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As The Divine Light Breaks

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This is Eos international space station message reserved Nerv Central awaiting confirmation.

Radhak looked out the window at the galaxy and stars and earth below as Kaji spoke calmly. "Conformation reserved sending up two pilots to you now, they should be breaking atmosphere within two minutes, please stand by."

Radhak turned eyeing the others at their panels along with Caia who was second in command. "Who do you think they're sending?" Caia didn't look up as she carried typing. "They didn't say, last time it was Shinji and Kaworu."

Radhak pushed his dark hair back. "Yes but we saw them in the atmosphere yesterday and they only just got back from Dubai as they were both helping with building work over there as Shinji is really good at putting up the skyscraper foundations that can be used to lower buildings."

He paused. "Mari, we saw shadowing the UN fleet with Toji yesterday as well but they would never send her to do space work she's just not trained enough as you have to pilot an Evangelion for at least two years or more before they allow them up into space."

Caia folded her arms. "Well whoever they send I just want it to be quick, the Mars orbiter will be here in a week's time and we need the secondary arm fitted to help them dock we can't use our first arm it's purely for science only and use it to beam feed to Nerv."

Radhak folded his arm over his astronaut's suit, which was quite thick leather and was based on the same technology as the Nerv plug suits but they weren't as thin or as body hugging as they weren't used to sync with Evangelion technology but they did have heart rate read outs just like them though.

He breathed in deeply sitting back in his chair. "They've spent four years on Mars they better bring some worthwhile shit back this time, last time we spent two years analyzing dead rock samples." Caia looked up at her friend who was from India while she was from Italy. "Yes but it was interesting none the less."

Radhak breathed in deeply. "Yes if you love that kind of crap, I don't I want them to find dead organisms or at least one fascinating thing." He looked up seeing the two huge cases shields with the Evangelion's break atmosphere. There secondary rockets falling away on both shields as they carried moving towards them one of them had their new attachment fixed to its upper section he watched as they both came up on either side stopping as there rockets went to the special stationary position so they wouldn't move.

Kaji's voice came again. "Please stand by tapping you into the pilot's personals feeds their faces should appear momentarily."

Caia watched as both shields slowly opened as Misato's voice came over the com. "We sent you our best two for this." She watched as unit 02 appeared floating out in to space its huge clawed feet pushing it away from the shield as its massive muscled lycanthrope body swirled.

As the clawed hand came out as the miniature fitted rockets fired so the whole body could move through space the two tails had wrapped together as the four green eyes glowed and the massive crest came into view with its demon like horns which really stuck out. She could also see the massive upward facing sabre teeth and wide sharp toothed jaws though they were covered with a jaw restraint to keep the cold of space from freezing them and the inner tongue and throat.

Its whole body painted in red as it carried gracefully swerving around the space station stopping at the section some way from them. "They sent Asuka Langley Soryu?" Radhak turned seeing 00 come free with its similar lycanthrope body type though in a much leaner muscular version.

With its similar jaw set, though both the long upper and lower canines, which were all, lacerated and curved over on both the super and lower jaw and like 02, they were covered with the same kind of restraint to keep the cold out.

It had a large three sectioned horned crest on both sides of the face and its single swivel red eye was turning as it eased up its huge thick tail which was body length much like 02's but had a razor ended cutting part it moved pulling the new arm off the shield as it slowly worked its way over to 02 who was waiting calmly.

"As well as Rei Ayanami that's a surprise." Caia watched as Asuka's face appeared on screen he could see her very long red hair with its interface clips and her patched left eye as her good piecing blue eye scanned a holographic schematic.

She was wearing the new plug suit type with white shoulder and dark green stripes and around her neck was a green and silver endless knot symbol which had been a gift from Rei and never left her neck. Rei face appeared opposite with its soft green eyes and short dusty light brown hair and white interface clips and a pendent with three interlocking white gold triangle's all combined which was on a semi thick woven white gold and blue necklace which was called the Valknut or Odin's knot.

She was also in the new plug suit types which had whiter shoulder though her bars were sharp light blue, he'd heard her old one had been put to rest last week after the angel Bardiel incident as it just wasn't responding anymore to her changed Evangelion and had been put in the visitor centre along with Asuka's tattered red one from the UN Alpha test unit accident which had blinded her in her left eye and was how the angel Bardiel had gotten in to her mind to start with.

He looked up knowing he could now speak directly to them both and from what he had heard they were a couple now along with Kaworu and Shinji. "Testing, please respond that you are both receiving?" Rei spoke calmly as her unit began to un-wrap the new arm as unit 02 started helping. "Receiving you loud and clear Eos and I have to say – "

She looked up. "Space looks beautiful today."

Caia smiled. "Is it ever?" She eyed Asuka. "Are you receiving Langley?" Asuka turned a sly smile forming. "Yes, receiving you loud and clear." Radhak watched as unit 00 slowly eased up the arm placing it in the new section as 02 pulled the space tools off its knees which had been put there so she could work on it. "I heard you ate the angel Bardiel."

