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Here With You

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Katsuki wondered, when did this become a thing? 

He and the adventurer kept crossing paths; it was as if gravity was forcing them together, a magnetic pull that compelled them to see each other. Katsuki’s heart flipped every time they met, the edge of his lips curling up whenever green eyes and a bright smile greeted him. 

He looks at the sleeping figure beside him; Katsuki recalls the first time they met. The idiot had been caught in a trap, his foot caught in a rope trap, pulling him up to hang him upside down in a tree for God knows how long. Katsuki had barked a laugh when he saw the man, his green hair a mess, arms crossed with one hand to mouth as he muttered to himself, dangling and swaying in the breeze, unphased by his predicament. 

“Hey, you idiot,” Katsuki had approached the man.

“Oh! Hi! Do you think you can help me down?”

“What kind of dumbass gets caught in such a simple trap?” Katsuki crossed his arms as he looked down on him. 

“Ah, yeah. That. Well, I wasn’t paying attention while I was walking, I was writing in my notebook,” the man pointed at his scattered notes and befallen pencil, as well as his rucksack. 

Deeming him harmless, he took out his knife, watching the green-haired idiot’s impossibly wide green eyes flinch, he approached him, pulling him down by his foot to bring him closer to cut the rope.

“Oof,” he grunted as he fell awkwardly on his back. He sat up rubbing his spine, “thanks! I appreciate you helping me out!” 

Katsuki watched the man get up and dust himself off. He thought the man’s hair was wild because of him hanging upside down; turns out his unruly curls were truly gravity defying. The man started to pick up the loose leaves  of paper strewn about, and Katsuki decided to help the loser out. He picked up a few pages, the handwriting the same, and what appeared to be a letter signed as,

“‘Deku’ huh? That’s fitting. You seem pretty useless.”

The man’s head whipped to face him taken by surprise, “You can read!?”

Katsuki’s eyes bugged out, jaw dropped before fuming, “Excuse me?! Of course I can fuckin’ read!”

“No! I mean! I’m just surprised! You, um, you have a bit of an accent? And you speak rather um, formal? And uh, you’re clearly not from around here,” the man gestured at Katsuki’s appearance. 

Katsuki looked down at his bare torso, his pants tucked into his fur lined boots. He had left his cape behind, exposing his neck adorned with several necklaces lined with gems and the teeth of dragons. His arms half wrapped in sleeves with the edges decorated with his tribes pattern. He grunted in response, realizing okay, yeah he had a point. 

The man moved towards Katsuki, “Izuku Midoriya is my name. Not ‘Deku’, though I realize how you could misinterpret that.” 

“Katsuki Bakugou,” he introduces himself, but decides to not tout the fact that he is of royalty, ”Deku’s more fitting for you though, so, I’ll just call you that.”

The other man’s mouth dropped before a glint of defiance flit through his eyes and a smirk grew on his face, “Oh? Well, if that’s the case. ‘Kacchan’ seems to be a great nickname for you!” 

Katsuki’s nose flared, what the, how childish! The man quickly snatched the papers from his hand, organizing them haphazardly before stuffing them into his rucksack.

“Oi—,” he started. The man shifted his gaze up to meet Katsuki’s eyes again, his words dying in his throat. How had Katsuki missed those bright green eyes that held so much depth to and the freckles that dotted across round cheeks? The man was attractive, to say the least. By the time Katsuki had regained his bearings to continue talking, Izuku spoke first. 

“It was nice meeting you ‘Kacchan’ .” The man held out his hand for a handshake. Katsuki reached for his hand, gripping firmly, only to be surprised that the smaller man had an equally, if not stronger, grip. Katsuki frowned as he watched the man tilt his head innocently, with a smile so big his eyes closed, “Thanks for saving me! I owe you one!”

Izuku quickly let go and Katsuki finally broke his silence and with his own smirk he said, “Yeah, sure ‘Deku’ , I’ll hold you to it.”

Katsuki never expected to see Izuku again, but the universe had other plans. 

The next time they had crossed paths it had been at an inn several towns away from where they first met. Green eyes blinked owlishly at Katsuki when he walked in. Realizing who Katsuki was, he quickly called out to him.

“Kacchan! Over here!” 

