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The Nameless Villain vs The Cameras

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Izuku flipped on the monitor and sat back in his chair, cock in hand. Every inch of Kacchan’s house had been painstakingly filled with cameras over the past day while the man was in the next city over on a mission. Izuku had worked hard to monitor nearly every space in the house so that he wouldn’t miss the grand moment when his free show arrived.

It was evening.

Kacchan had just walked in the door from a long, long day of work.

It was time.

Izuku leaned forward against the desk, watching the Pro Hero walk across the various camera feeds as he strolled through his house. Kacchan yawned into his glove, stripping off his gauntlets and holding them under his arm as he went to the bedroom. Izuku rubbed his thumb up and down his cock in slow circles, knowing that the moment Kacchan undressed and “relaxed” for the night was sure to be any minute.

He licked his lip and waited.

Izuku had miscalculated.

He’d forgotten that Kacchan had no sex drive.

The man didn’t masturbate. He didn’t touch himself. Kacchan never even dared to so much as walk around naked in his own home! He clothed himself in robes and towels after showers and wore full pajamas to bed, complete with night shirts and pants.

Worse yet, Kacchan had a sixth sense for camera locations. The Pro Hero always managed to set his soap or shower bottles in the perfect spot to keep Izuku from seeing him in the shower. Izuku didn’t get to see him naked in those brief moments of changing clothes either because Kacchan blocked one camera in his bedroom with a stack of books on a shelf or hid from the second behind his changing screen that Izuku hadn’t realized was folded in the corner when he installed the bedroom cameras.

Izuku wondered if he’d have to jack off to Kacchan’s face alone at this rate…which, it was a nice face and it was easy to picture Kacchan on his knees with those lips wrapped—No. No! Izuku needed more than his imagination to work with or bugging Kacchan’s house had been for nothing!

For the entire next week, Izuku put all of his attention into searching the cameras and recordings for any sign of Kacchan serving his own carnal needs. Izuku needed one moment. Just one and he could play that on loop whenever he felt his own urges come to life. Izuku would be happy with seeing Kacchan’s body jerk under his covers, but the man slept still as the dead. 

Izuku had stopped his greater plans to a complete standstill for the effort and Kacchan gave him nothing.

Not even a shirtless nap on his own bed.

Izuku couldn’t get off like this.

The sexual frustration and anger bubbled up so high and took up so much of his thoughts that Izuku couldn’t bother to finish installing the holding cells in his warehouse lair.

If Kacchan refused to cooperate, Izuku would take matters into his own hands.

Katsuki opened the door and stared face to face with his least favorite childhood friend. He didn’t show up often, but it always turned into something annoying when the nerd reminded Katsuki he existed. “Deku, what the fuck are you doing here this time?”

“I came to see you,” Deku said, shoving his hands in his pockets. He leaned from one foot to the other, his eyes darting around. Katsuki sighed and rubbed between his brows with his thumb. Nothing good would come from Deku looking that anxious and Katsuki should shut the door. But he didn’t, because it was Deku. Katsuki squeezed the doorknob as Deku cleared his throat and asked, “May I come in?”

“The last time I let you into this house you stole one of my masks,” Katsuki said.

Deku blushed and shrugged. “You wouldn’t give me one.”

“What do you really want?” Katsuki asked, dropping his shoulders. “Spit it out already.”

“I want to suck your dick.”

Katsuki stared the nerd down and narrowed his eyes. “What?”

“Your dick. I want it in my mouth,” Deku said, opening his mouth and parting at his lips. He licked the side of his teeth and shoved his hands back in his pockets. “I’m offering to give you free head, Kacchan. This isn’t complicated.”

Katsuki let go of the door and crossed his arms. “Why?”

Deku groaned and threw his head back. The light from the room washed over his face and Katsuki saw the dark bags under his eyes and the lines marking his face. Deku looked more like he was in his forties than his twenties. Deku counted to five under his breath before he huffed and looked to the side.

“I just want to,” Deku said, turning on a pout. Lord, he looked pathetic standing there on Katsuki’s door step with dark eyes and defeated shoulders. Deku pressed his lips together and shuffled his foot. He looked at the ground and said, “I don’t know anybody else and I don’t want to have sex with a stranger.”

