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Even deep below the ground, i told you we will always be bound! HAHA

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Hell itself was a horrible place for anyone who didn’t believe they were meant to be here, but a paradise for those who were meant to be here for their sins and considered it the best place to be able to commit crimes and be free of the life they always wanted to live.
Hearing the screams and the echoing from countless sinners made me shiver. Not wanting to indulge in the turf war that was happening, I remember to be careful about the areas I stepped in, making sure not let anyone fight me or think I’m stepping into their territory.
Slowly slinking back into the shadows, I cover myself with the shawl that came with after death. Its blue vibrating cloth flows in the wind, stepping behind the alleyway, hearing the mass destruction of the weird snake and several demons going at it. I was too busy looking behind me. Guarding my surroundings to make sure I wasn’t being followed, I turned my head making sure it was clear till I felt my face abruptly land on someone’s chest-

“AH ‘ESCUSE YOU YA DUMB BROAD” falling flat on my ass, I looked up quickly to see who had the thick Chicago’s accent, not realizing someone’s feet came into my peripheral vision to step between my legs as they bent down.

Their hair was suave and long. A pinkish looking spider? With four arms? Wha-

“Listen toots I’m all about understanding sad lonely people dat get no action, but ya ain’t copping a feel by trying to “run into me ``'' as he lifted one of his 4 hands to air quote and roll his eyes, his lips making a sassy look.

“Ya want some good stuff? Ya gotta pay for it. Good shit in life ain’t free” crossing his arms inspecting me, up and down with curiosity.

“Hey besides, ya ain’t too bad looking, I could do a little discount for a quick cash grab for my drugs, since I ain’t had da chance to do ‘em since I stepped foot in that lame ass good for nothun- “

“Hey it's alright I can ... offer something” lifting my hand to silence him I dug into my dress pocket.. maybe he had nothing like i did.. “I don't have much suga’ but if it's enough” pulling the few bills i had left-

“HEY I AIN’T NO FUCKING CHARITY CASE YA FUCKIN BITCH!” the pinkish spider yelled with his fist tightening and getting disgruntled from my course of action.

“I’M ANGEL DUST, the pooorrn star if ya haven’t already guessed from my looks, you blind pathetic waste, people pay for my goods!! not cause I’m sum kinda pity case like the rest of these delinquents degenerates.” He huffed, landing his hands on his hips and his eyebrows furrowed to a look of anger.

“Shit!” Thinking to myself, internally kicking my damn ass, the one rule I had about being here and I broke it... I can't afford to make enemies in this damned place.

“I’m sorry, I haven’t really gone outside much since I’ve been here I....I normally only go-go out unless i need food or somewhere to-“

“Ya ya I dun care about your story and I didn't ask” waving his arm in front of me, looking me over once or twice.
“Ya know you don't look like a demon with your pale hair and pinkish tone. Ya look like some sorta cotton candy.“ he says walking around me, checking out my form.
“What are ya, some goodie two shoes that can’t form to look like some Sota demon? Ain’t ya done something bad or whateva?” He questioned, twirling his hand in a circular motion.

I was staring at the ground as I heard his words pass through my head…dead. Why am I here and how did I even die? What was my life before? I remember…….simple stuff like my mother and my life working.. But, everything else became a blur....
“I don’t remember...” I say, my voice hardly loud with my face looking confused, and a little worried.

“Oh great. Another person who doesn’t even remember why dey here, clicheeeee-“

“Please! I said I don’t remember how I got here! Not that I don’t remember everything about myself, I mean something is better than nothing! I-I remember my mother and my life works in New Orleans but not ya know the rest!” Annoyed coming at me, pushing too much in one sitting, damn this spider cant just cut me a fucking break!

Looking at me bewildered, he quirked an eyebrow with his upper lip sticking out in a thought, “How long ya been down here, babe?” He asked curiously. Caught in thought, I didn’t realize how time flew by me.