Before Katsuki knew it, his legs had already gone ahead and started making strides towards the idiot. They’d only met once, yet, it was like they’d been longtime friends. Izuku had bought him ale and a meal, his repayment for having saved Izuku. They spent several hours recounting their travels and their findings, only to part again once more.

The subsequent meeting, Katsuki and his right hand, Eijirou, had been tracking a beast that had been destroying their land’s crops. As they found the creature, they hid in shadows waiting for the perfect time to attack. Just as they were about to go on the offensive, he saw movement ahead of him, green moving through bushes. Katsuki blinked, No, it couldn’t be.

As the figure came out into the open, Katsuki and Eijirou tensed. 

“Shouldn’t we do something??” urged Eijirou, “That thing might kill him!” 

“Let’s wait,” Katsuki replied in hushed tones. 

The wolflike creature’s demeanor turned docile as soon as Izuku was in plain sight. It sat like a puppy awaiting instructions. Katsuki’s stance relaxed as he saw that smiling freckled face approach the animal, hands up to show that he meant no harm. Izuku started petting the animal as if it were a puppy. The wolflike breed’s tail wagging happily as if meeting its owner. 

Katsuki tensed again when the animal’s jaws opened, only to be relieved that it started licking and lapping at Izuku’s face. 

“Wha-,” Eijirou said, baffled. 

Katsuki scoffed as he stepped out from his hiding place.

“Kacchan!” Izuku called out as he tried to get the wolf to heel. 

He shook his head, a smirk playing on his lips, “What the hell are you doing here Deku?” 

“Ah, I was looking for this...wolf? Well same, family. But, did you know he’s a really rare breed? Almost mythical, it’s said that his blood can--,” Izuku started muttering a mile a minute, Katsuki smiled as he got caught up in the nerd’s rambles, till he remembered someone else was with them. 

Katsuki’s hair stood on end as he heard the footsteps of Eijirou approach them, he could feel the idiot’s growing smile as he approached the two. This wouldn’t bode well. 

“Wow, that’s impressive.” Eijirou said, interrupting Izuku’s long winded explanation. Katsuki shifted his gaze to his glare at his companion, the man’s shark like teeth glinting in the sun as he grinned, “Is he some kind of beast tamer .” 

“Oi,” started Katsuki, knowing that Eijirou hadn’t been referring to the wolf.  

“Ah! Are you a friend of Kacchan? Hi! I’m Izuku Midoriya!” Izuku stood to greet him. 

“Eijirou. Eijirou Kirishima at your service!” The two shook hands and the redhead turned back to Katsuki, “‘Kacchan’ huh?” 

Katsuki blushed looking away grumbling, “Shut up shitty hair.” 

That afternoon, Katsuki brought Izuku back to their village, along with the wolf, who wouldn’t leave Izuku’s side.

Izuku explained that the wolf wasn’t out to terrorize the village but that it was curious. Izuku pointed out that it was digging up crops, but not destroying them. That he was chasing cattle, but not killing it. After all, it was a wild animal wandering into new territory. Izuku educated Katsuki and Eijirou on the wolf and how to befriend it, and before he knew it Katsuki was left with a new pet that terrorized his own garden instead of the village’s farms. 

“Take care of him Kacchan!”

“As long as he’s not a menace to the village, shitty Deku!” 

Izuku only laughed, and as the day drew to a close, Katsuki had offered a place for Izuku to sleep, as there were no towns nearby. He’ll never forget the way Izuku’s eyes glittered like polished gems under the moonlight at the invitation, nodding enthusiastically with a bright smile plastered on his face. 

It was a moment he’d never forget. He finally understood what odd feeling in his chest that he got whenever he saw him: he was in love. 

The light of the fire gave Izuku’s face a warm glow as they settled in for the evening; a soft smile on his face as he drank hot tea prepared by Katsuki. They sat side by side with Izuku leaning into him as they sat in front of the fire. As the evening progressed, Katsuki could feel Izuku’s weight bearing down more and more until he looked down and saw the nerd was asleep against him. 

Taking the empty cup from him, he placed it on the ground, nudging Izuku awake and telling him to get into bed. Izuku yawned and nodded unquestioningly, got up and trudged over to Katsuki’s bed and promptly flopped onto it. Katsuki shook his head, pulling blankets over his sleeping figure and tucked him in. He sat on the bed watching Izuku’s face and briefly considered slipping beside him; but took pause, unsure that Izuku even felt the same way. 

