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All Over Again

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His head throbbed, no it was more so like pounding, the blood drummed against his skull and made the world tilt off axis. An incessant pulsating pain that peaked with each hammering beat of his heart, squeezing behind his eyes and making the Omega’s stomach roll. Persistent beeping somewhere beside him pierced his ears, a shrill alarm that set his teeth on edge and echoed through his brain. Gods he shouldn’t have stayed up late with his friends the night before, he had known drinking at the graduation party was going to come back and bite him in his ass. His mother was going to kill him when he finally dragged himself from bed, he’d promised to help her around the house before work. The Omega needed to save up as much as he could before he headed off to college in the fall.

He moved under the warm, heavy blanket laid atop him causing his nest to shift and rustle, the scent bleed deep into the fabrics drifted through the air. His nose twitched and picked up something not quite right, he inhaled deeply and breathed in the essence of the room. His nest smelled like home, like him- soft and sweet and lightly floral, his lavender scent cocooned him in warmth. But another underlying scent piqued his interest, there intertwined with his own and mixing beautifully like a soft lavender field in the forest. An earthy scent, faintly sweet but woodsy, it was rich and deep and it caused his heart to flutter. Sandalwood his brain supplied, that absolutely divine scent lightly mixed within his nest was sandalwood. His eyebrows drew together as he tried to remember the night before, he hadn’t seen any alphas at the party who smelled similarly. He was certain he had spent the night plastered to his friends, Taehyung in fact had latched onto the Omega most of the night, the Alpha’s not so subtle way of keeping an eye on him. None of the friends within their group smelled of something so addicting, so deep and powerful, it called to his wolf.

The pulse pounding behind his eyes reminded the Omega of the headache that battered his brain. He scrunched his eyes and let them flutter open, vision hazy and blurred as stars swept across his sight. God, he was pretty sure he was going to throw up, and then he was going to kill his friends. No matter how much begging and convincing they tried, he would never go out to a party like that again. He blinked his eyes in an attempt to clear his vision, to bring everything back into focus. Light filtered into the room and cast shadows across his nest, his eyes focused on a small table across the room, a quaint bouquet of flowers sat atop bringing color to the blank white walls. He blinked again, closing and opening his eyes to allow them to refocus again and again on the beautiful purple blooms, lavender. He felt his heart rate accelerate as his breath caught in his throat, this wasn’t his room, this wasn’t his home, this wasn’t his nest.

The door clicked open drawing his attention and he watched as a small female Beta entered, her soft fruity smell traveled through the room and reached his nose. She adjusted the vase of flowers before setting some clean linens along the table and turned toward his bed, eyes wide as she looked his direction and their gazes locked. He stared into her large chocolate eyes and wondered whom she was, where he was? His scent clouded with smoke, the delicate floral aroma turned faded and decayed, a pull tugged harshly at his stomach but he ignored it in favor of observing the stranger.

“Oh, you’re awake!” Her voice was calm and steady, barely above a whisper as she moved slowly to his side.

He took in her light blue scrubs before his eyes studied the room, the crisp white walls, well-worn couch and plain, drab tables. His eyes landed on the hospital equipment set up beside the bed, heart monitors and IV drips, oxygen tanks and other screens with numbers he didn’t understand the meaning of. She adjusted the IV in the back of his hand, a slight sting that made him wince and tense from the pain, before she adjusted the blanket rested across his body. She tucked the edges around him, the mounds of blankets and pillows and well-worn clothing shifted around her movement, stirring up the heavenly lavender forest scent again.

“Are you feeling okay? I’ll go get the doctor and let her know you’re awake and bring you some water.” She smiled softly at the Omega before turning and gliding toward the door. She turned in the frame and smiled softly at him from the entrance, “Oh, I will let your visitors know you’ve awoken as well and send them in as soon as I can.”

He stared out the empty doorway into the hospital hall, nurses and doctors and guests ambled by as the hushed whispers of voices finally hit his ears. The Omega glanced around the room in hopes perhaps the boring hospital decor would answer for why he was situated inside a hospital. The room was filled with the acrid, sweet stench of decaying flowers as distress rolled off of him in waves, what happened the night before? His thoughts were interrupted by a new scent wafting through the small space, clean and fragrant and earthy, it reminded him of pine trees set out for display during the holidays. His eyes found the tall Alpha as she walked confidently through the door and strode to his bedside and smiled down at him.

“Welcome back, I’m Dr. Lee,” she started, hands and eyes assessed his face and down his neck as her fingers softly palpitated his skin, purposefully skipping over his scent gland in her path.

“Can you tell me your name?” Jimin looked questioningly at the Alpha as the previous nurse bustled in quickly and set a plastic tumbler full of ice cold water on the stand next to his bed. The Omega didn’t realize how parched he was until his eyes zoned in on the condensation trailing slowly down the side of the container, his small hands shot out from the blanket and wrapped around the cool plastic, bringing the straw to his plush lips and sucking in greedily.

“Slow down now. I don’t need you throwing up, can you tell me your name?”

“J-Jimin, Park Jimin.” He croaked, his throat scratched- parched like the Sahara desert, the Omega brought the straw back to his lips and closed his eyes as the cool, smooth liquid flowed down his throat.

“Great, very good. Can you tell me the last thing you remember?”

Jimin closed his eyes again and tried to remember what had happened the night before, his head throbbed and vision reeled as the world tilted, he grabbed at his temple as the tumbler of water sloshed in his grip. The smell of rotting flowers and smoke filled the room, his stomach pulled again at a feeling he was unfamiliar with, at something connected to him and calling to the Omega.

“Woah, woah, okay. It’s okay. Don’t strain too hard, you’ve had quite the fall and you’re still recovering from a head injury. Anything that pops immediately to mind, the first memory you remember.” The Alpha gripped his arm and pulled the beverage from his grasp, setting it back down onto the flat surface as she pushed the Omega back into the soft, plush comfort of his nest. Her soothing pine scent filled the room, calming pheromones released that helped to ease the tension from his body as his distressed scent dissipated.

“U-uh, um, I remember the graduation party. I swear I didn’t drink that much, oh god, please don’t tell my mom.” Jimin watched her face scrunch in confusion and worry, the Alpha grabbed her clipboard and jotted down some notes as her eyes skimmed over the information printed along the paper.

“I have another question, it might seem strange, but please answer truthfully for me, Jimin. Can you tell me how old you are?” The Omega peered up at her, his silvery gray eyes wide and frightened at the implications of what might had happened the night before, his memories all jumbled and fuzzy within his brain.

“I’m eighteen, about to turn nineteen,” he whispered. This was it, he’d been roofied at the party and woke up in the hospital, gods knows what happened. Maybe he’d been assaulted or even worse could he have been raped? Would he lose his spot at college? His scent spiked again as worry flooded his system, dozens of awful scenarios crashed into his thoughts, thick cloying aroma saturating the room.

“Shh, it’s okay. Jimin, I need you to take some deep breaths and listen to me. This is going to be very shocking I think, but I need to know you are paying attention and that you’ll try to remain calm.” The Alpha released more calming pheromones in waves, they undulated off the doctor and filled the room, enough to suffocate anyone else who might happen to walk into the small space.

“You came into the hospital after an accident at your dance studio, you hit your head pretty hard. You’ve been asleep for the better part of three days now. We didn’t know if any damage had occurred and waited until you woke up, you are okay, but it looks like you are suffering from some memory loss.”

The Omega’s hand shot up to cup the back of his head, fingers carded through his soft strands and found the large, sensitive knot that protruded from his crown. Well, that certainly explained the headache that was ready to rip his skull in two. But memory loss, his eyebrows knitted together as he tried to imagine what he’d forgotten, he tried to search his brain for memories and winced at the fuzzy fog that clouded his vision.

“Hey now, none of that. Relax for me, Jimin. I need you to look at me again, okay?” The Alpha’s voice was smooth and reassuring, the Omega’s eyes peered back into the doctor’s bright hazel gaze. “Jimin, you're not eighteen anymore… you just turned twenty-seven a couple months ago.”

“W-what?” He gasped, he jerked back into the plush pillow and away from the Alpha beside him. Eight years? He couldn’t remember eight years of his life?

• ❅ •

The call had come while they were gathered in the cafeteria, the group having dragged the Alpha downstairs to eat, physically pulling him from the Omega’s room and into the awaiting elevator. He’d begrudgingly sat and shoved food into his mouth, everything bland and dry against his taste buds, his wolf howling at him to get back to the elevator… to get back upstairs into that room. He’d jolted at the sudden pull in his stomach, rising quickly to his feet as his phone had erupted inside his pocket, he didn’t need to check who was calling-- the Alpha already running toward the bank of elevators situated outside the cafeteria, his friends rushed after him.

The group of friends now sat impatiently in the small waiting room the Beta had directed them too, well except for the Alpha who paced a worn spot into the carpet, the repetitive thud of his shoes along the floor somewhat comforting. The thick, clouded scent of distress filled the space, a burning forest that made the occupants’ noses itch as the odor poured off the Alpha during his repetitions. The Omega in the room had attempted to release calming pheromones to stifle the heaviness in the air, but his own emotions made it hard to comfort the others nearby, each of them worried for their friend in the room across the hall. Five heads snapped up as the monotonous marching ceased, the Alpha’s gaze fixated on the figures moving in and out of the room.

“Jungkook, Jungkook, please come sit down. The doctor said she would come and tell you what was going on as soon as she could. He’s awake, we’ll see him soon.” The Omega attempted to direct the Alpha away from his consistent patrol, to sit the man down so perhaps he could help freshen the air, so the group could breathe easily even during this worrisome situation.

“They’ve been in there for over an hour!,” he growled, his eyes flashed as he turned from the hallway and glanced back at Seokjin, the Omega stood and squared his shoulders at the distraught Alpha. Jin sucked in a lungful of air and approached the tensed male, he once again attempted to release soothing pheromones into the air as he rested his hands across the Alpha’s strong broad shoulders.

“She’ll be in here soo-“ the Omega snapped his mouth closed as the strong scent of pine wafted into the small waiting area, the doctor striding into the room and glancing around at the worried faces of those sat within. Chairs shifted and groaned as the occupants sat up and leaned forward, each on the edge of their seats as they waited for the doctor to inform them on their friend’s condition.

“Would you like for me to speak to you alone or address the group?” The Alpha directed her question toward Jungkook, the man turned and moved closer to the woman. He glimpsed around the room at his friends before bringing his attention back to the doctor.

“It depends how sensitive the information,” he answered. The others sat quietly behind him, they knew that this decision was his alone and they would respect whatever the Alpha decided.

“I can speak to you privately about some of the details, but the general consensus can be told to the group if that’s okay with you?” The Alpha nodded at the doctor and she dipped her head in acknowledgement before addressing the group, her body stayed angled toward Jungkook though her words were loud so as to carry to the others in the room.

“Physically he is okay, though he’s got probably the worst headache of his life right now. Mentally… he appears to be suffering from traumatic amnesia.”

The Alpha across the room stood quickly from his chair, his warm, spicy scent trailed through the room as he strode forward to stand beside Jungkook. His arm wrapped around the other Alpha’s shoulders in silent support, they each cared deeply for the Omega in the other room, their bonds of friendship woven intricately.

“What do you mean by traumatic amnesia?” His deep voice echoed through the room, six pairs of eyes locked on the doctor as she smiled reassuringly at them, Taehyung squeezed Jungkook’s shoulder in consolation.

“The fall and subsequent blow to his head was enough to, let’s say, mix things up a bit. His body is trying to protect itself and it felt this was the easiest solution. This type of memory loss is often temporary, though I can’t tell you for how long or if he will gain all of his previous memories back.”

Jungkook ran his hands roughly over his face before thrusting his fingers into his dark curly locks, pushing the strands from his eyes and creating a tuft of hair that stuck out like a ponytail from the back. His emotions warred within the Alpha, relief that Jimin had awoken and seemed to be fine but distressed at this newest revelation, at the pull that tugged hard on his stomach.

“How much has he lost? Can we see him?” The words rushed past his lips as his anxiety amped up, his need to see the Omega surged, to check with his own eyes that the other was awake and okay. He felt Jin sidle up on his other side, a soothing hand rubbed up and down his arm as the scent of freshly washed linen cocooned him in familiarity, bleeding the panic from his tensed body.

“I have a lot I’ll need to talk to you in private about, but the last thing he seems to remember is a summer graduation party.”

“Wait, wait… are you saying he thinks he’s eighteen?” The voice cut through the room as the Beta stood and joined the small group stood before the doctor, Yoongi’s distressed bitter apple scent washed over the room as their scents spiked in worry.

“Yes, that seems to be the case. We’ve had a few specialists in to see him but at this point he would really like to see his friends, he’s been told you are here. Though, we haven’t exaggerated further on anything else.”

Her concerned gaze found Jungkook’s as the Alpha stiffened, the pull in his stomach strengthened as his eyes slid toward the doorway to Jimin’s room, his wolf yearning to rush across the hall and scoop the Omega into his arms. Eight years, that meant Jimin had lost everything, that the Omega had forgotten him… he had forgotten them.

• ❅ •

Jimin sat up in bed as the nurse adjusted the tilt, lifting the back so the Omega could sit up more comfortably as the door opened and a rush of scents cascaded through the air. His eyes found the figures filing through the door frame and stared, he couldn’t help but stare, his friends looked the same but so, so different. He’d spent the last hour being poked and prodded by various specialists, a therapist the last to come in and discuss with him the treatment he would undergo the following weeks, mostly visits to his office to help discuss his progress and try to work toward regaining his lost memories. Seeing the changes, his friends all grown up, helped to confirm what the various doctors had all told him… he had amnesia.

