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Business as Usual

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As usual, she was already awake when her alarm went off. Staring at her phone screen reading emails as she dismissed the irritating sound of the alarm. It was 4AM, just like every other day. She had grown used to this, but today more than other days, she just wanted to stay in bed. But the world would not wait on Daenerys Targaryen, no matter how successful she became. 


She grabbed the remote from her nightstand and pressed the button that opened her curtains and slowly drug her legs over the side of her bed as she rubbed her eyes trying to wake herself. She stood and walked to her window which overlooked the busy city of Kings Landing. She lived in the penthouse of her apartment building, one of the highest buildings in the city, so she had quite the view. She loved this time of day, the sun barely starting to rise, a light grey sky making the city seem calm, and the light fog that drifted between buildings making things seem eerie. 


Tearing herself from watching too long, she went about her daily routine. She stepped into her master bath deciding on a shower, she tried to save baths for evening time so she didn’t have to rush them. She shivered as her toes touched the cold marble floor. She stepped out of her sleep shorts and pulled her tank-top over her head and opened the glass door to her immense shower and got under the warm stream, waking all her senses. She took her time washing her hair, her body, and completing the tiresome chore of shaving. 


Once finished, she went to her large walk-in closet to choose what she’d wear for the day. She decided on a grey pencil skirt, a white sheer button down tank-top shirt, a grey blazer to match her skirt, and black heels. She went back to her bathroom and did her hair and make up, deciding on a red lip today, and missing her long hair, but the short was so much easier. She eventually made her way down to the foyer of her apartment, grabbed her purse and all her things, and headed for the elevator door. 


Her driver, Jorah, met her as she exited the elevator to the garage, along with her Security, Barristan. “Good Morning gentlemen” she smiled brightly at them. They were two of the few people she considered family, after all, she had no real family left. 


Barry was her father’s security and had been around since she was a little girl, even after all her family was gone. She dreaded the day he’d eventually retire and she’d have to replace him.


Jorah she had met back when she first started hiring drivers several years ago, and the company she was using gave her a new driver every day, which was inconvenient to say the least. Jorah was the only one competent enough to keep up with her and fit in so well with her busy lifestyle, so she offered him a yearly salary, much more than he was making with the driving company, and he became her one and only driver. Barristan nodded to her and smiled, always such a quiet man, which she could appreciate. 


“Good Morning Daenerys, straight to the office?” Jorah asked, as he held her car door open for her. “Yes, please” she answered, climbing in. On the way in, she checked any messages or emails she may have missed on her phone. This was the only part of the day that she could at least avoid non-stop calls. With traffic being lighter in the mornings, she usually managed to get to work in thirty-five minutes or less. Her car finally pulled to the front of a building, another one of the tallest in the city. Dracarys Incorporated. And it was all hers. 


Whenever she was overwhelmed and feeling defeated, all she had to do was stand in front of this building and look up and see all that she’d accomplished to know it was all worth it. She made sure to take it all in each and every time she walked through the front doors. What started as a small local fashion line had now become one of the largest international brands from clothing, accessories, beauty, and her most recent endeavor, a fashion magazine. She had done more than enough research, sought out the best of the best in the business throughout Westeros to hire for this, and she was ready for things to take off. 


Today was the day they began planning the construction and remodeling of the floors of her building that would house this new project. The building was 52 stories high. Currently, twenty-four of those housed her clothing line. Anywhere from design to customer service, all the way down to shipping. Ten floors were taken up by her beauty team, and another seven for the accessory lines. Her office, along with the higher ups of her teams offices were housed on the highest floor. She liked to be as high in the sky as she possibly could be. This left her ten floors for the magazine. She knew if this project got big, it wouldn’t be enough room, but she’d start there and adjust as needed. Clothing could be condensed or shipping could be separated, she’d figure it out as she went. One day at a time, she liked to say. 


She entered the building, greeting her employees as she passed by. She made a point to remember every single person that she could by name. She knew every one played a part in keeping her company running, and appreciated each of them. Once in the elevator, she decided to head up to her office before anything else so that she could get settled. 


As much as she wanted to do her daily check ins with each department, she knew most of her day would be dedicated to the conference room on her floor, sitting with the construction team she’d hired for the remodel, going over building plans. As excited as she was to step into this new adventure with her company, this part in particular did not excite her. But she knew she was a control freak, so it’d have to be decided by her, and only her. 