Deku not having any friends aside from Katsuki was too easy to picture. He’d grown up from a picked on nerd in school to a picked on adult that spent all his time collecting Ground Zero merchandise and visiting his mother once a week.

Katsuki didn’t even know what Deku did for a living.

Every time he saw the guy it was always at an odd hour or place when most people would be working normal day jobs and there was no consistency to his stalking.

But those were thoughts for later.

Deku continued standing on his porch looking like a pathetic loser and it stirred something in Katsuki’s chest.

“I’m not wearing my costume and we are not making a habit out of this,” Katsuki said, stepping back to let Deku in. Receiving head from the twerp wasn’t the worst thing in the world. He was technically Ground Zero’s biggest fan. Katsuki could throw Deku a bone if it would appease the runt for a week or two. “You got that?”

“Kacchan!” Deku shouted, perking up. His eyes glittered and he stepped into Katsuki’s house, taking his shoes off at the door. “You won’t regret this.”

“I already regret it, but let’s get it over with,” Katsuki said, shutting the door behind him. He followed Deku into his living room who’d already shed his coat and thrown it on a chair. “Do you want to take a shower or something first?”

Deku stared at him for a long moment and muttered, “I didn’t think of that…”

Katsuki waited for him to finish talking to himself.

“Yes!” Deku shouted. He ran over and grabbed Katsuki’s hand and yanked him toward the bedroom, clearly remembering the layout of the house from the last time he was there. “A shower is good. Let’s take a shower.”

Katsuki regretted everything.

That had been the weirdest shower of Katsuki’s life.

Deku rearranged all his shampoo bottles in the back corner of the shower and had insisted on standing behind Katsuki while they cleaned up. He kept messing with Katsuki’s shower things the entire time, pushing his razor to the side or nudging Katsuki over an inch once in a while whenever he moved.

And for someone who came over declaring he wanted to give Katsuki head, he sure kept his hands to himself while they washed up, muttering to himself the entire time with the focus he used to show his Hero notebooks.

Deku did, however, make sure that they remained naked after they got out of the shower. He slapped away the offered towels and dragged Katsuki out of the bath by the hand, licking his upper lip. Katsuki stood awkwardly in his bedroom, crossing his arms over his chest and wishing Deku would let him go back to get his towel already.

The other stood shamelessly naked and grabbed Katsuki’s hand once more after he finished talking to himself. Deku stared at his book shelf before he yanked Katsuki to the door. “Living room. Let’s do it in the living room.”

“Why the living room?” Katsuki asked, thinking of his upholstery. Sex was wet and messy, even if Deku was only giving him head. His hair was still dripping from the shower and that would seep into the couch material. “Deku, stop rushing.”

“Sorry! I’m just really excited, Kacchan,” Deku said, throwing a blindingly bright smile toward Katsuki’s face. It hit him like a Detroit Smash and he looked away before his heart beat any faster. Deku shoved him into his arm chair near the fire place and backed up a few feet toward the couch. He jerked up and stepped to the left before licking his lip. “Perfect. That’s perfect.”

“You’re awfully far away for someone who’s giving me head,” Katsuki said, shifting on the rough fabric of his couch. It dug into his skin and he wanted his clothes back—if just to stop Deku from looking at him like he was going to eat Katsuki any minute…which he was going to do. Theoretically. Katsuki groaned and sunk into the scratchy cushion. He was so out of his element he wanted to go back to blowing things up. “Can we just do this?”

“You’re not hard yet,” Deku said. He held his hands out like a cameraman framing the shot with his index fingers and thumbs. “Help me get in the mood Kacchan. I want to see you touch yourself to see what you like first.”

“I feel like the conditions are being modified,” Katsuki said. He put his hand on his thigh and glared at Deku. This was awkward enough without having to jack off while Deku was watching. Out of practice or not, Katsuki wasn’t going to sit here and let Deku take control of the night. “You’re the one who wanted this. You get my dick up if you want to suck it so bad.”

Deku curled his fingers in and his shoulders bunched with tension but he breathed out and huffed. “I can work with that.”

A determined look fell over his face and Katsuki wondered if he’d made a mistake.

