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There are rules now!

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Tine held his hand out.

“It stopped raining,” he said and the snort next to him told him that Sarawat thought he was an idiot.


“I have eyes?”, he said and walked down the stairs. Tine followed him quickly and stopped him with a tug on his sleeve.

“Haven’t you forgotten something?”

Sarawat frowned at him and Tine sighed. He took Sarawat’s arm and put his hand in his, tangling their fingers together.

“There are rules now,” he said with all the authority he was able to come up with. Sarawat was totally blushing!

Tine’s smile almost hurt his cheeks and they walked over the campus towards Tine’s dorm, their clasped hands swinging between them. It was a warm night and his fingertips tingled pleasantly from the new song Sarawat was teaching him and tomorrow Sarawat would totally make at least three goals against the competing university. Tine would make sure to cheer him on properly.

“I should make a shirt with Sarawat’s husband stitched on the back,” he mused.

“Why not Sarawat’s wife?”

“Because I’m a man and there is only one member in the Sarawat’s husband club and that’s me!”

Sarawat totally blushed again!

They talked about the upcoming game and the plans they had for the weekend and yes it was mostly Tine who talked and Sarawat who grunted but he was happy, happy, happy.

“We’re here,” Sarawat said when they stood in front of the entrance of Tine’s dorm and Tine turned towards him expectantly.

“Good night,” Sarawat said like the good boyfriend he was, “I hope you have pleasant dreams.”

Tine gave him a thumbs up and then because Sarawat rolled his eyes at him and for some strange reason he found that lovely he kissed him. And kissed him again and they should probably stop or the security guard would arrest them for offending public decency.

“You should come up with me,” Tine said.

“That’s a new rule now?”

“Oh, you bet it is!”