love him, I mean” Jon asked.

“No. I told myself if I felt anything after letting him go, then maybe I could try to. But I felt nothing” she tiptoed around her words, not wanting Jon to think she was completely heartless. She just couldn’t force herself to feel these things. “That was before Daario, that’s actually what probably caused things to escalate with Daario and I. After a while Drogo was pulled by mistake to model for me again and we surprisingly got along just fine, so he has done shoots for me a couple times since then”

“Does he know about us?” Jon said jokingly, mocking her, pulling her tighter against him. 

She laughed “I don’t know, I haven’t seen him in a while, but apparently ‘everyone knows about us’ right?” She smirked, turning her head into his chest. 

“Has he tried to win you back?” 

She giggled, enjoying the secret jealousy. “He is very flirty, but no, I think he knows where I stand on that subject” she sighed. “Aside from that I've been on a few dinner dates the girls have set me up on, and I’ve met a couple people while out with Missy, none of them went anywhere obviously. And then you” she smiled. 

“And then me” he smirked, still holding her close. 

She pulled just far enough away to turn and face him and straddled his lap. He rested his hands on her hips as she stared into his eyes, running her hands down his chest, not really sure what to say next. Finally she moved her hands up to cup his face and kissed him softly, over and over. She felt him part his lips against hers, giving her the chance to deepen their kiss, and she did. His tongue was flaming hot against hers, she would never get enough of the taste of him. He ran his hands up her back and then around to rest one on her breast and the other around her neck, holding them close together. 

He pulled out of their kiss and had the same deep look in his eyes that she was seeing all too often over the last two days. She felt burning heat all through her body as they both were breathing heavily. He ran his thumb over her cheek and opened his mouth to say something but hesitated. And then finally he spoke. 

“Daenerys...I love you” 

He said it so passionately, she knew he meant it. As soon as the words came out, she could see fear fill his eyes. She could see how scared he was, probably more of her reaction, and the fact that he knew her so well to know how big of a deal this was to her, only made her love him more. 

She could feel her eyes wide and her jaw drop, and although she couldn’t control the reaction, she knew it wasn’t the one she should have had, the one she wanted to have. 

He began explaining himself nervously. “I know we haven’t been together very long, but I knew from the first time I saw you that I could easily fall in love with you. It’s not because of your beauty, which is undeniable I might add, or your success, but in the way you’re totally unafraid to be who you are. You’re smart, kind, and funny, and you take care of the people you love, you fight for what you love. There’s probably at least 100 things I love about you. And I hope I’m not scaring you away right now” he nervously chuckled, “but-“ he started before she pressed a kiss to his lips to shut him up. She gave him another small kiss before looking back into his eyes. 

“I love you, too Jon” and when the words came out she felt a weight lifted off her shoulders. “And you’re right, that scares me to death. But nothing will ever scare me more than the feeling I felt when I thought I’d lost you, that I’d ruined us. I knew from the start that you were different, but the moment I had to watch you walk away, I knew I was in love with you. I couldn’t deny it any longer. So yes, I’m scared, but I trust you. Everything about you makes me want to tear down every wall I’ve built up around my heart. And I’m okay with that” she smiled, and he did too. Probably one of the biggest smiles she’d seen on him so far. 

He pulled her in to kiss her again, and it was as if it’d be their last. Their hands gripping at the other, their lips in a forceful dance together. “Make love to me Jon” she whispered in his ear. “I love you. Take me” and he obeyed. Lifting her up just enough to slide his already hard shaft inside of her. She sat down, taking him to the hilt, moaning with every inch of him that entered her. Her knees dug into his sides with the little bit of space they had to work with. His hands were back on her hips, helping her glide up and down on his cock, the water sloshing around them. She’d probably have bruises from his grip on her, but she didn’t care. She loved him and he loved her, and nothing else mattered. 

Jon finished first, coming inside of her before dropping his hand to her nub, circling until she shattered on top of him. She couldn’t take her hands off him. She left small kisses on his neck and chest. “I love you” she whispered again, wanting to say it first that time. “And I love you” he returned, kissing her neck and caressing her back again. 

She lifted off of him and they both realized at the same time how cold the water was, so she drained it and they moved to the shower. They took turns washing each other and she reveled in the feeling of his fingers running through her hair and over her body. He got out first and wrapped a towel around his waist, and then held one out for her, wrapping her in it as she stepped out. 

She went to her bathroom counter and brushed her teeth, blow dried her hair and put half of it up, throwing on a little bit of make up. Jon had gotten clothes out of his bag he brought and got dressed and brushed his teeth and also put most of his hair back in a knot. As much as she loved his unruly curls, she also loved when they were out of his face.  

She went to her closet and put on jeans and a black cashmere sweater, opting for comfy shoes again over heels. They were staying at Jon’s that night so she pulled out a bag and threw in clothes for the next day, and clothes to sleep in. When she finished, she found him sitting on the edge of her bed waiting for her. She grabbed her phone, throwing her charger in her bag. She had missed calls from Missy so she decided to just stop by her place on their way down. Jon was putting his suit back into its garment bag.

“Just leave it love, I’ll have it dry cleaned”

“Already doing my laundry huh?” He teased, laying her dress that was carelessly discarded on the floor over her bed. 

“Trust me when I tell you the last thing you want me to do for you is laundry” she laughed. 

He grabbed her bag for her along with his and they made their way down to the elevator. “We have to make a quick stop” she smirked, tangling his free hand with hers, pushing the button to Missy’s floor. Once there she opened the door without knocking. “Missy” she yelled for her. “In here” she heard from the kitchen. Jon sat their bags by the door and followed her to Missys voice. Once they entered the kitchen they found Missy and Grey sitting at her kitchen island eating lunch. 

“You hound me for years about needing a man and now that I find one I actually like, you can’t seem to give us any alone time” she jokingly yelled at Missy. 

“The ravished look on your face tells me the two of you have had more than enough alone time” she giggled. 

“Missandei!” She slapped Missy on the arm and they all laughed, and Jon was blushing. “So what is it that’s so important you’ve blown up my phone on our day off?” She asked, taking a bite of Missys lunch. 

“They found Daario” she answered


“In jail” 

“Seven fucking hells”

“That’s not even the worst of it. He got drunk at Wildfire and fought a guy. There’s videos everywhere, even surveillance got it”

“Shit!” Dany yelled, slamming her hand down on the counter.  

 “Varys is working on it but I don’t think we can cover this up”

Dany took a deep breath, trying to calm herself, bracing herself with both hands on the counter. She looked back to Missy then. “No…Call Varys, tell him to stop whatever he’s doing. This is partially Varys’ fault anyway. So let it get out, I’m done covering for him. He can bail him out of jail and then I want Daario in my office first thing Monday morning. I’m done.” 

“Maybe take the weekend to let things cool off before making that decision?”

“No. This is the last straw for me. He did this because of me. He came to my apartment last night practically begging me to give him a chance. We had words, things got heated and I thought we’d reached common ground, but he asked me if I was in love with Jon, and I didn’t answer. So he stormed out.” She saw the shock on Missys face, and looked to Jon who was smiling at her. 

“Well I’m happy for you D, I really am, but you know we don’t have the time right now to find someone to replace him” 

“I don’t need to find someone to replace him. I‘ll do it myself until things slow down, then we can take the time to find the right replacement.” 

“Absolutely not. You have enough on your plate as it is” 

“I’m fully aware, but that’s why I have you. I cannot continue to let him risk my father’s legacy, and I can’t have someone step in that I don’t trust. So I will handle it” 

“And you’re sure there’s no one else that you can trust to do this?”

“No. He and Barry are the only ones left besides you that even knew my father or the business, and I know every one under Daario well enough to know that they’re loyal to him, not the company. He’s in the middle of closing the deal with ETC and I can not risk that falling through, so that will be our number one priority. We need to keep this quiet until that deal is closed”

“Okay” Missy sighed. “I’m on it”  

“Monday. You’re on it Monday. No more working today or tomorrow. I mean it” Dany all but demanded, pointing a finger at Missy. 

“Okay” Missy answered, but Dany knew she wouldn’t listen. 

“I’m staying at Jons tonight, and I’m shutting my phone off” she joked, walking back to Jon and took his arm, making her way to leave. 

“Yeah okay, use protection” Missy yelled to them before Dany gave her the finger. They laughed and Dany and Jon were back in the elevator, bags in hand in no time. “Do you want to talk about it?” Jon asked, finally breaking their silence. 

“No. I’m okay. It’s the right thing to do. I can’t trust him anymore. He’s done enough damage. I told myself one more fuck up would be my breaking point, and this is it. I just want to enjoy our time off together before we have to go back to real life on Monday and I have to face all this” she laughed, looping her arm through his. 

“Well I’m here if you change your mind” he kissed her temple. 

“Thank you baby” she squeezed his arm. 

They got to Jon’s car and loaded their things before getting in and taking off. 



Chapter Text



They headed to Jons, stopping at the store on the way there. It was odd how normal and domestic it was for them. They had been together less than a month, yet it felt like years. But he knew they still had so much to learn about each other, and he could only think about how much harder that was going to get as long as she was now running two companies. He pushed the cart while she wrapped her arms around his bicep, each of them tossing things into the cart as they strolled down each isle. “I already have wine for you” he smiled down at her. “I got it last weekend when you were supposed to come over” he added and she pouted up at him. “I’m sorry” 

He chuckled “It’s fine love”, and they continued through the store, eventually going to check out. He snuck the cashier his card before Dany could beat him to paying. He’d hoped she’d eventually get used to someone else paying for things. He may not be as well off as she was, but he made more than enough to take care of her. 

“You’re not sneaky” she told him and he laughed. She smirked, rolling her eyes playfully. They carried their few bags out to his car and put them into the trunk and continued to his place. She helped him carry things upstairs once they got there. He sat everything down on the counter, and their bags from her place in his bedroom. “I guess I should give you an official tour” he smirked. 

“Yes, I guess we were a little preoccupied when I was here yesterday” she giggled. 

“Gods I can’t believe that was just yesterday”

He showed her around his loft. Everything was open and the rooms were large, so there wasn’t much to see. The stairs from his office floor led up to his living room, which connected to the kitchen. The bathroom was next to his bedroom, which was next to a guest bedroom. By the time they finished, it was nearly dinner time, and it’d take time for him to cook too, so he got started. She sat on a barstool at the counter watching him. He poured her a glass of wine and slid it across the counter to her. “This is my favorite” she smirked, taking a sip.

“I know” he gave her a smug grin

“You pay attention Stark” 

“I try to” 

She watched him cook, taking sips here and there. He could feel her gaze on him. For how busy she was, he was surprised how much patience she showed when she was waiting on him. 

“I suppose I should enjoy the weekend with you. It sounds like you’ll be pretty busy come Monday” he joked, trying to get her to talk about her current situation. He could tell by her silence that it was on her mind. 

“I imagine things will get pretty hectic” she sighed. 

“Is there anything I can do to help?” He asked. 

“You’re doing it now” she smiled. “As long as I have you to calm me when I need it, and you’re honest with me when I’m not doing my part in this, I will be okay” 

He returned her smile. “I can do that, as long as you do the same for me” 

“As you know, this is all new to me, so there may be times that I don’t know what I should be doing, or think I’m doing what I should be when I’m not. But I can promise that I’ll be honest and tell you if I need something as long as you do the same. I can get so caught up in work sometimes I forget that I have a life. So I may need you to check me sometimes” 

“So what you’re saying is I should distract you when you’re working too much?” He smirked, hoping to keep the mood light. 

“I think that would suffice” she giggled

He had to admit that despite the stress she might have at first with the change, he was glad she wouldn’t have to deal with the drama that came with her current partner anymore. 

After about an hour he finished cooking and they sat and ate together. She complimented his cooking and they both ate nearly their entire plate. Once they were done he turned to face her. “Come here, I want to show you something” he got up and took her hand, and she followed. They went to another set of stairs in the corner of his living room, and he grabbed a throw blanket that was draped over the couch. He pulled her up the stairs, opening a small door at the top that went to the roof. It was a large area with lights strung along the edges and a sitting area with an outdoor sectional. There were candles on the tables and a bottle of wine and two glasses. 

“Jon! When did you have time to do this?”

“I had some help” he grinned. He had texted Gilly, his secretary, letting her know when they were on their way, and she set it up in return for getting off early. 

“It’s beautiful up here”

“I thought you’d like it. You can actually see the stars since we’re right out of the city, and we’re not surrounded by a bunch of tall buildings” 

“I love it” she answered, beaming at him. They sat on the couch and he draped the blanket over them and poured the wine. It was a little cool out, but not terrible. They each took a sip and leaned back onto the couch. Jon put his arm around her and she laid her head on his shoulder, wrapping her arms around him. “I have to say, I think I like your place better than mine” she giggled. “You don’t have to say that” he smirked. 

“I’m serious. It’s very homey” 

“Well you’re welcome here any time” 

“The bed comment has me a little worried” she laughed, and he remembered he told her that her bed was comfier than his. 

He laughed with her. “It’s not bad, yours is just better. But I can always get a new bed” he joked.

“Good. I don’t know how I’ll ever get any sleep away from you now. You’ve spoiled me” she leaned up to kiss him. 

“Have I?” He kissed her back. 

“Yes. I sleep so much better knowing I’m safe in your arms. And it’s warmer” she giggled. Gods he loved her laugh. It was like bells. 

“I could listen to you laugh for hours” he smirked, making her blush. “And I have to agree. I sleep much better having the most beautiful girl in the world wrapped around me” 

“I imagine I’ll have to go to Essos soon with all of these changes. I wonder if you’ll fit in my suitcase” she pouted. 

“I’d offer to join you, but I’m kind of in the middle of a really important project” he joked. She turned closer into him and put her legs over his lap and he kissed her temple, draping an arm over her legs, running his hand up and down her thigh. 

“It’s okay, hopefully it won’t be for long” 

“Speaking of trips, I know you told me you spend your holidays on Dragonstone, but I thought maybe you’d like to come with me to Winterfell to meet my family. We could spend a week there and then spend a week on Dragonstone. Or if it’s something you like to do alone that’s fine too” 

She smirked “Jon” she looked into his eyes, running her hand over his cheek, he assumed trying to calm his nerves. “I’d love to meet your family. And I’d love for you to come to Dragonstone with me. But I must warn you it’s quite boring”

“I could never be bored with you love” he kissed her gently. 

“You say that now, until we have to be apart for gods knows how long when I have to be in Essos, or somewhere else, or I’m stuck at the office at all hours of the night for days on end. You’ll get bored waiting around for me” she looked into her lap. 

“Hey” he said, taking her chin to make her face him “I’m not them. You’ll have to do much more than work too much to get rid of me” he smirked and kissed her again. “If you’re gone too long, I’ll come to you. If you’re stuck at the office, I’ll come sit with you. Or drag you out of the building if I need to”. That got her to giggle. “I may miss you, but that will only make it that much more special when we’re finally together again. And just so you know, longing for someone is an entirely different emotion than boredom” he laughed, and her bell laughter followed. 

“Thank you” she looked up to him. 

“For what?”

“For being you. For being so good to me”

“Dany, you’re everything I could have ever asked for in a woman and so much more. The least I could do is be the kind of man that you deserve”. She stared into his eyes in awe for what seemed like hours, but it was actually only seconds before she took his face in her hands and kissed him. He ran his hands up to grasp the back of her neck and her back side and deepened their kiss. He drank in the taste of wine on her tongue, getting lost in the heat of her mouth on his. In that moment, all he could think about was how lost he would be if he ever had to live without the feeling of her. Without loving her. 

She was the first to pull out of their kiss, resting her forehead on his and moved to straddle him as she began unbuttoning his pants. He stopped her, grabbing her hands. “Not out here love, it’s too cold” 

“Then take me to bed Jon Stark” she whispered. 

He didn’t have to be told twice. He lifted her legs over his lap and stood. He blew out the candles and grabbed their glasses and the empty bottle. His hands were now full, so she wrapped the blanket around herself and stood to follow him. They made their way down the narrow stairs back into his loft. He sat the glasses and bottle down on the counter and turned to her before she could make her way to the bedroom. He pulled her into him by her hips, picking up where they left off with their kiss. They began backing into his bedroom as they both started tearing their clothes off piece by piece. 

They were completely naked by the time they reached his bed and he softly pushed her back onto it. She laid flat on her back, looking up at him with her lip between her teeth, her feet brushing against the sheets as she pulled her legs up. He could have watched her like this all day. He leaned over her and nudged her side with one hand, rolling her onto her stomach, holding himself up with one arm. 

He draped himself over her and before he could move her, she lifted her ass to meet his shaft. He began caressing up her back and then around to her breasts down her torso until he was met with her warm center, already soaked for him. He ran kisses from under her ear, down her neck to her back as he circled his fingers through her slit. She was panting and he assumed getting impatient as he tortured her with his touch and kisses. 

He sat up on his knees, leaving one hand on her back and the other took his cock, already dripping cum, and held it to her warm center, running it up and down her folds, continuing to tease her. She began to rock back into him, letting him know she wanted him, but he continued rubbing himself up and down, pressing harder at her clit. It was torture for himself as much as it was her, but he wanted to draw things out as long as he could. 

Finally he entered her, but just the tip, slowly pushing it in and out, and in and out of her. “Jon” she moaned. He was glad she couldn’t see the smug grin on his face. He leaned back over her, running his hand up her back and moved her hair to one side. He let go of his cock, but continued his teasing as he held himself up with his arms on both sides of her, kissing up her neck again. 

“Tell me what you want Dany” he whispered in her ear. She dropped her head, panting, leaning up on her elbows. “I want you” she whispered, turning her face to kiss him. He took her bottom lip between his, biting as he pulled away from their kiss. “You have me, I’m yours” he kissed her again. He pushed the tip of his cock into her again, agonizingly slow before pulling back out. He continued kissing her neck, sensing her frustration building. “I want you inside of me” she whispered, nudging her ass back into him again. He pushed back into her again, a little further this time, feeling the tight warm flesh grip around him. He thrusted a few times slowly, still not entering her fully. “Is this what you want baby?” He whispered again, running a hand over her breasts, squeezing each one before rubbing back to the other. “Yes” she moaned. 

The sound of her voice sent him into oblivion as he entered her fully, speeding up his thrusts. “Ah, yes baby” she moaned again. He kissed her neck again harder, biting into her pulse. “Gods Dany” he groaned into her ear. The sounds of his sack slapping against her and the feel of the sweat of his chest combining with that of her back drove him wild, but her heavy breaths were what had him all but plowing into her. 

Knowing they were both close he lifted up off her and held her to him by her hip with one hand, bringing the other around to flick her nub as he pounded into her over and over as fast and hard as he could. She was thrusting back into him too, her ass pressing against his waist as she did. Finally he felt her tighten even more around him as he heard her moan loudly, nearly  screaming his name. He clenched his jaw, breathing heavily through his teeth and then moaned as he filled her, continuing to thrust through both of their orgasms. He fell back over her, catching his breath as she did the same, her head now collapsed onto a pillow. He kissed her gently at the top of her spine, the back of her neck, her collarbone, the side of her neck, her jawline, before his lips finally met hers. 

He pulled out of her slowly, feeling their combined juices drip out along with his cock. He didn’t care, he wanted to bask in their love making as long as he could. He could wash the sheets in the morning. He laid on his side next to her, an arm and a leg still draped over her. He rubbed her back and then brought his hand up to run his thumb over her cheek and moved her hair out of her face before going back to her back. She kept her eyes on his, drowsily smiling at him. He ran his fingertips up and down her spine, feeling goosebumps form over her body. 

