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Gonna Heal You

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Luo Fusheng and Bai Qi were together for a moment. They have met at one event where Bai Qi was invited and Luo Fusheng has flirted with him hard.
He didn't know that Luo Fusheng was a gang leader.
But they had spark since the beginning between them.
Bai Qi really loved Luo Fusheng but he had enough sometimes that Luo Fusheng was doing things recklessly and he hurtled himself.

Today he was so upset about it, he should have been more careful.

"I'm gonna heal you," says Bai Qi

"Thank You," says Luo Fusheng

Luo Fusheng saw that Bai Qi was upset and he was so sorry because he hated seeing Bai Qi angry.

"I'm Sorry Bai Qi..." says Luo Fusheng

"You know I'm not your nurse," said Bai Qi

Luo Fusheng has taken the hand of Luo Fei and say "You know I still have to fight, and also you look sexy as one sexy nurse and also one wonderful husband" he had with one wink.

Bai Qi was a little surprised because they were not married at all.

"We are not married," said Bai Qi

"One day I will do the proposal to you when I will stop be one gang leader for you " and he kiss the hand of Bai Qi.