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Flashes from the Future, Visits to the Past

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The next morning Steve was not well. He had a piercing headache and he wasn’t able to keep anything down.

A still-angry Danny had yelled at the other Steve in the bathroom. “What good is some extra magic if the guy cannot keep his eyes open, because his brain is being stabbed with a fucking ice pick and someone’s wringing his heart out like a mop?”

Danny had walked out of the room and stared at Steve for a moment, before grabbing the list of occult stores he had found in Steve’s possessions.

“Steve, Chris and I are going to go get some supplies. Stay and rest. That’s the most important thing you need to do right now.”

The men had relaxed over a short dinner last night and then Chris and his younger fathers had fallen asleep, while the older men watched TV late into the evening. They had woken up early, Steve’s fever higher but not debilitatingly so, and had breakfast. Then Steve had gotten considerably sicker.

He had lost consciousness at the table and, when he woke up again, he had a headache so bad he couldn’t open his eyes and his heart rate was all over the place: up and down; speeding at one point; and to Chris’ and Danny’s mutual horror, Steve had grunted that it felt like his heart kept skipping beats and he couldn’t catch his breath. He had thrown up his breakfast and had again fainted, this time in the bathroom, from the pain of that. It had taken several minutes to wake him up, which worried Chris, both Dannies, and even the other Steve.

Future Steve had made the decision to stay with his younger self. If Steve lost conscious again, aside from Chris, it would be easiest for him to watch Steve’s back and, if/when Steve was awake, they could discuss the magic they both now had and Future Steve could help the younger Steve practice.

Future Danny and Chris were going to go pick up potion supplies and a few crystals Chris thought they might need.

The younger Danny had said he was about to run an errand, but he wouldn’t say where. Chris, in his worry over his dying father, didn’t think twice, but Future Danny had pulled his younger self to the side.

“The sisters aren’t good at listening, not right now while they’re so young. If you’re going to get them to listen, because I do believe we’ll need their help, give them this and tell them it has the proof they need,” Danny handed Danny a small glass vial filled with a wispy liquid. “And be careful. They are very powerful witches. Piper’s power to explode or freeze people can come out of nowhere. You’ll likely see Paige’s power coming. She can telekinetically orb things. Phoebe is an empath and a kickass martial artist. Don’t underestimate any of them.”

Past Danny nodded his head, he understood that his older self was letting him know that he might need to defend himself if his self-assigned mission to get them to listen failed.

“Watch out for Chris, please.” And then Danny turned to the older Steve, “call me if anything happens to him while I’m gone.”

Danny headed out the door, ready to borrow Steve’s rental (he had spent far too long on the phone that morning before breakfast getting him added to the lease agreement). Once he got in the car, he took a minute to call Rachel and got her voice mail.

“Hi Rachel, it’s me. I’m still in California. Steve is in a bad place, but he wants to see the kids. I was hoping we could talk about them coming out for a few days, just in case. I’m going to fly Nahele out too and Steve’s sister and niece.”

Then he programmed his GPS for the Halliwell Manor. Chris has let him know that the women could also be found at Piper’s club or at work. After a mental check-in, he had let Danny know only Paige was at home and it would be best to deal with them separately, if possible.

Paige answered the door seconds after Danny’s first knock.

“Hi Ms. Halliwell, I was hoping to speak with you for a minute. Last night didn’t go well but I think we all still need to talk.”

“Where’s your partner? And your son?”

“Chris and my future self are grabbing potion ingredients,” he stumbled over the sentence, still uncomfortable with everything he was experiencing. “My Steve is at the hotel, he’s in bad shape - a migraine and he’s passed out a couple time today. His future self is watching out for him while he’s unconscious. Do you have a moment now?”

Paige nodded. “Piper will be back soon, so why don’t we go grab a bite? I can orb us somewhere, if you like.”

Danny nodded. “A bite sounds great, but why don’t we drive? Orbing makes me nauseous to be frank.”

Paige smiled, “that’s fine.”

At a local diner, they made small talk until they ordered and then, as if a switch had been flicked, the mood grew serious.