She reached a hand out and laid it on his cheek, running her thumb back and forth. He reached up and took her hand into his and kissed her palm, never taking his eyes off hers. “I am so crazy in love with you Jon” she admitted, breaking their silence. His face was probably all but beaming. He took pride in knowing she had probably never been so vulnerable in her life, and she trusted him enough to be this open and honest with him. He could still see the fear in her eyes, but he told himself then and there it would be his number one goal to erase that fear, even if it took him a lifetime. 

“And I with you, my love” he leaned over to kiss her, making sure he showed her just how much through their kiss. “You’ve turned me into a mad man” he smirked, and he could feel her smile in their kiss. “Is that so?” She asked, kissing him again. “It is. I cant imagine having to go even one day without you anymore” he kissed her. She rolled onto her side and scooted into him, laying her head on one arm and holding onto his side with the other, their legs still entwined. He loved the feeling of her warm hands pressed against him. She nuzzled her face into the nape of his neck and he wrapped his free arm around her, resting his hand over her hair on the back of her head. She kissed his neck gently, tightening her grip on his side. It wasn’t long before they both drifted off to sleep. 

He woke to warmth the next morning, Dany still draped over him naked. He looked at the time and it was a little before 7AM. He knew she didn’t get to sleep in often, so he didn’t want to wake her. He slowly began to pull away from her and somehow was successful in keeping her asleep. He moved his pillow next to her, hoping that’d fill his place. He went to his bathroom and showered quickly, wanting to make her breakfast before she woke. He hopped out of the shower after ten minutes or so and slid on some boxer briefs and made his way to the kitchen. 

He started some coffee and mixed up pancake batter, deciding to wait to finish cooking until she was at least awake. He saw her phone on the counter and panicked, remembering they both left their phones out over night. He didn’t want to go through her phone, but he figured he should probably at least check to make sure it wasn’t blowing up. She only had a few missed texts from Missandei and a couple missed calls from others, but nothing that seemed important enough to wake her for. He checked his phone then, seeing he had a missed call from his mother and several texts from his group text with the Starks. 

He decided to call his mom back first. They normally talked on Sundays and then at least once throughout the week. He tried not to worry about her, knowing well enough she could take care of herself, but he hated that she was alone. She had just called to check in. He was in the middle of listening to her gripe about how much she disliked Sansa’s boyfriend, all because he’d added himself to their group text, when Dany came out of his bedroom rubbing her eyes. She had on his t-shirt and her underwear. 

She came to him and sleepily wrapped around him in the kitchen and began kissing his chest up to his neck, making him giggle. “No, sorry Mom, Dany is here and just woke up” he smiled down at her, giving her a small peck. “Hi Mom” Dany giggled, kissing him on the cheek before turning to make herself coffee. He had left a cup out for her. “She says hello back and she can’t wait to meet you at Christmas” he smiled to her. She returned his smile. “Tell her I can’t wait either. Maybe she can tell me all the dirt I need to know about her ‘oh so perfect’ son” she grinned, kissing him again. His mom laughed and they finished their conversation before saying their goodbyes. Dany was already sipping coffee and going through her missed calls and texts on her phone. 

“I charged your phone, and I started to make you breakfast but I wasn’t sure how long you’d sleep so I figured I’d finish once you woke”

“You also showered without me” she grinned, pointing to his wet hair. 

“I didn’t want to wake you, you’re so cute when you sleep” he teased. “But you’re welcome to shower and I’ll have breakfast done by the time you get out” 

“Deal” she said, and kissed him before prancing off to the bathroom. “Towels are in the cabinet in there” he yelled as she reached the door. He realized then he’d probably need to get some of her soaps and things to keep at his place. He went back to finishing breakfast. He read through his group text as he cooked, learning that the feelings about Sansa’s boyfriend were mutual across the family, and he was promptly removed from their group but Arya. He laughed, but also felt bad for Sansa. He couldn’t imagine how he’d feel if they didn’t like Dany. 

He finished cooking only a few minutes before she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She smirked at him before going into his room, he assumed to get dressed. A couple minutes later she came back out in her own t-shirt this time. It was black and fitting, with a v showcasing her perfect breasts, accompanied by dark skinny jeans and of course she was barefoot. Her hair was still wet but she had thrown some of it up in a ponytail. She still looked sleepy but she was beautiful. He wondered how he ever won over a girl like her. He also knew he had to hang onto her. 

“I hope you like pancakes”

“I love pancakes” she smiled, grabbing her phone and coffee from where she left them on the counter before going to sit at a bar stool on the other side of him. He made their plates and then went to sit beside her. “Mmm” she said closing her eyes and taking a bite. “This is so good. I feel like I haven’t ate in days” she smiled. They ate in mostly silence, looking over and smirking at the other in between bites. 

“What do you want to do today?” She asked as she finished her last bite. 

“I actually have a surprise for you” 

“You’re just full of surprises aren’t you?”

He laughed. “I figured today is probably your last day of freedom for a while, so we better take advantage” 

“You may be right” she scoffed. 

“I’m going to get dressed and then we can go” 

“Okay” she grinned. He planted a kiss on her forehead and got up to go to his room. A few minutes later he heard her in the bathroom blow drying her hair, and then the dryer stopped as she answered her phone. He couldn’t hear what she was saying but it seemed to be a quick call. He put on dark jeans and a black flannel shirt and a jacket. He went to the bathroom to put his own hair up and she was already done with her hair and make up. She sat on the counter while he finished his hair and brushing his teeth. 

“Apparently the deal is already done with ETC so that’s one less thing I have to worry about”

“That’s good” 

“Yes, however now I’m sure Daario will say I used him to close the deal only to fire him”

“He has to know it’s more than that”

“He might, but it will likely be that or that my new lover has forced me to get rid of him” she smiled

Jon scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Amazing that a man like that is capable of running a multi-million dollar company”

“You’re telling me”

“Did you bring a jacket?” He asked, changing the subject.

“Only the one I wore yesterday”

He remembered the light jacket she had on over her sweater on the way over. “Yeah, that’s not gonna cut it. You can wear one of mine” he smiled. 

“What exactly is this surprise?” She asked curiously. 

“You’ll see” he smirked, kissing her on their way out of the bathroom. 

She put on socks and black booties and he found her jacket and put it on her, and then put one of his over it. “Jon it’s not that cold outside” she laughed. 

“Just trust me” 

“Okay” she smiled. She put her phone in one of the jacket pockets. “Ready?” He asked, and she nodded. He took her hand and they walked to the stairs to go down to the main floor. He took her through another door that led to the back side of his showroom, his warehouse where they kept all their materials. They walked to the very end to a garage entrance, which is where he kept his motorcycle. 

She gasped when she saw it, but he was relieved to see that she didn’t seem scared. “I told you I would have to take you out on it one day” he smirked. “Safety first” he said, grabbing an extra helmet and put it on her, hooking the clasp for her and kissed her smiling face. He opened up the garage and then put on his helmet and climbed on, helping her get on behind him. He started it up and moved slowly out of the garage before stopping and getting off to close the garage door and lock it. He got back on and pulled her arms around him. “Just hold on tight” he yelled over the engine, and he felt her nod. 

They took off northeast away from the city. He knew where he wanted to take her, but couldn’t tell her. It was a perfect day for a ride, and he just wanted to enjoy it with her. He figured she could use the peace too. It wasn’t long before they were in the outskirts of the city. You could see the ocean on one side of the road, and the countryside on the other. She tightened her grip around him and rested her head on his back. He ran a hand up and down her leg, keeping his other hand on the handlebar to steer. 

After riding out for nearly an hour, they reached their destination. It was a spot he used to come to for peace and quiet when he first moved to the city, being used to the calm quiet that was the north. A short walk off the road up a rocky hill would take them to a cliff where they’d be able to sit and see her family’s home of Dragonstone. He figured she may already know about this place, but even if she did, they could still experience it together. 

He parked the bike off the side of the road and hopped off, turning to help her get off behind him. He unclipped her helmet before she could reach for it, and grabbed a blanket out of the top box on the back of his bike. “Do you know where we are?” He asked shyly, and she shook her head, giving him a knowing grin. “Lets go” he smiled and took her hand, keeping her close to him. 

They walked the short distance up the cliff and after about ten minutes, her gasp told him she knew where they were. She looked up at him in awe. “How did you know about this place?” She asked. 

“I used to come here when I first moved to Kings Landing when I needed to get away from the city. I was riding one day and wanted to sight see, so I just came up here”

“I bet you never thought you’d fall in love with the girl who just so happens to own that island” she grinned

“No, I didn’t. But something tells me I never would have been able to dream you up if I tried” he leaned down to kiss her. “What’s it like? Dragonstone I mean?” He asked. 

“I’d say we could go there now, but you’ll never find a boat out here that will take you there” she laughed. “I can’t wait for you to see it. To feel it. It’s heavy, knowing that my entire family lived and died in that castle, but it strangely feels like home” she answered, laying her head against his chest, eyes not leaving the island. They stood quiet for a couple minutes, enjoying the overcast sky, the cool breeze blowing her scent into him. She smelled like his body soap. The sounds of the sea crashing into the cliffs under them soothed any other sounds out that may be around them. 

He let go of her only long enough to lay the blanket out so they could sit. He was thankful it wasn’t too hot or too cold that day. He kicked off his boots and sat down. She followed, taking her shoes off too and sat in between his legs with her back against his chest. “Thank you for this” she said quietly, pulling his arms around her. He nuzzled his face into her neck, kissing her gently. “I hoped you didn’t already know about this place”

“No, when I go there I take my boat straight from Kings Landing. I almost never come up this way. I always feel like I never get to stay there long enough”

“Your boat huh?” He poked her, making them both giggle

“Yes, I have a boat”

“Can you drive it?”

“Not very well” she scoffed “Jorah can drive more than just a car thankfully” 

“Do you ever go up farther north?”

“I’ve been to a couple places up North, but only for business” 

“Well, I know you said you don’t fly, so I was thinking when you come to Winterfell, I can drive and we can make stops at some places you’ve never been on the way. That’s if Jorah and Barry can let you out of their sight for a week” he laughed

“They won’t do it willingly” she smirked “But I would love that. You’ve proven to be a decent driver so far” she teased and turned to kiss his cheek. 

“So, if you don’t fly, when you go to Essos, you travel all that way by boat?” He asked, and she nodded. “It takes longer than I’d like, but I can’t bring myself to even step foot on a plane. I’ve tried, and every time I just panic, I can’t breathe”. He rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand, wanting to make sure she knew he was there for her. “Well, if you ever decide you want to try again, I’ll come with you” he kissed her cheek and she nodded, bringing her hand up to run her fingers through his beard. 

They were silent for a couple minutes, enjoying the sounds of the sea and the birds flying over when she broke their silence. “Jon”. Her tone was serious, wary even. “Yes love” he wrapped around her tighter, wanting to fight whatever was bothering her. “Do you want children?” She asked. He was quiet for a moment. He didn’t want to say the wrong thing. Did she want children? Did she not? He hadn’t really thought about this. He let out a soft sigh. “I’m not sure. Why, do you?” 

“I would like to have children one day. But I’ve been told in the past that I won’t be able to conceive. I..I just thought you should know that in case that’s something that you need” she looked down to their laps. He knew this was stemming from them being here, so close to her family’s home that made her think of these things, having a family of her own. 

“Dany” he said softly, pulling at her chin to bring her eyes to his. They were watery which broke his heart. “I want you. If we’re meant to have children, we will. If not, you are more than enough for me. But if that’s something you want, I want that too. And when we’re ready, we will try. We can get other opinions, we can adopt, we’ll figure it out when and if the time comes. We don’t need to worry about it right now” he smiled, and she thankfully smiled back and nodded. He let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding in. 

“What about marriage?” He teased her, knowing it probably took everything in her to be okay with just being in a relationship with him, he was definitely pushing his limits with this question. 

“What do you mean?” 

“Do you want to get married one day?”

“Honestly I never really thought about it. I never thought I’d meet someone I’d want to marry, so I never considered it a possibility”

“What about now? Are you saying you’ve met someone you’d want to marry?” He tried not to laugh, knowing she was probably getting uncomfortable. 

“I think it’s a little soon for you to be asking me to marry you Jon” she smirked. 

He scoffed “I’m asking if that’s something you want one day?” 

“Only if it’s you I’m marrying” she teasingly smiled into his cheek. 

“I’d probably marry you tomorrow if that’s what you wanted” he smiled into her. 

She giggled and leaned in to kiss him, turning her body to face his. “We’re really terrible at this whole ‘taking it slow’ business” she kissed him again and he smiled and laid back on the blanket, keeping her on top of him. He held her face in his hands, running his thumbs over her temples. “But I think that’s something that we do need to take our time on” she added, looking nervously into his eyes. He had to laugh then. “Yes, I know love. I’m only teasing. I just wanted to know what our future looked like for you” 

She paused for a minute, her deep blue eyes getting lost in his dark grey. “I don’t know when or if we’ll marry, how many, if any, children we’ll have, or any of the specifics, all I know is I don’t want any future where you’re not by my side” she finished. He pulled her down to kiss her again, this time with force, wanting to show her that he felt the same and so much more. He couldn’t even imagine not being with her any more. She had bewitched him, body and soul. 

He put his arms around her waist, rolling over to hold himself astride her. “I love you” he managed to get out between kisses and wild breaths. She brought him down, fingers running through his beard, and kissed him. “I love you too” she whispered in his ear. He could feel the hairs on the back of his neck standing up then. 

He had no intentions of having her out here in the open when he made the plans to take here there, but when their needs took over, he couldn’t stop himself. So they made love on the blanket on the edge of the cliff, with the sounds of the ocean and the backdrop of the sunset. Any time he’d been there, he’d never seen another person anywhere around, and they kept nearly all their clothes on. It didn’t matter, in that moment, nothing else mattered, all he cared about was her.  

During their ride back, the sun had nearly set completely. He felt closer to her then than he ever had so far. This magnificent woman that he never would have imagined would have even given him the time of day when he met her, a woman with a big enough wall up to keep all the others and their king out, had become the most important person in his life in less than a month. She loved him. And he loved her. 

They stopped and grabbed dinner on the way home and once they were back to Jons, they both changed into more comfortable clothes and ate on the couch while they watched movies. He would never get tired of how sexy she was in his t-shirts and underwear. It wasn’t until he laid back on his oversized sectional and she burrowed against the back of the couch and his side that he realized she wasn’t wearing a bra either. She rested her head on his chest with an arm draped over him, her fingers running in slow circles over his ribs. His arm was around her back, and his hand resting under her breast. 

He inhaled the flowery scent of her hair again, memorized the angel softness of her skin, the relaxing feeling of her fingers grazing over his skin. She was heaven to him. It wasn’t until the movement stopped and she started to twitch that he knew she was falling asleep. He pulled a throw blanket down that was on the back of the couch and draped it over them. 

He knew she was planning to go home that night since they had to go back to work in the morning, but he figured they both came to the conclusion that they didn’t want to sleep away from each other. He reached for his phone on the coffee table and made sure he had enough battery life and had an alarm set, not wanting a repeat of the morning they'd woken up late. He wrapped his arms around her as tight as he could without waking her and let sleep take him. 

He dreamed of Daenerys on several occasions. He’d dreamt of her the first night they met. Then he’d dreamt of all the different ways he’d take her once they started dating. During their week apart, she haunted his dreams every night. But none were like this dream. He woke still on the couch, groggy, it was too early, with only a dark grey flooding in through the windows. 

He still felt the warmth of her body around him, but slowly sliding down his own body. Her fingers were like velvet against his hips as she pulled down his boxer briefs. He heard himself let out a small moan as she began to stroke him slowly. Then he felt her tongue slide over the seeping slit of his cock and jerked in surprise, only to then realize he was not dreaming, he was now wide awake, and Dany had his full attention as he looked down to meet her eyes with her beautiful plump lips around his cock.

 “Fuck Dany” he gasped, throwing his head back. She smiled and continued her slow torture, running her tongue from tip to hilt while stroking him, sucking hard on the head when she reached the top. She began taking him into her mouth more and more each time her head bobbed back down onto him. “Gods, yes baby” he moaned. He was unraveling second by second at her fingertips. Or rather at the tip of her tongue. 

When she took his full length into her mouth, he was done for. “Dany I’m gonna...” he couldn’t get it out, but she knew, and she kept up with her movements, taking him once more fully into her mouth and he felt as if he was exploding as he came. He watched as she swallowed every bit of him. She was good. Way too good. And he was going to make sure her Monday started off just as pleasant as she’d just made his. 

He pulled her up to him by her arms, letting go to bring her face to his, kissing her passionately, letting one hand drift up her shirt to grab her breasts, not being tender. He bit her bottom lip as he pulled from their kiss, only to move to her neck, biting there too. He was starving for her. She sat up long enough to take the shirt off before leaning back over him, but he was leaning up too, swiftly moving them and her back was against the suede grey of his couch. 

He tore off the black lace panties that were covering her. He could stare at her like this all day. He took a moment to drink her in. She was biting her lip with her hands resting on her breasts, her eyes full of want never leaving his. He lifted her legs up, resting them against his chest and kissed and nipped at her calves. He ran one hand down her leg, over her thigh, down to her warm cunt that was drenched waiting for him. 

He let out a deep breath and gripped his cock that was already hard again and brought it to her entrance. He slammed into her, unable to hold back anymore. She gasped at the intrusion as he began thrusting, pushing into her over and over. He ran his hands down and held on to both of her thighs, grasping hard enough she may have bruises later. “Fuck you feel so good baby” he moaned. 

He was driven wild by the softness of her skin under his fingertips, the warmth of her insides enveloping him, the clacking sound of his sack hitting her when he drove home, the crazed look in her eyes as she felt up and down her own body, grabbing at her breasts, the breathless “yes Jon” leaving her lips. He could feel himself starting to jerk inside her, and her around him. 

He slid his hand down to begin pressing circles around her clit. “Cum for me Dany”. It wasn’t long before she was gripping his wrist, her nails digging into his skin as she lost herself underneath him. He could feel her pulsating around his cock as her moans filled the air. Unable to hold back any longer, he emptied himself inside of her as he nearly growled. 

He finally caught his breath and slowly slid out of her, leaning over to kiss her as she wrapped her legs around his waist. “Good Morning” he grinned, kissing her again. She giggled “Mmm good morning baby” her hands grasped his face as she continued their kissing. “What time is it?” She eventually broke away to ask. He grabbed his phone off the coffee table. “Almost 6” 

“Looks like I’m wearing dirty clothes to work” she laughed. 

“I’m sorry love, I tried” he grinned. “It’s fine. At least I have clean panties”. They both laughed. 

“You can wear one of my shirts. I’m sure if you tuck it in it wont look too big” 

She nodded and pulled him in to kiss her again before they got up. He made coffee while she got ready in the bathroom. He could hear his guys down stairs loading all the supplies for their day. He knew he’d probably get shit from Tormund as soon as he saw her leaving his place. They’d been so wrapped up in each other all weekend he didn’t have a chance to tell him they’d made up. 

He went to his room to get dressed, grabbing her an all black dress shirt on his way to the bathroom. She was in a white tank top and the same tight dark jeans she’d worn the day before. He kissed her neck and handed her the shirt before he started doing his hair and brushing his teeth. “I guess we should probably leave some clothes at each other’s houses” she grinned. 

“You can leave whatever you want here love” he smiled back at her.

“I’ll have to mark my territory in case your crazed lover decides to show up again” she giggled, moving behind him and reaching around to run her hands down his chest and laid her head on his back, trailing kisses down his spine. He laughed with her and held one of her hands to his lips. “My only crazed lover is you darling” he kissed her knuckles and turned to face her. “Now get dressed before we don’t make it to work at all” he leaned down and kissed her slowly, his lips lingering to hers. He held the shirt out to her and she grabbed it and put it on, unbuttoning her jeans to tuck it in. He buttoned it up slowly for her, leaving the top few buttons open. She tucked it in and he rolled up the sleeves for her. 

