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Yuan Junping had heard his phone vibrate, but Yan Yuerong had just picked up his hand to correct Junping’s handwriting yet again, and so the text went unobserved. It vibrated a second time as Junping made pitiful eyes at Yuerong to get him to explain another question. The third text was also ignored as Junping pulled Yuerong along to buy lunch.

When Junping returned home, he was immediately cornered by Yuan Juncheng. 

“Yah! When your older brother texts you, why can’t you reply?” Juncheng moved to snatch Junping’s phone and Junping yelped and twisted away.

“You still have the nerve to call yourself my older brother?”

“I was born before you! Of course I do!”

Yuan Jundao watched from down the hallway as Juncheng finally snatched Junping’s phone away to check it. “Oh, crap.” As a matter of self-preservation, and to avoid potential persecution, Jundao ran away, hoping Yang Xiangshi would be able to protect him, or at least provide an alibi. 

Juncheng unlocked Junping’s phone to find all his texts unread. He turned to continue his lecturing but something caught his eye. As should be proper, Juncheng’s name was saved as Cheng-ge. But instead of the Cheng for “Clarity,” Junping had saved his number as the Cheng for “Orange.” After such a long time, Juncheng’s eyelid twitched.


Junping took advantage of the moment of outrage to snatch his phone back and run down the hall. “When you’re not an asshole, you can have your proper name,” he yelled over his shoulder before locking himself in his room.