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All Over Again

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His head throbbed, no it was more so like pounding, the blood drummed against his skull and made the world tilt off axis. An incessant pulsating pain that peaked with each hammering beat of his heart, squeezing behind his eyes and making the Omega’s stomach roll. Persistent beeping somewhere beside him pierced his ears, a shrill alarm that set his teeth on edge and echoed through his brain. Gods he shouldn’t have stayed up late with his friends the night before, he had known drinking at the graduation party was going to come back and bite him in his ass. His mother was going to kill him when he finally dragged himself from bed, he’d promised to help her around the house before work. The Omega needed to save up as much as he could before he headed off to college in the fall.

He moved under the warm, heavy blanket laid atop him causing his nest to shift and rustle, the scent bleed deep into the fabrics drifted through the air. His nose twitched and picked up something not quite right, he inhaled deeply and breathed in the essence of the room. His nest smelled like home, like him- soft and sweet and lightly floral, his lavender scent cocooned him in warmth. But another underlying scent piqued his interest, there intertwined with his own and mixing beautifully like a soft lavender field in the forest. An earthy scent, faintly sweet but woodsy, it was rich and deep and it caused his heart to flutter. Sandalwood his brain supplied, that absolutely divine scent lightly mixed within his nest was sandalwood. His eyebrows drew together as he tried to remember the night before, he hadn’t seen any alphas at the party who smelled similarly. He was certain he had spent the night plastered to his friends, Taehyung in fact had latched onto the Omega most of the night, the Alpha’s not so subtle way of keeping an eye on him. None of the friends within their group smelled of something so addicting, so deep and powerful, it called to his wolf.

The pulse pounding behind his eyes reminded the Omega of the headache that battered his brain. He scrunched his eyes and let them flutter open, vision hazy and blurred as stars swept across his sight. God, he was pretty sure he was going to throw up, and then he was going to kill his friends. No matter how much begging and convincing they tried, he would never go out to a party like that again. He blinked his eyes in an attempt to clear his vision, to bring everything back into focus. Light filtered into the room and cast shadows across his nest, his eyes focused on a small table across the room, a quaint bouquet of flowers sat atop bringing color to the blank white walls. He blinked again, closing and opening his eyes to allow them to refocus again and again on the beautiful purple blooms, lavender. He felt his heart rate accelerate as his breath caught in his throat, this wasn’t his room, this wasn’t his home, this wasn’t his nest.

The door clicked open drawing his attention and he watched as a small female Beta entered, her soft fruity smell traveled through the room and reached his nose. She adjusted the vase of flowers before setting some clean linens along the table and turned toward his bed, eyes wide as she looked his direction and their gazes locked. He stared into her large chocolate eyes and wondered whom she was, where he was? His scent clouded with smoke, the delicate floral aroma turned faded and decayed, a pull tugged harshly at his stomach but he ignored it in favor of observing the stranger.

“Oh, you’re awake!” Her voice was calm and steady, barely above a whisper as she moved slowly to his side.

He took in her light blue scrubs before his eyes studied the room, the crisp white walls, well-worn couch and plain, drab tables. His eyes landed on the hospital equipment set up beside the bed, heart monitors and IV drips, oxygen tanks and other screens with numbers he didn’t understand the meaning of. She adjusted the IV in the back of his hand, a slight sting that made him wince and tense from the pain, before she adjusted the blanket rested across his body. She tucked the edges around him, the mounds of blankets and pillows and well-worn clothing shifted around her movement, stirring up the heavenly lavender forest scent again.

“Are you feeling okay? I’ll go get the doctor and let her know you’re awake and bring you some water.” She smiled softly at the Omega before turning and gliding toward the door. She turned in the frame and smiled softly at him from the entrance, “Oh, I will let your visitors know you’ve awoken as well and send them in as soon as I can.”