“I think your duty as my crazed lover is to be taking my clothes off, not putting them on”

“Is that right?” He smirked and began kissing down her neck. “Mhm” she moaned in response. 

“How bout you stay with me tonight then and I promise to take it all back off of you?” he asked, continuing to kiss her. 

“I’m holding you to that” she managed to get out, bringing his lips to hers. Before things got too heated she pulled away. “Now you better get dressed love” she grinned. 

“I don’t ever want to hear you say those words again” he smirked back at her and kissed her once more before turning to put his own shirt on. He went with jeans and a black v-neck t-shirt, a jacket, and his black work boots, leaving his hair free how she liked it. He was happy to find her slipping into his jacket she’d worn riding the day before along with her boots. He handed her a coffee on their way out and grabbed one for himself. 

“The guys are already down loading up the trucks” he gave her a warning. “Would you mind if we take my truck?” He asked and she giggled. 

“Jon you could drive me to work in a bus and I probably wouldn’t care”

He should have known she wouldn’t mind. “I’m just warning you it’s probably a mess” he giggled. “I just have to grab a few things from my office”. They made their way down to the second floor and he grabbed his tool belt and a few papers he needed. He grabbed his hard hat and put it on her as she giggled. “Gods woman you can make anything look good” they laughed and her cheeks were turning pink. 

Jon linked his hand with hers and they went down to the garage to head out. Sure enough Tormund was waiting on him. He probably figured he wouldn’t be joining them again this week. He could tell he was surprised to see Dany following him out the door. “Jonny Boy!” Tormund yelled and slapped him on the shoulder. “I see you finally quit hiding from your lady friend”

It was his turn to blush. “Hello Tormund” Dany laughed and looped her arm through Jon’s. 

“Yes Tormund, she finally hunted me down” he smiled to her. 

“Well good, cause we were all getting tired of seeing you mope around even more than usual” he slapped him again laughing. 

“Awe, were you brooding love?” Dany teased. 

“Okay okay, have your fun you two” he laughed with them. 

“I like this one” Tormund said, squeezing Dany’s arm. 

“Yeah, I bet” Jon shook his head smirking. “Let’s get going before we make this one late” he nodded to her. Jon helped Dany into his truck and they were headed back to reality. 



Chapter Text



Dany had such a good morning with Jon, she almost forgot the rude awakening she’d have waiting at her office. Almost. She was dreading facing Daario. But she told herself if she had any second thoughts, even just one, that she needed to take time before letting him go. She hadn’t had any. She had to protect her father’s legacy. She had to protect herself and everything she’d worked so hard to build. She’d given him one too many chances and he’d fucked up too many times. She couldn’t trust him anymore. 

“Are you nervous?” Jon broke her out of her train of thought, taking her hand over his center console. 

“No, I’m just ready to get it over with” 

“I worry about you being alone with him” he admitted. 

“Jon, you can trust me”

“No...I’m sorry, that’s not what I meant” he pulled her hand to his lips. “Of course I trust you Dany, or atleast I’m trying to. I don’t trust him. What if he tries to hurt you? He’s clearly upset” 

“I don’t think he would hurt me. He may yell or storm out, but he’s never been violent towards me” 

“Please just keep Barry nearby” 

“Or you could just stay with me in my office all day” she smirked at him

“I think that would only make matters worse love” he grinned and squeezed her hand, holding it to his chest. 

They pulled up to the back of the building and Jon’s men started unloading materials that were in the back of his truck right away. “Walk me to my office?” She asked. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” He was hesitant, not wanting to make things worse with her and Daario she imagined. “Jon, I will not hide you. I will not shy from what I want for his sake. Besides he’s never up this early, I’m sure he won’t be here until later” she reassured him. He nodded and took her hand. Once they were up to her floor she remembered the last time she was here they were on the rocks. It had only been the weekend since they worked things out, although it felt like a lifetime. Missy was no where in sight which was odd, but then again it was monday and things were always hectic on Mondays at the office. 

Jon followed her to her office with his hand still linked with hers. When they turned the corner to enter her office, she was shocked to see Daario already sitting on the couch. Jon instinctively let go of her hand. She scowled over at him but quickly let it go. “I’ll be downstairs if you need me” he whispered to her and started to back away. She grabbed onto his forearm before he could get too far and stepped back into him, kissing him gently. “I love you” she whispered. He gave her a reassuring smile “I love you too” and he turned to leave towards the elevators. 

Dany took a deep breath, unsure about where or how this conversation was going to go. She walked over to set her things on her desk and then turned to face him. Despite his expensive blue suit and the way he put himself together, he looked awful. She crossed her arms and leaned back against the front of her desk watching him, mistakenly giving him the opportunity to speak first. He met her eyes and she made sure the look she gave him showed how disappointed she was. 

“Had I known it was casual friday I would have dressed accordingly” he glared at her up and down. She shook her head and scoffed. “Perks of running your own company, you can wear whatever you damn well please to work. A luxury you’ll soon wish you would have taken more advantage of”. That got his attention. “Is that why you summoned me here? To fire me?” 

“Yes Daario, it is” 

He rolled his eyes. “So let me get this straight. You find a new boy toy and fall into what you think is love with him, and now decide to not only toss me out of your bed, but also out of our business as well?”

She scoffed. “Okay, let me make myself perfectly clear. Yes, I’m in love with Jon. But my decisions about my companies aren’t and never will be made around him. Jon trusts me and couldn't care less about you and whatever it is you’re trying to prove. The only one of us making rash decisions based on my changed relationship status is you, and I will not allow you to continue to rub dirt on my fathers name with your childish acts” 

Almost simultaneously her phone buzzed as Missy entered her office. She had asked Missy to bring Daario’s exit paperwork to her office first thing in the morning. She sat the papers on her desk and left quietly, giving Dany a look that told her she was with her. She took a second to check her phone and it was a text from Jon letting her know he had asked Barry to stand outside her office door in case she needed him. This made her smile. 

“I think lover boy can wait, we have business to attend to”

“You didn’t seem to care about business when you were looking for god knows what at the bottom of a bottle and found it by putting your fist in someone’s face” 

“Dany I’m sorry”

“I’m sure you are, but at what cost?” 

“I’m not dealing with losing you as well as I thought I could, okay?”

“No, it’s not okay Daario I’m not some property to claim. I was never yours to lose”

“But I bet you tell him you’re his, don’t you?”

She rolled her eyes. Why does this man take so much pleasure in talking about her personal life? “We’re not here to discuss my relationship. You’ve given me endless reasons in making this decision. So all I need is your signature on the paperwork and we can be done here” she dropped the paper packet on the coffee table in front of him with a pen. 

“I will not sign that. I will not let you throw away everything we’ve built” 

“You’ve thrown it away on your own Daario!” She finally snapped. After all he’d done, he couldn’t take any responsibility? 

“Keep on Dany, you know I love it when you scream my name” he smirked. 

“Oh for fucks sake! Get over yourself! You want a reaction from me over your lewd comments? Is that what it’s going to take? For me to tell you that I had to wear my boyfriends clothes to work today because I was too busy letting him fuck me while I told him that I’m his, that I love him, while I screamed his name, that I didn’t have enough time to run home to change into my normal attire? Is that what you want to hear? Does that make you happy? To ruin every shred of the partnership and friendship that we’ve built by constantly disrespecting me and my fathers name? He would be so proud, wouldn’t he?” she yelled, not caring who might’ve heard her outside her door. 

At that, Daario stood and slowly made his way towards her. “Stop” she said, teeth clenched, when he was within reach of her. He stopped and put his hands up in surrender but got down on one knee and reached for her hand. “Daenerys, please don’t do this. I don’t care about the company, I don’t want it. I want you. I love you, and I make you happy. You know I do. Be with me, let me fight for you” he pleaded. 

She pulled her hand away from him and crossed her arms over herself. “No” she answered sternly. 

He dropped his head in defeat and eventually returned to his feet. “Fine. I’ll give you what you want Daenerys. I’ll sign your fucking papers and let you be rid of me like you want so bad. But I have my own conditions”

“I’d expect no less from you. I’m sure you’ll find your severance package suitable to your needs” she rolled her eyes.  

“I don’t give a fuck about the money or the title. The only need that I want met is my desire to have you one last time if you’re really going to cut all ties with me, though something tells me when you drop lover boy like you do everyone else, you’ll come begging for me” 

“You’re mad!” She seethed. 

He stepped towards her again. “I will have you Daenerys. I will drive you wild one last time and maybe then you’ll realize the mistake you’re making by letting me go”

“You will not” she stood up to him. 

Before she could react, Daario wrapped one arm around her waist, holding her backside and held his other hand at her neck. Her attempts at pushing him away or pulling his hand from her were useless. He tried kissing her but she pulled her head back away from him. He tightened his hold on her neck, making her short of breath. “Why are you doing this Dany? I love you, all I’ve ever wanted was you” he nearly sobbed. She didn’t recognize the man staring back at her. Now that he was close enough, she could smell the alcohol on his breath. His eyes were full of so much evil. This wasn’t the man she could joke with, the man who always understood her stress, her workload, understood her in general. The man that helped her pick herself up after she lost her family. This man was a vessel. An empty shell of the man he used to be. 

“Barry!” She managed to yell out. Daario smirked at her as if he was about to tell her that Barry wouldn’t hear her, but shock took over his face when her office door slammed open and Barry ran in. Within seconds he had his arm around Daario’s neck from behind, and Daario held his hands up. “Calm down Barry we were just talking” 

“Right, it sure looked like a lot of talking to me. I should kill you right here where you stand” 

“Maybe you should” Daario said with zero emotion. 

Dany rubbed at her neck that was now red and sore and would probably be bruised soon, catching her breath. She had seen Missy come into her office doorway and realize what had happened and she ran back out. Part of her had hoped she’d called the cops, but something told her she knew exactly where she went. 

“What do you want me to do with him Dany?” Barry asked. Despite the situation, it warmed her heart to hear Barry call her Dany. He was always so formal and proper with her, with everyone. Before she could answer, Jon burst in the room in a panic. She could tell by his breathing that he’d ran all the way up to get to her. She felt tears brimming at the site of him. She wasn’t sure if it was out of relief that he was there, relief that Barry was there thanks to him, relief that Daario didn’t get what he wanted from her, or out of fear or sadness that it even came to that. 

“Great, Prince Charming to the rescue” Daario scoffed and rolled his eyes. 

Jon rushed to her and looked her over, taking her face into his hands, his eyes reading hers. “Baby are you okay?” He asked, his words laced with worry. She nodded and pulled herself into him, clenching his sides. He wrapped his arms around her tight and kissed her forehead. 

After a few moments she could feel his body tense up, and she knew why. He let her go slowly, the look in his eyes telling her all she needed to know, and she wasn’t going to stop him. He turned away from her to face Barry and Daario. He made eye contact with Barry, who also seemed to know what was going on as he stepped away from Daario. 

As if it wasn’t bad enough already, the idiot had the nerve to smirk at Jon. In the blink of an eye Jon’s fist met Daario’s face and Daario fell to his knees. Jon dragged him up by the collar of his shirt. 

“If you ever so much as speak her name again, I will hunt you down myself. It will be the last breath you ever draw. If you come near her, take a step into her presence, lay a finger on her ever again, I will kill you. With my bare hands. Do I make myself clear?”

Daario nodded, but didn’t miss the opportunity to roll his eyes. 

“Barry please get him out of my sight. He can sit with security until the cops arrive to take him. And in case they ask, we will be pressing charges”

Barry nodded and took Daario’s hands behind his back. “You’ll regret this!” Daario yelled back at her. She shook her head. Missy was back in the room then. “Do you need anything?” 

“I’m alright. Please leave us for a moment and screen my calls”. Missy nodded and left her office, shutting the door behind her. Jon turned back to her still seething and red faced. His hands were back on her face, moving her head from side to side to examine her neck. 

“What happened?” He asked. She could see the anger in his clenched jaw, but she knew it wasn’t towards her. She was still shook up from everything that had happened, but Jon standing up for her and protecting her had clouded all of that with more love for him than she ever could have thought up. 

She shook her head and backed up and sat up on her desk, pulling him into her by his shirt between her legs. “I don’t want to talk about that right now” she whispered and kissed him. “Are you alright?” He asked her again. “I am now. I will be” she kissed him again. He let out a deep breath before she could kiss him again, but she did. She tried deepening the kiss but he wasn’t with her, he was distracted, understandably so. 

Was she the mad one for wanting him right then and there after everything that just happened? Perhaps, but she needed to feel him, to feel that she was his, not Daario’s. She needed to show him in the best way she knew how how much she appreciated him. 

She pulled back but only by a little. Enough to meet his eyes and hopefully help him see that she was okay. “No one has ever stood up for me like that” she whispered and pulled his hand up to her lips. His knuckles were red and she knew they were probably hurting. “No one has ever cared for me as much as you do” she began kissing his hand gently. “Seeing you like that Jon...” she sighed and dropped his hand to her breasts and moved in to kiss him again “that did things to me” she whispered again before kissing him fiercely. 

He kissed her back this time. Not quite matching her fire but she figured he was at least half convinced. She ran her hands up his chest, stopping with one around the back of his neck into his hair, and the other along his jaw. The warmth of his tongue on hers as they kissed was making her forget everything. 

She pulled away only to catch her breath, resting her cheek on his. “Fuck me Jon” she whispered into his ear, running her fingers through his beard as every inch of her was pulling him in and holding him to her. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, her hands holding onto him for dear life. “Dany” he pulled back to look at her. “Your neck? Are you sure you’re alright?”

“I am fine baby I promise. I just want you” she pleaded, kissing down his neck. 

“Here? Right now?” 

“Yes. Now. Please” she muttered each word in between kisses. She figured it wasn’t going to happen. He was too worried about her and she didn’t have all day to convince him, she understood his hesitation. So she was surprised when she felt his hands go to unbutton her jeans as he moved his head to crash his mouth into hers. She lifted enough for him to pull her jeans off of her and he did along with her boots and underwear. He pushed her gently to lay back on her desk and she was already panting, waiting for him. 

His hands moved to unbutton and unzip his own jeans. He pulled them down just enough to free himself and he was already hard for her. He pulled her body down to the edge of her desk and lined himself up with her. She let out a small moan just at the feel of him between her folds. He leaned over her and kissed her neck. She could still sense his hesitation. “Jon” she whispered, nearly moaning. His eyes met hers. “You’re not here with me” she whimpered. He hung his head a bit. “What if someone comes in here?” He asked worried. 

“No one comes in here without knocking”

“Missy never knocks”

“Missy knows what we’re doing” 

He smirked and nodded a little. 

“This won’t be the last time I let you take me in my office love. Get over it and get on with it please for the love of gods” she smirked and kissed him, biting his lip. “I need you” she pleaded. He sighed, finally giving in and slid into her slowly. “Is this what you want Dany?” He asked roughly, and she noticed the change in his eyes, now animalistic. Now as hungry for her as she was for him. “Yes baby” she sighed, kissing him again. “Say it” he growled, eyes blazing into hers, still slowly sliding in and out of her. 

“I want you. I need you to fuck me. I’m yours Jon” 

Her hands were around the back of his neck, keeping him close. He kissed her then, sloppily but hot, before slamming into her and she moaned. He pounded into her in quick hard thrusts over and over. She couldn’t decide if he was just trying to hurry in case someone came to her office, or if he needed the release as much as she did. 

Her legs were wrapped around him still, and she lifted them up further, giving him better access to enter her fully. She rested one hand on his cheek, unable to stop kissing him, wanting his mouth on hers, needing to feel the warmth of his breath, the softness of his lips, the lust of his tongue and teeth. 

Her other hand ran down his back, scratching him as she gripped into his skin through his shirt, coming close to her end. She could tell by the change in his breathing and pulling out of their kissing that he was too. He buried his head in her hair in the crook of her neck and she wrapped her now free arm around him, holding her hand over her mouth to muffle the sounds of her climax. He kissed her neck aggressively as he moaned. She could feel him pumping inside her as he filled her, herself clenching around him as they both came down, both breathless. 

He eventually lifted up only enough to meet her eyes. She could still see worry there. He kissed her once gently before his eyes went back to her neck. “I would have killed him had I seen him do this to you” he spoke quietly, running his fingers over what she assumed were bruises from Daario’s hands on her neck. 

She had mostly only seen Jon as this kind caring man that she loved, but she knew from their week apart that he had a temper. Maybe even more than she knew. The rage she had seen in his eyes faced with Daario had told her she still had so much to learn about this man she called hers. 

But she could also see love in it. He cared for her so much, loved her so much, that he wanted to hurt someone, anyone, that would cause her pain. And then she realized she felt the same. She knew she would feel the same about anyone that would hurt this beautiful man. 

She shook her head, blinking back tears. Partly because she was overwhelmed with how much he cared, and partly because she was hurt that things came to this between her and Daario. “It’s okay, it’s over now” 

“It’s not. And I knew this was going to happen. I never should have left you alone with him”

“You knew this man I trusted was going to put his hands on me and attempt to sleep with me?” She nearly rolled her eyes. There was no way she was going to let him feel any guilt over this. 

“He what?!” Jon nearly shouted, drawing away from her a bit more. 

She shook her head. “Nothing happened. I’m here with you and I’m safe, and that’s thanks to you sending Barry to me. He never would have agreed to speak if you came in here with me” 

“Nothing happened? Dany his hands are bruised onto your neck, that’s not nothing. And this isn’t over, you know he will continue this. He will lie about what he’s done to you and he’ll get out of it. ” 

“He can’t lie” she assured him. He scoffed and then looked to her, confused. She took his face in her hands and pushed his head up to see a camera that was up in the corner of her office hidden around a light fixture. Jon’s eyes went back to her in shock, not because of Daario, but because of what they’d just done and in front of a camera. 

She couldn’t hold back her laugh at how scared he looked. “Don’t worry love, only I can see it the feed” she caressed his cheek. He let out a deep breath he’d been holding in and then kissed her once more before lifting up off of her, pulling out of her slowly. He took her hands and pulled her to sit up and handed her her jeans and underwear. They cleaned up with wipes she kept in her purse. Once dressed she sat back on her desk. He moved to stand back between her legs, eyes soft. He ran a hand across her cheek, moving a piece of her hair back out of her face. “Are you sure you’re alright? Can I get you anything? Ice?” He asked. 

“I’m alright. Disappointed, but alright”

“I’m sorry love. I wish it didn’t happen like this”

“It’s not your fault. He’s shown his true colors now and I have to accept that”

“I know, but that doesn’t make it any easier” he paused, taking her hands into his. “I don’t want you anywhere around him Dany”

She shook her head. “Absolutely not. My lawyers will handle it”. He nodded. She sighed and pulled him into her by his shirt and held him close. She breathed him in, relaxing in the scent that was Jon. He held her firmly at the back of her head and her lower back. She wanted to stay in his arms all day. 

“Thank you” she whispered into his neck. “For what?” He asked in his husky northern accent. “For loving me” she kissed his cheek. Before he could respond, there was a knock at the door. He attempted to pull away from her but she kept him locked to her, wrapping her arms and legs around him. They both laughed. 

“Come in”. She already knew it was Missy at the door. She peaked in first. “Are you decent?” She smirked. “Yes” Dany laughed, finally letting Jon out of her embrace. He didn’t move far from her, sitting in a chair in front of her desk, taking her now bare feet into his lap. Missy approached them with a heap of things in her arms. She sighed and looked to Dany. “Are you okay?” She asked. 

“How many times are the two of you going to ask me that today?” She playfully rolled her eyes.

“I think it’s safe to assume that won’t be the last time” she smirked and began sitting down all the things she was carrying. “I brought you some things. A change of clothes, ice, make up for that” she pointed to her neck “heels, aspirin, and your coffee” she finally handed her a cup. 