“Jiminie!” The Alpha exclaimed, pushing through the others and rushing to his bedside, the Omega was cocooned in his warm, spicy fragrance, Taehyung’s cinnamon scent was just as he’d remembered… well as the Alpha had always smelled. Taehyung beamed down at him, familiar boxy grin spread across his face, his chocolate brown eyes scrunched in happiness. Jimin let his eyes trace over the expanse of Tae’s face, the baby fat and softness of youth were gone, replaced with sharp angles and rugged beauty, he’d grown into quite the handsome Alpha.

The Omega’s eyes trailed over the guests crammed into his small hospital room, inspecting all the differences he could see, the years of refining that had shaped their faces into those that peered back at him. Namjoon and Jin stood pressed together, he could smell their blended aroma of linen and freshly cut grass, the pair had apparently mated during the time he’d lost and he frowned at the memory he couldn’t recollect. Yoongi stood stoically off to the side, leaned against the table as his sharp eyes surveyed the Omega and the excitement in the room, the Beta’s warm apple scent was still just as fragrant as it lingered in the air. His path paused at another Beta obscured behind the couple, talking to another figure hidden just outside the door, Hoseok’s bright, sunny orange scent wafted lightly to his nose.

Their scents all mixed and mingled together, a pleasant comforting perfume that was acquainted to their tight knit group. He felt the tension in his muscles relax, his scent growing brighter and sweeter knowing his friends were here to see him, that this scary and unknown situation would be figured out together- that he wasn’t alone. His nose twitched as a new scent rose above the others, lightly at first and then much stronger, he felt his heart take off in his chest as the aroma seemed to wrap around him like a blanket. His wolf perked up deep within him, the scent awakening something buried inside, the pull in his stomach jerked, clenched at this new, foreign fragrance.

Jimin’s brows knitted together as he peered through the group for the culprit, for this addicting scent that affected him so powerfully. He caught sight of a mop of long, dark, curly locks, a flash of smooth, honeyed skin and broad, strapping shoulders. He was vaguely aware of Taehyung beside him grinning as he bobbed and leaned to get a look at the stranger, his plush lips popping open in shock as the crowd parted and his eyes took in the Alpha.

“K-kookie?” Jimin’s voice sounded breathy and amazed, his soft almond-shaped eyes widened as his gaze swept over the Alpha making his way to his bedside.

If he’d thought his friends had grown up well then this Alpha had grown exceptionally impressive. Jungkook had grown tall and broad and so, so very strong. His mind fought to grasp the image that stood before him with the only memory of the boy he could conjure up, his sweet little newly presented Alpha. Jungkook had been his height, lanky and a bit scrawny, he hadn’t even grown into his Alpha scent yet- the strong aroma of pup still clung tightly to him.

Jungkook stopped beside the Omega’s nest and Jimin gawked up in awe at the man that stood before him. His potent and oh so very enticing sandalwood scent enveloped the Omega, Jimin’s heart hammered in his chest as his stomach swooped, his scent spiked as his wolf clawed wildly inside him. His tiny crush for the baby Alpha in his memories soared as he drank in Jungkook’s large, hooded onyx eyes, his prominent nose that had grown to fit his now chiseled and angular face, soft, red heart-shaped lips pulled back into a gentle smile. His baby Alpha was no longer a baby, he’d grown into a man- a very attractive, well-built man.

“Minnie, are you okay? Do you feel alright?” Shivers cascaded down the Omega’s spine as Jungkook’s gruff, deep voice washed over him. God, he was going to be in trouble. He’d tried so hard to keep his crush on the Alpha hidden, but with him looking like that now, he was sure he’d have trouble keeping his scent in check.

“I-I’m fine, Kookie. God, how did you get so big?” He slapped a hand over his pouty lips the moment the words had slipped past his mouth, deep, red blush flushed across his skin. Taehyung choked in laughter as his towering figure fell onto the bed sheets, his body shook as he snickered and guffawed at the poor red Omega swaddled in the nest.

“Oh my god, this is going to be great,” Tae chuckled, wiping a stray tear as it rolled down his tanned face.

Taehyung quickly threw his hands up in forgiveness as the Alpha across from him growled in warning, the intoxicating scent of sandalwood filled the room. Jimin dragged his gaze from Jungkook and peered up at his best friend, his soulmate, in question. His pudgy bottom lip stuck out cutely from his face, Taehyung and him never kept secrets and he wondered what the Alpha was hiding from him. There was clearly some new information he had forgotten, an underlying secret his lost memories had made him no longer privy to.

Jimin brought his hand up to his neck to rub at the heated skin, his fingers brushed delicately against his scent gland, his head snapped in the direction of soft, rumbling purrs beside him. The Omega’s eyes wide as he caught the faint blush spread across Jungkook’s cheeks, his mind stumbling to catch up to what this meant. The scents intertwined within his nest, he pulled in lungfuls of air- his brain sorting through all the smells in the room to hone in on those wrapped intimately around him, sandalwood mixed with lavender. He pressed his fingertips to the mark on his neck, the Alpha beside him tensed as purrs shuddered through his body- shivers of delight fluttered through his own core, his eyes zeroed in on the mark laid against Jungkook’s muscular neck.

“O-ooh my god,” he breathed, gray eyes fixated on the silvery mating mark as Taehyung once again erupted in laughter beside him, the chatter of the others in the room faded away. The pull in his stomach crescendoed as his connection to the Alpha crashed into him, the implications of everything slammed into the forefront of his mind. Jimin’s gaze found the Alpha’s, his wide, doe eyes swirled with emotions. He was mated to this spectacular specimen of an Alpha, he was mated to Jungkook.

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The room erupted in a cacophony of voices at Jimin’s realization, the groups’ mixture of scents overflowing the space as garbled words and questions swirled through the air. The Omega continued to stare at the Alpha beside him, his mind failing to believe that in the years he’d lost he had been able to somehow battle his own shyness and hesitancy to end up with Jungkook. The dryness of his eyes began to sting, reminding the Omega that he needed to blink and pulled him from his thoughts, he gazed around the room at the grins of his friends, soft looks of empathy at his plight.

“Taehyung, Kim Taehyung,” Jimin whispered loudly, he turned to the Alpha currently red faced and cackling.

His scent began to sour as insecurity pooled heavy in his gut, he hated this feeling of being so lost. The pleasant scent of oranges invaded Jimin’s senses as Hoseok moved toward him, the Beta pushed through the room and sidled up to Taehyung, pushing the man aside with a roll of his eyes. Jimin still felt the heavy gaze of the Alpha behind him, he felt the warmth in his chest at the connection the other plucked at, his face flushed as he tried to steady his attention on Hoseok.

“Jiminie, it’s okay. I know it’s a lot to take in.” Hobi’s warm, tender eyes met his own as the Beta smiled gently at him, his hand came to rest tenderly on the Omega’s arm, he rubbed soothingly up and down the velvety flesh.

“Hobi, am I- am I mated to Kookie?” His breathless whisper danced between them, the tips of his ears flamed red as the words left his mouth. He couldn’t even speak of the bond without blushing, how could he ever look at the Alpha again without erupting into flames?

“Yes,” Namjoon’s loud, rich voice echoed through the room, answering for the Omega instead. Jimin’s eyes slid from the Beta to find the Alpha leaned against the far wall, arms wrapped intimately around Jin, the couple stood back and observed the chaos. His gaze flicked over the silvery mating bites against their necks before he brought his attention back to Namjoon’s eyes, his heart rate picked up once again in his chest at the confirmation.

“Jimin, we don’t want to overwhelm you with all this new information. Maybe we should leave and let the mates talk privately, we can visit you once you get home.” Jin’s voice floated across the room and grabbed the attention of everyone in the space.

The Omega could clearly see how overwhelmed Jimin was becoming and he knew that the other Omega should have time privately with his mate to come to terms with this surprising revelation. And the Alpha who stood guard over the tiny Omega in the bed deserved privacy to help his mate during this confusing time. Learning your mate had forgotten all of your years together, falling in love, mating, it had to be tough on them both. He couldn’t imagine how he would react if Namjoon and himself were ever in this same situation, he knew the pair needed time together to cope.

Jin looked pointedly at the others before jerking his head toward the door, locking eyes with Hoseok so that the Beta could drag Taehyung from Jimin’s bedside. Their voices blended together as they wished the Omega well and assured to visit him soon, promising to help Jimin in any way they could. They each patted his covered legs as they filed back out of the room, each scent dissipating until all that was left was the enticing aroma of a beautiful field of lavender in a sandalwood forest and the warm, alluring body of the Alpha who stayed behind.

• ❅ •

The air sizzled around them as the machines beeped quietly in the background, Jimin turned back slowly in the nest until he was laid back against the cushioned mattress. His eyes drifted across the scratchy, white hospital blanket until they found the large, powerful hands wrapped tightly around the metal safety bar, he trailed up muscular arms until he reached the Alpha’s broad, chiseled chest- muscles strained against the fabric of the thin, black long-sleeve shirt he wore. Jimin gulped, his throat suddenly dry as his scent peaked, cloyingly sweet in the tiny room. He knew the Alpha had smelled the change, spying his pulse as it throbbed visibly against his neck. He closed his eyes and sent a prayer up to whomever might be listening before he opened his eyes and meet the dark, hooded gaze of the Alpha.

“Minnie, are you sure you feel okay?” The Omega flushed furiously at the intimate nickname, unfamiliar to him though the way it rolled off the Alpha’s tongue told him it was one Jungkook called him often. His eyes inspected the Alpha, tracing over the lines and planes of his face, he could see the baby Alpha he remembered hidden underneath. His eyes were still gentle and caring, big doe eyes that he loved- well loved as a teenager.

“I-I think I’m okay. It’s just a lot to take in… I wasn’t- I wasn’t expecting to find out that we- that I…” He trailed off as his face heated, god how was he going to drive home with this Alpha and live together if he couldn’t even spit a solid sentence out of his mouth without becoming flustered. He had no problem talking to his baby Alpha, in fact he’d been bold and flirtatious at times with the scrawny boy, but this man before him was certainly not the nerdy individual he was crushing so hard on-- wait, crushed on.

“Jimin, Minnie… you can ask me anything. If you aren’t comfortable going home together, if you want to stay with one of the others I completely understand.” Jungkook’s voice was smooth and comforting, he was surprised how much it reassured his wolf, his Omega relaxed and pleased that the Alpha worried so much for him. He couldn’t imagine not going home with Jungkook, his wolf absolutely beside itself at the idea, this was his Alpha and even if he didn’t remember, he could feel the bond between them, the strong connection that had him yearning to be closer to the man.

“No,” he breathed, he peered up through his bangs at the Alpha. “I don’t mind going… home with you, I mean to our home.”

The wide smile that spread across the Alpha’s face took Jimin’s breath away, his baby Alpha peeking through in the adorable scrunch of his nose and the bunny smile that lit up his face. Jungkook turned and pulled a nearby chair to him, he sat and reached out taking the Omega’s hand, the jolt that shot through Jimin left him breathless, the bond between them stretched and vibrated- happy the mates were together again. He could see the Alpha was just as affected as him, his eyes dilated and flashed, dark midnight pools the Omega wanted to swim in forever.

A knock on the door interrupted them from their connection, eye contact breaking as the Alpha straightened in his chair as the doctor entered the room, her clean, pine scent mixing slightly with the blended aroma of the mated pair. She inspected the duo and must have been happy with what she saw because the Alpha smiled brightly at them as she moved further into the room to stand beside the bed.

“I’m guessing you’ve learned a little bit more information since we last spoke, Jimin? How is your head feeling now?” She questioned, her eyes assessed the Omega as she inhaled deeply to detect any distress or discomfort in her patient’s scent.

“Oh, um, my head feels much better now. Thank you. And, yes… things are much different. I’m, uh, I’m mated. This is my mate… Jungkook.” The Omega turned and gestured toward the seated Alpha, Jungkook squeezed the hand enveloped in his own lightly.

“Yes, Jungkook and I have met, your Alpha has been very inquisitive on your condition and well-being over the past few days. He hasn’t left your side, he’s been a very attentive Alpha.”

Jimin eyes turned toward the Alpha who blushed with pride, his chest puffed out as his scent spiked, pleased to hear the compliments on taking care of his Omega. Jimin’s own scent blossomed, his heart soared as warmth washed over him, he patted himself mentally on the back for mating with such a good, caring Alpha. The doctor coughed, drawing their attention back to the white-coated Alpha, a soft, satisfied smile played gently on her lips.

“I spoke with you briefly earlier, Jimin, but I wanted to discuss in more detail the treatment plan we’ve decided on. As I’ve mentioned previously, you’re diagnosis is being noted as Post-Traumatic Amnesia. While the memory loss should not be permanent I can’t promise that you will gain back everything that you had forgotten.” The doctor turned her eyes from the Omega and addressed Jungkook, her voice remained confident and assertive so as to get across the seriousness of their discussion.

“He may wander at times, Jimin may find himself traveling paths he remembers taking when he was eighteen, so I would advise that he stay home until he is familiar with the new pattern his life follows. He’s been scheduled to see a therapist starting next week, I’ll give you all of his information when Jimin is discharged. He’ll determine how often he would like to see Jimin.”

Jimin glanced between the doctor and Jungkook as she recalled information that wasn’t new to the Omega, he watched as his mate was vigilant in absorbing every word that left the doctor’s mouth. His stomach fluttered watching the Alpha so engrossed in the care instructions being given to him, to know that his Alpha cared so much in ensuring that his Omega was healthy and tended to properly after his discharge.