“Paige, I’m new to everything that’s happening here. None of this was anything I had any sense of, one month ago. And most of this would have seemed made up to me yesterday morning. I can’t talk with any authority on what Chris was saying last night. But I’m a dad, I’ve got two kids in Hawaii, plus Steve has a sorta foster son that that I help out with, and I guess I have Chris now, so I guess what I’m trying to say is I understand why your sister reacted yesterday the way she did. If I had the capacity to do the same, I likely would have.” Danny paused for a moment and looked out the window.

“I’m a cop, too, and I’ve seen a lot of people die over the last ten years, people I never had any chance to save. People who were dead long before I knew they existed, but as much as I hate Hawaii and miss New Jersey, Hawaii is my home now. I promised myself when my ex-wife moved my daughter there and, again, when I learned that Charlie was my son, that I would protect Hawaii because it was their home. I’m still getting used to the idea that Chris is my son. Overjoyed, yes. Confused at the time travel of it all, yes. Scared and nervous, yes. But also overjoyed. And it doesn’t matter that’s he’s an adult who hasn’t technically been born yet, he’s my kid. And he’s going to grow up in a world that needs protecting and it’s my job, as his dad, to do that. I know Steve feels the same. It’s why he’s at the hotel, literally dying, trying to learn how to use the magic that your older sisters - from our time - lent to him to use. Which, by the way, isn’t a sentence that I ever thought I would think, let alone say.”

Paige’s face had gone from neutrality to confusion. “What do you mean my older sisters have lent him magic?”

“I’m not sure I fully understand what’s going on, but from what I can gather, your older sister Piper from my time, as well as a Prue, are both dead and spirits. They lent their magical cores to the Steves, to help give Chris a fighting chance. But the demon who injured Steve doesn’t know it and it’s basically going weaken them demon, but it also kills Steve faster. Again, this isn’t my area of expertise, half of these ideas still sound made-up to me, but I also believe what I see and I’ve seen a lot over the last two days, not to mention Steve dying and then not dying last month.”

“Did Steve say why they gave him their powers to borrow?” Paige asked cautiously. She knew that if her suspicious were right, Piper would have a meltdown.

“They said it would allow for ‘The Power of Three’ to be used. I’m assuming that’s an important number in magic?”

“It is, but the only Power of Three I know if my sisters and I. It was a prophecy passed down via the Halliwell line,” Paige paused and took a deep breath. “Is Chris a Halliwell? Did Piper use her magic on her son last night? Did Phoebe and I treat our nephew that badly while he’s been here?”

“Paige, I wasn’t supposed to share Chris’ secret, though we promised not to lie if it came up, but I’m still learning the language and lay of the land here and I screwed up. I would appreciate it if you kept that between us. I think Chris deserves to explain what’s happened.”

Paige nodded. “I will, because I think Chris needs to see us respecting him and loving him before my sisters learn he’s family, which by the way, how is he family?”

“According to Chris, Piper carried a baby to term for Steve and I, though she is Chris’ biological mom. From what I understand though, Chris wasn’t supposed to have magic or at least not as much as he does have, but even though he’s biologically Piper and Steve’s, he’s got the same background as Wyatt - mortal, magic, whitelighter. I don’t know how the math worked out here, but I think if Piper paid attention she would see it. Chris has got her eyes and your magic.”

Paige was silent for a minute as they drank their coffee and finished their sandwiches.

“I think I owe Chris some pretty massive apologies. I’ve not treated him well, at all, and it’s not right that only as soon as I learn he’s family that I’m going to treat him better, but I promise you I will.”

Danny inclined his head to Paige. “The best thing you can do for him right now is help us get this potion done, because there won’t be a Chris if Steve dies. And the other thing you can do is get your sisters on the same page. Chris needs to tell them, but it would be a lot easier for him if he didn’t believe his biological mom and aunts hated him. And thank you.”

“No, thank you. I appreciate the wake-up call,” Paige responded sadly.

“Well, I hope my conversations with your sisters go just as well.”

“We should talk to Phoebe first. She’s at the office. We can go there now if you like. We will need to orb as her boss is less patient with visitors these days.”

Danny nodded. “Understandable. Lunch is on me, please,” as the server dropped the bill off at the table.