Dany couldn’t help but to roll her eyes again and Jon grinned. “Thank you Missy. But I am okay, really. I’ll take the coffee and aspirin. I don’t need to change, I’m finding that I like wearing Jon’s clothes, I might have to steal more of them” she joked and Jon squeezed her foot and smiled at her. 

“Why don’t you take the day off?” Missy suggested. “I’m sure Jon’s team can handle things here. You two can go home and relax” 

Jon looked to Dany, she knew he would take the day if she needed to. But she didn’t want to let this get to her. She didn’t want to give Daario the satisfaction of ruining her day or setting her off her routine. “I’m okay, honestly you two” she looked to each of them, knowing they weren’t going to let this go until she told them what happened. But they deserved that. 

“I tried to be civil with Daario. But he wanted to argue that I made the decision because of Jon, even after all he’s done. He wanted to talk about our private life, Jon and I. I may have made things worse with my comments, but I lost my temper. Missy you saw the severance package, I was being more than generous given the circumstances. He said he wouldn’t sign the papers until he had me one last time. I obviously refused and so he forced himself on me. Jon had texted me that he had Barry stay by the door so I yelled for him and he came in before anything happened. Besides this” she pointed to her neck that she had yet to even see. 

Jon was giving her the same sad look he had earlier. He rubbed up and down her calf. 

“I’m sorry D” Missy finally said. “I never would have imagined he’d do something like this to you. I know your...relationship...whatever you want to call it, was complicated, but he always cared about you and protected you. I always figured you’d eventually stop fighting it and be with him. That was until this guy came around and ruined everyone else’s chances” she grinned and squeezed Jon’s shoulder. He smiled to Missy and then to Dany. 

“He reeked of bourbon. Not that that excuses what he did, but to be that deep in the bottle this early, he’s clearly going down a dark path” 

“Well hopefully he gets the help he needs. Do you want to make any changes to the exit paperwork before we try to get him to sign it again?”

“For now leave it as is. We’ll see how things go over the next few days” 

Missy nodded. “Well since you’re going to be a stubborn ass and stay here today, I have a few things to run by you”

“I’ll go” Jon stood. 

“Nooo” Dany whined, pulling him into her, making him laugh. “Stay” she kissed him “please” 

“Who are you and what have you done with my man hating best friend?” Missy laughed. 

Dany giggled and grabbed Jon’s chin, turning him to face Missy. “Look at this face, how could anyone not fall in love with him?” She joked, and he was blushing. He put his hands up in surrender and sat back down and she went around to sit in her office chair.

“Okay, go” she motioned for Missy to start what she was sure would be a long list. She pulled out her calendar so she could go over any important dates. She was glad Jon was there. “This week is pretty full. Next week we have to go to Dorne. I’ve already arranged everything for that. We have you scheduled for one week but we may need to stay for two depending on how things go. There are a few final touches for the masquerade that need your approval, including your outfit”. 

She looked to Jon to read his face. She had totally forgotten about having to go to Dorne. And the masquerade was a costume ball she threw for Halloween every year. She was hoping Jon would indulge her and go. He didn’t seem upset that she didn’t tell him about Dorne, but he did seem curious. 

“I’m sorry Jon, my trip to Dorne completely slipped my mind” she grabbed his hand over the desk. 

He shook his head smiling. “Dany, I understand you’ll need to travel, and probably more often then I’d like you to, but we’ve talked about this, it’ll be fine” he gently squeezed her hand. He was right, they had talked about it. She nodded to him. “But what about this masquerade?” He grinned, knowing she was up to something. 

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. I throw it every year at the castle on Dragonstone. It’s a Halloween party. Everyone wears masks, it’s fun” she smiled. 

“Oh yes, I’m sure” he grinned sarcastically. 

“So you’ll come?” she smiled at him, knowing he probably couldn’t tell her no even if he wanted to. 

“I mean I can’t have some other masked bachelor trying to seduce my girl, now can I?” He grinned and she giggled. 

“Good, because Missy has already volunteered to help you find something to wear”

“Why don’t you help me?” He asked

“We can’t know what the other is wearing, that’s the whole point” she shot him a sly smile. “I’m helping Grey for Missy” 

“You really think I couldn’t spot you in a crowd, even with a little mask on?” He smiled, challenging her.

“You won’t” Missy chimed in. “No one ever does. I think she’s been figured out one year, and it was Tyrion by accident. I’m the only one who ever knows it’s her”

“Yup, and I have big plans this year” she smirked, tapping her fingers together mischievously. 

“Challenge accepted my love” Jon smirked, squeezing her hand. “So is there a point in time where everyone reveals themselves or is it always a secret?” He asked. 

“At midnight the masks come off. So if you don’t find her, you’ll still have the rest of the night to enjoy her in what I’m sure will be an evening of unbearable bragging” Missy laughed. 

“Rightfully so” he smirked. 

“What else?” Dany turned back to Missy, all but willingly letting go of Jon’s hand. 

“Well, I’m hoping I can convince you to appoint a new CEO to your fathers company, even if it’s interim. We really don’t have the time to share you with two companies right now. It’s our busiest season, and we have all the work with the magazine on top of that. We also need to decide what to do with Varys”

Dany sighed. Part of her knew Missy was right, but the other part of her was too prideful to let just anyone run something so important to her. She tried to think of what her father would want her to do. That made her think of what her father would have to say about Daario right now. 

“Set up a meeting this week with Qhono, he’s the CFO at KLTC. If I feel he’s capable of running things, at least for now, I’ll appoint him to interim CEO. Otherwise, we stick to the current plan. I’m sure Qhono already has an assistant, and I surely don’t need one, so we’ll need to let Varys go. I can’t say I’ll be sad to see him go after his lack of ability to reign in his subject, or keep me and my personal life out of his mouth”

“What about Tyrion? I’m sure he could use an assistant. It may not pay as much as an assistant to a CEO, but it’s better than nothing. Certainly better than a potential lawsuit for firing him without reason” 

Dany sighed. “We’ll figure something out. Regardless, I need to get in front of this, so we need to schedule a press conference as soon as possible. I don’t need rumors stirring up about Daario being let go.” 

“I’m on it. I need you in a fitting at 1PM, otherwise you’re free for now”

“Can we figure out something for lunch then?”

“I can have something ordered in”

“I need to get out, I need some fresh air out of this office” 

“As long as you’re at your fitting at 1, you can go wherever you want. I have some things to handle if you’d like to wait, otherwise I’m sure Jon could use lunch?”

“We can wait, or I can bring you something?”

“This could take a while, so just bring me something back”

Dany turned to Jon. “I know you guys are probably busy downstairs, I don’t want to keep you”

“I’m the boss, remember?” He smirked “My time is yours for today”. She smiled, knowing he wasn’t going to leave her after the events of the morning. “Let’s go then” she stood, putting her coat on and grabbing her things. They stopped on the next floor to grab Jon’s coat and keys. 

When they got down to the main floor she noticed him darting his eyes around, keeping her close. She assumed he was making sure Daario was no where around. “He’s already gone” she looked up at him. “How do you know?” He asked. “Barry text me a while ago letting me know he’d been picked up. His friend that’s a cop is coming by later for my statement”. She could see Jon visibly relax. They got in his truck and pulled away from her building. They’d decided on a restaurant not far from there in case she needed to rush back. 

They sat and ate without interruption and talked about where he was at with the remodel. She tried not to, but she’d gotten used to him being right downstairs, she wasn’t sure what she was going to do once he’d finished the project. Talking about this was a nice distraction. Jon himself was a nice distraction. He managed not to ask her any more if she was okay, which she was thankful for. 

He grabbed the bill before she had a chance to. She told herself she would try to let him pay for things as much as he wanted, remembering Missy telling her that it makes men feel inferior to her when she pays. And she knew Jon was well off. He may not show it as much as she did, but she noticed little things that told her he was. Expensive wine and scotch, high end suits, a brand new truck, a different watch every day, the luxury of his loft. He had told her himself. But she was stubborn, so she’d find other ways to show her appreciation of him. 

They made their way back to the office and parted ways in the elevator. She told him she’d try to come by and see the progress later in the day when she had a break. But that break never came. She went right up to deliver Missy food, only to head back down for her fittings for all the outfits she had to wear the next week. 

That took hours, and then Barry’s cop friend was waiting in her office when she returned, along with one of her many lawyers, Ellaria. She spoke with them and gave her statement, recounting all of the details of her morning, still maintaining to keep a straight face over it all. 

When that was done, Missy managed to get Qhono in her office and they spoke for hours. She was surprised at how knowledgeable he was with the company, and he seemed much more responsible than Daario was in his current state. He showed up prepared, had no hesitation in his voice, he was confident he could take things over. He told her about his family and even spoke about having concerns with Daario over the last few months. She knew she had lost track of time when Jon knocked on her open office door. 

She stood from the couch to meet him. “I told you to stop knocking love” she kissed his cheek. 

“I didn’t want to interrupt” he smiled.

“We were just finishing up. This is Qhono, my new interim CEO for Kings Landing Trading Co., Qhono this is Jon” 

“Nice to meet you, she’s told me a lot about you” they shook hands. “Daenerys, thank you so much for the opportunity. I won’t let you down” Qhono shook her hand too. 

“Thank you for making time for this meeting on such short notice. I guess I’ll be seeing you in the morning” she smiled and Qhono nodded and made his way out of her office. She turned to Jon and let out a sigh of relief she felt she was holding in all day. 

“What’s in the morning?” Jon asked.

“A press conference” she rolled her eyes, not looking forward to the questions from the media. Jon chuckled and they sat down on the couch. He put his arm around her and she moved closely into him.  

“Well I’m assuming it went well then?” He asked, seeming genuinely interested. 

“Yes, I’m actually surprised how well it went. I feel good about it” 

“I’m glad. I was worried about you taking on too much at one time” 

“I know you were” she spoke softly, running her hand over his cheek

“So what did you tell him about me?”

“He was telling me about his wife and child and asked if I had a husband or children and I said no but I do have a very cute boyfriend named Jon. I told him you’d be in here any moment demanding that I introduce you as such” she laughed. 

“Cute, am I?” He teased her, tickling her sides. She fell into a fit of laughter before he stopped to kiss her. “What am I supposed to do without you for a week, or even worse two?” He smiled, their faces still only a breath apart. 

“I was wondering today how I was going to survive without you once you’re no longer working on my building and I can’t see you whenever I want” 

“I guess we’ll just have to take advantage while we can” he smirked and kissed her again. 

“I know it’s obviously too soon for us to talk about moving in together, but I do sleep so much better when I’m with you” she giggled. “I wanted to see if you wanted to stay with me this week before I have to leave. Or I can stay with you, whichever. I just want to spend as much time as we can together.”

“Actually” he smirked and went fishing for something in his pocket. He pulled out a set of keys. “I had these made for you today. Keys to my place, so you can come and go as you’d like. I told you already you can leave whatever you’d like there, whatever you need. You obviously need your own clothes there” he chuckled, pulling at his shirt she was still wearing. “I already have the code to your place, I thought it was only fair” 

She was in awe of him. She had been nervous to bring this up all day, and here he was on the same page, wanting the same things she wanted. She kept thinking she couldn’t love him anymore than she already did, and every moment they spent together she proved herself wrong. She took the keys and kissed him softly. “Thank you, baby” she kissed him again.

“I know you have a big day tomorrow, so we’ll stay at your place tonight. We can run to mine on the way home and I’ll grab some things” 

“Yeah. About that...I may have already gotten you some things for my place” she hesitated, trying not to laugh, knowing he’d probably hate that she’d bought him anything. 


“Nothing extravagant, just your essentials so you don’t have to take them back and forth. You’ll still need to get clothes and anything I missed”

“And when did you have time to do this?” He smirked

“I didn’t but Missy did” she giggled

He shook his head smiling back at her. “Well it’s only fair since you picked out things for me at your place, I get to do the same for you at mine” he laughed. 

“No way” 

“It’s too late now” he smirked and kissed her again before they gathered their things to leave for the day. They stopped at Jon’s and he grabbed some clothes for the next few days just in case. She’d given him a list of everything she had Missy get him so he knew what not to pack, which was basically everything but clothes. 

Once they got to her place, he made dinner while she took a few calls in her office at home and watched over her keys being changed and the codes to her apartment being reset since Daario had them. Once she made her way to the kitchen, she made sure to give him her undivided attention. She always tried to be on her phone as little as possible when they were spending time together. This was something she never cared to do in the past. 

After they ate dinner they showered together. They were both so exhausted neither of them made any moves to have sex that night, in the shower or out. He held her and kissed her deeply as she leaned back on the wall while he washed his hair. She didn’t care that they didn’t make love that night, she just wanted to feel him and be close to him. She washed him, the same as he had for her, kissing his chest, his shoulders, his neck before she scrubbed them. He put on underwear and she the same with a t-shirt and they went to bed. Her body molded perfectly to his like always. He held her and rubbed up and down her back. “I love you” he whispered. “And I love you” she kissed his chest. 



Chapter Text



Jon always slept soundly when she was next to him, so it took a lot to wake him up. When he felt her jerk up to a sitting position gasping for air, scrambling as if she was horrified, he knew instantly something was wrong. He sat up quickly next to her, worry etched across his face. He attempted to grab her arms to calm her, but this only made matters worse as she panicked and pushed him away. “Don’t touch me!” She yelled, nearly sobbing. 

“Dany, baby it’s me, it’s Jon. It’s okay, you’re okay” he attempted again, slowly and calmly moving to take her into his arms. Finally her eyes met his and he saw the realization and tears instantly fell down her face as she fell into his embrace. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry Jon” she cried. 

“Shhh. It’s okay love. Calm down, I’m here, you’re okay. I’ve got you” he whispered, running his hands up and down her back he could feel how tense she was. Her arms were locked so tightly around him and he could feel her tears running down his chest as she panted against him. He should have known something like this would happen. She had put on her perfect brave facade all day acting like she was fine after what happened to her, but he knew deep down she was not fine. And that only made him want to kill Daario even more. 

He was supposed to be one of the closest people to her, someone she could trust, someone that was supposed to protect her, and he took advantage of her. Assaulted her. “He forced himself on me” her words echoed in his head. He couldn’t believe this had happened, and he couldn’t help but feel partially responsible. But he knew she was right, Daario wouldn’t have spoken to her if Jon was there. He hated that she had to go through this. He continued to console her until he finally felt her breathing slow. 

“What can I do baby? Do you want some water?” It sounded stupid, but he didn’t know what to offer her. He knew nothing he could say or do would make this better for her. She slowly pulled out of his arms and looked up to him. Her face was flushed, her eyes were puffy. He brushed a thumb across her cheek to dry a tear and moved a loose strand of her hair behind her ear. She finally nodded as she shuddered, an aftershock of her cries, he knew. “I’ll be right back. Do you need anything else?”. She shook her head. 

He ran down to her kitchen as quickly as he could, not wanting to leave her alone. He grabbed her a water bottle and one for himself and ran back up to her. She was still sitting up in bed and had turned on the tv. He handed her the water and moved to wrap back around her. “Thank you” she said softly before taking a drink. He positioned himself to where she was now sitting between his legs. He ran one hand over her thigh and the other down her arm, his thumb rubbing back and forth over her soft skin. She slouched in exhaustion and when her eyes met his he wanted to just hold her to him until it all went away. 

“I’m so sorry” she whispered again, taking his hand into hers and bringing it up to her lips and kissed the backs of his fingers. 

“Don’t apologize Dany, it’s not your fault”

“I had a nightmare. I was back in my office, and Daario was there. And it was worse” 

He pulled her back into him. “It was just a nightmare. You’re safe here with me. I will never hurt you. And I will never let anyone, including Daario, ever hurt you again” he promised, and kissed her temple. 

She held onto his arms that were wrapped around her tightly. “I’m not sure what I did to deserve you” she nearly whispered, kissing the wrist of his arm that was holding her head to his chest. 

“You deserve all the happiness in the world Dany” he kissed the crown of her head and ran his hands through her hair down to her back. She pulled back enough to kiss his lips. He could taste the saltiness of her tears still lingering on her mouth. 

“Do you want to try to go back to sleep?” He asked her, knowing she had a big day tomorrow. Surprisingly she nodded, so they laid back down. They were on their sides facing each other, Dany still holding him with a death grip. He didn’t mind it. He hoped that she would sleep better this time, knowing she was safe in his arms. He forced himself to stay awake until she finally drifted back off to sleep after a while. 

He heard and felt her get up a little after 4AM and go to her bathroom. After a while he thought about going to check on her but he started hearing her doing her hair and make up, so he left her to it. A little after 5 he finally got up and went to her. It was time for him to get up anyway and he needed to pee. When he opened the door she was sitting up on the counter finishing her make-up. “Good Morning beautiful” he smiled, going behind her to slink his arms around her waist, kissing the back of her neck. She looked tired still. “Good morning handsome” she smiled back at him. “I’m almost done if you need the bathroom” she added. 

“Take your time” he laid his head against her back, his arms still around her. 

“I’m sure you’re still tired, I’m sorry I kept you up all night” 

“Dany...don’t apologize to me again” he said sternly and lifted his head to meet her eyes in the mirror. He wasn’t trying to be rude, but he wanted her to know that he didn’t mind, he wanted to be there for her. That was part of being with her. Thankfully she caught onto this and smiled sheepishly at him. He kissed her shoulder gently and began moving up to her neck. 

“Although, I will admit, I do prefer you keeping me up all night for other purposes” he whispered in her ear, causing her to giggle. She turned to face him, wrapping her legs around his waist and kissed him. “I suppose I’ll just have to make it up to you then” she smirked and kissed him once more before sliding off the counter and making her way out of the bathroom. He began readying for the day, not able to keep himself from laughing every time he found another item she had Missy get for him. She really had thought of everything. 

He finished dressing and went to find her in the heaps of clothes in her closet that was big enough to be another master bedroom. He leaned in the doorframe watching her as she zipped up another one of her dresses that made her even more irresistible than she already was. This one was at least less revealing, he knew she was wanting to be even more professional than usual for her press conference.

“I have to go in early and prepare for this mess. You’re welcome to stay here and I can have Jorah drive me in if you’d like” she said as she put on jewelry, oblivious to him ogling her. 

“It’s alright, I can take you. I’m sure there’s plenty for me to get started on there” he replied, noticing her starting to get agitated and nervous. She slipped on some heels and a blazer and moved to him. He rubbed her shoulders and could feel the tension coming off of her. “Calm down, it’s going to be alright. You’re gonna make that press conference your bitch” he smiled and was happy to see her laughing. Her smile could brighten anyone’s day. 

“I’m never like this with these, public speaking is my thing. But this is different, I can’t cover this up, his arrest report will be public soon if it’s not already, I have to be honest and the world will know. That could either help me or hurt me, there’s no in between” 

“I understand. But this was not your fault Dany, and in less than 24 hours, hell less than a few hours, you had a plan in place and if anyone knows what they’re doing with either of your companies, it’s you. Everything is going to be okay” 

“Thank you” She smiled and grabbed onto his waist and kissed him before moving to grab her things to leave and he followed. 

Once they were at her building he checked on the status of things with the remodel. Everything was moving along according to plan. He got a text from Missy letting him know she and a few others from Dany’s team were going to watch the press conference live in her conference room if he wanted to join. He wanted to wish her luck before she went down, but when he got up to her floor she had already left. He joined Missy in the conference room with Margery, who he remembered. Missy introduced him to Tyrion, her head of marketing, a couple other department heads, and her publicist, a woman named Yara. 

This was the first time he’d been back in this room since they first met. He smiled thinking of the way she stole his heart from the second she walked into the room. A short while later the live feed started on the large tv at the head of her conference room. He could see Dany emerging from the front of her building with no one but her new temporary CEO and her security team by her side. The nervous girl he’d seen that morning was no more. She was now the confident woman he’d come to know so well and she radiated with a sureness that he’d never seen before. 

