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Bilbo Baggins barely spoke. He would always clutch onto Gandalf as if he was a light in the darkest pit of Mordor. His parents dead. His relatives giving false comfort when all they wanted was everything that Bilbo had and they didn't. Bilbo was a peculiar fauntling. Both in appearance and mind set compared to the other hobbit children. Curls the color of dirty wheat and each eye, oddly cat like, with their slitted pupils. One the color of the Shires beloved hills. The other the color of the warmth giving sun.
The Hobbits of the shire did not like this young traumatized hobbit lad. If not for his appearance then for his personality. He use to play with the fauntlings inside the shire. However, he wouldn't play with them any longer, instead venturing out of the shire and into the woods long after dark. By himself with no frightened air about him.
But even more strange was the out-right insult Belladonna made in her will to Lobelia Sackville-Baggins. That she could, and I quote, "Drown in a lake before I hand over my land and my son to your greedy clumsy fingers!" and then having the Gal to make Gandalf, an Istari, a Wizard of all things, be the boy's guardian! the gossip going through the Shire was notorious. If hobbits liked food, then they liked gossip even more.

But many did support Gandalf in raising the strange hobbit child. Because when the hobbits found Belladonna and Bungo's smial empty Lobelia stayed behind claiming that she alone would watch the house to see if they returned while everyone else was to search. When they did find the boy, they wept at the sight. Bilbo was on his knees, hands holding his parents hands; Eyes frightened and glazed. Belladonna's body to his immediate right, Bungo's to his left. Their faces up and distorted in a scream. Blood every where... there were bodies of several hobbits. But there were even more bodies of orcs and wargs. Blood seeping out of their mouths, nose, eyes, and ears. Their bodies steaming unnaturally when the lake is frozen over. Stranger still the child forgot everything about his parents. He just looked at everything with horror. Nightmares will plague the boy for the rest of his life. But when the boy was finally made to stand and hushed back to the warmth the shire could provide, Bilbo screamed. For Lobelia Sack-villebaggins was waltzing out of the house with everything she could carry. Many other hobbits stopped her, but they never did find the silver-ware. Bilbo claims it was in her pockets. Thankfully Gandalf arrived after this affair and ushered the poor Baggins heir inside. No one really knows what went on in the smial. But Bilbo was bright and cheery the next day. Gandalfs handprints were all over this.