Just as he was about to get up, Izuku’s hand wrapped around his wrist. Heavy lidded eyes opened slightly, mouth parting, saying, “Stay.” 

Katsuki looked at Izuku seriously and asked, “You sure?” 

Izuku smiled softly, eyes closed, “Yes Kacchan, get into bed with me. Your bed is big.”

Katsuki lifted the numerous furs and slid into bed beside Izuku. The latter turned on his side to face Katsuki and bade him good night. Katsuki followed suit facing Izuku, shuffling a little closer before also whispering “good night.” 

He studied Izuku’s peaceful sleeping face thinking about fate always bringing them together till his own eyelids grew heavy with sleep.

Their relationship shifted shortly after that. 

Katsuki found himself with a recurring visitor under the guise of checking on the wolf. But Izuku often ended up following Katsuki around the village learning about their way of life; something Izuku had been keen on after learning of Katsuki’s “royal” status. Some days, Katsuki wouldn’t be there when Izuku came by, often leaving notes and knick-knacks at Katsuki’s home for him to find. 

He found his bed occupied more often than not. Despite always falling asleep facing each other, they found themselves a mess of limbs in the morning. Katsuki’s arms usually around Izuku, pulling the man’s back flush against his chest, nuzzling into his neck and breathing in his scent deeply. Neither had reacted the first time they woke up like this, they just shared a soft smile and laid in bed just a few moments longer, before going on about their day. Izuku often hugged him with tear filled eyes that refused to fall when he’d say goodbye. 

On those nights following, when his bed was empty, he found himself tossing and turning, missing Izuku’s warmth and scent. 

When Izuku hadn’t dropped by for several weeks, Katsuki had grown irritable with concern. He and Eijirou had to leave for a quest, and he hated the idea of missing Izuku should he decide to stop by in his absence. 

But, he should’ve never questioned or doubted when he’d see Izuku again. After struggling to escape the treacherous mountains after being ambushed by a horde of trolls; Katsuki and Eijirou nearly collapsed by the riverbank when a familiar voice called out to him. 


Katsuki, looked across the river to see Izuku riding a gray horse with blue speckles. Katsuki huffed a faint laugh, the horse would have freckles like Izuku. He watched as he quickly crossed the river with worry etched in his face. Katsuki weakly waved, as he watched another blurry figure follow Izuku closely. 

He watched as Izuku dismounted the horse jogging over to him, taking stock of his injuries before his hands reached to cradle Katsuki’s face. His eyes darted all over the place; his fingers wiping dirt and grime away. 

“What happened?” Izuku whispered. 


Izuku snorted, “They are a testy bunch. You okay? Any major injuries?”

“My side hurts more than anything,” he said, glancing over at Eijirou; someone with white and red hair was attending to him. Katsuki’s brow furrowed, that man didn’t look like an adventurer, but before he could ask, Izuku’s fingers caressed his face, drawing his attention back to him.

“I’ll take care of you, okay?” 

Katsuki nodded in agreement, his eyes sliding closed.

When Katsuki came to, the smell of lavender filled his nose, his eyes slowly opening only to be met with a pair of heterochromatic eyes watching him much too closely. Katsuki flinched, jolting up in bed and he cried out in pain. 

“Agh! Who the fuck are you?!” 

The idiot just blinked at Katsuki, unphased and just as he was about to open his mouth Izuku bursted in, “Kacchan! You’re up! Shou-chan I told you to grab me when he woke up.”

“Well, I was about to, but he started yelling.” 

“Wouldn’t you yell too if some asshole you didn't know was intently staring at you??”


“What kinda—”

“Now, now,” Izuku interjected the two, “Shou-chan, thank you for helping me.”

“I didn’t do anything really, but no problem Izuku. I should be heading back anyways. Take care,” the bi-color haired boy stood up, turning back to Katsuki, “be nice to Izuku.” 


“And off you go, safe travels! Say hello to King Enji and Lady Momo for me!” 

When the asshole left, Izuku said, “You should have been nicer Kacchan, that was Prince Todoroki!” 

Katsuki bristled at that, why the hell was Izuku with another prince? He frowned, but didn’t say anything. Izuku milled about his room grabbing fresh bandages as he went to clean his wounds and rewrap them. He watched Izuku quietly with rapt attention, his gentle hands handling him with care. A soft smile graced his face and Katsuki melted under the touch. They spent several minutes like this, before Izuku got up when he was done. 