She walked up to a podium that was put there for her, which was swarmed by press, and she began by thanking everyone for coming. She went on to explain the importance of the company that once belonged to her late father, and that she would protect it with her life. So when someone threatened that, or didn’t see it as she did, it was a problem. She continued by saying that Daario was no longer with the company, without giving too many details, and then introduced Qhono as her interim CEO. She let him have a few words before finishing with assurances that she would oversee everything with the company, and business would continue as usual. She opened up for questions and answered a few before saying farewells and heading back into the building. 

When she eventually made her way upstairs he was waiting for her by the elevator and when the door opened, her smile met his. She seemed relieved, but pleased with the way the press conference went. Jon took her into his arms. “You were great baby” he whispered in her ear. “Thank you” she said, breathing into his neck. He was proud of her. This fierce woman on fire could conquer anything, and somehow she was all his. Then it hit him that this was all normal for her, which is probably why she took it in stride. It had to be exhausting. But he wanted her to at least know that she didn’t have to do it alone anymore. As long as she’d have him, he’d be by her side.

He kissed her temple and let her out of his embrace. “I have work to do, as I’m sure you do as well” he grinned. “I’ll see you later?” He asked, and she nodded, planting a kiss to his lips, not caring who was watching. He moved around her to get into the elevator and she reluctantly let him go. 

He got back to work downstairs. Later he tried having lunch with her but she had text him that she was out of the building, so he said he’d see her later that evening. She still wasn’t back when he and his guys left around 6PM. He could only imagine everything she had going on, he didn’t try to even pretend that he understood even half of what she had to do on a day to day. He wasn’t sure how long she’d be, so he texted her to let her know he was going to head home, and he could come over once she got home, or he could pick her up when she was finished with work. She responded apologizing, which he hated, but knew it was a habit of hers, and said that she was stuck at KLTC and would likely be there late. He assured her it was fine, and again that she didn’t have to apologize. 

It was a little after 10PM and he hadn’t heard from her in a while. He worried, only because of everything that had happened to her recently. They didn’t know what the status was on Daario, if he was being held or not. He was relieved when his phone rang and her picture popped up, it was a video call. “Hello beautiful” he smiled, noting the exhausted look in her eyes. She could be in full zombie mode and still be the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. She smiled back at him “Hi” she whined, running her hand over her face. He didn’t recognize where she was and assumed she was still at her father’s building. He made a pouting face at her. “I’m sorry love, I know you’re tired” he tried comforting her, wishing she’d limit herself and come home and relax with him. 

“I know, I keep trying to go but it’s a mess here”

“You don’t have to clean it all up in one night baby” 

“You’re right. But I think we’ve made a lot of progress. I’m hoping to be out of here soon. Jorah and Barry have hunted me down, so I’ll just have them take me home so you can get some sleep, and I’ll see you first thing in the morning” 

“Are you sure? You can always come here if you want” 

“I don’t have clothes, and by the time I run home and then there, it’ll already be morning” she smirked. 

“You’re right, we do need to fix that problem” he smiled back at her. “I suppose I’ll try to survive without you for one night.” He added. He laid back in his bed, already down to just his underwear. 

“At least you’re giving me a good preview of my dreams tonight” she giggled and he laughed with her. He could then hear other voices entering the room she was in. “Oh, baby say hi to Qhono! And this is his team that’s had to put up with me all day” she laughed, turning the camera to a group of three men and one woman and they all waived and laughed with her. He waived back, cheeks rosy when he realized he was undressed. “Okay, that’s my queue, I gotta go. Get some sleep and I’ll see you first thing in the morning. I love you!” She grinned. “And I you my love, don’t be up too late” he added. She waived and ended the call. It didn’t take long for him to drift off to sleep once he knew she was okay and that Jorah and Barry were with her.

He wasn’t sure what time it was when he woke up to what he thought was the sound of his door opening. He was in a deep sleep so he brushed it off, thinking maybe the noise was from a dream he pulled himself out of. He closed his eyes and rolled back over to face the other side of the bed. Then he heard the obvious sound of heels being kicked off, keys and other items being sat on the counter, and then bare feet crossing his floor. 

There wasn’t much light in his room aside from the moonlight coming through the windows, since the tv had already shut off on its own, but he could pick even her shadow from a crowd. He heard the unzipping of her dress before it hit the floor and then felt a dip in the bed as she climbed in next to him and scooted under the sheets. The feel of her breath on his chest, her breasts bare against him and her normally warm hands ice cold wrapping around him brought him peace, like everything was as it should be in the world. 

He lifted his arm to wrap it around her and began tracing up and down her spine. He kissed her forehead gently. “Forgot a jacket again?” He asked, rubbing her cold arm to warm her up. He looked over at his clock and it was after 1AM. “Yeah” she giggled. “I just got half way home and realized I didn’t want to sleep without you, so I came here instead”. He pulled her closer, held her tighter. He still couldn’t believe she was real. “I’m glad you did” he kissed her and they drifted off to sleep. 

The next few days were more of the same. They were both so busy with work, they didn’t see each other much during the day aside from him stopping by her office, or her stopping on the floor he was working on to say hello. She worked late almost every night, but came to his place each night to fall asleep with him. He missed her, of course, but he didn’t mind. What he did find odd was the fact that they hadn’t been intimate since they had in her office Monday morning. Jon wanted more than anything to take her each night she came to him in his bed nearly naked, but he didn’t want to push her after everything that had happened with Daario. But he also didn’t want her thinking that anything had changed for him either. 

He continued to walk a fine line with her, but seeing her choice of dress when he finally saw her Friday afternoon, he knew he’d have his work cut out for him. She had left his place early that morning. Despite her silent movements, he felt her kiss him before she left when she thought he was still asleep. When he got to her building, he hadn’t had a chance to go to her until nearly lunch time. He found her in her conference room with her hands on the table, leaning over reviewing some photographs. 

She was wearing a black dress that was nearly all lace aside from the black silk slip that was under it, covering nearly nothing. It was certainly one of the shortest dresses he’d ever seen her in, if not the shortest, and it clung to every inch of her. She wore black heals and no jewelry aside from the few rings she always wore that were her mothers, and diamond earrings. Her hair was down curled and she had light lipstick on that was a shade of pink. He stood and just watched her for longer than he should have as she ran her fingertips over the photos, biting her lip in contemplation. 

She spotted him before he could enter the room and her bright smile warmed his insides. “Just who I wanted to see” she embraced him as he came through the door and then kissed him. 

“Mmmm” he groaned at her touch “I missed you this morning. And now that I’ve found you I see why you snuck out” he smirked. 

“Oh yeah?” She teased, “And why’s that?”

“You never would have made it out of my bedroom wearing this” he spoke softly into her ear inching his hands as close as he could to her backside. She giggled, hands running up his chest, and kissed the corner of his mouth so gently. 

“I’m glad to hear that. I was starting to think you’d grown tired of me” she held onto his biceps as he leaned back onto the conference room table, his hands still on her hips, keeping her close. 

“I could never get enough of you baby” he stared into her blue orbs, hoping she was joking. She smiled, letting him know that she was. But he could still sense some insecurities there. Despite being the most beautiful woman in the country, in any country, she still thought there was any chance of him not wanting her?

“Good, because I have plans for us tonight” she kissed him again.

“Is that right?” He whispered in her ear. 

“Yes, but first, I need your help with this” she waved a hand over the conference room table. He turned to see several photographs of men in different suits and dress attire. He wasn’t sure what she was getting at. “And what is this?”

“This is my Spring Men’s line. They photographed it over the last two days and I have to finalize the line, and the advertisement photos for it today” she had taken a step back and went back to contemplating. He couldn’t help but wonder if any of these men were the model ex fling she’d told him about. 

“Wouldn’t Missy be a bigger help with this?” He smirked. 

“I gave her the day off. And I need a mans opinion. My mans opinion. Maybe this would have been easier if I just had you try on each of these” she laughed. 

“Missy has the day off? Is she okay? Are you okay?” He joked, and she laughed with him. 

“I know, I know. She’s not technically off. She’s at my place packing for Dorne” 

“Don’t remind me” he tried not to pout. 

“I’m sorry love. But I’ve missed you this week and I want to spend as much time with you as I can before i have to go. So can I steal you away for a little bit to help me with this?”

“How could I say no to that” he smiled and sat in a chair at the table. His guys had a small work load that day anyway. She followed and sat in her head chair. She gathered all the photos into a stack and they went through them. He figured he wasn’t much help, but she seemed to really take in his opinions and genuinely like what he was saying. He couldn’t help but admire her handwriting as she made notes on the back of each photo of what changes she wanted done to the outfit or the photo. He also loved how comfortable she was with him, even in this setting. She had kicked off her heels and had her feet in his lap, not moving even when someone came into the room for her. 

His suspicions were right and one of the models was her ex. He definitely wasn’t what Jon was expecting him to look like. He was tall and tan with long hair and very toned. He’d tried not to be the jealous type, but he wondered if Dany had seen him while he was there taking the photos, but she had said since this was somewhat of a rough draft, she usually stayed out of the shoot until the final shots. He went to grab them lunch while she got her photographer in to look over her notes and they also called in the models to reshoot anything she wanted. He found her in her office when he got back. They sat on the fur rug on the floor around the coffee table in her office and ate. 

“Thank you for doing this” she took his hand when she finished. 

“I can’t let you starve can I?” He smirked

“No I mean all of this. Well, everything you do for me really. But especially today. I know you have work to do. I just missed you a lot this week and wanted to spend the day with you. And your opinion really does matter to me, it helped a lot” she smiled. “I just want you to know how much I appreciate you” she added. 

“I’ve missed you too. And I don’t mind clearing my schedule for the day. You’re leaving Sunday so any time I can get I will take” he smiled again, squeezing her hand. “You would do the same for me if I asked for your help” 

“You’re right, I would” she smiled again. “I got you something” she added.

“Ah I see, butter me up for gifts. Okay” he joked

“If it makes you feel better, I didn’t really spend any money on it, I basically stole it from myself. But you will need it for my plans tonight and had I told you to bring your own, it would have given away my secret” she giggled. 

He could never be upset with this woman and her breathe taking smile and her cute little giggles. 

“How about we agree to just be okay with each other getting...or stealing...the other gifts?” He laughed. “We are both well off, it isn’t as if money is an issue. We should be able to get each other nice things when we want to without having to worry about the other being upset, okay?”

“Deal” she agreed

“But...I only ask that you don’t go overboard. I’ve learned enough about you to know that you may get a little carried away with your giving and gifting”

“Like how?” She feigned insult. 

“Dany, you’ve given your best friend an apartment and a car. Same with your driver and security. Missy has told me how often you demand to pay for things”

“Okay well that’s different. They’re like my family, but they’re also my employees, I have to take care of them”

“Not to that extent you don’t” he laughed “I’m sure you pay them more than enough to afford their own living and vehicles. And I don’t know how you feel, but you’re like my family now. So I can’t have you saying ‘well you’re like my family Jon, I had to buy you a car, or a new place, or some other extravagant thing you don’t need or already have’” he laughed. 

She chuckled, but her face was still serious. “I’m your family?” She asked, all joking aside. 

“Of course you are. We have talked about our future together Dany. I have no intentions of going anywhere, you know this. I love you. And it’s okay if you’re not there yet” he ran his hand over her thigh. 

“No, I am. I guess I just didn’t realize it until just now. You just always think that in order to be a family you have to be married and have children but that’s not really true” 

“No, it’s not love. To me, family is like a safe place. Like a home. You’re that for me”

“I definitely feel home whenever I’m with you” she smiled.



Chapter Text



Once she and Jon finished their lunch he went with her down to the floor they normally did their photoshoots on. He had cleared his day to help her with whatever she needed, even if that was just to spend time with him. Once they got into the studio it was chaos. There were photographers, models, people working on the set, all running around everywhere. She introduced him to Simon, her photographer, and a few of her designers of her men’s line. One of them handed her a garment bag and whispered to her and she had it sent up to her office. 

Mid conversation, she felt someone pick her up from behind and spin her around. As soon as she heard the deep growl say “Khaleesi!” she knew who it was. He finally put her down and she straightened herself up and turned to him. Drogo. Her heart was racing. Not because of him, but because she remembered what happened the last time one of her “exes” showed up in front of Jon. But at least he knew about this one.

She couldn’t help but to at least laugh at his impropriety towards her. “Hello Drogo” she smirked. She grabbed Jons hand and pulled him to her side. “This is my boyfriend Jon, Jon this is Drogo, one of our models”. Jon smiled and shook Drogo’s hand. She was thankful Drogo wasn’t near as arrogant as Daario was. 

“Nice to meet you” Jon said, his hand firmly around her back as he let go of Drogo’s hand with his other. 

“Likewise” Drogo smiled. “Must be a hell of a man to lock this one down” he pointed to Dany and they laughed. She looked to Jon, hoping this was going okay, and he was laughing too, awkwardly, but she would take it. 

“A hell of a man he is” she grabbed his chin and kissed his cheek, and he smiled. “So Drogo, how have you been?” She asked before things got even more awkward. 

“I’m good, just working a lot. Traveling. I actually picked up an acting job so once I’m done with this I’m heading out to start filming”. 

“That’s great!” 

“Yeah, I had to make time for my favorite designer though. That and every time I come do work for you I meet beautiful women” they all laughed again. She could see he had eyes on one of her designers. “Well it’s good to see you. This should be the last shoot and then you’re free from us until the Spring fashion show” she smiled. “It’s good to see you too. You look happy” he grinned and patted Jon on the shoulder. She smirked at Jon. “I am very happy” 

“Good. Well I better get to work. The boss lady around here doesn’t play” he smirked and she shook her head as he walked off. 

She looked to Jon again, trying to gauge how that went. He was smiling, which had to be a good sign. “Well that’s over with” she joked and he snorted. “Yes, much better than the last time I had to meet one of your exes” 

“Yes, much better indeed. I wish the other would have went that well” she said.

“Dany, you know as well as I do that that introduction had little to do with you, and much more to do with the kind of man Daario is”

“I know, you’re right, but still” 

“He seems like a nice guy though” Jon looked over to Drogo

“Yes, he’s alright” 

“I’m wondering why that didn’t work out” Jon teased her.

“He’s not you” she smirked, pulling him into her for a kiss. 

“Daenerys Targaryen, how dare you? We’re at work” he joked. 

“I can’t help myself” she laughed. He kissed her again. “Now come with me to my office so you can have your present” she giggled and took his hand to start their way back upstairs. She stopped to talk to Simon before they left and he told her he’d have her new photographs by tomorrow. She knew Jon would probably tease her about her working on her weekend, especially their last weekend before she had to leave town, but it shouldn’t take long, and he could help her again. 

They made their way to the elevator and she clung to him, not caring about the other people coming on and off at different floors. She was happy, and didn’t care who knew it. She loved the pine smell of him. The hard warm feel of his skin through his soft t-shirt. The way he kept kissing the top of her head, or the way he was running his fingertips over her shoulder. She kept thinking she couldn’t love him more, she couldn’t be happier. But every day, every moment with him she was more and more happy, and more and more crazy about him. 

They made it to her office and the garment bag she had sent up was waiting for her, hanging up on a coat rack by the door. She led him in and closed the door. “Okay, if you don’t like it, please be honest and I can get something else from down stairs” she said nervously, and he was smiling, likely catching onto what she was giving him. 

“I know you prefer black, or grey, and I’ve noticed you having a lot of dark blue, so I figured most of your suits are probably those colors” she said as she unzipped the bag. “I wanted you to have something different, but still you, nothing too flashy” she smiled. 

She pulled out a cream colored suit with a dark blue shirt and a burgundy red tie. “The suit is from my spring line. The shirt is from the fall, but the tie is custom. I may have added my own touches to the suit as well” she added. She had only seen Jon in a suit a handful of times, and she had snuck peaks into his closet when she was at his place, and didn’t find anything this light, so she was weary. 

He stepped towards where she had hung everything back on the coat rack and ran his fingers over the tie. It was satin, and she had her designers embroider the words “I love you -Dany” in her handwriting onto the back of the tie. She had sewn his initials into the inside of the suit. “Dany, I love it. It’s perfect” he finally said, smiling at her. 

“Really? You don’t hate it?”

“Of course not. I can’t believe you put this much thought into something like this for me” 

“I wanted to do something special for you. For all you’ve done for me. For how good you are to me. You’ve surprised me several times now doing nice things for me or getting me gifts. And what do you get the man that has everything?” She giggled. “So this was my way of doing that. Clothes is something I know. And as I was making it, I thought of the perfect thing for us to do tonight so you can wear it” she grinned. 

“Now I’m nervous” she smiled, pulling her into his embrace. 

“Well, I couldn’t sneak your measurements in your sleep” she laughed “So I went with my instincts, hopefully it fits, but you’ll need shoes, and shoe size is not my forte” and he laughed with her. “We have plenty of new shoes here, or if you want to we can run by your place instead. I am taking off at 5”

“Wow, taking off early. This must be a big deal” he smirked and kissed her gently, running his hands over her back. 

“I wanted us to have as much time as possible” she kissed him again before pulling away. Looking at the clock on her wall it was getting close to 4:30 so they didn’t have much time. She’d sent someone down to grab shoes for Jon in his size. He’d went down to let Tormund know he’d be taking off, and to check on the status of everything before the weekend. She finished up any final emails or calls she needed to before they left. 

Jon met her back up in her office and changed into the suit. She tried not to ogle him, but it looked even better on him than she’d imagined. She made her way to him and helped him with his tie. He was more than capable of putting on his own tie, but she used it as an excuse to get her hands on him. She snuck on the custom tie pin and cuff links she’d bought for him with his initials on them, not without him noticing of course and shaking is head. 

“What do you think? Am I Dracarys Model material?” He chuckled. 

“Mmm you are sexier than all of my models combined my love” she kissed him tenderly

He helped her into her long black coat and she grabbed her bag. They made their way out, catching Missy in her office and she fake scolded her telling her to go home. Then they were on their way downstairs and outside before she caught him noticing Jorah standing in front of a dark red sports car. She smiled at him, considering teasing him and telling him she bought him a car. “Jorah” she smiled as they approached him. He handed her the keys smirking. “Be safe Daenerys” he told her sternly, making her feel like a child. “Aren’t I always” she winked at him. Jon was still quiet. She said goodbye to Jorah as he made his way back to the black SUV he normally drove her around in. He’d wait there until Missy was ready to go. 

Dany took off her coat and put on sunglasses as she sunk into the drivers seat of her car. It wasn’t new, she’d had it for a while, but rarely drove it. She’d never driven with Jon so she was preparing for his criticism. She didn’t want Jorah driving them around all evening. Jon had climbed into the passenger seat and was eyeing her, waiting for her to say something. “It’s not new if that’s what you’re thinking” she smiled. He shook his head grinning and took her hand as she started the car and pulled away from her building. “Do I get a hint at where we’re going?” He asked. 

“Hmmm it’s something we’ve talked about doing before” she answered, knowing it wasn’t likely he’d remember this. 

“Well that’s not helpful” he smirked. 

“Just sit back and relax and enjoy the ride Jon Stark” she laughed. 

“Okay, but only if I get to drive us back”. She laughed and agreed. 

It took about forty-five minutes to get to their destination. She started to see things clicking for him as they pulled into the long drive of a winery. “Wine tasting?” He guessed, and she nodded. “Oh you’re good” he chuckled. “And let me guess, you own the place?” he looked over at her. 