“I would like to keep you overnight one more day for observation, the nurses will be able to attend to any aches or pains you may have, and we can ensure that horrible headache you awoke with doesn’t come back. Are you comfortable with going home tomorrow?” Her question wasn’t directed specifically to one person, but Jimin watched as Jungkook turned and looked at him, the Alpha was giving the Omega a chance to decide if he felt ready to leave the hospital so soon.

“Yeah, I think I can go home tomorrow. I’d like to be in my own nest.” The doctor nodded happily before grazing her eyes once more over the Omega before excusing herself and shutting the door behind her. Jimin turned back toward the Alpha, Jungkook’s thumb rubbed soft, tender circles across the skin on the back of his hand.

“Oh!” The Omega exclaimed, the Alpha beside him jolted and straightened in his seat, body tensed to protect Jimin from anything harmful. “I meant to ask her for a mirror or maybe if I could get out of bed.”

Jungkook relaxed when his Alpha realized that no real threat had befallen his mate, he glanced around the room for a mirror, the only one he knew of was in the small attached bathroom.

“I could help you walk to the bathroom, if you’d like?” Jimin smiled and nodded at his mate, Jungkook stood and lowered the metal railing keeping the Omega snuggled safely inside his makeshift nest. The Alpha wrapped an arm around Jimin as the Omega scooted from the bed and stood carefully on his legs, he wobbled slightly but the tight grip Jungkook had on him kept him steady.

“Oh!” Jimin exclaimed as a draft of cool, conditioned air swept across his bare backside. He tried to glance behind him at the open gown and reached an arm back to cover himself up, his face once again blushed crimson.

“I got you,” the Alpha’s voice rumbled through his chest and Jimin wanted to die on the spot as Jungkook’s wide palm smoothed down his back and clasped the fabric together.

He felt his body flush, his mind immediately reminded him that they were mates, that his baby Alpha had likely seen him naked… god they’d probably- Jimin shook his head at the impure thoughts that flashed before his vision, he coughed and raised a hand to shakily point toward the bathroom. They shuffled slowly to the connected bathroom, being careful to roll the attached IV stand behind them, until the Omega stood before the mirror.

Jimin stared in wonder, the image in his mind was that of himself at eighteen, baby faced and slightly chubby in the cheeks. The man that looked back at him was beautiful, flawless honey skin and slender, his cheeks were still round- currently painted a rosy pink, but his jawline had sharpened with age. His soft nutmeg hair was a messy nest atop his head, he wondered when he started dyeing it as he’d always left it naturally black, he wondered if he’d tried other colors as well? He frowned at the knowledge that he couldn’t remember all of the changes that had occurred in his life the last eight years, that he might not gain all of those memories back. A stuttering sigh left his lips before he brought his gaze back to the person in the mirror.

The Omega before him was the person he’d always dreamed of becoming, soft and delicate but strong. His sterling gaze found the Alpha who loomed protectively behind him, his broad, sturdy chest filled the small mirror and caged the Omega against the tiny hospital sink. Jimin’s heart fluttered as his stomach clenched at how small and petite he felt in the Alpha’s shadow, his Omega swooned to know this large, fit man was his mate. His eyes drifted shut as he inhaled the intoxicating scent of the man behind him, so close he could feel Jungkook’s body heat rolling off him in waves. However, closing his eyes and standing for so long after his injury sent a surge of dizziness through his body and he swayed on his feet.

Jungkook watched the Omega waver, his figure threatening to topple over in the small confines of the bathroom, he grasped Jimin’s slender body and pulled the boy against his chest. His massive body cocooned around his mate protectively, his Alpha alert and focused on keeping the Omega safe.

“Hey, Minnie, are you okay? Let’s get you back in bed.” The Omega didn’t have a chance to get a word in before strong, muscular arms scooped him up bridal style. Jimin squeaked in surprise, arm coming around to cling to the Alpha’s chiseled back, rippling, sinewy muscles beneath his fingertips. His Omega roared at how easily their Alpha could carry them, how strong he must be for Jungkook to not be winded or strained in the least.

Jungkook navigated them back through the hospital room and gently placed the Omega back into his nest, pulling the hospital blankets up and over his mate’s lithe figure. Jimin stared up at him, his gray eyes wide and amazed as the Alpha tucked him tightly back into the bed. Jungkook had grown up so well, he was caring and thoughtful and protective, he was everything Jimin loved, the very reason the Omega had crushed so hard on the baby Alpha of his memories. A substantial yawn overtook him and Jimin blinked back the tears that invaded his eyes as he pulled in giant lungfuls of air, he’d slept for so long already but his body was exhausted by all the excitement that had occurred in the past few hours. His brain still trying to protect the Omega from further harm, he knew he needed to allow his body to repair itself if he hoped to regain the memories he’d lost.

“Oh, wow, sorry. I’m so tired.” Jungkook smiled fondly at his mate, watching the Omega yawn so big and wide like a tired little kitten.

“Minnie, it’s okay. Why don’t you take a nap, I’ll be right here by your side when you wake back up.”

The Omega’s face broke into a wide smile, his gray eyes scrunched up like tiny little half moons, his cheeks rounded and rosy. He nodded at the Alpha as he blinked his heavy eyelids, his body felt cumbersome and sluggish as sleep crept quickly upon him. His vision became blurred as he peeked between his thick, black lashes and caught sight of the Alpha leaning over him, soft, warm breath fanned over his face as Jungkook placed a tender kiss on his forehead.

“Sleep, Baby. I’m here, I’ll always be here.” The Omega tried to hold onto the softly spoken words as his conscious faded into black, the world once again silenced as he drifted into a peaceful sleep.

• ❅ •

The music echoed through the room, lilting soft melody tinkled through the stereo system as the Omega twirled and glided across the sleek wooden floor. His mate was working late again tonight, another new video game deadline racing upon him, so the Omega decided to stay late to relieve tension- to allow his body to become one with the music, for it to leech into his soul and burst forth in soft, fluid motion.

His feet danced across the floor, feather soft as he fluttered across the vast, empty studio, sweat-drenched shirt clung to lean, toned muscles as sweat riveted down his velvety, honey skin. The music crescendoed as he flung his body into the air, the Omega landed gracefully before he twirled and swept his torso low to the ground, his fingertips brushed delicately across the cool floor. He pivoted and threw his weight elegantly onto his tippy toes, pirouetting back across the studio when his foot caught on a slick spot on the floor. The Omega jerked off balance, hands reached out to catch himself as he fell backwards toward the bank of glass mirrors that covered one wall, his head ricocheted off the bar before everything went black—

The Omega jerked awake as the smell of smoke filled the dark room, his heart raced in his chest and he lifted a hand to push his drenched hair from his forehead. A heavy weight across his legs drew his attention as the Alpha hugging his thighs began to stir, the man’s nose twitched as he blinked back into reality. Jungkook sat up quickly as the scent of burning flowers invaded his senses, his eyes wide as he assessed his mate, the Omega looked frightened and confused.

“Minnie, Baby, what’s wrong?” The Alpha tensed as his eyes flitted about the room, his wolf on alert for whatever dangers were nearby, prepared to protect his Omega with his life. Jungkook stood quickly, his body leaned and hovered over the trembling Omega, shielding him from harm.

The Omega whimpered as his head began to throb, the images in his mind blurred and faded as he tried to grasp onto the last wisps of his dream. Jungkook’s heady aroma washed over him and he felt the remaining tendrils of panic melt from his body, the warm pulse of their bond vibrated between them and filled him with reassurance.

“I- I think it was a dream… but it felt so real?” Jimin breathed, his heart rate began to slow and the fresh, bright perfume of lavender returned to his scent. The Alpha relaxed as the perceived threat dissipated, sitting back into his chair he took the Omega’s clammy hand within his own.

“Do you want to tell me about it?”

Jimin’s forehead scrunched as he eyebrows knitted together, his blood pulsed behind his eyes as he tried to remember what he’d dreamed.

“U-um, I was in a studio I think? I was dancing, I can’t remember the song, but I don’t think it was important. And I was doing pirouettes when my foot slipped or I stumbled… and I fell backwards. I-I think I hit something because it hurt but then everything went black… and then I woke up.” The Omega’s eyes roamed over the hospital blanket, out of focus as his brain tried to grasp and supply the images that danced behind his eyelids. Was it a dream? It had felt so real, he could almost envision the studio, the tall, reflective glass across the walls, the faded echo of giggles that filled the room.

“Oh, Minnie, that was a memory. That was your accident, how you ended up here in the hospital. When you didn’t answer your phone, I sent Hobi up from the studio below you to check on you and he found you.” The Alpha’s voice was gruff with emotion as he explained to Jimin the events that had led him here. The Omega could smell the sadness leech into his mate’s scent, his beautiful aroma dulled by the memories that played through his mind.

“You- you hit one of the ballet bars on your way down and knocked yourself unconscious. I- I was so worried and scared, when you didn’t wake up right away and then when the doctor said you’d lost all your memories. I’m scared you won’t want me anymore, that I’ll lose you.”

Tears filled the Omega’s eyes as his scent wilted in sadness, Jungkook’s somber voice shook him to the core, he never wanted to see the Alpha sad and he wondered if present him ever told the man about his crush. He’d always wanted the Alpha, even when he was small and scrawny and just testing out his newly presented wolf. Jimin had always dreamed of dating the boy, of the Alpha courting him, but Jungkook had been younger than him and he was going off to college. The Omega wondered how they ended up together, who made the first move, who initiated their first kiss.

“I… um, I don’t know if I ever told you. But I have a huge crush on you, well I mean- eighteen year old me had a huge crush on you.” The Omega’s face flushed a beautiful pink as he tilted his head down and peered up through his fringe at the Alpha. Jungkook’s scent soared as sandalwood filled the room, his face morphed into the gorgeous bunny smile Jimin remembered.

“Well, I am… aware. Yes.” He teased, his dark onyx eyes dilated as he smirked at Jimin. He’d almost forgotten how adorable and shy the Omega had been at times when he was eighteen. His mate was just as beautiful now as he’d been as a teenager, his cheeks still dusted a faint rosy pink today while he spoke to the Alpha as they’d been back then. Jungkook had had his suspicions of course, sixteen year old him had crushed hard on the older Omega as well.

“Could… could you tell me how we got together?” Jimin whispered into the dimly lit room. His glistening, slate eyes cast downward, the Omega’s tiny fingers played with the scratchy hem on the hospital blanket. His fingertips trailed over the pieces of fabric that made up his makeshift nest, clothes and blankets he didn’t recognize but the familiar scent of home filled his lungs, the blended scent of mates.

“Well, I- uh,” the Alpha rubbed at the back of his neck as a faint blush warmed his cheeks, “I had always wanted to court you but I waited until I was older, I wanted to grow as an Alpha. To be able to care and protect you.”

Jimin’s lips pursed together in an ‘O’, his silvery eyes wide as he listened to the Alpha. Butterflies fluttered through his chest as warmth spread over him, his scent aromatic and sweet, he could feel their bond pulsing between them— strong and true.

“So, when I finally graduated high school, I waited until you came home for the summer and I spent those months courting you. By the time you were ready to head back to school, I could call you my Omega and I your Alpha.”

“Oh,” he breathed, his eyes searched the vast onyx pools of his mate’s, emotions swirled like thousands of brilliant stars. “I really hope I remember that again.”

Their scents mixed and cocooned around them, swathing the mates in the blended aroma of their bond, Jimin smiled and closed his eyes trying to imagine his baby Alpha courting him, what gifts he might of brought him, dates they’d taken. He prayed he gained back all those amazing memories, he wanted to remember what it felt like falling in love with the Alpha.

The Omega yawned, distress and concern now melted from his body, he yearned to snuggle back into his nest and sleep till morning.

“Let’s go back to bed, we’ll have plenty of time at home to answer any more questions you have.” Jungkook whispered.

The Alpha reached across the bed and tucked the blanket around Jimin’s body again, swaddling the Omega in the warm confines of his nest. He adjusted the uncomfortable hospital chair and settled his upper body across the bed, his arms draped across Jimin’s legs.

“D-do you… maybe… want to sleep up here with me? That looks really uncomfortable.” Jimin whispered hesitantly. Jungkook perked up at the offer and smiled, he nodded and stood, waiting as the Omega shifted to the other side of the bed to make space for the Alpha’s considerably larger body.

“Yeah, I’d like that. If you’re okay with it?” The Omega didn’t answer but scooted further toward the metal railing, a small space beside him opening up the Alpha carefully maneuvered himself into. The pair laid on their sides gazing at each other in the dark, their heated breaths intermingled between them as their scents swirled and danced and fused together.

“Goodnight, Kookie.” Jimin’s sweet breath washed across the Alpha’s face. The Omega’s eyes began to droop as sleep pulled him quickly back under. Jungkook allowed himself to study the soft, planes of Jimin’s face, his worry and anxiety still simmered below the surface but he had hope.

“Goodnight, Minnie.” he whispered, the Alpha closed his eyes and drifted, consciousness faded slowly, and then all at once.

Chapter Text

His eyes fluttered open as light streamed in through the gaps in the blinds, the Omega yawned and inhaled the enticing aroma that wrapped around him like a blanket, a heavy weight across his stomach kept him held securely to the bed. Jimin’s mind quickly caught up with the previous day’s events, the small memory he had remembered overnight and the subsequent conversation he’d had with Jungkook. He turned his head and took in the Alpha beside him, Jungkook’s face was soft with sleep, his midnight strands curled in front of his eyes as his dark lashes kissed his tanned cheeks. A variety of emotions fluttered through his chest, he still found it hard to believe that he’d lost his memory, that the man laid next to him was his mate-- that he wasn’t eighteen anymore. His fingers found the mating bite on his neck, pressing gently he stroked over the silvery mark and shivered at the pleasure that coursed through his veins, the sleeping Alpha beside him began to purr softly.

