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A Tale of the Bottomless Blue

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The waves were rough and the clouds were a dark gray, covering the sky with the portent of a storm. A fishing boat with a crew of 15 was out on the open seas, looking for their next haul to take back to port before the storm risked flooding and capsizing the boat. The men had been at sea for a while, and were starting to yearn for female companionship. They had told each other stories of the women they saw in port, some of which sounded greatly exaggerated, but still, they wanted more. The physical touch of a woman, one who was as much in touch with the sea as they were.

As if their prayers had been answered, one of the crewmen called out from the upper deck. “We’ve caught somethin’ in the net! You won’t believe it! The net’s snagged us a real mermaid!”

That mermaid was Fuji. She had been alive for longer than any of the men on board, and had seen things throughout history that the men wouldn’t believe if she told them. She was a blonde bombshell, with a pair of breasts on her human half that didn’t do much for her buoyancy, but made her the stuff of legend among sailors. The fabric of the red top that restrained her breasts barely looked like it could hold their miraculous weight at times, giving a view of the edges of her large, pink areolae.

“Let me out of this net!” Fuji said. “Can’t you see I’m going to become a mother?”

This was that rare time in her life when Fuji was preparing to lay her clutch of eggs. Mermaids often laid several dozens of eggs at a time, hoping that they were fertilized so they could have as many offspring as possible. Fuji’s stomach was as big and round as her breasts, her navel poking out from her swollen, gravid belly. It made the sailors think of their own wives back home, yearning for the children they had sired before they left port. One by one, the sailors pitched tents under their uniforms, a multitude of erections popping up before Fuji’s eyes.

The captain, an older man who was just as turned on as the rest of them, unhooked the net. Fish flopped onto the deck, and so did Fuji. The deck was slippery with rain, leaving her plenty of seawater to keep herself above land for a while. The outlines of her nipples were visible through her top, their stiffness drawing the sailors in even further. As they approached, Fuji let out a moan. She was feeling it in her stomach. The sailors had captured her when she was about to spawn.

“Let us see your breasts!” said one of the sailors.

“Fine...” said Fuji, grunting through the pain. “On one condition. I’ve been looking for someone to fertilize my eggs... but no one ever does. I need the sperm of healthy young men. If you cum over my eggs, I’ll let you use your dicks on me, next.”

“I want to touch your pregnant belly!” said one of the sailors.

“As long as it’s to help me lay them,” said Fuji. She unhooked her top, letting her mountainous breasts bounce free. Her areolae were large, and the throbbing tips of her nipples looked even more sensual in the rain hitting the ship. The raindrops ran through her cleavage and across the curves of her belly button, soaking the scales on her tail to keep her perky and alive.

“What’s your name, miss mermaid?” asked the captain.

“Fuji,” she said.

“You’re beautiful,” said one of the sailors. “Those breasts! They’re huge! I’ve never seen a human woman with ones that big!”

“I’ve had them for a long time,” said Fuji.

Two of the sailors approached Fuji from the side, massaging her tits in their hands. Their fingers sunk deep into her flesh, brushing up against her hard nipples. The stickiness of sweat and seawater was on her flesh, holding their fingers tightly to her bosom. Fuji moaned as they groped her, the stimulation from her nipples spreading all the way down to her pussy. A third sailor had pulled down his shorts, taking out his cock and rubbing it against Fuji’s big belly, his glans passing over her outie belly button. Fuji was fascinated by his dick, wanting to play with it.

The two men on her chest got on their knees, each one sucking on her nipples. The one on the left was going slowly, slurping at her breasts like he was trying to get milk out of her. Fuji wasn’t producing any just yet. The other was teasing her roughly, gently biting her nipples, and playing to Fuji’s somewhat masochistic tendencies. The alternating soft and hard feelings from her breasts was only making her wetter, opening up her lower body in preparation for releasing her eggs onto the deck of the ship.

Another pair of sailors approached, taking out their dicks at the same time. Fuji opened her mouth and started sucking on the man to her right, feeling quite horny from having her nipples teased. With the other one, she stroked his dick in her hand, the warmth of her skin keeping him hard even as the rain continued to pour onto the fishing boat. Her lips were warmer than any of the men expected. Her technique was somewhat awkward, this being the first time she had encountered a human dick, but the grunts and groans of pleasure from the men told her she was doing it right.

She switched the dick she was jerking off with the dick she was blowing, leaving a trail of saliva dripping from her mouth when she changed. Another man had come to the side, massaging her swollen, pregnant belly. Fuji was an incredibly fertile mermaid, and while she didn’t know how many eggs she was carrying, but it was a lot. She might be the first mermaid in centuries to have her eggs actually fertilized. As the man’s rugged hands and rugged dick went over her belly, she started to feel a contraction coming on.