“No, but Tyrion does. It’s been a while since I’ve been up here and he’s made some renovations recently, so it was all good timing” she answered, pulling up to park. The place was huge, Casterly Rock Winery. It sat on the ocean, and the sun setting made it even more beautiful. Tyrion’s family ran the place and they all lived nearby. She always teased him about living so far and having such a drive into the city every day, but she dreamed of living on Dragonstone one day too. 

They got out and she waited for Jon, putting her coat on and taking his hand as they made their way up the steps into the Winery, locking the car and handing him the keys, he smirked. She noticed a tall slender woman with long blonde hair waiting at the front doors. She knew her, Cersei, she was Tyrion’s sister. “Miss Targaryen, good evening” she shook her hand. 

“Cersei, you as well. Please, call me Daenerys. The place is even more beautiful than I remember” they both smiled. “This is my boyfriend Jon, Jon this is Cersei, Tyrion’s sister. His family owns and runs the winery”. 

Jon shook her hand. “It’s nice to meet you, this place is wonderful” he added. 

“Thank you both. We have everything ready for you, Jorah dropped your things off earlier this afternoon so we’ve prepared your room. We have a table waiting for you if you’re ready for dinner?”

“Yes, I don’t know about Jon, but I’m starving” Dany added, and they followed Cersei to the back patio to their table. It wasn’t quite cold yet, but there were outdoor heaters around and lots of oil lamps and candles lighting the area. She expected them to be busy with it being the weekend, but there were only a handful of other tables occupied. Maybe Tyrion had shortened their guest list because of her. She thought to herself that it was the least he could do after blabbing to Varys about her and Jon. 

They got seated, both taking off their coats and Jon was still being quiet, smiling at her over the table. Their waiter came after a couple minutes and left them with the first round of wines to try, along with breads and cheeses and fruits. “Are you surprised?” Dany asked once their waiter was gone. 

“Yes, very surprised. This is amazing Dany”

“I got us a room. I figured we probably shouldn’t be driving after the wine. And there’s something else here I’d like to show you tomorrow. I hope that’s okay” she said, taking his hand over the table. 

“Of course that’s okay love” he smiled at her tenderly. 

She figured they could use the time away to hide from their work lives that forever waited for them. They fell into a comfortable silence as she let go of his hand and they tried the first wine, and then the second shortly after, neither of them liking the first. 

“Have you tried these before?” He asked. 

“I have, most of them, yes, but it’s been quite a while”. About the time they finished trying the third, their waiter returned and took their dinner order. 

“You’ve been very quiet this evening. Matter of fact, you’ve been pretty quiet all week” he broke their silence again, leaning into the table to take back her hand, a slight curve forming in the corner of his mouth, trying to keep the mood light. 

“Have I?” She smiled

“Yes, you have. Maybe not quiet, maybe just off. Is there something bothering you? You know you can talk to me” he responded, and his eyes were so sincere. Her week had been a complete whirlwind, and she tried not to let it show, but apparently hadn’t done a great job. But she knew the only way she’d be able to let it go and enjoy their time together was to be honest with Jon. She didn’t want him to think it had anything to do with him, or how she felt about him. “I’m sorry. I’m just overwhelmed is all” 

“It’s nothing to be sorry about love. Talk to me about it” 

She hesitated, taking a sip from her glass before she began. “I know I tend to put on a brave front with work and with this whole Daario situation, and with us. And most of the time I am as unfazed by it all as I appear to be. But this week has just been a lot” 

“I understand. And I know you’re used to doing this alone Daenerys, but you don’t have to do that anymore” he rubbed his thumb over her hand, still wrapped in his, his eyes glued to hers. 

“I know that, at least I try to remember that. Like today. It was so nice to have you with me all day and help me with something work related. But there are some things I don’t want to burden you with, some things I don’t want you to take the wrong way or assume it has anything to do with you, or us” she looked away from his eyes and down at their joined hands. 

“How about you tell me all that’s bothering you in that beautiful head of yours, and I’ll promise to listen, to try and understand, and to make no assumptions” he smiled, pulling her gaze back to his own. She nodded. 

She hesitated again, trying to figure out how she wanted to word things, wishing she wasn’t this way, that they could have just came and enjoyed this weekend without her mind getting in the way. “With the Daario situation. I am upset with what happened, yes, but I’m more just angry at the position he’s put me in. Because of him, I lost another person close to me, which as you know, there are already very few. I’ve had to make hasty decisions about my father’s business, and put even more on my already crazy work load. And because of all that I feel it’s put a strain on us and the direction things were going in” she eyed him questioningly, wondering how he’d take all of that. 

“Explain” he smiled, still holding onto her hand. 

“Well for one, I feel the way I handled the situation...after...was not the greatest. And I fear you may have judged me for that, or maybe thought I was only acting that way because of him. Which I could understand...”

“Were you?” 

“No, of course not”

“Good. Because I didn’t think you were. You should know that I only responded in the way that I did because I was worried about you. I was worried that he hurt you. You hadn’t said much until after. Trust me love, I would never show any hesitation towards being intimate with you without good reason”. She smiled then, and nodded. “Go on” he told her, taking a sip from his own glass. 

“It was not just because of the way you handled the situation that made me want you. I was also worried that I’d have some kind of emotional trauma over the way he was towards me, and that I’d take it out on you, or our personal life, and I didn’t want to take that chance. I have read and heard plenty of stories about people who have had that or worse happen to them, and I didn’t want to be a victim. I didn’t want to give him the power to change the one good thing I have” she finished, and she could feel the stinging in her eyes and fought back the tears. 

“Hey” he squeezed her hand, forcing her to look him in the eye. “What he did is not something to down play or be shoved under the rug baby. Things may have not gotten far, thank gods, but he still put his hands on you with the intention of doing worse. As far as concerns with us, I don’t see you any differently. If anything I only see you stronger for being able to deal with this the way that you have, and I won’t lie and say it doesn’t make me want to protect you even more. But I am here for what ever you need, rather that’s time, someone to hold you, someone to listen. Anything. I’m not going anywhere Dany” 

She nodded again, letting a single tear fall. He smiled at her and wiped the tear with his free hand. She gathered herself. “Now, what else?” He asked. 

She took a deep breath. “I mean the work stuff is self explanatory. I’ve been extremely busy and I know we’ve talked about this over and over so I’m letting it go and trusting that I’m handling it the best I can when it comes to time for us, and that you’re not hating me while I’m at work. This Dorne thing is just the first trip where I’ll be away from you and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. I think part of the problem is that all I want to do is spend all of my time with you...and I’ve never felt that. It’s overwhelming, in a good way. All of this is foreign to me and I’m just handling it the best I can”

He giggled a little before responding. “You’re doing fine baby” he caressed her cheek “And I could never hate you. We agreed to tell each other if we ever needed something more or less out of the other. I appreciate the trust, but you have to stop worrying so much. I know this is new to you. Believe it or not, a lot of it is new for me too. I mean sure, I’ve been in relationships, but never like this”

“Never with a crazy woman” she laughed. 

“No, I’ve done crazy, remember?” He laughed. “You’re not crazy. You’re passionate. About me, about us, about your work, about everything that you put your heart into. There’s nothing wrong with that. I only meant that I’ve never felt what I feel for you for anyone else. So let’s agree to trust the process, and to continue to communicate with each other, and do the best that we can, okay? Stop stressing over me or us” 

“Okay” she smiled again. She pulled his hand to her lips and kissed his palm. “I love you” 

“I love you too” he ran his thumb over her cheek. She should have known that he’d calm every nerve in her body.

Their waiter came in perfect timing with their food and a new round of wines. They made small talk in between bites of their food and she was happy when he finally found a wine that he really liked. They also got dessert with the last round of wines. She got lost in his eyes as she fed him a spoonful of her dessert, wishing she could just jump him right at their table. 

“Anything else you need to get off your chest?” He then asked, bringing them back into a serious conversation. “I think we covered it all” she smiled. “Feel better?” He smirked. “Much better” she smiled back at him, narrowing her eyes knowingly. 

“Thank you again love for bringing me here, and for the suit. I love it. I think this is just what we needed” 

“I agree. But I still have many more surprises for you this weekend” she teased

“Is that right?” He smirked. 

“Yes, of course. I figured since I’ll be gone on our one-month anniversary, I had better make it up to you before I go” 

“You caught that, huh?” He seemed surprised. 

“Yes, I did” she pretended to be shocked that he would think she’d forget. “I may be new to this relationship business love, but I’m afraid I am turning out to be a real hopeless romantic at heart” 

“You certainly are” he chuckled, bringing her hand into his and kissing her fingers. 

“I don’t think I can stand to be a tables length away from you for another minute” she said quietly, unable to look away from his warm eyes, and the way he licked his lips. 

“Shall we head to our room then?” 

“We shall” she smirked. 

Jon stood, taking her hand and helped her back into her coat before slipping his back on too. Cersei had stopped by their table in the midst of their meal with their room keys and let them know where the room was. Jon lead the way as she linked her arm through his. It had gotten colder outside, so she was pleased to find a fire lit in the fire place once they entered their room. It was a mere second from hearing the door click shut when she felt his arms slink around her waist and pull her into him. A few more seconds before his mouth was crashing into hers and their coats hit the floor, followed by his suit jacket. She was so caught up in the moment with him she almost forgot her plan. She pulled away from him, catching her breath before she put a hand on his chest to put the smallest bit of distance between them. She didn’t miss the confusion flash across his face. 

“If you want your next surprise Jon Stark, I need you to do exactly as I say, okay?” 

He nodded, still breathless, a dark look in his eyes.

“Good” she smirked. “Socks and Shoes off” and he kicked them off. She followed, stepping out of her heels. “Don’t move” she demanded as she began untying his tie, and then slowly unbuttoned his shirt. She met his gaze with a sultry look in her eyes as she pulled open one button after another, running her hands over his chest. She bunched the shirt in her fists, pulling it from being tucked into his pants, and then slowly pulled it off of him, the shirt and tie hitting the floor. 

She then began unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning his pants, and pulling them all off including his underwear to join the pile of clothing on the floor. She ran her hands up his strong thighs, coming back up to face him. He stood bare before her, and it took everything in her to contain herself, but still, her hands glided over his abs, his chest, down his arms. She was surprised by his strength to resist talking or touching her so far. 

She pressed against his chest, pushing him back towards the bed and he smirked. She kissed him once before pushing him back onto the bed. He moved back towards the pillows while she grabbed something from the pile of his clothing on the floor before climbing up on the bed to straddle him. Instinctively his hands went to her thighs. Her eyebrows rose as she grabbed his hands and lifted them over his head. She could see the recognition in his eyes as he caught on to what she was doing. Sinfully grinning over him she revealed his red tie.

“No touching, Mr. Stark” she whispered in his ear as she tied the tie around his wrists and then to the head board. She pulled them to make sure it would stay. 

“Gods, Dany” he groaned as she slinked back down his body. 

“Shhh” she whispered, putting her index finger over his lips. “No talking either” she smirked “Remember, exactly as I say” she repeated. He rolled his eyes to the back of his head and sighed before nodding. She suppressed a giggle, knowing this was only going to get worse for him. 

Still in her black lace dress from earlier, she decided to keep it on a little longer. She moved down his body painfully slow. Gently kissing his lips only once, taking his bottom lip between her teeth before moving to kiss the spot under his earlobe she knew drove him crazy, down his neck, his chest, down his navel before she came face to face with his cock. She looked up at him as she took him into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head, tasting the saltiness that was already dripping from him. 

He clenched his eyes closed and took a deep breath before opening his eyes again to meet hers. She moved to lick down his shaft to his sack and back up again. She did this a few times before taking him fully into her mouth. Moving one hand to work his sack, the other she circled around his thick cock, moving it up and down along with her mouth. It wasn’t long before she could feel his thighs and abs tense up. She took that as her sign and moved to take him into her mouth all the way to the hilt. She could feel him hit the back of her throat and her eyes began to water. She did this a few times before she heard him moaning her name as his warm seed drained into her mouth. She swallowed it all down as she sat up on her knees, still stroking her hand over him. 

As if she didn’t already want him bad enough after nearly a week of not having him, the look in his eyes only made her want him more. She moved to straddle him and reached up to her side to unzip her dress. Once unzipped, she grabbed the hem of the dress and rolled it up to her hips before pulling the dress off over her head. She never looked away from Jon’s eyes, and didn’t miss the way his jaw clenched and he threw his head back. 

She was left in a black lace babydoll that laced up the front, and black stockings with lace at the top, and a black garter belt. When their eyes met again, she had never seen his so dark. He licked his lips and she could tell he wanted to say something. She leaned down to kiss him. What was meant to be a teasing peck quickly turned into a heated battle between tongues and teeth, and his perfect plump lips. Before she got lost in him, she sat back, feeling him already hard again underneath her. She took the opportunity to circle over him, knowing she was already sopping wet, and surely he could feel so through the lace. Jon was panting, she could tell ready to lose it. 

“Are you surprised baby?” She nearly moaned, biting her lip, running her hands over her body, squeezing her breasts as she knew he wanted to. He nodded, barely able to contain himself. She was ready to untie him, but decided to push him just a little further. She ran her hand down her torso, and then further, finding what she already knew to be. She rubbed over her slick folds through the lace of her lingerie, wishing it was Jon’s fingers and not her own. She looked back up at him and by then he was pulling at his hands to try and escape himself. 

“Fuck Daenerys, let me touch you” he nearly growled, giving up on her little game. 

She loved that he was close enough to her to call her Dany, but something about him calling her by her full name in bed made her crazy. She leaned back over him, feeling his beard brush against her cheek as she whispered in his ear. “Say please”

“Please, baby. Please” he huffed out.

She ceased all movement and met his eyes, a breath away from him before slowly reaching up to untie him. His eyes were begging her. She kissed him once, pulling the silk material of his tie. “Unwrap me my love” she whispered, and his hands were free. She gasped as his hands took hold of her quickly as he rose up to her and took her mouth in a desperate kiss. One hand gripped her ass as the other tangled up in her hair, holding the back of her head. “You’re so fucking sexy baby” he gasped as his hand slid down over her, squeezing her breasts before continuing his path south to her cunt. Pulling the lace to the side he ran his fingers over her slit. 

“Mine” he growled as he kissed her. “Yes baby, all yours” she panted. Unable to resist any longer, he took his cock in hand and lined it up at her entrance and buried himself inside her. She moaned as he filled her, wrapping her arms around his neck, running her hands through his hair and down his back. She was lost in him. She bounced up and down on his cock as he thrusted up into her viciously. She didn’t miss the way his eyes roamed over her body, the way he gripped her tighter than he ever had, kissed her as if they’d been apart for weeks, and she returned his affections with just as much intensity. 

She gasped as he pulled out of her and rolled them over. She already missed being full of him but his hands and mouth were everywhere. She closed her eyes to memorize the feel of his tongue over her breasts through the lace, his hands grasping her tightly at her hips. “Open your eyes Dany” he panted and she obeyed. 

His pupils were blown black as they met hers. She watched him take the tie of the babydoll in the middle of her breasts between his teeth and untie it as his hands ran up her body. Now she was the one breathless. He moved down, running his fingertips over her as he moved, and snapped her garter belt. He was on his knees between her legs and took one of her ankles, placing her foot on his chest as he torturously slowly pulled a stocking off, kissing down her leg the whole way. The heat of his breath and kisses sent tingles up her spine. He followed the same path on her other leg, and then removed the garter belt. 

He pulled her to sit up and kissed her devotedly as he slowly slid the straps of the babydoll off her shoulders. His fingertips felt like heaven on her skin. He laid her back down and began sliding the lace off her body, kissing every inch of skin as it was revealed. She moaned as his tongue ran over the peaks of her breasts. Once it was finally off of her, it was thrown into the pile with Jon’s clothes. Unable to receive without giving, he found himself between her legs. Not wasting any time, she felt his tongue run over her folds up to her clit as two fingers worked inside of her. She began to feel overwhelmed. No one could drive her wild like this like he could. She couldn’t take it anymore, she needed more. She needed him back inside her. 

She took his hand that was holding onto her hips and pulled him up to her. He took the hint and came up for air, wiping his beard as he crawled back over her. His shaft was at her opening in seconds, like magnets, and he was filling her up again. He lifted one of her legs up over his waist by her thigh, giving him the perfect angle to hit her right where he knew she needed it. “Oh gods, yes Jon, right there, don’t stop baby” and he sped up his thrusts. She could feel her whole body tense up as she shattered around him and moments later she felt his warm seed fill her up. The sound of him moaning her name was music to her ears. 

“Gods, I love you so much” he panted as he tried to catch his breath. 

“I love you too” she whispered, giggling as she ran her hand over his cheek and kissed him languidly. 

“You’re gonna be the death of me woman” 

She laughed “I take it you liked your gift?”

“Liked is not the word my love” he laughed and kissed her again. 

He pulled out of her and collapsed at her side. She got up to clean up before laying back down next to him and wrapping around him. They were both exhausted, so it was mere minutes before they both let sleep take them. 


Chapter Text



The next morning, Jon awoke to what had recently became his favorite smell. Daenerys. She smelled of coconut and lemon and a certain perfume that was just her. Her back was to his chest and he couldn’t have pulled her closer to him if he tried. Their legs were entangled, and he had one arm under her with her head resting on it and the other wrapped over her under her breasts, which she had a death grip on. 

He wondered if she was still having nightmares and not telling him, but he wouldn’t press the issue. He could have watched her sleep all day. But he knew this was their last full day together. Tomorrow she’d be leaving for Dorne, and he’d be without her for a week or longer. Unable to resist her any more, he laid feather light kisses over her neck and shoulder. She started to wake up, bringing his palm to her lips to kiss. 

They were both still naked from their activities from the night before, so he knew she couldn’t miss the bulge pressing up against her ass. As if she read his mind, she reached behind her and stroked him as he ran his hand over her breasts, teasing at her nipples until both peaks were hard. He drug his hand down to her sex, unsurprised to find her already wet for him. He gripped her leg by her inner thigh and pulled it up over his legs. His cock was now between her thighs, the head grazing over her cunt. 

Beating him to it, she took his cock in hand and pressed the tip inside of her just in time for him to plunge home. Wanting him just as much as he wanted her. He continued to hold her leg up with one arm, the other still under her, now squeezing her tits, and drove into her lazily and slow, taking his time kissing and biting at her neck and shoulders. She reached back and ran her fingers through his loose hair, soft moans falling from her perfect lips Eventually he knew they were both ready to finish so he sped up his thrusts and moved his fingers to circle her clit. It wasn’t long before she was coming undone and he followed not far behind her. 

He buried his face into the curve of her neck as they caught their breath. “Good Morning baby” he chuckled

She moved to face him and he missed the feeling of being inside her instantly, but the feel of her hands on his cheek and neck, her breasts pressed against his chest, her legs wrapping around his, and her lips meeting his made up for the loss in no time. 

“Good Morning handsome” she kissed him.

“Can we wake up like this every morning?” He smirked at her

“Yes, please” she pretended to beg.

Jon was lost in kissing her when she pulled away from him and got up out of the bed. “Get dressed lover, I have one last surprise for you before we leave” 

“If it’s anything like last nights surprise, it’s safe to say I’ll love it” he laughed. 

“It’s not quite as nice, but I think you’ll still like it”. She yelled from the en suite bathroom. He watched her emerge and pull on a black lace bra and panties, giving him flashbacks of the previous night. She pulled on a pair of tight denim jeans, a cream colored v-neck sweater and brown boots before throwing half of her hair up in a messy bun. 

“Are you going to sit there staring all day Jon Stark or are you going to get dressed?” 

She was half joking and half serious. He got up and remembered that Dany had packed his bag, or had someone pack it for her, so he wasn’t sure what he was going to find in terms of clothing. He relaxed to find a black sweater and jeans and his own boots. He didn’t mind dressing up, especially not for Dany, but he’d pick jeans and a t-shirt over a suit any day. That may be why he chose to do manual labor for his own company when he knew he didn’t have to. 