He let his eyes scan the room, getting a better look of his surroundings. A small desk sat by the window, overflowing with paper. A bedside table, with more paper and a small lavender plant. The dresser that Izuku stood at had a mirror attached to it. Katsuki looked down at his blanket, warm, handknitted, fluffy pillows.

“Is this your bed?” His voice came out gritty and deep from disuse. 

Izuku smiled, turning to him, “Yeah. it is,” he tilted his head, “where else would you be?” 

Katsuki blinked in surprise, which made Izuku giggle, a smirk grew on his face before retorting, “There’s no place I’d rather be.”

This time Izuku looked taken aback, and Katsuki smiled. Izuku crossed back sitting on the bed and wrapped Katsuki in a light hug.

“Where’ve you been nerd?” Katsuki’s hands stroked Izuku’s back gently. 

“Ah, I was helping Shou-chan gather some herbs and stuff for an elixir  he needed, it took a while to gather everything! I’m sorry I couldn’t visit you and the wolf.”

“Lord Mayhem.”

“What?” Izuku pulled back from his embrace to meet Katsuki’s eyes, his arms draped over Katsuki’s shoulders. Katsuki’s hands stilled on Izuku’s hips. 

“His name is Lord Mayhem.”

“You can’t be serious!” Izuku started laughing mirthfully. 

“He causes mayhem wherever he goes!”

Izuku replies, “Well, you’re not wrong”. 

“See? It’s fitting,” Katsuki’s smirks as he moves to rest his forehead against Izuku’s, their noses brushing lightly.  

Katsuki can’t see it but he can feel Izuku’s smile as he hums thoughtfully, his fingers playing with his hair at the base of Katsuki’s neck, “I missed you Kacchan.” 

The air hangs heavy between them as Izuku’s sentiment settles over them; red eyes looking deeply into green, before sliding closed inching ever closer till their lips touch. 

It’s chaste, warm, sweet. It’s everything that embodies Izuku. Chasing that warm feeling that blooms in his chest, Katsuki deepens their kiss. Izuku’s plush lips part, Katsuki’s tongue delving deeper pulling out a low moan from Izuku.

The two shift to get closer, pulling one another flush, until Katsuki pulls away.

“Ah, fuck! Mother fucker!” He snaps when he pulls Izuku too tightly. 

“Sorry, Kacchan!” Izuku waves his hands apologetically.

There’s a beat of silence and Izuku snorts and says, “We’re going to have to wait a bit longer to do anything else.”

Katsuki’s voice dies in his throat with a whine, he doesn’t really want to, but…

“Promise I’ll make it worth your while,” Izuku mischievously smiles at Katsuki. His light fingers, check the sore area of Katsuki’s torso, “we can cuddle in the meantime!” 

Katsuki rolls his eyes, shifting in the bed, pulling the blanket away to expose the mattress, “Well, what are you waiting for then?” 

Izuku climbs into bed, and lay facing each other, this time their hands interlace in the empty space between them. 

Izuku presses his lips to Katsuki’s hand, nuzzling his face against his pillow. Katsuki’s heart flips at this intimate scene. He returns the favor, pressing kisses into Izuku’s scarred hand. 

“So what’s the deal with the prince? Seems like you’re building a harem of prince’s.”

“Is this your tribe’s version of pillow talk?” 

“Yes, is it working?” Katsuki smirks. 

“So jealousy and pettiness are considered sexy?” 

Katsuki shrugs, “If the shoe fits.” 

“You’re lucky I have an affinity for stuck-up, arrogant Princes,” Izuku starts, “But there’s only one tyrant that I love.” 

Katsuki’s jaw clenches, oh, so he’s in love with the other one, “Oh yeah? Bold of you to say that with another man in your bed.” 

Izuku releases their hands and playfully slaps Katsuki, “There’s no one more tyrannical than you, Kacchan.” Izuku smiles before shuffling closer and placing his hand to cup Katsuki’s face.

“After all, you rule my heart utterly and completely.” 

Katsuki’s heart soars at the words, his hand wrapping around Izuku’s wrist and turning his head to kiss his palm. 

“A loyal subject,” he smiles into Izuku’s hand, and shifts closer, “As your ruler, I demand you love me for the rest of your life.” 