“I’m going to spawn!” Fuji shouted, her voice rising over the storm.

“What’d she say, lads?” asked one of the sailors.

“She said she’s going to lay her eggs!” said another.

“Fetch a tarp!” shouted another man. “The decks haven’t been cleaned in some time!”

One of the sailors went below decks and fetched a tarp, laying it in front of Fuji. The men backed away from her. Fuji grabbed her stomach, breathing heavily as she felt the moment approaching. Spawning season always made mermaids more aggressive, and if the men got near her, her powerful tail would slap them away, possibly sending them overboard into the churning waters. Near the point where her tail met her human half, a pink opening appeared before the sailors. A pure, wet mermaid pussy, shining in the cloudy skies like a pink flower that had blown in from the port.

“It’s beautiful...” said the sailors in unison.

Fuji let out a loud moan, and released a wave of round, orange eggs across her tail onto the tarp. They poured out in massive numbers, piling up on the mat quickly, sticking to the tarp and clumping against each other. Mermaid eggs were slightly larger than ordinary fish eggs, but not so much. The sight of Fuji, red and sweating as her pussy kept dropping her eggs, made all the sailors, even the captain, pull out their cocks at once. They stood around Fuji and the tarp, stroking their dicks as her belly went down in size.

It felt like much longer for Fuji than it did for the sailors. Her belly was now down to normal, some postpartum flab left, giving her a saggy stomach that only made her look more attractive. Her nipples were dark, and began leaking as soon as she finished laying her eggs. Mermaids were used to seeing others spreading trails of milk across the ocean waters after they spawned, though the milk was a normal bodily function that never got use except in sex, since the eggs never hatched.

“I’ve done my part,” said Fuji. “Fertilize me, and you can drink all the milk from my boobs that you want.”

The men beat off their dicks, rubbing them with great intensity. They were pent up and horny, desperate to drain their balls. It didn’t take long for them to stimulate themselves to orgasm, blasting out loads of cum. Most of it landed on the pile of Fuji’s eggs, while more of it splattered onto her stomach and her breasts, with some of it landing on her face. Fuji licked it up, tasting the delicious semen. She saw it rolling down her eggs, seeping past the membranes to fertilize them in an instant. Some of them might survive longer than others, but she had beaten Muromi to something at last.

“Thank you,” said Fuji. “My children are lucky to have so many strong fathers.”

“It’s our pleasure, miss!” said the sailors.

In groups of two, the soldiers approached Fuji and sucked on her breasts. With their massive size, she had plenty of warm milk overflowing from her nipples. It was slightly salty, and didn’t taste quite the same as human milk, but it was richly delicious enough. The more they drank, the more Fuji’s breasts overflowed. She invited them to keep groping and massaging her, playing with her breasts until she was drained dry. Once all the men had taken their turn, their stomachs full of breast milk, the captain approached her.

“Fuji, you have brought great pleasure to this ship,” said the captain. “If we could place a bust of your bust in front of the ship, it would be our greatest honor to immortalize the maiden of the sea who brought us relief in this stormy weather. Before you and your children return to the depths, may I have the honor of fuckin’ those titanic breasts of yours?”

“Yes, sir,” said Fuji.

Her breasts were slick with milk and sweat, and quite soft. The captain, bending down until he was almost above her sagging stomach, lowered his thick cock between her chest. Fuji closed her breasts around him, and squeezed and squished them against his dick. The pressure of her soft chest pleased the captain. He had been manning this boat for a while, and no girl at the port could match the sheer eroticism of Fuji’s magnificent chest. Every squeeze from her was like being welcomed to heaven.

His men watched, standing erect as their captain had his way with the mermaid. He pinched Fuji’s nipples, shaking her breasts about. They swayed like the waves, mountains of rippling fat that were leaking milk all over his hands. He would have gone inside her pussy had he not seen her give birth. After a few more sloppy thrusts, Fuji aiding him by licking his cockhead, slurping up the drops of precum that fell out, the captain fired his second load, covering Fuji’s cum-covered body in another burst of spunk. Fuji’s body was painted white, her face staring blissfully off towards the white clouds beyond the storm.

Once she had recovered, she tied her top back on. Milky splotches instantly appeared on the front. The captain steered the ship out to an area where it was safe. The sailors picked up the tarp, and safely lowered Fuji’s fertilized eggs into the water. She thanked them for their help, and swam off into the ocean. Before she left, she raised her top to reveal her nipples once more, making the men erect at their sight.

It’s said that Fuji’s children are swimming around the oceans to this day, for mermaids are very long-lived. Though when Muromi heard this story, she refused to believe it was true. She could barely get with one human, how could Fuji have her way with fifteen men at the same time? She knew it had to be her breasts.