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Accident, Mistake, and Perfection

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The first time it happened was an accident.

Lan WangJi hadn't thought that such accidents were possible ⎯ he’d had to hold back from rolling his eyes during one of his first night hunts when a man claimed that his affair was accidental. The affair had driven his wife to commit suicide and she’d come back to haunt him and his mistress. Lan WangJi had heard the man claim that the sex was accidental, that he didn’t mean to do it, and Lan WangJi couldn’t, for the life of him, figure out how he could accidentally fuck another woman.

The logistics just weren’t there. Surely someone can’t accidentally penetrate another person. You can accidentally brush up again someone, but the actual act of sex? Not an accident and completely inexcusable.

Perhaps calling what he and Wei WuXian did that night in the cave an accident wasn’t completely correct. It was something that he didn’t intend to happen, which he supposed was an accident, but not in the same way.

It wasn’t like he didn’t have a reason to not have sex with Wei WuXian, like a wife for instance, but it certainly wasn’t what he was expecting to happen while the two of them were trapped by the Slaughter Tortoise for seven days.

It had been their fifth night there and their fuel was getting low. There were only so many plants Wei WuXian could find up to burn in a cave untouched by the sun. They decided that it wouldn’t be necessary to light another fire outside of having to dry their clothes whenever they went down to the pool to see if they could find another exit.

That meant they had to rely on each other for warmth at night.

Lan WangJi wasn’t someone who was overly comfortable touching another person. He’d made that very clear the first time they fought a water monster together, when he grabbed Wei WuXian by the back of his collar instead of his hand or waist. His waist was probably a more secure option, but he really hadn’t wanted to touch him.

As time progressed and he started to learn more about Wei WuXian, as he started to get closer to him, he also allowed himself to become physically closer with him. They shared rooms when they had looked for the Yin Iron, he’d allowed Wei WuXian to try to help him walk.

So when Wei WuXian tugged Lan WangJi to spoon up behind him as Lan WangJi started to fall asleep, Lan WangJi allowed that, too. He knew it was about survival when he wrapped his arms around Wei WuXian’s chest, pulling them as close as they could be, and tucked his knees in behind Wei WuXian’s ⎯ Wei WuXian was always mindful of his injured leg, just as Lan WangJi was aware of Wei WuXian’s new brand and kept his hands away. He was very nearly asleep by the time Wei WuXian tugged his own black robe over them, allowing Lan WangJi to keep his layers on because he was also very aware of Lan WangJi’s boundaries.

Lan WangJi woke up in a state that he knew was completely natural and normal and it still left him upset.

Lan Sect principles had a whole book dedicated to sex and the pleasuring of one’s self and the propriety of one’s actions with another, particularly when unmarried, and while they didn’t have something so specific as to say ‘don’t wake up hard with another man when sharing body heat to survive’, he was certain it was something that would be added if he included that morning in his account to his uncle if he ever escaped.

That morning was something he never ended up telling his uncle, not because they didn’t escape, but because he was sure neither of them would survive. Lan QiRen would surely have a heart attack, immortal or not, at hearing his beloved nephew had not only had sex with his least-favourite student, but may have initiated it.

It wasn’t just that it would probably go against the disciplines he lead his life by that upset him. His feelings towards Wei WuXian were things he didn’t quite understand yet and were highly complicated. He felt angry and ill and confused every time he saw him flirt with a woman. That night he’d gotten drunk, he’d found Wei WuXian under a pile of other boys and wasn’t sure why that image stirred something up in him. He’d tied them together with his forehead ribbon like it was completely inconsequential, but something like that, in public, would be akin to a marriage proposal ⎯ an accepted marriage proposal, at that ⎯ but he didn’t think twice about wrapping the ribbon around his wrist if it meant keeping him safe from the Chord Assassination Technique.

So when he woke up with an erection pressed against Wei WuXian’s rear, his confusion about how he felt about Wei WuXian left him reeling.