He stared out the empty doorway into the hospital hall, nurses and doctors and guests ambled by as the hushed whispers of voices finally hit his ears. The Omega glanced around the room in hopes perhaps the boring hospital decor would answer for why he was situated inside a hospital. The room was filled with the acrid, sweet stench of decaying flowers as distress rolled off of him in waves, what happened the night before? His thoughts were interrupted by a new scent wafting through the small space, clean and fragrant and earthy, it reminded him of pine trees set out for display during the holidays. His eyes found the tall Alpha as she walked confidently through the door and strode to his bedside and smiled down at him.

“Welcome back, I’m Dr. Lee,” she started, hands and eyes assessed his face and down his neck as her fingers softly palpitated his skin, purposefully skipping over his scent gland in her path.

“Can you tell me your name?” Jimin looked questioningly at the Alpha as the previous nurse bustled in quickly and set a plastic tumbler full of ice cold water on the stand next to his bed. The Omega didn’t realize how parched he was until his eyes zoned in on the condensation trailing slowly down the side of the container, his small hands shot out from the blanket and wrapped around the cool plastic, bringing the straw to his plush lips and sucking in greedily.

“Slow down now. I don’t need you throwing up, can you tell me your name?”

“J-Jimin, Park Jimin.” He croaked, his throat scratched- parched like the Sahara desert, the Omega brought the straw back to his lips and closed his eyes as the cool, smooth liquid flowed down his throat.

“Great, very good. Can you tell me the last thing you remember?”

Jimin closed his eyes again and tried to remember what had happened the night before, his head throbbed and vision reeled as the world tilted, he grabbed at his temple as the tumbler of water sloshed in his grip. The smell of rotting flowers and smoke filled the room, his stomach pulled again at a feeling he was unfamiliar with, at something connected to him and calling to the Omega.

“Woah, woah, okay. It’s okay. Don’t strain too hard, you’ve had quite the fall and you’re still recovering from a head injury. Anything that pops immediately to mind, the first memory you remember.” The Alpha gripped his arm and pulled the beverage from his grasp, setting it back down onto the flat surface as she pushed the Omega back into the soft, plush comfort of his nest. Her soothing pine scent filled the room, calming pheromones released that helped to ease the tension from his body as his distressed scent dissipated.

“U-uh, um, I remember the graduation party. I swear I didn’t drink that much, oh god, please don’t tell my mom.” Jimin watched her face scrunch in confusion and worry, the Alpha grabbed her clipboard and jotted down some notes as her eyes skimmed over the information printed along the paper.

“I have another question, it might seem strange, but please answer truthfully for me, Jimin. Can you tell me how old you are?” The Omega peered up at her, his silvery gray eyes wide and frightened at the implications of what might had happened the night before, his memories all jumbled and fuzzy within his brain.

“I’m eighteen, about to turn nineteen,” he whispered. This was it, he’d been roofied at the party and woke up in the hospital, gods knows what happened. Maybe he’d been assaulted or even worse could he have been raped? Would he lose his spot at college? His scent spiked again as worry flooded his system, dozens of awful scenarios crashed into his thoughts, thick cloying aroma saturating the room.

“Shh, it’s okay. Jimin, I need you to take some deep breaths and listen to me. This is going to be very shocking I think, but I need to know you are paying attention and that you’ll try to remain calm.” The Alpha released more calming pheromones in waves, they undulated off the doctor and filled the room, enough to suffocate anyone else who might happen to walk into the small space.

“You came into the hospital after an accident at your dance studio, you hit your head pretty hard. You’ve been asleep for the better part of three days now. We didn’t know if any damage had occurred and waited until you woke up, you are okay, but it looks like you are suffering from some memory loss.”

The Omega’s hand shot up to cup the back of his head, fingers carded through his soft strands and found the large, sensitive knot that protruded from his crown. Well, that certainly explained the headache that was ready to rip his skull in two. But memory loss, his eyebrows knitted together as he tried to imagine what he’d forgotten, he tried to search his brain for memories and winced at the fuzzy fog that clouded his vision.