The pounding headache that had plagued him the day before was now just a dull simmer, the smallest bit of pressure just beneath the surface, but the Omega could tell it was fading. He twisted back onto his side, smoothly shifting beneath the protective arm encased around him, causing the Alpha to stir in his sleep and the heavy appendage to tighten further around his waist. He was still amazed at the transformation before him, if not for the familiar features on the man- his eyes, his smile, the way his nose scrunched up, the Omega would be hard to convince that this Alpha was the same baby Alpha he crushed on. Jungkook had just gotten so, so… big. With the man sleeping he allowed himself a chance to really stare, to gaze upon the Alpha’s face and memorize every line, every mole and freckle.

With his head more clear Jimin could feel the bond between them more noticeably, just a hushed whisper between them at the moment- he imagined because the Alpha was still asleep, it was like a unique song that was inherently theirs. He wondered if it was his wolf’s bond with the other that made him feel so comfortable with the Alpha, not that he wasn’t before— as a teenager, in fact he’d considered his baby Alpha one of his closest friends. As he laid there inspecting the features of Jungkook’s face he let his mind wander more to the memories he had lost. The Omega looked forward to being discharged, he was curious what his life was like now, if he had followed the dreams his teenage self had had? He wondered more about his life with Jungkook, his eighteen year old mind still preened at the idea of the Alpha being theirs, and he wanted to know every intricate detail of their story. He wondered about the lives’ of his friends. They had all looked so grown up and mature, what amazing memories and adventures was he forgetting experiencing with them.

The Omega’s scent began to dull, the fragrance of sad, wilted flowers filled the room as he worried if he’d ever gain back the memories he’d lost at all. It was so strange to be laid up in the hospital feeling like the person he was years ago but knowing he wasn’t, he remembered the whispered worries of Jungkook the night before, the Alpha’s fears that Jimin wouldn’t want him anymore since he had forgotten their entire relationship. His wolf whined at the idea, while his current mental status was confused by all the changes, his wolf was strong and steady in their desire to be with the Alpha. Jimin promised himself he would try his hardest to gain his memories back, and if that failed he would make an effort to rebuild the relationship his mind had lost. He had obviously fallen in love with Jungkook once before and agreed to mate, he could do it again. His expression fell and a frown formed on his face, plump bottom lip jutting out cutely as sadness permeated through his scent.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” The husky Alpha voice beside him brought his vision back into focus, Jungkook’s grip on him tightened as the man nuzzled into the fabric of his hospital gown while releasing calming pheromones. Jimin’s heart took off inside his chest, his body erupted in flames at the closeness of the Alpha, his scent sweetening as Jungkook’s scent enveloped him. The Alpha jerked back, loosening his grip as he wavered on the edge of the bed.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, Jimin. I know you don’t, you can’t remember. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” The Alpha stuttered, his wide doe eyes stared back at the Omega. Jimin giggled and brought a hand up to cover the faint blush across his cheeks.

“It’s okay, Kookie. You were still half asleep.” Jimin whispered.

He watched the Alpha relax as their bond flared back to life, warmth spread through the Omega as he gazed into Jungkook’s sleepy eyes. Falling back in love with the Alpha might not be as hard as he’d imagined, his eighteen year old self had already been so head over heels for the baby Alpha— he was probably halfway there without knowing it. His wolf yearned to be closer, to be covered in the scent of their Alpha, but his mind hesitated— because to him all he still saw in his memories was his baby Alpha smiling shyly at him.

The door clicked open and broke the couple from their trance, the pleasant fragrance of pine wafted into the room as the doctor strolled through the space happily to Jimin’s bedside. Her scent sweet and refreshing as she smiled knowingly at the couple, Jungkook shifted and rose from the bed, clasping Jimin’s tiny hand within his own.

“Good morning, I see you must be feeling much better today.” Her voice absolutely sugar coated in her delight. “How was your night? Did you sleep well, Jimin?”

The Omega laid back against the mattress as the doctor raised the bed. He glanced over at Jungkook who smiled down at him, rubbing soothing circles across the back of his hand, Jimin’s hand felt warm and cozy encircled in the Alpha’s.

“I did. I had a memory come back while I was sleeping, Jungkook explained I’d remembered some of my accident.”

“Oh! Well, that’s fantastic news. I hope this means you will gain more of your memories back quickly. Please excuse me, but I must ask, how is your wolf doing in regards to your bond?” The doctor laid her cold hands against Jimin’s face and gently ran her fingers through his hair, her fingers softly palpitated the tender knot from his fall, causing the Omega to wince at the slight ache.

“Um,” his scent soured slightly in apprehension, Jimin glanced at Jungkook who squeezed his hand reassuringly, the Alpha released more calming pheromones to help settle his Omega.

“I can feel it a lot more today, it’s very strong— I don’t know how to explain it, it makes me feel very warm.” The doctor smiled brightly at Jimin’s answer.

“Excellent. Jimin, your wolf may yearn to do things that you are uncomfortable with in your present state. I don’t want you to feel pressured to appease your wolf. Go at your own pace, mates should always continue to strengthen and grow their bond or else you may get sick. But don’t force yourself to do anything you don’t want to.”

The doctor turned her attention from the Omega in the bed to Jungkook as the Alpha interrupted her explanation, the smell of burning sandalwood filled the room as he towered over the pair.

“I would never ask Jimin to do anything he didn’t want to. I can wait forever for him to gain his memories back if I have to.” The doctor raised her hands in consolation at the other Alpha’s offended remarks. Jimin began to unknowingly release calming pheromones to soothe his agitated Alpha, laying his other hand atop their intertwined pair and rubbing soothingly over Jungkook’s heated skin.

“No, of course not, Jungkook. I have seen how much of an attentive and caring Alpha you have been the last few days. I just wanted Jimin to know that it was okay to placate his wolf’s desires at his own pace, but that he shouldn’t feel ashamed if he wants to ignore others. Scenting, for example, may be something more… appropriate to help soothe your wolf but comfortable for you in your state of mind.”

The Alpha relaxed as his scent cleared, the aromatic aroma of the lavender forest once again swirled around them. He looked down at Jimin who stared up at him worriedly, the Omega’s eyes wide and concerned at his mate’s distress.

“I’m sorry, Minnie. I didn’t mean to upset you.” Jungkook cupped the Omega’s hands in his own, his Alpha yearned to lean down and scent his mate thoroughly. To cover Jimin so heavily in his scent the Omega would smell like him for days, worry still simmered hot in his belly and his wolf wanted their mate so drenched in his scent it would cocoon him and shield him from further harm.

“It’s okay, Kookie.” Jimin sounded breathless, the Alpha’s strong, heady scent made his head spin and the overwhelming tug of their bond in his stomach had his wolf begging to climb into its mate’s arms. He blushed at the idea and brought his attention back to the doctor.

“Will I still be able to go home today?”

“Of course, I’m happy with what I see this morning so I have no reservations in discharging you. I’ll have the staff bring some breakfast up while I finish your paperwork and then we’ll have you out the door before lunch.”

The doctor discussed a few more details with the mates before parting ways and exiting the room, the silence filled the small space as Jimin let his mind wander.

“I- I assume we live together?” Jimin questioned, Jungkook pulled the abandoned hospital chair from the precious night back to his bedside and settled into it.

“We do. We moved in together shortly after you graduated college. We recently moved from our small apartment into a house.” Jungkook smiled softly at the Omega’s adorable expression, Jimin’s lips pursed into a perfect ‘O’ to match his wide, round silvery eyes. “It’s a little way out of the city, but still close enough for you to drive to your studio.”

“I have my own studio?”

“Hobi and you own it together. He teaches hip hop, popping and breakdancing classes downstairs. You teach modern contemporary, ballet and hip hop upstairs. You’ve only been teaching for a few years now, since you retired from professional dancing.”

Jimin startled at the news, not only had he fulfilled his dream of studying dancing but he had gone on to dance as a career. His eyes misted in happiness, his Omega preened at the achievements he couldn’t remember, he had done it— he’d really done it. Jungkook’s brows knitted at the wilted sweet scent that filled his senses, his Omega was happy… but also sad.

“I danced professionally?” He asked, his voice wavered, tears still blurred his vision.

“Yeah,” Jungkook answered in awe, “you were amazing. You retired a few years ago because you wanted to take it easy, the traveling got hard after we mated, so you started teaching kids with Hoseok.”

A lone tear coursed down his cheek, Jimin closed his eyes and willed his brain to conjure up a memory, any memory of his career as a professional dancer— of his dream. His scent wilted as his head gently ached, his mind nothing but a vast black landscape. He squeezed his eyes together and searched, through every thought and every image that flashed through the forefront of his mind, but he couldn’t recollect anything beyond his life up to age eighteen and the brief dream of the accident.

“Jimin, hey, don’t worry. You’ll get your memories back, don’t stress yourself out. You have time, we have time.” Jungkook’s calming voice flowed over him, hushing his anxious mind. Jimin nodded as Jungkook brushed his finger under his mate’s eye, wiping away the salty trail from his flawless caramel skin.

The sound of soft rapping on the door drew their attention, followed by the delicious aroma of food as it wafted through the air, the Omega’s stomach rumbled in anticipation causing the pair to laugh. In all of the excitement from the previous day Jimin hadn’t had the chance to eat and the gnawing hunger in his stomach roared to life. Jimin devoured the food before him while he asked the Alpha questions about their friends’ lives. He wanted to know all the things he couldn’t remember, what accomplishments they’d achieved.

Jungkook tells him everything, every minuscule detail, every wonderful, amazing facet of their friends’ lives. How Hoseok worked with Jimin at the studio as a dance teacher, but he spends most of his time coming up with new choreography for idols. That Taehyung was scouted in college to become a model, how the Alpha traveled the world, his pictures plastered across billboards and magazines and television ads. About how Yoongi and Namjoon were successful owners of a music company, the two writing, producing and composing number one hits all over the world. His favorite story is about his fellow Omega, Jungkook telling him how Seokjin not only became a world class chef but garnered his own cooking show viewed by millions. His eyes filled with tears when he learned of the pup, tiny little Haeju who had just started to toddle around, the perfect mixture of Namjoon and Jin.

Jimin’s Omega swooned watching the Alpha talk about the little pup, Jungkook was so enthusiastic as he talked about her soft little curls and her pouty little lips. An emptiness ached inside of him, a yearning his wolf wished for he didn’t quite understand. He finished his breakfast quickly while the Alpha spoke, interrupted only once when the doctor stopped by briefly to let the pair know he’d been discharged and a nurse would be in shortly to wheel him down to the lobby. Jungkook left to bring the car around to the curb and Jimin felt excitement flow through his veins, his scent so bright and sweet as he wondered what his home looked like, where he spent his time creating memories with the Alpha. He changed quickly into the outfit the Alpha had brought from home, a pair of tight black jeans and a soft, woolen sweater. Everything smelled like an addicting mixture of the pair, Jimin found himself with his nose pressed into the fabric and inhaling the intricately woven aroma of a lavender field blooming deep within a sandalwood forest. His mind still wondering what laid ahead for him at the end of his car ride. Would being back home, surrounded by their blended aroma— in his own nest, help bring back his memories that were adrift in the vast expanse of his mind?

• ❅ •

The ride home was pleasantly quiet, Jimin sat wide-eyed in wonder as he absorbed all the changes in his hometown. Jungkook pointed out new businesses and those that were no longer open, the car veered away from the bustling city into quieter, more rural mountainous terrain. The bare wintery trees stood like silhouettes against the dove gray sky, Jimin wondered if he’d missed the first snow of the season, if he’d watched it with his Alpha. The Omega tried to memorize every tree and rock and house they passed, he hoped something would trigger another memory to flash before his eyes but the ride was disappointingly empty of new recollections. He pressed his fingers against the frigid glass, the crisp winter air tried to leech into the warm confines of the cab, the occupants inside blissfully warm. The car smelled so comforting, their beautiful woven perfume wrapped around the Omega and he found himself purring softly during their trek, he could smell Jungkook’s sweetened scent at Jimin’s obvious happiness.

The car began to slow as they rounded one more bend in the road, a gravel drive peeked out from the hillside and a cute little mailbox marked the entrance. Jimin gasped as Jungkook pulled into the long driveway leading up to the house, their home, the modern rendition of a hanok came into view, bursting through the trees, nestled snugly into the mountains. The gorgeous charcoal tiled roof glistened under the golden rays of sunlight that slivered through the thick blanket of clouds laid across the sky, the home was large, magnificently so— and yet still quaint for the couple.

“Wow,” he breathed, Jimin couldn’t imagine that this was his home.

Jungkook smiled softly at the Omega as he pulled the car up in front of the house, cutting the engine. He exited the car quickly and ran around to open the door for his mate, his wolf so happy their mate was home. Jimin blushed faintly as he set his hand softly into the Alpha’s outstretched palm, rising from the car into the brisk winter air.

“Welcome home, Minnie.”

Jungkook guided Jimin across the gravel drive and up the stairs of their home, opening the sleek bamboo door, he allowed his mate to enter first. The Omega walked into the house and was hit with the most intoxicating aroma he’d ever smelled before, every step into the home bathed him in warmth, his wolf preening at the mates’ blended scents woven into every piece of fabric, every panel of wood, every particle of dust. His mind fought to conjure up images, fuzzy pictures he couldn’t focus on as his body followed a path he couldn’t remember.