“I’ve been here for 86 years... “ counting the years after a certain date of my falling..

Angel whistled loudly. oooooooooo. Looking at me seriously. Surprised by her words. Coulda fooled him. He thought for sure she just got here.

“How’d you survive, by luck?? HAHA '' Angel couldn’t help but laugh loudly. That scrawny little thing here hahaha ya right!

“I stayed in the shadows and careful with who I trusted....” glaring slightly as I rose up and patted my dress clear of dust and dirt.

Rubbing his chin in a thinking motion. He couldn’t help but hate that. The only bitches he shared spaces with in that damn hotel, were working his last nerves. He would love some new entertainment even for a short time. Grinning widely, he snickered as he took his second pair of arms pulling me close to him.



“YA Essie whateva, I got a great place ya can stay rent free and even away from all da damn chaos. Whatcha think?” Dragging me forward and insisting in their own personal way.

“I-I-I don’t think I-I... ” stuttering with how fast we were moving I couldn’t even progress what was happening.

“GREAT!” He shouted in excitement as he pushed me forward. Where we were going was the biggest mystery my heart and mind couldn’t handle, what in the fresh hell did I walk into, wrong day.

Second Person POV

As Charlie cleaned the lobby after being insisted not to by Niffty, she graciously told her she wanted to help. Charlie was happy to see the hotel being spoken about good or bad, it’s what’s being spoken about, it's a start! Grinning like a mad woman she twirled as she looked over to Vaggie in excitement

“I can feel this Vaggie, this help is what we needed!” Bouncing up and down with her cheeks rosey and the attitude of an excited child! “I’m happy we got this far!” Exclaiming to herself, twirling her broom in a dance.

On The other side of the hotel corner where a couch was placed, Vaggie sat in a slump worried about the help that was at the Hazbin hotel, Alastor wasn’t to be trusted, Angel knew what he’s doing, but Charlie didn’t give up on him. It was breaking Vaggie to see how much Charlie took Alastor’s word over hers, but didn’t want to doubt her and her way of going about things, but it didn’t mean she wouldn’t keep an eye out for her. Slowly looking at Charlie, she put a sincere smile to her face with her eyes giving her a look of adoration.

“Sure hun whatever you say, “ in a loving tone as she chuckled. Looking around Vaggie thought the day was very silent.. too silent, something was missing, facing i Charlie’s direction she asked to make sure her thoughts were right, “Charlie where is Angel..?” Asking warily…

Coming down from her giddy thoughts with her head in the clouds, she looked in the first place she thought he’d be at…..where husk was, but he was just holding the counter with his slouched body. Nobody was even at their bar.
‘That’s odd...’ she thought as she wondered how long ago he left. Hearing some heels clicking, she felt something brush her feet along with a snort sound, her eyes opening wide. She looked down fast, seeing Fat Nuggets wiggle their nose at her.

”Hi, Fat Nuggets! Good boy” bending down to pat his head. Ahh pets, the best cure for anyone! The sound of a slammed door traveled throughout the hotel as a cane could be heard tapping the wooden floors with a pep in its steps.

“Hello darling! I’m here to see how the establishment is going?!” The broadcaster's famous voice announced, Alastor, the radio demon, came in swinging his arms looking at the place to see its been cleaned and tidy up! Just like it should be , presentable!!! Grinning his razor teeth presentably at his work.

“Alastor! Hello! Uh... it's going great we have had a few people come in and out,and we are slowly getting there thanks to you” she gleefully replied clasping her hands onto her cheek. With the thought rising to her head she immediately asked.

“So, Alastor, you didn’t happen to see Angel out here did you?” Hoping he wasn’t getting into any trouble.

“Hmm, no my dear. I don’t believe I caught a whiff of him out and about outside, at least not in my area of space I do believe!” He reported like it was news. “But even greater news! If he does not show back to the premises or be found well..” he chuckled darkly.
“We have something good to cook afterwards finally...” staring at Fat Nuggets with his wide face splitting grin, eyes turning into radio dials, tilting his head at the swine below Charlie’s feet.

