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“That’s not the way.”

“It is the way.”

“What I don’t understand is how you can throw money on an expensive car but refuse to buy the navigation system that comes with it! Probably installed, with a touch screen and the possibility to have your own voice navigating you?” 

Tin was silent at that and Can frowned at him. He had been suspiciously nice the whole car ride, and was that a little smile on his lips? 

If he thought about it they would have had a much bigger fight already if this aimlessly one hour drive would have happened in the past. 

What was going on? 

“Ai Tin?”, he asked in the sweetest voice he could think of and look at that Tin flinched. 

“Ai Tin, are you driving the wrong way on purpose because you don’t want to go to your nephews birthday party?” 

“Can, I need to concentrate on the street, you shouldn’t talk to the driver.” 

Can took a deep breath and then punched Tin lightly against the arm. 

“You are totally driving around without navigation because you don’t want to attend your nephew’s birthday party!” 

“My whole family will be there,” Tin said and he actually whined and Can couldn’t believe it. 

“Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“You have this strange bond going on with him now and I didn’t want to ruin that?”

“But you are happy to risk a divorce because I would be on the brink of gutting you with all the shitty driving you are doing?”

Tin stopped at that and stared at him. “Divorce?”

“No!”, Can was quick to reassure him and hugged him even though the seatbelt made it awkward. 

“No divorce, never a divorce, I promise.”

“That was mean.”

Can punched him again. Lightly. 

“Like driving around without intending to arrive? How about we call him and say we will have a nice dinner with him next weekend? We say we got a flat tire?”

“Are you sure?”

“This car will have a flat tire in five minutes if you’re not turning around and get us home,” Can threatened and he had no idea what it said about their relationship that Tin smiled at him and kissed him before he started the car again.