“Thank you. Unfortunately, witchery doesn’t pay and I’m just temping right now. I used to be a social worker, but I burnt out. Plus with all of this, I needed something more flexible.”

“I can definitely see you as a social worker or a teacher,” Danny paused to gather this thoughts. “Hopefully my conversation with Phoebe will go as well as ours did. I wasn’t sure if this would be worth the effort. I didn’t want to leave Steve while he’s this sick, but Chris needs his whole family around him and so I needed to prioritize my father hat today, instead of my fiancé hat.”

Paige gently steered Danny behind the restaurant and, when the coast was clear, she orbed then to The Bay Mirror.

Phoebe jumped at the sudden presence of her sister and Danny and she hurriedly closed and locked the door.

“What the hell Paige and what the hell are you doing here Detective Williams?”

“Ms. Halliwell, I came to speak with you about last night. I’m sorry for how it went down. And I’m sorry to search you out today. Believe me, Steve is bad-off today, I would rather be making sure he doesn’t die, but my son needed this so I’m here, even if he doesn’t know that.”

“Phoebs, hear him out. You’re an empath, you know he’s telling the truth.”

Phoebe nodded. “You’re really worried about all this.”

“I’m always worried about everything, but this is worse to be honest,” Danny thought about the vial in his pocket. “My future self gave me proof, but I don’t know what it is. He said you would know what to do with this,” said Danny handing over the small glass vial.

Phoebe gently took the vial from Danny and was instantaneously hit with a powerful vision.

“A young boy that she didn’t recognize, with green eyes, “Aunt Phoebe, when will my daddies be here? Aunt Phoebe, I miss my daddies and Gracie and my brothers? Aunt Phoebe, I love you.” And then, “I love you too Christopher.”

Phoebe turned stunned eyes to Danny. “No, he cannot be.”

“What just happened?” Danny questioned urgently.

“That’s one of Phoebe’s visions. She touched the vial and it seems the universe let her in on Chris’ little secret too.”

“Yeah. Danny accidentally slipped it to me. It turns out Steve is dying so quickly because he’s been intentionally infected with Charmed magic, as has his future self. Future Piper’s ghost as well as Prue basically loaned them their magical cores. It’s meant to do a few things, but mostly give Chris The Power of Three to take on his big bad. The vials got answers, but mostly, yeah, we have a nephew. He’s Steve and Danny’s kid, but biologically Steve and Piper’s,” said Paige.

“We’re not sure where he got his whitelighter blood. Piper didn’t raise him - she was basically a surrogate, but Chris loves her and he was raised to call her mom and Steve has never been one to keep people out. He’s got this bad habit of finding people and then never letting go. I guess, eventually, Piper and you two become part of that Ohana,” Danny added.

Phoebe nodded. “We have a lot of apologizing to do.”

“I don’t know Chris we’ll enough to say this for sure, but if he’s anything like Steve or myself, he won’t care for an apology, he would probably rather you just help save Steve and help him do whatever he came back here to-do.”

Both sisters looked at each other. “Chris!” Paige called. Danny startled as Chris as Future Danny orbed in, having still not really realized that he could just call Chris to him.

“Pops. Paige. Phoebe. What’s up?”

“We talked with your dad and we’ve decided we believe you. We’re going to help. I’ll help you with the potion for your dad and Phoebe will help you with trying to find what turned Wyatt.”

Chris looked suspiciously between them and then turned to younger Danny confused.

“Believe it, Chris. We had a couple talks today. I wasn’t willing to let you go through this alone. Neither of us were. This is too big for one person, powerful though you are and brave as hell too, and a bunch of worried dads.”

Chris was quiet for a moment. “Thanks Pops, both of you.” Another pause. “Phoebe, Paige, thank you. I could use your help and I appreciate it.”

Both sisters nodded. “Whatever we can do Chris,” Phoebe responded.

“Can I ask, what about Piper?”

“Phoebe and I will talk to her Chris. No promises, but if anything she needs to know we’re committed to helping you.”

Chris nodded and was about to speak when he hears his father call. “Dad’s in trouble.” Chris grabbed both of his fathers’s wrists and orbed out, Paige following with Phoebe in tow.