Asuka didn't look up as she started to work. "Yes." Caia paused the last time Asuka had been up here was after Shamshel and neither she nor Radhak had been in charge then so they had no idea what she was like but Nerv had made it very clear that she was really good at mechanical work. "It's just I saw the footage that was kind of violent and you ate two thirds of him."

Asuka looked up for a moment. "Yeah well he was a creep who invaded my mind and got into my personal life and made me really verfickte uncomfortable so when I got the chance and expelled him from my body then through my Evangelion – yes I ate him."

Rei looked up smiling calmly her unit held the arm as Asuka carried on working in 02. "What Asuka means is it wasn't fun for either of us and he made her really angry."

Radhak smirked. "Well who wouldn't get angry? Who wants a third wheel anyway?" He paused looking at Asuka whose unit was now fixing in the massive brackets while Rei was holding her units tools in the huge blue clawed hands. "We keep getting e-mails from your older step sister Mari."

Asuka rolled her good eye. "Please tell me she's not sending lewd comments about how that new device you have for measuring dark matter reminds her of a massive dick." Caia turned as one of the team at the terminal spat out their coffee behind her while a few others smirked. "No it was more that she was desperate for one of our special drink bottles." She paused. "We have one to send down to her it's in our return package."

Asuka blinked in confusion. "Return package?" Rei looked up. "It's fine I know where that is I'll pick it up." Radhak breathed in clearing his throat. "So I've heard that your left eye glows and you can make your teeth grow when you're angry, Nerv told us all about it can we see it?"

Asuka took the huge tool from Rei's units hand as she tightened the last bolt. "You know it's not a party trick."

Caia looked up pushing her brown hair back. "Oh come on please we get bored up here and they promised us you'd do it." Rei turned looking at Asuka speaking softly. "Go on Asuka, it won't hurt you at all." Asuka eased her hands away from her controls looking directly as him as she snarled at him feeling her back molars turn to razors on both sides and both her canine teeth slightly extended as her right eye ignited.

Caia looked at the light coming through the patch. "That is so fascinating do we get to see what's under the patch?" Asuka eyed them as she took hold of her controls again knowing her teeth would go back to normal once she started working again and the warm feeling would go from her eye as its blue and white light faded away. "No."

Radhak put his hands together. "But we are astronauts we are changing the world and must see all." Asuka didn't look up as she started moving the huge power cables in to place on the new arm. "Yeah and I'm an Evangelion pilot I eat angels for breakfast and save the world from ugly verfickte creations like Bukavac, I outrank the both of you."

Caia looked at Rei folding her arms in annoyance as she spoke evenly. "Your girlfriend has a real way with words."

Rei eyed her screen she knew that wasn't a compliment she could tell by Caia's voice tone she felt a smile form she was going to throw it back in her face just for the fun of it. "Doesn't she just, hence why I love her that much." She smiled inwardly watching as Caia blinked in surprise. "She's also a wonderful engineer, you should be really grateful that she's the one fixing your space stations new arm because though the other Evangelion pilots including myself all have degrees she's the only one who has real engineering and mechanical experience."

Asuka moved her units clawed hands fixing the final cables in to place. "Okay its ready would you like to test it?" Radhak breathed in pressing the buttons on his hologram screen. "Shiva, be merciful let this work without fault." He watched as the arm powered up as software code loaded he turned to Caia. "This is your arena."

Caia watched as both units backed away getting to safe distance she watched as the holographic controls appeared opposite she raised her hands putting them on it pressing down watching as the huge arm started to move back and forth. "It worked first time that's a first." Radhak turned sharply. "Don't jinx it."

Caia opened the huge grabbing arm watching as 02 moved back towards its open shield while 00 shifted through mid-air floating on it as it moved grabbing the package which was seated on the open bay as it moved towards the shield. "Okay we will have to keep you here another half hour just to run all tests but after that you can both leave." Asuka rolled her good eye as she moved her controls into locked position as she pushed 02's feet back in to the shield bracing. "Great…"

Rei looked at her image on screen as she put 00's clawed feet into position on the shield turning their channel to private so Eos couldn't listen in. "It's not so bad you get a great view of the earth." Asuka looked down turning 02's head even from here she could see the dead zone of second impact which now only hung above the Antarctica but everything above it was green and blue and filled with light. "I've never seen earth from here before, it's stunning."

Rei looked down at the planet. "I heard you went up after Shamshel with Shinji." Asuka looked down feeling a smile form. "Yeah but I was his guard, I also never once looked behind me so I just didn't see all this." She slowly pulled the drawing pen bringing up the drawing program as she started to sketch. "Do you think if I painted this it would look good in the Elysium gallery?"

Rei looked up as watched her sketch. "Yeah I think it would be great I mean we are visiting a couple of days so hopefully they can go through all of your works."

End of part 1