Once they were dressed, Dany took his hand and led him out of their room back to the dining area where they quickly had breakfast. She was giddy and he could only imagine what tricks she had up her sleeve this time. Once they were done, they put their coats on and set off on a walk towards a barn that was on the property, but a ways down the road. After walking for about 10 minutes, they got to the barn. An older man was already out front and smiled familiarly at Dany. She returned his smile and embraced him. 

“Tywin, long time no see” 

“The same can be said for you young lady” he jokingly reprimanded her. 

She turned towards Jon behind her. “This is my boyfriend Jon, Jon this is Tywin, Tyrion’s father” 

“Nice to meet you sir” Jon shook his hand

“You as well. Please, call me Tywin” he smiled. “Daenerys, how much are you paying this lad to put up with you?” He asked, and they all laughed. 

“You wound me” she joked. 

“They’re in there ready for you” he pointed back towards the barn. 

“Thank you” she returned, and Tywin nodded to her and made his way back up to the main building. He followed Dany into the barn to find stables lined on both sides with several horses. They got to the end and she pointed to the last four stables, each housing a different horse. 

“These four are mine” she remarked proudly. There were three black horses, one a bit larger than the other two, and a fourth that was a beautiful silver. “The blacks are all stallions, named after my father and brothers. Rhaegal, Viserion, and Aerys.” She walked towards the stable with the silver and opened it, leading out the horse. “This girl is my baby. Rhaella, named after my mother” she glowed when she spoke of her mother, and he could do nothing but stare at her in awe. 

“Can you ride?” she asked, breaking him out of his daze as she pet the horse that seemed just as fond of her as she was of it. He nodded. 

“I thought we could go riding out along the coast for a while. It’s been too long since I’ve visited them” 

“I’d love that” he beamed at her. Was there anything she couldn’t do?

“You can choose which one of the boys you’d like to ride, although I’d recommend Rhaegal. He’s the most calm of the three of them. Viserion will take you for a ride” she giggled. 

They saddled up the horses and a man came and led them out and down to the coast. Jon learned the mans name was Kovarro and was the man Dany paid to take care of her horses. Tyrion let her keep them at his vineyard so they wouldn’t be too far from her. It didn’t take long to get down to the coast, and Kovarro left them to ride alone. Jon heeded Dany’s advice and rode Rhaegal, and she was right, he was a good listener. The rode off side-by-side down the coast. 

“So where’d you learn to ride?” Jon asked

“With the Dothraki as a child in Essos. My father insisted. And you?” 

“In the war” he answered. He didn’t mean to be short with her on this subject, but it wasn’t something he liked to talk about. He only hoped she’d understand. The look in her eyes when he turned to face her told him that she did. 

As if reading his mind she said “I know it’s likely something you don’t enjoy talking about, but if you ever need to, I’m here to listen” she looked over to him. 

“Thank you Dany. One day I hope to tell you all about it, but you’re right, it’s not something I enjoy reliving”

“I understand” she nodded, and she didn’t seem to be bothered that he didn’t want to talk about it. 

“I imagine talking about the war for me is similar to getting on a plane for you. So maybe one day you and I can conquer our fears together on a plane to somewhere beautiful and far away so I’ll have plenty of time to tell you all about it” he smiled and reached for her hand, and she grasped it with an understanding smile and nod in return. 

She nodded. “Is this okay?” She asked. He figured she wanted to make sure this wasn’t a trigger for him. 

“It’s wonderful. We should do this again some time” he smiled at her, hoping to lighten the conversation. 

“I’m sure it’s not as great as last nights surprise” she laughed “but I figure this is one more thing you should know about me” she squeezed his hand, still entangled with hers. 

“Do you have any other hidden talents I should know about?” He jested. 

“Hmm. I can speak three languages” 

“Not surprising” he added. “I bet there are a lot more things I don’t know about you Daenerys Targaryen” he smirked at her. “And likely a lot more things you own that I’ll continue to find out about” 

That got her to laugh. “I think you know about most of them now. My apartment building, Dracarys, KLTC, Dragonstone, my family home in Kings Landing, the cars, my boat, the horses. I do have a foundation in Essos for orphaned children, and some property there. I also inherited a brand new private jet that replaced my fathers with the insurance, but as you know I don’t fly, so it’s only used to fly in clients. I believe that is all” she grinned. 

“Right, that’s all, no big deal” he laughed. 

“Oh hush, I have to keep some mystery alive. Besides, I’m sure there’s much more about you that I don’t know about” 

“I’m a simple man my love” he teased her. She shook her head smirking, but he went on. “I have the loft, my vehicles, my land up north which my mother lives on and takes care of with Ghost. I own the gunnery in Winterfell. We also have a plane, but it’s the company’s, not just mine so I share it with Robb, but we don’t really use it except for when I need to get up there quickly. That’s it” 

“A simple man indeed” she teased. “Tell me more about your family. I want to be prepared when we visit” 

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea. It might scare you from wanting to go up there” 

“I doubt that” she giggled

“Alright well I warned you” he smirked to her. “There’s my mother of course. She’s wild. I’m not sure how I turned out so ‘by the rules’. I must admit I’ve told her a lot about you and she’s very excited to meet you...There’s my Uncle Ned. He’s very quiet and stern. Barry actually reminds me a lot of him” he laughed and that got her to giggle. “His wife Cat. She’s a treat” he rolled his eyes.

“Not fond of her?”

“Not that. She’s not fond of me. She didn’t approve of my parents having me unmarried. Rob and I are only months apart so growing up, I was constantly either a bad influence on him, or outshining him and neither would do. She’s difficult to please to say the least. When I enlisted, Robb did too and to her that was all my fault, and she hasn’t said a word to me since”

“I’m sorry Jon” 

“Don’t be. Once you meet her you’ll see it’s not my loss” he smirked. “Then there’s my cousins. Robb is their oldest. He’s a lot like me but, in the words of Arya, he isn’t broody like me. He’s also better with women so don’t be surprised if he tries to steal you away” 

“Hmm is he as handsome as you?” She joked

“Probably more handsome than me” he chuckled

“I doubt that. Don’t sell yourself short my love. I’ve met many of handsome men and not a single one of them could handle me like you have” she smirked. 

“Well at least you can’t say I didn’t warn you” he laughed. “There’s Sansa, although I’m not sure if you’ll meet her. She goes to school in another city with her boyfriend Podd, and they spend some holidays with his family. She’s a lot like her mother, but not quite as hateful. We get along better now that we’re older. 

Then there’s Arya. Words can’t describe Arya” he laughed. “She’s a younger version of my mother, but worse. She’s tough, she has no filter, and she’s the least lady like woman I’ve ever met, but she’s probably my favorite person in the world. Second to you of course” she smiled shyly at him. “That’s it. Besides Ghost. He’ll love you. He’s just a big ball of fur. Oh and Arya’s....boyfriend. Gendry. He’s alright”

“Don’t sound so endearing” she laughed. “You don’t like him?”

“Truthfully I don’t like anyone for her. She’s like my baby sister. But he’s a good man, treats her right, takes care of her. He’ll do”

Dany laughed “Right. Well you’ll do too, Jon Stark” 

“I hope so” he smiled.

“So...your mother. She doesn’t have a special someone?”

“Not that I’m aware of. Our neighbor Davos and her are very close, they grew up together. But they’ve always just been friends. He lost his wife a few years ago. She had cancer”

“That’s awful” 

“Yes, she was great. But aside from him, I’m not sure of anyone my mother spends her time with aside from family. I worry about her sometimes, but she tells me all is well and I know she is more than capable of taking care of herself. You remind me a lot of her” he smiled. 

They’d made it back to the barn after riding for about an hour. It was mid-afternoon. They pulled into the stables and Kovarro was waiting to tend to the horses. Jon hopped down first and went around to help Dany off her horse, taking her into his arms. He hated not being able to feel her for too long. He wasn’t sure how he was going to last two weeks. 

“So, what are our plans for the rest of the day?” He asked her. 

“Well, everything should be loaded into the car for us to head back into town. I think I owe you a drive” she winked. “If it’s okay with you, I figured we could stay at my place tonight. I just want to make sure everything is packed and ready for me to leave in the morning”

“Yes, that’s fine love”

They walked hand in hand back up to the main building and just as Dany assumed, the car was ready to go. She got them checked out and got the keys from Cersei and tossed them to Jon. They made way to the car and he opened her door for her before getting into the drivers side. They held hands and listened to music. It wasn’t long before Jon looked over and she was asleep. He decided to stop by his place first to grab some clothes to keep at hers, making a note to have her pick some of her things from her place for him to take home with him after she left, that way they wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. 

She woke when he turned the ignition off after pulling into the drive at his place. “I’m gonna grab a few things if you want to wait here” he whispered, and she nodded. He moved as quickly as possible. He packed a bag with enough clothes to last a week or so, not wanting to be too presumptuous, but also wanting to be prepared. 

Unsurprisingly, she was back asleep when he got back in the car and headed to her place. It took about a half hour. He woke her when they pulled into the parking garage and she leaned on him sleepily up to her floor. He was hoping to enjoy the small amount of time they had left before she had to leave alone with her, so he was surprised to see Missy, Grey, and Barry all there when the elevator door opened. Dany looked equally annoyed. 

“What’s going on?” Dany asked Missy, bypassing Barry who met them at the door nodding to them both. 

“Dany, I’m sorry. I finished up your packing today, but we got word last night that Daario was released, so Barry thought it’d be best to be here with me, and then stay here with you until we leave”

“Why didn’t anyone call and tell me this?”

“We didn’t want to ruin your getaway. And we figured you were safe regardless. He wouldn’t know where you were, and if he somehow found out, Jon was with you, and that place is like a fortress anyway” Missy finished apologetically. He was glad someone had faith that he’d take care of her. 

“Look, Daenerys” Barry cut in. “I know we’re leaving in the morning, so I’m sure you’ll want your privacy, but it’s my job to make sure you’re safe. So I will stay here. I’ll be out of your hair, right here by the door, and Grey here is going to keep an eye on all the cameras for the evening”

Dany hesitated but eventually rolled her eyes and agreed. He figured she knew as well as he did it was pointless to argue, that was a war she wasn’t going to win. “Fine” she surrendered. “But I’m warning you, the cameras in my room will be shut off, and if there seems to be any activity going on anywhere else in the house, I’ll trust the two of you to respect my privacy. Jon is more than capable of protecting me should anything happen” she waived them off making her way upstairs, and he followed.

Despite both of them sleeping very well the previous night, it seemed they were both tired and irritable. Jon sat on the bed while Dany went over a final checklist with Missandei, ensuring everything was packed to her liking, and everything with her schedule was as it should be. Missy did what she could and got their trip cut to 10 days instead of two weeks. 

Jon tried to listen in on as much as he could, but his mind was swirling around the fact that somehow Daario got out. It was mind boggling. How could someone do the things he’d done to her and still be released? Was he out of it enough to come to her home? Did he know she’d be in Dorne? He was going to constantly worry. 


“Yeah? Sorry” he snapped out of it. 

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, sorry love I’m just tired” he ran his fingers through his hair. 

She was not convinced. “Try again” she raised an eyebrow.

He let out a long sigh and dropped his head. “Honestly? I’m worried” This was not how he wanted to spend his last night with her. 

Dany sighed, but seemingly out of agreement, not frustration. She came to sit next to him on the bed, Missy still standing by her closet. “Baby, as long as I’m with you I’m safe”

“I’m aware Dany, I know that I’m more than capable of protecting you. But what about when you’re not with me? Does he know about this trip?”

 “I’m not sure, I may have mentioned it, I don’t remember. Even if he didn’t, it wouldn’t be hard for him to find out. But Barry will be with me. I will be fine, okay? I need you to trust me. This isn’t the first time someone has been a threat to me” 

“I’m sure it isn’t, and I do trust you. But I also know how stubborn you can be” he added, noticing the smirk from Missandei. “So just please promise me you’ll let Barry stay with you and you’ll be smart about this? I know it’s hard to consider Daario a danger to yourself given your history, but he’s clearly not the same person he used to be”

She smiled softly at him and put her hand on his thigh, the other around his bicep. “I promise I will be safe” she kissed his cheek. 

Eventually Missy left and Barry and Grey left them alone. They ordered delivery for dinner and ate while watching a movie in bed. 

Between worrying over Daario and making love all through the night, cherishing the little bit of time they had left together, neither of them got much sleep. When he woke the next morning, her spot in the bed was empty. 

He knew she wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye, but then he started to worry, given their current circumstances. She wasn’t anywhere upstairs, so he went down and his heart restarted when he finally heard her moving around in the kitchen. When he found his way to her, she was wearing only his t-shirt and underwear, and surrounded by a mess of pans and bowls and ingredients. He couldn’t help but to laugh at her. 

“Is miss ‘I don’t cook’ Daenerys Targaryen actually cooking this morning?”

She jumped, startled to see him coming into the kitchen, and then smirked up at him. “Very funny” she kissed him languidly. “I don’t cook, but I can bake, I told you this. So I’m baking you muffins” she kissed him again. “Shit I hope you like muffins” she laughed.

“I do” he smiled and kissed her, picking her up and sitting her on the counter. “Is this stress baking?”

“Maybe” she answered, wrapping her arms around him as he stood between her legs. 

“What time are you leaving?” He asked between kisses. 

“Missy will be here at 10 and we’ll hit the road shortly after”

It was a little after 8AM. “Hmm so I have plenty of time for breakfast” he grinned, continuing to kiss her. She smiled and wrapped her legs around his waist. He brushed his hands up her side, her body warm despite the cold in her apartment, the marble floors doing the room temperature no justice. Her mouth tasted sweet, and knowing of her fondness for uncooked foods, like cookie dough, he figured it was safe to assume she’d sampled her muffin batter before putting them in the oven. He chuckled at the thought. 

Before she had the opportunity to protest the idea of him fucking her on her kitchen counter, he quickly lifted her shirt over her head, pleased to find her bare underneath as she lifted her arms to comply. 

Guess they’d be giving Grey and Barry a show after all. And he didn’t care. 

Before he could beat her to it, she quickly took his face in her hands and kissed him with abandon. His hands found her breasts in the next beat, followed by her hands sliding down his chest and into his boxer briefs. He was already hard with want for her. 

There was an odd sense of urgency between them. He wasn’t sure if that was due to the cameras, or just out of pure desire to have the other one last time before she had to go. Regardless, he quickly pushed her back onto the counter and pulled off her underwear before pulling his cock free of his. He leaned back over her and kissed her lips, her neck, her chest, her breasts. He knew she’d get impatient if he kept on, so he took himself in hand and entered her. 

Her sex was even warmer than the rest of her body. He fit her perfectly every time, and each time served as a reminder that this was right where he belonged. Only him. And he was fashioned just for her. He held her at her hips, unable to stop himself from pressing into her hard. She held onto his wrists and he could feel her fingernails digging into his pulse points. He plunged into her over and over, each time to the hilt. Her soft moans and the way she panted his name like music to his ears.

Getting lost in the feeling of her, the sound of her, the view of himself entering her, he knew he was close. He let go of one of her hips to find her bud of nerves to send her climaxing before him, rubbing their combined juices in circles around it. Moments later she was coming undone underneath him, causing him to do the same. He let go, feeling himself fill her. After as many times as they’d went at it the night before, he was surprised there was anything left. 

He let go of her, putting his hands on the counter to hold himself up. As both of them were still breathing heavily, he pulled out of her, grabbing a hand towel from a drawer and wetting it in the sink to help her clean up. She hopped off the counter and put her underwear and t-shirt back on, grinning at him gawking at her. 

“Now that’s all I’ll be able to think about every time I’m in this kitchen” she said as she pressed herself into him and kissed him lightly. 

“Good” he smirked, wrapping his arms tightly around her. They stood there just holding each other for a minute or two before the oven timer started going off. She pulled away to take the muffins out and went to pour them both coffee. 

As scared as he was for her to go, not knowing how she was going to handle them being apart, there were little things he kept noticing her doing, that he had a feeling she hadn’t done before, that told him that maybe this was as different for her as she claimed it was, and there was no reason for him to worry. 

The way she now stocked his favorite coffee and his favorite scotch, both of which he’d never mentioned to her, she’d just picked up on. The way she sent Missy to get all his essentials to keep in her home. The way she emptied drawers the night before for him to keep the clothes he’d brought to keep at her place. The way she was entirely comfortable with him being in her space, in her bed. 

The thought was endearing, and he found himself falling even more in love with her each time he noticed one of these little things. They sat at the kitchen island and ate. The soft look in her eyes told him that she was just as sad as he was to be leaving, and also that she was tired. 

“Okay so, we had the codes to get in changed again last night just to be safe. I put the new one in a note in your phone along with my hotel info just in case, and I also added Jorah and Barry to your contacts. No one will be here while I’m gone, so feel free to come here any time you want. Also, I briefed Margery and Tyrion on the construction details so if you need anything related to that while I’m gone that I can’t help with over the phone, ask one of them”

“Got it” he smiled. “These are great, thanks baby” he said, taking another bite of the muffin. 

“Good, cause you’re taking the rest of them home” she smiled. “Now hurry up and come shower with me before the fire brigade comes and ruins our day” she said and got up to go upstairs. He followed. 

They kept their shower short, holding each other and kissing the entire time. He found himself trying to memorize every inch of her body. Every perfect plain of her, every curve, every scar, all of her. 

“I love you” he whispered in her ear. 

“I love you, too” she replied, pulling him tighter to her. “I’m going to miss you so much” she breathed out. 

“Me too. But you’ll be back before you know it” he pulled away and smiled at her, brushing her hair away from her face. 

They got out and got dressed in silence. He watched her put on jeans, boots, a white t-shirt, and one of his jackets she’d basically claimed as her own anymore. 

Missy arrived looking just as tired as they did. Amidst all the drama, he didn’t really think about the fact that she’d also be away from Grey while they were gone. He made a point to make sure he thanked Grey for stepping in and helping them out last night with the whole Daario incident. He carried Dany’s bags down and loaded them into the car. She followed close behind him, now wearing big dark sunglasses. Jorah was already in the drivers seat, and Barry was waiting outside the car next to the passenger door. Missy climbed in and then they were all just waiting on him and Dany. 

He pulled her into him and she was being quiet. Her tight grip on him was the only thing letting him know how she was feeling about this. He pulled away and took her face into his hands. 

“Remember what we said okay? We will be just fine. We will talk when ever we have time, and you’ll be back soon enough. Call me as soon as you get settled, okay?” 

She nodded. He was sure if he was to remove her sunglasses, he’d find tears in her eyes. It was only ten days, they knew, but this would be the longest they’d had to be away from each other so far. He kissed her fervently, hoping that would show her he meant what he said. He reminded her that he loved her, and she did the same. She climbed into the car as he held the door for her. 

“Jorah, Barry, take care of our girls” he nodded to them, grinning. He shut the door and waived as they pulled away. 

He’d already gotten anything he needed out of her apartment so he walked straight to his car. He pulled out his phone to set it in his center console, noticing the change in his screensaver. What used to be a picture of her was now replaced by a picture of them kissing. Sure enough, he had Jorah and Barry added into his contacts, along with Grey’s. Before he forgot, he sent him a quick thank you text. He looked through his phone again to see if there was anything else new. He found the note she’d left with all of her hotel information, and it also had a link to her schedule that Missandei managed. The text at the bottom of the note is what finally pulled a smile from him. 

  Don't forget I love you

♥️ Dany



Chapter Text



Their drive to Dorne took almost fifteen hours, so it was after midnight by the time she got settled into her suite. She had called Jon twice, each time they had to stop for gas or food and had talked to him, but she didn’t want to call him and wake him that late, so she opted to text him instead.