Izuku barked a laugh, “You’re still a Prince, not a King.” 


“Just kidding Kacchan! Besides, I already proclaimed my allegiance. But, please, do tell, what does a loyal subject get in compensation for utter devotion to their King?” Izuku shifts even closer.

“I could tell you, but I’d rather show you,” Katsuki smirks as he watches a blush bloom across Izuku’s freckled cheeks just as he kisses Izuku. 

Katsuki pulls away and Izuku’s demeanor is much more coy and shy after that declaration. He wraps an arm around Izuku and pulls him close, kissing his forehead, “Soon.” 


The days following Katsuki and Eijirou’s healing injuries were spent in quiet recuperation. Izuku milled about his home attending to his two guests. Katsuki had gotten the brunt of the injuries, leaving him bedridden. Shouto often dropped by much to Katsuki’s annoyance, but his tune quickly changed as he realized he posed no threat as he hovered around Eijirou.  

When Eijirou was seen fit to move around, Shouto often took Eijirou out to explore the town Izuku lived in, a part of the Todoroki kingdom. He could tell by the smile on Eijirou’s face that he was quite taken with the prince. Well, better for him and Izuku; they were often left alone together because of Shouto’s distraction. When Katsuki was okay enough to start moving about, they took it slow. Izuku let Katsuki help him around his home, making meals for the four of them, tending to his plants in the multiple gardens around his home. 

Eijirou took it upon himself to travel back to their village solo, saying he should report back to Queen Mituski before a search party was sent for them. But the knowing smile that Eijirou wore on his face didn’t get past Katsuki. He was leaving him behind so he could have more time with him. 

Soon they were going for long walks in the forest, with Izuku showing Katsuki everything about his town, showing Katsuki the same courtesy as he had done for him in his village. 

Katsuki’s favorite time of day was watching the sunset with their hands intertwined as they sat atop a hill just south of Izuku’s home. Izuku had said that this was where he’d go after coming home from an adventure. It helped him relax, soothe his soul. It was his sanctuary, and that he was elated it was now something he could share with Katsuki. 

There was something about the quiet domesticity they submersed themselves in. It was something Katsuki could get used to. It was something he wanted to have every day. 

Each night had been spent in one another’s arms with soft kisses and tentative touches. Katsuki’s side was still sore, so they didn’t push their luck. In the mornings, Katsuki would slip out of bed, slowly stretching out his body, building his strength back. It was getting harder and harder to hold back with Izuku.

Katsuki was in the garden tending to Izuku’s small patch of vegetables when Izuku came bounding out of his house, papers clutched in hand. 

“Kacchan! Kacchan!”

Katsuki stood up just in time to catch the man leaping at him, “Oi! Be careful!!” 

“Sorry!” jumped back Izuku, “but! I just, Kacchan, something amazing will be happening tonight!” 

“Well? What is it?”

“I was looking over the star charts I’ve been mapping, and cross referencing some old scrolls at the Todoroki castle, and if my calculations are right, assuming the perfect weather tonight and—”

Katsuki pinches Izuku’s lips, “Oi, streamline it.” 

Izuku nods slowly and Katsuki releases his lips. 

“Ah, well. I think there might be, um, falling stars tonight. We can watch it from the top of the hill!” 

“Falling stars? That’s not real. It’s a myth.” 

“But what if it’s not! Kacchan, we have to go! For science! Besides, you love going to the hill! Let’s go star watching!”

Katsuki thinks for a moment. That’s actually not a bad idea , he thinks, might be just the perfect setting.  

“Yeah, okay. We’ll go. You won’t let it go otherwise.” 

Izuku runs back into his home and starts to gather things he’d need to document the event. Katsuki finishes up in the garden and starts to prepare food, and bundles up some blankets and furs. He even manages to secure items to make a makeshift tent. When everything is rolled up and packed, it’s still early evening. Katsuki prepares them dinner, pulling Izuku away from his desk to eat a proper meal.

Before the sun starts to set, the two grab their belongings and hike up their hill. Katsuki immediately constructs a tent with practiced ease, draping a few of the animal hides and furs across the frame of sticks.

Izuku’s laying out his leather journal, compass, and a plethora of quills and graphite.  

