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Pit pat. Pit pat. Pit pat.

The blood dripped from his fingers to the ground.

Pit pat. Pit pat. Pit pat.

His face rose to shine red and sticky in the moonlight, his blonde hair spattered liberally with the same blood that dripped from his fingers.

Pit pat. Pit Pat. Pit pat.

The moonlight caught the remaining gloss of blonde hair, the part that wasn't covered with blood.

A sigh of relief escaped his lips. A twist of the lips, not quite a smile twitched the corners of his mouth. Bodies lay scattered around him. He could hear them coming. The rest of his team. They were...slow. Too slow for him. He flashed away, a streak of yellow and red.

The Yellow Flash of Konoha.

Namikaze Minato touched down lightly on the rooftop of the Hokage tower. He breathed in the fresh air of his village, The Village Hidden in the Leaves.

Konoha was at war and at age 17 Namikaze Minato takes on a Genin Team. Minato walks to the edge of the platform and drops down from the roof, kicking off the side of the tower he leaps through the window of the Lord Third's office.

"Hokage Sama. I have returned before my team, the mission is complete. The advance special forces have been eliminated. I can feel the team, they have just passed through the gates, all are safe." Minato bows to the Lord Third.

The man before him is of medium height, tired eyes watch him as he bows having given his verbal report. All written reports have been dismissed due to the war efforts. All required active nin are keeping journals instead, as most are out on long term missions fighting for the Leaf...war efforts. Minato is one of the few elite Jounin that remain in the village. He and Akamichi Choza were chosen to train and guide a new Genin team of promising skill.

"Very good Minato, you never disappoint do you boy. I don't know why I even bothered assigning you a team for that mission. Well, your Genn are waiting for you. You might want to clean up before you meet them." The Lord Third waved the man away with his thanks.

'Clean up', Minato laughed internally. Yes, he needed to clean up, but how does one clean the blood from one's soul...impossible. He flashes to his apartment across the village beyond the market. It stands almost alone in a less traveled part of the village. He is the only occupant left. There were three others but they all perished in the war, the current war.

Minato pushed his way into his apartment and started pulling the bloody uniform off over his head. He turned the taps to his shower and steam filled the air. Stepping into the heat he closed his eyes and let the water run rushing down his back, he watched the water turn from innocent clear and pristine clean to dark bloodied, evil red and flakes of black and sinew.

He had made a mess of them, needlessly. He liked the gutting though, the feel of the warmth as it enveloped his fingers, his wrist, his arm. The power. The surge that accompanied the sound of death.

Death had many sounds. Some were harsh and loud, like the screaming. Some were pathetic and puny like the begging from their lips. Some...his favorite, were soft and light, loving, like the whisper of breath across his face as he leaned in for the kill. Sometimes, he slows time, to relish the feeling, the heat, the sexuality of it all. Death, is sex.

Minato shakes his head, water flies from his shaggy blonde locks. His erection is unbearably hard and uncomfortable. The sounds, it will be his undoing and he takes hold of his member in his hand, one stroke, two and he gasps, so quickly, he gasps and releases his seed over the tiled wall of his shower. It's always like that after the kill, too many times he has had to stop and take care of himself before rejoining with his team. The need, the pull is...overwhelming.

Every nin has their vice. He knows this is just the way things are. Every nin has their vice. His vice is just a bit more complicated than others.

Minato grabs his shampoo bottle off of the shower shelf and upends it over his head, scrubbing and washing, the soapy lather cascading down his tight body, muscled killing tool that he is, a shinobi, an elite.

To Konoha, he is Namikaze Minato, elite Jounin shinobi of the Leaf. A prodigy, a genius, The Yellow Flash of Konoha, loving, loyal, devoted to his village and their people.

To the world he is Namikaze Minato, lethal, deadly, ruthless killer, flee on sight, do not engage Yellow Menace of the Leaf.

To himself...he is two people, what people see and what they want to see, and something more sinister than even he can name. What do you call someone who kills thousands single handedly, a hero or a monster? What do you call someone who enjoys each kill, relishes in the feel of a heart in their hand, pulsating hot and throbbing in time with his own until...the squeeze, the cry, the scream...the euphoria. He is a god. He takes.

He is bored. There is no challenge to this killing. That's why he accepted the Genin team The Lord Third offered him. He was bored.

Turning the taps off he stepped into his waiting towel and dried off. Clean once more, blue eyes met him when he looked into the mirror, and he appeared what they all wanted him to be. A handsome smile, sky blue eyes, the hero of the Leaf. Namikaze Minato.

They were waiting for him on the bridge. Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Obito and Nohara Rin. Kakashi was only 7 years old and a prodigy, Obito and Rin were older at the age of 9 but they were all babies to him. 'Too young' he thought, they had no business being in this war. He would make sure they were trained, that they would at least have a chance and he would be there, if he could.

"Sensei." Coal eyes met blue as Kakashi addressed him.

Minato nodded at the boy and flashed him a signature smile. The girl Rin, giggled and blushed while the other boy, the uchiha scoffed and shook his head at the girl.

"Hey Sensei." Obito greeted him.

"Sorry I'm late." He wasn't sorry but he knew it was the cordial thing to say.

"Oh! We knew you were on a mission, Sensei. Please don't apologize to us." The girl Rin bowed low to him.

"Thank you for understanding, let's go to training ground 5 shall we?" Minato walked for his new team's benefit and they made their way over to the training field.

Once there Minato asked them to spar using only their taijutsu.

"All, three of us together?" The girl asked him.

"Yes. I want to see how you stand up to one another, how you utilize your skills against multiple opponents and get an overall feel for your skill levels." He told them.

Obito leapt at Kakashi who doged. Rin stood there still watching the males then jumped in with a kick to Kakashi's head, which he dodged pulling his punch he was going to throw at Obito at Rin. She fell to the ground with a cry and Obito roared in outrage throwing himself at Kakashi who grabbed, turned and flipped him mid air. Obito had managed to grab the tail end of Kakashi's shirt and pulled the white haired genius down with him. Rin had gotten up off her ass and jumped on both boys' fists was a free for all brawl at this point, not a spar.

Minato shook his head and sighed. This would never do.