“Hey now, none of that. Relax for me, Jimin. I need you to look at me again, okay?” The Alpha’s voice was smooth and reassuring, the Omega’s eyes peered back into the doctor’s bright hazel gaze. “Jimin, you're not eighteen anymore… you just turned twenty-seven a couple months ago.”

“W-what?” He gasped, he jerked back into the plush pillow and away from the Alpha beside him. Eight years? He couldn’t remember eight years of his life?

• ❅ •

The call had come while they were gathered in the cafeteria, the group having dragged the Alpha downstairs to eat, physically pulling him from the Omega’s room and into the awaiting elevator. He’d begrudgingly sat and shoved food into his mouth, everything bland and dry against his taste buds, his wolf howling at him to get back to the elevator… to get back upstairs into that room. He’d jolted at the sudden pull in his stomach, rising quickly to his feet as his phone had erupted inside his pocket, he didn’t need to check who was calling-- the Alpha already running toward the bank of elevators situated outside the cafeteria, his friends rushed after him.

The group of friends now sat impatiently in the small waiting room the Beta had directed them too, well except for the Alpha who paced a worn spot into the carpet, the repetitive thud of his shoes along the floor somewhat comforting. The thick, clouded scent of distress filled the space, a burning forest that made the occupants’ noses itch as the odor poured off the Alpha during his repetitions. The Omega in the room had attempted to release calming pheromones to stifle the heaviness in the air, but his own emotions made it hard to comfort the others nearby, each of them worried for their friend in the room across the hall. Five heads snapped up as the monotonous marching ceased, the Alpha’s gaze fixated on the figures moving in and out of the room.

“Jungkook, Jungkook, please come sit down. The doctor said she would come and tell you what was going on as soon as she could. He’s awake, we’ll see him soon.” The Omega attempted to direct the Alpha away from his consistent patrol, to sit the man down so perhaps he could help freshen the air, so the group could breathe easily even during this worrisome situation.

“They’ve been in there for over an hour!,” he growled, his eyes flashed as he turned from the hallway and glanced back at Seokjin, the Omega stood and squared his shoulders at the distraught Alpha. Jin sucked in a lungful of air and approached the tensed male, he once again attempted to release soothing pheromones into the air as he rested his hands across the Alpha’s strong broad shoulders.

“She’ll be in here soo-“ the Omega snapped his mouth closed as the strong scent of pine wafted into the small waiting area, the doctor striding into the room and glancing around at the worried faces of those sat within. Chairs shifted and groaned as the occupants sat up and leaned forward, each on the edge of their seats as they waited for the doctor to inform them on their friend’s condition.

“Would you like for me to speak to you alone or address the group?” The Alpha directed her question toward Jungkook, the man turned and moved closer to the woman. He glimpsed around the room at his friends before bringing his attention back to the doctor.

“It depends how sensitive the information,” he answered. The others sat quietly behind him, they knew that this decision was his alone and they would respect whatever the Alpha decided.

“I can speak to you privately about some of the details, but the general consensus can be told to the group if that’s okay with you?” The Alpha nodded at the doctor and she dipped her head in acknowledgement before addressing the group, her body stayed angled toward Jungkook though her words were loud so as to carry to the others in the room.

“Physically he is okay, though he’s got probably the worst headache of his life right now. Mentally… he appears to be suffering from traumatic amnesia.”

The Alpha across the room stood quickly from his chair, his warm, spicy scent trailed through the room as he strode forward to stand beside Jungkook. His arm wrapped around the other Alpha’s shoulders in silent support, they each cared deeply for the Omega in the other room, their bonds of friendship woven intricately.

“What do you mean by traumatic amnesia?” His deep voice echoed through the room, six pairs of eyes locked on the doctor as she smiled reassuringly at them, Taehyung squeezed Jungkook’s shoulder in consolation.

“The fall and subsequent blow to his head was enough to, let’s say, mix things up a bit. His body is trying to protect itself and it felt this was the easiest solution. This type of memory loss is often temporary, though I can’t tell you for how long or if he will gain all of his previous memories back.”