Jungkook watched Jimin float effortlessly through their home, the Omega drifted through the foyer into the living room, his delicate fingertips skimming across the smooth white walls as he headed unknowingly toward their room. His hand grazed over the buttery, cream leather sofa as his footsteps padded lightly across the heated wood floor, Jimin felt a sense of deja vu, his body remembering what his mind could not. Jungkook followed quietly behind him, the Omega drawn down the hallway toward the bedrooms, their unique fragrance grew stronger with every step. Jimin’s hand wrapped around the cool metal knob, he twisted and pushed the door open gently, pausing in the doorway to peer into the bright empty room.

Jimin tilted his head quizzically to find the room barren, light filtered in through the slatted blinds and flooded the room in a golden warmth, the soft yellow walls illuminated the large, open space. Jungkook watched the man step timidly into the room, his fingers traced along the delicate white chair rail that trailed along the walls, he stopped at the window and paused. Jimin’s mind burst with fuzzy images that didn’t make sense, his brain tried to piece the jumbled memory together into something coherent but the more he tried caused his head to ache.

“Is this an office?” He asked, his eyes traveled over every inch of the room, it was so warm and pleasant, his wolf yearned to spend the day here— to fill the space with… something.

“No,” Jungkook’s voice echoed around the empty room, a bittersweet smile played along his lips, “it’s just empty for now. Namjoon and Jin texted, they’ll be over with Haeju soon. I’m going to go see what I have in the fridge for lunch, do you want to rest or look around some more?”

Jimin furrowed his brow at his Alpha’s smoke filled scent, he couldn’t understand what had made Jungkook sad. He pushed the thought aside and smiled to learn he would meet his friends’ pup, for the first time… again.

“I think I’m just going to wander around, I don’t know… my wolf is antsy. It’s like I’ve got another memory just on the edge of coming back but I can’t seem to grasp it.”

“Oh! Well don’t try to force it too much, take your time, Minnie. I’m here if you want to talk about anything you remember.”

Jimin smiled broadly at the Alpha, his vision clouded as his eyes scrunched cutely at Jungkook’s words. He felt their bond stretch and vibrate between them, now with his mind more clear he could feel it connecting them, like a million beautiful strings uniting their souls together. His lost memories may have lingered in his mind like a dense fog over the lavender fields of his thoughts, but in moments like these he could feel even a single pluck against one solitary fiber. It trembled through him like a single beautiful note to a lost forgotten song, one his mind had forgotten but his heart and soul cherished and embraced fervently.

“Okay, thank you, Kookie.” Jimin breathed, he felt so warm and full, like the moments after you eat a hot cup of soup on a rainy day. Jungkook smiled at him, his nose scrunched up while his bunny teeth lit up the room. Jimin felt his heart flutter, the Jungkook of now transformed into his baby Alpha before his eyes.

Jungkook let Jimin know he’d be right down the hall in the kitchen if he needed him, that the Alpha would come running if called for even the most insignificant demand. The exhilarating aroma of sandalwood lingered briefly after the Alpha left, Jimin glanced once more around the room, a memory still tried to stir in the clouded galaxy of his mind. He frowned at the distant thought, too far away to grasp and exited back into the hallway. His feet lead him further down the hall, away from the muffled sounds of movement across the house, he opened another door and closed his eyes at the delicious wave of scent that washed across his face.

His wolf yipped and jumped as the Omega walked further into the room, his eyes landed on the large bed centered against the far wall, the surface covered in blankets and pillows and odd pieces of clothes— their nest. His fingers absentmindedly went to his neck, stroking against the silvery mark, warmth and pleasure coursed through his body. He inhaled the fragrant fusion of their scents, his wolf wanted to climb into the middle of the nest and curl up, warm and safe and comforted. Jimin contemplated doing just that when the melodic chime of the doorbell disrupted his fantasy, the sound of blended voices echoed faintly down the long hall, the tinkling melody of tiny, little giggles tugged at his heart. He exited the room quickly and followed the sounds, the invigorating perfume of linen left out to dry in freshly cut grass hit his nose first and then the delicate scent of a pup.

Namjoon and Jin stood in the middle of the large living space talking with Jungkook, whose back was to him as he entered the room, the further in he moved his eyes focused on the tiny pup rested against Joon’s hip. Her scent wrapped around him as her eyes met his, gorgeous hazel doe eyes framed by the softest little black curls, he stopped in his tracks as his wolf whined in yearning. A memory flashed quickly across his mind, too fast for him to grasp onto and see.

“Jiminie! How are you feeling?” Jin asked sympathetically. The Omega’s eyes trailed across Jimin’s face for signs of distress as he sniffed the air for any changes in his fellow Omega’s scent.

“My head feels much better today, as long as I don’t try to force my memories back. I remembered the accident while I was sleeping last night but everything else is just… its like a really thick fog, I know they are there I just can’t see them.”

The couple nodded supportively, Jungkook sidled up beside him and brushed his hand soothingly down Jimin’s back. Goosebumps erupted across his skin and he shuddered at the searing touch, he didn’t think the Alpha knew how much it affected him, his eighteen year old mind beside itself at the attention. The tiny pup against Namjoon’s hip began to squirm and fuss in his daddy’s hold, Jin glanced over and caught the movement and the slight change in Haeju’s scent.

“Joonie, Baby, will you go warm the baby food in the kitchen?” Jin reached forward and plucked the tiny girl from Namjoon’s arms and immediately began to pat and bounce the hungry pup. He smirked at Jimin as the Alpha strode off to the kitchen without much complaint before Jin stopped his ministrations and looked after his mate.

“Wait, here, I better go make sure he doesn’t blow up another microwave.” Jin passed the tiny pup into Jungkook’s strong waiting arms and rushed off after his mate. Jimin giggled at the scene, apparently Namjoon wasn’t any better at cooking than he was when Jimin remembered him.

His gaze fell back onto his Alpha, now crouched on the ground with the tiny pup between his outstretched legs, rattling a little toy to the baby’s delight. His Omega swooned at the scene before he wavered, he grasped onto the nearby side chair for support as a memory crashed into the forefront of his mind.

“What if we never find the right house, Jungkook? My Omega doesn’t like any of these, they just aren’t right.” Jimin whined, the couple sat at the stop sign as the metronomic swish of the wipers swept away the rivers of falling raindrops cascading down the glass. They’d seen six houses so far that morning and his last shred of hope was wavering.

“Baby, we’ll find it. I don’t know, my Alpha has a good feeling about this one. The realtor was really excited when she sent me over the info.”

Jimin peered over at his mate, Jungkook smiled softly at him, his hand reached over and squeezed the Omega’s thigh reassuringly.

“Okay, let’s go look at it then. But Kookie, I don’t know if I can stand looking at one more house my Omega rejects.”

“I know, I know.” He soothed, Jungkook leaned across the console and brushed his lips delicately over Jimin’s. The Omega’s scent soared sweet and fragrant, his skin flushed as his body warmed at the attention from his mate.

The drive to the next listing was short, the roads all but abandoned due to the ugly rainy weather. Jimin took in the luscious surroundings, the drive up to the house was beautiful, trees lined the gravel road before it curved and the front of the home came into view. It was beautiful, Jimin’s wolf already perked up at the gorgeous home snuggled into the mountains. They made quick work of parking and exited the car, the mates followed the realtor into the home as she rambled on about the various specks and amenities.

Jimin found himself wandering from the pair, Jungkook deep in discussion about the heated floors and the electric bill. He entered the long hallway flanked by various doors, he glanced into the empty rooms as he envisioned what each could become. The next room caused the Omega to pause, the soft yellow walls shone brightly and illuminated the space even with the dull, gray light that filtered in from the gloomy weather outside. Jimin’s fingers trailed along the creamy, white chair rail that wrapped around the room as his wolf told him this was it, this was the room his Omega had been looking for. This home would be perfect, it was exactly what they wanted to start—

Jimin blinked back into focus at the worried gazes of the three other adults in the room, he was seated back into the chair he’d grasped earlier, the tiny pup teething on a damp washcloth on the floor beside him.

“Minnie, Baby, can you hear me? Are you okay? Joon, call the hospi-“ The Alpha was frantic before him, crouched before his mate- his hands gently cupped Jimin’s face, his scent heavily filled with smoke.

“The room,” he whispered, cutting Jungkook’s words off, his eyes peered into the large doe eyes in front of him. His memory swirled through his mind, so fresh and strong it felt like yesterday, it filled the Omega with warmth.

“The empty room is for our pups. We moved here to start a family.”

Chapter Text

Jungkook felt the worry slide from his body as the words left Jimin’s lips, the Omega’s sweet lavender scent soothed his Alpha, as his mate’s clear awe-stricken eyes met his own. His heart had ached earlier when the Omega had wandered into the room they’d planned to be the nursery for their future pups, the couple having looked for houses to move into as Jimin felt their shared apartment was too small to start a family. The charming little yellow room had been one of the deciding factors in their choice to purchase this home, the mates had waited to start their family until after Jimin had retired from professional dancing, the constant traveling had been demanding on the Omega. Now with Jimin working much closer to home and with his own schedule, the couple knew it was time to upgrade their space and fill their lives with pups.

“Yes, we moved here to start a family. We wanted to fill our home with pups.” Jungkook whispered, his thumbs soothed over the warm, honey skin of Jimin’s face. He could feel the happiness and warmth of the Omega vibrating through their bond, his mate was content and overjoyed at the idea of having pups with him, at the pair becoming a family. He stared into his mate’s twinkling gray eyes, so much happiness swirled through the silvery pools, Jungkook resisted the urge to lean forward and scent the Omega thoroughly.

“Jiminie, are you okay?” Jin’s voice pulled Jimin’s eyes from the intense gaze of his mate’s. The Omega looked worriedly down at him, the distressed scents of his guests mingled in the air around him and he realized he must have passed out, or blacked out, or something worrisome for them all to be so concerned.

“O-oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to worry everyone. I… I just had another memory come back to me. It’s been floating right out of grasp all morning and I don’t know, watching Kookie play with Haeju brought it into focus.” Jimin’s cheeks heated at all the attention he was receiving. He was so embarrassed, gaining memories back at the most random of times certainly wasn’t ideal for his shy nature. Jungkook smoothed a hand gently across his cheek and carded his long fingers into Jimin’s soft, nutmeg hair, the Omega felt himself flush hotter at the delicate touch.

Jin lingered by the couple before lightly placing his hand down on Jungkook’s shoulder, pulling the Alpha’s attention to him. His wolf implored him to check on his friend and he felt the other Omega might speak more freely alone.

“Why don’t you go get your mate something to eat and let me look him over? Omega to Omega.” Jungkook opened his mouth to protest when Namjoon pulled him to his feet.

“I wouldn’t try arguing with him, he’ll just wear you down until you can’t help but concede.” Namjoon drawled, dragging the other Alpha from the room and back toward the kitchen.

Jimin watched Jungkook reluctantly pulled away from him, the Alpha’s eyes peeked over his shoulder to meet the Omega’s gaze until he rounded the corner and was out of sight. He brought his attention back to the man crouched beside him, Jin’s hands tugged on the adorable lacy bloomers the pup wore, straightening the cute garment.

“Alright, now that we’ve got those hovering Alphas out of the room. How are you really feeling? I know this has to be all very confusing and intense and just all over the place for your wolf.” Jin’s voice was coated in sympathy, the Omega releasing calming pheromones unknowingly into the air to soothe those in the room.

“I think I’m okay. I-I can feel our bond very strongly so I think that’s helping me feel less anxious about the whole thing. And it helps that I have a crush… I mean had a crush on Kookie at this age, god I mean when I was this age.” Jimin covered his eyes in embarrassment as he stumbled over his words. Admitting his feelings for the Alpha outloud to his friend for the first time was nerve wracking, though he knew Jin already knew all this, his feelings that is as the couple had obviously dated and eventually mated.

“What about the memories that have come back, how is your Omega dealing with that? I can’t imagine how you are feeling right now.”

“It’s… it’s like I’m two different people. It’s so strange. I can’t really explain it. My wolf has this strong bond with Jungkook and the life I’m living currently, but the person I feel like I am right now feels so lost and confused. The doctor said I should be careful not to weaken the bond between Jungkook and I, but that I should only do what I feel comfortable doing.” Jin sat up and grasped Jimin’s hands within his own, glancing quickly at the babbling toddler at his knees, before rubbing a thumb reassuringly over the other Omega’s skin.

“Of course, Jimin, you should only do what you feel is comfortable. Jungkook completely understands. All of us are here for you, if you want me to tell you my life story all over again I will a million times if you ask. Our friendship and bond was strong then and it’s strong now, and I know you don’t remember that but I can help you every step of the way to get that feeling back, even if those steps are teeny little baby steps.”

“Jinnie,” the Omega cooed, tears misted in his eyes at the sweet words from his friend. He was so grateful to still have his amazing friends and that they were so supportive in helping him relearn his life as he hoped to regain his memories.

The Alphas found the pair pressed up next to each other on the couch when they returned, Jimin cuddling little Haeju as Jin told the other Omega all the stories of his cooking career, the men carrying plates of hot steaming lunch in each hand for their mates. Jimin laughed and giggled at each word from Jin’s mouth, his body vibrating with amusement as he pressed his nose into the soft, baby powder scented curls of the toddler on his lap. Jungkook tried not to roll his eyes at the same stories they’ve all heard before being retold yet again, his Omega laughing just as hard now as he’d done when Jin had recollected them years prior. He sat back in the lounge chair across from the trio and watched his mate with the pup, his heart swelled with love for the Omega as his scent sweetened. Jungkook’s hand reached for his mating bite, fingers hovering over the cherished mark before he dropped his hand back into his lap, imprint left untouched.