Lan WangJi gasped the moment he realised that he was pressing against him, maybe had even rocked into him with a little pleasure as the dream he was having faded, and scooted his hips back as far as Wei WuXian’s hand would let him.

Wei WuXian’s hand…

He’d grabbed onto his hip at some point. Wei WuXian had reached back to hold onto him and, for some reason, tried pulling him in closer again.

“It’s okay, Lan Zhan,” he said softly, turning his head just the slightest to try to catch his eye.

Lan WangJi froze.

That hand moved from Lan WangJi’s hip to grab at his right hand and pull it down to Wei WuXian’s crotch, who was every bit as hard as Lan WangJi.

“It’s okay,” Wei WuXian repeated and shuffled back so that Lan WangJi was against him again. He rocked back into it. “It’s completely normal. I always wake up hard ⎯ I normally get off at least twice a day but haven’t been able to once since we got to Qishan. Please, Lan Zhan. Please.”

“Wei Ying…”

“It doesn’t have to be more than this, Lan Zhan.” He thrust up against Lan WangJi’s hand, then back onto his cock. Lan WangJi bit down on his lip to stop the moan that almost escaped him. “Everyone did it at Cloud Recesses ⎯ Jiang Chen and Nie Huaisang. It’s just two friends satisfying their bodies with each other. It doesn’t have to mean anything.”

The words were probably supposed to be comforting, this promise that it wasn’t going to be anything more than a once-off fuck, but Lan WangJi wasn’t sure that was what he wanted.

He also didn’t like the implication that maybe Wei WuXian was doing this with the other students.

His hand curled around Wei WuXian’s erection through the material of his red underrobes and his trousers nonetheless, and couldn’t help it when he asked him, “Wei Ying, you didn’t let them do this to you?”

Wei WuXian shuddered. It might’ve been Lan WangJi’s hold on him or how Lan WangJi had very nearly growled that into his ear, moving himself even closer to be heard.

“Jiang Chen is my brother and Brother Nie isn’t my type ⎯ not pretty enough and definitely not aggressive enough.” Lan WangJi ground his hips against Wei WuXian’s arse, probably a little less consciously than he thought. “Oh Lan Zhan, oh Lan Zhan.” He licked his lips, swallowed dryly. “You’re my first.” He laughed at himself then. “My only, if we don’t find a way out of here.”

That idea made something stir in Lan WangJi. He let go, despite Wei WuXian’s objecting cry, and pushed away the robes to delve his hand into Wei WuXian’s trousers to grab his flesh.

Wei WuXian cried again, this time in shock and pleasure. “Oh, oh Lan Zhan.”

He was writhing, it was the most delicious experience Lan WangJi had ever had. His wriggling on his cock was so exquisite, and it was over his own layers of clothes. Oh, Lan WangJi would never survive if he actually got to fuck Wei WuXian. It would be too much ⎯ even the thought of it was bringing him closer to completion than he wanted to be. He wanted this to last a lot longer, to feel the weight of Wei WuXian in his hand, his slick cock fucking his hand, his gasps of pleasure, the way his nails bit into Lan WangJi’s wrist while he kept him there despite Lan WangJi making no attempt to be anywhere else.

He didn’t want to be anywhere else. His head spun with how incredible it felt to fuck up against Wei WuXian, how incredible it was that he was pleasuring Wei WuXian. He dragged his leg, his injured leg, over Wei WuXian’s knees, used it to anchor himself while he thrust. Sweat dampened his back, his hair was probably wet with it. His trousers were certainly wet, but with something else, the same something else that slicked his hand and eased Wei WuXian’s cock through his palm and fingers.

Fuck, Wei WuXian was so wet and Lan WangJi was no better. They slept against each other to save fuel, but they were going to have to wash their clothes after this. Gods, if he got Wei WuXian naked in the future, there was no telling what he’d do to him, with him. He didn’t care that his trousers were already shredded and ruined with blood, not when he was too busy thinking about how Wei WuXian would look like naked, lit by the campfire.

