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Life Of The Party

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Cocaine. Heroin. Weed. Alcohol.


Was there any difference? For Bucky Barnes, he couldn’t careless. As long as it gave him the feeling of forgetting who he was, that’s all that matters to him. His band, The Winter Soldier, had just finished performing in ten other countries for their international tour and now resided back in their home of New York City. Though, the fun was just beginning again when one of Bucky’s managers, Tony Stark (and a party animal himself), hosts a party to celebrate their growing success.


Their band consisted of four members: Bucky Barnes as the lead singer, Sam Wilson as bassist, Steve Rogers was on drums, and Natasha Romanoff who plays guitar and also sings. Their music was crazy popular among young adults and teens who probably rebel on a daily basis.


Though with the party that was currently on-going in Tony’s mansion, Bucky was having a hard time focusing on what was going on in front of him when the rest of the party noise was happening around him. Girls sat beside him or laid on him like arm candy on the couch and while he would be busy with them, something serious was happening.


“I can’t keep doing this, you guys!” Natasha fumed to Steve, Sam, and Bucky. Steve and Sam did their best to calm her down but she already had enough with Bucky’s shit.


“Come on, Natasha. Why don’t we take this somewhere so we don’t cause a scene.” Steve offered. Natasha flipped him off in annoyance.


“Cause a scene? I’ll cause a scene if I want to! But look at what Bucky has been doing!” She pointed at him. “Yeah we had our share of fun after international performances but each time, he gets high off his ass and the next day when we do sound checks and perform live he does terribly!” Bucky was now pushing himself off the couch but in such a manner that Natasha could tell he wasn’t functioning properly. It pissed her off even more.


“Natasha… why don’t you chill the fuck out for once and stop worrying about me?” He countered, almost stumbling to the ground if it weren’t for Sam to hold him up.


“Fuck you all. I’m done with the band. You guys are stupid to support this drug addict. One day he won’t make it to the day he’s twenty-eight years old.” Natasha stomped off after mentioning the infamous twenty-seven club. She was never to be seen again in the future but for Bucky, he stopped his men from pursuing after her.


“Let that bitch be. She was ungrateful anyways ‘cause she was never able to get this dick.” Bucky grabbed at his crotch playfully before laughing and sitting back with his girls. Steve and Sam gave each other one look, worried now about their future of the band as Natasha’s words finally sunk in.




On the other hand during the night that The Winter Soldier partied, word broke out to the news that your band, The LadyKillers, were scheduled to perform for their last time tonight. You, Wanda, and Carol gave your all in one of the biggest venues of New York for the one final performance and while the media couldn’t begin to explain why your band was breaking up, it was amongst you and your ladies about why. Carol and Wanda felt that the gig wasn’t for them anymore and while you found it to be stupid, they were encouraging you to start a solo career.


The idea was amazing and when you told your shit manager and father, he had other words to say about it. “You’re band is not famous enough for you to be able to go on a solo career. We need you to be stable before that happens.”


“What? What do you mean?”


“No worries. I’ve gotten a call from Tony Stark from The Winter Soldier to get you a firsthand audition. You know they racked up millions of dollars on their international performance! Could this day get any better?” You manager laughed aloud. You groaned as your father was always talking about money. He always got rich off of you and while you wanted so badly to have things your way, he didn’t budge an inch at any of your requests.


“But dad! I don’t like Bucky Barnes! It’s either I’m going solo or not singing at all!” You protested, hoping that your father would give in to your first choice but instead, his tone became low like a growl.


“You’re not wasting your talent, YN. You do as I say or I am going to release those photos and that information I got on you back when you were twenty-three. Do you want that to swarm around in the media?”


You were shocked to hear that your father would blackmail you but you were more worried about your career to fight him about it. In seeing your face drop horrendously, he smirked proudly at himself for the comeback. He didn’t want to have to do this but if you were ever to disobey him, he could easily turn your life upside down and have all your fans become enemies.


And that would be more damaging to your dream solo career.