The silvery impressions were hypersensitive between mates, a tangible link that could be touched or stroked or pressed to strum against the invisible strings of their bond. A physical reaction that coursed through their bodies to tell each other they were thinking of one another, an unspoken vow of love, or even to heighten pleasure during physical intimacy. Jungkook didn’t want to cause his Omega any more discomfort during this complicated time, though Jimin had unknowingly caressed the bond numerous times since waking. His Alpha couldn’t help but purr in response to their Omega stroking their mating bite, his wolf elated at the touch, the shivers of pleasure and warmth that surged through his body. His eyes found Jimin’s figure again and he watched as the Omega yawned conspicuously into Haeju’s hair, his mate’s eyes looked heavy and he knew he must still be tired from the eventful two days he’d had. He caught Namjoon’s eye and as if the Alpha could read his mind he stood from the couch and announced the couple should be on their way, that perhaps it was time for little Haeju to take a nap.

“Aww,” Jimin whined, he pulled the pup closer to his chest and buried his face in her fragrant hair, inhaling her comforting baby scent. Another yawn snuck past his lips and he blushed in his attempt to hide it.

“I guess maybe I need a nap also.”

The group said their goodbyes, Jimin snuggled the little pup until Jin had to pry the tiny toddler from the Omega’s fingers to leave, he waved frantically at the adorable girl until she was tucked away in her carseat and the car pulled away. Jimin’s scent wilted slightly, his wolf yearning again for something he didn’t have. He stood in the doorframe to their home, the cold air nipped at his skin, and watched the car disappear around the curve. Jungkook sidled up behind him and hooked his chin on Jimin’s shoulder, whispering softly into the Omega’s ear.

“When you get all your memories back, when you feel comfortable with us again, we can still have pups if you want. I still want to start a family with you, Jimin. I’ll wait as long as you need.”

Jimin flushed at the words while his wolf preened, it was strange gaining his memories back in such a jumbled order. He still had so many gaps in his memories, but he yearned for pups as well, the memory from earlier so fresh in his mind it was all he could think about. His current mental state could never imagine having pups, he was just eighteen (or at least how he felt), but with this new memory it was like his teenage self yearned for the idea as well. Like he’d explained to Jin, he really felt like two people were living in his body now, each with different memories and wants and desires. It was like he was at war with himself, he couldn’t remember the life he lived that led to where he is right now, but his body still craved those things. His wolf didn’t need the memories, it ran purely on instinct and drive and it still wanted to be close with Jungkook and to have his pups. But his mind was so shy and embarrassed at doing any of those things, though he wanted to try, he wanted to fall in love with the Alpha again. He hoped that soon he would reach a middle ground, enough memories regained and enough time with Jungkook in his current state, that everything felt more natural and familiar to him.

Jungkook could see the conflict brewing behind Jimin’s gorgeous gray eyes, his eyebrows knitted and scrunched down, his cute little button nose wrinkled up in thought. He cautiously brought a hand up and stroked it down the Omega’s cheek, bringing focus back to Jimin’s eyes as he gazed at the Alpha. Jimin shivered as he came to and realized he was still standing in the cold, open doorway, the blustery winter air sucking the warmth from inside the home and his body.

“It’s been a long day, why don’t you go snuggle into your nest and take a short cat nap.” Jungkook urged, pulling the Omega into the warm confines of the house and shutting the door on the frigid afternoon air.

Jimin nodded and shuffled his way back through the house, his feet taking him back to his nest without much thought, his body knowing the way. The wall of their scent hit him again and he sighed, his body relaxing as it cocooned around him as the Omega padded across the warm floor toward the large bed. He leaned over and began to crawl up the soft, dark gray comforter surrounded by various pillows and blankets and miscellaneous clothes. He snuggled up in the middle and pressed his face into the pillows, inhaling a lungful of lavender and sandalwood as his Omega began to purr loudly. His chest vibrated with each inhaled breath as he pushed his face further into the pillow absolutely saturated with sandalwood, he hoped Jungkook wouldn’t find him essentially getting high off the Alpha’s scent. God he smelled amazing, he could feel the blood coursing through his veins boiling and he willed his body not to get aroused right now off the Alpha’s scent alone. He wasn’t prepared for THAT.

He pulled the blankets around him until he was buried in their aroma, hugging the Alpha’s pillow to his chest as he took breath after breath of the intoxicating smell. His Omega was swooning, his mind fuzzy and spinning while his body tingled, he was euphoric. His eyelids grew heavy as he floated in ecstasy, his Omega was beside itself being home, being back in its nest. He felt his body grow sluggish and let his mind wander, as sleep pulled desperately at him his last thoughts were of his Alpha, would he sleep with him tonight- would he sleep next to his Omega?

• ❅ •

Jungkook glanced at the clock on the wall in his home office, leaning back in the office chair he cracked his neck before popping his knuckles. He’d spent way more time than he’d meant to working, but with a new video game deadline looming he had to have the final edits finished before it was sent for production. His boss had been amazing, no problems or qualms whatsoever with Jungkook taking time off from working in the office, a lot of his job could be completed at home. He had a small handful of new video games to work on, at least three needed animation design ideas completed to be sent off for approval, one game needed some additional characters developed to help bring the storyline and concept together, and then there was the one he was working on now. All of the game playing and doodling in his younger years had paid off immensely for the Alpha, having bagged a job at one of the top gaming companies in Korea as both a designer and animator. The job had helped him provide for his mate when Jimin had decided to finally retire from professional dancing, until he’d established his position at the studio, and would allow the Omega to stay home when they had pups until he was ready to return to work as a dance teacher.

His phone pinged beside him and he glanced down at the weather alert displayed across the screen, they were finally going to get snow. His wolf preened that his mate was home, back in their nest, and now he would be here to watch the first snow of the season together. He had been anxious since Jimin had awoken, so scared and worried the Omega would distance himself, that he would have trouble being close with the Alpha because of his memory loss. He was happy to see that Jimin didn’t mind coming home with him, that the Omega didn’t want to push him away. Jungkook wanted to ease Jimin back into their life while he regained his memories, for the Omega to feel comfortable with him until he remembered the way their love had blossomed. He glanced at the clock again and decided to check in on his mate, it was getting late and if Jimin stayed in bed much longer he’d have trouble sleeping later that night.

Jungkook made his way across the house and down the hall flanked by a series of doors. He pushed open the familiar door of their room and almost purred as their scent hit him, his eyes immediately found the tiny lump burrowed under blankets in their nest. His heart hiccuped when he realized the Omega was hugging his pillow, his gorgeous face pushed into the fluffy lump, Jimin had to be inhaling his scent with each deep, even breath. He crept quietly through the room till he stood beside the bed, gazing down lovingly at Jimin, his wolf still relieved to see his mate home again. He kneeled along the edge of the mattress, compressing the pillows and blankets woven along the edge and reached forward to gently shake the Omega awake. Jimin lifted his face from the pillow, his eyes and cheeks and lips puffy from sleep, and looked up at the Alpha leaned over him.

“W-wha—“ his voice rasped, scratchy from sleep as Jimin blinked and glanced around the dimly lit room.

“You’ve been asleep for awhile. I thought we could eat some dinner and sit on the porch, it’s going to snow.” Jungkook watched Jimin shoot up out of the blankets, his wrinkled shirt falling back over his smooth, toned stomach where it had ridden up in his sleep, the Omega’s hair stood on end like a giant nest atop his head. Jungkook straightened back to full height as he took a step away from the nest and smiled softly, he loved Jimin like this, soft and puffy, his scent more crisp and clear right after waking— like fresh cut lavender.

“O-oh, I love snow.” Jimin exclaimed, unwrapping himself from the tangle of blankets he’d burrito wrapped himself into.

The Omega climbed from the bed and stumbled, one foot still unknowingly caught within the jumble of blankets, and started to fall face first toward the floor when a pair of large hands grabbed him. Jimin gripped onto the soft, warm sweater, face pressed into hard, rippling muscles, he found himself inhaling straight from the source the most intoxicating sandalwood scent. He flushed crimson when he realized what he was doing, both of them frozen as Jimin stared wide-eyed into Jungkook’s muscular chest, the Alpha’s grip on his arms tightening slightly at the intimacy. God, why did he smell so amazing? Was it because they were mates now or did Jungkook smell this good before they bonded? Jimin didn’t notice his own scent taking on a cloyingly sweet note, he leaned forward and took in another deep lungful of eau de Alpha and shivered to his core.

“U-uh, I’ll meet you in the kitchen.” Jimin noted the Alpha’s deep, husky voice as Jungkook ensured he was standing properly on his feet before letting the Omega go. Jimin felt dizzy as Jungkook’s heady, spice filled aroma hit his nose, his Omega whined as its mate walked out of the room, clearly affected by him as much as he was the other.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts and flushed, he was like a horny teenager again. He just wanted to bury his face in Jungkook’s neck and get high off the scent of the Alpha, he ignored his wolf telling him he could do that— they were mates after all, but Jimin couldn’t let his horny eighteen year old mind know this was allowed. He shifted on his feet, his thighs rubbing together alerting the Omega to the slick dripping from his hole, his cock semi-hard as blood pumped heavy through his veins. Jimin thrust his fingers through his coffee-colored locks and gripped the strands tightly, he really was like a horny teenager again. He knew Jungkook had to have noticed the change in his scent, his body flushed hot at the idea of walking out and looking the Alpha in the eyes again. Jimin took some deep, steady breaths and walked into the ensuite bathroom to clean himself up and splash some water on his heated face.

Jungkook gripped the edge of the counter and leaned against the cool, smooth marble surface. As soon as Jimin’s interested scent had hit him, his wolf had been jumping and scratching inside him to take their mate, to make him feel so, so good. It had taken him a great deal of restraint to walk away from the Omega and leave the room, he didn’t want Jimin to think he was taking advantage of him. Jungkook only wanted to be with his mate again when Jimin was ready, when he remembered their bodies joining, when he could feel every ounce of love Jungkook had for him and he had for the Alpha. He rested his face against the chilly surface and took in some steady calming breaths, his scent returned to normal and his aching cock flagged in his jeans. He tried to shove away the feeling of Jimin rubbing his nose softly against his chest, the way the Omega had felt in his arms as his scent had sweetened deliciously. Jungkook growled and pressed his body against the cold surface more and conjured images of puppies and kittens and anything to help keep him from going back into that room and showing his mate what he couldn’t remember.

Jungkook blew hot air out from his lungs before he straightened and turned toward the refrigerator. Their group of friends had delivered a week's worth of food the prior day so the couple wouldn’t have to cook, Jungkook was a decent cook but his mind was more focused on caring for his mate, so he was glad he didn’t have to worry about shopping or cooking for a few days. He pulled open the stainless steel door and stared into the brightly lit appliance, his eyes gliding over the neatly packaged meals, small sticky notes attached to each— he recognized Jin’s writing immediately. He grabbed the bibimbap off the top and read over the reheating instructions when he smelled his mate first, then heard Jimin shuffling into the room.

“The guys dropped off a bunch of food for us, bibimbap sound good to you?” He glanced over his shoulder and felt the air punched from his gut. He would never get used to how adorable Jimin looked dressed in his clothes, especially when he was still soft from sleep. The Omega padded across the warm floor and climbed onto a stool at the kitchen island, the sleeves of Jungkook’s soft, cashmere sweater falling past his tiny fingers as the collar slipped to reveal the smooth, honeyed skin of his collarbone.

“Yeah, that sounds good. I, um, I couldn’t find my clothes so I grabbed something of yours.” He whispered, fingers played with the hem of the sweater cuff, he peered up at the Alpha through his fringe.

“Oh, that’s alright Baby… Jimin. You usually wear my clothes at home.” Jungkook watched the soft pink blush brighten the Omega’s cheeks as he smiled, Jimin pushed at the sleeves to no avail as they kept pooling back over his hands.

Jungkook turned back toward the cabinets and removed two plates, he divided the food between them before putting one into the microwave and following the intricate instructions Jin had written on the sticky note. He shifted and leaned back against the counter as the food whirled behind him, watching Jimin take in the large kitchen around them. This room had been another reason they’d purchased the home, the large roomy space was exactly what they needed to cook for a family or the get-togethers they often had with their friends.

The smell of heated bibimbap filled the room and Jimin laughed as his stomach grumbled, it smelled amazing and he seemed to still be starving after going unfed for days while he was unconscious. His eyes found their way back to Jungkook as the ding of the microwave broke their comfortable silence, he let his gaze slide over the broad, chiseled back of his mate. Jungkook’s dark black sweater stretched tight over his shoulders as he pulled one plate from the appliance and put the other in, Jimin appreciated the strength he saw ripple beneath the velvety fabric.

His mind wandered back briefly to the bedroom, after the Alpha had left and he’d gone to change, Jimin had spent some time in front of the mirror again. Letting his eyes drink in all of the changes his body had undergone over the years, he’d immediately ran his fingertips across the midnight black ink settled into his rib cage. The tattoo had stood out like a beacon against his pale torso, NEVERMIND, he wondered what the meaning was-- why he had chosen this phrase to permanently etch into his flesh. Jimin had tried to search his brain for any remembrance, perhaps for a memory to make its way through the foggy haze of his mind, but had come up empty.

“Kookie,” he questioned, the Alpha froze in his ministrations and turned to look over his shoulder at the other. “When did I get a tattoo?”

“While you were away at college, but before we started dating. You… you had some problems with people not taking you seriously as a male dancer, especially a male Omega dancer. You got it to remind yourself that their opinion didn’t matter, that the only opinion that counted was your own and if you were happy with your life then that was all that mattered.”

“Oh,” he whispered. His hands dropped to his torso and he skimmed across the tattoo over the soft fabric of the sweater. That sounded like something he would do, that he would think. He smiled knowing that he didn’t allow those with negative opinions ruin the dream he had for himself.

