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Family of Fanalis & RenKou's.

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The sounds of papers being shuffled against each other, the tapping of keyboards, the noises of TVs, and the sound of people rushing about, filled the room with a cacophony of noises. Judal narrowly avoided being run into by a coworker who was carrying a large stack of binders. Judal barely had the time to notice her, busy reading through the text on the clipboard, but noticing at the last second was better than not noticing at all. He kicked out his desk chair and sat down, and pulled open a drawer, eyes still peeled at the text. He searched the drawer without looking, until he found his tape recorder. He put down the clipboard on half a dozen notepads, and some went skittering across the crowded space and slammed into his computer screen. One was caught by the cables behind it, and one flew to the next desk over and onto the floor. The desk was empty after a loser he had worked with for some years had been fired, otherwise the small notepad would have been caught by the garbage that had cluttered that desk for years. He didn’t look as he popped an old tape out of the recorder, and put it in a case. He found a new tape, tore his eyes from the information on the clipboard only long enough to make sure it was an unused one, and then returned to reading the printout while his hands worked on placing the clean tape in the recorder.

“Here,” a voice said, and he grunted a thanks as he accepted the momentarily lost notebook. Hands caught the mess of his hair that ran halfway down his back and twisted it into an unruly bun. He could feel ends of it poke at his neck. “You suck at that, ugly” he pointed out, and the other man huffed at him in annoyance, and kicked at his chair. “Then remember to fix it on your own, asshole,” Ja’far said, before moving over to his own desk. “The fire at Sixth?” he asked, and Judal nodded. “Gonna go see if I can get any statements from the fuzz later,” Again, “but I bet it’ll just be ‘no comment, no comment’ like the fucking parrots they are.” He sighed, finally taking his gaze from the text. He tipped his head back and looked up at the dingy white ceiling. “Fuuck theem,” he muttered, and he closed his eyes. Gods, he was tired. But fuck every single one of them. Even dad Mu was tight lipped when he came looking for info. Ja’far snorted, and Judal opened one eye and turned his head partly toward his desk neighbour. Ja’far shook his head. “Let’s go get brunch at the place down the street, and a nap,” he said, and Judal huffed. “You, suggesting rest? Is the world ending on Friday or something?”

“Today is Friday,” Ja’far remarked drily, and Judal blinked at him, then up at the ceiling. “Wasn’t it just Monday?” he asked, though it wasn’t like he didn’t believe Ja’far. He felt like he had only just started digging in this stupid serial arson story, because he had been running on no sleep and an uncountable number of cups of coffee since the story surfaced. “Sometimes, catching some sleep will give you a new perspective on things.”

“Fuck you too, Jasmine,” Judal grumbled. “Why’d you always gotta be so fucking sensible and shit.”

“Because you are not,” Ja’far retorted, and he reached out to push at Judal’s chair with a foot. “Let’s go, Judal, or I will Disney Princess your ass home.” Judal huffed, and let himself tip forward. He caught himself against his desk, and pushed himself up. He shoved some stuff into his bag, the items a messy jumble. He heard Ja’far sigh and probably shake his head. As if it was so fun to neatly line everything up in your bag every time when you felt like dropping dead for two weeks or something. “Fuck you,” Judal muttered again, and he heard Ja’far say “Later,” and that just made him say “Oh Fuck. You.” with that much more emphasis, even as he felt his cheeks heat up. “Where the hell’s my damn fucking camera?” He had barely finished the sentence before Ja’far reached past him and found his camera in the mess on his table. Just because, Judal told him “fuck you” once again. “You sure do like that sentence,” Ja’far remarked, and that didn’t get Judal to change his vocabulary, only repeat it a dozen or so times at his face and back, and he chucked a handful of pens at him. “Oh, you’re giving these to me? Thank you, I was in dire need of a couple more,” Ja’far said. Infuriating! He was keeping his cool on purpose! Ignoring the pens on the floor, Judal grabbed Ja’far by his shirt and dragged him out of the editorial office. He didn’t even grab his coat, or let Ja’far grab his, only dragged him along to the bathrooms. He shoved him up against the door once they were locked in a stall. “When I say ‘fuck you’, you’re supposed to get pissed and say ‘fuck you too’ or something too, not say ‘later’ like it’s the most natural thing in the world.”

Ja’far hummed, and shouldered his bag to free his hand from the burden. He wrapped slender fingers around the pendant hanging from the silver chain around Judal’s neck. A golden music note, that could be perfectly slotted into the circle pendant around Ja’far’s neck. “I could turn ‘later’ into ‘now’ but I can’t imagine that it would be comfortable to do it in here,” he said. The tone in his voice betrayed that he hadn’t actually gotten rid of his temper, but that he only knew how to control it, these days. “If you keep at it I’ll fuck you so hard that you can’t walk, or sit by your desk, and you still have work to do….right?” Judal shivered at the words, and at the way they rolled off his tongue. “Stuff it, Princess, I’ll say whatever the fuck I want.” Much more than needing sleep, he needed to get fucked right then and there, because Ja’far’s words were lighting a fire inside him, making him so horny his cock hurt against the strain of his jeans. He groaned when Ja’far grasped him through his pants, and he dropped down on the toilet seat. He tugged at Ja’far, pulled him in closer, and unzipped his pants. “Fuck me then,” he said. Ja’far traced a finger through Judal’s bangs and ran it down to his lips. “One of these days I need to wash this filthy mouth of yours,” he said, and Judal grinned viciously. He watched Ja’far free his cock with hunger in his eyes. “As if yours isn’t filthier,” he said. Ja’far returned his grin with a wicked smile.