Hi baby. We made it to Dorne and I am safely locked away in my suite. I didn’t want to call and wake you. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, I love you. 

She didn’t hear back from him that night, as she figured she wouldn’t. It was late and she was exhausted, despite sleeping most of the way in the car. So she got changed and passed out in her giant plush bed. Unfortunately morning came sooner than she would have liked, she’d be forced into meetings first thing, so Missy woke her around 6AM. She was happy to at least have woken to a text from Jon. 

Good Morning beautiful. Sorry I missed you last night, I’m glad you made it safely. Call me when you have time today, I miss you already, and I love you too.

She compromised with Missy and agreed to more meetings and press in each day in order to cut their trip down to 10 days instead of two weeks, so she’d be non-stop working most of the time she was there. The first day was mostly meetings, and then she’d be doing press for a few days, and then there were some fashion events that she had to attend over the last few days. 

She didn’t have a second to look at her phone or even breath for that matter the first day in Dorne. It was almost 10PM when she finally got back to her room, opting out of going out with Missy. They had friends there, so she knew at least Missy wouldn’t be alone. There was only one thing Dany wanted to do. 

She changed into comfier clothes, put her hair up and wiped her make up off and texted Jon to make sure he was awake before calling him, and he was. She laid down and hit the call button to video chat him instead. 

“Hey you” he smiled upon answering.

“Hello lover” she teased.

“How was your day?”

“Busy. Things are hectic here”

“Well I’m glad you’re getting a break now”

“Yes, I had to turn down a night on the town with Missy” she chuckled.

“She’s wild” he laughed.

“How was your day?” 

“Fine, same as usual. We started on the next floor of your building today”

“How’d that go?”

“Much easier than the last.”

“I’m glad” she grinned “I miss you”

“Gods I miss you. I thought about going to sleep at your place just so I can cuddle your pillow” they laughed. 

“Do what you need to do my love. I mean I did steal your jacket and brought it with me.”

“I’m not sure I can pull off wearing your clothes as well as you do mine”

“Probably not” 

“I hate to bring this up, but have you heard anything about Daario?”

“No, and you’ll be glad to know that Barry was by my side all day. He’s outside my door right now, would you like me to go let you say hi?” She smiled. 

“Ha, ha. Very funny Dany. I only want to make sure you’re safe” he pouted

“I know love, and that only makes me love you more. But I’m okay” 

“Okay” he agreed. They talked for nearly an hour before Dany let him go to go to sleep. The next day was more of the same. She knew she was going to be exhausted at the end of the trip with the way things were going already in just the first two days. She talked to Jon again that night, but not for as long as she would have liked to. 

The third day there was the day she wanted to be there the least. It was the day that marked one month of her and Jon dating. She didn’t really know what the standard was for ‘anniversaries’, especially with something so new. But she figured she and Jon could set their own standard and make what they wanted of it. 

She knew it meant something to Jon because he had mentioned it before. And it was important to her too, this was a first for her. She was upset she couldn’t be with him, but she hoped they’d have many more anniversaries that they could celebrate together. 

She still wanted to surprise him in some way, but didn’t want to over do it, knowing Jon would have words with her if she spent a lot of money on something he didn’t need. She wanted him to know she remembered, and that it mattered to her too. She knew he’d be working at her building for most of the day, so she had reached out to his secretary the day before to see if she’d be able to let Margery into his loft to leave things for him. 

Between Gilly and Margery, they communicated when Jon left his house and when he got to Dany’s building and managed to get in and out without him knowing. She had them let loose red heart balloons all over and leave a few things on his kitchen counter including a bottle of wine from their trip to the vineyard, a key chain with a puzzle piece on it that fit into one she had on her keys to his loft, which attached to the spare key to her car that he loved so much. She figured he’d think it was funny. There was also a picture frame with a picture of them on the red carpet in it, a lit candle that was the same scent that she used in her bedroom, and a card that she’d written in for him before she left that read..


I’m so sorry I cant be home with you today, of all days. I miss you more than I could ever explain, which is crazy because as I’m writing this, I haven’t even left yet. You’ve changed me in so many ways it’s scary, but I wouldn’t have things any other way. Thank you for giving me the best month of my life so far, I can’t wait to spend many more with you. I love you baby!



She hadn’t heard from him yet that day, but it was the same the day before. They were both busy, so that was okay. But as more time passed throughout the day and she continued to not hear from him, she started to worry that maybe he forgot, or maybe he thought she forgot and hadn’t been home yet. 

Finally a little after 7 she saw her phone light up with a text from him on the conference room table as she was in the middle of her last meeting of the day. She always tried to be present in meetings and stay off her phone, so she left it alone, but she was no longer able to focus on anything anyone was saying. 

After another twenty to thirty minutes the meeting had finished up and she looked to her phone to read the message from Jon.

Call me when you get to your hotel.

  Odd. She thought. She tried not to overthink it, but she rushed Jorah back to the hotel so that she could call him. They hadn’t spoken all day, and she knew he had to have been home by then and seen her gifts, but said nothing? She told Missy, who agreed that it was unlike him to be so ominous. She wondered if something had happened. 

She finally got back to the hotel and almost asked Missy to come to her room with her, not wanting to be alone. But she told herself she was overreacting, there was nothing wrong, maybe Jon just wanted to tell her over a video call that he’d got her gifts, and not over text. She and Missy separated at the lobby and she went to the elevator with Barry by her side. Unable to wait until she got to her room to call Jon, she pushed the icon on her home screen to video him. It rang twice and said unavailable. She sighed and decided maybe it was the reception in the elevator, she’d try him again in the room. 

She reached her door and swiped her key card to get in. “Goodnight Barry” she turned to him as she pushed open her door. She gasped as she turned to face her room full of rose petals and candles, and standing in the middle of her room was Jon in the flesh. He had the biggest smile, his hair loose, in a suit. One of her biggest weaknesses on him, and he was holding a bouquet of roses. 

“Baby!” She squealed as she went to him and jumped in his arms. Her arms and legs wrapped around him, he chuckled and kissed her fiercely. “What are you doing here?” She asked when their lips eventually parted. 

“I decided I couldn’t be away from you for more than two days” he laughed. “I’m joking, partially. I wanted to spend this day with you. I don’t want to be one of those couples that don’t care about their anniversaries” 

“You had me so worried! But I don’t either” she said, and she pushed off him gently so he would put her down. She grabbed her phone and went to find the picture Margery had sent her of his loft when they were done with it and showed him. “This is what was waiting for you at home” she giggled and he shook his head smirking. 

“Daenerys Targaryen, I have turned you into a romantic haven’t I?” He teased 

“You have!” She laughed and playfully smacked his shoulder. “Does Gilly know you’re here?”

He looked confused. “Yes, why?”

“Well she helped Margery with your surprise. She played along very well. I hope she blew out the candles after Marg left” 

“I’m sure she probably did, she thinks about stuff like that, but I’ll text her to make sure. She played along for you too though, she didn’t tell me a thing about your plan” 

“Well your surprise is much better than mine” she smirked and leaned up to kiss him.

“It’s not a competition love. The important thing is that we both made the effort, and we’re here together”

“How long are you here for?”

“Well according to your schedule you put in my phone, you have a meeting at noon tomorrow, and I have dinner with a client tomorrow evening, so I will likely fly out when you leave for your meeting tomorrow” 

“Well I wish we had longer of course, but I can work with that” she grinned, starting to unbutton his already partially unbuttoned shirt. 

“Now hold on, queen of impatience” he smirked, grabbing her hand with his free one. She pretended to scowl at him. “These are for you” he handed her the roses. “Thirty roses, one for each day we’ve been together. I seem to recall telling you that you deserve flowers every day, and I plan to uphold to that promise” he smiled and kissed her gently.  

“And, I have our next date booked for when you get home” he smiled. "Oh! and here's this" he reached into the pocket inside his suit jacket. He handed her an envelope, she assumed it held a card. 

“Can I open it?” She asked

“Of course”

She opened it to find a funny card with some dirty joke about an anniversary and giggled. The blank part of the card he had written on. 


All jokes aside, this has been the craziest, most wonderful month of my life. What feels like years that we’ve been together has came down to just this one month, and I can’t wait for so many more. I knew from the moment you walked into your conference room to meet me, that you were going to change my life. Every morning I wake up next to you, I still can’t believe you’re mine. People may think we’re mad for falling so hard so fast, but I wouldn’t change a thing. You are everything I could have ever dreamed of having in a woman, and so much more. I’m so lucky to be the man you finally opened your heart to, and I promise to always take care of it. I love you 


As she finished reading, she couldn’t help the tear that escaped her eye, and before either of them could say anything, she kissed him with everything in her. She wasn’t sure where this perfect man came from, but she liked to think that the gods made him just for her. She only wished she would have met him sooner, only so she could have him longer. But maybe she just wasn’t ready for him before. 

“I love you” she whispered, before kissing him again. She sat the card on the small table in the room with the flowers, her lips never parting from his. They began unbuttoning and unzipping every article of clothing on the other until they were both bare. Jon laid her back onto the bed and slowly crawled over her, his eyes staring deep into hers. 

His hands entangled with hers above her head and his lips were back on hers as he entered her painfully slow. She wrapped her legs around his, locking him to her. He kissed her neck and shoulder as he continued to thrust into her passionately. It was slow, but not too slow, still hitting all the right spots. She was consumed by him entirely. The heat between them making her feel whole. She wanted to kiss every inch of his body, to hold onto him and never let go. 

He eventually let go of her hands and held himself up with one arm, and ran the other hand down her body until he was gripping her thigh, lifting her leg up just enough to get into the perfect position to drive her wild. His movements sped up and the change in his breathing told her he was close. 

The feel and sounds of their bodies colliding was enough to send her off the deep end, and he followed. He fell over her as he finished inside her. She was always more careful before Jon, but she didn’t care anymore. Despite her being on birth control, she thought then, for the first time she’d ever had such thoughts in her life, that one day she wanted to give Jon children. 

He moved enough of his body off of her that he wasn’t crushing her, but his arms were still wrapped around her, and he laid his head on her chest and kissed her breast. She returned the kiss at his temple, running her fingers through his hair. 

“Are you okay?” He looked up her and almost whispered.

“I’m perfect baby, why?”

“You’re just quiet is all, you were crying” 

She chuckled. “Only happy tears my love, don’t worry. 

They held each other tighter and enjoyed the peace and quiet for a little while before they were at it again. She could never get enough of him. She also didn’t want to waste the little bit of time they had together sleeping, but they did eventually let sleep claim them. It was almost 4AM. 

Her alarm went off at 8AM, waking them out of their blissful sleep. They ordered room service and had breakfast in bed. Afterwards they showered together in the waterfall shower in her suite. Unable to control herself more than usual, she went to her knees and took him in her mouth before he pulled her to her feet and turned her around and took her from behind against the shower wall. His hands grabbing roughly at her breasts and fingers circling her clit making her nearly scream his name. 

Reality slapped them in the face as they got out and started to get dressed and ready for their days. They had to say goodbye all over again. Not only that, but Dany was smart enough to figure out that Jon had flown there. The thought of him being on a plane had her heart in her stomach. 

But she knew she couldn’t push her fears off on Jon. He never would have been able to make this happen had he driven instead, so she tried to focus on the effort he put in. She knew the chances of something happening to him were slim to none, but that didn’t make it any less hard for her, and she knew he would understand. 

So she didn’t mention it. Jon was the kind of guy that would say ‘oh, I don’t want you to worry, so I’ll take a car instead’, and she didn’t want that. From what he’d told her about the meeting he had later with a client, it was important and he needed to get back. 

They said their goodbyes and Dany had Jorah drive him to the airport. She knew she wouldn’t be able to watch him get on a plane, and he knew that without her having to say it. She managed to let him go without tears this time and he promised to text or call as soon as he landed, and he did. 

The next day marked five days of her being in Dorne. Five days was all it took for the paparazzi to tear into her. But not in the way she was used to. She was used to being called a Dragon for the way she handled business, she was used to backlash about her designs, her staff, her decisions in general, or any of the other shitty things magazines had to say about powerful women. But this, this was all new. 

Missy dropped a gossip magazine on her vanity in front of her as she was readying for the day in her suite. “Queen of Fashion dumps her King” “Daenerys Targaryen spotted again without her mystery man, have they called it quits for good?” 

For fucks sake. 

He was literally just here the day before. 

But Jon had gotten good about avoiding paparazzi, they usually left him alone unless he was with her. And mystery man, really? If someone like Daario could figure out who Jon was with only a picture, anyone could. It wasn’t a mystery. She rolled her eyes and brushed it off. She didn’t care. She figured Jon wouldn’t see it since he didn’t really pay attention to magazines, but thought she should make it known just incase. So she snapped a picture of the article and sent it to him.

Apparently we’ve broken up she texted. 

Damn. I was just starting to like you. 

I know, me too. Too bad I guess she joked


Kidding baby. Thank you for not caring about these things.

I’ve got you, and you’ve got me. That’s all that matters. 

I agree. I’m heading out for press, I will call you when I get back!

Sounds good, be safe. 

She hoped she wouldn’t get any questions about Jon. Not because she cared, but because it was none of their damn business. Luckily only one of them asked about Jon, or about the situation with Daario, to which she replied ‘no comment’. For the most part, the questions were just about fashion. The next day was more of the same, she was busy all day and then got to talk to Jon for a little bit at night. 

He didn’t seem to mind, which took a lot of stress off of her. Finally on Sunday she’d finished her day with enough time to have a real conversation with Jon, without one of them needing to rush to bed or the other stressing about work. 

She got back to her suite and changed into some boy short underwear and a tank top. She’d had room service bring her some wine. She laid back and relaxed and called Jon on video. 

“There’s my gorgeous queen” he smiled when he answered. He was walking around his loft shirtless with some athletic shorts on. 

“Hi baby” she beamed at him

“How was your day?”

“Busy, but nothing I couldn’t handle. It’s been weird having to work the weekend” 

“I bet. I miss our weekend time”

“I miss you” 

“I miss you too baby. I think you’ll need to take some extra time off when you get back” he smirked

“Is that right?”


“I’ll see what I can do” she giggled. “How was your day?” 

“It was fine. I actually worked too. Seems I don’t know what to do without you here” he laughed. “We got a supply delivery yesterday and today, so I’ve got a bunch of stuff to haul to your building”

“Why don’t you just have it delivered there instead?”

“Because I inspect it all before it goes in” 

“Oh, that makes sense”

“By the way, I’m loving what you’ve done to my loft” he smirked, showing her the heart balloons all over the place, and she laughed. “The candle was my favorite though, besides the card of course, but I love the smell. It kind of makes me feel like there’s a part of you here with me even though you’re miles away”

“That was the point” she smiled.

“I wish you were here right now” 

“And what would you do if I was?” She asked, noticing he’d made his way to his bed and was laying back with his head on his pillows. 

“Are you trying to seduce me love?” He joked.

“Is it working?” She giggled, “maybe I’m trying to make you seduce me” 

“Oh it’s working” he smirked seductively. “If you were here, first I would kiss you, because of everything, I probably miss your perfect lips the most” 

She smiled shyly. “What else?”

“Then I’d slowly undress you, and kiss you in all the places I know you like” 

“Such a tease” she grinned. 

“Touch yourself baby. Let me watch” 

That caught her off guard. Her eyes went big in shock, but then she narrowed them to him in question. 

“C’mon, I’ll do it with you. I just want to see you”

“Okay” she agreed, and he smiled.

He lowered his camera to where she could now see him from the waist up, and he was taking off his shorts and boxer briefs. She took off her underwear too and sat her phone up in a position where he could now see her too. 

“Gods Dany you’re so sexy” 

“Mmm so are you baby” she said as she started to run her fingers over her nether lips. She was thankful she could see Jon’s face. The crazed look in his eyes reminded her of the look she’d recently seen on him when she surprised him with lingerie. 

The sight of him pleasuring himself alone was enough to set her off, but knowing that he was doing it to the image of her doing the same, and the sensual sound of his voice made her want him so much more.

“I wish I was there with you. I wish it was me touching you instead” 

“Me too” she nearly moaned. “I wish it was you inside of me Jon” 

“Fuck, me too. I miss you so much. I can’t wait for you to get home so I can give you this cock”

“Ah, yes baby, I want you so bad” she moaned. 

It was all heavy breaths for a minute or two as they brought themselves close to their finish. “Cum for love” Jon nearly grunted and they both sped up their movements and came together. She watched as he cleaned up while she pulled her underwear back on grinning at him. 

“Think that will hold you over for the few days you have left?” He asked smirking as he laid back in his bed. 

“No” she giggled “It’s not the same anymore. It’s not you”

“I know love. But it’s almost over and then you’ll be back home with me” 

“I can’t wait” she smiled. They talked for another half hour or so before saying goodnight and going to sleep. 

The next morning was twice as hectic as a normal monday. She had tons of emails and calls to answer from her office, on top of all the things she had to do in Dorne that day. She was up bright and early and running around. After an hour of responding to emails and giving up on calls, having Margery start screening them back home, she and Missy headed out to the press interviews she had that day. 

In the car on the way there, Missy was doing her normal work on her iPad. 

“Fuck!” Missy nearly yelled. 

Dany looked to her with raised eyebrows. “What?”

“Fucking shit. Jorah pull over”

“Missy what is it?”

“You can’t do this interview”

“Why, what is going on?!”

Missy handed her her iPad which had another magazine article on it. She rolled her eyes before she even read it. Her eyes glanced over the page as she skimmed through it. “Fashion Mogul Daenerys Targaryen’s mystery man finds new love just days after their split”. The article detailed all the rumors of their non-existent break-up, and all the details about what she saw next, which was a series of photos of Jon outside his building talking and laughing with some red head woman, and the last picture was of them hugging. 

She tried not to jump to conclusions, she knew Jon wouldn’t cheat on her, right? She could only assume the woman was the crazy ex supplier he was still friends with. And he did tell her they’d gotten shipments that weekend. It wasn’t as if he was hiding it. She could only imagine that what she was feeling seeing those photos was probably how Jon felt seeing photos of her and Daario. 

Dany closed her eyes and sighed before running her fingers through her hair. “What do we do?”

“You have to either cancel the interview, which you know is their way of saying you’re confirming the rumors, or go in and give all the details of your relationship, denying that you two are apart, who this woman is, everything. Do you know who she is?” 

“I’m assuming his ex, she runs the company he gets supplies from. They’re friends” 

“Well there are a hundred more articles with more of the same in every gossip magazine out there, so we need to decide something, and soon”

“Fuck. This is a disaster” 

She began contemplating her next move. She didn’t like either of her options. And she didn’t want to do anything without talking to Jon first. But part of her was upset with him, and didn’t want to talk to him. And another part of her knew that wasn’t fair to him. 

“What do you want to do Dany?” 

“Call off the interview”

“You’re sure?”

“I’m sure”

“You know what they’ll say”

“Let them”

“Why don’t you call Jon and talk to him about this?”

“I don’t want to deal with this right now Missy. Everything has been good since the whole Daario incident, and this is the last thing I need with everything else going on” 

“Do you think it’s something? Or do you think it’s nothing?”

“I don’t know. I’d like to think I know Jon, and the Jon I know wouldn’t do what these articles are claiming he’s doing. But in reality it’s only been a month. How well do I really know him? And it’d be just my luck to finally find someone only for them to turn out to be an asshole”


“What? I have to tell myself there’s at least a possibility that those photos are exactly what they look like. I have to prepare for the worst, because if it’s more than what he’s told me it will absolutely break me” 

As if he was a fly on the wall, she then got a text from Jon. 

Call me as soon as you can, I need to talk to you. I love you.  

She showed Missy the text. 

“Shit. Okay. I’ll cancel the rest of the press events. But you know what this means?”

“I know what it means”