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372pages We Will Get Back: Part 2

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Under cosmic clamor decayed, hides a path untaken. - eScape, theme of Omega

“The”, Moviegique (pronounced “movie-jsheek”) began on his 9700th movie review. He took a sip of his patented Ass-Piss ™ brand cola and stroked his chin with his long slender hands - searching for an idea. Any idea. Dale M. Courtney, now there’s a man with ideas! He muttered to himself.

It was a cold autumn morning, and he had just finished watching the new Willow reboot. He was furious. There were no dragons, the brownies were 10 feet tall, and the Wyr didn’t look a damn thing like Wookies. There was nothing he could do but wail at his computer and type his review furiously. But the words did not come to him. He was alone, without even his thoughts to keep him company.

This was, of course, the state of every writer at this very moment. Millions of people with otherwise great ideas were being siphoned of their words and thoughts and sent who-knows-where. All Alejandro, the cosmic kitten-cat could think was that someone out there was trying to write the Ultimate Book -- something no one should ever be able to do. Yes, there was trouble brewing somewhere deep within the vastness of space.

Trouble that only a kitten and some guys who do a podcast about bad books could fix.