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Wake me up to love me

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Zon felt the rhythmic tapping of fingers on his tight as he battled the last remnants of sleep. He had no idea what Saifah was playing on his leg but he should probably be thankful that he was tapping instead of trying to use his arm as a guitar. 

“You don’t have to wait for me to wake up,” he mumbled and sighed when Saifah took his words as permission to roll him around until they were facing each other. Zon opened one eye. 

Saifah smiled at him, looking way too awake for a Saturday morning. 

“Do you remember the time when you screamed because you woke up next to me?”

Zon searched around and used one of the throw pillows to hit Saifah on the shoulder with it. 

“That happened one time.”

“It was very memorable.”

Zon huffed and buried his head deeper into his pillow. 

“You would also turn around so I won’t be able to kiss you,” Saifah said with the smile evident in his voice and Zon didn’t have to open his eyes to know that the mischievous glint was present in Saifah’s eyes. 

“I’m not turning now, right?” Zon mumbled back and couldn’t hide his own smile any longer as Saifah enthusiastically kissed his cheeks, his nose, his eyebrows, his chin and finally his lips. 

Saifah wrapped his large body around him afterwards and hugged him tight, tight, tight and Zon hugged back just as fiercely. 

“I’m hungry, you should bring me breakfast in bed,” he murmured against Saifah’s collarbone and Saifah huffed. He should be accustomed to it by now because while he was able to be happy and cheerful at any time of the day Zon was a grump when he woke up. 

“I will bring my Zon breakfast to bed,” he said finally and Zon hummed happily.