Izuku had lost his chance to make Kacchan to jack off for the cameras, but rarely did everything go according to plan. It was easy enough to adjust and make things work in his favor all the same and he was going to get enough good footage that it wouldn’t matter. Izuku strolled across the room to his deliciously naked companion and decided to be happy with what he’d gotten on tape so far.

Plus, he’d managed to make sure the cameras caught Kacchan in the shower (he hoped—it was hard to tell without his phone to double check) and they were both still naked in at least one other room of the house.

It was good enough.

Izuku dropped to his knees and made sure to stay a little to the side so the camera could get a good shot of Katsuki’s dick as it hardened. Izuku grinned as he thought of all the delightful footage he’d have of Katsuki’s face during this. He wouldn’t have to worry about looking up to catch each expression when he’d have it recorded for later.

“I can help myself, right?” Izuku asked, looking up anyway. The man turned adorably red, though he kept his frown, and nodded with a quick jerk of his chin. “Thank you.”

He took hold of Kacchan’s cock and pushed it up to kiss the underside. Izuku rubbed his thumb up and down until he heard Kacchan’s breath quicken before kissing the head. Izuku waited for the tender cock to swell and harden before he licked the hot skin. He sucked on the veins as they grew more pronounced and Kacchan made the most delightful grunt that Izuku nearly forgot about the cameras.

He had his favorite person in the world’s cock in his mouth and Deku moaned in joy.

This was so much better than watching Ground Zero news stories.

“Deku,” Kacchan said. “Shit. Keep doing that.”

He grabbed Izuku’s hair, Kacchan’s fingers digging into his curls and scraping along his scalp. Kacchan’s other hand covers his mouth to smother the sounds he made as he threw his head and shoulders back. Izuku alternated licks with wet kisses to the side of Kacchan’s dick, making sure to keep fondling the flesh with his fingers to keep the spit and pre-come coating the slick surface and Kacchan in a state of ecstasy.

Deku's own dick had grown hard and begged for attention while he worked. He swallowed Kacchan’s dick as far as it would go, using his hand to cover the few inches still exposed to the air and used his free hand to tend his own needs.

“Deku,” Kacchan repeated through his palm. He breathed harder and his hip jerked forward, thrusting into Izuku’s mouth. He pressed his tongue against the cock harder in response, smirking around the flesh. Kacchan’s heel dug into the carpet near him and Izuku gave up staying to the side for the camera and moved to the middle to sit up and take Kacchan deeper down his throat. “Yes.”

Whether Izuku was really good at head or Kacchan hadn’t gotten any in a while, the Hero came without warning and surprised them both. The first burst of his orgasm filled Izuku’s throat and he pulled back coughing while the remainder finished on his face.

“Sorry, shit,” Kacchan said, his face turning as red as his stupid best friend’s hair. Kacchan sat straight up and his fingers hovered near Izuku’s face, wondering if he should wipe the come off or let Izuku do it. He decided to be polite for once and grabbed a blanket draped over the sidearm of the chair. “Let me get that.”

He cleaned the mess off with gentle motions and Izuku leaned into the blanket. It was oddly thoughtful of his favorite Hero and Izuku licked off the last bit of come from the side of his mouth before Kacchan could wipe it away.

The other man froze at the motion, the new wave of arousal clear on his face.

“I know we only agreed for me to give you head,” Izuku started, testing the water. “But I wouldn’t mind a little help.”

He leaned back, showing off his own hard cock in his hand. Kacchan stared at it, swallowing and let out a soft, “Right.”

“So will you?” Deku asked, leaning on Kacchan’s leg. He kissed his inner thigh and did his best to look seductive with half-lidded eyes and his fingers teasing his own cock with slow strokes. “Help me out, Kacchan.”

The feeling of regret had left Katsuki when he came in Deku’s mouth.

His sense of shame had left the room, too.

Katsuki pulled on Deku’s arm, hauling him off the floor and dumping him in the seat he’d just occupied. “I’ll be right back.”

He wasn’t in the mood to give the nerd head, but he could manage a hand job—after a bit of preparation.

Deku put his hand between his leg, his eyebrows drawing together in confusion. “Kacchan?”