Fat Nuggets, feeling the threat waves coming from Alastor, ran squealing to the room. Eyes half lidded and a sinister look, Alastor laughed at the outcome of that marvelous show that was put on! Charlie gave him a serious look, pouting and crossing her arms. In hopes that this was all a game between Angel and Alastor, he wouldn’t really try to eat a pig would he...a pet.

“Dear, dear, oh dear!!! If looks could kill, yours would be striking me to DEATH! HA HA HA!” laughing loudly with a knee jerking slap. Charlie laughed a little as Vaggie stared him down with an angry look, hating how deceived Charlie will be at the end of all this when he shows his true colors.

“Hey girlies! Ya miss me?” Angel shouted as he waltzed in with a sexy strut basically screaming “outta his damn cat walkway”
Alastor’s tuffs flinched as Charlie’s eyes wandered over to the entrance and started to walk where Angel stood.

“Angel, we don’t prohibit people from going outside but, we should know at least where you will we know you aren’t doing anything...bad” she stated in a scolding manner but not too softly trying to make him understand she’s also been for the good cop.

“Well if ya hafta know’ I wasn’t doing nuthin bad. In fact, you should be thanking me!” Angel said snooty like, as he lifted his head up high and two hands behind his back as the other two arms poked at her “Cause, I brought another wayward soul into this hotel, ya kno to redeem and what not!” Grinning proudly with his eyes closed. Lips smirking, his gold tooth glinting in his next move.

Charlie jumped from shock as she heard this coming from angels lip, him?? Bring someone?? Vaggie stood in the back with her hands on her hips her feet tapping in disbelief

“Yeh right. Probably someone else just like you *pendejo Quien te Crees que eras” Vaggie grumpily whispered.

“Now, now, please ladies,please. Let's see what our effeminate fellow has to offer, especially since he’s been so... collect someone for the Hotel” speaking in a patronizing tone with his hands behind his back awaiting what will be presented.

“Alright, ya jackasses. I present to yas “ moving his hands from behind his back, he brought up front essie who stood in shock, trembling a little.



“YEAH ESSIE!'' Angel smiling like some sorta dope watching the crew's face fall in surprise, Alastor's eyes widening, Vaggie was speechless, and Charlie squealing internally happy, and Husk... still the same as ever drinking.

“She was out ‘dere hidden from them turf wars Sir Pentious and them dopes were throwing, which I wasn’t even a part of!” Wagging his finger fast in front of everyone before anyone could speak and accuse him, due to his last issue.


*Back to First Person POV*

Looking around the room, I see a girl with blonde hair, another one with grey and a man with red hair like a deer demon, the other girls look normal. I felt glad I wasn’t the only one. I look around seeing the cat bird like thing drinking away and a small dipping demon cleaning. I didn’t know what the hell was being offered here, but I hope it wasn’t some sorta gang shit or someone finally catching me after so many years, to finally kill me. Turning to look at the blonde she came at me shaking her in her place as she strode to me

“HI! MY NAME IS CHARLIE! SO HAPPY TO HAVE YA!” She smiled brightly, shaking my hand harder as she grabbed me and hugged me close. Many people here don’t give a heck about personal space. Waving her hands to present the hotel in a show manner, she started her pitch
“This is the Hazbin hotel! Where we redeem demons for their sins instead of having the annual angels comes town to exterminate my people, I thought this would be better. We may not know the key to redeeming, but we want to be able to give everyone a chance, you know?” her voice going soft, a little unsure of her plan but had the determination that this is what she believed in.
The idea sounded great instead of being trapped here. Looking around, I stared at her asking the questions needed just for the sake of me to finally have my opportunity come to me… Maybe fate did exist!