Katsuki creates a small pit in the ground to start a fire to keep them warm and to make tea. Luckily it’s a comfortable clear night, with little wind to disrupt them. When he’s done prepping their temporary home, he sits beside Izuku, throwing a fur over both their shoulders. 

Izuku engages in idle chatter, showing his sketches and explaining everything to Katsuki who tries to pay attention, but he’s distracted by how the moon always seems to make Izuku look ethereal. Wrapping an arm around Izuku, he pulls the both of them backwards till they’re looking up at the night sky. 

They lay in comfortable silence staring up at the night sky, Izuku’s hand seeking out Katsuki’s.

Just as their hands joined, Katsuki thought he was seeing things. He saw a flash of light zoom across the sky, within a few moments Izuku was sitting upright again as a few more lights scattered across the sky. Izuku squeezes Katsuki’s hand. 

“It’s happening Kacchan,” he says jumping to his feet, “it’s real!” 

Thousands of stars descended across the sky, streaking bright flashes of white in their wake and Katsuki’s breath hitched as he watched Izuku jumping up and down in excitement, turning back to look at Katsuki. 

Izuku’s eyes were a vivid green in the darkness, full of mirth and joy of having figured this phenomenon out. Katsuki walks up behind him, wrapping his arms around Izuku’s waist, resting his chin on Izuku’s neck as he watches the falling stars pass them by. He smiles against Izuku’s ear, “You are smart after all.” 

Izuku playfully slaps at the forearms around his middle, “Is this more of your tribe’s pillow talk?” he cranes his head to look at Katsuki. 

“Maybe,” he answers again, “is it working?” 

Izuku turns around in his embrace, wrapping his arms around Katsuki’s neck and kissing him chastely on the lips, “Maybe.” 

Katsuki pulls him close, “‘m lucky,” he mumbles, “lucky I got to watch this with you.” 

Izuku smiles, his eyes glittering lime emeralds, “Me too. Thank you Kacchan, for being here.” 

Katsuki leans forward, one hand reaching to tilt Izuku’s head up and kisses him tenderly, and swiping his tongue across Izuku’s bottom lip. 

“There’s no place I’d rather be,” he echoes the sentiment from the other night. 

Both their eyes slide close as their lips reconnect, the kiss deepening with each movement. Katsuki’s fingers move to unbutton Izuku’s vest, sliding it off easily before reaching for the hem of Izuku’s tunic and pulling it off of him. 

With more frenzied kisses, Izuku pulls off Katsuki’s tunic, their skin burning hot against each other despite the cold air that surrounds them. Katsuki pulls them down to the fur laid out below them, pinning Izuku below him, his calloused hands running over Izuku’s pale skin littered with freckles. He drinks in Izuku’s bare skin, trailing kisses down his body as Izuku squirms and writhes. Small moans and pants emit from Izuku’s throat as Katsuki’s lips brush against his pelvic bone. His fingers unbuckle the leather belt of Izuku’s pants, pulling them down to expose Izuku’s tented underpants. 

Katsuki pulls those down, exposing his hardened member. He presses kisses around the base of Izuku’s cock, the shaft rubbing against his cheek with each movement. He looks up to Izuku, propped up on his elbows, mouth hanging open in anticipation. Katsuki reaches up with one hand to push Izuku back to a lying position, as he licks and laps at his length. 

Izuku falls back with a frustrated groan, but doesn’t protest Katsuki's ministrations. He wraps his lips around the crown of Izuku’s cock, sucking gently and swirling his tongue around it. Izuku tenses under him, his back slightly arching off the ground. Katsuki’s hand reaches to palm his own erection as he descends down Izuku’s cock.

He makes quick work to undo his own pants as he bobs up and down, pulling his erection from his constraints, stroking himself with one hand while he alternatively sucks and uses his other hand to stroke Izuku’s shaft. 

Moans pour out of Izuku, his hands combing through Katsuki’s blond hair. 

“Ka-Kacchan,” he stutters, “feels good.” 

Katsuki pops off, “Oh yeah? I’ll make you feel even better.”

He sits back on his knees, reaching for Izuku’s boots and pulling them off to undress Izuku completely.

“On your knees Deku,” he says lowly. 

Izuku turns on his knees, presenting himself to Katsuki. The blond’s hands rest on each of Izuku’s cheeks, spreading them wide to reveal Izuku’s pink hole. He leans in close, flattening his tongue against Izuku’s taint and licking a stripe across his entrance. Izuku groans lowly, “fuck.”