Katsuki returned with a bottle of lube and a pair of disposable gloves. He slipped the gloves on and covered them in the thick lubricant gel. He lifted Deku by the ribs with the slick gloves and sat the nerd on his lap facing him. Katsuki leaned back as Deku settled more comfortably as he straddled Katsuki’s thighs.

“What’re those for?” Deku asked, pointing at the gloves.

“Trust me,” Katsuki said, applying more lubricant to replace what he’d wiped on Deku’s sides. “You do not want my sweat on your skin, especially not your dick.”

Deku flushed and covered his mouth with a laugh. “That’s right! Your Quirk.”

“Laugh it up,” Katsuki said. He grabbed Deku’s cock and squeezed the thick flesh under his fingers. Deku gasped and leaned forward, bracing himself on Katsuki’s shoulders. “It still feels good, right?”

Deku nodded and opened his mouth to breathe heavier. He thrust his hips forward to fuck Katsuki’s hand and did most of the work himself. As Deku grew harder and harder he leaned closer and closer until he’d wrapped himself tight around Katsuki’s shoulders, hugging him as he groaned and moved his hips.

Katsuki kept hold of Deku’s ass with one hand, still slick from the gel over his gloves, and kept his hand tight around Deku's cock to make each thrust count.

“Kacchan.” Deku bit his neck hard enough to hurt and jerked his hips with enough strength to knock Katsuki’s hand back. Deku licked the bite mark and shivered, digging his nails along Katsuki’s back. “Almost there.”

The brat lasted longer than Katsuki had by a good three extra minutes, coming all over his abs in a sloppy mess that left Deku limp and draped across him.

The other man breathed hard, in and out, before he dared to lean back. He patted Katsuki’s shoulder and said, “Thank you.”

Katsuki almost replied “Any time” but remembered he said they wouldn’t be repeating this event.

That feeling of regret came back.

Deku crawled out of Katsuki’s lap and wobbled on shaking knees before he wheezed and put his hands on his thighs to collect himself. Katsuki got up and used the soiled blanket to wipe Deku’s come off his chest and stood awkwardly behind him.

“We should take another shower to clean up,” Katsuki said, pulling off the dirty gloves. He wadded them up and wrapped them in a few tissues before throwing them in the trash can. He foiled the dirty blanket around his arms and intended to throw it straight in the wash. Katsuki looked at Deku over his shoulder and cleared his throat. “And I guess you could stay the night since it’s so late.”

Deku grinned over his shoulder and said, “I’d love to—to both.”

Izuku whistled as he opened the door to his lair, throwing it open with a sated expression that could only come from seducing Kacchan into fucking him into the mattress before they went to bed.

All in all, he’d considered that a fully successful evening, Kacchan’s glove thing aside.

And the best part?

Izuku had it all on tape.

He giggled as he raced to the back room, ready to check his monitors and edit down the footage to just the essentials for his viewing pleasure and—

“No,” Izuku said.

He slammed his hand on the desk and moved the mouse to the warning message that had popped up: “No disk space.”

“No, no, no, no,” Izuku repeated.

He scrambled to click the message away and check the footage. He was so sure he’d checked the drive to make sure he had enough left for recordings and he should have been fine! Izuku sucked in a breath. Last week. He’d checked last week. He’d been so worried about his cock that he forgot to make sure the disk had room for new footage!

Izuku opened the last file recordings and checked to see if he had anything salvageable. Maybe he had gotten lucky and had at least the first part when he’d given Kacchan head.


The footage made it as far as the two of them undressing in the bathroom before the video cut off.

Izuku collapsed into his rolling chair and felt like crying.

He hadn’t gotten any of it.

The shower, giving Kacchan head, getting a hand job, getting royally rammed into Kacchan’s starched sheets, and their awkward morning goodbye were all lost.

Izuku covered his face with his hands and screamed before kicking his desk.

“No, calm down,” Izuku told himself.

He breathed out.

He steadied himself

He went about clearing space on the hard drive to make room for more footage.

After that night, there was no way Kacchan wouldn’t jack himself off later thinking about it and Izuku didn’t want to miss it.

If worse came to worse and Kacchan only wanted the real thing, Izuku wouldn’t mind dropping by again for another round.

Izuku had already made time in his busy Hero-kidnapping schedule to make sure it happened.