“Charlie, What do I need to do?” Grasping my hands together, hoping to start .
Charlie's face couldn’t have gotten any bigger with her grin as she almost split her face, the grey girl's eyes squinted at me, looking like she wasn't sure of who I was dead staring at me. The man with red hair couldn’t stop looking at me as I flinched catching his eyes, looking away from him ‘freaking weirdo’ I thought.
Feeling Angel's hand come up to my shoulder, he had the happiest grin. Something told me he was gonna have some fun with me. What sort of fun, I don’t even want to begin to know...

Charlie bounced at me as she hugged me tightly, bouncing me up and down
“YOU WONT REGRET IT, ESSIE!” As she let me go, she held onto my shoulder, eyes beaming with stars !
“Let me introduce you to the crew! This is Vaggie” as she gestures to the girl with grey hair. “She is a part of my hotel staff, she will be here if you need her!” Turning to face the man with red hair who puffed his chest and the smile never left his face.

“This is Alastor! He partially invested in the Hazbin hotel. Thanks to him, it is the way it is now!” Proudly stating it. Looking up at him. Alastor huh? Well what a freaking tall ass looking weirdo.” Essie thought as she had to crane her neck a little to look at him only reaching to his chest. He stepped forward slyly as he bent down and held his hands out with a smile that had admiration. His form holds some sorta excitement. He grabbed my hand in his large claw-like fingers. Bringing it close to his mouth, I feel his lips brush against my skin kissing it tenderly. Looking at me, his smile getting smaller but not gone..

“My love,” covering my hands with his ”It is very good to see you again. I knew we would see each other again soon” as his other arm swooped to grab my waist and hold me close. “Why be redeemed when we are where we need to be, my doe...” his voice going down an octave close for me to hear.

“WHAT THE FUCK-“ Angel bursted in a yelling fit till Charlie and Vaggie ran to him. Vaggie pushing his face till his bodily flew to the wall with a ginormous wall crashing sound. The hotel is adding more of a mess, like they could afford to… seeing the small lady run to him.

Alastor was not affected by it, as he kept staring at me like he was reminiscing in my features. I felt really uncomfortable as I looked sideways, and felt the skin on my arm grow goosebumps and have a shiver start from my neck to my legs. Raising my hands I slowly rest it on his chest. My eyes moved side to side a little too fast,causing a dizzy spell to come up soon.

“Oh my goodness!” Charlie placed her hands over her chest as she awed at the scene looking between us both fangirling “IS THIS A REUNION!? LOST LOVE? WIFE? GIRLFRIEND?” Her high pitched tone causes my ears to ring. Angel runs at the speed to her side, his mouth agape, everyone’s eyes on Alastor and I wait for the information that was clearly not relayed to them.

Looking at them quickly, I hinted to them with my eyes screaming for help. No one took my hint and moved my head to look at Alastor.
Pushing him causes him to open his eyes a little wider.
Words caught in my mouth feeling my throat scratch, my head shaking. I had to say something!

“N-no! I don’t even know who he is?!” My voice coming out a little squeakier than usual, pushing him slightly a little more “He- I-I don’t- “ trying to remove myself from his arms, I took a few steps back as he tried to come closer, his smile strained his eyes looking bewildered.

“My dear…” fixing his monocle “Let me remind you of what you clearly forgot” as he pointed a finger to her head, his eyebrows furrowed, and fixed his posture to straighten up. He summoned his microphone cane swinging it like a baton.
Correct me if I’m wrong it had looked like he was gonna put a show on
Standing on the center the hotels lobby

“LIGHTS!” Alastor beckoned as everyone saw a beam of light come to him flashing his very presence. Everyone looked confused as to where it even appeared
The tapping of his microphone vibrated as he stood and cleared his throat, raising his hand in the air, suspense hitting.

“Ladies and gentleman, the year was 1920 when our beautiful damsel, Essie was walking the streets!’

*To Be Continued*