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Miraculous Escalation

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The drug lab was empty, the last worker and guard having fled from the wasps and bees I’d sent into the place.

They were gathering on the other side of the road, jabbering into cell phones, trying to find an exterminator that would… remain silent about their particular business.

I’d be gone long before they could cause a problem. My ants and cockroaches had chewed through the cables of the cameras and alarms, even as the ones watching them were busy slapping themselves and screaming in pain.

I guess drug gangs in France had more forgiving bosses than the Bay. I couldn’t see the ABB or E88 retreating nearly so quickly, especially the ones who would have had to explain things to Lung or Kaiser.

On the other hand, from what they were saying, they believed that wasps must have set up a hive in the ventilation system. Except for Ladybug, her crew, and Hawkmoth, there were no parahumans here, and the ones that were tended to be more obvious than this.

I’d have to remember that. My biggest strength was that few people knew about the nature of my powers. Hopefully it’d stay that way.

I opened the safe, having observed the lab long enough to get the combination, and removed the bundles of bills. twenty, fifty and hundred Euro notes filled my bag. That was another difference—Europe in our world never formed a single monetary union. I wasn’t certain why, but I expect fears of what the Simurgh could do with such a centralized economy played a role in it. There were few major decisions made in Earth Bet that didn’t have some fear of the Simurgh coded into them.

There weren’t many guns, but I hadn’t expected it. Gangs in France were a little less violent than those in the Bay. Still, a 9mm and several clips and boxes of ammunition vanished into my bag as well. Then I left, leaving the safe open.

Let the people in here explain why they had left it open, if anyone even had a chance to notice. Behind, at one of the tables, several of my spiders used their webs to knock over some of the containers of highly flammable makings. As I left, I set the roaches to chewing at the wires. I’d be safely out before they sparked an inferno, but there would be no sign of a robbery.

Just very bad luck.

So, slightly winded and about 60,000 Euros richer, I got to the street paralleling the one the lab had been on, just as smoke and fire started to pour from its windows. It would be a brisk walk back to my little room, but better that than risking the metro with a gun. One thing I had quickly learned was that the authorities here were less tolerant of unauthorized firearms than those in Brockton Bay.

Kagami hadn’t expected Ladybug to contact her. She had used the dragon miraculous to save her mother from the Akuma, but had expected that to be the end of things. Even though ever so often she was called upon, sometimes Kagami wondered if it had just been a dream. But now, she had received a request to speak to Ladybug in… Le Bourget, at the Air and Space Museum?

Fortunately, her mother was letting her get out more, and so she’d been able to use their car, one of the only automated models in Paris, to get to the museum. Kagami walked in and paid for the ticket, spending some time looking at the aircraft, before someone coughed behind her.

She turned around and saw one of Adrien’s classmates staring at her.


“Hi, I’m Alya. Ladybug sent me.” The girl looked around, but at this time of day there were few people near them, save for a gaggle of young children being supervised by a harassed-looking teacher. “She can’t leave Paris, in case there’s an Akuma attack.”


“Here is the Dragon Miraculous.” Alya said, handing the box to Kagami, her body shielding it from the rest of the room. “I shouldn’t know, but… Things are happening and we don’t have a choice. Let’s go take a look at the other exhibits.”

Kagami followed her until they hit the WWII hall, as Alya looked around.

Why is she staring at the plants and the air?

“No bugs. Good.” Alya looked at her. “There’s someone new in town. She’s not an Akuma, but she can control bugs. Lots of them. She almost killed Ladybug.”

Almost K—”Why do you need me?”

“Because we’re working with her, but she…” Alya frowned. “She’s from another world, and I know how crazy that sounds, but according to Ladybug, it’s a really nasty world. And we’re afraid that she might…” Alya held out her phone, showing a nightmarish figure, yellow lenses glaring out at the viewer. “Act like she dresses.”

“So why here?”

“Because she can see through her bugs, she can talk though her bugs, she can hear through her bugs.” Alya looked worried. “We don’t know what her range is, but it’s at least a few blocks. We don’t know how many secrets we have from her, but we think she can’t watch someone almost 10 kilometers away.”

“So I am your agent,” Kagami said, donning the miraculous. She nodded. It made sense—all three of the dragon’s forms, wind, water, or lightning would be a hard counter to normal insects.

“Yes. Unless we call you, or you see something, just act normal.” Alya said. “Also…” She handed to other items to the shorter girl. A pair of goggles and a filter mask. “She likes to go for the mouth and nose, so if you think you’re in trouble, put these on first.”

Kagami didn’t know much about Alya, having only seen her a few times. But when she had, Alya had been… boisterous.

Right now, she was deadly serious, even frightened.

Kagami made certain the mask and goggles were in an easily accessible pocket.

“The good news is,” Alya said, sounding like she was trying to convince herself. “Hawkmoth may not be our biggest problem anymore.”

As far as Kagami was concerned, that didn’t sound like good news.