Jungkook ran his hands roughly over his face before thrusting his fingers into his dark curly locks, pushing the strands from his eyes and creating a tuft of hair that stuck out like a ponytail from the back. His emotions warred within the Alpha, relief that Jimin had awoken and seemed to be fine but distressed at this newest revelation, at the pull that tugged hard on his stomach.

“How much has he lost? Can we see him?” The words rushed past his lips as his anxiety amped up, his need to see the Omega surged, to check with his own eyes that the other was awake and okay. He felt Jin sidle up on his other side, a soothing hand rubbed up and down his arm as the scent of freshly washed linen cocooned him in familiarity, bleeding the panic from his tensed body.

“I have a lot I’ll need to talk to you in private about, but the last thing he seems to remember is a summer graduation party.”

“Wait, wait… are you saying he thinks he’s eighteen?” The voice cut through the room as the Beta stood and joined the small group stood before the doctor, Yoongi’s distressed bitter apple scent washed over the room as their scents spiked in worry.

“Yes, that seems to be the case. We’ve had a few specialists in to see him but at this point he would really like to see his friends, he’s been told you are here. Though, we haven’t exaggerated further on anything else.”

Her concerned gaze found Jungkook’s as the Alpha stiffened, the pull in his stomach strengthened as his eyes slid toward the doorway to Jimin’s room, his wolf yearning to rush across the hall and scoop the Omega into his arms. Eight years, that meant Jimin had lost everything, that the Omega had forgotten him… he had forgotten them.

• ❅ •

Jimin sat up in bed as the nurse adjusted the tilt, lifting the back so the Omega could sit up more comfortably as the door opened and a rush of scents cascaded through the air. His eyes found the figures filing through the door frame and stared, he couldn’t help but stare, his friends looked the same but so, so different. He’d spent the last hour being poked and prodded by various specialists, a therapist the last to come in and discuss with him the treatment he would undergo the following weeks, mostly visits to his office to help discuss his progress and try to work toward regaining his lost memories. Seeing the changes, his friends all grown up, helped to confirm what the various doctors had all told him… he had amnesia.

“Jiminie!” The Alpha exclaimed, pushing through the others and rushing to his bedside, the Omega was cocooned in his warm, spicy fragrance, Taehyung’s cinnamon scent was just as he’d remembered… well as the Alpha had always smelled. Taehyung beamed down at him, familiar boxy grin spread across his face, his chocolate brown eyes scrunched in happiness. Jimin let his eyes trace over the expanse of Tae’s face, the baby fat and softness of youth were gone, replaced with sharp angles and rugged beauty, he’d grown into quite the handsome Alpha.

The Omega’s eyes trailed over the guests crammed into his small hospital room, inspecting all the differences he could see, the years of refining that had shaped their faces into those that peered back at him. Namjoon and Jin stood pressed together, he could smell their blended aroma of linen and freshly cut grass, the pair had apparently mated during the time he’d lost and he frowned at the memory he couldn’t recollect. Yoongi stood stoically off to the side, leaned against the table as his sharp eyes surveyed the Omega and the excitement in the room, the Beta’s warm apple scent was still just as fragrant as it lingered in the air. His path paused at another Beta obscured behind the couple, talking to another figure hidden just outside the door, Hoseok’s bright, sunny orange scent wafted lightly to his nose.

Their scents all mixed and mingled together, a pleasant comforting perfume that was acquainted to their tight knit group. He felt the tension in his muscles relax, his scent growing brighter and sweeter knowing his friends were here to see him, that this scary and unknown situation would be figured out together- that he wasn’t alone. His nose twitched as a new scent rose above the others, lightly at first and then much stronger, he felt his heart take off in his chest as the aroma seemed to wrap around him like a blanket. His wolf perked up deep within him, the scent awakening something buried inside, the pull in his stomach jerked, clenched at this new, foreign fragrance.