They were both people who had lived in the darkness from before they could remember. They had both been saved, and had found families to belong to, and they lived in the light now. But that didn’t mean everything was rainbows and sunshines.

Ja’far’s fingers were knotted hard around Judal’s hair, and he thrust slowly into his mouth, repeatedly causing Judal, who was focused on lips and tongue and teeth placing with the cock, to let out small noises of mixed annoyance and amusement. Judal grabbed hold of Ja’far’s pants when Ja’far pressed as deep as he could, and he held him in place for a few moments. Felt his throat flex and the press of his tongue. When he pulled him back and off of his cock, Judal gasped and coughed a little, then he laughed.

They were dark creatures, and they were drawn to each other. They were both each other’s flame that the moth they were couldn’t help but fly closer to.

Ja’far was strong, despite how scrawny he was. Then again, Judal was even scrawnier and very light, so you didn’t have to be as strong as Ja’far to be able to pick him up. He lifted him off the ground, and Judal was pressed between the cold wall and Ja’far’s warm body. Judal wrapped his arms around Ja’far’s neck, caught his lips in a demanding kiss, and he whimpered when Ja’far pressed inside him. Besides Ja’far, only gravity and the wall behind his back controlled how deep Ja’far’s cock went in his ass, and he could go deep. Ja’far always prepared him well, when they did have sex, but he always left a little room for some much-desired pain. If Judal wanted something gentle he would say so, but he preferred it rough, it increased the passion and pleasure, made it all so much better.

“Fuck,” Judal said. He said it over and over, until Ja’far hushed him, and he buried his teeth in Ja’far’s shirt. He heard the door to the toilet slam, and footsteps passing across the floor. Ja’far was quiet, but he didn’t stop moving, shallow pushes into Judal. Judal stifled a giggle against Ja’far’s throat. Whoever had entered the toilet went into the stall next to theirs, sat down behind Judal’s back, and Judal grimaced. Ja’far pushed in deeper, and Judal groaned. The person in the next stall startled, and was suddenly very silent. Judal licked his lips, and then his back slammed against the wall with a deep thrust inside him. He moaned, unable to stop himself. He searched for and found Ja’far’s lips, and he grasped at his hair with a hand stained in ink and come. Ja’far let out a pleased groan. Judal snorted and laughed into the deep kisses when he heard noises from the other stall. The guy was masturbating to them, fuck that! He laughed, and he kicked the stall’s wall hard. The guy in there let out a startled cry, and then there was a string of curses. “Fuck you!” Judal shouted after him, when he rushed out of the stall and out of the toilet. He roared with laughter, until Ja’far squeezed his balls hard. “Your manners are terrible,” he said, and Judal grinned. “So’s his!” he declared. He gasped when Ja’far thrust deeply inside of him again. “Fuck!”

“Your vocabulary is so limited,” Ja’far commented, and he pounded hard into Judal, who was reduced into pleasure and curses. “If somebody comes to see what the noise is about, it’s your fault.” Judal managed a snort, despite how he thought that he wouldn’t. “As if half the management doesn’t jerk off to the hallway security tapes,” he said. His breath hitched in his throat. “Let go of my balls and let me cum already.” Ja’far didn’t do as told instantly, but then when did he ever do that. But after a while he did let go, and after a few more thrusts, Judal climaxed. His head hit the wall, and he grasped Ja’far tighter. Ja’far shifted his grip so he could change the angle of his thrusts, and he had to have continued for at least another five minutes. He cummed inside of Ja’far, and after that he slowed down, and eventually stopped. He leaned forward, pressing his forehead to the cool wall right beside Judal’s head. “Fuck, I’m hard again,” Judal said, and Ja’far chuckled. “You always get hard if I keep fucking you after you’re done,” he remarked, and Judal hummed. “Yeah, I guess. Don’t leave me dry, keep going.”

“If I do that, we’ll actually get in trouble for fooling around at work,” Ja’far said. But it was just an excuse to leave Judal frustrated and wanting more. “Fuck you,” Judal spat with a sleepy tone in his voice. He steadied himself against the wall when Ja’far put him down. His legs were weak. “You’re buying me that fucking brunch, ugly,” he said. “And get me some damn paper, I need to clean up and this stall’s out.”

Ja’far watched as Judal was about to open up the toilet lid, but he stopped him, and spun him around so he sat on it, he pulled him forward and lifted up his legs. “Hey!” Judal protested, but he fell silent with a strangled noise at the back of his throat when he felt Ja’far’s tongue at his ass. “You wanted to get cleaned up,” Ja’far said, simply, and Judal huffed, and moaned, when Ja’far’s tongue delved inside of him. “Yeah but, you almost, hnn, never do this.” Ja’far hummed, and pulled Judal a little bit closer. He continued until he heard the telltale noises of Judal being close to cumming, and then he stopped. “There,” he said, and pulled an unsteady Judal to his feet. “You’re an asshole,” Judal grumbled. He pulled his pants back on, and zipped them up. “And you need to eat a dictionary,” Ja’far retorted. He stretched, looking much similar to a satisfied cat. “Let’s go get that brunch then, Judal.” He looked over his shoulder as he unlocked the stall door. “And if you say ‘fuck you’ one more time today, I’m putting lemon syrup on your pancakes.” Judal made an obscene gesture at him, but didn’t repeat the curse.