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The Future's Not Ours To See ( A JoJo Watching The Show Fanfiction )

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 The Elementals

Jonathan Joestar had a burning fire in his eyes. He had seen Dire sacrifice his life to try and defeat Dio Brando. Truly, Dio's power to freeze people was menacing enough, but he even had superhuman regeneration. Yet there was a doubt in Jonathan's heart; would he, even with the surge of Hamon he got from his mentor, William Zepelli, be able to defeat that abomination?

But the doubt and fear faded away  when Speedwagon tossed him the sword, 'Pluck', as Bruford had named it. He had to kill Dio, the man who had made his life hell. No, the man who had killed everyone he loved and cared for; Danny, his father- George Joestar, his mentor- William Zepelli. Even Dire, whom Jonathan had met that night, earned his respect. Bruford, the noble knight, whose soul had been corrupted by Dio. He had to make Dio pay.

A horde of vampires attacked, but Straizo dealt with them. Jonathan focused now on Dio. He charged at him, with Pluck. He knew Dio would try to freeze him, and the sword. He could predict Dio's next move. Just like he guessed, Dio tried to hold the sword between both his hands. JoJo swiftly moved the sword out of Dio's grasp, and lunges at his nape. Today, he would end the phantom menace. Or so he thought. In front of his eyes, his sword phased through Dio's body, as if it were air. Was this one of Dio's vampiric powers as well? 

'Hinjaku Hinjaku Jojo, it seems that even after learning that Hamon gimmick of yours, you managed to miss. Good. Now I, Dio, will drink your blood, vanquishing the Joestar lineage, and then, with no one left to oppose I, Dio, I shall rule The World. Jonathan, to think that you would go out so easy, to think I would get to see you struggle helplessly as your life slips away in front of your eyes- Nani?!'  

Jonathan expected that Dio's fingers would land on his neck, bursting his carotid artery, and draining out his blood. He had played the part about the sword phasing through Dio as a hallucination. But then, there were Dio's finger's. They had phased through Jonathan's neck, again, like air. Despite Dio's entire wrist having passed through his neck, there was no injury. He had a look of bewilderment, which was shared by Dio, and Speedwagon, and Straizo, and the ancient Hamon master Tonpetty. So, atleast phasing through objects was not Dio's power. Then whose was it. Before he could think any further, a white light came from the hallway of the castle, blinding everyone.



When Jonathan opened his eyes, he was in some kind of room. It looked quite posh, as it had a warm fireplace, and expensive looking rugs. around the fireplace, there were couches, a table,  an ashtray, and a strange, shiny black colored slab. He looked around and saw that Speedwagon , Straizo and the others were here too. He was relieved, at least everyone was safe.But Jonathan's relief turned into apprehension. In front of him was the man, the monster, Dio Brando. 'Dio ! Is this one of your powers too? Do you seek to delay our battle, or like the coward you are, assasinate us right here?' Straizo and the others immediately assumed fighting stances. Dio snorted, 'Hmph! As if I, Dio would ever resort to such parlor tricks to dispose of useless trash like you, JoJo.'

JoJo's expression turned into one of confusion. ' You mean to say that it wasn't you who did this?' 

' I thought one of you human scum had done this' Dio replied.

'Mr Joestar, don't listen to him. You know how cunningly he can manipulate others. This is definitely his power. All the talking he's doing is only to buy himself time!'  Said Speedwagon.

Jonathan wasted no time. True, he might be in this unfamiliar place, but Dio was still the same. He had to be killed. 


Jonathan stood shocked. He expected the familiar warm, yellow glow of Hamon to wrap around his body, but he was only met by the cold, lifeless wind.

'JoJo!! This is my chance! While you cannot use Hamon I, Dio will kill you and feast on your blood!'

Now it was Dio's turn to be shocked. Normally when he did this, his fingers would pierce through a man's throat like a knife through butter, and he would effortlessly suck in all of their blood. But this time, all he managed to do was poke Jonathan's neck. 


Now now gentlemen, let us not fight. Someone might get hurt, and worse, you might end up breaking all the furniture. 


'Who the hell are you? Are you the one who brought us here? Show your face coward!' Speedwagon yelled. 


My, my . I wouldn't use such coarse language now , Speedwagon. 


'How the hell do you know my name?'

Speedwagon's query was left unanswered, as the mysterious voice continued.

Fear not, for I am a friend of humanity, unlike a certain pond-scum present here.

'Bastard, what did you just call me! Should I make you my slave or have you eaten slowly by my minions!' Dio snarled back.


Brando. Dio Brando. Normally I would beg for mercy from you, but in this room, you are powerless. This is the power of this room, it cancels away all supernatural abilities. So stop fighting, unless you find pleasure in mauling each other to death.

Now let me introduce myself. I belong to a race called the Elementals. In our world, names hold no meaning. We elementals are almost immortal, but our survival depends upon the well being of the human race. I come from an alternate reality, or in simple words, the future, where humanity has been doomed. I have come here to warn you that any foolish act on your part could potentially  end humanity.... Sike. 




Oh nevermind, its a phrase which means that I was joking, I was joking about the humanity being doomed thingy.... although, I was sincere when I said I'm from the future.

Now, many of you might have wondered about the odd looking slab in front of you.


This was met unilaterally by headnods, even from the Oh-So-Mighty Dio.


You see, it is a contraption of the twenty first century. We call it a television. It allows us to see distant things. Gentlemen, I will now present to you the future. The future of the Joestar Family.


Everyone stood shell shocked, especially Jonathan. The future of the Joestar family? He sounded like he was serious. Then, did he mean, Jonathan's descendants? But that would mean... did he marry Erina, what job did he pick up to  support himself, why were his descendants so important?


He focused. He had to ask one question, but surprisingly Dio was thinking the same thing.

'Hey big shot. I don't care if your'e from the future or whatever! If you really want to predict something, tell me the outcome of the fight. I won right. I vanquished the Joestar bloodline, right?'

You lost. The voice replied monotonously. Joestar destroyed your body with Hamon, reducing you to a mere head. The vampire army  you raised was burnt to ashes at dawn. 

Jonathan heard the first piece of good news in his day. So he would win. But then, the voice never said Dio died. It said that he had been reduced to a mere talking head. Then...

I know what you're thinking Joestar. Dio does survive. After this battle, you get married to Erina Pendleton and become an aspiring archaeologist. You and your wife go to a honeymoon to America, but in the ship, you get attacked by Dio's head. Dio had planned to escape to America in a blast-proof coffin. He also turned everyone there into vampires. However, you subdued him and blew up the ship, along with yourself and Dio. Your wife, Erina Pendleton escaped pregnant with your son.

Jonathan did not know how to react to this. After all, it's not everyday that people are told the exact fashion in which they die. So he did all he could, stare into space. 

No one in the room said a word, not even Dio. The silence was overwhelming. To break the ice, Speedwagon hastily asked 

So.. we are going to watch the lives of the descendants of Mr Joestar right?

To his surprise, the metallic slab, or the 'televison' as the voice had called it, flickered and suddenly he could see pictures, but in motion.