There was finally no doubting that he was attracted to Wei WuXian, with his slim waist, his expressive eyes, his beautiful smile, his cock, which fit perfectly in Lan WangJi’s hand.

He was barely moving his hand, hadn’t really thought to, not with the way Wei WuXian was moving. When he started to stroke him in countenance to Wei WuXian’s thrusts, Wei WuXian started to positively wail. His cock grew wetter and wetter every time Lan WangJi’s fingers reached his head. It was something Lan WangJi found himself wanting to taste. The need to finish off Wei WuXian became his life’s greatest priority. He wanted to feel him come apart in his arms. He needed to feel him spill over his hand. Nothing else would satisfy him. Lan WangJi could come at that moment and he wouldn’t find himself satisfied, not until he had Wei WuXian falling into bliss first.

He added a twist of his wrist to his strokes. Just the way he himself liked it. It drove Wei WuXian wild, he was rambling, praising Lan WangJi and his magical hands, telling him how good he felt, how he never thought just having someone touch him would be so incredible.

Lan WangJi felt a rare surge of pride in his chest and doubled his efforts.

It rendered Wei WuXian speechless. He filed that away for future reference. No need to cast the silencing spell on him ⎯ just jerk him off.

Wei WuXian was surprisingly silent when his orgasm hit him. He stilled, tensing in Lan WangJi’s arms, as his cock shot out rope after rope of hot come over Lan WangJi’s fingers.

It might’ve been the greatest feeling Lan WangJi had ever had, feeling Wei WuXian come. He couldn’t see his face but he imagine Wei WuXian looked beautiful in that moment, frozen in pleasure as he gasped his way through his completion.

“Lan Zhan,” he finally breathed, once he had nothing left to give. He shuddered and gently battered away the hand Lan WangJi still had around him, still stroking him. “Too sensitive,” he whined, and Lan WangJi pulled his hand out of the trousers, wiping it on his tattered own.

Wei WuXian followed the movement, rolling over as Lan WangJi pulled away.

Lan WangJi had never seen anything more beautiful before in his life. Wei WuXian’s face was flushed and his smile was sated. His lips were bitten red, his fringe stuck to his sweaty forehead. He was the picture of debauchery, all that was missing were bite marks over his neck.

His arms shook a little as he tried to hold himself up above Lan WangJi, who turned to lay on his back on the cave floor, staring up at Wei WuXian.

“Wei Ying?”

“Will you let me return the favour, Hunguang Jun? I’ve noticed you haven’t come yet.”

No thought was needed. “Hn.”

Wei WuXian moved the layers of robes out of the way and reached inside for his cock. Lan WangJi’s eyes rolled back, his lids fluttered shut, at the first touch of skin on skin.

“Oh, so wet, Lan Zhan,” Wei WuXian teased as he made a fist around him and started to stroke. “So hard, so big. So attentive to me earlier.” Lan WangJi’s hands rested on Wei WuXian’s waist, gripping lightly. “You’re going to make the perfect husband one day, aren’t you, Lan Zhan? Satisfy some pretty bride with this massive cock of yours, fuck her deep and hard, make sure she comes first.”

Lan WangJi barely had the strength in him to cast the silencing spell. He didn’t want to hear any of that, not while Wei WuXian was jerking him off.

Wei WuXian hummed around his closed lips, accepting the spell, and didn’t try to say another thing. He didn’t stop tugging and Lan WangJi found his nails digging into Wei WuXian’s waist as he started to get closer and closer.

He opened his eyes, he wanted to see Wei WuXian before he came. Wanted to see him in the moment that he came.

An Wei WuXian was watching his face instead of what he was doing. His eyes were warm, there was a hint of a smile on his face, and Lan WangJi was done for. He arched under Wei WuXian, kept eye contact with him as he crested, spilling over his stomach and his hand, letting out a groan louder than he’d really intended, and Wei WuXian smiled at him.

Afterwards, when they’d cleaned up and Lan WangJi had released the silencing spell, Wei WuXian said all that they would say about it for many years. “See? Just some fun between friends.”