Jungkook placed the steaming plate before him and walked around the island to join Jimin on the stool beside him, close enough they could feel the warmth of the other leaching through their clothes and tingling between them. They ate mostly in silence, Jimin asked a few questions about what Jungkook did for a living, he had a very vague idea based off of the memory of his accident. He listened to the Alpha talk about his work, about animations and drawings he completed for video games, the stories and concepts he came up with that made the final cut. Jimin could tell from the way Jungkook spoke that he was proud of what he did and that he really loved his job, and that made the Omega happy. Once finished they stood shoulder to shoulder in front of the sink while they rinsed their dishes and set them aside to be loaded into the dishwasher.

“Oh!” Jungkook exclaimed, pointing out the window above the sink to see big fluffy snowflakes finally falling from the sky. “Let me make some hot cocoa and we can sit on the porch and watch the snow if you’d like? You always like to do that.”

Jimin smiled up at the Alpha as he nodded, he did love hot cocoa and the idea of perhaps snuggling up against Jungkook to watch the snowfall warmed him inside. The Alpha quickly prepared two steaming cups of hot cocoa, adding the appropriate amount of marshmallows to the smooth, dark liquid and nodded toward the door off the kitchen that led outside. Jimin happily bounded toward the door and held it open for Jungkook, the chilly night air nipped at his skin and he shivered. He followed the Alpha toward the cute little rocking bench sitting at the end of the long wooden porch, the overhang protecting them from the falling snow. He settled next to Jungkook, the pair close enough they touched and could feel the warmth shared between them. He took the warm cup of hot cocoa from Jungkook and brought the piping liquid to his lips and sipped carefully, the smooth chocolate coated his throat and heated him from the inside out.

The world outside was silent as the large puffs of snow danced down through the sky, Jimin continued to sip on his drink while he sat close to the Alpha. His Omega whined at the distance, it wanted Jimin to snuggle in closer to their mate, to share their warmth together.

“This is the first snow of the season.” Jungkook whispered, Jimin turned and looked up at the other. Jungkook looked out into the sky, his doe eyes wide as they followed the path of the flakes through the air until they landed against the cold, frost-bitten ground. The grass started to cloud over with little tufts of white as the snow stuck and accumulated into little piles, a soft white blanket to cover the last of the color. Jimin felt the bond between them vibrate, his heart fluttered in his chest knowing he was watching the first snow with his mate, with Jungkook. He scooted carefully across the bench until he was snuggled closer to the Alpha, Jungkook turned and looked down at him, their eyes gazing into each other as they spoke wordlessly.

“Can you hold me?” Jimin whispered, his voice came out softly as the air that passed his lips created a little cloud of smoke between them. Jungkook nodded and set his cup down on the ground beside the bench, wrapping his arms around the Omega he pulled Jimin into the warmth of his chest. Jimin sighed and relaxed into the tight, warm cradle of his Alpha’s arms, inhaling his comforting scent as he closed his eyes and hoped he would remember every moment he’d had with Jungkook. He didn’t want to lose a single second, as the snow blanketed the earth he imagined it as if the fluffy precipitation was wiping the slate clean, a new page was being turned. He wanted to write all the new memories he would have with the Alpha along them, because even if he never gained back another memory, he wanted to make sure these he created now would last forever.

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The snow had started as tiny little droplets of white, dancing through the sky as they swept along the current and fluttered elegantly to the ground. The couple sat on the small porch of their shared apartment, arms wrapped around each other’s bodies, body heat shared beneath the heavy blanket as the first flakes of the season graced the sky. Jimin had made the comment in passing… about how this would be even more perfect if they had hot cocoa, the first snow of the season needed hot cocoa, snow watching required a heated mug of steaming, melted chocolate with marshmallows. Just a random thought that had bounced around his head and slipped between his cold, chapped lips in a little puff of smoke into the atmosphere.

Jungkook of course had stood the couple up and shuffled them back inside the warm apartment at once, shoving on his jacket and boots and grabbing the car keys, he announced whatever his baby wanted his baby got. Jimin tried to talk him out of it, that Jungkook really didn’t need to leave in this weather to get hot cocoa for the couple. They could get some in the morning and enjoy it out on the porch the next night, snuggled again under the moonlight as the snowflakes choreographed a new ballet before their eyes. Of course Jungkook had waved off his concerns, it was just a small flurry, it wasn’t that bad and he’d be back quickly. Jimin tried to push aside the uneasiness that clenched his stomach as Jungkook pulled the door behind him, he glanced back at the tiny droplets floating past the window and hoped the Alpha would be safe.

It had been an hour, maybe even slightly over an hour, and the Alpha hadn’t returned. So here he stood, blanket wrapped around his body as he pressed his face to the frosted glass and stared out into the snow globe the world had become. Giant cotton balls of precipitation fell angrily from the sky, the railings and window sills now mounded with piles of fluffy crystalline flakes. The wind thankfully died down but it had only helped the snow to accumulate faster, the parked cars along the street now small white hills along the vast snowy blanket that covered the earth. He squinted into the distance, the snow falling so thick it was like trying to make out a picture on the fuzzy static of a tv.

Jimin peered down at the phone clutched in his fingers, his knuckles white and aching with how hard he gripped the small cellphone and silently begged Jungkook to answer his texts… to answer his calls. Each try went straight to voicemail, Jungkook’s deep voice playing over and over in his ear to leave a message. His wolf was frantic, the Omega whined as he wondered if he should call the police, to send somebody out to search for the Alpha who should have been home an hour ago— the market was just a short drive across town.

Tears blurred his vision as he tried to make out anything through the sheet of snow that fluttered past the window, a car, a person, just something. He felt his heart hammering in his chest, breath caught in his throat as his eyes stung, salty little rivers trailed down his creamy skin. Jimin brought the phone back to his face and tried to blink away the tears clouding his vision as he shook and trembled trying to enter the numbers into the keypad, he pressed the phone to his ear as Jungkook’s voicemail repeated over the line. His wolf whined and he clutched his stomach, he could feel the panic creeping into his system when the sound of tinkling keys in the lock drew his attention.

Jimin turned and stared as Jungkook walked into the house, shaking little piles of snow off his shoulders and head. His nose was red and bitten by the cold air, hair damp and plastered to his forehead as chunks of frozen snow slid off his jacket and created little puddles along the floor. Jimin felt relief slam into him and his body shuddered, the emotions clawing their way out as he felt himself on the verge of breaking down. He whined and whimpered as Jungkook’s wide doe eyes met his own, his body quivered in distress and fear.

“Baby, oh my god Baby. I am so sorry. The snow got too heavy so I decided to just walk back and my phone died.” He pleaded as he kicked his boots off and rushed over to his trembling Omega—

Jimin jerked awake as the images and emotions from his memory, or was it a dream, flooded his mind. He blinked into the dark night and realized he was in his nest, in Jungkook’s and his home and not the quaint apartment from his dreams. Jimin felt himself trembling, the room filled with the smoky and wilted smell of fear laced throughout his scent, he glanced over at the Alpha sleeping across the bed from him. He scooted quickly across the silky sheets and gripped onto Jungkook’s loose shirt, the Alpha waking with a start to look down at the trembling Omega.

“Baby, J-Jimin, what’s wrong?” His voice rasped, thick with sleep as he glanced around the room before wrapping his arms around his shaking mate, his wolf wide awake at the distressed scent his Omega was releasing.

“I-I had a dream, another memory. Y-you went to get… but then it- it was snowing… and I was ss-so scared and… then y-you..” Jungkook shushed the shuddering man and pulled Jimin closer to him, releasing calming pheromones as his scent surged to soothe his mate.

“K-Kookie, y-you can’t, I.. d-don’t do that again.” He whimpered, Jimin tried to push himself closer, to burrow into the soft cotton fabric of the Alpha’s shirt.

“Jimin, I don’t… I’m not sure. I’m sorry, whatever you remembered I’m so sorry. What can I do?” Jungkook’s voice quivered, his wolf was frantic to soothe their mate, to bring back the soft fragrant scent they loved and rid Jimin’s scent of fear.

“S-scent me, pl-please, k-kkookie… pl-please.” Jimin couldn’t stop the trembling in his body and voice, his wolf a whining, whimpering mess inside him at the memory that wouldn’t stop repeating over and over inside his head. The smell of Jungkook’s shirt pressed to his nose was calming but it wasn’t enough, he needed to be bathed in the Alpha’s scent, so all he could smell was the rich, musky aroma of sandalwood.

Jungkook pushed Jimin away from his body and gazed down into his mate’s glistening eyes, tears spilled over his lids and trailed down his cheeks. He didn’t know what memory Jimin had regained in his sleep but he would do anything to beg for forgiveness again from his Omega. He brought his head to the crook of Jimin’s neck and felt the man shudder beneath him. The soft tip of his nose pressed gently to the honey smooth skin beneath Jimin’s ear, he inhaled the wilted scent of his mate and began to trace down the long, slender expanse of skin. He heard a breath stutter past Jimin’s lips as he rubbed his nose up and down the length of his neck, painting the other in his scent with each delicate pass. Jungkook squeezed his eyes shut and took in a steady, deep breath before trailing down slowly to Jimin’s scent gland, to the beautiful, silvery mark of their bond atop it.

He pressed his nose to the source of Jimin’s scent, his lips gliding across the sweet skin as he brushed a feather soft kiss against the glistening mark. Shudders of pleasure rippled through his body as Jimin began to rumble beneath him, a deep, thunderous purr as his scent sweetened under the layer of sandalwood covering his aroma. He gripped the smaller man tightly in his arms as he began to scent the Omega earnestly, his mind hazy as he pressed his face into the intoxicating scent of his mate. Fingers tangled into his hair, gripping tightly as the sweetest, softest moan whispered past Jimin’s lips and met his ears. Jungkook ran his lips up the column of Jimin’s neck before the Omega yanked the strands and forced the Alpha to look at his mate. Jimin’s face was flushed red, his chest heaved and pupils blown wide, he looked like absolute perfection in the shimmering light of the moon.

Jimin felt delirious, sandalwood leached into every pore on his body until all his heart knew was the scent of his mate. His wolf was going berserk, the feel of Jungkook’s lips against their mating mark driving him crazy with want and need and something else he was afraid to put a name on. He wanted to do something he’d always daydreamed of doing but hadn't, his baby Alpha had been too young and he felt guilty imagining such things. But the man pressed to his side, his lips gliding so intimately against his neck was no baby Alpha, he was a man and he was Jimin’s. His fingers grasped the dark curls and yanked Jungkook away from his neck, he knew he must look like a mad man while he gazed hungrily at the Alpha above him. Before Jungkook could open his mouth to question Jimin’s motives, the Omega pulled the Alpha toward him and crashed their lips together.

The feel of Jungkook’s lips against his own was like a landlocked sailor finally sailing in the open sea again, it felt like coming home, it felt right. Their lips slid together sensually, pushing and pulling like they were made for each other, a dance they had perfected over and over again. Jimin sighed into the kiss and the Alpha took the opportunity to lick tentatively into the warm, inviting cavern of his mouth. His stomach clenched as heat rushed through his veins and boiled him from the inside out, he tugged on Jungkook’s silky locks and dipped his tongue inside the Alpha’s mouth, shyly caressing the other’s tongue with his own. They kissed languidly, like they had all the time in the world and nothing but this mattered. Jimin felt every invisible string of their bond vibrate, rattle and tremble with warmth as his wolf preened. A feeling nestled itself deep into his chest, so familiar and intimate his mind fought to clear the foggy haze in his memories to show the Omega the full scale of this sensation. They kissed for minutes, they kissed for hours, Jimin couldn’t be quite sure. Time had stopped, all he could focus on was the way Jungkook’s lips puzzled perfectly with his own, how the Alpha sucked on his lower lip and pulled the sweetest moans from deep within his body. It was like Jungkook knew exactly how he needed to be kissed, every slide of his tongue and nibble of his teeth, it was perfection and he wanted to drown in this moment.

Jimin broke the kiss first, lips red and swollen and slick with spit, he wanted to dive back into the addicting heat, to be back where he’d always wanted to be. He could spend forever pressed against the Alpha like this, their lips connected and speaking wordless emotions between them, when nothing else in the world mattered but them. His chest heaved as he gazed up into Jungkook’s hooded, wild eyes, his pupils blown so wide Jimin stared into the midnight black galaxies and swore he could see stars. He thanked the heavens that they weren’t teenagers anymore, that he was allowed to kiss these lips every single day for the rest of his life if he so pleased. Jimin wondered what their first kiss was like, was it as sweet and steamy as this one, did they cling to each other as they tried to climb into each other’s skin? He hoped he gained that memory back, he wanted to cherish them together… the couple’s first real first kiss and this second amazing first kiss they’d just had.

“I- wow, I’m sorry. I’ve just always wanted to do that.” He breathed, his skin tingled with awareness of how close he was to the Alpha, his body pressed inch for inch against Jungkook’s hot, chiseled physique. Jungkook chuckled and fought to catch his breath, desire burned deep inside him and he warred against himself not to devour this gorgeous man beside him, to reclaim his mate all night long.

“Hhh, well we’ve done it plenty. And I certainly enjoy it every single time. So I’m not complaining.” He teased, tightening his grip around Jimin’s lithe body, he’d missed having his mate tucked so intimately against him.

Jungkook dipped his face down against Jimin’s neck and scented the Omega more. Running his nose and lips and cheeks smoothly against the soft, honey skin of his neck and face until the man smelled of nothing but sandalwood, he smelled taken and thoroughly cared for by an Alpha. Jimin began to purr loudly again, the deep rumbling vibrations shuddered through his body as Jungkook pressed against their mating mark over and over again in his ministrations to scent the Omega. The Alpha pressed a final tender kiss over the silvery mark and pulled away, gazing lovingly at his mate.

