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Big Brother: The golden power of the Zed PM Veto - Art

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Season 17 of Big Brother USA is off with a bad bang. Julie Chen has assembled a diverse group of houseguests from across time and space. Will the Rays be able to put apart their differences and form a final three alliance with Benton Fraser? Will Kanye West truly know the love of a gay fish? Will Captain Jack and Kalira the Companion hook up? Will the Original Male Dogs, a pack of Corgis & Dorgis belonging to Queen Elizabeth manage to get through the StarGate?

And will Nichelle Nichols, who thought she was going on Oprah, drink tea with Ianto, plot the death of everyone and win the golden power of the Zed PM Veto?

Find out on the next Big Brother! Right after CSI: New Orleans here on CBS!