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The Personal Blog of Dr. John H. Watson

January 6th -  The best and wisest man

I never expected to fall in love with a madman, but from the very first day you turned my life around.
You once said that I had saved you, and I want you to know that you saved me too.
It’s been a bumpy road to get here, but I’m so glad we finally got it together.

Happy Birthday,  love.



Aww, who knew my brother was such a romantic!!
Harry Watson            6th January 15:30

Lovely, John. Do try to be quiet tonight with the celebrating, won’t you?
Mrs Hudson              6th January 15:37


So, does that mean you’re gay now? You always said you weren’t, and you dated all those women. You even married one!  Were you lying? What else were you lying about?
Curious                      6th January  16:02


Curious, you are clearly not very good at actually being curious. A simple internet search could have given you the answers you need to address your ridiculous questions. Apparently you seem unable to perform this task, and so I will save you the trouble.

John is not a homosexual man. John never was and never will be gay. If we were to classify John’s sexuality, he would probably come under the category of ‘bisexual’, which means that he is sexually attracted to people of his own and one or more other genders. He was not straight when he was in relationships with women, and he is not gay because he is in a relationship with me. He isn’t ‘experimenting’, he isn’t straight with an exception, he is not a liar. Can your pathetic little brain wrap itself around this information?

Why would if matter to YOU if John was gay? How does John’s sexual orientation have any bearing on your life? The way he chooses to identify (or not) is, quite simply, none of your business. Clearly, you aren't worthy of calling yourself his friend, and you're definitely not sleeping with him. People like you seem completely unable to make the very simple logical leap even with  the facts clearly presented to them.

Bisexuality is a legitimate sexual orientation, John is my partner, and you are an idiot.
Sherlock Holmes     6th January 16:28


…And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love this crazy man.
John Watson           6th January 16:46


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The Mail Online

Bangin Boys in Baker Street: The Doctor and the Detective together at last!

  •        Relationship confirmed on Dr Watson’s blog yesterday
  •       Dr Watson outed as ‘bisexual’in comment rant by lover
  •       No official statement from the infamous couple as rumors begin to fly

By Kitty Riley for The Daily Mail    Published 7th January 2016


There has been much speculation about this topic, but hearts were broken  across the country yesterday when it was revealed that recently divorced John Watson and perpetually single Sherlock Holmes are an item. Writing on his blog for Mr Holmes’birthday, Watson said that he “never expected to fall in love with madman”but was ultimately “glad [we] finally got it together”.

In true Holmes-Watson style, the announcement was not without drama. One commenter attacked Dr Watson, insinuating that he was lying about his sexuality and suggested that was not all that wasn’t true. Mr Holmes came to his lover’s defence, stating that Dr Watson was, in fact ‘bisexual,’despite being married to a woman just two years ago.

As the blog post goes viral worldwide, rumors have begun to fly over the nature of the relationship that begun in 2010 when Dr Watson moved in to their Baker St apartment. A source close to the couple has stated that “the boys have been in love since they first laid eyes on each other, but were too stubborn to do anything about it”. Could this be the reason for the good doctor’s hasty divorce from Ms Morstan? And might we expect a happy, official announcement from the new couple soon?