Jimin’s brows knitted together as he peered through the group for the culprit, for this addicting scent that affected him so powerfully. He caught sight of a mop of long, dark, curly locks, a flash of smooth, honeyed skin and broad, strapping shoulders. He was vaguely aware of Taehyung beside him grinning as he bobbed and leaned to get a look at the stranger, his plush lips popping open in shock as the crowd parted and his eyes took in the Alpha.

“K-kookie?” Jimin’s voice sounded breathy and amazed, his soft almond-shaped eyes widened as his gaze swept over the Alpha making his way to his bedside.

If he’d thought his friends had grown up well then this Alpha had grown exceptionally impressive. Jungkook had grown tall and broad and so, so very strong. His mind fought to grasp the image that stood before him with the only memory of the boy he could conjure up, his sweet little newly presented Alpha. Jungkook had been his height, lanky and a bit scrawny, he hadn’t even grown into his Alpha scent yet- the strong aroma of pup still clung tightly to him.

Jungkook stopped beside the Omega’s nest and Jimin gawked up in awe at the man that stood before him. His potent and oh so very enticing sandalwood scent enveloped the Omega, Jimin’s heart hammered in his chest as his stomach swooped, his scent spiked as his wolf clawed wildly inside him. His tiny crush for the baby Alpha in his memories soared as he drank in Jungkook’s large, hooded onyx eyes, his prominent nose that had grown to fit his now chiseled and angular face, soft, red heart-shaped lips pulled back into a gentle smile. His baby Alpha was no longer a baby, he’d grown into a man- a very attractive, well-built man.

“Minnie, are you okay? Do you feel alright?” Shivers cascaded down the Omega’s spine as Jungkook’s gruff, deep voice washed over him. God, he was going to be in trouble. He’d tried so hard to keep his crush on the Alpha hidden, but with him looking like that now, he was sure he’d have trouble keeping his scent in check.

“I-I’m fine, Kookie. God, how did you get so big?” He slapped a hand over his pouty lips the moment the words had slipped past his mouth, deep, red blush flushed across his skin. Taehyung choked in laughter as his towering figure fell onto the bed sheets, his body shook as he snickered and guffawed at the poor red Omega swaddled in the nest.

“Oh my god, this is going to be great,” Tae chuckled, wiping a stray tear as it rolled down his tanned face.

Taehyung quickly threw his hands up in forgiveness as the Alpha across from him growled in warning, the intoxicating scent of sandalwood filled the room. Jimin dragged his gaze from Jungkook and peered up at his best friend, his soulmate, in question. His pudgy bottom lip stuck out cutely from his face, Taehyung and him never kept secrets and he wondered what the Alpha was hiding from him. There was clearly some new information he had forgotten, an underlying secret his lost memories had made him no longer privy to.

Jimin brought his hand up to his neck to rub at the heated skin, his fingers brushed delicately against his scent gland, his head snapped in the direction of soft, rumbling purrs beside him. The Omega’s eyes wide as he caught the faint blush spread across Jungkook’s cheeks, his mind stumbling to catch up to what this meant. The scents intertwined within his nest, he pulled in lungfuls of air- his brain sorting through all the smells in the room to hone in on those wrapped intimately around him, sandalwood mixed with lavender. He pressed his fingertips to the mark on his neck, the Alpha beside him tensed as purrs shuddered through his body- shivers of delight fluttered through his own core, his eyes zeroed in on the mark laid against Jungkook’s muscular neck.

“O-ooh my god,” he breathed, gray eyes fixated on the silvery mating mark as Taehyung once again erupted in laughter beside him, the chatter of the others in the room faded away. The pull in his stomach crescendoed as his connection to the Alpha crashed into him, the implications of everything slammed into the forefront of his mind. Jimin’s gaze found the Alpha’s, his wide, doe eyes swirled with emotions. He was mated to this spectacular specimen of an Alpha, he was mated to Jungkook.