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Flashes from the Future, Visits to the Past

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Steve came to in what he assumed was a hospital. It was dark and he wondered what had happened. Aside from being exhausted and an aching abdomen and back, he felt okay.

He wasn’t sure what had happened. He could hear Danny shifting in his sleep next to him, Steve’s hand in Danny’s. Steve looked in Danny’s direction and squeezed Danny’s hand. His eyes flickered shut and then opened, and flickered close again. It felt like he was swimming through syrup, struggling to stay awake and aware. All of a sudden, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something blue and felt a distant chime.

He jerked up, “Chris,” he yelled, as memory came flooding back. But it was too much for his exhausted body and he felt unconsciousness pull him near. “Chris, don’t go.”

“Buddy, there’s nobody named Chris here. Steve, look at me, there’s a nurse on their way. Come on, focus on my hand. Who is Chris?”

Steve squeezed his eyes closed. “Help me up Danny, I...I need to get out of here. You don’t understand, I have to go. I have to find him.” Steve was attempting to disconnect the leads connected to his body and he didn’t see the nurse come up to him until he felt the sedative get injected into his neck. His eyes swam shut.

“He’s still asking for whoever this Chris is, but our team has been over the crime scene several times and hasn’t found any evidence there that somebody named Chris was there. We’re hoping to get access to the security cameras, but we don’t know where this Chris could have come from or gone, unless he’s one of the kids, one of the traffickers, or...” Danny trailed off.

“Detective Williams, your friend is still in pain. Something has happened to him that we don’t understand. But he seems to have a guardian angel looking out for him. To you, I’m going to prescribe patience. He’s still in pain and confused. Once he’s stronger and more rested, he’ll explain what happened. For now, your steady presence is enough.”

“Thank you Nurse Emma. I’m just worried about him. Steve isn’t one for imagining things and none of us know how we got a hole in his body and then ungot the same hole.”

“Neither do we, but whatever it is, be grateful for small miracles. From the amount of blood he lost and how fast he seemed to lose it, I don’t think he would have made it to the hospital if he had kept bleeding. You would be prepping for a funeral now instead of thinking of all the questions you cannot answer.”

Danny nodded. “This is such a mess.” He felt the nurse’s warm hand leave his shoulder and he stepped back to his chair.

“Whatever happened to you babe, I’m here, but you got to rest up, you have to explain, because this,” Danny’s arm spread wide, “this doesn’t make any sense.”