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Butterfly Kisses

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Long legs wrapped themselves around his waist and Zon adjusted his glasses. 

“Just wait,” he said distracted and typed another sentence. “I have to write this scene really quickly.”

A snort against the back of his neck and he was suddenly engulfed by Saifah’s body. 

Quickly is always a lie when you write.”


Saifah sighed and didn’t point out that Zon sat at the edge of their bed with the laptop on his… lap because an idea had struck him and he hadn’t been able to wait until he was at his desk. One time Saifah had found him in the pantry, squatting on the floor writing away. There was no reasoning with him when he was this way. 

“A kiss and I will let you be,” he said and grinned as Zon, still typing, turned his head without looking away from the screen and offered him his lips. 

Cute, Saifah thought. He kissed him. 

“Another one,” he said and Zon turned his head again. Saifah kissed him twice. Zon’s forehead started to crinkle. 

“Another one,” he requested and finally Zon turned to him fully. 

Before he could say something Saifah got rid of his glasses and showered Zon’s face with kisses, marvelling in the fact that Zon was just laughing. They fell back on the bed together. 

Zon closed his eyes but raised his eyebrows and smiled in a way that said he wanted more and Saifah gladly did what was expected of him kissing Zon slowly and deeply.