Katsuki swirls his tongue, prodding at Izuku’s hole before sliding it past the tight ring of muscle. Izuku cries out and twists his body to get a look at Katsuki, his hand again reaching to card through his hair, “Kacchan,” he whispers breathlessly. 

He rumbles a response that pulls an elongated moan from Izuku. Katsuki reaches for Izuku’s shaft and starts to stroke him in tandem with his rimming. Izuku’s moans and cries get louder, his body tenses, and Katsuki pulls back, earning a whine from Izuku. 

The blond goes about completely stripping too. He moves closer to Izuku’s heat, spitting onto his cock to get it lubed up. He spits on Izuku’s ass, using his fingers to smear it around, and then presses a digit in. Izuku tenses at the intrusion, but quickly relaxes upon Katsuki’s instruction. 

Katsuki slides his finger in and out, getting Izuku accustomed to it before sliding another finger in mixed with more spit. He scissors Izuku open, he mewls and his hips pushing back seeking more friction. He cries out loudly when Katsuki brushes past a particular spot. 

Once Izuku’s comfortable with that he adds a third finger and repeats it till Izuku is ready for him. He pulls his fingers out and guides his cock to Izuku’s asshole. Just as he’s about to press in, Izuku interrupts him. 

“Wait,” he says looking back at Katsuki, “I want to see you.” 

Katsuki eases off and Izuku flips to his back, legs widening for Katsuki to slot between. Steadying a hand on Izuku’s knee, Katsuki re-aligns himself, pressing the head against Izuku’s hole. He starts to push in and it earns him a pitiful cry, Katsuki pauses letting Izuku get comfortable, and waits for the go ahead. 

He pushes further when Izuku nods at him to continue. He takes his time filling Izuku up, feeling his tight walls pulsating against his length. He grits his teeth, Izuku feels so damn good around him. Fully seated, he waits till Izuku is ready. 

Thrusts are slow but deep, Izuku moaning low, his fingers digging into Katsuki’s back. Katsuki starts to pull out little by little, his hips undulating against Izuku, who arches his back in response. Katsuki lays atop Izuku, arms braced on the earth below them as he uses that as leverage to drive into him.

Katsuki moans into Izuku’s neck as he litters it with kisses and light bruises from sucking on his delicate skin. Izuku’s knees tighten at Katsuki’s waist when he hits Izuku’s prostate making him cry out for more, “Ah, Kacchan, there. Feels so good, please. More Kacchan, more.”

He picks up his pace, hitting Izuku’s sweet spot over and over, the man below him falling apart, chanting “Katsuki” over and over. Hearing his given name sends a thrill down Katsuki’s back, feeling the coiling heat in his lower abdomen pulling tight. 

“Fuck, Izuku, ‘m close,” he grits out against Izuku’s ear. 

“Me too,” Izuku pants, his hands find their way to Katsuki’s face, pulling it to meet his, their faces barely touching save for the heat of their moans and pants against each of their lips. 

Izuku crashes his lips into Katsuki’s for a soul-searing kiss, causing Katsuki to fuck into Izuku deeper and harder, Izuku moans into Katsuki’s mouth before pulling away. 

Green eyes gaze into red as he confesses, “I love you Katsuki.” 

Katsuki’s hips stutter as he explodes inside and fills Izuku. Izuku’s come splatters between them, painting their stomachs milky white. Katsuki rests his forehead against Izuku’s as they catch their breaths. 

Katsuki pulls away first, wiping both of them down clean, before pulling Izuku’s tunic over his head. Izuku looks too comfortable to move, so he goes to fetch the rest of the blankets from inside the tent and drapes them over Izuku’s sleepy form. He pulls on his tunic as well, and slides under the pile of blankets, pulling Izuku to him, peppering his face with soft kisses while stroking his back. Izuku sighs happily into Katsuki’s chest. 

Green eyes slowly blink up at him exhibiting fatigue. Katsuki leans in to kiss Izuku deeply before replying, “I love you too, Izuku.” 

The smile that blooms across Izuku’s face is another image that Katsuki will never forget.

Under the moonlight and thousands of falling stars, with the one person that Katsuki wants by his side for his life? 

There’s no place he’d rather be.