As she was on most days, her assistant was there before her, waiting for her at the elevator when she got to her floor. She tried not to have favorites, but if she was being honest, Missandei was by far her most favorite person in the world. Although she was her assistant, she was also her best friend, and more like a sister to her than anything. She and Dany had been best friends since they were little girls and both of their families still lived in Essos. 


“Good Morning Missy” Daenerys smiled to her. 


“Good Morning to you”. Missy had the warmest smile. She calmed Dany more than anyone could. 


“Any fires to put out before I lock myself in the conference room for the day?” She said sarcastically, only hoping something could pull her away from this. 


“I’m afraid not, but coffee is on your desk, along with daily reports. We need your approval on a few orders for supplies for the Magazine, all the computers and tablets, and we have a few new buyers interested in taking a peak at the Spring line”


Dany rolled her eyes, it was barely September for gods sakes. “Thank you, Missy. But let’s hold off on the office order until I have at least one floor done to store everything on. Come sit” she said, summoning her to her office and Missy nodded. 


Dany’s office was nearly entirely black, glass, and stone aside from some decor and white chairs. There was a fireplace surrounded by a large black bookshelf. The other side of the office housed a nook with leather chairs and a leather couch with a tv. She was here so much, she tried to make it as much like home as she could, and as comfortable as she could for when she needed to sink into a couch and finish reading reports or proposals or look over hundreds of photographs choosing which ones to use for this ad or that magazine. 


She told herself when she first started her company that she’d only dedicate her day from 7AM to 7PM to work at the very most, knowing how important it was to have a life outside of work, but most days she was here early and left late. This was her life. She had no husband, no children, no family, at least not blood family, so she couldn’t come up with a reason as to why she shouldn’t pour her life into her work. 


She got settled into her office chair and began sipping her coffee as she went over the reports Missy had left her. “So, how was the date last night?” She asked her blushing assistant. 


Missy was Dany’s age, but Dany had so much on her plate, she didn’t much know how to act her age, she never had. The day she turned eighteen, her father’s legacy was turned over to her, and she spent most of her life before then just preparing for that day. Missy on the other hand, lived life to the fullest. She wasn’t afraid to go on dates or go out and have a good time, even when she had to work early the next morning, no matter how full Dany kept her plate. 


“It was great! He was shy, but in a cute way. We had dinner and went dancing and then he took me home. Left me at my door like a true gentleman” she giggled. 


“Ah, so a second date then?” Dany pried. 


“We shall see” Missy smirked. 


The two of them went about what they were doing, Dany going over paperwork and Missy scrolling through work on her tablet, comfortably sprawled out on Dany’s couch, both sipping away at their coffee. Dany enjoyed her company, even if they were both silent. Her meeting with the contractor was at 8AM, so she knew she didn’t have much more free time. Just as she got comfortable, a knock came at her office door. “Come in”. In stepped her Secretary, Margery, bright and cheery as always. “Good Morning love! Sorry to bother you, your 8 o’clock has arrived”


“Thank you, darling. Please escort them to the conference room, I’ll be right there” Dany smiled back at Margery. “You got it”. Once her office door was closed, she let out the sigh she’d been holding in and stood from her desk, smoothing her skirt back down. “Would you like me to sit in with you? Take notes?” Missy asked. She wanted to say yes, beg her to tag along, but she knew she needed Missy elsewhere today. “No, I’ll survive. Please run my day-to-day, check in with all the departments and make sure things are running smoothly” she replied, with little excitement. “Of course, want me to bring you anything?” 


“Not at the moment, but I’ll text you if something comes up”. Missy nodded as Dany exited her office. Missy was one of the few people if not the only person she trusted alone in her office. 


She made her way to the other end of her floor to the conference room. Every other room and office on this floor was separated by only glass. Her office was the only one with walls, with privacy, aside from the exterior walls, which were almost entirely windows. 


Once she got close enough to the conference room, she noticed there was only one man in there, which already struck a nerve. How was this huge project going to be designed entirely by only one man? 


She couldn’t see much of him, as he had his back turned to her, sitting in the chair to the left of her head chair. She could see he had his dark curly hair tied back into a small bun, a dark blue dress shirt on, and grey slacks and dress shoes, with a grey suit jacket hung on the back of his chair. This wasn’t the attire she was expecting from a contractor. 


She took a deep breath and pushed open the glass door and entered with as much enthusiasm as she could possibly muster up for this kind of meeting, but when he stood to greet her, she no longer had to fake it.