“Are you okay now? Do you want to tell me about your memory? I’m sorry for whatever I did.”

Jimin’s brow furrowed as the memory played again behind his eyes, the feelings washed over his body like he was experiencing it again for the first time— like he was reliving the moment right then.

“We were sitting on a porch watching the snow, but not the porch here. And I mentioned hot cocoa and you just… you just up and left to get me hot cocoa. But you were gone so long and it started to snow more and more and I tried to call you but your phone was off. And the snow just kept piling up and all I could think about was you cold and injured and alone in the snow and I didn’t know what to do. But then you came home.”

Tears filled the Omega’s eyes as he grasped onto Jungkook’s sleep shirt and rewatched the memory in his mind. Jungkook brought his hands to Jimin’s face and cupped the soft puffy flesh of his cheeks, imploring the Omega to look at him.

“Baby, I am so sorry you had to remember that again. I will promise you now like I promised you then, I will never ever do anything to worry you like that again. Never.” Jungkook pressed a kiss to Jimin’s forehead before sweeping his thumbs softly under the Omega’s eyes and wiping away the small, salty tears tracks.

Jimin sniffled and nodded, blinking rapidly to stop the tears that kept clouding his vision. It was such a strange feeling, going from the fear he woke up with, to the euphoric ecstasy that washed over him while being scented and kissed, back to a sad whimpering mess as he listened to Jungkook apologize. These jumbled and mixed up memories pulled him every different direction, he hoped he would gain back a lot more happy memories like the one earlier in regards to starting a family. He didn’t like feeling this way, he didn’t like being scared for his Alpha, worried he would never see or feel or touch him again.

“God, I remember spending the entire night making it up to you. I promised myself I would never make you feel like this again, that I would never see you trembling like this because of me. I’m so sorry, I wish you’d never had to relive that again.” He whispered the words against the soft skin of Jimin’s forehead as the memory played back in his mind.

A romantic gesture for the man he loved had backfired when a blizzard had swept in, stranding his car and the Alpha at the market a few miles from their apartment. The final nail on the coffin had been his phone dying while walking back home, he’d trudged through the snow as it piled up and up till it reached his knees. Snow so thick he couldn’t see past the tip of his nose, but he had to get back home to his Omega, to his love. When he’d finally walked back into their place, the smell of fear and sadness overflowing the room, he’d known before the Alpha had even opened the door the state Jimin was in. Jungkook had spent the rest of the night scenting and being scented and kissing and whispering soothing words to his Omega, until they’d both fallen asleep entangled with each other.

“Could you hold me while we sleep? My Omega hates that you are so far away.” Jimin whispered, his body felt light and comforted, floating as he inhaled the aroma of his mate pressed into his skin. The fear had subsided but the images still lingered when he closed his eyes, the emotions from that night still coursing through his veins.

“Of course, you don’t even have to ask.” Jungkook scooted closer to the Omega until he occupied the middle of the nest, Jimin situated himself so that he laid with his head rested against the Alpha’s chest. Jungkook wrapped his arms around his mate and pressed his nose into the subtly sweet scent of lavender, so faint beneath the heavy musk of sandalwood that permeated from the Omega now.

“I would do anything for you, Jimin. Anything you need to get back to yourself again, I will tell you the same stories over and over again. I will drive you to every single place we’ve visited on earth if you need me to. Even if it takes months or even years to regain your memories, I will do anything you need to help you feel safe and comfortable.”

Jimin listened to the soft words whispered into the dark as the rhythmic thud of Jungkook’s heart beat against his cheek. It felt like the strings of their bond wrapped around them, securing their souls tightly to one another in the dim moonlit silence of the room. He was sure he was falling in love with the Alpha all over again, it was happening as easy as breathing, like they were made for each other. He drifted off again cocooned in the warmth of his mate’s arms and Jungkook’s scent infused into his skin, as the last threads of consciousness slipped into sleep he felt their hearts beat as one.

• ❅ •

Jimin sat and glared out into the beautiful winter wonderland their yard had become the last four days of snowfall. He glared because he hadn’t remembered one single memory since days prior, not even a smidgen of anything, nothing, nada, zilch. Having gained back at least one memory a day since being released from the hospital he thought perhaps it would continue on that way. Yet here he sat, wrapped up in the warmest blanket he could find woven with his Alpha’s scent, mostly because it helped to soothe his angered nerves. He wanted to remember something, anything. The past four days since the night of his last memory had been amazing. Jungkook had spent his time answering any questions he had, mostly because he wanted to know about Jungkook’s life after Jimin had left for college. The Omega had thought the other more important and precious memories would fill themselves in, so he’d wanted to know the smaller more “mundane” details of Jungkook’s life. Things he wouldn’t have experienced while they were not a couple and separated by the distance Jimin’s college had provided. He glanced toward the sound of a door opening and watched as his Alpha shuffled across the frosty porch floor toward him with a steaming cup of tea.

“Oh, that’s a withering look. Did you remember something else I need to beg for forgiveness for again?” He quipped, the Alpha stopped in his tracks when he was sure literal flames were going to shoot from the Omega’s eyes and light him on fire. “Or… no?”

“Nothing! I haven’t remembered anything new!” Jimin crossed his arms and huffed, bottom lip sticking out in an adorable pout that made the Alpha soften.

“Baby, you see the therapist today and maybe they can explain how this will all go. The little bit of research I’ve done says it could all come back quickly or it might take awhile.” Jimin cut his gaze toward the Alpha and growled lowly before turning and staring down the ice covered tree he’d been looking at before.

“How about this?” Jungkook countered, the Omega turned and perked up at the lilting tone that coated the Alpha’s words.

“Tae has been blowing up my phone since you got home, he’s still as ... energetic as he was during your teenage years. I have a deadline I have to make today, what if he picked you up and brought you to your doctor instead of me? Maybe being out of the house and with Tae could jog another memory? Then you could go out and do whatever you soulmates do?”

The smile that spread across Jimin’s face was enough to have Jungkook’s wolf puffing up in pride. He really wanted to take Jimin to his appointment today, but he knew he would just spend that time in the waiting room until the Omega was finished. Plus, this might stop the incessant text messages and phone calls he’d gotten since they’d arrived home. Jimin’s phone hadn’t stopped buzzing the first day back so Jungkook ended up turning it off so as not to disturb him during his rest, the other Alpha of course had turned his attention to him instead.

With his Omega once again happy and not trying to melt the snow laid across their lawn with just his gaze, he settled next to his mate and talked about the deadline he was stressed out about. Even though Jimin didn’t remember anything about his job, the Omega listened attentively and tried his best to comfort and soothe his worried Alpha. They sat and talked and watched the snow start again, just tiny little crystals that reflected in the soft morning sun, until the tips of their noses were so cold they worried they might fall off. The couple gathered up their things and headed back inside to the warm home and heated floors, Jimin was sure his toes defrosted on the toasty wooden floor.

“I’ll go text Tae and let him know, I can only imagine he’s going to be even more intense with how excited he’ll be. Your phone has been charging in the kitchen, I’m sorry I turned it off your first day home because he wouldn’t stop calling.”

“That’s okay, I think I might have gotten a little overwhelmed anyways. I really enjoyed Jin and Joon visiting with the pup but I was exhausted from the little amount of time they were here. I probably would have spent a week sleeping off all the excitement that Tae brings.”

Jimin wandered back into their bedroom to quickly get himself ready for the day, pulling on a pair of worn denim skinny jeans and a soft cream cashmere sweater. He pulled on his fluffiest socks, grabbed a scarf and beanie from his drawer and decided on a thick fluffy jacket that he thought made him look like a bear. He strolled into the bathroom to fix himself up a little, he hadn’t left the house since getting home and knew he probably looked a little worn for wear. Jimin stared down at the creams and numerous pieces of makeup scattered neatly on the counter on his side of the en-suite bathroom. He’d spent his time in high school experimenting with light foundation and playing with various eyeshadows, but the multitudes of products now— including many high end brands, were a little intimidating. In the end, he chose to just apply some BB cream to smooth out the redness in his face and specifically cheeks from the cold, dry winter air and styled his chestnut hair off his forehead.

Jimin meandered through the house in search of Jungkook, the home much larger than he’d imagined, it took him a day to remember where all the various rooms were. He’d hoped retouring the home might rekindle some memories, even the smallest of recollections, but to his disappointment it hadn’t. The Omega found Jungkook sitting stiffly in his office, it had become Jimin’s favorite room to linger in, the smell of his mate so strong and pure in the spacious room. The Alpha looked tense and stressed once again, hunched over his keyboard as he sketched the outfit of a character on his drawing tablet, erasing and redrawing over and over again. Jimin knocked softly against the doorframe gaining Jungkook’s attention, he watched the tension melt from his Alpha’s shoulders just by looking at him, inhaling the Omega’s scent deep into his lungs. Jimin had come to realize that being near each other, their scents mingling and intertwining, had a comforting and calming effect on them both.

They had slept in each other’s arms each night since the Omega had regained the snowstorm memory, the warmth and closeness helped soothe Jimin’s wolf and he slept peacefully until morning. The Omega hadn’t asked to be scented since that night, so embarrassed he’d been so distressed and scared by the recollection it was the only way to calm down. Though in the days since he found that he yearned to be covered in his Alpha’s scent, to smell so much like him it was all he thought about. He didn’t know how to go about asking him, but leaving to visit the doctor without his mate had him both excited to see Taehyung but apprehensive to be away from the Alpha.

“Um, I was wondering if you would scent me before my appointment. I feel really nervous and just… you really help calm me down.” His voice fell to a whisper as he fidgeted like a nervous teenager again, too shy to talk to his crush— who just happened to be his mate now, but sometimes his mind refused to believe that snippet of truth.

“Yeah,” Jungkook pushed away from his desk and stood before striding toward his mate, “Yeah, I can do that. Anything you want Jimin, remember?”

Jimin stood with his jacket clutched by his side and stared up into Jungkook’s dark chocolate eyes, his body trembled in anticipation as the Alpha gently grasped his shoulders before running his large, warm palms down his arms. Jungkook leaned forward and dipped into the crook of Jimin’s neck, brushing his nose and lips against the smooth delicate skin. He pressed his scent into his mate’s skin until the smell of lavender was thoroughly intermingled with the scent of sandalwood, so heavy Jimin smelled like a forest. The Omega wavered on his feet and clutched the waistband of Jungkook’s jeans, his mate’s scent so intoxicating his brain felt fuzzy and heavy, his body filled with warmth and joy and something else he didn’t immediately recognize. He whined when Jungkook pulled away, his Alpha still smelled like himself and he yearned to scent him as well.

Jimin lifted an arm and wrapped his hand around Jungkook's nape, the Alpha raised an eyebrow before understanding what the Omega wanted and leaned down. Jimin pushed his face into Jungkook’s neck, rubbing his nose and cheeks along the thick muscled neck of his Alpha, brushing his lips feather soft over the warm tawny skin. He swept his nose over and over the tanned skin until the smell of sandalwood faded away and was replaced by the soft floral scent of lavender, his Alpha would smell like him and think of him while he was away, his Omega was pleased.

The doorbell ringing broke the couple apart, each looked dazed at the other, Jimin whined knowing he had to leave his Alpha here and visit the therapist. But he knew this was something he needed to do, Jimin wanted to regain all of his memories and perhaps this doctor could help explain why he hadn’t gained anything new the last few days. He wanted to remember the life he had with his baby Alpha, he wanted to remember him transforming from the lanky, nerdy boy he crushed on into this perfect specimen of a man, into the Alpha he could call his.

“I’ll be here when you get back, don’t forget to grab your phone in the kitchen. Call me if you need me, I will come pry you from Tae’s possessive fingers in a heartbeat. Soulmates or not.” Jimin chuckled at the Alpha as he grumbled.

“I will, I promise. Don’t stress yourself out while I’m gone, Kookie.” Before he could understand what he was doing or even talk himself out of it, Jimin popped up onto his toes and pressed a tender kiss against his Alpha’s soft, worry bitten lips. Jungkook’s eyes widened at the surprise before he smiled, giant bunny teeth on display as his chest puffed out.

“Be careful, Baby.” The Alpha whispered as the doorbell rang incessantly through the house once more. Jungkook rolled his eyes and chuckled, not surprised at all by Taehyung’s ceaseless ringing to get to his soulmate sooner. In high school the bond shared between Jimin and Taehyung was one he had been jealous of, the other Alpha always shared a special place in his mate’s heart. But through the years he’d learned that they were meant to be soulmates in their own unique way, Taehyung having become an important person in his own life that cared for his Omega as much as he did.

Jimin brought his fingertips to his lips and touched them softly, the skin still tingling from the quick kiss, he wondered if he licked his lips if he’d be able to taste the Alpha. He smiled once more at Jungkook before turning, he waved quickly over his shoulder and bounded toward the door before Taehyung could begin to pound against the wood. His eyes crinkled in happiness as warmth flooded his cheeks, butterflies fluttered happily in his chest and his wolf preened. His mate’s scent wrapped around him like a glove, his wolf happy and content, he wanted to purr with each soft intake of breath. The feeling nestled deep in his heart quivered and shook, slowly starting to refill the space it had occupied, a space he couldn’t remember but his heart and soul and wolf knew so well. As Jimin pulled open the door and came face to face with the boxy smile of his Alpha soulmate and best friend, he prayed and wished his appointment would help lead him back to his Alpha, to his mate.